Dragnet Girl (1933) - full transcript

Tokiko is an office typist who is more pleased at catching the owner's son attention than he knows. That's because her real boyfriend is Joji, a washed up boxer turned gangster and her employer is a great opportunity to milk him for them both. However, when Kazuko, the innocent sister of Hiroshi, a hopeful new member of the gang, comes to Joji to plead with him to send Hiroshi away, the gangster is warmly affected by her. However, Tokiko is jealous and determined to win Joji back no matter what the cost while Joji has his own decisions to make about his life.



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Where is my dad?

The president is not in yet.

Call Tokiko.

You were born in July
so I've chosen a ruby

What is the meaning of this?

If it means what I think it does
then I'll return it to you.

I can't even joke with you.

Join me for some tea.

Hey,he looks like
an easy target.

Let's go with the usual trick.

He's the president's son.

I don't want to get fired.

Joji,why don't you start training again?

Make a comeback.
It'll do you good.

Better give up on me.

Living off a woman,
I'm through as a boxer.

Who's that kid?

He's new.
Just started training.



He's got a good left

You think this joint's a dance hall?


Who said he's going to
stir things up here?

Look behind me.

You guys look after Tokiko.

Only a cannon could
knock out my Joji.

Get some water
to those three loafers.

Why don't you
go home already?

Do you have to be so blunt?

It's no use
being polite to you guys.

I'll smack you.

I'll smack you!

Where did you snatch this?

This is worth plenty.

It's a lucky charm
against getting fired.

That president's son,isn't it?

And you think
he expects nothing in return?

Don't make me worry

A guy like you worried
about a girl like me?

You touched Misako's cheek
three times tonight.

He says he has a favor
to ask you.

Will you let me join you?

Aren't you mistaken?

I'm not a big boss.

This may come as a surprise,
but I really look up to you.

You can't kick me out.

You'd better drop the idea.

Did you talk him into this?

What a strange guy

Senko brought him.
At least let him save face.

- Hiroshi is a full - fledged punk now.

Sorry to ask,Sis,
but can you give me some money?

Don't come here
for such things.

What about school?

No school in the afternoon.

Seems like you're slacking off lately

You need to try harder.

I just raised some
coffee money,no sweat.

Hiroshi is acting like
a big shot these days.

You cheap bastard
I'll raise you to 30!

He ain't making
a fool out of me!

Take it easy now.

You're still awake,Sis?

From now on,
if I come home late,

you don't need
to wait up for me.

Been mixing with
the wrong crowd recently?

Are you up to something bad?

Since when do you smoke?

Have we eaten dinner
together lately?

When's the last time we had
a nice chat at the end of the day?

I'm not a kid anymore,
you know.

People know me as Lefty"Hiroshi
one of Joji's men.

I can be quite persuasive.

I don't want you
to turn out like that.

I didn't work hard to bring up
my little brother that way.

Don't worry.
I'm going into the ring soon.

Then I'll make at least
20 yen per night.

I'll get 15 yen even if I lose.

It's not about the money!

Have you ever made
a woman cry?

You already having girl trouble?

She cried all night.
I couldn't sleep.

You bragging bastard!
Who the hell is she?

She's my sister.

She keeps nagging.
It's exhausting.

I'm telling you,
you should make a comeback.

I told you.
I have a gal who loves me.

Someone insists on seeing you.

A woman.
Her voice doesn't sound familiar

I'll go too.

Maybe someone's using her as bait.

Someone like“Iron Heart"Sada.


Or“Eight Card"Seiko.

No,it's nothing.
I won't need help

Excuse me.Are you Joji?

Was it you who phoned?

I'm Hiroshi's sister.

Hiroshi has great respect
and admiration for you.

I think he'll do whatever you say

But even so,
he's still my little brother

Please tell him
to straighten himself out.

You're wrong.
It was his own decision.

Then,can I at least see him?

What sort of guy was it?

You have a visitor

Someone like“Eight Card"Seiko?


It's no one special,like you guys.

You should have told me.

l ditched her

Why not go home with her?

You put Joji up to this,right?

I'm worried about you.
I had to do something.

Give it up and go straight

You'll never make it
in this racket anyway

You cheap bastard.
I'll raise you to 40!

Don't act so big,
or Joji will beat you up!

Don't threaten me.

It's odd that he's
so concerned about me.

He isn't concerned about you.

He's got a crush on your sister

That one must have slipped by Tokiko!

If I let every small thing bother me,
I'd never make it in this racket.

Find anything you like?

- These fancy Red Seal 12 - inch
classical records don't suit me.

That's not true.

You only pretend
they don't suit you.

Isn't it the same
with everything else you do?

Do you really understand
that stuffy music,Joji?

Even a dog is listening.

Music is among
the better things God created.

You've suddenly gotten dull.

It's no use having him
listen to music.

It's me.

What's the matter,losing your edge?

I saw a love scene just now.

Don't you care that an amateur
has gotten the upper hand on you?

I see.The news
has already reached you.

Senko says he'll slap
some sense into her,too.

The product is very delicate.
Please handle it gently.

You pushover.
l ought to slap you.

I heard something
about you today.

Cut it out.
No use putting on airs with me.

Don't you dare
fool around with that.

What if I do?

I've done a lot of the dirty work
helping you to save face.

I want to talk to you
about something.

Will you come with me?

May I ask what you're here for?

I'm one of Joji's people.

He's been very kind to me
about my brother.

That doesn't mean
I'm your friend.

Chances are,we're enemies.

Don't you want to shoot me?

Then I'll shoot you.

I'm an idiot.

I hate to say this,
but I like you.

Don't tell me
you did something stupid.

I understand
why you fell for her.

I've fallen for her too.

I think I'll knit socks for you.

I hope tomorrow
will be a nice day.

We should start getting up early.

I've started feeling more
domesticated since I met her.

I don't want anything
to do with this.

I'm beginning to worry
about your line of work

You think I can't manage it?

You think I can't be trusted?

You won't need to do that anymore

if we both cut back on expenses.

You'll feed me by duping
that sucker at your office?

Quit joking around and think it through.

I've never mentioned it until now.

You may not understand.

I can be that kind of girl,too.

l admit it.
I want to be nice like Kazuko.

It's not like you!

Don't you understand
how I feel?

What will you do if I don't?

If you've got a problem with me,
then leave!

I'm just a delinquent anyway!

I'm just a delinquent anyway!

You comparing me with that girl?
No thanks!

Why are you so quiet?

Are you upset?

You had a fight,huh?

I'll pay for this.

In that case,
give me ten glasses.

You'll join me tonight,won't you?

I want to take care of you.
I'll be faithful.

Do you think I'm worthy?

I'm very foolish.

I'm very selfish.

I'm very extravagant.

I don't even know how
to do any housework.

Well,do I surprise you?

I like you because
you're so frank.

Won't you say yes?

l think I'd better go.

I'm back.
Should I not have returned?

I've been with the boss'son.

He's very rich.

He's quite a man.

He's openhearted too.

l like him.

You jealous?

Get jealous!

Get jealous!

Forget that girl!

You're the only one
I can count on.

Love me more.

Don't you pity me?

Don't make me
a miserable woman.

Did my brother come here?

I must see him.
It's urgent.

l thought maybe
he had come here.

I let him go.
You saw me,didn't you?

You've got some nerve
to keep suspecting me.

Why don't you tell the police?

Or shall we try my usual joint?

She's no delinquent.

Speak to her kindly.

l had to do that
to get over her.


We're thugs after all.

Delinquents like you
are just my type.

But I want you to love me
as a decent woman.

Please don't laugh at me.

Let's live honestly.

We can't stay like this forever

If anything happened to you...

Tokiko,come over here!

I'm going straight starting today!

Did my sister come here?

Can you lend me some money?

I took money
from her cash register.

This and 200 yen more.

We've spent almost all of it.

Is that something to be proud of?

Does that make you more of a man?

Your sister is all you have!

Please,hit me again!


We'll do one last job.

We must at least help Hiroshi.

Who cares about them?

We mustn't miss our chance.

A man has a duty to perform.

I've got to live up to mine.

This was a gift from you,but...

It's only an imitation.

About the job...

Promise it will be our last job.

Then we'll go somewhere
where nobody knows us.

A place with plenty of sun,
a nice lawn...

Chirping birds...

Flowers too.

When we move,
you'll get a steady job,too.

You said you like me
because I'm frank.

I'm very extravagant.

Catch my drift?

Tell him to pay in cash.

You'd better not
waste your money

Well,do I surprise you?

You go home first
and get ready to run.

\Your sister loves you.
Be nice to her.

Your brother loves you.
Be good to him.

Don't just sit there!

Maybe we should get arrested.

Then we can start over


Do you really think
we can get away like this?

A new life is
waiting for us,right?

AJoji,let's give up.

Let them catch us.

We'll only serve a few years.

You can get arrested
if you want,not me.

As you wish!

Are you selling me out?

I'm sorry.Forgive me.

Please think about
our future happiness.

Or we'll have to keep running
all our lives!

We're still young.

If we'd lived honest lives
from the start..

we would have found
happiness sooner.

A few years won't be too long.

Don't you understand how I feel?

Please don't think ill of me.

- This is good - bye for now.
Come over here!