Dracula and Son (1976) - full transcript

Son grows up with father, leaves to go to big city in 1979. Father follows and tries to survive as a vampire in a modern world. Son finds girl, decides not to be a vampire anymore. Great ending!

How much time do we have?

I fear we won't arrive
before darkness.

- The wheel seems to be broken.
- We didn't see the hole!

A small break...

- Oh, what misfortune!
- When do you think we can continue?

Hard to say. Two to three hours.
We must change the wheel.

- Oh no! Then it's already night!
- Get the crowbar from the toolbox.

It's very dark here!

The axle is broken.

- Is it true what they say about the area?
- What?

- This is the Land of the Vampires.
- Yes, Mademoiselle.

I was born here you know.

Don't I look like a living dead!

- Don't say that!
- I've just risen from my grave!

I'm thirsty for fresh blood!
I would like to bite your lovely neck!

- It would be very pleasant.
- That depends...

Just a little bite on the neck!

... and after being bitten you remain
as a vampire for eternity!

- It's nice to be immortal.
- Stop it!

Well, this should hold until we get there.

Climb aboard please!


I was afraid,
but the gentlemen here was looking after me.

There's no time for this!
The Count is ready to receive us.

What, here?

- This wasn't the plan...
- The Count cannot wait...

... to meet his fiancé.

Please board.

Come on dear!

Please board.

If they went with the servants
of the Count...

... then we must pray for them.

Let me out!


You don't need to look
I didn't bite you.

I hardy had time for it!

Dear, you're
a natural exuberant.

Full of temperament.

So what do you want from me?

- I want a child.
- A child?

You will be locked in the tower,
until our son is born.

- Pardon?
- You're are from now...

... wife of the prince of darkness.
Only when our son is born...

... will I drink your blood.
Then you will become mine forever.

I congratulate you madam.
We have a son.

A son who will be worthy of my name.

- Such a good boy.
- Please set him down.


Calm down my lady.

It's only two tiny holes.
Very cute.

They're barelyvisible.
I'm very fond of them.

I've no reflection!

Oh sorry, I forgot to say.

You will never see yourself again.

One of the unfortunate inconveniences
of our race.

But why do you need a mirror?
I will always be present...

... and I will always say to you,
that you are beautiful.

There you are. Come in.

I read your letter. Thank you.
It was very informative.

- The situation is critical.
- We must know our facts.

How to kill a vampire. For
example. The light of day..

will turn them into dust.
The power of the cross burns them.

You remember on our journey...

That I had this with me.
Pass me my notes.

- Oh!
- Oh dear. Allow me.

- I could never.
- Oh, yes madam,

this is our fate.
And you need to feed.

And I enjoy watching.
How intoxicating it is.

- Do you still think of the girl?
- Yes, very often.

Forget her.
We'll never find her now.

Take care.

- Let's go back. my lady.
- No, I didn't want to!

The sunlight will destroy him!
Please, let's go!

Come on lady! We only have
an hour until sunrise.

I don't like this!
I did not want to kill!

He's not dead. We must go back!
The Count's orders were clear..

- Leave that woman alone!
- No, I didn't want to do it!

Leave me be!

Take that cross away!

Leave me alone!

- Get me back.
- Me?

- The sun will destroy her!
- Quiet!

5 years...

Ferdinand! Don't play with your
mother's ashes!

He hasn't drunk his blood again!

- Drink your blood and go to bed!
- I'm not hungry!

He must obey! Margarita,
bring him down. It's nearly dawn.

Ferdinand! Come back!

Where are you, Ferdinand?

Ferninand, let me in!
Quickly! The sun!


- Come on Ferdinand.
- The carriage is waiting.


- I could never.
- That's what your mother said.

There's one!

- It would be better if you did it for me.
- Enough!

I can't bottle feed you all your life!

You're 116 years old
and still has not bitten anyone.

- Go and get her!
- But she's really old.

- So what? That makes it easier.
- Go!

Aren't you a big boy?


Well, what now?

Romania for the people!

This isn't good for us!

Ferdinand, get up! We have to go!

- What?
- They've turned the hall into a war room!

That's where I met your mother...

Let me see!

- Oh!
- What do you see?

That girl there,
I would bite her immediately.

She has lovely small breasts.

- Go young man!
- Go? Yes!


- Dad!
- Hurry, come!

A cross! Quickly, a cross!

Why did you not put on a suit?
You look a mess.

Our departure was somewhat prompt.
Where shall we go?

- To the West.
- The West? We're going to cross borders?

It won't be easy
to bite all those guards.

- I'm sure I can count on you?
- They'll be blood on the street.

These two guys look strange.

- we're not far from the sea.
- we'll find a means to cross.

By boat?

I've a solution.
The two Frenchmen. Yes...

- Frenchmen?
- With the red pom poms!

- You take the small one.
- I don't want to bite a guy!

You are pathetic! Do as your told.

So we take care of them.
How are we going to get on board?


- We've done it, dad!
- So it seems.

Sir! Look.

Get me a screwdriver!

What's happened, Dad?
I can't open the lid!

- They nailed it down.
- Damn! Mine too!

- What do we do now?
- I don't know!

Are we on a plane?

God be with him!


God be with him!

Come here pig! Shit stain!

- You thief!
- I did not steal anything!

Leave me alone!

Sure, we'll leave you alone!

I don't have the money!

Then we'll beat you to death!

You, there...

Keep out of it!

- Why did you get involved?
- I didn't!

- I just came ashore.
- Where do you come from?

- Transylvania.
- Aha. Where's that?

Oh, it's...

You're shaking. You're soaked.
I'll give you my jacket.

- Are all the French so friendly?
- And your sweater is wet through.

I thought the French were like...
The idiot that kicked me!

I stole his wallet!

- I should not be laughing like this.
- Why not?

I just lost my father.

The time is 7:00.
Your listening to Europe 1.

- Here's Andre Doumas.
- Hello dear listeners...

Eh! What time is it?

- 7 o'clock.
- Why did you let me sleep?

The sun is about to rise!

I've to find cover immediately!
stop! stop!

- Congestion in national route No.7.
- Stop!

Is he deaf?!

Hey! What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy, Ferdinand?

You'll cause an accident! Stop!

You'll kill us!

- From 22:00 to...
- Stop! You've got a madman in the back of yourvehicle!

Where are you going?
In my jacket! Give me my jacket!

- Hold a thief!
- It was the other guy. Let me go!

- I'll call the police!
- Ferdinand!


Ferdinand! Give me my jacket!
Ferdinand, my jacket!


- Are you crazy, eh Arab?
- What?

No, I make prayer.


Oh Ferdinand!

I brought you your jacket.

Your address was on a document in your pocket.
There's nothing missing.

It seems we have a noble thief!

- I thought you said the thief was big and strong?
- Shut up.

Would you like a drink? Come...

Is anyone here?

- Ah, it's you sir.
- Where is my cut?

- You cut?
- My commission.

- You got paid yesterday?
- Yes?

I just got my first wages
since your hired me...

I'll take 1,000 francs a month.

Are you trying to make an enemy of me?

This isn't right. I'll speak to the directors...

Threatening me already?
I wouldn't if I were you!

I know you're from behind the other
side of the iron curtain!

And what else is there about you?

- Why do you only want to work nights?
- This conversation is finished.

You may think
you have something on me

but this fight isn't over and
I'll take the last round.

- So you won't pay?
- I don't know why you are seeking..

... the personnel officer in this area.
- Weasel!

You'll regret this!
Why don't you go back where you came from!

- Hi, Ferdinand!
- Goodnight!

You can go to bed now.

- Good morning! Breakfast is ready.
- No time...

- Why doesn't he eat with us?
- Is he shy?

- Leave him alone,
he wants to get his head down

Ferdinand! You must eat something,
before going to bed!

I'm not hungry. Goodnight!

What is all this?
I told you to do the reports.

- Why?
- You're fired, shit stains!

- Those reports were impossible...
- Fired! Got it?

That's my decision!

Nobody can trust you anymore.
So go.

Don't just stand there! Get lost!
And be thankful...

... I didn't denounce you.
- Denounce me?

- Yes, you struck me.
- Have you lost a screw?

I did it myself maybe.
And this?

Get out! Get out!

Pig! naive! Scoundrel!


- Saturday... back to the blood bucket?
- Unfortunately Antoine.


What a mess...

I lost my way.
I thought it was a door.

Do you know how valuable that blood is?
It will need to be replaced!

I'm sorry.

- What blood group are you?
- What?

Blood group A, I bet!

What we ruin we must
restore, right?

If my father could see me now!
The shame!

Not feeling well?
What happened?

I can't live like this.
Everything is wrong.

What's wrong?

- Got any cash?
- Why?

If you have any cash, I know something
that will cure you.

Those two girls.
They'll even do us foreigners.

- I'll take the short one.
- Hey now look!

- I don't like blondes! Or fat chicks!
- Give them both to me!

Fine. I'll wait here. My morales
stop me doing anything with blondes!

Come on, laddo, come on!

Please, can we sit?

Young man, what up?


Hey, are you OK? What's up?

I'm fine... but I'll take the blonde.

It costs 30 francs.
50 to undress completely.

33, if you take off the scarf.

Go and freshen up?

- Freshen up?
- Back there.

Freshen up.

Come, come!

Come on, come on, baby!

Come, come, my little birdie, come on!

It's exciting to watch ourselves in the mirror!

Help! Help!

It's Marlene!
Someone's in there with her!

What is it with you??

First your afraid of the girls,
now you're scaring them away!

- I made it!
- For what, sir?

I want to apply for something
before closing time.

- And what type of work are you looking for?
- A Night Porter position.

Ah, your sure to get a job!
Everyone needs Night Porters.

- Not like me, there aren't many places I can work.
- Why?

- I work at a paramedical institute.
- Oh, I see!

- Where exactly?
- A mortuary! Where else?

Mortuaries are unfortunately not
on every street corner.

No sir, thank you.

Here are your charges.
It's not as simple as it looks.

The corpses sometimes get mixed up.
This creates... problems.

when people ask to see there relatives
and get a total stranger! Difficult cases.

- The worst when they don't stay down.
Oh yeah?

- Why?
- They're filled with gas.

Their bellies become bloated like an inflatable dolls...
Press them, but nothing comes out.

It seems blocked somehow...

- this one looks wonderful!
- Yes, a few nice ones

are left.
For those with a professional eye.


Excellent preservation.

Sad, considering that you spend
your life working hard

.. and suddenly become an outcast
as if you had leprosy.

- You've reached retirement and still claim that!
- No disrespect.

- Get an education.
- What?

... a French film studio is planning
a very interesting new production.

It will be a film that will show us
the old story of Dracula...

... but this new version features, in
the starring role, a man who believes...

... himself to be a real vampire.

Paris awaits today
the "Prince of Darkness"...

... the world famous vampire, playing..

the leading role in
this new production.

- Co-starring will be...
- Dad!

.. we still don't know,
if he will bring his own coffin...

Good morning! Had a pleasant trip?

Your new partner, Susan Ronteski.

Our director, my assistant...



- Ferdinand!
- Dad!

My son!

- Air France-Flight 413 from London...
- Did you miss your father?

- I thought he was dead.
- But vampires can't die.

- In the sea... we don't know.
- My Baggage.

- That's yours?
- I always travel with my coffin.

- We'll meet in the "George V".
- Later.

I would first make time for my son.

- You live here?
- Yes. Not exactly luxurious,

But quiet and cheap. Hey, Rico!

Hi, Ferdinand.

My poor Ferdinand...

Where do you sleep?


I had no money,
so I found something that I could use.

I found an empty coffin.
I stole it.

Please Count, There's no room
in our hotel for that!

Tomorrow I will buy my son a coffin
worthy of our family.

And now sir, I'll show you
Our amazing models.

Imported models only from America.
This model is "the Presidential"...

With a 2 piece lid...
Very fashionable, 2 piece lids.

It is very distinctive...

If a relative wants to take
one last look at the beloved dead.

- It's...
- For my son.


What do you think?

It looks very expensive...

- It would be pointless.
- Well, it isn't cheap...

... but it's purpose is
to honour the dead...

- .. even a child.
- Can he test it?

- I don't understand.
- Can my son test it?

- How?
- we'll be careful.

- Better take off your shoes.
- Yes.

Very practical are two piece lids, right?

If you like, you can have it.
Nothing is too expensive for my son.

It is really comfy.

- How does it feel?
- I think it's a bit small.

You have a bigger size?

Loves of the vampire, 240, scene 3.

Well, we start with your first
meeting, OK?

Enter through the revolving door.

Your first appearance is mysterious and
majestic and then go for it.

You stands here.
You see him appear...

- Act stunned, as if you've seen
something you don't understand.

- Stand back

You are attracted,
straight away. Yes enchanted!

Come on!
This is their memorable first meeting!

Come forward. that's it.

Well, come move closer!

Your attracted, even charmed!
stop there Count.

What are you doing, Count?
No! Where are you going?


We're all ready and you leave the shot!

Let's do it again.

- Excuse me. Sorry!
- go back to positions.

Let's not waste any more time.
First scene please!


I came to talk you about a project
I'm proposing.

- A film?
- Not only films, a series of art.

I want to capture your personality.

The man from Transylvania.
I really like this image.

don't move.

It is strange, but you remind me of
a woman who I once knew very well.

- Was she pretty?
- Unrivalled beauty.

- It confuses me. I don't know...
- No, don't move.

- What?
- It's time.

What? I've five minutes still!

The nights are getting shorter,

Tomorrow I'll see you again,
my dear Nicole.

I'm sorry
that I must leave so abruptly.

You are so beautiful.
I had almost forgotten who I am.

Goodbye miss!

- She looked like Mom, don't you think?
- You could have a point.

- You wanted to bite?
- But yes, of course!

- Do you want something to eat?
- Soon. A snack.

Penelope! Stupid animal!

If I'm to continue working on this film
I demand a new cat!

- Oh, hello. I didn't think you were
coming until 3 o'clock.

- Is it ready? Show me...
- It is on the table on the left.

"PERMADENT, for those who need
perfect teeth! "

- Is it OK?
- What?

- The vampire poster, is it OK?
- Yes, but there's just one thing.

I think the text is too high.

- Is that better?
- Yes, That's better!

- What are you doing?
- I want you.

Your beard is prickling me, Jean!

- He's a fantastic man.
- Who is?

The Count.
When I see him, I tremble.

A whole novel is written in his face,
as if he has lived for centuries.

- Can you read anything in my face?
- Yes, you're good to shave!

Oh, fuck you!

- Miss...
- Our designer.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I want to show some initial designs
we've drawn up for TV film and the papers.

- Aha, a TV film.
- Yes, television, newspapers..

.. it'll be a great campaign.

- I don't understand...
- Don't you understand?

This has something do with teeth?

Yes, it's PERMADENT.

Ah an advertisement.

You should have told that straight off
so we hadn't wasted our time.

I was wrong to do this.

I believe you have tricked me into
thinking you have an interest in me.

Take care, Nicole.

But the poster's good?
You think it's good?

- Leave me alone.
- Sorry.


Good evening.

We know each other. We met in wardrobe?

At the studio? May I sit here?


Is something wrong?

We proposed to do an advert with him
for toothpaste.

With dad?

I've an idea!

- I'll it do for him.
- What?

- You need a vampire...
- Yes.

One who is really scary
but charming anyway?

- Oh, yes...
- Well...


Damn the ad!
And the ad company too!

- That's not the problem.
- What then?

- When I look in his eyes...
- Yes?

I feel a throbbing in my neck.
- Ah...

- And something like a burning here.
- Ah...

Yes, something melts. Here...

Here, here, here!

- I feel so strange around him.
- Dad?

Yes, him.

- Where is he?
- At midnight...

...he's taking his usual nap.
- Give me the key to his room!

It's dangerous! You shouldn't disturb a
vampire at midnight!

Nicole! If you enter his room,
something bad may happen!

I must tell you something.
I also feel that throbbing in my neck...

when I look at you!

- How did you get here?
- I wanted to let you know...

that I really am interested in you.
That's the truth.

It was just the lamp.
It fell.

- What are you doing now?
- I'm going to sleep.

What time is it?

6 o'clock.

- I slept for five hours?
- It did you good!

You're in good form.

- Sorry, dear, you must leave.
- Why?

Sorry, but Cinderella should
always return home by morning.

I'm as upset as you!, believe me.

Did you hear those bells?

- Yes.
- How many chimes?

Two. It's 2.00 o'clock.

- You have your own place?
- Yes, of course.

Then we'll go there.
We won't get any peace here!

Do don't go! He wants to bite you!
He will certainly bite you, Nicole!

You have a wonderful skin, Nicole.
Like silk...

Excuse me. We're organising a
small orgy in my car there.

Just a few good friends.
We would be happy to invite you.

Are we invited to attend?

Step out of the vehicle please sir...

we're so sorry Count, it's a
stupid mistake.

The Governor asks for your forgiveness.

I'm feeling weak,
I must go immediately to the hotel.

- Again?
- don't ask me any questions.

What a terrible night!


It fell from up there. This too!

What did you do with my coffin?

- It fell from the window.
- It fell out by itself?

- You had to bite Nicole!
- Not a chance, because of you, idiot!

Get up and let me sleep here!

No! Search for something else.
I'm fine here!


- Where can I get into the sewer?
- Pardon?

- Where is the nearest sewer entrance?!
- Well, just out here Count.

If you'll follow me?

- What do you mean, "son"?
The son of the Count? -Yes!

- He can do the ad.
- And how good is he, this son?

- Very good, maybe better.
- I hope so for your sake!

Because if it goes wrong and we
lose the contract for PERMADENT...

... you will lose your job! It's your last chance!
- It will be first class.

That's the wrong side Ferdinand!

Ah, sorry.

After every meal
I brush my teeth!

Natural teeth are
most precious to us.

Sometimes we get laxed about brushing...

Or forget to brush.
But something equally as bad...

... isn't using the right toothpaste!

I only use PERMADENT,
because it leaves my the teeth looking great!

You too should brush with PERMADENT!


See how the puppet is eager
to replace me?

Look at him! What should I do
to teach him otherwise?

- You should see yourself!
- Shut up! At least I learned...

... to respect my parents!
I would never try to kill my father!


I'm sick of all your preaching!

This is becoming a habit.


Ferdinand! Open up now!

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to my friends.

At least if they think I'm grotesque
they don't humiliate me for it.


Empty your suitcase immediately!

I was delighted when we were

That's what I thought I always

But now we can't get along.
I was proud of you.

But to you, I'm nothing but
a useless shadow!

I cannot be a vampire! I'm no
good at it!

I want to be a normal person!

Excuse me please.

Goodbye dad.

- Here you go.
- Thank you sir!

- I'm grateful to you.
- I thought... Here we always need hands.

- Well, strong arms actually.
- It's a great pleasure to see you again.

Raw meat and blood! Oh!

Here, you'll get more than enough.

What? Not feeling well?

I cannot take anymore. So much blood...

I didn't think you could get enough blood!

It came so suddenly...
There was so much...


You were not easy to find.
Good evening.

- My friend, Khaleb...
- Miss...

I've good news.
Our advert was accepted!

They found it amusing.
Tomorrow we sign the contract.

This could mean a lot of money.

Forget the adverts, Nicole!

I did the advert just to be
with you.

My life has changed, Nicole.

I can't explain it easily
because I don't understand.

I feel complete when I'm with you.

The throbbing, I know.

Your father is waiting.

- The Count is waiting for you.
- Thanks.

- The key!
- Your back?

Give me the key!

You can keep your dress on.

Just a little love bite here...

... it'll be very pleasant and
you'll become my wife for eternity.

You're the only woman I want...

... to share the eternal night with.

Aren't you overdoing the acting a bit?



Together we'll extinguish the
daylight. Come!

I'll make you mistress of the night,
Princess of darkness...

- Oh! What is this?
- The lights again!

- I'm afraid.
- It has to be him!

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Why don't they answer?

- The lights won't turn on!
- I'm going down to the basement.

Stay here and be quiet.

Oh! Damn, damn it!



Do you like scaring me?

This is incomprehensible.
I will do whatever is necessary immediately.

I will pass on my concerns to
the manager!

Open this door!

What's going on here?

Who are you? What do you want?


Oh, and what love!

And that's for your impudence!

- We can't do it again, Ferdinand.
- Why not?

- You're tired.
- No...

You know, I waited 200 years for this!

- Okay, I'll make fresh croissants.
- Fresh croissant?

It's time
for fresh croissants?

Oh, shit!

Then we'll go to the agency
and sign the contract.

We've worked hard and
deserve to be paid well.

Sorry Nicole,
I must go home! See you tonight!

Why? Ferdinand, please! Ferdinand!


Come back here!

Yes! I'm still alive!
I wasn't burned!

Look! I live! I'm normal!

I don't need to bite anyone anymore,
don't you understand?!

Look at me in the mirror, madam!
I've my reflection once more!

You have a screw loose!

- I'll have the gammon poached.
- After the sauerkraut?

- Shall I cancel that?
- No!

I've to make up for decades!

- Are you OK?
- Just wondering if Dad has calmed down.

- Miss Nicole Clemente.
- Not here, sir.

- Then her key please!
- What? I can't just give her...

key to anyone! Who are you anyway?

What's the matter?

Are you crazy? Not here in the car!

It's dad's car! He'll see us. Let's go!


- We can't just keep running away.
- It for the best.

- Why? We've done nothing wrong.
- Please don't you get angry.

- You didn't tell me your parents were wealthy.
- They had money.

Now I wander around all night, just
because you fear your father.


- The lights aren't working.
- Where is the generator?

I don't know! Come on...


I wasted a lot of time
on you two.

So I what a few minutes of your
time to clear up some...

... important matters.

I wanted to give you my love bite.

But you don't understand.

You prefer this idiot.
Look at him!

The onlyvampire who managed
to be as modest as a man.

That's because, Dad, I'm a man!

A perfectly normal person.
I rode the Metro in the daylight...

... in second class.
- My poor Ferdinand...

.. you are always second class!

Nicole, I now offer you a role...
with me for all eternity.

For me, you no longer have a role.

You don't have any choice, Nicole!

The curse of the Devil upon you!

But Ferdinand?
How can you do it?

I told you Dad, it happened
this morning on the Metro.

Go quickly to your coffin dad.
The sun!

- I'm sick of these fantasies!
- No Nicole!

- Dad...
- So it was true?

Come, the sun shines.

Now leave your sister alone!

Your son is really strange.
He enjoys tormenting his sister...

... and there's something about him
that reminds me of your father.

Ah, here we go again!

What now?

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