Dracula III: Legacy (2005) - full transcript

Father Uffizi and Luke travels through a Romania destroyed by the civil war and the vampires. Luke is trying to save Elizabeth from the claws of Dracula, and Uffizi to terminate with the vampires. Along their journey, they meet the British television journalist Julia Hughes covering the war, and the trio follow together facing dangerous situations with the rebels and the vampires.

Only forgiveness will end his damnation...

and allow him to die.

Christ forgave.

And in the end. So must we all.

But I'll find you.

I'm counting on it.

Oh. Fuck.

Little boy lost. Far from home. Huh?


I hate this. I hate this.

I really hate this.


Time to bleed. Piggy-piggy.

You smell American.

Do you happen to know
Bernd and Elsa Krüger in Minneapolis?

Hurry up. Bruno. Stop playing
with your food like the last time.

This is the last time.



That was way too close. Man.

Next time you do the bleedin'.
I'll do the saving.

- I have questions.
- You want my confession?

Go to hell. Priest.

Count on the Germans
to always be on time.

I would do what he says.
He's in one of his moods.

- Tell me what I want to know.
- Fuck you!

Hey. This is hardly the time for negativity.

- Where's he gone?
- I can't tell you.

- Please... please.
- Train.

Last chance.

Where... is... he?


Big train.

I can't tell you.

OK. You two play. I'm gonna leave.

He's gone back to Romania.
Somewhere in the Carpathians.

His ancestral home.

That particular legend always
suited him best. Don't you think?

I will need very little to proceed.

Carnet. US currency. NATO clearances...

You get ahead of yourself. There's
something I wish to speak to you about.

- This time I'll finish him.
- Finish him?

We haven't heard from you in five years...
five years.

Then suddenly you show up
and ask for more support.

- I encountered certain...
- Listen to me.

...hardships. Your Eminence.

We hear rumors.

- Troubling things.
- What rumors?

That you have crossed certain boundaries
in pursuit of this beast.

That somehow he may have tainted you.

The Church has set me
to the task of ending him.

And by God's will. Nothing.
No obstacle - physical or otherwise -

shall stop me from executing this duty.

So I'm asking you now.

Do I continue to have your blessing in this

or have you lost your faith in me

We have no doubt that you are
the Lord's willing servant.

But it is you we pray for now.
You we fear for.

Me you fear...

I'm calling you back.
We can't afford to lose you.

The decision is final.

When we first knew each other.

You were a mere child. Remember?

You had survived a terrible ordeal.

And yet you had found
some peace in yourself.

All I'm asking is for you
to try and find that peace now.

We'll offer you any parish in the world.

Africa. America...

Anywhere you like.

I don't bless babies.

You thinkin' of joining the circus. D. G?

Oh. Wait. What am I saying?
You are the circus.

Hi. There.

What's everyone so afraid of
in broad daylight?

Collaborators with the dark ones.

Here. Everyone fears everyone.

You know. Even if we find
your friend. Elizabeth.

You may wish you hadn't.

It's not like I've got a choice.
I got her into this mess. I gotta get her out.

I think it's more than that.

I'm pretty sure
that's none of your business. D.G.

You're in love with her.

Only makes it worse. Denying it.

Well. Maybe I am... in love with her.

Maybe I'm like the knight or whatever.

Rescuing the princess
from the evil dude's castle.

I mean. How could she not fall in love
with someone like that. Right?

It's funny how I wait till you're a defrocked
priest to get all confessional and shit.

Tell me something.

What does it mean - D. G?

Damaged goods.

It was either that or Buffy.


Come on. You can do this.

It is too late.

- Where were you?
- Visiting with one of the peacekeepers.

Oh. Nice hand cannon.

Take it.

I fear we may have more than
nocturnal predators to contend with.

What about you?

I don't like guns.

In Romania.
The NATO occupation continues

in an attempt to quell
the escalating civil war.

And now. Reporting on the rebels' current
demands. Is the EBC's Julia Hughes.

The rebels have now
repeated their seven demands

in a document submitted
to the Geneva Council.

Most curious was their requirement

that all current and prospective
government officials

make at least one public appearance
in daylight.

I asked Gabriel. The rebel leader.
To explain this one particular demand.

We have good and valid reasons.
More than that I cannot say.

We have business outside the city.

I'm sorry. Sir. Nobody passes
without proper documentation.

- There's gotta be someone we can talk to.
- That will be the captain. But he's not here.

Actually. Strike that. You may be in luck.
I think that's him.

Ils nous ont attaqués. Ils nous ont
attaqués à 51 kilométres d'ici.

Le capitaine. Je sais pas
qu'est-ce qui se passe avec lui...

They were attacked -
51 kilometers northeast of here.

Thought it was the rebels. But no guns.

No knives. Just...

Que des dents.
Des grandes dents. Tu comprends?


Big teeth.

D. G!

Mon capitaine!

I think he just got promoted.

Man. That was fuckin' nuts.

Those peacekeepers. They think
the problem's still with the insurgents.

They'll figure it out. Eventually.

- How come you never say his name?
- He has no name.

Uh... Then what's "Dracula"?

A conceit. He keeps returning to it
mostly because of the terror it inspires.

But the creature goes back
much further than that.

How much further?

The church has records -
incomplete and obscure -

but we know he's corrupted
every known faith in the world.

From Ancient Egypt. Rome.

Throughout Asia Minor.
East Indies. Central Africa...

He has as many names as he does faces.

All different. But all the same.

Utukku. Ekimmu.

Churel. Nelapsi.

Talamaur. Lampir.

He's woken from death so many times

I wonder if he even remembers
how he truly began.

Well. Do you know?

I mean. How he began.

It doesn't matter anymore.

What matters now is how he ends.

I hear that.

Over there.

Pull over.

These things weren't lit long ago.

Not long at all.

Well. What do you think they mean?
I mean...

No one knows we're coming. Right?
I mean. Those aren't for us. Are they?

Are they?


If they don't know by now.
They will soon enough.

I'll drive. You sleep.

Yeah. That's exactly
what I wanna do - sleep.

Who are the dudes with the guns?

None of our business. That's what they are.

- They're taking prisoners. Why?
- You don't wanna know.

- What are they doing with those people?
- Selling them for food.

Pull over!

Stopping will only
cost us time we don't have.

Pull over!

This is a mistake. I'm telling you now.

Luke. Wait!

Put it down. Hand it over slowly.

Hey. These are partisans.
Rebels who attack soldiers.

We arresting them. We are good.

Oh. Shit.

They are dangerous.

Tell your friends to put down their guns.

They won't do that.
Those people will shoot them.

Oh. Shit. OK. Um... You tell them
that they can keep their guns.

But they have to. Uh... leave the truck.

Without the truck they are going
to be hunted down by these pigs.

I don't really see why that's my problem.

Shit. OK. Um... They get to keep their guns
and keep the truck.

But they have to get rid of their ammo.
Yeah. That's it.

- Tell them to dump their clips right now.
- Man. This is...

Tell them to dump their clips right now

or I will spread your brains
like jam on fucking toast!

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. That's good.

She calls them "procurers".

Miserable cowards who procure
fresh blood for the Nosferatu

in exchange for their own lives.

- The bitch lies!
- Hey. Hey. Hey! You don't get to talk.

Because the undead cannot walk
in daylight. The procurers do their bidding.

That's convenient.

They do all the shopping
while the boss sleeps.

As the undead grow in numbers
and the living diminish.

They must seek blood
from further and further away.

Trafficking in blood is the only commerce
left in these villages.

That's why they're all fleeing.

Sounds more like a drug lord than Dracula.

There is very little difference.

- Your master. Where do we find him?
- I have no master.

This is ridiculous. Pigs and cattle!
Making stories. Always making stories.

Have you seen her?

What about you? I know you've seen her.
Is she with him?

- I haven't got my glasses.
- Look closer.

Oh. Yes. I have seen her.

But I'm not quite sure.
Because in that moment...

I was fucking her from behind.

Careful. We may need him.

See. It's a good thing we stopped.
We got ourselves a tour guide.

Yes. Very good thing we stopped.

Oh. I guess you would have just kept
driving. Not stopped to help those people.


- And you call yourself a priest.
- Not anymore.

Great. So. Uh... the bad guys
have rocket launchers.

I have some croquet stakes. And you don't
even have God on your side anymore.

You wanna go back. Go back.
You wanna stay. Stay.

- I know what it is that I have to do.
- What? Like I don't?

Am I goin' the right way?
If I'm storming off in the wrong direction.

I'm gonna be really pissed off.

- Uffizi...
- What?

You don't really look like an Uffizi.
How'd you get a name like that anyway?

Came with the job.

So. Like. If I get the same job.
I would get a cool name like that?

It's like the day after the Alamo.

Sun's going.

Let's do what must be done.

I don't know. Man.

What do we do when there's
no one left to save?

Someone's still alive.

What is that?

Get the boy.

Hey. Kid!

Tommy? Tommy!

- Get the hell away from me.
- It's all right. I'm not one of them.

It attacked us! A stinking beast!
We're fucking EBC!

Ohh... Tommy!


Who are you? What do you want?
Where the hell are we?

Which question
do you want me to answer first?

- Julia. Let's just get the hell out of here.
- We can't just leave Vallon.

Fuck Vallon! Useless motherfucker
couldn't even fly a chopper!

I'm here to help you.


Hey! Kid! Get away from there.

That's not your mother.
Get away from there.



I don't wanna do this.

Don't wanna do this...

I can't do this.

I can't do this.

Vallon got us out.

We were trying to reach Bucharest.

But the power failed and...

He managed to autorotate this thing...

God knows how.

And. Uh... he saved us.

He's gonna die. Isn't he?

You need to take your friend
inside that church and stay there.


There's nothing you can do here.

- It's OK. Tommy. Just breathe. Don't be...
- I'm sorry. I just can't do it.

Don't be sorry. Sh...

Who the fuck are you?

That's a good question.

Who are you?

Hey. You're that. Uh...
that news reporter lady. Right?


Julia Hughes with the... with the EBC.

And this is. Um...
this is Tommy Tunnicliffe. My cameraman.

- I'm Luke. I'm with...
- Yeah. We met.

Well... Luke...

We came to cover the civil war
from the rebels' point of view.

Oh. God... God. We had no idea.



Nobody does.

May the Lord God
have mercy upon your soul.

May he forgive all your sins in this life.

And release you from suffering.


- The rebel leader. Gabriel...
- Hang on. It's just after this.

...accused NATO of supporting a shadow
government run by agents of darkness.

This is where they attacked us.

Christ. You can't see a damn one of them.

But they were there. I swear it.
All around us.

Tearing through these people
like I don't know what...

- I believe you.
- Vallon got us out of there.

Shoved us into the chopper.

Five more seconds
and we'd have been like chew biscuits.

Five more seconds...

Isn't that right. Julia?


- You shouldn't be here.
- And you should?

Did you... Did you say something?


But maybe you wanna add something.

I wouldn't know what to say.

A prayer. Anything.

I can only remember one that I used to say
when I was a little girl.

It'll do fine.

"From... ghoulies and ghosties

and long-leggety beasties

- and things that go bump in the night... "
- "Good Lord. Deliver us. "

Thank you.

- Julia!
- Over here.

- Did you see that?
- Yes.

- Who are you?
- Long story.


Tommy. Wait!





D. G!

- One of them got Tommy.
- Take her back inside.

God... Come on...

- Wait!
- What? What?

- Shit.
- What?

- What. Luke?
- I closed those doors.

Well... maybe they blew open.

It's impossible.
They weigh about 800 pounds each.

Do you think there's something in there?




Are you OK? He didn't get you?

No. I don't think so.




Let me in!

- It's me. Tommy.
- Oh. My God! It's Tommy.

- Wait. Julia.
- Open up. Let me in!

It's Tommy. Tommy.

- Julia. Wait.
- Let me in. Open the door now!


No. It's the Queen Mum stopped by
for a swift half. Now let me in!

What's going on out there? Where's Uffizi?

Some clown on stilts tried to
drain me like a juice bag.

Your mate's gone to look for him.

I got away. Oh. Christ!
Something's coming! Let me in!

- Luke. Please!
- Let me the fuck in!

- Tommy...
- Oh. For God's sake!

Let me in!

Lock those.

I've never seen anything like it.
You should have seen its face.

- It was like nothing I've ever seen.
- Tommy...

Tommy. Listen to me. Look.
You're burning up. Are you OK?

- Are you OK?
- I don't know what's the matter.

- I feel sick.
- What is it?

I feel sick. But in a good way!




Silver. Holy water. Church bells.

These things hate 'em.

Oh. God...

What is that?

- The morning purge.
- What?


- Nice wheels.
- And what a deal.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

You can't just drive up here saying "Good
morning" like you're the bloody postman.

Tell me. Where'd you
take off from last night?

I don't know. I'd guess it was about... 80
kilometers north-northeast of Sibiu. Why?

- North of Sibiu.
- Yeah.

- Along what route?
- Well. It's hard to say.

The deeper into these mountains you get.
The more arbitrary the maps become.

At a certain point. It's almost like
they were drawn from pure guesswork.

Yeah. By people who are smart enough
not to go up there.

Well. We would never
have found the rebels

if we hadn't have spotted
their signal fires from the chopper.

Did you see anything else?
A road. Dwellings? Ruins of any kind?

Oh. No. Look. It was dark.
The peaks were jagged.

You could hide most of Manhattan
in one of those rifts. For God's sake.

Oh. God...

Just what is it. Uh...
you two intend to do. Anyway?

Don't ask. Right?

This thing will hopefully get you to the city.

Then from there the NATO boys
should be able to get you back to London.

And. Uh... just what am I supposed to say
once I get home?

You'll think of something.
Isn't that why you get paid the big bucks?

Well... I always thought it was
my quirky nose and reassuring smile.

- Be safe.
- Thanks.

You're both completely insane.
You know that?

I'm afraid so.

Thanks again.

Drive safely. Get home.

You're a... fascinating man. Uffizi.

Luke does most of the work.
I just supervise.

Just... one peek behind the curtain
before I go.

Oh... Oh. I'm sorry. I. Um... I'm sorry.

Goodbye. Julia.

Yeah. Bye.

So. Padre.

Did I catch a little something
between you and Miss EBC back there?

I knew it.

There's no need to be
embarrassed about it. Man.

You're not a priest anymore.

I say. When this whole thing's over.
You look her up.

There should be a fork
in the road up ahead. Go left.

- What the hell?
- Don't stop!

Are you all right?

Oh. No. I'm a friend. I'm a friend.
No. No. No. I'm a friend.

I'm a friend. I'm a friend.
Don't worry about it. Don't...

Uffizi. Tell her I'm a friend.

- Hey. Luke. Get back here.
- Uffizi. Tell her.

- Luke...
- Tell her. Uffizi. Tell her I'm a friend.

Luke. Come on.

Oh. Shit.

Your compassion's gonna kill us.

Uh. I think we found our rebels.

Anyone up for some croquet?

- Why have you come here?
- Because we share the same enemy.

And who might that be?

Our parliament? The cabinet?

The Ministry of National Defense?
Public Justice?

Or maybe the Ministry
of Health and Family?

Or were you suggesting NATO?
The Americans. Perhaps?

Uh... Try Dracula.


Dracula does not exist.

He's a fiction. Gypsy myth.

Tourist prattle. Bedtime stories.
Do not mock us.

- He is real.
- You think so?

I know so.

So perhaps you do know
what you speak of after all.

Tell me. How is it you can walk in daylight?

- I'm fighting the infection.
- That's impossible.

Some days I have to agree.

I'm sorry. In our present situation
we can't afford to take any chances.

- You must understand...
- Wait.

You can trust them. Gabriel.

- Julia. What are you...
- What. Luke?

Why didn't I go to the London bureau

and file a report on vampires
taking over the government of Romania?

- I almost feel safer here.
- You're insane. You know that?


I'm just a journalist
in need of an airtight story.

I realized that about 30 seconds
after you gentlemen left me in the dust.

Put them in the stockade for the night.

Why do I have to be in here?
I'm not diseased.

In case your friend gets hungry.

You're a strange man.

Either a hero or a demon.
I'm not sure which.

- But come dawn. You are free to go.
- Tell me. Where can we find him?

Just follow the slaughter. He'll find you.

You'll let me know if you're gonna
slip over the edge. Right?


Don't worry. You'll know.

What's goin' on?

Oh. Jesus. They're inside.
Where's Julia?

The key...

- Julia!
- Quiet.

Shit. This is not good. Man.

Hold on! Hold on. I've got the keys.

- How many are there?
- I didn't stop for a head count. I'm afraid.

- You two stay here.
- No...

No fucking... way.

No. You can't this to us again.

Stay away from the door. I'll come back
when I've found a way out.

- In case I'm not back by dawn.
- Wait!

Oh. Shit.

Oh. God...

- Give me the keys.
- No. You heard what he said. No.

I think he's got 'em on the run. Though.
And that's when I'm at my best. So here.

Maybe we should just wait.


Here. Take them.

- Oh. God. What if that's Uffizi?
- It's impossible.

- What makes you so sure?
- Because if it is. We are screwed.

Oh. God.

Every day. I wonder if I can
still burn out the infection.

And when I'll finally be like them.

You'll never be like them.

Maybe I already am.



Hey. Guys! Over here!

D. G... check it out.

Looks like our tour guide's back in action.

Do you think he's got the hookup
with the big guy himself or what?

Oh. My...

This... He will suffer for this.

Take her back. Luke.

- No.
- I don't think so.

Go. Get out of here now. Both of you.

I didn't travel nine billion miles
to turn back now. It's not gonna happen.

- This is not your fight.
- He has Elizabeth. That makes it my fight.

Elizabeth is gone!

Whatever you find. It won't be her.

It won't be.

Take Julia.
Get out of here if you still can.

Look. Julia can make her own decisions.
And Julia's sticking with the program. OK?

Whatever is beyond there.
I won't be able to protect either of you.

I won't.

You're committing yourselves to death.
Or worse.

Well. I had that pretty much figured out
when we left the train station in Bucharest.


Look. I... I'm going with you.

Whoa! This cat's got something for TV.

He's got dishes all over the place.

I see several guards. A few procurers.

I don't think our odds are
gonna get any better than that.

What about our friend? Do you see him?

- Don't see him.
- Look harder. He should be with them.

- Son of a bitch!
- No!

I could kill you both.
But then you would be worthless to me.

No... Luke!

And above all else.
I'm a competent businessman.

No! Luke!

Maybe you'll thank me.
Then again. Maybe you won't.




This place is a fucking slaughterhouse.

Come on.





The lady and I have been waiting.


Come on. Have a sip of her.

Not too sweet. Just a hint of spice.

Lingers on the palate.

Prolonged maceration adds complexity
to the most common vintage.

Starvation makes it blue.

- Where's Julia?
- Julia... Julia...

- What have you done with Elizabeth?
- Elizabeth...

Yes. Mm... Yes. Nice little body.

Nice bouquet.

Tell me what you've done with Elizabeth!
Where is she?

You must be longing for her.

Do you want her?


Pure and innocent?

Do I remember you?


The coroner's little sidekick.

The one who steals the dead.


There are no dead here.

Just the fucked-up dead.

The never-ending dying.
Waiting for the end of time.

I used to live for this moment.

- You're not worthy.
- Let me see Elizabeth first.

- You're asking me a favor?
- Yeah.

You want me to forget how I was
made to suffer because of you.

Tortured and degraded? Huh?

I should rip your heart out

and feed it to the dogs.

"Because an old dog
needs a special diet just for him. "

- Where is she?
- Gone. To you.

No. She's gone to you.

Too much of a good thing
takes away your edge.

You really wanna see her?
You think you have the stomach for it?


She has found the taking of innocent blood
to be unbearable.

She's addicted to her sisters now.

Her mind is consumed by conscience.


She will go mad soon.

Unless you think you can save her.

Be careful.

They will bite.






Elizabeth. Hey. It's me. It's Luke.

It's me.

It's Luke.


I've come to take you out of here. OK? OK?

Let's go. I wanna get you outta here.
Come on.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry for getting you into this.
I'm so sorry.

You came all this way...

You know how long
I've been looking for you?

You came all this way to save me.

I love you.


Luke? Luke?

You know.
Even if we find your friend.

You may wish you hadn't.

I'm so sorry...

I love you...

$30 million...

$30 million for the secret of eternal life.


Get up here. Luke.

There's someone coming. OK?

And still no word on the whereabouts
of EBC correspondent. Julia Hughes.

And her camera crew.

Wreckage of their helicopter has been
located in the village of Bistrita.

But no bodies have yet been found
at the crash site.

NATO peacekeepers
are continuing the search.

The Romanian consul general
has offered his help

in determining
what happened to the TV crew

in the hours after their rendezvous
with rebel leaders in the north.

A nightly fixture of households
throughout Europe.

Ms. Hughes is truly one of the most
respected and beloved personalities

in all of broadcasting.

NATO peacekeepers are continuing...

Her disappearance has already intensified
scrutiny into rumored atrocities

within the insular Romanian republic.

Nocturnal attacks from unseen guerilla
forces have continued to plague villages...

Do I have news for you?

At night. When normal people
sit in front of their TVs watching you.

My little angels are giving birth
in growing numbers.

Changing the course
and destiny of mankind.

Or something like that.

Argh! Aargh!

But... you're... dead.

I know.



You're very pretty on TV.
But even more beautiful in the flesh.

The dress becomes you. Don't you think?

It used to belong to my favorite bride.

Is this your idea of seduction?


I don't think so.

I thought I lost you.

Close your eyes.

Come. Father.

We are in heaven.

Hallow is my middle name.

The last time we met you were
generous enough to grant me absolution.

But only through God's forgiveness
can I truly die.

I wonder. Are you ready to forgive me?

Do you even speak with God's authority

In the name of the Almighty Father.

His Blessed Son. And the Holy Spirit...

you are forgiven.

Until... death do us part.

You know. I never felt this alive
in a thousand years.



You can still save her. You know.

Have all you've been denied.

But are you worthy?



Surrender to me.


Will you bless me?

Will you take away the pain

for all the little angels
who gave their body and soul?

Will you take betrayal.
Blasphemy. The plague?

Will you take away the hills of time?

Don't fail me now.


- Fuck you.
- Too late now.

Consider yourself... forgiven.

It's over...



No. You can't do this.


But you can.

- There's gotta be something we can do.
- You came all this way to save me.

- And you will.
- There's gotta be some other way.

You're dying. Julia.

Is there anything...
anything you want to confess?

I've had impure thoughts...

about you.

As I have... about you.


If that doesn't damn us both to hell.
Then what does?

I don't think... I don't think
I've seen you smile before.

It looks good.



...let me...



Sun's up.

We should get going.

In a moment.