Dracula of Exarcheia (1983) - full transcript

Mad scientist creates the band Music Brigades from body parts of dead musicians.

The Dracula of Exarchia
Laying supinely against the rail tracks
and the moon over me is lit
Night, Winter, Apnoea Mournful music
And I'm a carcass, alive and waiting
Images of fake loves and beaches
my last cigarette is bitten
Junkies and ticket conductors, hysteric grannies
From the rails into my veins the screeching of the brakes
So, do something! Help me miss the train ...
Do something! Help me miss the train ...
Aphroditen, play Taking Heads, Remain In Light
Second Song on the first side
Stonehead, stop frowning, I can see you!
Give it some primes
and increase the volume
That's it. Ya!
Very nice!
That's exactly what we need!
Just a bit more oriental...
Hand me the plan with the instructions, fast
Right hand for the bass player
A head for the singer...
... and 20 fingers for the guitar players
Great! Faster!
They got us again!
We need to league and organize ...
... to fend off the attacks of necrophiles...
...and foreigners against our cemetery!
Listen to the dead lieutenant that fought in Albania
I was made into a poem by Elitis I won't be unburied by any Average Joe
We need to repel that ruthless orthopedist Victor Papadopoulos
that has deprived our community of its most precious parts
and by the term "parts" This is what I mean...
Both hands of Jimmy Hendrix
Seven fingers of Manolis Chiotis
And the trunk of Manos Hatzidakis
We have to face the problem overall, comrades.
It would be a terrible mistake if we draw any conclusions
judging solely by our personal problems and the problems of our own cemetery
I understand your worries
But let us not forget that besides all odds...
... we have at least a grave
while thousands of comrades from Chile to Poland
stay unburied and rot
I condemn the attempt of political exploitation...
... and disorientation, by the previous speaker
In Poland Comrade, ...
... it's not the regime to blame that corpses stay unburied
... which on the contrary, implements a necrophiliac policy ...
... but due to the imperialist secret agents ...
... which create an orgy of grave robbing and vandalism
We don't care about the political differences of the previous speakers
Let's face the reality
eat the living ones!
Right now!
There's one solution: Vote for Virginia!
Calm down
I have a very clear proposal
that will help us communicate our problems to the world
I suggest that we organize a festival and a protest concert
having on stage the band that has been created by Victor
with the stollen limbs that belong to our Comrades
Let us set aside all minor differences, Comrades
to confront with the vast problems of our field
I absolutely agree!
Let us be united!
Let us abduct the band from Victor's Laboratories
Let's stand up for out rights!
Stand up, damned of the Earth ...
Stand up, prisoners of hunger, Reason thunders in its volcano,
This is the eruption of the end ...
The placard reads: "Back to graves"
Where the hell have you been?
Did Juliet go to sleep?
She did after watching the news
Good! Stonehead, Aphroditen, come this way
How I hate racism and niggers
This time I'm absolutely confident on my success
We got the best parts!
I'll create a top ten striker band in Europe and USA
Fancy that! The fingers of Manolis Chiotis
Manolis Chiotis fingers playing new wave
Enough! Get back to work!
Very interesting, huh?
Is this a proper face for a singer?
We don't care about the looks moreon but the quality!
Bring me the corpse of Manos Hatzidakis
Careful, Manos Hatzidakis is too big to fit in there.
For 48 hours they have to listen to the new trend in music
We'll be checking every one hour whether the earphones work
And we let musical hypnopaedia do the rest
I'll fix your little hands ...
... your little legs ...
... and your head
My sweet chubby, I'll turn you into the best singer
Now I'll give you daddy's batteries ...
and if you wake up, we'll leave to travel around the world
This clock is really weird
it strikes whenever it wants
We will socialize the healthcare system
Every citizen will have access to medical care and social welfare
... will have access to medical care and ...
Before illness and death there are no rich and poor ones
Before illness and death there are no rich and poor ones
Every Greek citizen will hold a medical care card ...
... and the state services will be obliged to help them
We'll cover the country with a dense network of medical centers
Hahaha! This man is so entertaining!
Ophelia: Singing the anthem of the socialist party of Greece
We're gonna get the sun drunk...
Ophelia! The sun is already as drunk as a skunk!
Serve Aphroditen!
Please tell Ophilia, to serve ...
without the spoon and the fork forming the sign of the cross
What a soup!
So tasty!
I suspect it is carcinogenic ...
Horrible quality!
Stonehead! Take it easy!
What is that again?
What's the problem with you? You look like a relic!
I don't like Stonehead!
Stonehead! Go straight upstairs to calm down your little Snow white!
Get off me!
How would you like if your father knew you have a doll?
You're a liar!
And what is that then?
Please, don't tell father!
Don't tell on me! and I...
Don't tell my father...
From Carpathia to Exarchia!
Quelle decadence!
Even bats have lost their respect to me
I'm just a musical bandcrafter for international firms
You little brunette! You poisoned my heart!
You poisoned my heart! You brunette!
And he f*cks her Yeah, he does...
Your deep black eyes turned me into pieces
And he f*cks her Yeah, he does...
Spies! Spies!
Sabotage! Spies! They left!
They disappeared! Chase them! Find them!
Go find them! I want them back!
You say you love me You want us to get married
You say you love me and you give me advice...
First I need to go to a barber's shop
to have a clean shave and my hair cut
I need to come home to meet your dad
and quit on taking drugs
Nice disguise
The mermaid and the tricycle
A combination between Alexander the great and Koutamanis
Had I not picked you up ...
... from Agia Barbara
At your father's kiosk you would be selling cigarettes
I'm a man ridding tall in the saddle ...
... and if you think of leaving me
I'll blow your boobs up with nitroglycerin
because I'm ...
I sent you after them Stonehead You're not a mermaid!
Captain! Captain! Are "Music Brigades" alive?
Oh boy! What are you talking about? I'm on my route to Kithira!
You're on the wrong way...
Do you now my son... mermaid...
Which is the right direction?
Because I'm an immigrant from Tashkent and I lost my way
The way is long ... ... and heavy
And I need to fight more to get on the track...
Withered are the violets and the violas
Withered are the jasmine flowers ...
Withered are my hopes ...
... in my heart's dark solitude
Farewell mermaid
Will you give me a ride?
Shall we take this with us?
I already used it and it's not reusable
What is your job?
We don't work, we are artists, singers.
I'm going to a gathering would you like to come and sing live?
How much money will you give us?
Comrades, quiet!
The pleasant atmosphere we share in our meetings
should not make us forget the problems women have
The so-called "Movement for the liberation of men" ...
... has become a legitimate threat
Alas fellows...
Cunniarchy is shaky due to some conscious males
Them, who God created cutting a piece of our butt...
have started rebelling!
They only head we accept by males is the lower one...
The loose morals and the tolerance of the female gender
has become dangerous
Let's think of ancient Spartan women who would throw to Keadas
whoever refused cunnilingus
That's enough with our tolerance for the drones
"Change" does not imply change in roles
I have some Inox casseroles ...
... from Germany, they cook with steam ...
... without water
Any Comrade who is interested may meet me afterwards
And now, Comrades, the big surprise of our evening
A band of men!
I bought a couple of red boots
Disco, Disco, Disco prick
And a green-yellow tie
A stripped shirt
A Pier Cardain scarf A chintz suit without revers
Disco, Disco, Disco prick
Fish can't live on the land
Neither can a member of YCL (Youth Communist League) with freaks
Disco, Disco, Disco prick
I shaved the hair at your armpit
You bought me Paschalis' LP
We took the cable car up the Lycabetus hill
You were courting with the driver on our way
Strip tease! Strip tease!
You say you love me ...
... you want us to get married
you say you love me ...
and you advise me ...
First, I should to graduate from the university ...
Then, I should complete my military service
Find a job in some office
... to get married and have children
I love you too ...
... f*ck Jesus Christ
I love too
f*ck Jesus Christ
I love you too f*ck Jesus Christ
What's all that! What's going on in here?
What a shameful debauchery!
You upset the neighbourhood!
Sodom and Gomorrah
You're all under arrest!
I love you... you hear me?
Elections, Political parties and other such shit
Riots, dead bodies with their mouths hanging wide open
I was horny as I was marking ballots overnight
Why were you kissing with that guy?
I dunno! I liked him...
But he's a man...
What is a man? Is it bad?
No, but you're a man too
I'm an artist
You're a man too, and men kiss only women
What is women?
for example me, the other ones at home...
I liked him too...
but then you're a.. faggot!
what is faggot?
Aaarh.. I dunno!
Kiss me!
** Song **
Tell me a fairy tale
Once upon a time, there was someone known as Agelopoulos...
... and he was making films ...
... large films ...
... and he would show all the time guerillas ...
... guerillas, guerillas ...
... guerillas in snow ...
... moving slowly, slowly ...
... slowly
I don't know what people say but I kinda like Agelopoulos
** Song **
I'm scared! I want to go home!
Who were these weird women?
Why did we leave everyone else back there?
Why are these ugly dolls after us?
They're not dolls, they're zombies
They looked very evil!
On television they say that if we don't behave well ...
... the Turks will come!
Do you think that it is the Turks that chase us?
Sweetie, will you confide to me what kind of battery father uses on you?
What battery?
Oh, come on tell me...
Tell me, and I'll turn you into the greatest singer ever
No, you see... I'm an artist!
But, I'll turn you into the greatest singer!
I'll take you with me!
- Where? - Wherever you want!
Do you like it babe?
Where's your place baby?
At Exarchia!
She likes it in there ...
How can I claim you never existed in my life?
I remember you
May I use the phone?
Hey, fellah! Isn't that you the singer of "Music Brigades"?
- Yes, why? - Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?
... playing rebels to make money?
We would have been beaten a lot for what you now say ...
and you now wanna just make a record and sell it to the companies
Huh? You're mocking the people with your bullshit ...
... some of these failure jokes of yours and you think you're clever?
Huh? Dickhead! Now listen ...
Don't show up in any of our gathering or concerts or ...
Dude... is that television?
Yes, we're making a film
Film? What film? A real film?
- For the cinema... - Really?
Why didn't you say so earlier?
Look buddy, your songs, you know... as songs ...
I do like them very much
But, my personal problem is that, you know, sometimes you overdo ...
You read me? But as songs, they're cool!
Hey, fellah, may I say something to my mother?
- Yes, whatever you like - Really?
Mammy! Hi!
Well, as a matter of fact, I love your songs, I like them
and I like them very much as well
and... cool! Everything is fine!
How is that line in your song... ?
Disco, Disco, Disco prick! Disco, Disco, Disco prick!
Guillotine... Consumers under the guillotine
and everything is fine! Come on!
Guillotine... Consumers under the guillotine
and everything is fine! Wooha...
You're a jerk, you don't have batteries!
You're a jerk!
You're a jerk!
Excuse me, are these durable?
They are, they are very good quality; imported
What can I say, if you have time try it on ...
Keep it short please...
We have work to do here...
- They're fine but... I won't buy. - As you wish
Look at this place!
Look at this chaos around! Wow!
A hodgepodge of little boxes!
Good morning Madame, I see you're about to choose your detergent
This is a wonderful coincidence because you can catch the new offer...
... that starts just now
I would like to offer you these two boxes of detergent to try it ...
... and you'll give me yours
Absolutely, but I may not give you mine
No, you didn't understand, This is an offer...
and the rule is that I give you two boxes of detergent, big ones ...
Yes, yes, I see... but thank you
What thank you? You didn't understand! Let me outline...
... the advantages of this detergent which you can find out only by trying them
So, take these two boxes, and I take this little box!
No, don't take it because I've tried it and I know what I want
- But I can offer you another one of these - But, please, what is that now?
- Let me just take this little box! - No, let me have mine and ...
... I'll take yours as well - I insist! I insist Madame!
Listen, I need this box for the reasons I already explained to you
- Please, what is all that? - No, you haven't understood ...
... there is a rule here. Don't you watch TV?
- Don't you understand I need this box? - Let me go! Are you nuts?
- Let me go! Help! - I need the little box!
The box! Don't you watch TV?!
The telephone is ringing
it's for you
I talked with the guys, they're waiting at the stadium
Charon, you deprived me of my happiness
And you left me all alone
Vampires are after me ...
... and I feel stressed
We're running a festival and a protest concert
"Music Brigades" have to perform
How much money will you give us?
Tickets for the zombie festival
Tickets for the protest concert against the exploitation of ...
... the zombies of Athens
Tickets for the zombie festival
Tickets for the protest concert against the exploitation of Athens zombies
Good afternoon
According to the National Betting House ...
starting from the coming season, the Polytechnic school will be occupied
for three consecutive days for the celebration of the historic day
The ceremony will be recorded and broadcasted on the TV
Political youths welcome this initiative of the gov't
and call all young people to take place as walkons ...
... a fact which will be taken into account for their selection as ...
... civil servants for the National Electricity Company, Water Supply Organization etc
Extreme left-wing organizations condemned the low wages of ...
... the walkons and the two superpowers
Ornella Muti contradicted the allegations of the Communist Party ...
... newspaper "Rizospastis" that wanted her to participate in their next festival
A weed-smoking den was brought to light by the police ...
... in Thessaloniki and a large amount of high-quality pot was confiscated
This smoking den was kept under lock and key inside the branch store ...
... of the National bank on Queen Sofia Street
Arrested employees, after closing the bank, and after covering the ...
... window panes with psychedelic posters, would install nargiles on ...
... desks and counters
Mr. Ioannis Bartsakoulias, head of the bank, admitted in his confession ...
... that he has been a junky for the last couple of years
The right-wing paper exaggerates over the usual phenomenon of ...
...resurrection by bloating the real facts
The gov't official spokesman in his public announcement ...
... affirms that zombies also existed at the time when the ...
... conservative party was in power
Actually, statistics suggest that once the government of "change" ...
... took the reins, the number of zombies has apparently dropped
Besides, the vast majority of zombies have adopted the slogan ...
... "Back to graves"
We adhere to the principle of objective journalism and ...
... we'll now go straight to the place where a protest concert takes place ...
... organized by a minority of zombies, to show you a few snapshots ...
Good afternoon
We are [talking gibberish], a group from West Germany ...
... we gathered you here on the occasion of the first necrophile festival ...
... and in particular of the necrophiles of Art ...
Some of the zombies of Athens have gathered ...
... and we would like to thank all zombies of Athens ...
... the Fire Brigade and the Armed Forces
Because without these zombies ...
we wouldn't have the incentive for our work and creativity
We will now play a song titled, pardon the expression, ...
"Fuck for our salvation"
Red crosses on doors
Cops pursuit freaks with bikes
And thousands of motorbikes with gasoline on the street asphalt
Chicks showing off
All men ex soldiers
A whole life in military service, humiliation and snug life
Fuck for our salvation
... for our salvation
Prisons, Psychiatric clinics ...
... industries, cemeteries ...
... and at night at Tavernas, Retsina and revolutionary music ...
Mass consuming pigs,
... they hung bells on our neck ...
... if you're not a part of the herd, sticks and stones ...
Fuck for our salvation
Druged listeners look for fresh fish of modern music
Directors in white follow ...
... with tape recorders and statistical principles
Necrophiles of art pull you ...
... and homosexual music critics
... day and night they're watching you ...
... and dope you for stamina ...
Music Brigades and other bullshit like happening
Music and interviews ...
... let's see if you can take it, this is the marketing
Workers and employees just woken up feeling grouchy, with ancient Greek profile
Stuffed with smog and Zax donoughts, Anticipating the masked avenger
Petites bourgeois and proletarians staring at you like "Get outta here boy!"
Both releasing their little monkeys, Manager, use me as you wish!
Music Brigades and other bullshit like happening
Music and interviews ...
... let's see if you can take it, this is the marketing
I exist
and as long as you exist, I'll be there,
keeping your life as my slave
what if we walk on different routes
I exist
in your crying eyes
in your burning lips
and I will exist in the songs you hear to
I am the one in your life
no one else exists
And when you talk with other people, and sometimes you laugh
deep inside you you're hurt for you're thinking of me
I am A and Z
and put it well in mind that if you have a new affair
...soon you'll break up because I'll be there
I exist
... when you curse your bad luck, when stuff your head ...
... with cigarettes, memories and drinks
I exist!
Petite bourgeois...
... you'll be eaten ...
... by your children ...
... you'll be eaten alive
Cannibals, cannibals ...
... they'll become
Cannibals, cannibals ...
... they'll become
I'll sabotage the blow dryer
the blow dryer at the hairdresser's
so that she has a stroke
my mammy, my mammy
Mother ...
I'll pour some LSD in Marathonas Lake
hoping at last that killjoy proletarians will get a kick out of it
Proletarians, proletarians, proletarians ...
Mammyyyy ...
Petites bourgeois...
... you'll be eaten ...
... by your children ...
they'll eat you ...
... alive
Cannibals, cannibals, they'll become
Cannibals, cannibals, they'll become
Singing revolutionary song...
Come on, Help everyone to lift the sun over Greece!
Come on, Help everyone to lift the sun over the world!
We're gonna get the sun drunk, yeah bet on that
We'll get the friend crazy, yeah bet on that
with daouli and zournas (musical instruments)
Good morning sun, good morning
Good morning sun!
with daouli and zournas, good morning sun
Good morning sun.....
Subtitles: Pantelis Sopasakis