Dragged Across Concrete (2018) - full transcript

The script centers on two policemen, one an old-timer (Gibson), the other his volatile younger partner (Vaughn), who find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics become the media's cause du jour. Low on cash and with no other options, these two embittered soldiers descend into the criminal underworld to gain their just due, but instead find far more than they wanted awaiting them in the shadows.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

[siren blares outside]


I liked you back when
we was in elementary...

in Mr. Lorenzo's class.

I liked you, too.

Wish I knew that.

Though I would've needed
an instruction manual back then.

Ever thought about doing
something else?

Some other kind of work?

Not real serious or anything.

Worked at the mall
for a little while.

Let me look if you don't mind.

I've had a long intermission.

[music playing over car radio]

I'mma talk with Andre
on Tuesday.

You interested
if something comes up?

Before I consider
that kind of vocation,

I need to get myself acclimated.


Walk around, breathe some air,
gaze at the sky,

see how blue it looks
on the outside.

Enjoy yourself.

Once I've settled,
I'll let you know.


thanks for setting that up
with Lana.

And for fetching.


See you.

[locks click]

[man moans]

[woman moans]

[woman] Um, uh...

Baby, go back to your room,

- Mama's busy.
- This ain't Ethan.



- Get some clothes on...
- Look...

I got company right now. I...

Put some clothes on
and eject that nigga

or I'm practicing home runs
on his skull.

[woman sighs]

Move like you in fast-forward.

Look, you ain't got no right
coming here.

That was a baseball bat
and this door's beyond flimsy.

Okay, okay.

Let us get ourselves dressed.

Forcing my friend out.

You gotta promise
you're not gonna hurt him.


Call my mother again
and I'll crack your skull.

- Understand?
- I do.


Take those garbage bags that are
outside down to the trash.

Okay, I will.

Fool, you just cost me.

Ma, how long
you been doing this?

Not long.

What happened to your job
at the grocery?

I got fired.

I left you money
before I went in.

Plenty for twice as long.

It ran out.


And I can see its footprints
up and down your arms.

Look, you ain't got no right
lecturing me about nothing.

Your ass went to jail.
I did what I had to do.

Ma, let's fast-forward all this.

Ain't no point in arguing
about a bunch of yesterdays.

You can't be doing this.

Hooking, needles...

and especially not in front
of Ethan at all ever.

He ain't a toddler no more.

And you doing those things
around him,

it'll mess him up permanent.

So, you gonna take care of us
now, huh?

Like your cock-sucking father

when he ran off
with his faggot-ass boyfriend?

Pops is a yesterday
who ain't worth words.

You got opportunities
right out the penitentiary?

I might.

Look, we are six months behind
on bills, rent, everything.

And the collection agency,
they buzzing like mosquitoes...


Start organizing yourself
and this place...

and I'll figure things.

Ethan home?

[Ethan] What?

It's me.


- When'd you get out of the oven?
- Today.

Can I come in?


Mom told me to lock the door

'cause a man
was coming over later.

- I'm coming.
- [squeaking]

Sounds like you could use
some oil.

Ma, you got any?
Some kind that smells good.

I got the Italian kind
with the cork in it.

That'll work.

Looks like you've been
working out.

Yeah, I've been doing curls.

Let's do it proper.

So, you wanna show me
those video games

you talked about
in your letters?

Are you gonna stay here?

I am...

till things are sort of correct.

[footsteps approaching]

Where's mine?


You didn't think to go back
and get me another?

Accelerated the event.

There was little time
and less inclination.


I thought you'd be okay with...

me just telling you about mine.


The story begins
on the fields of Jamaica where...


Davids is gonna do leaky pipes?

Usually works, yeah.

You're still maintaining that...

gum is for cows and imbeciles?

I do and it is.

- [cell phone vibrates]
- [cell phone chimes]



Go away, I'm sleeping.


Come on, I'm sleeping.

[second man] Sorry
to bother you, Mr. Vasquez,

but there's a leak
coming from your apartment.

I need to come in
and check the pipes.

I don't see any leaks.

The super hired me
to check the pipes.

Let me in and I'll take care
of it as quick as I can.

Mr. Vasquez?



I need to get in there
and check those pipes.

- [banging]
- Mr. Vasquez.

- [knocking]
- I'm getting dressed.

[footsteps approaching]

Police. Don't move.

Don't move your arm again,

All right. Yeah.


Bullshit, man. Shit.

Anybody else in there?

Mi novia.

She's in the bedroom, man.
It's just her.

She got a weapon? This wonderful
woman you're abandoning?


What's her name?

If you happen to recall.

Man, you wanna get your

- [cracking]
- [groans] Shit!

There's something on your boot.

Yeah, I noticed.
What's her name?

- Rosalinda.
- That sounds like two names.

- At least.
- Yeah. Well, it's just one.

You're completely sure
there's only one woman in there?

Just one, man, it's just her.


This is the Bulwark Police.

I need you to open that door
and come out with your hands up.

Rosalinda, are you in there?

Rosalinda speaks English?

Yeah, yeah, but she got
a problem with her ears, man.

- Is she deaf?
- She wears something, man,

to make her hear better but not
when she goes to sleep though.

He looks like a snorer.

Yeah, it's called sleep apnea,

She got a firearm in there?

No gun, man, but she got
some pepper spray in her purse,

so, you know...

- Oh. Come on. Come on, man.
- This will be snug.

Shit, that's cutting off
my circulation.

We'll be back
before your foot turns blue.


A lot nicer than my place.

Even the smell.

We've met Davids.

- Officer?
- Detective?

You dove deep
on this plumber thing.

I've got a cousin who plumbs.

Vasquez a shackle?

On the fire escape.

His deaf girlfriend's in here.

You guys gonna shoot her?

- She's got a gun.
- 75-percent chance, yeah.

All right. Where do you want me?


Should've let the plumber in.

Police. Okay?

Comprende, si or no?

Her handbag
seemed a little heavy.

You been taking into account
the amount of make-up

- Latinas carry?
- Yeah, even still.

She's got a gun.


Come on. Come on, honey.

You stay there.

Why don't you shut the doors
and crank up the fans?

Where did your novio put
that green duffel bag

you got last night?

Can I have something to wear?

I'm cold.

I didn't understand that,
did you?


Sounded kind of like dolphin.

I expect she'll get
more intelligible

when she answers our questions.

- Where's the green duffel bag?
- I'm gonna call a lawyer.

I wanna... [stutters]

Where's the green duffel bag?

We saw Vasquez bring it here
last night at 11:00,

that swell guy who fled
and left you here with us.

- You see, a time...
- [rolls ball]

...to get a soulmate.

Tell us where it is

and my partner and I
will be done in time

to get the breakfast special
at Bert's.

Maybe that's reason enough
to forget all about you

and that gun of yours.

Where is it?

The closet.


In the wall behind the suits.

I smell three eggs over easy.

Hash browns...

and pumpernickel toast.

Plus that coffee you owe me.

- Officer.
- Detective?

Drag Vasquez back inside.

We got cash, narcotics,
and two imbeciles

to drive downtown and paper.

You said if I told you where
the bag was you'll let me go.

- Can you understand her?
- No.

♪ We can be considerate ♪

♪ To people or strangers ♪

♪ Until you get to know them ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

This a guy or a girl
singing this song?

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ It's raining so hard outside ♪

♪ Before you go I'll give you my
favorite umbrella ♪

♪ To keep you dry ♪

Can't tell.

♪ Would you like to have... ♪

Not that there's much
of a difference these days.

I think that line was

The day men started saying,
"We're pregnant,"

when their wives were.

Your breakfast specials.


- [cell phone vibrates]
- [cell phone chimes]

Didn't know the Chief Lieutenant
was so fond of intrigue.

Excuse me.

Could you box our food up
in to-go containers?

You want me to pack up

I just carried
from all the way over there?


I'll get some take-out boxes.

You two crashed into a truck
filled with breakfast buffet?

We were getting
the breakfast specials at Bert's

when we got your message

and we boxed them up and rode in
with the ruminations.

I like their pumpernickel toast.

They get it fresh
from Jeanette's,

bakery across the way.

[clears throat]

There's an issue with the bust
you two made this morning.

Who's complaining?

Civilian, saw you out
on the fire escape.

Vasquez was armed and a threat.

- We did what was...
- There's a video.

You've seen it?

I have. It's not terrible.

Certainly could be much, much

Sound is shit.

Civilian was too far away
to get anything intelligible.

- That helps us.
- Who tipped you off?

My contact at Channel 7.

[long sniff] Anchovies.

- When's it airing?
- Six o'clock.

You'll survive.

Though, I think it'll end
our current discussions

about raises and promotions.


We didn't give Vasquez
that much cast-iron.

- It was mostly me, Anthony...
- He gave him plenty.

Mr. Lurasetti's in that video,

smiling like a yearbook picture

when you put your foot
on that hombre's cabeza.

Our inspector...

our Mexican-American inspector,
is unlikely to be lenient.

Though your productivity is
exemplary and it'll keep you

from losing your badges.

Politics like always.

Like cell phones
and just as annoying,

politics are everywhere.

Being branded a racist
in today's public forum

is like being accused
of communism in the '50s

whether it's a possibly
offensive remark

made in a private phone call
or the indelicate treatment

of a minority who sells drugs
to children.

The entertainment industry,
formerly known as the news,

- needs villains.
- There's certainly nothing

hypocritical about the media
handling every perceived

intolerance with complete
and utter intolerance.

It's bullshit.

But it's reality.

But I'm not racist.

Every Martin Luther King Day
I order a cup of dark roast.

How long is this suspension
gonna be?

Six weeks.

No pay.

We need the hours.

I know what detectives
make and more.

Go have some pumpernickel.


Gotta be aware of this stuff.

Digital eyes are everywhere.

I do what I think best
when I'm out there.

I was that way
when we were partners

and I'm still that way now.

There's a reason I'm sitting
behind this desk running things

and you're out there
crouching on fire escapes

in the cold for hours

with a partner that's 20 years
younger than you.

Hey, Anthony's got a mouth with
its own engine but he's solid.

That wasn't my point.

Thanks for letting us know
about this situation

and any word you can have
with the inspector on our behalf

would be greatly appreciated.

One thing before you go.

I watched that video
a couple times.

You threw a lot more cast-iron
than you needed to.

And when we worked together...

you weren't that rough.


It's not healthy for you

to scuff concrete
as long as you have.

You get results,

but you're losing perspective
and compassion.

Couple more years out there
and you're gonna be

a human steamroller
covered with spikes...

and fueled by bile.

There's a lot of imbeciles
out there.


Use your time off
to think about things.

Talk it over with Melanie.

Spend some time with her
and Sara.

Yeah, I will.

I won't.

I won't.


Yeah, Mom, it's me.


What's wrong?


Come here.

Good evening.
And welcome back, Mr. Lurasetti.

Anybody born in New York

- calls me Tony.
- Tony it is.

One moment, please.

Is something wrong with it,

No, no, it's beautiful.
Exactly like you promised.

It's... If Denise has any doubts
about saying yes

when I'm on my knee, this will

nudge her
in the right direction.

I got an issue at work.

Do you need a payment plan?

- I'd be more than happy to...
- Thanks.

I saved enough for this. It's a
different kind of problem.

My wife has two brothers
who are therapists

and three sisters
who were lawyers.

Well, my problems don't require
those kinds of professionals.

I just... I'm thinking about
the kind of future

I can offer my girlfriend
and, you know,

that life won't have
a lot of diamonds.

You must be ready
by tomorrow night.

Okay. You gotta be careful
around these parts.

It's got lions.

Can we shoot them?

Well, yeah.
But it's gonna be pretty hard

unless you have
a pump-action shotgun.

Not if we get one... Oh, shit.

Okay, look. Get behind me.

Okay, stay there.

Nigga iced that feline.

Okay, look, we gotta go.
There's more coming.

Okay, once you get across
this stream,

we gotta look out for
boa constrictors.

This nigga's ready
for a real safari.

Even if my legs worked right

I wouldn't wanna be
hunting animals for real.

It's like some
rich white people shit.

Still, you're real good
at this game.

And the other ones we played,

Well, yeah, this is what I wanna
do when I grow up.

- Play games?
- No. No, be a game designer.

To create worlds that are,

you know,
different from the outside.

There's schools that teach you
how to do that?

- College or something?
- Yeah. They got schools.

Maybe once you finish
high school, you can...

- [cell phone vibrates]
- [pauses game]

I gotta go.

Can you save this adventure?

Yeah. I can save it.

All right.

His cousins are gonna be there
this time.

Yeah, they are.

I don't like doing things

with so many question marks

Yeah. Me neither.

But they was moved up.

You already got our advances.

Plus, Andrei already vouched for

Andrei himself is questionable.

You got our insurance?

In the glove compartment.

Why'd you want them wrapped
in cellophane?

There's some times a nigga
ain't got time for gloves...

or to wipe things down.

Yeah. We don't need
to use those.

We'll stash them in the vehicles
when we get the chance.

The van and the get-away.

It's all cotton candy.

[reporter] The two detectives
were filmed by a concerned

Bulwark citizen this morning.

Both partners have been

Brett Ridgeman was charged
with excessive force

in 1998 and 2004...

And Anthony Lurasetti
was suspended for violating

the code of conduct last year.

The police commissioner
has declined to comment...

You've got five seconds
to hand me your drawer.

Okay. Okay.



- [tapping keys]
- [bleeping]



- Five.
- Yours.

Oh, I really need a pack of...

[whimpering] Please.


[theme music on TV]


I forgot.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Want a beer?
- No, thanks.

I have to take some extra meds

I'm sorry to hear that.

You okay?


What's that about?

Some kids were menacing Sara
on her way back from the bus

and one of them threw a cup of
orange soda all over her.

- What kids?
- The one she didn't recognize.

Four blacks, one on a bike.

But does it actually matter who?
That's the fifth time.

This fucking neighborhood,

it just keeps getting worse
and worse.

- Is she okay?
- Well, yeah. But,

coming home from school
and walking four blocks

- shouldn't be an ordeal.
- No. It shouldn't.

Did you offer to pick her up
at the bus, escort her back?

Of course I did.

She knows it isn't easy for me
to get around a lot

and she'd be too embarrassed

Well, she's got two sets of cop
DNA, so of course she's tough.

Yeah, especially for her age
and gender.

But she's getting older,
more womanly.

And these boys are gonna start
having different kinds of ideas

about her pretty soon,
if they don't already.

You know, I never thought
I was a racist

before living in this area.

I'm about as liberal as any
ex-cop could ever be. But now...

- We really need to move.
- I know.

No. Yesterday or the day before.

I know.

Well, this thing that's going on
with you and Anthony right now,

- it's not gonna help.
- You saw the Vasquez footage?

- I did.
- And?

It's really time
you got a new windbreaker.


A couple people made comments.

Well, I was starting to say

that I called up
Bulwark Security Provider

- and I asked them...
- You're not doing security work.

We need money to move.

Absolutely not.

- I can take painkillers if...
- No. You're taking painkillers

to peel potatoes as it is.
It's not worth debating.

But I wanna do something.

I need to do something

as a mother, as a former cop.

Or someday, someday you and me
we are in a hospital room

with our daughter talking
to a rape counselor.


I'll handle this.


There's a way.

But it's not something
that we're gonna talk about...



[knocking] Sara.


That show
about the lion cubs is on

if you wanna watch it with me.

If you'd rather read that's,
you know...

No, it's fine.

Been staring at the same page
for the past 20 minutes anyway.

Hey, you want something to


Are you okay with what happened?

Yeah, I'm fine.



- Do you want a cookie?
- No, thank you.

They're so cute
before they get big.

I got an errand to run.
Be back in a couple hours.

I'm here to talk with Friedrich
or Freddie if he prefers.

- And who can I say is...
- Tell him Ridgeman is here.

- I'll go see if he's available.
- He is.

How much are these?
I don't see a tag.

Five thousand dollars.

So they're bulletproof?

You care for a drink?

I'm not here for a beverage.


You're looking for a new suit?

Now that you have violently
earned some leisure time.

- I'm not.
- Why then have you decided

to inhabit my shop this evening?

How's your son doing?

Well, very well.

His mother and I

are taking him to visit
some campuses next month.

He scored very high
on his tests.

I thought he had potential.

Thank you.

I know that you're not inclined
towards exceptions.

Well, he was a kid,
the ringleaders are in jail

and I knew I could get something
more valuable from you someday

if I let him slip
through a crack.

- How can I be of aid?
- I need a lead.

And what are you hoping to find?

A dealer, or a buyer.

Preferably one from out of town.

I am not as well-informed as I
once was.

Call someone that is.

I shall.


Anthony. Yeah.

Be outside my place at 4:30.

Yup, a.m.

Put on your fake license plate.

Bring all your hardware
and dress nonchalant.

[cell phone vibrates]

Are you the famous police
officer I saw in the news?

Any reason you're back there?

There is.

Things okay with you
and Melanie?

They're fine.

Are you gonna tell me
the nature of this endeavor?

I'm gonna sleep.

What are we here...

You're gonna drive
to 19th and Brant.

Why are we going all the way
up there?

Every answer I give you

is gonna engender
three times as many questions.

Let me sleep while I can and

once we're there,
you'll get your answers

and a nap if you need one.

Sounds like a stake out.

19th and Brant.

You realize we're suspended.

Wake me at 18th.

We're at 18th.

Corner right.

Before you touch anything.

Ash tray.

One of these big orange things
opened up by my apartment.

Ripe and Fresh.

- Shit?
- I haven't been in it.

I thought Denise cooked.

Only at her place.

She only shops at organic stores

that specialize
in assuaging guilt.

Let's pull over the other side
of this dumpster.

- Is this good?
- It's perfect.

Take two.

Something's going on in Room 633
of that tan stucco.


Hard to tell.

Especially because Apartment 633
doesn't even exist.

How do you mean?

Well, there's no door marked

There's no windows or a buzzer.

No mail gets delivered there

But it's there.

This is sounding metaphysical.

You got a tip on this?


My contact tells me
that one Lorentz Vogelmann

is looking for an invisible

And 633 in this tan stucco
is where he landed.

Vogelmann, I don't know
that name.

Well, he's not local.

What line of work is he in?


Heroin mostly.

Large bundles.

What are we doing here?

You asking me
this question as a civilian?

Because that's what we are
right now, civilians.

No different than
kindergarten teachers or the bum

that collects aluminum cans
outside my building.

I know where I flung my badge

What are we doing here?

We're monitoring
a suspicious individual

to try and figure out if he's
got any money he doesn't need.


- If you don't wanna be part of...
- Christ.

Are you insane?

You get suspended,
not for the first time

in your career either.

Now you decide to become
a criminal?

And what the hell
are you even thinking with this?


Say something.


I'm a month away from my 60th...

I'm still the same rank
I was at 27.

For a lot of years, I believed
that the quality of my work,

what we do together, what I did
with my previous partners...

would get me what I deserved.

But I don't politic and I don't
change with the times.

And it turns out
that that shit's more important

than good honest work.

So yesterday, after we stop
a massive amount of drugs

from getting into
the school system,

we get suspended
because it wasn't done politely.

When I go home and I find
my daughter has been assaulted

for the fifth time in two years

Because of the shit neighborhood

my shit wage
has forced me to live in.

And my wife can't help.

She's barely getting through
the day on her meds as it is.

They okay?

Yeah. Melanie's coping.
Sara's doing okay.

She's dealing with it better
than most kids her age would.

But who knows what kind of
long-term damage

is going on with her.

There has been opportunities
before, more than a few.

Take a bribe,
pocket a bundle, pilfer cash.

I was a cop on active duty.
Today, I'm a poor civilian

who's nearly 60.

I can accept that,

but I'm not gonna ask
my wife and daughter to.

If we put all
our collars together,

every imbecile we ever nabbed,

it'd probably fill
two entire wings

of the state prison.
Maybe three.

We have the skills and the right
to acquire proper compensation.

- Christ.
- Weddings aren't cheap.

Don't be an asshole. That's not
what I'm thinking about.

Do you think our wages
accurately reflect what we did?

Enough with the justifications.

I'm smarter than you
by a yard stick,

you're not gonna manipulate me.

I saw how you looked
at that duffel bag yesterday.


Let me think.


Look, if you don't wanna
hear any more about this,

fling the gear and drop me off.

- I don't want you to get hurt.
- I don't need a guardian.

I can do this myself
if I have to.

You don't know that.

Not for sure, no.
But if things get tricky,

I'll disengage and find
something else.

This is a bad idea.

It's bad for you,
and it's bad for me.

It's bad like lasagna in a can.

Well, then, fling the gear
and drop me off.

Look, if you do this,
you do it for yourself.

You don't do it
because you pity my situation.

Or because we're partners
or because we're friends

that grill burgers on Sundays,
or go to the fights.

You do it solely because you
wanna earn. And that's it.

We disguise ourselves
at the point of contact.

Yeah, I got ballistic masks
and vests in the garbage bags,

some teargas bombs as well.

I'm in until I'm not.

- Lorentz Vogelmann?
- Yeah.

He looks cast iron.

He is.

Any idea if his merchandise
is in 633?

No idea, but after we confirm
that he's there,

we'll tail him
and we'll learn his itinerary.

You got a timeframe?

My contact said
he's rendered 633 for two weeks.

We're at day two of that period.

You know anything else about
him, vehicles, associates?

That's what we're learning now.



Why don't you take a nap?


Make sure to ask me
if I'm still in when I wake up.

I've been processing here for
five hours.

You should have given me
a nudge.

There wasn't a reason to.

Are you still in?

I am until I'm not.

- You see Vogelmann yet?
- Nope.

I'm gonna get something
from this big orange thing.

You want egg salad on rye toast?

Two of them, and root beer.


I've been listening to and
smelling that

for the last 98 minutes.

Best part of a stake out,

other than when it ends...

is when you're eating.

A single red ant
could've eaten it faster.


Take two.

I'm still enjoying
the aftertaste.

Not all of us are.

Where did you park?

I've been telling you,
you're getting senile.

You didn't lock it?

I for...

I was thinking about something
else at the time. Sorry.

This your duffel?

I don't think so.

Face the windshield.

Put on your seat belts
and lock the doors.


put up that sunshade, por favor.

Good. Now empty your pockets.

Put everything
in that duffel bag,

or you'll be
painting houses in heaven.

No, please.

You have five seconds.


- Three...
- That's all I got.

Me too, I swear to God.

Show me your pocket whites.


Shut off that phone.


I expected you...

You'll f...


Please, allow me
to show you the interior.

If anything moves in there,

a rat, a mouse,

a baby mosquito,

you'll get to ring
Allah's doorbell.

Pop the hood.

All is as expected?

The blood is gratis.


[Melanie] Brett, that you?


Look in the closet,
I got you something.

Try it on.

Everything you get me
fits perfect.

Thanks for getting it.

Thank me in bed.

So, did you guys beat up
any minorities today?

That's only when we're
on the clock.

- This was really delicious.
- Glad you liked it.

And should I infer
from your reticence

this is one of those times
you can't talk about your work?

infer about my reticence.

Even though
you've been suspended

and you're technically
a civilian?

Criminals don't stop
doing what they do

just 'cause
two cops get benched.

And we don't do what we do
just for the paycheck.


Don't try and bluff somebody
who's smarter than you are.

Smarter by a yardstick.

Did you see I brought cannolis
from Theo Renzo's?

Just don't do anything to
jeopardize your career, please.

I won't.

Seven unaccounted for.

If Vogelmann's
in that tan stucco

and owns a vehicle,
one of them is his.

Are you still in?

At the outermost edge.


She guessed that something
wasn't right.

I didn't say anything.


Picked up the engagement ring.

- From Feinbaum?
- Yeah.


Got it the day we busted,
uh, Vasquez and...

Well, the timing wasn't great,

I was gonna propose anyway,
I wasn't gonna let some

work bullshit interfere with my
private life, but turned out...

she was in a bad mood that night

because of some drama at her
job, and I didn't do it.

And then yesterday you bring me
here, suggest this thing,

and I'm sort of okay
with the idea,

us taking money off
some fuckhead dealer.

If the risk isn't too great.

But, you know, that night,

when I see Denise, even before
she suspected anything...

I know that I can't propose to
her until this thing is done.

I evade her questions at dinner
and for the first time

since I went to the jeweler...

I'm not certain she'd say yes
if I proposed.

Yeah. I'm driving you home.

I haven't made a decision yet.
I'm just pondering...

Bullshit. You're decided,
even if you think you aren't.

You're younger than me,
you've got more options.

Request a new partner
when we're back on duty,

they'll probably make you
a sergeant one day.

I don't want a new partner.

And I told you that
I'd finish out the shift.

Yeah, I appreciate it.
But look, you're not obligated.

- I have done it with...
- My word is an obligation.


Two egg salads,

and I'll pay for yours, too,
if it's not Sobrasada.

Here's one.

This guy's parking.

These brothers
have seen some stuff.

Yeah, they're tainted.

Think they're with Vogelmann?

His buyers?

Go-betweens or local muscles

probably more like it.

And two root beers.

No choice.


- Vogelmann?
- Yeah.

The black dudes we saw before.

They're going west.

Are you sure?

[engine sputtering]

The grey lady
needs a decongestant.

Don't give 'em a wedgie.

Driving any slower than this
will get us noticed.

I don't know this area
real well. What's west?

Well, more of this.

Then the turnpike
and then the school district.

Probably not doing all this
to steal crayons.

You feel like
some construction work?

Is that necessary right now?

Five percent.

That's for shooting out tires,
sending a warning,

things like that, right?

We're not going after
any precedence.

I need a better answer
than that.

Right now, we're heading
into new territory.

Foggy gray landscape,
but I know all of my limits,

but maybe not yours.

So before I build
a killing instrument

that I last used in the army,

I wanna hear that you don't plan
on executing a human being

to facilitate a robbery.

We're not executing anybody.

That boundary is reinforced
in steel concrete.

Agreed. Now, build.

The carpool lane.
Right by the black SUV.

Don't let that catch you cold.

You think the transactions
happened today?

Oh, this is business.

Two tainted black dudes
and an out-of-town convict

going for a drive before dawn.

Although it's probably
just a preliminary.

Vogelmann was carrying two black
briefcases when he got in.

Is there anything else
you forgot to tell me?

- No.
- No. Are you sure?

Something subtle, like maybe
one of the black dudes

- had a bazooka?
- Hey.

I was up for hours listening to
you process air. It escaped me.


And I suppose you could have let
me sleep through all of this,

and been done with the whole

I definitely should have.

Considering the briefcases...

seventy percent
this is the transaction.

What's the other 30?

Vogelmann maybe showing somebody
some cash, or some merchandise,

depending on which end
of the deal he's doing.

The briefcases?

The financial district?

What's going on here?

Any idea?

I'm trying to flush
the ideas I have

'cause none of them
seem to fit this.

Still under construction.

Want me to mail or hand deliver
your genius award?


Real stylish.

You're saying this before
you use your gay hair shit?

Can't say it after.

Time for a walk by?

At 5:45.

Why is that?

Well, the nearest most likely
time for a meet up is 5:30,

and we should allow the other
party room for tardiness.

Unless Vogelmann
is 19 minutes late.

Possible, but not probable.

And I'm doing the walk
by myself.

- Usually...
- You're barely here as it is.

Any and every bigger risk
we come upon is mine to take.



I'll do you first.

Don't make no mess of it.

I used to graffiti
back in the day.

And I remember
what it looked like.

You would know better yourself,
you know that?

I was only doing tags.

You was the one
trying to make art.

Nigga painted a pitbull
everybody thought was a turtle.


How about getting on a nearby
roof for a better vantage?

Not worth the exposure,

or the risk of us getting split
up in case things get urgent.

This is a bad location for...

Who the hell are those guys?

Must have been here
since before Vogelmann arrived.

It's them.


The black dudes.

The ones who drove Vogelmann.

- Anchovies.
- Crud.

Any idea what's going on here?

I dunno. These guys
expect to be exposed

to people or a camera
at some point.

That's the only way those
disguises make any sense.

What kind of job?



- Murder?
- One or some of those. Yeah.


You need some assistance?


Can you hold that?

Please hold it. Ma'am?


Jeffrey, let me in.

- Open this.
- Kelly, please stop yelling.

- I was in the bathroom.
- Why put the chain on the door?

Why aren't you
on your way to work?

You are not allowed to answer
a question with a question.

Don't shout at me, okay?

You need to go back downstairs,

get on the bus and go to work.

- Open this right now.
- I can't.

What do you mean you can't?
Of course you can.

I want to, I really, really do,
but I can't.

The maternity leave ended four
weeks ago.

You've used all of your vacation

and every single sick day
staying here with Jackson.

He needed me.

I'm taking good care of him...

and I will continue to do so
until you're home from work.

I hate you.

And I love you twice as much.

You need to go to work... today.

My job is so stupid.

I go there and I sell

chunks of my life
for a paycheck, so that...

rich people I've never even met

can put money
in places I've never even seen.

How am I supposed to sit
at a stupid desk

and talk about bank accounts
when my baby is here?

Jackson needs diapers, and
clothes and gourmet baby food.

Eventually, he's gonna need
school supplies.

And if he's anything
like me and my brothers,

he'll need braces, too.

Now, all these things cost money
and you make way more than I do.

Yeah, I know.

Please get on the bus
and go to work.


I'm sorry I said I hate you.

That's all right.

I know what you really meant.

Can I see him though?

Just through the opening.

I promise, I'll go if you let me
see him just for a second.

- I need to touch him.
- Kelly, please...

I... Just for a second.
I swear I'll go.

You've broken that swear before
and recently.

Do you swear
on the life of our baby

that you will leave
after you've touched him?

No, no, no.

Say it out loud for it to count,
that's how swears work.

I swear on the life of our child
that I will go to work

after I've touched him.

You swore on his life.

I'll see you both
when I get home from work.

So cute.


- Hey.
- Hi.

- Welcome back, bonita.
- Thank you.

Good heavens
and praise be to Him.

Can that radiant vision of

that just walked through our
front doors

possibly be
our beloved Mrs. Summer?

Welcome back.

Welcome back and congratulations

on bringing such a lovely
boy child into this world.

Thank you, Mr. Edmington.

All of us in the bank have great
expectations for your boy.

Wondrous expectations
on a global scale.

So do I.

Well, in that case,
our expectations are aligned.

- Yeah.
- Welcome back.

- Nice to see you.
- You too.

Mrs. Summer, your absence
was a weight upon us,

your return
is a divine blessing.

It was just three months.

Nevertheless, a doleful era.

You really shouldn't look that
good after having a baby.


It's kind of annoying
how good you look.

- Thank you.
- I made cupcakes.

- Oh, double chocolate.
- Of course.

Oh, yeah, your husband
helped me with that part.

A small token, a minuscule
manifestation of our affections.

Mr. Edmington,
everybody, really,

thank you for this, really.

It was really hard
to leave the baby, but...

Any deliveries
scheduled for today?

No, not that I'm aware of.

Everyone, listen.

Hands up, and keep them there
or this man dies.

[distorted voice]
Keep your hands raised.


If you make any sudden moves,
you will be executed.

If the police show up
everyone will be executed.

Do not prioritize money
over having a heartbeat.

Do you understand?


- Mr. Edmington.
- Sir.

Are there any employees
in the back?

If so, get them right now.

You have 20 seconds.

No, there is no one in the back,
everyone is here in the front.

Are you certain
of this response?

You appear to be uncertain.

No, I'm quite certain
everyone is here

in the front of the bank.

We will accept this response.

If you are mistaken, your
testicles will be removed...

with this.

Please, let's not talk about
anything rash.

Everyone is here, as I said,

- in the front of the bank...
- You.

You seem honest and obedient.

Handcuff every single person

except for the manager.

Use these.

Fasten their hands
behind their backs.


Do not say anything to anyone
at any time,

or you will be executed.

Mr. Edmington.


One of us will follow you
to the vaults.

Open them all.

I will open every vault that I
am capable of opening for you.

If our associate does not return

with gold bullion
in three minutes or less,

we will execute this woman.

[clock ticking]

Send it.

Will you make sure
my baby gets this?

His name is Jackson.

Must have gone this way.

Think they know we're following?

Thirty percent.

Though I'm hoping they saw us
at Brownvine.

You're hoping they saw us?

Yeah, if they know they've been
spotted, maybe they'll abort

whatever it is they got planned.

Glad to hear
your priorities changed.

Well, civilians are at risk,
they're the priority.

Money or no money, badge or no
badge. You had doubts?

Microscopic ones, if any, but...

good to hear things articulated.

Trusted bank of North Bulwark.

That isn't ambiguous.
Is that an embrasure?

- What's an embrasure?
- See that opening?

The horizontal slit
above the word security.

A guy's in there.

So it's a robbery.


We wait until they drive off?


It's a robbery until somebody
turns it into something worse.

You looking to box them in?


Financial district in a weekday.

Shouldn't engage them here.

You think they'd go back to
the parking garage after this?

Fifty percent.

Fifty percent doesn't value

Any yes or no question.

Hope this asshole doesn't get
too curious.

"The bank will reopen
in 15 minutes, come back then."

He might have said 50, but why?

Probably not.

This guy's
like a cigarette commercial.

They're loading.

[horns honking]


We could have stopped this.

- Are you gonna say anything?
- Focus on that.

We let those people get killed.

You're not gonna say anything?

You don't have anything to say
about our culpability?

Those Italian emotions
are saying plenty.

- Go to hell, you heartless fuck.
- I never saw that opera.

Look, by the time we knew
it wasn't a routine drug deal,

- it was already too late.
- You could have called it in.

When the van
left the parking garage.

Put the Bulwark PD on alert.

We didn't.

The chance of that
accomplishing anything

in the 16-minute interim,
less than 50 percent or even 25.

You wanna call the Bulwark PD,
the state police, the Feds,

let them handle it, go ahead.

But that van,
and the cut-throats inside,

they'll be vapor before any
enforcement agency can respond.

We're it.

You said you weren't
gonna kill anyone

unless it was in self-defense.
You gave us your word.

Get on the interstate.

It was excessive
what happened back there.

Do you wish to expand upon
your critique?

Give us the urban point of view?

He ain't got
nothing more to say.

Hush that flap, nigga.

Keep your attention on the road.
We'll get through this.




Place your firearms
inside of the glove box.

That wasn't a suggestion.

All right.

Cover that weaponry
with the sport section.

Close the door.

Close the door.

It's closed.

We didn't hear it click.

We want to hear it click.

Do not open that glove box

unless I have
given you my permission.

All right.

You see something?

Nah, nothing.

Crud, the interstate.

Any idea
where they're gonna land?

Somewhere rural, where they're
gonna exchange vehicles,

but where that is...

Need gas pretty soon.

Yeah, so do they.

We'll curb when they pull in

The cans in the truck?

Is that a question
you just asked me?



I need to pee.


The other quiet.

Say another word
and you're a pirate.

Cover that up.

Hold still.





Come get rid of this lady piss.

We'll get through this.

Just do what you're paid to do
and never mind them back there.

Remember when your ma brung us
out here for your birthday?

You and me,
at least ten other locals.

Severos was there too,

even though we ain't really
want him around.

But there was
your sister's friends

and a couple of neighbors,
I think.

You wanted an ice cream cake
so your ma brung it in a cooler.

What was it again?

Tyrannosaurus rex.

That's right. That's right.

I remember now.
Nigga was a T-rex.

And its fangs was made out
of candy corns.

The ones that was white
with red on the tips

that look like blood.

The meal he just ate,

Stegosaurus or whoever.

I was really into dinosaurs
back then.

Yeah, you was.

And you got all pissed and shit

'cause your ma gave me
the biggest piece.

Yeah. Yeah.

The birthday boy
gets the biggest piece.

And that's in
the moms' handbook.


But she probably knew my ma

wasn't taking care of me
too good.

She knew.

Always had a crush on you.

She knew that, too.

Thanks, bro.

We'll get through this.


Is anybody following us?

- Well, there's a...
- No.

Only things behind us are
a green pickup and a gray car

that got on a little while back.

Be vigilant.

Always am.

First estimate
is five people dead.

Two in critical, one missing.

Crud. That last one's a hostage.

Looks like a large amount
of gold bullion

was delivered two days ago.

Not a coincidence.


Six people got punctuation.

Six human beings died.

I gotta know.

In case we don't come back,

I gotta know
what she would have said.

We're coming back.

One hundred percent?

I'm at 80.

Maybe even 85, you're 70.


Yeah, plus I'm not Italian.

That's her voicemail.

Hey, Denise, I...

I got a favor to ask you.

Pretty important.

I'm just out of town right now

and I need some information
back at my place.

So if you could swing by
and get it,

I would really,
really appreciate it.

It's in the right pocket
of my tan blazer,

herringbone one that I wore
to your sister's the last time.

And I know this is inconvenient,

but it would really be
helping me out.

Call me when you get it.

That's it,
I'll talk to you soon.

Love you, bye.

Ain't the most romantic way
to propose.

It isn't.

Denise is smart,
she's very clear-minded.

She's not gonna change
her answer one way or the other

because of how I asked her.

- I'd give you about...
- Don't tell me a percentage.

Watch this up here.

I see it.

Let's grab take out
when we're done with this.

I'm really in the mood
for some cellophane noodles.




Is anybody following after us?

The green pickup, the gray car?

- No.
- Please check your mirrors.

Nothing but rust and air.

I'll keep an eye out.

- [indicator clicks]
- Muscles...

to whom are you signaling?

Nobody, no one.

I just did it out of habit.


Refrigerator, dead rat.

We here.

We are here or we're here.

No, we here.

You understood me, didn't you?

- Didn't you?
- Please face forward.

Figure he's exacerbating.

The garage door is still intact?

Look like.

Open the right bay.

Can I take my gun
out the glove box in case?

You may not.

[distant gunshots]



Dead rat.

Give me the key.

Give me the key.

Shoot him and use the spare key.

The spare is on the ring
that I gave to Slim.

Where is the key?

Did you check
your mother's rectum?

Where is the key?

Ask a proctologist.

Hold tight, nigga.

Hey, get out of here.

Just leave me, man.
Get out of here.

- Shut that flap, nigga.
- [groans]

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Henry, stop!


This whole thing was my fault.
My idea.



You get to go.

Give something to my Ma.

I take care of her good.


Get her a nice television.
One of those...

Do you see the key?

He swallowed it.

And Slim's still out there.

Should we drive past him
and come at him from behind?

No. We need to box him in
right here, right now.

Conflict couldn't happen in

a better less populated place
than this.

Looks like problems
with the hired help.

- So Reed's still alive?
- That front door looks armored.

Why are they making her do that?

They wanna clean things up
before they go?

- Seventy-five percent.
- What's the other 25?

I'm not sure. Something weird.

This is excessive.

- We got a leak.
- I'm aware.

Don't get shot.

They don't have the right angle.

Unless they get on the ground.

Since I'm already here,
I'll get off the first shots.

You learn that in the army?

Geometry actually.

Did you see what happened
to that other helper?

- The skinny black guy?
- Him.


I think he disappeared
during the first barrage.

That's a variable
we didn't need.

Start the party.

Did you miss?

Don't be an asshole.

They're rolling bunkers
on airless tires.

Remove the stomach,

so that the key doesn't fall
into his entrails.

I will.

Think they're cops?

Not unless they're crooked ones,
looking for the gold.

I suspect these men
are Slim's associates.

[gunshot ricochets]

Just stay focused on your work.

This duo isn't properly armed
for an engagement with us.

It's the pale sac in there,
the one that looks like...

I know which one it is.

Careful not to pop his liver.

That is the worst smell in the
world, black guys especially.

Let's dump him and drive.


Should we call this in,

I'm not equipped for it.

Things are getting weird.

Get in.

- Protection?
- A hundred percent.

- Thanks for letting me know.
- You heard me. Buckle.

Is her home address literally
in that picture?

Completely. And she's younger
than she looks.

She probably had kids.

Do you have any loved ones
at this address?

That photo had some
very unpleasant instructions

that will go to our associates.

Unless you do exactly
what we tell you to do.

The drip has become a trickle.

Yeah. I got ears.

I'm concerned.

Should we make an announcement?

- Say we're cops?
- No.

That will increase the
likelihood of hostage situation

by 60 percent.



Listen up!

This is the only deal
you're gonna get.

We're just here for the gold.
That's it.

Leave the bullion where it is
and come on out.

We'll let you walk away.

You stay in the van,
we'll kill all of you,

Vogelmann, sidekick number one,

sidekick number two, the girl,

Get the gas.


- The gas?
- Gasoline.

Don't hold the meeting for me.
I've been delayed.

I don't think
the budget is realistic

for wheelchair access
and metal detectors

so we need to provide them both.

Well, let me just do this thing
for Tony

and then we can get into it
when I get back.

Thanks. Bye.

You got 45 seconds to come out.

[woman screams]

You got 15 seconds.

- [woman] Stop! [whimpers]
- [gunshot]

Looks female but verify.

She's a she.

Mrs. Reed?

What happened to Vogelmann
and his sidekicks?

Can you get on the other side
of this vehicle?

Mrs. Reed, did you hear me?

I'm coming.

Keep coming, Mrs. Reed.
You're doing great.

You're almost here.

You okay?



I don't want to see
what's under there.


That girl was innocent.

Want me to drive you
to the emergency room?

No, it's too much to move.

And there's no reason.

Don't have the right words
for this situation.

God, I really hope that this...


is not what I'm remembered for.

I'll keep your name out of it.

- I hope you can.
- I will.

Want me to get that?

When she called?

I don't know.

Well, I'll type for you.

- Passcode is...
- I know, I know what it is.

- Let me hold it.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't what I wanted to hear.

Want me to break it?





I'm surrendering.
Taking your deal.

All right.
Come on out with your hands up.

I need...

Get rid of that gas can, nigga.

I ain't done all this to see you
burn up no money.

Gold isn't flammable.

Yeah, I don't want it melting.

And there's cash in there too.

You wanna come over here and
take care of Vogelmann yourself?

No, nigga. No.

You the professional.

Look at the all good work
you've done here.

Can execute naked women
and everything.


[distorted voice]
Do not prioritize money

over having a heartbeat.

The next bullet ain't a warning.

That bulletproof vest
you got there's real nice.

Makes you look svelte.

Like when a female
puts on a girdle.

It's much more flattering
than that windbreaker

you wore on the news
when you stomped that Mexican.

Where did you spot me?

When you drove by the bank.

And twice when you was following
on the parkway.

What do you want?

Stay right there.

So I can thank you face to face

for wiping out all these
cruel-ass thugs.

That's what most cops do
when they get suspended.

[Ridgeman grunts]

Go rob bank robbers.

Why you taking that off?

I need the strap
to stop the bleeding.


I'm gonna ask you
some questions.

You tell me some bullshit

and I send that video I made

of you killing that white girl
to the news.

I got a real good angle
from up there.

Even got you when you took off
your mask.

- So ask.
- What do the Bulwark PD know...

- Nigga.
- Likewise.

Let's talk through this.

Make some words.

We should clean up this mess
together and split the gold.

We can fight each other
some more,

do this until we're crippled or
dead, or we can both be rich.

I don't see
how this is a dilemma.

Trusting a cop,

one that's crooked as fuck,
is the dilemma.

Only thing absolutely certain
about you

is that you don't give a shit
about any oath you swear to.

My daughter got assaulted
for the fifth time two days ago.

My wife has multiple sclerosis
and can't even walk

half the time without a cane.

I need this.

- Seventy-thirty.
- Sixty-forty.


There's a getaway car in there?

Detective is astute.

We need to tow this one
to the lake.

All right.

Let's unload the guns
together and slowly

so neither one of us is tempted.

All right.

What we do with our friends?

Can't leave them here.

We can't go bringing them
back with us neither

without exposing ourselves.

We bury them.

I didn't know they was
gonna grab no woman.

Nobody was supposed to get shot
unless they pulled a gun on us.

That was the deal.

Did you believe that
or did you just want to?

Ain't no guns in here.

A lot of firearms in that van.

Our word's good. It'll be 60/40.

We go in the van
at the same time.

Whatever you want.
It's all cotton candy.

It's not gonna smell great
in there.

We'll put the gold in here.

This wreck is dead as an insect.

Right, but I got to sit in it
and steer.

I don't want you cutting me

and driving off with everything
in your trunk.

You're so paranoid and

you're making me
paranoid and suspicious.

I'm just trying to avoid

Detective is a priest.

We go slow.

It's all cotton candy.

Smells like all these dudes
shitted themselves.

Don't fondle any guns.

On Father's Day,

does your daughter give you
one salute or two?

She's respectful.

It's all in these duffels.


Some loose bits on the concrete.

♪ I'll kiss you when the lights
go down ♪

♪ Until the credits rolls ♪

♪ I wish I could do something ♪

♪ To make you feel better ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ The doctor said that
you don't have much time ♪

♪ No medicine
can help you recover ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ But I do know one thing ♪

♪ That will help ease the pain

♪ That old place
is still around ♪

♪ No we won't choose to go ♪

♪ Let me take you ♪

♪ To the drive-in ♪

♪ There's a space
in the last row ♪

♪ I will show you ♪

♪ A very fine time ♪

♪ I'll kiss you when the lights
go down ♪

♪ Till the credits roll ♪

♪ Maybe this night
will last forever ♪

♪ Please don't close
the drive-in ♪

♪ Maybe this night
will last forever ♪

♪ Please don't close
the drive-in ♪

♪ Please don't close
the drive-in ♪

♪ Please don't close... ♪

I'll unhook these.

I'll get the bags.


Don't drive too close
to that muck.

You sure you ain't
an elementary teacher,

used to dealing with little kids
who don't know nothing?

I believe what you meant to say
was, "Who don't know anything."

You understood me, didn't you?

Yeah, but you're a lot smarter
than you sound,

a whole lot smarter
from what I've seen.

It's good to be underestimated.

You're doing that
in case I confuse

- this car with a submarine?
- Yup.

Keep calm.

- What the fuck is this shit?
- Just a precautionary measure.

I don't intend to hurt you.
Take out your cell phone.

That video is
my insurance policy.

Wrong. You can identify me
if they toss you in jail.

If we get brought to trial,
I can do the same to you.

We keep each other quiet.
That's fair. That's balanced.

But that video opens me up
to extortion from you,

or anyone you send it to,
or for anyone that hacks

- into your hardware.
- None of that's gonna happen.

We 60/40.

I'm just trying to remove

Get that gun off my neck.

Give me your phone
and give me your password.

Get that fucking gun off me.

I don't wanna hurt you but if...

You fucking dumbass.

I wasn't gonna blackmail you.

My word is good.

You should have trusted a nigga.

All I ever did for this was
steal some autos,

peddle some blow

and put the fool who crippled
my brother into intensive.

I ain't never killed nobody.


Bury my friend, please.

I don't want him
involved in this.

- All right.
- Thanks.

You was being true and honest
when you said that shit

about your baby girl
getting attacked

and your wife with her mess?

I was being honest.

All right. I'll give them some.

Forty percent.

They ain't getting 40.

But I'll take good care of them.

Sorry to put you
into these, cops,

but I can't be
finicky right now.

After all this
is finished, forgotten,

I'll come back
and bury you right.

Hey, Henry.

Oh, I could have Christopher
finish this in the guest room

- if you want.
- No problem, Ma.

I know you like to look at the
ocean when you get massaged.


Oh, you had some stuff come in
the mail while you were gone.

I think it was your broker.

Been up too many hours
to look at numbers right now.

Ethan's home or at Jeremy's?

He's in the game room.

All right.

You want sushi for dinner?

I'll make you something
homemade if you want.


I would enjoy your cooking.

Your game good?

You done with everything?


The victims of the home invasion

that occurred in south-east
Bulwark Thursday night...

Hey, sweetie.

- There's a package downstairs...
- Close the door, please.

No suspect
for this violent crime

has been apprehended
at this time.

The police commissioner
has neither confirmed...

I think it's from Dad.

What does
the return address say?

It says Ridgeman and a PO Box.

Let me have it, please.

Oh, God. This is heavy.

- I can help you open it.
- Uh, no, no.

It's addressed to me, and I want
to open it myself, in private.

- Mom, I wanna...
- Sara, please.


I wasn't able to cook tonight
so I ordered Chinese.

- Okay.
- Kiss.

Thank you.

Pause this.

When I was out
mailing that package,

I start thinking about that game

we was playing right before
everything changed for us,

the one in the jungle.

You still got it?

Shotgun Safari?


You ready?


Let's hunt some lions.

Subtitles by explosiveskull