Dracula Sucks (1978) - full transcript

A hardcore version of Bram Stoker's novel and 1931's version, it takes place around an institution where patients are acting oddly and are being found with bite marks in their necks. Professor Van Helsing believes it to be the work of vampires and just when things r bad, it gets worse with the arrival of Count Dracula and this time he ain't aiming for the necks.


Shut up, Richard.

These nightmares are a bore.

The phony bitch.

Aunt Irene is not really
concerned about my welfare.

She never was.

She always thought she was
the Queen of Roseland.

All she wants to do is schtup
and spend money. My money!

It seems so long since I last spoke
with Daddy, but somehow,

I know he's not dead.

The everyday routine.

Ever dream of a life
of romantic adventure?

Want to get away from it all?

We offer you... escape!

Who knows...

What evil lurks in the hearts of men?

The Shadow knows!

Paging Nurse Lawson.

Satisfactory patient now critical.

I'm nervous, Aunt Irene.

Relax, Richard.

Your sleepless nights will soon be over.

Irene, we've been expecting you.

Arthur, dearest Arthur.


So nice to see you, Irene.

And this must be your nephew, Richard.

Yes, it is.

Henry, show Mr. Renfield to his room.

Arthur, it's been so long.

You look marvelous.

Well, I've been trying to take
care of myself since my wife died.

What a way to learn about yourself.

Yes, traumas do have
ways of affecting one.

Arthur, I'm worried about Richard.

He's the only family I have
and I feel so responsible.

Don't worry about a thing.

My friend and former teacher,
Van Helsing, Professor Van Helsing,

is on his way here to do
some research with me.

He's already been informed
of Richard's condition.

I hope he can help.

I can't take the pressure any longer.

Look. Why don't you just relax now?

Sybil will show you to your room.
You may bathe, do whatever

you want, and just feel at home.

Thank you, Arthur.

We'll talk later.

Come, my dear.

Nurse Lawson to the morgue.

Oh, another thing. Tell Nurse Lawson
to see me in my study immediately.

Dicky, I must go to Transylvania.

I got a great deal on an old castle.

When shall you return, Daddy?

In a fortnight.

A fortnight.

A fortnight... or as soon as escrow closes.





Father, wait for me.



Wait for me.


Don't leave me, Father.


Please, don't leave me alone again.


Master, I'm here.

You're not my daddy.

I am Dracula.

I bid you welcome.

Listen to them. Children of the night.

What music they make.

Mr. Renfield.

How do you know my name?

Your father was my servant,
as you shall be.

Once more, my blood has called for yours.

The blood is the life, Mr. Renfield.

Dr. Seward!



The blood is the life.

I'm yours for eternity.

Back him up so he can get inside.

Get his straight jacket.

Let me go.

Put it on him.

Don't put that on me.

All right, pick him up.

Dr. Seward.

Professor, you're just in time.

Why don't you come --

I'll explain.

I can't thank you enough for this visit.

John, I'm so happy to see you.

Does this kind of thing
happen all the time?

Don't worry, I'll protect you.

I can never repay you, Van Helsing,
for this visit.

Is that the patient I've come 10 see?

Yes, it is, and I'll tell you
more about him later.

I've missed you so much.


Is everything okay?

I don't know.

He frightens me.


Lucy, are you serious?

I can't get you out of my mind.

I can't take my eyes off of you.

I'm afraid I love you.

Don't be afraid.

I've never told anybody that before.

It scares me.

I didn't know you played piano, Jarvis.

I don't, sir.

I was trying to play a song.

I'll tell you what.

I'll play the piano and you sing.


What would you like to sing?

You know the song, "Swing Low,
Sweet Chariot"?

Swing low, sweet chariot,

coming for to carry me home.

Swing low, sweet chariot,

coming for to carry me home.

Well, if you get there before I do,

coming for to carry me home.

Tell all of my friends I'm coming, too,

coming for to carry me home.

Swing low, sweet chariot,

coming for to carry me home.

Swing low, sweet chariot,

coming for to carry me home.

I have done your bidding, Master.

Lucy was educated in the family barn.

You were correct.

Lucy is the slut, Harker is the homo,
and Mina is a virgin, just like me.

Is Dr. Seward at home?

Yes sir, come right in.

Thank you.

Dr. Seward.


I am Count Dracula.

I have just taken Carfax Abbey.

Oh, you'll be our new neighbor.
So nice to make your acquaintance.

Thank you.

The place has been
deserted for a long time.

What a resemblance to Richard's father.

I have a surprise for everyone.

We have a new neighbor.

I'd like everyone to meet Count Dracula.

I'd like you to meet my niece, Mina.


Her fiance, Jonathan Harker.

Irene Renfield, an old family friend.

One of my new interns, Dr. Bradley.

Lucy Webster, Mina's college friend.
And of course, my dear sister, Sybil.


The Count has just taken Carfax Abbey.

How charming.

It will be a relief to see some
light in that dismal old place.

Would you all excuse me, please?

I have a telephone call.

It looks to me like the Abbey
could use some repairs.

I shall do very little. It reminds me
of my home in Transylvania.

It reminds me of that poem from school.

"The walls around were bare...
as if the dead were there."

That's a good toast, Lizzie.

There's more.

"Let's cry for the next to die."

Hey, Lucy, come on,
never mind the rest of it.

To die, to be really dead...

It must be glorious.

Why, Count?

There are far worse things
awaiting man than death.

Did you ever see a lassie,
a lassie, a lassie --

Did you ever see lassie
go this way and that?

Go this way and that way,
go this way and that way?

Did you ever see lassie
go this way and that?

It reminds me of the broken embattlements
of my castle in Transylvania.

God, Lucy.

Daddy, I'm confused.

I've got a hard-on.

You are a romantic.

Well, you may laugh,
but I find him fascinating.

You'll see.

I think that you could someone
a little more normal.

Like your John?

Like Dr. Bradley.

He's sweet, but I like
the more distinguished type.

The more distinguished type
will get you in trouble.

Daddy, I need you.

Why Lucy?

Play with me!

Come right on in.

As I was saying,
I was making tremendous progress here

at the sanitarium, 'til one by one,
they all reverted back to their --

even worse than their original condition.

Here, look at them.

Mr. Renfield, you've seen before.

Now, his situation is similar to
the patients that were here,

but he just arrived.

Do you have proper
recreation for the patients?

Of course.

Also, they're all taking
on different roles.


Was this how the West was won?

She's eight years old again,
but their similarities are

their sexual cravings,
almost in a canniblistic type of way.

Dr. Seward, we all have sexual cravings.


This cowboy wants to play
his guitar and fornicate

with everything that's around him.
Holes In the wall, straw... doesn't matter.

No matter where to find a hole.

Also, two lesions --
marks that they all have.

I'm very puzzled by it, especially
since the progress I was making.

I have seen this before,
in a kennel in Germany.

What a fucking.

You wanna hang, doctor?

This is very drastic.

We had him out of those clothes,
smoking a pipe, reading books.

Now, he's worse than when he came here.

What was in the pipe?

I suggest warm water enemas.

I'll let you look at their reports
in detail.

In their charts.

The primary cause of 99.9% of
all human ills is constipation.


Is this a real madhouse?


- Arthur, break out the cocaine.
- Yes.

Steady, Dr. Bradley.

Hold back the tears
and don't be a crybaby.

Dr. Bradley, it will be okay.

- Dr. Seward.
- Yes.

When did Ms. Webster have
the last transfusion?

About four hours ago.

Her mouth and eyes are bloodless.

Unnatural loss of blood.

Spongy gums, crabs.

On the breast, two marks.

Blood tests are in order.

Read this.

Yes, Professor.

That's Her.

I have a theory.

We're dealing with the undead.
Vampire. Nosferatu.


The vampire attacks the body
and leaves two marks,

red with wide surface.

I just have analyzed Renfield's blood.

The man is obsessed.

He thinks he has to devour
living things.

But Professor, modern science doesn't
admit to such superstitions.

Superstitions of yesterday is
the scientific reality of today.

The man, Renfield, escaped from his room.

Now, where did he go?

Mr. Renfield, you're looking
much, much better.

Eddie, take his straitjacket off.

I am here to help you.


I am very grateful.

Keep your filthy hands to yourself.

Now, now, Renfield.

Dr. Seward, send me away from
this place, send me far away.

Why would you like to leave?

My cries at night, they might
disturb Ms. Mina.

They might give her
terrible nightmares,

Professor Van Helsing, bad dreams.

A wolf?

I've heard them howl at night before.

Renfield thinks they're talking
to him, but he's crazy.

I hardly think a wolf would be this near.

I might have known.

We know why the wolves talk
and we know how to stop them.

You know too much to live,
Van Helsing.

That's enough.

That's all we'll get out of him today.

Take him away, Henry.

Let's go, fly eater.

I'm warning you, Dr. Seward.

You send me away from this place,
or you must answer

to what will happen to Ms. Mina.

Son of a bitch! Nazi fuck!

Nazi fuck?

What was the herb that excited him so?


The natives use it to protect
themselves against vampires.

Renfield was really excited by that.

Watch him closely, day and night,
especially night.

I've put that new nut in his room.

Please, do not refer to them as nuts.

Now, before you check on the rest
of the patients downstairs, see if

Mrs. Renfield needs anything.

Yes, sir.

Looks like you were expecting me.

The doc sent me in here to see if
there's anything I can do for you.

Richard. How is Richard?

The nut?

I put him in his room.

By himself?

You can't put him by himself.

He has nightmares.

Every night, he has nightmares.

Somebody has got to be there with him --

- He has nightmares?
-- to take care of him.

You've got to take care of him.

He has nightmares, lady, he's better off
by himself. He won't wake anybody.

I've been with him every night.

I haven't had any sleep, either.

You've got to take care of him.
Will the doctor help him?

Will he?

How the hell do I know?

Help me.

I haven't slept, either.
I can't stand the pressure anymore.

You won't have to.

I need something to sleep.

I have got to help Richard.
I have got to help myself, please.

You want help?

You want help?

- His nightmares-
- I'll give you fucking help.

I'm beginning to have them myself.

I need to sleep, I need to sleep.
- Get up there.

Give it to her.

Get her.

Get her.

Get her.

Henry, you are a slob.

You are coming back, aren't you?

Oh, the things we do for money.


You know, people in town are afraid
of him. Really worried for some reason.

Afraid? Why?

I don't know.
Maybe it's because he's odd,

different, you know?

No, I don't know.

I find him very charming, polite,
something you can learn from.

Maybe you're right.

But you know, you never see him out
in daytime, only at night.

What do you think about that?


So it is what the doctor prescribed that
we again hope to keep you in suspense.

You know, the townspeople won't
even work at the Carfax estate.


They say it's haunted.


So if I catch him messing around with
any of the ladies around here,

I'm going to give him
a frontal lobotomy for free.

Professor Antonio Basile has
a theory, but let him tell you about it.

As a psychologist, I have worked out
a theory, a theory I know to be sound.

I contend that a person who has
decided to kill himself can very easily

be turned from this desire to the desire
of taking the life of another.

I can prove my theory, and if necessary,
that is exactly what I will do.

As he stands against the railing
in the fog, a figure appears

a few feet beyond. Stops.

A sudden gesture, prepares to leap.

Don't do it.

Wait a minute.


This is very silly.

Let go of me.

Oh, no.

I won't do that.

I need you.

I don't need you.

I think you know this is against the law.

You're not an officer.

You can't stop me.

It's 500 feet, those tracks below.
Hard, steel rails.

Don't believe what they all tell
you about not being

conscious of what happens.

You would know people don't die instantly.

Let loose.

They lie in agony for minutes,
sometimes for an hour.

It's a horrible death, I know.

How do you know?

- I am a doctor.
- Doctor?


I can tell you much simpler ways,
much less painful ways, and quicker.

You're a nice, young girl,
an intelligent girl.

You wouldn't want it to happen this way.

Well, here we are.

Come in, please.

You're not afraid of me?


In what frame of mind?

What could I lose?

Suppose I told you that I really
brought you here to kill you.

Kill me?

You know you're a very pretty girl,
don't you?


It doesn't always mean so.

The right man might --

That's what I thought, but I found out
it didn't mean a thing.

Ah, then it was because of a man.

I knew it.


How did you guess?

I'm a student of psychology.

I am Professor Antonio Basile.

You are the only means of support?


You intend to Kill yourself?


That's being selfish, isn't it?

- Selfish?
- Yes.

You are concentrating solely on self.

You think so?

What else?

The first law of nature is
self-preservation, right?

I suppose so.

Were you married?

I never seem to find time to get
around to marriage.

My theory is going to be proved tonight.

A half-hour ago, they found
a body beneath suicide bridge.

Well, Professor, your perfect crime
has failed.


Yes, failed.

It's a wonderful setup on paper,
but your theory backfired

and you're up for murder.

I didn't Kill him.

You planned it, and you're
as guilty as Gladys.

She's paid her penalty and right now,
it's your turn.

Oh, no.

I won't, I won't be hanged.

- Grab him, grab him!

Now the doctor lies on the sidewalk,

Yes, Master.

No, Master.

Please, don't ask me to do that.

Don't, not her.

Please, don't. Please.

I'm the one, Master.

Why not me?

Use me, please!

I laid in bed for quite a while, reading.

Just as I was falling asleep,
I heard the dogs barking.

When the dream began, it seemed
as though the whole room filled with mist.

It was thick.

I could just see the light by my bed,
like a spark in the fog.

Then, I saw two red eyes
staring down at me.

Then this white, livid face came down
out of the fog, and I could feel

its breath on my face.

Then, it slips.

John, [ --

It was only a dream.

I felt so weak.

It seems as if all the life had been
drained out of me.

Mina, you were only dreaming.

Mina, forget about those dreams.

Was there any reason that might've
caused that dream, Mina?


Professor, there's something
she's not telling us.

Where did you say the lips touched you?



Nurse, would you go down and check on
Dr. Stoker's condition, please?

I'll get Dr. Bradley to go down.

I have a few things to --
- I am the one who's running

the sanitarium, not you!

Go down and check on
Dr. Stoker's condition

and take Henry with you.

Doc Stoker's in pretty bad shape,
but you'll be able to take care

of him with your special handling.

Don't worry,
I think I can handle him.

Hello, Nurse Lawson.

How are you, Dr. Stoker?

Just fine, thank you.

You can go now.

I think I can handle it from here.

Your party.

How are you feeling today?


My penis hurts a little, but --

Let me see those nasty bite marks.

Oh, those look painful.

Well, they really are,
and I can't even scratch them.

They itch, too.

Why don't you just let one hand loose,
so I can be more comfortable

and maybe scratch and move.

Okay, just one arm.

I'll trust you.

I'm not really crazy.

I just went a little crazy
when that girl bit me.

I am fine, thank you.

Mine, all mine.

Dearest sister, why was Count Dracula
invited for tea last night?

Why shouldn't Count Dracula
have been invited

for tea last night, Arthur?

Because I don't like the effect
he has on Mina. Plus, any decisions

involving the sanitarium,
do not make unless you consult me first.

I mean, for God's sake, what is
going on around here?

All this talk about vampires.

My staff doesn't listen to me anymore,
my best intern,

Dr. Stoker, has been ending up
like all my other patients.

I'm going to lose my license
and the whole thing's going to fall apart.

I can't take it anymore.

I mean, what am I going to do?

I mean, I worked so hard on this place.

I can't -- I don't want to
lose my sanitarium.

I don't want to lose I,
you know I don't want to lose it.

Arthur, calm down.

I just don't want to lose it, I can't.

I can't lose my sanitarium.

This is everything
I worked for my whole life.

Look at me, Arthur. Arthur.

Look, Arthur, come down.

Arthur, remember this?

Remember how you like this
so much, Arthur?

Remember this, Arthur.

Arthur, come on, take it.

Oh, you like to take it, Arthur.

Come on, come on.


This is what you like, hmm? Yes.

You like that?

Yes, Arthur.

That's more like it.

Suck that up.

It could have been your cock.

I want to stick it in.

You want to breed in me, Arthur?


You like to do that, don't you?

Yes, Arthur.

We need to try, my sister.


- Do you hear me, Arthur?
- Yes.

Now, Arthur.

Now that we're feeling better --
and I hope we're feeling better --

we must pull ourselves together.

You've got a lot of work to do.


Patients that need to be tended to,
and we'll hear no more

static about Count Dracula?

Of course.


Just so that's understood.

Arthur is on the verge
of a nervous breakdown.

A real schmuck.

Is Dr. Seward at home?

Yes, sir.
Come right in.

Thank you.

Yes, I advise Mrs. Renfield
to return home.

Dr. Seward.


You have your damn hands free?

There's nothing we can do for her,
the pressure's a little bit too far.

Oh, Count.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Count Dracula, Professor Van Helsing.

My pleasure.

Van Helsing.

We know the name even in Transylvania.

You're most kind, Count.

Count, Arthur told us
the most generous offer,

to help out by giving Mina blood.

Well, of course I would like to help
in any way that I could.

Would you like to do it now or later?

Now would be fine.

Excuse me.

Tell me, Count, is this your
first transfusion?

Yes, and I am a little squeamish
about giving blood.

Oh, no reason to be squeamish,
I assure you.

There's nothing to --
- Well, perhaps you will permit me

to gaze into your charming eyes?


While you insert the needle.

Attention, Dr. Sybil Seward.

Your radio show, Whipped Women,
is being plugged into the lab.

Last year, women from countless
cities admitted to a perplexing problem.

How could they continue functioning
in politics, anti-war and civil rights,

when the men in these assemblies
treated them like second-class citizens?

Would they ever be offered
more than a high school education

and a course in dictation?

Would they ever be allowed to
do more than answer the phone,

type letters, lick stamps,
lick envelopes and lick labels?


Let's face facts, girl.

A woman, even a relatively
sexually liberated one,

often finds it hard to approach
a man sexually the way

a man can approach her.

How many times have you heard,
"He's not a wham-bam-thank

you man, he just doesn't know what
it takes to bring me to orgasm.

Why don't I tell him how or show him?"
"Because I'm afraid."

Yes, afraid, girls, we'll make
him feel less a man.

After all, I don't require an orgasm
to enjoy the whole

sensuality of the experience.

Oh, but it's sure nice.

Attention, Dr. Sybil Seward,
a body is missing from morgue.

Name, Lucy Webster.

Van... Van He -- Van Helsing!

Van Helsing!

Van Helsing, I found her.

Van Helsing, I found her.

Come on, spit it out.


Dr. Bradley!

Dr. Bradley!


Be brave.

I will help you.

Tell me what I have to do.

This wooden stake.

It has to be driven into her heart.

Take it in your right hand
and strike in God's name.

I can't.

I know how you feel about her,
but you must have courage.

I have to leave you alone now.

We are too soon or too late...

Well, John.

Oh, I had the most frightful
dream last night.

Mina, dear, I hope you're not taking
my stories seriously.


Yes, I've been trying to entertain
Ms. Mina with stories of my country.

I can imagine.

John, that's no way to
speak to our guest.

No, please.

Perhaps I should be taking my leave now.

May I call later to inquire
how you are doing?

Yes, thank you.

Before you go, you can be helpful, Count.

Yes, of course.

I would be happy to.

The other evening, I stumbled on
the most amazing thing.

Forgive me, I dislike mirrors.

Van Helsing will explain.

For one who has lived not even
a single lifetime,

you are a wise man, Doctor.


Doctor, did you see what he looked
like when he walked out of here?

Looked like a wild animal.

Or a wolf.

A wolf.

Sometimes, he takes
the form of wolves or bats.

What are you talking about?


What does Dracula have to do
with wolves or bats?

Dracula is a vampire.

Professor, that's something that
I would expect one of

our patients here in the clinic to say.

The strength of a vampire is that
people do not believe in him.

Her again?

What about a game of rummy?

No, Henry, don't! Please!

Please don't take it away from me!

Please, Henry, don'.

Oh, Henry.


Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Aren't moths good enough for you?



Poor, puny little things.

Who wants to eat moths?

You do, mad man.

Not when I can get nice,
juicy toads and lizards.

Okay, okay.

As far as I'm concerned, you can eat shit.

You bastard.

You're not going to die.

You're going to live.

Don't touch me, John.

Don't even try to kiss me again.


You tell him.

You make him understand.

I can't.

It's all over John, our love...
our life together.

I love you, but I can't
help what's going on.

It is your fault, Professor.

You are driving her crazy.

The sun goes down,
another night will come.

That you should be afraid of.

I don't care.

I'm taking her out of here tonight, anyway.


Nurse Lawson.

Bring your enema Kit.

Well, hello, Mr. Harker.

How are you?

I'm not good.

Things aren't going well
between Mina and I at all.

What's your problem?

Can you imagine what it would be
like to be engaged

to a virgin for three years?

No, Mr. Harker.

I don't think I could.

Sometimes, I feel like I belong in
that cemetery myself, I get so frustrated.

Well, Jonathan,

I know just what to prescribe for you.

Come on.

You want me to go in there?

In here.

I'm the nurse, go in.

Go on.

Are you sure you know
what you're doing here?

Oh yes, Mr. Harker.

I know exactly what I'm doing.

Let's get comfortable.

I want you to promise me, first of all,
that no one finds out about this.

Oh, Jonathan, you have
my professional confidence --

- Okay.
-- that no one will find out.

We have a deal.

Nurse Lawson, please stop.

Relax, Harker.

For tonight, no one will relax.

I'm going to make you feel much better.

You're one beautiful woman,
you know that?

You're enough to make
me forget all my troubles.

Come here, kiss me.

Oh, my God.

Mina will find out about this.

Mina won't find out.

Do you remember, Dracula casts
no reflection in the mirror?


And the two patches of earth
were delivered to the Abbey,

and knowing that the vampire must
rest by day in native soil?

I'm convinced that this Dracula
is not legend, but an undead creature

whose life has been unnaturally prolonged.

Well, Dr. Seward, how about it?

Is Mina going to be able
to come with me or not?

Mr. Harker, if you take her away
from our protection, you might kill her.

Jonathan, please.

Please be patient.

I Know you're in love with her,
but she's my niece

and I must do what I think is best.

Mr. Harker, I've devoted my life to
the study of many strange things.

Little known facts that perhaps,
the world is better off not knowing.

All I want is to get Mina
away from all this.

Dracula came here to get his love,
his queen.

You mean Mina?

Yes, my friend.

It involves sexual penetration,
mixing his semen with her blood.

Are you sure?

Tonight, Dracula will attempt
this ritual.

Not with my Mina.

I won't let him.

In order to save Mina now,
we must use her as a.

That's how we will beat him.

I don't understand.

A vampire cannot look at blinding
sun or he would die.

Why must Mina be the one?

It's her only hope, you schmuck.

I am going to protect my Mina.


Attention, this is an emergency.

Bats have been spotted in Ward A.

Please put hair nets on all the patients.

Why are you looking at me so strangely?

I know you.

You changed.

You're still beautiful.

I was very worried about you.

Oh, look at the stars, John.

John, look at the stars.

The stars are beautiful.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Nothing's wrong at all.

I love the night.

You know, it's the only time
I feel really alive.

You've always told me that
the night made you afraid.

Oh, it's that big, great bat.

Go in the house, the bat
will get in your hair.

Go on.

Yes, Master.

I promise.


Oh, wait.

What did you say?


What did you say?



The police can't help us.

Renfield, come in here.

Renfield, what are you doing there?

Isn't this a strange conversation
for men who aren't crazy?

Did you hear what we were saying?

Yes, I heard something.


Be guided by what he says.

It's your only hope.

It's her only hope.

I begged you to send me away,
but you wouldn't.

Now it's happened again, it's too late.

What are you talking about?

Take her away from here,
before you lose her to him.

What do you have to do with Dracula?

He came and stood before me
in the moonlight and he promised

me things, not in words,
but by doing them, by making them happen.

A great, red mist spilled over the lawn,
coming on like a flame of fire,

and he parted it.

I could see that there were
thousands of rats with their eyes

blazing red, like his, only smaller,
and he held up his hand

and they all stopped, and I thought
he seemed to be saying, "Rats, rats, rats.

Thousands, millions of them.

All red blood.

All these will I give you if you
will obey me."

Henry, would you get in here?

What does he want you to do?

That which has already been done.

This nut.

Tore these bars like paper.

Dracula is in the house.

In this house?

This time, we are ready for him.

I'll show you where to put Mr. Renfield,
where he won't escape this time.

Come with me, dear moth eater.

We'll show you who's the moth eater.

I wonder what he's got up
his bloody cape.

I sure could use Cognac...
or a Quaalude.

You should go back to your own country.

I'm going to stay here where I am needed.

You are too late.

My blood is mixed with Mina's.

I will not only save Mina's soul,
but her life.

That can only be done if she dies by day.

I shall see she dies by night.

I will see that Carfax Abbey is torn
down, stone by stone.

I will find your box and drive
a stake through your heart.

You have a strong will,
Van Helsing. Wolfsbane.

Stronger than wolfsbane, Count.

Well, Renfield is safely put away.

I don't think we'll -- what's the matter?

Dracula was just here.

He tried to kill me.

We must protect Mina.

Van Helsing, oh my god.

What is this?

Jesus Christ.

We must release Renfield,
we have no other choice.

So he'll lead us to Dracula's boxes?


Let's go.

That bastard, Seward, always giving
me orders like he thinks he owns

this place, but it's that big-titted
bitch Sybil who's really in charge.

Hell, this nuthouse would fall apart if
I wasn't around here to wipe up.

Quick, Dr. Seward!
Keep on Renfield's ass.

What's all this crap about a vampire?

I'm tired,
I want to go to sleep.

What was that?

It's cold out here.

Look for a vampire.

This place really is a loony bin.

Dealing with Jarvis.

Who the hell is that?

Hey, John!

Look out behind you!


Renfield's tricked us, we have lost him.

He tried to follow me, but I fooled them.

Dracula, wait for me.

Wait for me!

I'm coming!

Dracula, wait for me, I'm coming!

Master, don't leave me behind!

I belong to you!

You fool, you wretched fool!

You betrayed me!

I'm loyal to you, master, only you.

I love you!

My queen.

The box is open.

Ah, the sun.

Oh, Mina.

The sun.

The sun.

It's done.

At least her soul is saved.

Auf wiedersehen, Mina.