Draft Day (2014) - full transcript

It's draft day in the NFL and as general manager of the Cleveland Browns, Sonny is forced to come up with a big move. After trading for the number one pick, Sonny has to choose between a lower-ranked linebacker with a questionable past or a celebrated quarterback with a questionable future. All the while, Sonny is walking in the footsteps of his father and personal complications force their way to the surface.

32 teams, 7 rounds,

224 young men who, today,

are about to become players in
the National Football League.

A day where lives are changed,

fates are decided,

dynasties are born,

and the clock is always ticking.

Of course,

I'm talking about...


Yes, sir.


What is it?

He's waiting in his office.

What time is it?


What are we gonna do with it?

Well, we've gone over
this a lot, Walt.

I'm really nervous about
trading away the top pick.

Callahan could be huge.

That's true.

But it might be worth it if
someone's willing to give us

their weight in gold to get him.

What'd the Rams get

when they traded away
number two overall

to the Redskins a few years back?

Three number one picks
and a number two.

Well, shit, that'd work for me.

Nobody's offering us that, Walt.


Do you want the entire city of
Seattle calling for our heads

because we didn't pick Bo Callahan?

Our fans know a good deal
when they see one, Tom.

Which is why we're not even
gonna think about doing this

unless we can find someone...

Stupid enough to give
us more than he should.



who's the most desperate
guy you know?

We got a fun one
today, don't we, fellas?

Boom, more intrigue this year

than I can remember in a long time.

There's no intrigue
at the number one pick.

Bo Callahan, Wisconsin Badger,
overall number one to Seattle.

That's gotta be a slam dunk.

We haven't had a
quarterback like this

enter the Draft since Andrew Luck.

Right, so you got
the Heisman Trophy winner

going to the Seahawks.

But what about the other 31 teams?
What are they gonna do?

Who you lookin' at today, Jon? Mel?

I think it's Cleveland
at number seven.

Sonny Weaver Jr., he's gotta have
a lot on his mind this year.

I'm with Mel.

As we all know, Sonny's dad, former
Browns coach Sonny Weaver Sr.,

he's a legend in Cleveland,
he died last week.

This kid, Ray Jennings,
Heisman Trophy finalist his senior year.

2,159 combined yards,
running the ball,

catching the ball, 22 touchdowns.

He's looking to take
it to the house.

The only downfall is this guy
got into a little skirmish.

Assault and battery, landed
a kid in the hospital.

But guess what? He was a
model citizen up until then.

And you guys know me.
I'm all about values.

And this kid's number
two on my board.

And when I look at that
incident, I kind of say, "Look.

"It's not medical,
it's not drug-related."

Good morning.

So if I got a kid at number two,

and he's slidin' down
towards number 7...

You look nice.

Are you gonna say anything to me?

Anything at all?

Well, it's big.

It's a pretty big thing
we're talkin' about here.


You can understand why
this week, of all weeks,

I might feel just a
little conflicted about

the news I'm suddenly
gonna be a dad.

I know.

Shit timing.



Where are you goin'?

I need to go to my
place before work.

Look, I'm, uh...


Hey, Tom. You're up early.

Well, it is Draft Day.

How're you doin'?

Uh... Well, I'm great.
I'm havin' a great day.

How 'bout you?

Well, I'm sittin' here,
eatin' my pancakes,

thinkin' about movin' number one.


Yeah, as you know, Connors did
a great job for us last year.

But Callahan looks like...

Well, hell, Sonny, he's gonna be

a franchise player for someone.

You'd consider a trade?

I'd consider the right one.

Well, Jesus, Tom, at least act
like you called me, all right?

What do you want for it?

I want your first pick this year,
your first-rounder next year,

and your third-rounder
the year after that.

Ouch. Ouch. No, thanks.

I know what it sounds like...

It sounds like you're trying
to take advantage of me.

I would never do that.

Your seventh pick gives you, what?

A running back with a rap sheet?

You don't know who I'm
pickin' 7, Tom.

I'm not gonna sell the
farm for one guy.


You should. Your farm sucks.

Pick number one.

Get Bo Callahan.

I got a quarterback.

Brian Drew?

Are you talking about Brian Drew?

Jesus, you're hilarious.

Guy barely made it
through half the season

before gettin' injured last year.

I have the golden ticket, Sonny.

If I give it to you, you get
to save football in Cleveland.

You have 10 seconds, but
then I gotta go to work.

Enjoy your pancakes, Tom.

Folks, I believe
the word "Clevelander"

comes from the Latin word that means
"to have idiotic hope at all time,"

and don't we ever?

We don't have beaches and
beautiful weather and sunshine

and hot babes
roller-skating all over.

You know what we've got?

We got our sports teams.

And that's the only hope we have.

Let me explain to you.

Football was invented 20 miles
down the road in Canton, Ohio.

This is a football town.
It's in our DNA.

No doubt about it.

To me, losing the team altogether,

having the team go and move to
Baltimore, go there and win,

that was so painful for the town.

And then the new expansion
franchise having to come back in.

One of the amazing
things to me is that,

in the midst of all of this losing,
people are still hopeful that...

- Yeah.
- ...eventually, this is going to be our year.

Maybe to a fault, with the hope.
But that's really all we have.

- Because this is a sports town.
- And I want Sonny Weaver to know...

Sonny, I hope you're listening.
You better be.

Can you please do somethin' tonight
to turn this thing around?

Otherwise, you will be gone.


Good morning, Mr. Sonny Weaver Jr.

It's your number one
fan, Vontae Mack.

Vontae, how'd you get this number?

You gave it to me. At the Combine.

It's all right if I called?

That's all right.
It doesn't matter.

Vontae, the Draft doesn't
start until 8:00.

Where are you? New York?

Naw, man.

They wanted me up
there at Radio City,

but I wanted to be here in
Virginia with my grams.

Since she old, she
can't make that trip.


Who you picking?

If I was you,

I'd take a lightning-quick
middle linebacker

who can murder the gaps in a 3-4.

Totally agree.

You got Reggie Wilson's
number down there in Purdue?

Now, I really don't
find that funny.

Yeah, it's funny, Vontae. You're
just not feelin' it right now.

Look, there's gonna be a lot of ups
and downs before this is all over.

Try and keep a sense of humor.

I ain't stupid.

You don't take me at seven,
I'll drop down to the late teens.

I watch the mock drafts!

I know who takin' who and I
can't afford to fall that far.

I can't take no
late-teens paycheck.

Vontae needs a seven-pick paycheck.

I got a gaggle of nephews
who need to get fed now.

I'm taking 'em tumblin'.

- Nephews, you love tumbling, yes or no?
- Yes!

See, that's the difference
between them and me.

I do not like tumblin'. Especially
if I'm tumbling 13 picks. Feel me?

Seventh pick...

Listen, I appreciate that,
Vontae, I really do.

- But I gotta go.
- 17 or 18...

Then I got tax...

Y'all ready to go?


- Y'all ready to tumble?
- Yes!

- Yes?
- Yes!

That's what I want!


Sonny. Earl Jennings.

- Hey, Earl. You're with your boy today?
- Yeah.

You guys in the Big Apple?

Listen, Sonny.

It's none of my business who
you draft today, all right?

Ray will play for
whoever wants him.

But if you're thinkin'
of pickin' him...

I need you to know that
I raised Ray right.

C'mon, Earl. I know
what the papers say.

I'll have him explain it to you.

What's goin' on, Mr. Weaver?

First of all,

I'm not in a gang.

The guys that were with
me, I grew up with them,

I've known 'em since I was a kid.

But the dudes we ran into,

they were big dudes,
and they came at us.

What was I supposed to
do, just stand there?

Well, they say you whooped
on that kid pretty good, Ray.

He's still in the hospital.

He's not a kid.

None of 'em were.
They were grown men.

They should have known
better, Mr. Weaver.

Well, that's not the point.

Did you hurt your hands?

You need your hands, Ray.

I know.

I just lost my head.

Did you find it?

Yes, sir.

Well, good. Now hold on
to it, you understand me?

Yes, sir.

Enjoy today, Ray.

You only get drafted once.

Yes, sir. I appreciate
that, Mr. Weaver.



What? What'd he say?

I just wanna be a Brown.
Like you, Pop.

Yeah, I want that, too.

But you'll play where you play.
That's the way it works.

I know.

I'm just nervous, man.

You see that?
That's the Dungeon Drop.

Kids waited an hour to take it.

It's exactly 50 feet from the end
of the slide right into the pool.

Huge splash.

Anybody within shouting distance

would've gotten completely soaked.

And people pay for that.

I need you to make a splash,
Sonny. We need to sell tickets.

Well, I'm trying to help you do
that, Anthony, in my own way.

You can help me, by
makin' a splash.

And if you can't do it,
then I have to do it, and...

I don't wanna have
to do that, Sonny.

Just to be clear here, you're
threatening to fire me, right?

Let's talk about the Draft.

What do we need?

I hear a quarterback is
a good thing to have.

- We have Brian Drew.
- Well...

Word on Drew is that he's weak in
the knees. That's what I heard.

Well, that's because
you heard it from me.

We were 6-and-10 last season.

We were 5-and-1 until
Drew went down.

And he went down because
he's weak in the knees.

There's not a quarterback in
this draft after Callahan

that can make a difference
to our team, all right?

And we're way too far
down to get him.

Okay, okay. What else?

Our shiny new head coach

wants a shiny new running back.

Ray Jennings. He's
Cleveland royalty.

I know what Penn wants.

Come on, Anthony, you said
you would stay out of this.

Coach Penn has a Super Bowl ring.

He used to coach the
Cowboys, you know?

He took over for a team
that won the Super Bowl

and then proceeded to
run it into the ground.

Got himself fired. Lucky for us.

The Cowboys really
have great helmets.

Well, Anthony, you're the owner. You
can change the helmets if you want.

Look, you just gotta let me
do my job. I mean...

I like Vontae Mack.
He's special. He's different.

He could transform our
defense. Even as a rookie.

Defense doesn't make a splash.


People pay to get wet.


You're almost glad Coach
Weaver isn't around

to watch his son run this
team into the ground.

I mean, Tone, listen,

this guy comes 2 years after
supposedly saving San Francisco

and general manages us
right to a losing season.

Then you follow that up the next
season by firing his own father.

Coach Weaver, rest his soul.
Tone, he was football in...

- Have we tried everyone?
- Everyone worth asking.

So far, no one's
willin' to overpay.


I really thought I could
get Sonny Weaver to bite.

I mean, he just lost his old man...

Fleece him.

Sonny! How can I help you?

Okay. I'm ready to do this, Tom.

Our next two number one picks and a
third-rounder for your pick today.

Correction. Your next
three first-round picks.


You heard me.

You want me to give you

the Cleveland Browns' first-round
picks for the next three years?

That's right.

Well, that's insane, Tom. That...

That wasn't your offer.

Well, I changed my offer.

Hell, we live in a different world

than we did a couple of hours ago.

I made you a fair offer and you
told me to enjoy my pancakes.

You think I'm gonna give you my
next three number one picks?

You're panickin', Sonny, and I
intend to take advantage of that.

I'm not panicking.

Your next three first-round
picks. Yes or no?

You still there, Sonny?

It's fourth and forever.

I'm talking fourth
and, like, miles.

Fourth down and 26
yards to go, okay?

Everybody's dropped back deep.

Their safeties are
halfway to Abilene,

thinkin' they got this thing iced.

Everybody and their mother,
hell, their grandmothers,

think it's gonna be the deep ball,
the Long Bomb, the Hail Mary.

Instead, it's a toss out
to my man Ray Jennings.

And then, boom!

He gets swallowed up by this
huge, ugly nose tackle.

The Hee-ha or the Ho-ha.

One of those huge
Samoan kids, right?

And when he looks down,
guess what he sees?

Nothin'. 'Cause Ray ain't there.

You know where Ray is?

He teleported six feet to the
left and he's off to the races.

Every poor Sooner
bastard on the field

is soilin' his Pampers
tryin' to get to him.

What does Ray do?
He brings it back! He cuts!

Shimmy, shake-n-bake, and
hurdles over Kyle Danforth.

All-American Kyle Danforth
and he's ghost.

He's a good player.

67 yards. Touchdown. Ballgame.

I'm telling you guys.

Ray's dad was a special
player for the Browns,

but this kid might be even better.

Morning, Sonny.

Good morning, guys.

Was just tellin' Jelly
Doughnut and the guys

my favorite Ray Jennings story

'cause they're tellin' me
we have not yet decided.

I mean, we're not seriously
considering anybody else, right?

What are you doing, Sonny?

I just made a trade
with the Seahawks.


The number one pick.


You got us Bo Callahan?

Certainly appears that way.

Ali, you here?


Is this gonna screw us
up with the salary cap?

Moving from seven to one?

It's about another $1.5 million

we weren't anticipating
for this year.

Maybe an extra $5.5
million in signing bonus.

We have that?

We can make it work.

Let me get into it.

- Pretty good news, huh?
- Yeah!

Number one pick?

Pretty big! That's great!

I thought we had a QB.

Tell me, what did we give up?

A number one pick this year?


First-round pick next year.

Okay, well, that's a lot, but
when you get a chance at

a player like Callahan...

And the year after that.

Three number ones?

You gave up three
consecutive first-rounders?

Sonny, that's our future.


Bo Callahan's our future.

$30 million, Sonny.

Excuse me?

$30 million.

That's what you're paying
me to coach this team

for the next six years.

Did it cross your mind, did you
think it might be maybe important

to discuss this
decision with me first?


It's my call.

As you can infer from
Coach Peon's reaction,

I just put all our
asses on the line

for a kid I think we all
agree is pretty good.

Until about 10 minutes ago,

I don't think any of us
thought this was possible,

and I seriously doubt that we have

looked at him the
way we might have.

That's my fault. All right,
guys? That's on me.

Now that's changed. So if
we go ahead with this,

if we pick him, and
find out tomorrow

that he has got knee problems,
he's got bedwetting problems,

or he's got goddamn OCD,
we're all gonna be fired.

What's beeping?


Am I on the big phone?

Yes, Anthony, you're
on the big phone.

And can everybody hear me?

Good morning, Mr. Molina.

We can hear you.

Sonny! I'd like to
congratulate you.

I asked you to make a
splash and you did.

Is everybody still there?

Anthony, how do you
already know about this?

What can I tell you, my boy?
It's good to be the owner.

I'm about to board my plane.
I'm headin' for New York.

You're going to the Draft?

No, I'm gonna see Spider-Man,
Turn Off the Dark.

Of course I'm going to the
Draft! We got Bo Callahan!

Is that it?

Yes, sir.


Anthony? Anthony?

Sonny, my assistant Heather just
arrived from the equipment manager.

I had a jersey made
up for the young man.

I'm gonna hand it to him myself
personally when his name is announced.

Bo Callahan's gonna be
the son I never had.

Anthony, you already have a son.

Sonny, nice work!

Well, I guess that's settled.

Yeah. It may be.

We're still gonna have to
take another look at this kid

and everything there
is to know about him

before I can feel good
about what we just risked.

Meaning all of our jobs?

Yes. I do understand
how important it is,

but Mr. Weaver is
not here right now.

So the best I can do is, I can leave
him a message and get back to you.

Oh, you know, he
actually just walked in.

Can you hold for one
moment, please?

- Where's Ali?
- I don't know where Ali is.

She's not in her office. Ali!

I'm right here.

What's he doing here?

This is Rick. He's a new intern.

Yeah. We've met before, actually.

He'll be helping you today
because Rhona got mono.

I need Keith and Jeremy for
salary cap troubleshooting, so...

Um, I have Adam Schefter from ESPN
on the line. He heard a rumor.

Oh, great. Tell Schefter to
stick his rumor up his...


All right. Then tell him I'm not
taking any media calls right now.

Yes, sir.

And what kind of soda did you want?

I don't want a goddamn soda, Rich!

Don't yell at him. Thank you, Rick.

Listen, I know you're mad.

I'm not mad.

- And I'm sorry about the thing this morning.
- I'm not mad.

I understand the situation.

Whatever it is that you and I have,

you've been very clear
that it wasn't...

What are you talkin' about, "clear"?
I haven't been clear about anything.


Maybe that's the problem.

So, what did you have to give
up for the number one pick?

The first-round pick for
the next three years.

- Wow.
- Yeah, "wow."

The other one, you goat!
Get your head outta your ass!

What's going on?

Who the hell is this moron?

This is our new intern, Rick.
What do you want?

I need every tape of Callahan.

I have a call for Mr. Weaver.

And suddenly, every tape
of everyone is AWOL

and shit-show Johnny over here

doesn't have a goddamn
clue where they are!

Game tape is in the
archives. Chill out.

Chill out? They changed
the punch code!

Okay. I will get it, okay?
I will get the Callahan tapes.

For Christ sakes!

Just deal with the call
and handle lunch orders.

Don't ever speak to an
intern like that again.

Go back in the war room. Your
tapes will be here shortly.

Uh, Mr. Weaver.


Chris Crawford is on line three.


How's my favorite super-agent?

I'm livin' the dream, Sonny Weave.

Dreamin' of a magical
wonderland called Cleveland

where my golden-armed quarterback

is gonna make all your
dreams come true.

Yeah. How is my favorite Badger?

He's doing great. He's excited.

You know, Bo loves Coach Penn.

He loves the Dawg Pound.

And did I mention that Bo loves
playin' in the cold weather?

'Cause Bo loves playin'
in the cold weather.

And we both know it's
cold in Cleveland.

I'd love to talk with him, Chris.

He's right here. Hold on.

Sonny Weaver. Cleveland.

How are you, Mr. Weaver?

I'm doin' fine. How are
you, son? Excited?

Well, of course I am.
It's an excitin' day. I can't lie.

Good, good. Well, try and
enjoy this part if you can.

You only get drafted once.

Well, thank you very much,
sir. I appreciate that.

Got a question for you, Bo.

Anything, Mr. Weaver. Fire away.

How important is winning to you?

Excuse me?

Well, I've seen all the tape on you

and talked to everyone
that matters,

but that's the thing
I still don't know.

How important is winning to you?

Well, winning is everything, sir.

Everyone says that, Bo.

I suppose they do, sir.

Look, I don't know
what else to tell you.

Winning is the only thing
that matters to me.

Oh, and by the way, I'd like to offer
my condolences for your father.

Thanks, Bo. Thanks for saying that.

Thank Chris for me.

Talk to you later, pal.

Okay. Thank you, Mr. Weaver.

Look forward to meetin' you, sir.

Great job.

Was I all right?

- Cleveland! Yeah.
- Cleveland.

Thank you.



Hi, Mom.

You sold a cow for magic beans.


You could have stole
Ray Jennings at seven!

How does the entire world
already know about this, Mom?

Because Vontae Mack
just tweeted it.

He tweeted it?

Yeah. Here.

"Agent just called. Browns
trade for number one.

"Sorry, Cleve.
You get Bo, no Vontae.

"Dumb move."

You're on Twitter?

You're not?

I'm sorry, Sonny.
Is this a bad time?

I gotta go, Mom.

This is the Draft Analysis
we've all been working on

for the last 2 months.

Fire! Ali! Fire!

- Ali! Fire!
- Did you hear that?

I'm coming. God!

Can I get you gentlemen
some coffee?

Love some.

Light and sweet, honey. Thanks.

Yeah, I'm not getting
you idiots anything.

I like her. Little Miss Salary Cap.
She's a sweetheart.

Yeah, she's the best.

Why am I here, Sonny?

Because Molina thinks
you coached the Cowboys.

I did coach the Cowboys.

And I think you were
a bad babysitter.

You know, my wife loved
livin' in Dallas, Sonny.

It's a rich town
full of fancy people

and she likes that kind of thing.

So she wasn't exactly
thrilled when I said,

"Hey, baby, pack your bags.
We're moving to Cleveland."

Well, there's fancy
people here, too.


There's really not.
Which is okay by me.

But I dragged my pretty
wife to this town

because this city
deserves a championship

and I'm the guy that
can deliver it.

Well, then we're on
the same page, Vince.

Oh, yeah?

Then keep me in the loop.

There is no loop. All right?

There's me doing my
job, you doing yours.

Your job is to coach
the team I give you.

They do it different in Dallas?

Yeah, they do. They win. A lot.

I had my choice of teams to coach,
Sonny, and I chose this team, okay?

I chose to coach this team.

Not the team you're puttin'
together in your head, on the fly

'cause your old man died last week

and you're tapping
one of your execs.

What did you just say?

I'm sorry. Is that
supposed to be a secret?

You know, around here, we called
my "old man" Coach Weaver.

And yes, my father died last week.

So the next time you
refer to his name,

next time you say it, at
least, in front of me,

you say it with some goddamn
reverence, because he earned it.

Fair enough?

Keep your legs up now.

Don't even think about it.

Sonny Weaver Jr.


I'm disappointed in
you, Mr. Weaver.

Let me tell you something, Vontae,

and I don't have a lot of time,

so I want you to listen
to me carefully, okay?

- Are you listening?
- Yeah.

Don't Twitter.

For the love of Jesus, just stop.

Delete your profile. Get off the web.
Do not do this to yourself.

I don't know why you
care what I do.

I can do whatever I want. Right?

Of course you can, Vontae,

but every GM in the league
has now read your tweet,

or whatever they call them,

and they've all made a mental
note that Vontae Mack,

however prodigiously talented, is a
guy who likes to talk, all right?

Who likes to spread rumors,

who's more than willing
to announce to the world

any inane thought that
passes through his head.

And be it your God-given
right or not,

Vontae, GM's hate
that shit, all right?

We hate it.

You made a mistake, Mr. Weaver.

No, Vontae. I made a deal.

And you're gonna be a
great player in the NFL

if you don't manage
to sabotage yourself

between now and the
end of this day.

Now, now, now, now,
that boy you wanna take,

that there is a mistake, Callahan.

Callahan's a poser.


And what do you know that every
scout and coach on Earth does not?

I know he got sacked
12 times last year.

No. It was 11. It was 11 times.

Yeah, well, four of 'em
were mine. In one game.

Yeah, I remember.
I saw your highlight reel.

I also remember that he beat you.

Watch it again.

Don't watch me. Watch him.

Watch me sack him four
times in one game.

Then watch what happens after.

Watch what happens after what?

Just watch.

Jesus Christ.

Jordan, come here.

Do it like you did it at home.

Yeah! Nice, nice, nice!

'Morning, boss man.

Tony Bagel. How's my
favorite strength coach?

Hey, boss. Boss.

Did you hear about Brian Drew?

No, what about him?

He came in here yesterday,
did a little workout.

Guess how much he squatted?

He's not supposed to be squattin'.


4 bills! I know!

And what's even more
impressive is his arm.

Your star wide
receiver Andre Bello's

been tellin' me about
those secret workouts

they've been doin'
together all winter.

You know about those?


Yeah, well, Andre thinks Brian can
throw a good 15 yards deeper now.

I didn't believe it until
I saw what he benched.

What did he bench?

He benched 250, 25 times.

Just boom-boom!

Translation, Brian Drew's in
the best shape of his life.

- Good work.
- Yeah!

Let's go for it, boy. C'mon!

Pop it!

Snap it up! Yeah! Nice!

- This one...
- Yeah... Oh my God, she's hot.

I like the one in the red.

She's a babe!

How we doin' on Callahan?

You mean in the
weakness department?

Yeah, well, he has a weakness
for banging hot chicks, Sonny.

I mean, look, he has
a whole website

dedicated to all the
chicks he's smashed.

All right, c'mon.

Somebody's gotta have something.

He doesn't speak French real
good. He got a C-minus.

And he used to bite
his fingernails,

but then wait for it,
now he doesn't anymore.

But, Sonny, really, how
many chicks do you think

a guy like that sleeps with,
per week, on average?

We were thinkin' like 20.
Minimum. Minimum.

I say 10.

That's 1.5 per day,
which makes sense.

- 2.5 sounds exorbitant.
- Listen, man.

Speaking as a former college
quarterback myself...

Division II.

I say he averages,
like, 3 per day.

Right? That's one in the mornin'...

I'm trying very hard
to not completely

lose my shit on all
3 of you right now,

but you're not makin' it easy.

Sonny, so far, he's still the
best prospect we've ever seen.

Easily, Sonny.

We've been looking, Sonny. I swear.

We couldn't find anything
before and we can't now.

No other team could either.

If Callahan can't play
football, nobody can.

I get it. I get it. But
look, nobody's perfect.

Everybody has something.
Even the great ones. Right?

They said that Montana
was too small,

that he'd get hurt,
he'd get banged up,

but that didn't seem
to matter, did it?

A lot of people said that
Elway was too strong,

that he threw too hard,
didn't have touch,

but that didn't seem to
matter either, did it?

And pretty much everyone agreed

that Peyton didn't
have the arm strength,

that he couldn't throw deep.

But somehow, none of
it seemed to matter.

You get where I'm going here, guys?

We need to find out what Bo
Callahan's "something" is.

Then figure out if
it matters or not.

All right? Figure out if it's
somethin' we can live with.

- We're on it, Sonny.
- All right, Sonny.

Yo, I bookmarked that page.

I really like this
quarter outta Oklahoma.

His Combine scores
were off the charts.

Hey, Sonny.

What's up?

Got a question for you,
Tom. Straight up.


Why'd you make the deal?


This morning, for Callahan.
Why did you make that deal?

The same reason you did.

It's the best thing
for my franchise.

What knock did you
find on Callahan?

Bo! We want Bo!

Son of a bitch.

You all right, Tom?
You seem distracted.

We didn't find anything on him.

I'm sure you guys haven't either.

Come on, I already made the
trade. I'm living with that, Tom.

I'm not gonna hold it against you.

Tom must go!

- Tom must go!
- I'd just appreciate it if you could...

Sonny, I gotta go.


I got you Bo Callahan's
scouting reports.

Dave, come here.

Does that look like me?

- What are you doing?
- Just...

I need 2 seconds with you in
a place that isn't out there.


I don't like what's
happening between us.

Seeing you all day,
walk the other way,

watching you drive
away this morning,

it's killing me.

Look, I know I've disappointed you.

And maybe that's not even
a strong enough word.

If I didn't handle, if I
didn't have the right words

that you needed to
hear, then I'm...

Look, Sonny, you don't
need to do this.

Let me finish.

Men are supposed to step up.

And in the middle of
everything that's going on,

I didn't get it right, all right?

I didn't get all gooey.

I didn't jump up and want to know

what color to paint the bedroom,

you know, blue or pink.

And I wish I was one
of those kind of guys

that know how to make
the wallpaper line up.

The Home Depot
Dads-of-the-Year types

that make the rest of
us look like assholes.

Those guys are not the reason
you look like an asshole.

So I didn't react the
perfect way this morning.

I shouldn't be penalized for that.

I know that, Sonny.

I'm not the Mom-of-the-Year
type either.

I don't know how to pack a lunch.
I've never changed a diaper.

And God help me, the one thing I
do understand, Sonny, is football.

That's me.

I'm action-oriented.
I'm passionate.

I'm a Cleveland girl,
and I am football.

Maybe more than you.
I wasn't born into this game.

I had to fight my way in.

Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt.
I can come back.

I'm gonna come back.

What do you need, Rick?

Brian Drew just
trashed your office.


I told him you were busy

and he told me to have
intercourse with my mother.

Which... You know, she passed
away, so... I didn't tell him that.

Anyway, he got really mad and
started throwing stuff around,

and then he said he was gonna
go down to the locker room.

After all that rehab, you're just gonna
quit? You're just gonna walk away?

C'mon, Brian. Don't listen
to Coach. Don't leave.

I know what's goin' on here.

Then just compete with him!
Beat him out!

Did you trash my office?

Trade me.

Did you just trash my office?

Yeah. I'm upset.

Well, I don't care if you're upset.

If you're upset, call
your agent, all right?

Let him have this conversation.
That's what he's there for.

No, Sonny. You're gonna talk to me.
Man-to-man. You owe me that.

I owe you?

I drafted you.

Your dad drafted me.

No, Drew, I drafted you.

I may have been in San Francisco,

but my dad wasn't even looking
at you until I told him to.

Yeah, and when your knee crapped
out and no one wanted you,

I still extended your contract,

and I think I even
gave you a raise,

because I believed in you.

Then why pick Callahan?

You know why.

Then trade me.

I'm gonna do what's
best for the team.

I've been in this league for
8 seasons. I've been to the playoffs.

I know the system that Penn wants to
run and I know I can make it work.

I've busted my ass this off-season.
I set the bar high.

I'm in great shape.
I feel 10 years younger.

I'm tellin' you,
man, I swear to you,

the best thing for this
team, this season, is me.

Are you finished?


Well, get finished.

And then get back to work.

If I trade you, I trade you.
And if I don't, I don't.

Do yourself a favor. Worry about
Brian. Don't worry about Bo.

And definitely, most absolutely
goddamn importantly,

do not bother me with your
shit right now, Brian.

I'm workin' here!



Did you hear me, Rick?

I heard you. Yeah.

Do you think Ali heard me?

No, I don't think so. No.

Good answer.

Women are tricky. Problem is,
they're smarter than us.

Yeah. Women, they're like...

This is Sonny.

Hey, Sonny. It's Pete
Begler with the Chiefs.

Hey, Pete. What's up?

Well, we're in the market for a QB,

and now that you have number one,

I was wondering if Brian
Drew's available.

I don't know. Haven't
made up my mind yet.

Is he healthy?

Well, if you're askin' about his
knee, it's stronger than ever.

He's throwin' the ball a good 15
yards farther down the field.

Okay. Just confirming.

His agent sent over a tape of Drew
working out during the off-season.

We like what we see.

He did? That's great.

You seem surprised.

Why would I be surprised?

Okay, Sonny. You don't have
to play games with me.

What do you want for him?
I'm all ears. Let's talk.

Pete, we're still working
out some stuff over here.

Can I get back to you?



Hey, Ali. How're you doin'?

Are you as jacked as everyone else

around here about
gettin' the first pick?

I don't really get jacked,
I just manage the cap.


How does a girl like you
get in this game anyway?

Law school.


So you don't get excited
about anything.

If I do my job

and we haven't spent
more than $125 million

on players by the time
the season starts,

I get excited.

Mind if I sit down?

- I'm busy.
- Won't take long.

I could use your help.


The Browns brought me to Cleveland

so that everybody could
get one of these.

How is it that the ultimate prize

in the most macho
sport ever invented

is a piece of jewelry?

Yeah. Well, be that as it may,
I need some draft picks back, okay?

'Cause there's been some
pretty foolish moves

made by your boyfriend.

- My boyfriend?
- Please.

You have his ear. I don't.

Talk to him. It's not about me.

It's about the people of Cleveland.

You don't think Callahan's legit?

I think Callahan might be the
best prospect in the Draft.

But I hate rookie quarterbacks.

They're stupid and they're scared.

- Not the good ones.
- We already got a good one.

His name is Brian Drew. He can
run my offense like a pro.

So I'm tryin' to
figure out why I gotta

give away the future
of the franchise

and then sit around trying
to teach some rookie,

I don't know, everything, you know?

I'm talking shifts,
plays, protections,

snap counts, alerts,

Double X, jet, ice cream, 36, counter
naked waggle at 16-9 Tennessee Free.

Know what I'm sayin'?

Don't patronize me. You know
I know what you're saying.

I dedicated my life to
this sport, just like you.

And, no, I will not
speak to Sonny for you.

Bo Ridley Callahan.

He's an only child.

His mom's a homemaker, his father's
a medical malpractice lawyer.

He's made some money.

Pays his taxes. He's got
3 years left on his mortgage.

The kid's pretty vanilla. Belonged
to a few clubs in high school.

He had a walk-on role
in Damn Yankees.

He was on the honor roll from
junior high through college.

Kept his nose clean,
he worked out and...

Well, you know, he threw a football

better than anybody in the great
states of Washington or Wisconsin.


How do you know there's a "but"?

Because you're an
unoriginal bastard, Ralph.

So, go on. But...

But during his final
year at Wisconsin,

he had a big dinner for his 21st
birthday at some restaurant.

Locals find out who the dinner's
for, and they start filin' in.

Things get outta control.

Manager called the
cops when somebody

broke in his office
and stole some money.

Of course, none of
this is Bo's fault.



But the cops came and they took
everybody's name regardless.

It was a few hundred people.
Standard operating procedure.


Ask me who wasn't there.

Who wasn't there, Ralph?

Any of his teammates.

None of his teammates came to the
poor guy's birthday party, Sonny.

Dick Moore.

Hey, Coach. Sonny Weaver.

You're about to be
a very happy man.

Bo Callahan's some
of my finest work.

What can you tell me about him?

I can tell you what I just told
you, he's some of my finest work.

Anything else?

You have the tapes.

He's the real deal, Sonny.

Don't overthink this like
your dad would have.

No offense.

Look. I love Bo.

My coaches love him.

The cheerleaders love him.
The fans love him.

Everyone loves him.

Then how come none of his teammates
went to his birthday party?

Are you kiddin' me with this?

Seems relevant.

You want to tear this
kid down, or what?

No, I'd just like your take on it.

I find it odd that
nobody on the team

was at their teammate's
21st birthday party.

I don't know, Sonny. What do
you think's more plausible?

That nobody on an 85-person squad

attended a party
thrown by the captain?

Or could it be that when
the cops got to the place

and realized that my boys
had done nothin' wrong,

decided not to take down
any of the players' names

because they didn't wanna jam up

a bunch of good kids
for doin' nothin'?

Oh, wait. Wait a minute.

Your theory seems right.

Bo Callahan.

Bo Callahan hasn't got any friends.

Good luck with the Draft today.

C'mon, you guys. You're
lookin' pathetic.

Hey, Max.

Hey, Sonny. Hope you're holdin' up.

I got an offer for number one.

Yeah? Well, I'm all ears.
What do you have in mind?

Okay, here's what we got.

Maurice Castillo, Antonio Taylor,

our first-rounder next year
and the year after that.

That's two number ones,
a blue-chip running back...

I know who they are, Max.

Then you know it's a fair offer.

I'm intrigued.

Good. Let's make a deal.

- Well, you gotta give me some time.
- Time?

Sonny, time's one thing
neither one of us have.

Make the deal.

Give me an hour.

We'll give you half that.

What's up?

I just got off the
phone with Max Stone.

Yeah? How are things in Buffalo?

Well, I guess you
didn't ask him then,

when you called him behind my back.

Max is an old friend of mine.

He calls me up to congratulate
us on the Callahan thing

and I express my
opinions on the matter.

He call you, or you call him?

It's such a crazy day.
Who remembers?

Yeah, well, how 'bout
try and remember this,

I can and I will fire your ass.

Then do it, Sonny.

You actually think
I'm gonna give up

Bo Callahan for
Taylor and Castillo?

Hmm? Maurice Castillo?

And draft picks, okay?

Don't forget the
draft picks, Sonny.

You do remember what
those are, right?

All right. Look. It's...

On the surface, it's not
a terrible trade, but

why do you think we
need to do this now?

Because you burned up any currency
this team had this morning.

Now you have the opportunity
to build it back up.

And I don't know what your
problem is with Maurice.

He's a beast.

Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

Your opinion. He
plays in my system.

He doesn't block!

I don't need him to block.
I need him to run.

Which he does, like
a bat outta hell.

Which takes the pressure
off my offense, okay?

I got 52 Tarzans in that locker
room. I could use a Jane.

You should at least seriously
consider what I'm saying.

All right. Get me the
numbers on all their guys.

We got about 25 minutes
to see what's what.


Mr. Molina. How are you?

Very good.

Excellent. That's good.
Good to see you.

I'll take you inside.

Right up here.

Sonny call you yet?

Oh, not yet.

What's he doing?

Well, I'm sure he's
gonna call soon.

These are our team reps.
This is Wyndham. This is Phil.

- Mr. Anthony Molina.
- How do you do?

- Sir.
- How do you do?

Right up here.

I'm not sitting here.

Oh, no, of course you're not.

You're with the Commissioner,
up in his lounge.

Here, let me show you the way.
Let's go around here.

He's even better.

Mr. Commissioner?

Hey, Anthony. How are you doing?

What are you doing in my lounge?

You guys sure made
tonight a lot more exciting.

Thanks for inviting me in.

Enjoy it. Good luck.

- Will do.
- Okay.

Can we talk football?

Just football, for 30 seconds?

We can always talk football.

There's a deal on the
table from Buffalo.

I heard.

What's the war room think?


Penn wants me to do it.

But you don't?

I don't.


Because I know, in
my heart and my gut,

that if I make this
trade with Buffalo,

then I don't get to
make a pick this year.

All I get back are
future draft picks

for the guy that Molina
brings in to replace me.

I've been here 2 years, Ali.

Two years.

I've never gotten a chance to

see what a team I put
together can do out there.

First year, it's my dad's team.

Last year, Drew goes down
before I can see what we had.

Then I get stuck with Penn,

who I'm still trying to
figure out how to work with.

This is finally supposed
to be my season.

I just want the team
that I want. One time.

So why are you bugging
me if you already know?

I don't know.

I'm makin' mistakes.

Remember the '89 Super Bowl?


Niners down by three,
3:20 left in the game.

93-yard winning drive, Taylor beats
the weak safety for a 10-yard TD.

Yeah, but before the drive.

Joe Montana's in the huddle. Right?

And unbelievably, somehow spots

the actor John Candy in the stands.

He points at him and asks
the guys in the huddle,

"Hey, isn't that John Candy?"

They couldn't believe
the balls on him.

To be that calm, in that
game, at that moment.

His guys instantly
relax, they march...

93 yards.

93 yards.

Montana throws a little
slant to Taylor.

49ers win the Super Bowl.

Great game.

It was a great game.

No one can stop a ticking clock.

But the great ones,

the great ones always find
a way to slow it down.

So slow it down, Sonny.

Okay. I made a decision.

It's still Callahan. Let's
inform Buffalo that it's a no.

That is beautiful.

Okay, Sonny. We're with you.

Like hell we are.

All due respect, Sonny,
that is a bonehead move.

Maybe so, but we're
back on Callahan.

Do me a favor. Let's put up the
Wisconsin-Ohio State footage.

Yeah, sure thing, Sonny.

We've seen that footage,
like, two million times.

What are you hopin' to find in
it that we haven't seen already?

I'm just double-checking something.

All right. Here we go.

All right, roll it down to
the first time Vontae sacks Bo.

All right. Here we go.

Damn. He shook off two
blockers like they were rag dolls.

And then Bo walks into a bear hug.

Vontae wrapped him up pretty good.

Yeah, Bo's hard to sack.

He was one of the least-sacked
QBs in Division I last year.

Go to the next play.

The next sack?

No. The next play after this one.

What's he doing?

He got flustered. Didn't wait
for the play to develop.

Not Bo's finest moment.

No. Whatever, it's one play.

Take us down to Vontae's next sack.


Oh, man, that is sick!

He absolutely bull-rushed that right
tackle. Bo didn't even have a chance.

Yeah, I gotta give it to the kid.
He's got a wicked first step.

- See what he does on the next play.
- All right.

Speed kills. Look at that.

Yeah, look at that.
He gets frantic.

My favorite thing about rookie QBs.

They get frantic when they
think they're gonna get hit.

Although I gotta give him credit.

Barrio' those two plays,
he was brilliant.

He threw four TDs, including
the last one to win it.

Take us down to that.


Looking downfield, staying calm.

Sonny, this guy's textbook.

Man, this kid is
strong. That's impressive.

That's pure Roethlisberger.
He's pro-ready. End of story.

Take it back.

Rewind that back to the
start of the play.

Just stop right here.

What's missing?


But Wisconsin runs most of their

passing plays out of
an empty backfield.

No, not what I'm
lookin' at. Try again.

Where's Vontae?

You know what, Sonny?
I think he got ejected.

- He got ejected from the game?
- Yeah.

For what?

Yeah, in the third
quarter, after he stripped

the ball from Callahan
and scored that TD.

He gave the ball to a fan.

When he got flagged
for it, he went nuts,

touched the refs. So
they threw him out.

Bonehead move.

Let's see that.

This is college. What's
he thinkin', you know?

See? That's it.

There you go.

He was showing off. You
can't do that in college.

You can't hand the
ball to some girl.

That's not some girl.

That's not some girl, guys.
That's his sister.

She died about 6 months later.


We ain't runnin' an
after-school special here.

We're runnin' a football team,

whose offense was ranked 28th
in the league last year.

And I still need a runnin' back.

What can I say, Rich?

I love being here,
I love feeling the energy,

and I love having the
number one pick.

I hope that you would
love having it,

because you sure gave
up a ton to get it.

For the record,
I didn't do anything.

And "ton" is a relative word.

Playing coy. I like it.

Come on, just between two
guys, forget the cameras,

who're you gonna take,
number one overall?

Well, I think it would be
unsportsmanlike, spoil the surprise.

Anthony Molina. Not
giving me anything.


Just please come with me.

What? Oh, no, not back in there.


So, what do you want?


I don't want to be a secret.


Let's not be a secret.

Excuse me.

- Jesus, Rick!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

The head of security said he
wanted to talk to Mr. Weaver.

He said it was urgent.

- Ralph.
- Sonny.

- Ali.
- Ralph.

Everybody cozy?


Sonny, if you don't mind, I've got
something for you in my office.

Got a new Callahan story for you.

Not sure I want to hear it.

You know, you hung me out to dry
pretty good with the last one.

Just talked to Jack
Tate in Washington.

He said when they found out
they had the number five pick,

first thing they did was send
a copy of their playbook

to all the guys they
were interested in.

Right. We do the same thing.

No, no, they put a little
special twist on it.

They tape a $100 bill
to the last page.


So when they're
interviewin' the guys

and they ask 'em if they'd
read the whole playbook,

of course all of 'em
are gonna say yes.

'Bout half of 'em, they mention the
money. But the other half don't.

So, when they tell 'em
about the $100 bill,

most of the guys get embarrassed.

They get flustered.
They fess up that

they didn't read the whole thing.

But ask me what your
boy Bo Callahan did.

You know, I really hate
playing this game with you.


All right. What did Bo Callahan do?


He said that he'd read it, and
then he didn't say anything.


He didn't know about the
$100 bill, Sonny. He lied.

He never read the whole playbook.

So? A lot of guys don't.

Yes. But when they
confront him about it

and they tell him about
the money, he lied again.

He said something like,

"Oh, yeah. Now I remember.
Good one. Good one, guys."

Jack said he is the only
guy to tell the lie

and then to have the balls to
stand and stick up for the lie.

Said it was the second
strangest response

he had seen to the $100 bill thing.

Wanna know what the first was?

God damn it, Ralph. Just tell me.

A kid mailed the $100
bill back to them.

That kid put it in a card,
and he wrote on the card,

"Save this for when I win
you the Super Bowl."


Don't you wanna know
who that kid was?


It was Brian Drew.

It was Brian Drew.

Hey, Zotti.

Texans thinkin' of makin' a move?

Talk to me about Vontae Mack.

Why? What do you wanna know?

Who cares why?

But you...

You're thinkin' of
pickin' him at 15?

He's got potential, no?

Friend-to-friend, what
else do I need to know?

Well, he's a great kid.

Come on!

That's what I know!

Quit playing games.

You didn't think he was gonna fall
in the second round, did you?

Somebody's gonna pick him, Sonny.

Tell me why that shouldn't be me.

I'd never tell you
how to do your job.

You find something with him?

I didn't say that.

You didn't not say that.

Good luck tonight.

Stop runnin'!

Any news?

We just got off the phone
with Houston. They're at 15.

With the Cleveland thing,
that might be your best shot.


And I'm not 100% sure about that.

What does that mean, man?

It means it could be a long night.

But stay positive. You never
know with these things.

What's all this?

Both of you? Really?

Did you have a fire? Or...

I do not need this today.
I really don't.

You look terrible.

Thank you.

You really do.

Thank you, too.

We had the reading
of your dad's will.

Would you believe, he wants his
ashes scattered on his field.

The practice field? Here?

Weaver Field. Yes.

And I'd like to do it
as soon as possible.

You can't be serious.

Why? I'm not gonna bother anyone.

I just wanna do it exactly
as he asked for it.

And he wants you to read
this while we're scattering.

It's a Gaelic blessing.

Now? You're saying you
want to do all this now?

All we have to do is walk out
on the 50-yard line with you...

- You read the...
- With me?

It's what he wanted.

How the hell would you
know what he wanted?

Please don't shout.

Because I was at the will
reading. Unlike you.

Isn't there an art
exhibition in New York

that you have to be
at or something?

This isn't going to
be a long affair.

We just go out there, read the
prayer, dump the ashes, and go home.


Is everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Ali, this is my ex-wife, Angie.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Hi, Barb.

How you doin', Amy?

"Ali." You know it's Ali.

She's the...

Oh, her. Oh.

Yeah. That's me.

Get us some coffee,
will you, sweetie?

Mom, that's not her job.

- It's okay. I can get 'em coffee.
- I'll have a green tea.

No, stay. Just, please, stay.

I'd like to have a coffee, Sonny.

No. No. No coffee, Mom.

You want to spread these goddamn
ashes, you do it tomorrow!

- No.
- I'm serious!


Now then, are you going to read this
prayer as your father asked you to?

No, I'm not!

Not today.


I will do it myself.

Good luck.

How about some fresh air?

Whoever thought it meant
that much to him?

Naming a simple practice
field in his honor.

God, he took pride in
the weirdest things.

He was your father, Sonny.

What was it? Why did
you hate him so much?

I didn't hate my father.

You know what, everyone always gives
me grief for firing my father.

Well, you did. I was here that day.

It was my mother.


It was my mother.

Look, don't get me wrong.
I'm the one who fired him.

But it was my mother
who asked me to do it.

My dad's doctors told
him that the stress

of coaching was gonna
kill him, so...

Of course, he refused to retire.

So, now I have a choice.

The time he has left at
home with my mother,

or another year on the sidelines,

where maybe he drops dead
on national television.

So what do you do?

I gave it to my mom
and I fired him.

How come you never
told me that before?

You know, there's already so
many versions of what happened

that it's not really somethin'
I love talking about.

You never told him?

You let him believe that his
only son would just fire him?

That's how we do
things in my family.


And all I ever wanted to do
was just get him a ring.

Oh, jeez...

What is this?

They wanna pay their respects.

Rick, what are you doing?

Someone broke my computer.

Can you believe that? I mean, this
thing had my entire life on it, and...

I don't know. Who would do that?

It was me.

I threw it against the wall.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

Why would you do that?

Look, I lost my head, okay?

I've been steppin'
on my dick all day.

Look, we'll get you a new one,
all right? We'll get you a better one.

One with all the
bells and whistles.

Look. You've been a soldier today,
all right? You don't deserve this.


- Yeah.
- Good.

Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome to the red carpet,

from the University of Wisconsin,
2014 Heisman Trophy winner,

quarterback Bo Callahan!

from Florida State University,

running back Ray Jennings.

How're you doin'?

Ray, remind me when they
picked you. Was it first? Second?


It still hurts. 26th.

Well, that's good, too.

That's my number one
guy right there.


You got this.

Sonny, my man!

Oh, I am excited to
hear your voice.

We were wonderin' when you were
gonna call us with that good news.

Wanna talk to Bo, Chris.

Here's the man you wanna speak to.

It's the Browns.

This is Bo.

Hey, Bo. How you doin'?

Well, I'm good, Mr. Weaver. Excited
to be a part of the NFL, you know.

Good, that's great, Bo.
Thrilled to hear that.

Listen, I'm gonna ask you something

and I want you to be
absolutely honest with me.

You think you can do that?

Yes, sure. Anything, Mr. Weaver.

Bo, did your teammates come
to your birthday party?


For your 21st birthday party,

I'm asking, did your teammates at
Wisconsin come to that party or not?

Look, Mr. Weaver,
this isn't somethin'

I'm really very proud
of, sir, but...

I don't really remember a single
thing from that night, sir.

You know what?

I don't remember mine either.

Thanks, Bo. Talk to you later.

What'd he say?



You okay?

Do I take Callahan?

What do you want me to say?

He's a winner.

He is.

He is. I mean, that's the word, right?
He's won everywhere he's been.

I get that.

But they said the same
thing about Ryan Leaf

when he was the number
two pick in '98.

No one said that about Tom
Brady when he went 199th.

There's no such thing
as a sure thing.

At the end of the day, all that
matters is what you think.

Vontae! Vontae!

Here we go, Brownies,
here we go! Whoo, whoo!

Here we go, Brownies,
here we go! Whoo, whoo!

Oh, dude, that's,
like, your fifth piece of pizza.

I eat when I'm nervous. Don't
make me feel bad about it.

Yeah, I get like that, too.

Hey, guys. It's gettin' late.

History in the making here
today at the NFL Draft.

Already fascinating
twists and turns

as the Seattle Seahawks
and the Cleveland Browns

have engaged in a historic trade
just hours before this moment.

Here's the Commissioner.

Welcome to primetime and
the 2014 NFL Draft.

This is an exciting
night for our players,

our teams,

and for you, the fans.

The season begins tonight,
so let's kick it off.

The 2014 NFL Draft
is officially open.

After an earlier trade with
the Seattle Seahawks today,

the Cleveland Browns
are now on the clock.

Where the hell is Sonny, guys?
We're on the clock here.

- I don't know.
- Yeah. Should be here.

Okay. So the
Browns now have 10 minutes

on the clock to make a choice.

And if they don't do
that in that time,

the team picking behind
them can then jump up

and potentially steal away the
player the Browns wanted.

It's a situation we saw play out in
2003 with the Minnesota Vikings

and it happened again in 2011
with the Baltimore Ravens.


Yeah, thank God! Yeah, I was
wondering what you were doing.

Yeah. It's go time, boss.

Yeah, yeah. What name do you
want the Commissioner to say?

All right.

Hey, guys, he's here.

Sonny, thank God. Where you
been? We're on the clock!

Sonny, when are we
sendin' in the ticket?


I already sent the ticket.

You did what?

You sent the ticket?

It's tradition! We all send it!

New tradition, guys, all right?

When this team starts winning,
we'll go back to that.

And the pick is finally in.

It's currently being brandished

by some walkie-talkied individual

taking it up to the
Commissioner's podium.

A big, humongous pick for
the Cleveland Browns.

Now, to find out whose
name is on that card,

here's the Commissioner ready
to make history in Cleveland.

With the first pick of
the 2014 NFL Draft,

the Cleveland Browns select.

Vontae Mack, linebacker,
Ohio State.

Yes! Yes!

These things happen.

That's what you decided to do?

An absolute stunner here
at Radio City Music Hall.

The Cleveland Browns, with
the number one overall pick,

take Vontae Mack!

Unbelievable to me
that Sonny Weaver Jr.

would make a deal of this magnitude

and come away with this.

Forget about Vontae
Mack for a second.

They could have had Bo Callahan.

He's the surefire slam-dunk
number one pick.

We all knew it comin' in here.

If I'm Brian Drew, current
quarterback of the Cleveland Browns,

I better play good.

Yeah. No, no. I realize that.

He wants to talk to him right now.

Then call me back.

I'm sorry, sir...

Just get in the damn car.

This is Anthony.

Tell Sonny I'm on
my way to Teterboro

and I will literally be in his face in
an hour and he will talk to me then.

I will, sir.

- Safe trip, sir.
- Thank you, Marvin.

It's Sonny.

Sonny Weaver Jr.

Congratulations, Vontae.
You're a Cleveland Brown.

I'm a Cleveland Brown!

Car's gonna be picking
you up in 10 minutes,

and we're flying you to Cleveland.

You think you can manage that?


You need to get back inside.

What just happened?

This is the NFL Draft.

These things happen all the time.

Now trust me.

These teams, they don't want
a quarterback that panics.

I need you to come inside, now.

Come on.

You picked Vontae. Wow.

Three first-round picks to get the
guy I could have gotten all along.

Jesus, I used to think
I was good at this.

Well, that remains to be seen.

Sometimes, the correct
path is the tortured one.

It's a gift, Sonny.

You see things other people
don't see. It's one of the things...

It's one of the things
I love about you.

Excuse me.

You're not gonna believe
what's happening.

You know, I think back, Deion,

and I go back to 1983 and I start
thinkin' about Dan Marino.

He was the sixth
quarterback taken...

Holy shit!

What's goin' on?

He's dropping.


Picks number two and three
are not Bo Callahan.

Nobody's pickin' him.

Just last year.

Geno Smith drops
out of the first round,

and there are all kinds of
rumors goin' on right now,

"Why is this kid dropping and..."

Everybody's freaking out, Sonny.

St. Louis went with Anderson.
Miami took Palmer.

Who's picking fourth?


Are they gonna take Callahan?

They should, but
everybody's off their game.

Rams and the Dolphins, both
went with their expected picks,

even though Bo was still available.

Everybody's panickin' 'cause
Callahan's still there.

Jesus, what if he drops to seventh?
Seahawks have seventh.

What if they ended
up with Callahan?

Well, then Tom Michaels
is the GM of the decade.

I'm goin' to the can, to throw up.

Okay. Denver has five.
Jacksonville has six.

Yeah, but Denver's not
gonna take Callahan.

They got Herrod, he's an All-Pro.

So if Arizona balks, then
Jacksonville's all over him.

Unless they balk, too.

And our friend Tom Michaels
grabs him at seven. Shit!

They have that kid GM down in
Jacksonville. What is his name?

Jeff Carson.


Right, Jeff Carson.

Hey, buddy.

Holy shit, man. What do you
know? What do you know?

About what?

About this! About this thing!
What's wrong with Callahan?

Nothing. We like Vontae better.

The Rams took my pick.
Everything's out of whack.

Well, you still have time.

Arizona is picking right now.

You're right. Hold on.

With the fourth pick
of the 2014 NFL Draft,

the Arizona Cardinals select

Robert Starks, cornerback,
Georgia Tech.

Wow. Arizona went corner.

Shit. Starks was my backup.

That's a tough break, but,
hey, Callahan's still in play.

Who's pickin' fifth?

The Broncos, and they're
not taking Callahan.

They got Matt Herrod.
They don't need Callahan.

Yeah, I think you're right.

I think they're gonna go with
that big kid outta Oregon.

Dearborne. Left tackle.

Well, congratulations, Jeff.

Looks like you got
yourself Bo Callahan

to quarterback the
Jacksonville Jaguars.

You gotta be straight with me.

About what?

What's wrong with Callahan?
Why is everyone passin' on him?

Why did you pass on him?

I told you. We like Vontae better.

Damn it, Sonny, I'm about to
be on the clock here. Please.

What's wrong with Callahan?

Can I be frank with you?


I think he's a bust.


How? Why?

I don't know. Gut feeling.

To be honest, Jeff, it's a
character thing for me.

But, look, I have other needs.

So, if you wanna make
a trade for six,

I can make that happen right now.

You want six? Who are you takin'?

I can't tell you that, Jeff.

The question is, do you
want to make a trade?

Because if you're not
sold on Callahan,

you can still come out of here
with a handful of draft picks,

you look like a seasoned pro,

and everybody wonders what
you're up to next year.

I don't know. I don't know, Sonny.

Look, Jeff, every year someone comes
out of this looking like a donkey.

- Can you hear me?
- Yeah.

Good. Because tomorrow
I got a feeling

it could be you if you
don't make this deal.

Look, everyone else has a reason

to pass on Bo Callahan. You don't.

Give me six.

Give me six and I'll give you
our second-round pick this year

and our second-rounder next year.

Do what?

Oh! That sounds awesome,
Sonny. What am I, a jerk?

I'm just spit-balling here, Jeff.

Two number twos for the
sixth overall? I'm not an idiot.

I'd give you ones, but
I already dealt 'em.

Well, you're gonna have
to do better than that.

Jesus, the clock.

I know. Denver hasn't picked yet,

but they will any
second, all right?

Shit, Sonny, I need more. Tell me.

What is the very best
that you can do?

Final offer.

Take our number two pick this year,

next year, and the
next year after that.

That's three years of number two picks.

Four. I want your next
four number twos.

Nah, Jeff, I'm not gonna do that.

Stay with me on planet
Earth here, all right?

You know what I just
offered you is fair.

So, three years of second-rounders?

That's right. For
your pick right now.

And you and your guys can regroup,

figure yourselves out and relax.

This is a good deal, Jeff.

This is a good deal for both of us.


Good, Jeff. You did good.

Call it in. Call it in.

Hey, this is Marx.

We got something, Ken.

- Cleveland's in this.
- And Jacksonville.

Okay, give it to me.

Okay, somebody get me Tom
Michaels on the phone.

Tell me you didn't
just do that, Sonny.

Michaels. Tom Michaels.

Are we on the clock?

Tell me you didn't just do that.

We just got the number six pick.

And, no, we are not on the clock.
Denver's on the clock.

Okay, so we got six!
Who are we picking at six?

Rick, can you get Marvin
on the phone now?

Let me get this straight.

In the span of one day, you
have managed to burn through

three years' worth of number one and
number two picks, is that correct?


- I quit, Sonny.
- Don't quit.

I can't coach a team that
doesn't have a future, Sonny.

That's the way it works.

I got Tom Michaels on the line!

Sonny, are we trading six?

Will everyone please just shut up?

People, please,

can I have a moment of goddamn silence
while I do my job here, okay?

Look. Don't quit, all right?

Just let me do my job here.
Just let me do this. Don't quit now.

If, by the end of the night, you
still wanna quit, then quit.

Just see what I do from here.

Your show, Sonny.

Tom Michaels is holding.

You son of a bitch!

Anthony, I need
5 minutes, all right?

5 minutes, and
then you can fire me.

Sonny, you are a dead man.

Mr. Molina. Mr. Molina.
Look at me. Look at me.

Just give him a minute.
He knows what he's doing.

Tom, it's Sonny.

Jesus, Mary and Whatnot. Do I
owe you a thank you, Weaver?

Jacksonville's on the clock

and I'm one more crazy
shit-show from insanity.

Can you imagine, scoring three
first-round picks and Bo Callahan?

Lord God, let that infant
John Carson screw this up.

It's Jeff Carson, Tom, and
he doesn't have the pick.

I do.


I just made a trade with Jacksonville.
I'm on the clock. It's me.


The Jacksonville Jaguars

have made a trade.

The Cleveland Browns now have the
sixth pick and are on the clock.

Sonny, what'd you give 'em?

No time for that. I'm on the clock.

I'm gonna pick Bo, Tom.
Unless you want him more.

And if so, let's make a deal.

We still have Bo Callahan?

What the hell's goin' on, Sonny?

Everyone thinks
there's something wrong

with the kid, but you
don't, all right?

You've done your due diligence.

You're about to pull off
the move of the century.

But you need my pick to do it.
So make me an offer.

You've gone rogue.
You've gone renegade.

Yeah, that's right.
That's exactly right.

I could have gotten
Vontae at seven,

but instead I trade up with you

just so I could get him at one.

Jesus Christ. You were
right about me, Tom.

I am a crazy man. So, come
on, take advantage of it.

What are you waitin' for?

Make me a deal, Tom, at six,
and you get your boy wonder.

What do you want?

I want my number ones
back. All of 'em.

That's crazy. Why would
I give them back?

Because, at the end of the
day, no one's the wiser, Tom.

You haven't lost anything

and you get the quarterback messiah

you've always wanted
for $7 million less.

Nah. No, I can't do it. I'd look
like an idiot, like I panicked.

You take him. You
obviously don't want to.

I'll stick with my draft picks.

Yeah, but you want
him, Tom, don't you?

Seahawks fans want a
hero and you denied 'em.

- Not that bad.
- Don't lie to me.

I checked all the Seahawk
fan blogs and chat rooms.

They're all calling for your head.

Ever since you traded
away Callahan,

the barbarians are at the gate.

I don't care about that.

Yeah, you do.
You and I both know it.

I have the golden ticket now, Tom,

and if I give it to you, you get to
save Seahawk football in Seattle.


How 'bout I give you
number two picks?

No. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

No, I want my picks
back. All of them.

I want all 3 years of
this team's future back.

That's not fair!

Well, you wanna cry about it, Tom,

or you wanna make a little magic

before the clock runs
out on both of us?

$7 million cheaper solves
our salary cap problem.

We're still gonna give
the fans what they want.

Okay. Screw it!

No more offer. It's
off the table, Tom.

- I'm takin' Callahan.
- Whoa, whoa. No, no.

Wait, wait!

All right. You have a deal.

I'll give you your picks!
We have a deal!

What else do we need?


Special teams. Putney! Get Putney!

Yes! David Putney! Putney!

Yeah. Putney.

Hello? Sonny?

I'm sorry, that deal's
now off the table.


We live in a different world than
we did just 30 seconds ago.

Come on.


What do you want now?

I want my picks back

and I want David Putney.

I need a punt returner.

Where the hell did that come from?

It doesn't matter.
I want all my picks back.

And I want David goddamn Putney
just because I feel like it.

- You're outta your mind.
- Yeah, I am.

Haven't I proved that already?

You make this deal right now,
Tom, and you get Bo Callahan.

Say it with me.

"You get Bo."

Come on, Tom, say it with me,
you pancake-eating motherfucker.

All right. Shit. Deal.

Great! You're welcome.

Confirm the trade.

God damn it, I love this job!

Hold on. Looks like Cleveland's
making another trade.

We got a trade.

Okay, this means we're
picking next, all right?

Back at seven, where we started.

Tom's gonna take Bo.
So who do we got?

Ray Jennings.

We take Ray Jennings.

That's right. Cleveland royalty.

Haven't I been telling
everybody that

that's what we need,
a running back?

Still wanna quit, Coach?


Does this sound like a
team that you wanna coach?

Because the Browns
are ready to roll.

We just need the right
man at the wheel.

I can coach this team.

I know you can.

Why don't you give
Ray Jennings a call?

Ask him if he wants to be a Brown.

Then tell him to pack his bags
so he can join us at our party.

My pleasure, boss.

You got some set of balls,
Sonny. Congratulations.

Thank you.

After a trade with the
Cleveland Browns,

with the sixth pick of
the 2014 NFL Draft,

the Seattle Seahawks
select Bo Callahan.

Quarterback, University
of Wisconsin.


Hold on.


Ray? Coach Penn of the
Cleveland Browns.

Hi, Coach.

How would you like to play
for your Pop's old team?

I'm gonna be a Brown.

You're gonna be a Brown!

General Manager Sonny Weaver Jr.

took one pick in the first round,

the number seven pick.

He sprinkled it with fairy
dust, wished upon a star,

and somehow, he turned it
into not one, not two,

but three potentially
impactful players

for his team next year. One pick!

He took a chance and went with
his gut and took his guys.

Make no mistake about it.

The Cleveland Browns are
his team now for sure.

This is the Draft
Day Browns fans were waiting for.

Sonny Weaver Jr. pulled it off.

When you were like,
"I want all my picks back,

"and I want David goddamn
Putney because I feel like it!"

Like, how did you
come up with that?

I was pissed.

Here, look
at who we have right now.

Let me break it down.

Vontae Mack, the guy who plays
with more passion and inspiration

than anyone in college
football, he's a Brown.

Ray Jennings, the running back the
Browns have needed for years.

A return man to help
out on special teams,

and, Rich, just like we wanted,

Brian Drew, back at
quarterback, where he belongs.

I don't even wanna hear
about Bo Callahan.

If he thinks Callahan's a bust,
who am I to argue with that?

He turned nothin' into
a big-time somethin'.

Smile for the cameras, Coach.

This is a day for
Cleveland to celebrate.

We had a great day!

Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Super Bowl!

That was gonna go
down a different way.


There you are.

You okay?

Yeah. It was just so
noisy downstairs,

I had to get a few
minutes of quiet.

We're taking off.

You sure you're gonna be okay?

I think your dad would have been

very happy to coach
a team like this.

I think so, too.

Thank you.

Look, we gotta go.

Of course. It was a long day.

Bye, Ali.

Good night, Barb.

Hey, Mom.

We're gonna have a baby.

You're gonna be a grandma.

Thank you.


That was big.

I'll get my stuff.


Hey, Anthony, you did a hell
of a job with the Draft.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks, Jim.

Very impressive, Anthony.

Thanks, Bernie.

I can't take all the credit.

But I will.