Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (2012) - full transcript

In the land of Orlais, where battles are fought with swords and magic, a young heroine rises as templars, mages, and dragons clash. Cassandra, a brash and beautiful Seeker, must stop a conspiracy that threatens the realm's most powerful religious order, the Chantry of Andraste. Accused of treasonous crimes and hunted by friend and foe, Cassandra must clear her name and overcome her raging emotions in order to save the day and take her place in legend.

They call it the Dragon Age-

a time of political strife,
savage beasts and powerful magic--

but also a time of faith--
faith in the Chantry of Andraste,

a dominant religious order led
by her holiness, the Divine...

Her Templar knights exert
harsh control over the Mages,

restricting the practice of the arcane
magical arts they believe have the potential

to unleash a blight upon the world...

The most dangerous of these are
the Blood Mages who continue

to perform their dark rituals in secret...
in defiance of the Chantry.

Determined to neutralize
this threat at any cost,

the Templar's methods become
more brutal and their suspicions rise,

even extending to the loyal Circle of Magi...

Corruption infects the Templar ranks
as the leadership sees their role shift

from control and protection... to suppression.

As tensions boil within the Chantry,
the balance of power has been maintained

by the Seekers, the finest
and most loyal of the Templars.

Handpicked by the Divine herself...

...these defenders of truth root out
corruption, wherever it may be found,

be it from rogue Mages, or within
the halls of the Chantry itself.

Now the Ten Year
"Gathering of the Faithful" looms,

and pilgrims from all corners of the world journey
to the Orlaisian Empire to pray for peace...

A peace that those in the
shadows are plotting to shatter.


A new era for Mages
everywhere is about to begin!

Now, Avexis, the time
has come to join our cause.

Keep your focus, Cassandra.

Don't let your fury run away with you again.

I know, Byron.

Trust in the Maker.

It's useless to resist, Avexis.

Drink.. Drink your destiny...

Brother Frenic...

If she drinks any more, it will kill her...

I will decide when she's had enough.
Is that understood?!

For the Chantry!

For the Chantry!


Now, release it!

Enough, Cassandra!
Gather your wits. We have work to do.

I'll draw its eye.
Don't keep me waiting!


That's right! Come on! Come and get me!

There's nowhere left to run, Mage.

Release the girl and submit!

Make way!

You're from one of the dragon-hunting clans.

It seems I'm outmatched...

Spineless Blood Mage!

You may rise.

We applaud your recent efforts, High Seeker.

However, your report
also raises many concerns.

To think this is all happening
so close to the Ten Year Gathering...

Surely it is not a coincidence.

We're already taking
extra precautions, Most Holy.

So you managed to bring back
a little Blood Mage girl?

Avexis is not a Blood Mage, Your Grace.

She was taken from the Circle of Magi.

It's true. She went
missing from the Circle a few weeks ago.

Presumably kidnapped.
We've been searching for her since.

I am most grateful for her rescue, High Seeker.

We will come for her soon.

I'm afraid I cannot allow that, First Enchanter.

And why not?

She was the focus of the ritual,

and is obviously vital to whatever
the Blood Mages are planning.

She will remain in my custody
until we get to the bottom of this.

Did the Seekers really bring down a drake?

Yes, Your Reverence. It was Cassandra.

You are to be commended
for your exceptional bravery.

I would expect nothing less from a Pentaghast.

Your family's dragon-hunting
skills are legendary.

You honor us, Grand Cleric.
We are proud to serve the Chantry.

You have my praise as well, High Seeker.

Another notable success by your loyal order.

However, it seems rather reckless to risk your
small numbers against Blood Mage ceremonies.

Perhaps if you shared your intelligence,
my Templars could better assist you.

There are times when stealth and
discretion are more valuable than numbers.

Are you implying you don't
trust us to act with discretion?

Ensuring that you do is one of our duties.

Or have you forgotten, Knight Commander?

Gentlemen, remember where you are.

My deepest apologies, Your Holiness.

With your permission, we shall take our
leave and return to our investigation.

Such violence before
bed will give you nightmares.

Let's see what you've got!

There's nothing left for me
to teach you about swordplay.

I know no man tougher than you with a blade.

But you just bested me.

Yes, but you weren't fighting
with everything you have, were you'?

Perhaps, but you had me
completely at your mercy with that final move.

Sometimes your blade becomes your shield
and your shield becomes your blade.

Your prejudice misleads
your judgment, Cassandra.

To see the truth, you must look
through the eyes of your heart,

and not just the ones in your head.

Not everything is what it
appears on the surface.

Sorry, I must sound just
like a father lecturing his child.

I'd be proud to have you as a father.

Good night, Byron.

One of the Circle of Magi dogs
was able to sniff out our ritual.

However, its purpose still eludes them.

As long as we get Avexis back,
we can proceed as planned.

It's far too dangerous to
continue meeting like this.

Here. This is a rare Elven Stone
you can use to communicate with me.

Keep it on your person at all times.

Should you discover any
more useful information,

my Mages and I will be ready to act.

Victory will be ours.

Byron! What are you doing?

There's no time to explain.

Go back to your quarters
and forget what you've seen here.

That's not what you trained me to do.

I trained you to follow orders. Now go!


Tell me where you're taking her.

I can't say.

I'm on an important mission.

What is it?

I don't want to involve you in this.

Raise the alarm! Men down!
There's been an intruder!

- -Someone has taken the girl!
- -Search the grounds!

--Find her!
--They can't have gotten far!

Come on.

Byron and Cassandra
have taken the girl!

Inform the High Seeker.

The rest of you, follow me!


We'll wait here.

For what?


Yes... I suppose
you're a part of this now...

I don't know all the details yet,
but I've been investigating a conspiracy.

That's how I found out about
the Blood Mage ceremony.

Is the High Seeker aware of this?

No... I fear the conspiracy goes
all the way to the Chantry.

And you suspect the High Seeker?!

I'm a Seeker. I'm trained to suspect everyone.

Do you even know
what you are suggesting?!

To doubt the High Seeker is...

This elf girl supposedly has
the ability to control wild beasts.

That's why the Blood Mages wanted her.

That's a rare power, but what
does it have to do with the conspiracy?

I don't know yet. But I'm convinced
she's the key to all of it.

And because the High Seeker refused

to return her to the Circle,
you think that means...'?

I'm not sure what
to think about any of it!

For now, I'm taking Avexis
to a friend I know I can trust.

Who? Tell me!

Are these the friends you were waiting for?

We can't take on these numbers
and protect the girl. We must retreat.


Cassandra, wait!


Behind you!


I'll be taking what is mine, Seeker.

No. .. Avexis...

Release her! Now!

Seeker reinforcements are approaching...

Your comrades are
too late, Dragon Hunter...

This round... belongs to me...


Go after them...

We must get Avexis back...

The Chantry is in peril...

I should have listened to you...


Hate can only breed more hate...


Filthy murdering Mage!

I-I'm not the one you want!

Where did your
accomplices take Avexis?!

Stop! You have the wrong person!

Silence, Blood Mage!

No, I'm a Circle Mage,
not a Blood Mage!

A Mage is a Mage!

There they are!

Stand down! Lower your weapon, Cassandra!

You have some explaining to do.

He's dead!

What?! What happened here? Talk!

These Blood Mages killed Byron.

I'm telling you, I had no part in this, I swear it!

Where's the girl?

They took her.

Or perhaps you gave her to them!

Why did you and Byron
remove her from her guard?

Talk, Cassandra!

So be it. Take her into
custody! And the Mage as well!


Listen, we have to get Avexis
back as soon as possible.

The Chantry's in danger!

You had your chance.
Save it for the High Seeker.

Byron came here to meet me.

I promised him that I'd
take Avexis to a safe place.

There's no way those Blood Mages
could've known to follow you here tonight.

Not without spies on the inside.

Byron suspected that someone within
the Chantry is behind a conspiracy.

If he was right, and we let
these Seekers take us back,

there's a good chance we will be "silenced."

Shut up, Mage!

There a problem?

Keep it down back there.

Circle Mages have pledged
their allegiance to the Chantry.

It's Blood Mages who are the opposition.

Please don't assume I'm one of them,
but I can find out where they are.

You said yourself that if we don't get
Avexis back, something terrible will happen.

And Byron will have then
lost his life for nothing.

Are you sure you know a way to find Avexis?

Byron risked defying our Order to protect her.

It seems that if I am to discover
the truth, I will have to do the same.

This man has a knife!


-Hm? --What's
going on over there?

We told you to surrender
your weapons, Mage. Where is it?!

No sudden moves! Search him!


Wait! They aren't pursuing us.

You're pathetic!


Get off of me!

Prefer the top, do you?

Ah! Ah...

Shut up!

No! Wait!

If you were of no use to me,
I'd cut you down here and now, Mage.

But I forget my manners.

Here I've rolled in the bushes with a pretty
young lady and I haven't introduced myself.

I am Regalyan d'Marcall.

My friends call me Galyan.

Well, "friend"...

If you value your life, you will take me
to the Blood Mage that murdered Byron.

That is all we
know at this time, Most Holy.

This is unbelievable...

A traitor amongst the Seekers?

We are currently reviewing
all the facts, Your Reverence.

It's unthinkable!

The Seekers are the most pure among us,
yet two of your own have betrayed the Chantry.

A Seeker would never go against the Chantry.

I assure you that their
actions can be explained.

I have a company
of knights standing at the ready.

Permission to pursue the
traitors at once, Your Eminence.

Perhaps the Seekers would be hesitant
to hunt down one of their own.

Dispatch your Templars immediately.

These renegades must be brought to justice.


Is this the Blood Mage hideout?

No, that's a Circle safe house.

A trap?!

Will you quit waving that thing around?

My intelligence-gathering
associates meet here.

If anyone can find where
the Blood Mages are, they can.

More Mages just mean more trouble!

You expect me to trust you?!

Well, Byron trusted me!

Byron and I were friends.

I was the one who told him where the
Blood Mage ceremony would be held.

The First Enchanter sent me to
investigate suspicious Blood Mage activities.

It's thanks to the intelligence we gathered
that Byron was able to rescue Avexis.

However, the plan fell apart when the
High Seeker did not return her to the Circle.

I'm not sure the reason behind it,

but that was when Byron started to
question the High Seeker's true intentions.

So Byron brought Avexis into the
forest tonight to give her to you...

Yes. She is a uniquely gifted girl. That's why
I think the Blood Mages abducted her.

Byron and I planned on
hiding her here to keep her safe

until we could get to the
bottom of the conspiracy.


The horses are uneasy.

By the Maker...

You knew these men?



What happened? Who did this?!

Blood Mages...

They caught us just as we
returned from Lazarro's...


Be at peace, my friend...

Who's Lazarro?

An information trader from a
village just outside of Montfort.

He's the one who told me
about the dragon ceremony.

Take me to him.

We'll find out everything he knows!

The Blood Mages may already
be waiting for us, you know.

They've been one step ahead of us this far.


Be ready.

You work close
to the edge of Chantry law,

but still claim you are loyal to the Circle?

Contrary to common belief, not all
Mages wish to see the Chantry deposed.

Those of us within the Circle seek only to
be treated with equal dignity and respect.

I do my part to help ensure our efforts
are not undermined by the actions of a few.

So you formed a network
to keep tabs on rogue Mages?

Apostates like those in
this blood cult we're dealing with

might claim to act in the cause of freedom,

but more often their only aim
is seizing power for themselves.

I'd think it would benefit
the Circle to have Mages in power.

Not like these.
That wouldn't be good for anyone.

Search teams one and two have reported in.

There's been no sign of Cassandra
or the Mage in the Igrecia Forest, sir.

Has there been any word from Galyan'?

I'm afraid not, First Enchanter.

We must find him
before the Seekers or Templars do...

Understood. I will take
charge of the search myself.

I leave it to you, then.

I only pray we are not too late.

You can't see it from here,
but Lazarro's house is halfway up this cliff.

He's an elf recluse.
Half-mad, but he hears things.

No one knows how.

He's also quite paranoid.

How can we get in?

Well, you could always try
asking to send down a ladder.


It's me, Galyan!

Lazarro! Are you there?

Lazarro, calm down!

We just need some information!

If you cooperate and tell us what you know,
I'll let you keep your filthy head!

I know nothing! I'm not involved!

Cassandra! Please...

Where's the girl?

What? What girl?

Perhaps you can't hear well.
Let me clear your ears for you.

Frenic! Frenic has her!

Who's Frenic?

The leader of the Blood Mages.
He needs her... Needs her power!

For what? What is he planning to do?!

Attack... T-Ten Year...

Frenic is going to attack
the Ten Year Gathering?

Who is his accomplice in the Chantry?

Someone high up...!

What's their name?

--I don't know!
--Who is it?! Talk!

I am only going
to ask you one more time.

Give me the name. Now!

No, you don't!

This is a vial of Nesium Suspension.

It emits a bright flash when shattered.

So you think you can escape
using mere parlor tricks?!

They'll kill me!

"They"? You mean the Blood Mages?

I was to alert them if you showed up!

Sorry, we can't let you do that.

It's too late.

What is that?

I'm not sure I want to know...


You all right?

Of course I am.

Oh, sod!

The eyes... Their minds are being controlled.

There's too many!


Not good...

Thanks, Lazarro.

Now... let's just hope this is
actually more than a parlor trick!

I should be able to handle this pain!

We need to get to a safe place
where I can treat your wound.

I don't need your magic...!

Are you all right?


It's hard for me to admit
I'm in your debt, Mage.

My name isn't "Mage." It's Galyan.

There they are!

Why are You here?!


After them! Arrest those traitors!


Get up! Don't let them escape!

Oh, my.

There's nowhere to run!

Now surrender. Nice and easy.

It seems we're out of options here...

Not entirely...

We can make it.

Don't be a fool.
You'll never survive the jump.

That's for the Maker to decide.

Not a Templar!

Get ready.

Don't I get a say in this?

If I hadn't been here,
you would have been fish food.

Preparations for the Ten Year Gathering
are proceeding without delay.

You have done
a superb job, as always.

I shudder to think what I would do
without your selfless service.

You need never worry about that.

Since the day I entered the Chantry as a girl,

I have wished only to be
the Right Hand of the Divine.

And that you are. More than I could ever ask.

It will be a great day
for the Chantry, the Maker willing.

No matter what happens,
we must continue with the ceremony.

The Knight Commander has assured me
the Templars can handle Chantry security.

Come on. Just a little farther.

We can rest here for a while.

Now then... Let there be light.

Cassandra, please...
let me treat your wound.

Ah, that is a nasty scrape.


I happen to have just the thing for it.

Now this will hurt a bit.


My battle magic is mediocre,
but I am excellent at healing spells.

You should be able to
move it normally in a day or so.

My elder brother knew all about healing herbs.

Ah. Was he a Mage?

It's merely a jest.

He was murdered by Mages.

Blood Mages... When I was a child,

my brother was cut down
right in front of me...

They needed fresh dragon
blood for their rituals...

So they came looking for the legendary
dragon-hunting families of Nevarra,

to capture a dragon for them.

My brother was the best in our family.

His skills and honor were unmatched.

He wouldn't sacrifice a
dragon for their corrupted magic.

The Blood Mages killed
all those who refused them.



My brother was strong... kind...
and I loved him dearly...

I've hated Mages ever since...

Blood or Circle Mages...
They all seemed the same to me.

No different from the Mage
who murdered my brother...

I'm so sorry, Cassandra.

It is true that both Circle
and Blood Mages are Mages...

Our methods may differ,

but there is no denying
we practice a common art...

And as a Mage, I would
like to express my sorrow.

What happened to your brother
was truly something horrendous.

Move in.

They're gone!

They couldn't have gotten far.

Find them!


Cassandra and the Mage
have disappeared, Frenic...

They must be eliminated
before the Ten Year Gathering-- Oh!

You were saying, Commander?

What have we here?

This is an Elven Stone. He was
sending a message to someone.

"Understood, Knight Commander.
I will commence the search

for Cassandra and Galyan's
whereabouts immediately. Frenic."

So, then... you are in league with Frenic.

That's how you
found us so quickly!

You'll pay for your betrayal of the Chantry!

The wound still hurts,
doesn't it, Cassandra?

You both know too much...

Filthy traitor...

Byron is dead because of you...

No! This is not finished!

Cassandra, protecting the Circle
and Chantry is more important than revenge.

I owe it to Byron!

We must show this
stone to the Chantry at once!


The conversion is complete...

Behold! The terror we
shall soon unleash upon the Chantry!

Now Avexis... Make them fly!

Let our cries for vengeance
be carried forth on wings of fire...



Go now. Safe journey, my friend.

This is it!

Give me a hand.

The High Seeker's Office is through here.

And you're sure that the
front door is out of the question?

Just come on.

Suddenly I get the
sense that sneaking in like this

isn't going to help our case...

I rather liked that cabinet.

High Seeker'?

I've been waiting for
your report, Cassandra...

I feared you were captured.

Feared? I thought
you were hunting me.

I assumed you had your reasons
and that you would report in eventually.


Where do I start...?


While the Knight Commander
and I have had our differences,

I can't believe that he would go
so far as to subvert the Chantry.

Then perhaps you should look at this.

It's evidence of our claims.


I must show this to the Divine at once.

So you believe me?

You've risked your life and
honor in pursuit of the truth.

How could I doubt?

You have the heart of a true Seeker,
Cassandra... As did Byron.

Thank you, Sir...

Wait here until my return.

But there is still so much to be done...

Leave this to me...
and get some rest, Cassandra.

Yes, High Seeker.

High Seeker!


Isn't this yours? You left it in the cave.

Allow me to return it.


High Seeker...!

My liege!

The fugitives murdered
the High Seeker. Arrest them!

- - No!
- - Hold her!

- - Silence, traitor!
- - He's lying!

It was him!

He's the murderer!

He's the murderer!

Confess before the Maker
and be absolved of your sins.

I just murdered the High Seeker

and framed Cassandra
and the fugitive Mage.

They have been branded as traitors.

And soon, they will be
executed for their crimes.

Frenic and the girl are ready.

A new era is upon us.

The day where you may be
called "Divine" is imminent.

And once the plan comes to fruition,

I will personally ensure
that Frenic's mouth is sealed.

Pitiful Blood Mage...

I am looking forward
to the Ten Year Gathering.

I don't understand it.
He was such a great man.

Why would Cassandra do this?

One can never fathom the
purpose of evil, Your Grace...

But rest assured, they will
get their just reward.

All of Orlais shares your pain, Most Holy,

but in your own words, we must
proceed with the Ten Year Gathering.

The Grand Clerics have assembled,

and the congregation has
gathered in the courtyard.

They eagerly await your blessing.

I fear that great evil has
gathered amongst the good today...

Pray that the Maker can bring us all together.

Byron and the High Seeker believed
in me... and now they're dead.

I should've let you finish the Knight
Commander when we had the chance.

Well, well, well...

After all your efforts,
in the end, it came to this...

You've landed your heads on the
chopping block, and we still have Avexis.

What are you doing with her?

You mean you don't know?

The whole point of Frenic's
blood ritual was to give him

complete control of
the girl and her abilities.

Control her for what purpose?

Frenic will use her powers to
summon dragons to the Chantry...

They should be en route any moment.

Is that even possible...?

You're going after the Divine?!

Yes, then a new era will unfold!
A new era where we rule...

Even if you succeed in murdering the Divine,

the Seekers will never let you seize power!

Oh, really?

You're right, they wouldn't...
Not him, at least.

But a Cleric...?

There's a reason they've chosen dragons
to carry out their assassination plot.

The Divine and all the candidates
next in line to succeed her

are attending the Ten Year Gathering,
and they will all be wiped out.

This will be done publicly as
if it were a natural disaster,

and whoever is left standing
will be the next Divine.

But who is it? Who's the
traitor amongst the clerics?!

I have no time to participate in
wild speculations with the likes of you.

Who is the traitor...?! Who?!

My orders are to execute you
before the start of the Gathering.

You'll have to continue this conversation
with Byron and the High Seeker.

Who?! Who is the traitor?!

Templars! Prepare for the execution!

Tell me! Come back here!

Yes, take it all in, Avexis...

We are witness to the final
moments of a dying age...

And you shall bring about its demise.

Oh, Maker above!

Shine down your light and save me!

Silence, prisoner.


I'll dispatch this fallen Seeker myself.

Hmph. Your bravery is commendable...



Are you all right?

Galyan.. We got your message...

Sorry we had to cut things so close!

I sent a message with a
bird to the Circle of Magi...

Thank the Maker it arrived...

After you were captured, we trailed

the Knight Commander and learned
some very interesting information...

He has been conspiring
with the Grand Cleric of Orlais.

The Grand Cleric?!

Yes. They have been
meeting secretly for months.



I know about the Grand Cleric.

You have both turned
your backs on the Chantry!

Ha! On the contrary, we are
ushering in a new era for the Chantry...

One where events like
Kirkwall will not be tolerated!

We won't allow your plan to succeed!

"Hate can only breed more hate."

Those were Byron's last words to me.


Tie him up. He will answer for his crimes.

You heard her. Up!

In the end, it came to this...

It's the start of the Gathering.

Citizens of Orlais,
honored faithful from lands beyond,

today we gather to honor the
Maker and his greatest gift to us...

...his wife of the spirit,
Andraste, our beloved prophet

who gave her life so that
the Chantry might live...

This day, each decade,
marks the beginning of a new life.

A day when the Maker's
benediction brings great joy and...

Go on! Good! Crush them all!

Maker's wrath! He sends
dragons to punish our sins!

Protect the Divine!

Come on!

Most Holy...

No... She's cut off...

We're too late...

Frenic and Avexis should be close by!

I'll find them!

Dragon Hunter...

Call the High Dragon!

Finish her! Yes! Yes!! Hahahaha!

She's done enough of your bidding, Frenic.

You'll never harm this girl again!

It's over. All of it.

No... No!!

Are you all right, your grace?

Your Holiness!

Most Holy!

Quickly. Help her down.

- - Your Holiness!
- - Right, we've got her.

Thank you, Cassandra... Come, Your Holiness.

The Maker be with you!

Heh, heh, heh...

Fool... Do you really
think I will surrender so easily?


Together, men!


There is no one coming to help you.

The Knight Commander is dead.

Do you hear? Your plan failed, Mage.

You are no longer of any use to me!

This was never about her.

I merely exploited her ambition
as a means to free us

from the oppressive binds of the Chantry,
and create a new world controlled by Mages!

As a fellow Mage, you should understand.

You and I are not the same.

Then I will destroy you all,
along with the Chantry!


Eh... heh heh heh...


Now, men! Everything you've got!

Avexis! Wake up! Avexis! Please!

We need you, Avexis! Wake up!


Thank you, Avexis...

Come on!

The righteous stand before the darkness
and the Maker shall guide their hands.


For the Chantry!

For the Chantry!

For the Chantry!


What do you think...?
Not bad, huh?


You are the bravest person I have
ever met, and the most beautiful...

This isn't the time or the place!

You fool.

Galyan, you've helped me win
back more than just my honor.

Suddenly, the world is different for me now.

Thank you, for everything.

For risking her life to protect the
Chantry against the darkest of evil,

I hereby proclaim Cassandra
Pentaghast the Hero of Orlais.

And the Chantry also
wishes to express its appreciation...

of the heroic Mage that fought
beside her, Regalyan d'Marcall.

And for upholding the highest
standards of the Order of Seekers

and demonstrating
unwavering faith to the Chantry,

Cassandra Pentaghast shall from this day
forward be the Right Hand of the Divine.

Come forth, child.

Your Holiness...


You seem troubled.

This attack... It is only the beginning.

There is a storm coming, child.
We must be prepared.

How may I serve?

♪ closing music ♪