Dracula (2006) - full transcript

The Romanian count known as Dracula is summoned to London by Arthur Holmwood, a young Lord who is one the verge of being wed. Unknown to Arthur's future bride Lucy, her future husband is infected with syphilis and therefore cannot consummate their future marriage. Arthur has laid his hopes on being cured by the enigmatic count, as it is said that Dracula has extraordinary powers. However, these supernatural powers have sinister origins, since the Count is a vampire. Soon Arthur realizes his serious mistake as all hell breaks loose and the Count infects others with his ancient curse. Fortunately, Dracula has not counted on the young Lord acquiring the assistance of the Dutch Vampire expert. Prof. Abraham Van Helsing.


LONDON, 1899

- Lord Holmwood.
- Lucy.

- Shell we walk, Arthur?
- No. Thank you.

- Is only formal.
- Yes, it is.

- Shell we walk?
- Yes.

I have a pocket-poem to read.

Please don't read the poem.


It is one good there.

Listen to me:

"My love is better than highborn to me...

riched than wealth,
proud that gone of clothes?

and more delight
hawks and horses be,

and having
the advolments pride I boast.?

- Miss. Westenra.
- Yes.

- Miss. Westenra.
- Yes.

Yes. Yes!

Where is he, my boy?

I want to see my boy!

I gave her life.

- Gentlemens?
- I want him now!

Now! Now!

Now! Now!

I know this is controversion?

the grand pool on
Beefsteak Grill of the The Lyceum.

I think we would have to go in the White's,
or to prefer, in the Kettners.


I asked Lucy to marry with me, John.

She's accepted.

I know how much you liked her?

- Arthur?
- No, see with children.

- Now I wish this with...
- Shell we go with it?

... another woman, John.
But I can't left without him.

- Shell we eat?
- Not tonight.

I've been take at night in Whitby after
summer. I was convoked.

I wanted to talk with you
before leaving.

We chose somebody to Whitby?

I found that you not age
welcome there.

The doctors send to me.

Have how much time you don't see him?

Five or six years.

To ask for to your frendship, John?

Of course.



What it is this?

How old where you, when
your mother die?

Three years.

I attended her. I think is a chilly
to die in an accident.

I believe?

she was where, she sufferes
in the same deseases...

what was takeing with your father.

Say it.


I believe your father called this,
from sexual imorality.

Had infected your mother.

And I believe you
had been infected above.

In that atiude suffered detterioration
of her mind...

- and her body.
- Is there nothing... is there...?

Continue to speak long to me
Dr. Blore, because my blow of us...

society not speaking
off athitude greating...

...is descusting opposite?
What hope is for me?

I regret, but science, medicine...

not provide no defence.

The prear is your defence.

- No one is know of this.
- John, for her safe.

Your marriage with Miss. Westenra
must not procced.

I will continue the wedding, John.

You are Arthur's frend.

- Arthur's.
- And my friend.

There is a chance for me before I...

I introduced you to Arthur, wasn't?

It was just 12.

You know that.

Don't stop again with the child, John.

You introduce to protect
and cherish the explosion mothers.

And anything we said back down,
listen... John?


Someones want to have everithing,
don't no?

The talent and the money,
is the rest end.


Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death...

I will fear no evil?

Thy rod and thy staff?

they comfort me?

Why evil sakeing me?


Mr. Singleton?

Lord Holmwood.

Thank you.
Thank you all for comeing.

You are late!

For a very, very good reason.

- Calm down, the people go to look at.
- I passed far for the university?

to post the results of the
finaly examinations...

Let me see.

Oh, Jonathan!

Calm down, Mina,
the people go to look at!

As many if you knew,
i've had difficult times...

but when I and Miss. Westenra
we will marry next year...

she will make me the happyest man
alive. To Lucy.

To Lucy!

You don't want to be married me?


- If you prosperment for next year...
- It was for the summer.

- It was arranged to this summer.
- Lucy?

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

I am not here for prosperiment,

I want to be with you now.

We will be married in summer.

- Mina!
- Hello.

I am glad to you could come.

Why didn't see more of you?

You keep a young man
locked in house?

Arthur, you remember the
Mina Murray, we had scools together.

- Of course.
- And this is Jonathan Harker, her friend.

Please to meet you, sir.

They will go to be married at some time
of the next decade, she isn't, Mina?

Jonathan wants to wait for next summer,
this is unaxceptable.

Jonathan just passed in the exams
for solicitor, this was our plan?

- to wait until being all certainty.
- Come!

- You will be solicitor?
- Yes, Sir.

Of which firm?

Hawkins, Bates and Company.

Is not familiar the name.

No, it is a small firm, sir.
General transferences.

But Mr. Hawkins and I.


What it find an exciting word,

It is exciting.

Can I make the order,
Mr. Hawkins?

No, no, no.
To many important thing to make.

Influential clients.

The future of our firm,
my fine young solicitor.

- And the future of our firm?
- Who is the new client?

One Mr. Singleton.
It has the long face.

It seems a tablet,
but we don't care about that.

- Do we care about that?
- No!

We don't.
The full-mentioned is Mr. Singleton?

has an associate that he is transferring
some businesses for here.

Mr. Singleton is acquiring
a series of properties?

in the name of it, and it wants that
let us make the transferences.

To complishing the work,
one of us?

that he isn't old, and it yearns for
for travel and other excitements?

will visit Transilvania, and transfer the
details personally?

ad deal with any matters
may occur.

What's the name of the associate?

Conte Dracula.
A nobleman.

A nobleman very private,
according to Singleton Face-of-Rock?

wich prefers to remain private.

I assured him, the discretoion
is our wachword?

Mrs. with who we wake up
all the mornings?

He said that for this reserve,
we would be rewarded hardsomely.

Questions, my boy?

Where it is Transilvania?

Cherris to come with me?

Well, I cherrish to go in Florence
with you.

Or for Athens.

And we will, for Paris and Venice.

- And Vienna.
- And Vienna.

- We will make these things?
- Of course we will make these things.

This is the begining, Mina.

When we will look back in the time,
we will see that was where our life started.

- No. John, John. We must wait.
- I do not want to wait.

- Be safe.
- I will be safe.

Be safe and write.

I embarked in the Bistritz
with eight hours lap.

It seems Mina, that further is
to the east of the Europe?

but less prompt the train.

Tonight I got a coach to across
the Carpatian Mountains?

until the Transilvania.

In my guide, I wrote all
the superstitions of the world?

is got in the horseshoe in the

From wavials to witchcrafts.

As if it was in the center
of an imaginary world.



Gutten haben mine hern.
Ich heintz Jonathan Harker.

I know who you are.

Well, then you know I have an
apartement with Conte Dracula.

- I am Dracula.
- Please to meet you, sir.

- You must be hungry.
- Yes. Very tired.

Then, you need to eat.
We have much to go.

You have something for me,
from Mr. Singleton?

Yes. From Mr. Hawkins, my master.
Bishopsgate, London, sir.



You will stay in this room these days.

This castle is not safe.

The covered cart will be in the
Ticket tomorrow at 6h.

She will be that its driver
it could take me until there?

I wait to conclude the busineses
on evening tomorrow.

In all day I am busy.

You will have to serve me next day.

Sleep well.

You said, Mr. Harker left England
to Europe single two weeks ago.

Yes. To Transilvania.

And you know that Mr. Hawkins
was found ded in his office?


In which part of Transilvania is
Mr. Harker?

I don't know.

Did he even tell the name of the client?

He has a "confidence clause"
in the contract of the firm of it, sir.

And Mr. Harker
is a conscious lawyer.

Miss. Murray?

I have to tell you, we didn't find no records
of the Transilvanian client, on the papers?

in Mr. Hawkins office.

Is nothing there...

And the final property is situated
in Shadwell.

In the extreme east of London,
to old surface.

What is the distance betwen
Mr. Singleton's house in Chelsea?

9 kilometers.

There is an other business.

wich comes direct of Mr. Singleton,

He said that is confidential.
For your eyes only.

Jonathan Harker
September 15. 1897

- How old are you?
- 24, sir.

- 24.
- Yes, Sir.

Are you or not, married?

I'm in gage.

- Tell me about it.
- She is?

I have picture here.


Some times, I?

wonder I have been late?

to see the distance,
without to know that is there.




Mr. Singleton!

Who gave the right to
take Hawkins life and makeing

that it was a murder?

For what was sending that boy?

Do you think he will coming back
from Transilvania, my Lord?

Yes. Isn't he?

It was essential, for our good,
that all the tracks?

that they led to the Brotherhood
they were extinguished.

Therefore they would take you?

that it financed the purchase
of the properties of it.

This is not what I wanted.

What did you want?

I heard you've had a knowlege
of a faith, would could help me.

I do.

That its religion is of
a perpetual blood, some kind of?

transfusion with this clean
my madnesess blood?

this is what you promised
if I brought?

this magician to this country.

I can guarantee your transfusion.

I will be well?

You will be cured by faith.

Yes. But first?

you must have faith,
to be initiated in our religion?

to demands future contribution
for our church, my Lord.

Your fate is what you wish.

- Are you religious?
- Yes, Sir.

Tell me about the English man
and he's God.

England is the center
of the Christian world.

But even in the center
of the Christian world there are?

?a fev of fev little adoradores
in the altar of Christ ".

- I don't believe that is truth.
- But I read it.

In that study I find a
secularism, a religious doubt.

We, English, believe
that we are the people of God.


- God is an English man ?
- Yes.


Why another London reason
it would be an empire?

what has covered the quarter
of the globe?

All that grows...
All the time.

These discussions have
beneficial for me.

Books don't teach
so much about a country.

You will stay more time.



Jonathan? Jonathan...




Excuse me.

Thank you...
Thank you, thank you... so much.

- Don't cry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry...

Come on.

Tell me...

You look so beautyfull...
and happy.

I tired so hard not to cry.

- Is Jonathan still in Europe?
- Something is wrong, Lucy.

- Is nothing wrong!
- There is, I know that!

Mr. Hawkins was killed
soon after he left?

and I not receive any letter from
Jonathan since its trip of train, I?

Mr. Hawkins was died
during an assault, did he?

Jonathan will come back in
six months later?

all of its letters will arrive
in a big bag. I know it?

I am worried so much, I sleep
in his room to feel close to him.

- Come to Whitby this summer.
- No.

Please! I might be good in
to the society and my friends.

- Promise me, that you will come.
- Don't worry about that.

? he want to see you, Sir.

- You came...
- Of course I did.

- This means lot to me.
- Good.


I have to leave to attent
a business.

What? Business?

Just something what
must be attented, Lucy.

Than I go for Yorkshire
as we plannned.

- Arthur.
- And I will join as soon as I can.

- But it is our wedding night, Arthur.
- Do what I ask.


Let it begin.

Lord of the night?

hear me.

- Answer me.
- What is the answer?

He will be on a ship, on the water,
wich we consern.

He travels in lands
not santificadas?

the only place where he feel in safe
and congregates his forces.

I want regular notice on
progress of the ship, ordered?

for me in Yorkshire.

I go to take my wife until there,
to keep it far from everything.

But I will come back to London
as soon as I can, to sight the ship.

And when I will be cured?

I want send up whatever
he's called up.

And you gentlemens,
never come to me again.

It's been in my family
for generations.

It's beautyfull.

It's more. I have?

Don't? Lucy.

No, I don't want these.

I want you.

Come to bed, my husband.

With time, things will be right.

We will have a normal union.

Yust give me a little time.

- I go to place them in safe.
- What was that?

- Nothing.
- Where you going?

- I get some sleep.
- Arthur!

I said! I said sleep.

Mina? Mina? Mina?

Is the most beautyfull place.

I love to come up here to read.

How can you read so close
of all these bodies?

The sacstant told me that the majority
of these tombs are empty.

They are sailors,
her bodies has lost in the sea?

the tombs are for the families.

That one?

that's a suicide. He should not have
to be here at all.

His family was rich, then
they scribed ?Beloved Husband??

but everybody knows that he murdered
his wife and hand himself.

Appearance can be deceptive.

Like marriage, and men.

How is Arthur?

Is distant.

Is distant, Mina.
Is occuped.

I hardly see him.

It passes all days
in businesses.

All night sending telegrams and
receiving them. I think?

I think... I will make much this.


As a storm.

As a storm is comeing.

Which is the name of the church
under of the monastery, Arthur?

- Obliged, Stephens.
- St. Mary's.

He is same?

Mina said that them internal pillars
they remember deck supports.

As if the church was
a run aground ship.

- What's the matter with you?
- I feel very tired, my Lord.

I'l go?

He's sons boat did not came back yet.
Because of the storm.

I don't want to speak with anybody,

Mr. Singleton is here, Sir.
He sais is urgent.

Demeter was seen yesterday
entering the English Canal.

- What are you doing here?
- I was exepted the dock?

to 24-hour in London.

But what did he doing in direction
to the north of the coast east of England?

- Traweling. - To an uncommon speed.
Traceking the storm.

- Why would he do that?
- Because that is comeing here.

Matthew, the lanterns, quiqly!

David, catches the ropes
of the cocheiras. Hurry! Hurry!

Hurry, men!

For the coast. Hurry!

What's happening?

A boat is trubbleing.
It does not obtain to enter in the port.

- We must go?
- Shell we?

Shell we?

You already seen death?

My parents.

But you already see
somebody to die?


So, why we don't go?

I want to experience this.

Why we are not in the wharf,
with the men?

in feeling cold,
scared alive, Mina?

It's been 3 weeks to our marriage,
and I'm still consummated.

I sought that person
would have to be experienced?

but it is not experienced.

He withdraws every time
I touch him.

It has a violence in it
when I come near.

It is as soon as are the things?
It is this that happens?

Is he touched you?

I think?

that something became different,
if I touched him in that way.

Because I want that happen!

I want to live a full life with him,
Mina, but how I make it.

I need this.
I do not want to live intouched.

Is Jonathan experienced?

I don't know.

Did he touched you?

- Yes.
- Mina?

Not fully, but he wanted to.

- How is make you fell?
- Did you touch him.

Did you, Mina?


No, because the child.
I wish I had...

Is been ded for days,
strubted the wheel.

Does't have crew.

It must to be crew,
Sergeant Kirk.

Nobody entered or left the ship
since that it beached.

- No passengers?
- Well?

in accordance with the register of the ship,
it had 14 souls on Demeter?

when she left the Black Sea.

13 crew and one paying passenger.

It seems to be an Englishman, sir.
Mr. Jonathan Harker.

Lucy, please, go back to the house,
and take your friend. Now!

No! No!

The only cargo on board, sir,
it a great wooden box?

that it seems to be full of land,
more nothing.

The orders paper
are in order, Sir.

If the box is empty,
then where is he?

You said that he needs a hall of ground
to travel in rest. So you lie?

- No.
- Then, where is he?

If is some here, why isn't he make
contact with me?

Find him. That box will go
to delay some days to leave?

but when it leaves,
follows it until London.

And if it does not travel with the box?

If it will have some papers here?

I think I am not a handdle man.

What is this a Slav?

It is my country, my guest,
and he will do what I say.

Come in.

What is it?


Arthur, the Englishman of the ship
was the Mina's fianc?.

He was in busines in Balkan
for as two months.

She was expecting him back.

Why didn't he dock in Whitby?

She doesn't know.

She is beside her self with worry.

Please, do it to find him.

All mens of that ship
are died, Lucy.

Do this one thing for me, Arthur.




Jonathan! Jonathan!

Oh, I'm sorry.

Can I help you?

I'm sorry. I thought?

What is it?

I thought that you are my fianc?.

Why did you thought?

The clothes are seemed.
And I think that he was in that ship.

All died on that ship.

Thank you.

If he is dead,
I don't want to live.

I do not want to have 25 years,
or 35?

or 95 years,
not to be far from it.

I understand.

I hate this feeling,
but I am so scared to lose it.

Then you deny
the power of the heart.

It's power is to deal with the loss.

Without it,
the sadness in would kill them.

Jonathan is dead.

The death is a renaissance.

A new life.

- I thougt that I would find you here.
- Lucy!

Are you going to introduce me?

My name is Conte Dracula.

Lady Holmwood.


Are you visiting England,
Conte Dracula?

- No, I live here now.
- In Whitby?

Soon in London.

First I atted a pleasure
in Whitby.

I fear I have to apologize to Conte Dracula
to mistaken with Jonathan.

Don't worry about this.

- We should go.
- Yes. Yes, we should.

- Good bye.
- Good bye.

Forgive me, Conte.

You must take me rude, but?

if you not have plans tonight?

you would accept the invitation
to dinner with us?

Is such a scarcity of society here.

It would be a pleasure.

Also has the theater.

You love the theater in London,
Conte Dracula. Were he, Mina?


It's so flaring,
it's so full of life.

Sometimes, is so beautyfull
that I?


What? Count me...

Well, sometimes, is so beautyfull
that the life end here.

Because the life cannot be better
of what to be there.

In that night. In that city.


Oh, you joining us!

Arthur, may I introduce
Conte Dracula.

He would dining with us tonight.

Lucy, Miss. Murray,
will you excuse us, please?


Would live us alone
with this gentleman?

Arthur, Conte Dracula is my guest.
I invited him in this home?

You! Take your hands of me?

- We should go, Lucy.
- Go!

- Arthur!
- Please, Lucy.


The agreement was we will meet
in London. I think I was clear.

I paid for your passage?

I acquired properties in agreement
with your specifications.

I assured your legal residence
in this country.

What are you doing here?

I am only go where I am desired.
Where I am invited in.

How did you know I was here?

I did not come behind you.

Then, what are doing here?

I enjoy the women in this house.


Listen, sir, if deliver you
for authorities?

you will be hanged
for what you did on that ship.

I want to know who you are,
and what you are.

I want to know if what this?

gentleman said about you
is truth.

- What did he said?
- Master.

That you lived 900 years.

And you can transfuse me
with your blood.

That you can take this death
out of me.

Don't think you can control me.

You will become my slave.

You will watch how is it takes.
Are you?

Do you love your country?
Your God?

Then, many of you will die.

- Thank you for coming so soon.
- How is, Arthur?

You said in the telegram
that he is seriously sick.

- What's the matter with her?
- You will see.

- What was the doctor said?
- You are the doctor.

If it is so serious, why didn't call
a local doctor?

Why isn't she in hospital?

Lucy and I need someone
I can trust.

And you love her.
We will try to trust.

- She is so cold.
- Has how much time is she ill?

Since this morning.

- John?
- My beloved.

What is happening with me,

Try to sleep a little.
I am here now.

She needs a blood transfusion

- She is bleeding?
- I don't know, I don't know.

She lost so much blood that she's bed
must have turned a swimming pool.

Thank you, Miss. Murray.

No hospitals.

If she doesn't take a transfusion,
she will die, Arthur.

- She will die at the end of the day.
- So you do it.

What's happened here?

She is only one disease.
Do the transfusion.

Strok your arm.


If we make this here, she needs
your blood. Strok your arm.

Your arm.

This cannot continue.
Lucy need better cares.

- She goes to a hospital.
- Use your own blood now.

Or I blow up its marrows
in this room, interest for God.

What are these marks
on her neck?

I don't know.

After this, we will watch her
all night.

And if we observe
any signal of worsening?

we will search further assistance.

You found him?

The magistrate liberated the box.

The men already had placed
in a wagon.

I think he is in London tonight.

What is happening with
my wife? Is it he?

He is takeing her, my Lord.
Drinking her blood.

What is this creature?

He is drinking her blood and return.
He won't make her own.

- She will become dead-alive.
- Get out!

You don't have any idea
what you wish!

Get out!

What's going on in this house?

What you mean?

Who is the man who
tallks to Holmwood in such a way?

I do not know.
He arrived some days ago.

Said Lucy anithing about problems
in his marriage?

About Holmwood?

- Yes.
- What did she said?

They had private conversations.

They didn't have nothing to see with her health,
then they remain private.

How was he treating?


Dr. Seward?

Dr. Seward?

Can I take for Lucy this breakfast?


I take him.



Lucy. Lucy!

Lucy. Lucy.

?I am the resurrection and the light?,
says the Lord.

"He is believed in me?

even go to die, but shell he live. ?

Though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death...

I will fear no evil;
Thy rod and thy staff comfort me.

Now we commit the body
of Your daugter to the ground?

in shure and certain hope
of resurrection to eternal life?

who shell change our vile body?

to belong and his glorious body.

Lord has mercy for us.

Christ have mercy for us.

Miss. Murray.
You must tell me what you know.

I am a man of science,
I am not had for the religion?

I deal in facts. Lucy's dead
has no scientific explanation.

Something was despeatly wrong
in that room, between those people

- and Arthur?
- No!

No, I have nothing to say
to you, doctor.

He hand the gun to my had,
and forced me to trate her?

therefore he didn't want that nobody
knew why she was dying.

He hand the gun to my had!

I will find who killed him.

I also had lost my love, John.

And I discover ocean for him.

I want eweryone in this world
looking for him? just...

I should know what happened.
So his grave is not empty.

That this will bring well?

We must know
for our loved, John.

I will let to go.

To leave they rest in peace.


You will not need that!

It is kneel.

It is kneel!

Master, we have done all you asked.

London is opened.

We are servants, master,
came humblly for you.?

to take our place
on your right hand.

Master, I serve to you.

Dracula isn't in England, isn't he?

Who is Dracula?

They had not died yet?
Those that had invited it here?

Their bodies are upstairs.

Who? Who?

You must get away from here
before he comes back.

Is night, he is hunting,
but he will return.

What's happened here?
Tell me what's happened.

Is Holmwood misstreted you?

Holmwood? Who is Holmwood?

You must take caire!
You must get me away from here.

I will take care of you,
but I have to know everything.

Yes, all starts.

The first lesson that the man learned
it was that the tree of the wisdom kills?

e exactly thus, years later,
still we desire its fruit?

we still have to know everything.

How much time have been here?

They treat me like an animal
because I know excessively.

What is your name?

Your name?

My name is Abraham.

Abraham Van Helsing.

- She is a woman.
- Yes.

Then, she can not know this.
You must protect her?

you must take avay for this now.

I told everithing to Mr. Harker.

- Tell him what you told me.
- She is a woman!

These men?

Singleton, Cotford, and this
Holmwood lord of who had spoken?

he must be
who finances them?

they have a society?

they are members of the Brotherhood
of Dead-Living creature.

Of course, I wanted to know the truth
of their religion?

then, they had puted in charge to me?

my life was dedicated
to study the religion daily pay-Christian?

to investigate
the popular stories?

the superstition of Vampire?

wich is oldest and most powerful?

And so...,
I travelled to Transilvania.

The Vampire exists,
Van Helsing was its prisoner.

But he was protected
by his cross.

- John?
- This is what he says.

The Vampire finishes freeing?

with instructions of
the Brotherhood?

he comes
for England with invitation?

but with some conditions.
He wants properties both.

He covered to London.

The Brotherhood saw what happened
with Van Helsing?

and had been scared
to go back to Transilvania.

Then, they had contracted an innocent stops
to detail the properties pra it.

E the Vampire travels back
to England in to the Demeter?

under the innocent's name.

This is what he says.

John, this man is ill,
he needs help!

I found him in the bilge of a house
that has a black altar!

Holmwood adores in that house!

He is not a man
of a private society, John!

- These things do not exist.
- I can assure to it, madame?

even now, this night?

there are people meeting
in this city?

trying to find new answers
for old questions?

searching its headquarters
for knowledge.

The old died are raising.

I want you to stay,
trust in Christ.

I found that they were only
whims of the intellectuals?

games of hall for the unsatisfied ones,
but I saw?

I saw spirits,
i saw metamorphoses?

- I saw deads walk.
- No.

Mina, Van Helsing believe that
the Vampire was in Whitby?

and attacked Lucy. That perhaps
Holmwood offered him as a sacrifice.

- What did he say to you?
- Go away!

Go... away! Go away!

Lucy's marriage was
unconsummated, Dr. Seward.

That was her exyity
with her marriage. Nothing more.

What are you doing?

I try catching loaned pra to go back
to Holland. I pay to him to return.

- No, you must stay and help.
- No, we are not in safe!

This Vampire got back in London
he will go to start, slowly?

to spread his plague.

But before, he began he will go to kill
all those that they know?

that he is here.
We aren't in safe!

Arthur, wake up.

I found a house in Chelsea.

Singleton and his man are died.

You murdered Lucy, didn't you?

- No.
- You kept it virgin?

because you fuites value purety
above all life.

She was a gift
for this Dracula, wasn't she?

I didn't want him to die.

I wanted to live a life with her!

Then, why become involved with
devolists and atheists like Singleton?

They had kept the true who they really were,
John. And I was despaired!

If madness and deseases
they were its destination?

you would not look for in the entire world
a way to deceive the death?

I only wanted Lucy?

but if I had expressed
my love physically?

it would have died of s?filis.

She is in the God's hands.

What do you go to do?
This creature covers London.

He wants to be the spider in the center
of the wed of empire?

spreading his plague over the world,
telling as for his own kind.

In the name of Jesus,
we have to find where?

he was and destroy him before
the whole world become a blackout.

Good evening, Miss. Murray.

Good evening.

I wait that if it does not matter
for I to have looked for it.

London is a solitary place
for who it finished to arrive.

It is a solitary place
when you know it.

- With as many people?
- Crowds can be solitary.

I like the crowds.

Please sit down.

May I?


I enyoyed the day when we pass
together in Yorkshire.

You and Lady Holmwood,
was wellcomed to me.

I wait that Lady Holmwood
is well.

Lucy is dead.

We embed her two days ago.

Oh dear.

Lucy and Jonathan were
my closest friends.

I don't know what to do.

I come here to this restaurant
where Jonathan always came?

I sleep in Jonathan's room
because I want?

To be close to it.

You want consolation.

- Yes.
- Human Heat.

In sadness times,
all we look human heat.

I don't have with who I talk to.

You have me.

I will listen tonight.

I will confort you.

If we really confront with
this Vampire?

we must make it
to the dawn.

Not now,
but when he is weakkest.

And then, we have a chance
to destroy it.

If Dracula has a tenth of power
I think he has, how we will do that?

With faith.

Oh! what could be faith?

The faith is everything, Lord Holmwood .

The future generations will laugh...
yes will laugh of our science.

But not of our faith.

Faith... keps this force not to fear
what we do not understand?

the blackout, of death.

Now you need to say me as
its wife was in the coffin.

If she drank his blood?

she became Dead-Alive,
must be destroyed.

Did she looked health?


And her teeth?
They had grown?


She drank his blood.

If we take shortcut this way,
we will find a cab close to the river.

Miss. Murray.


I know you.

You are my husband.

Yes I know what you wanted?

Conte? Conte?

John wanted me.

Can I come to you?


Conte, where are you?

It is written that she is necessary to
make right the heart of a time?

Take it away!

I smell the pureness
in your hair.

So rare.

So rare.

She is no more Lucy, Sir.

She will go to walk all night
with the plague in her blood?

- and let she destroyed!
- Rest in peace you, devil!

No! No!

You must reach the heart of it
of a time, that is what is written.

Please, no! no!

I loved you.

I do not know what wilI come before
I ask You for pardon, sir.

But I ask You, please, enter
my heart and he give me straight?

straight You showed
in Getsemane to face the death.

So that I can face and destroy
this badly that I freed.

Give me the force for this,
My Father to me.

But for this.

Who is? Who is?

Mina, is John Seward.
Will you let me in?

Go away.
Go away with your madness!

- Mina, you must listen.
- No.

There are no vampires!
John, this is madness!

Miss. Murray,
the Vampire is in Whitby.

He did attacked Lucy.
He is the man called Dracula.

And Jonathan?

Did you send him there?

I didn't know
that he would not come back.

We had the whole life
in front of us.

I loved him.

I loved him, you murderer!


It is almost amanhed.

Miss. Murray, we will leave.
The room secure for you?

but please, do not try to leave.

Do not open the window or the door
for nobody.

Please, do not let me stay
me alone. Please.

Miss. Murray, we have that to find
and end what he has been done.

Then, I can go with you.
Do not leave me alone, please.

Now we have to search this place.

There must be papers here to tell us
where other properties are.

One of them must be exosized.

Soon he will discover where they are
the places of Sate in London?

the lands not santificated,
the tombs of the suicidal ones.

And from these places,
it will congregate great forces.

Until there, he must lie her body.

Singleton here was suicide.
And he was remowed.

If he was embedded in this house,
find him.

The bilges.

I can't go. I can't!

- Get back upstairs, Mina.
- No.

If this creature killed my love,
and I want it dead.

My Father who art in Heaven?

Hallow Your name?

By kingdom comes?

By we will done?

Thus in the Land as in the Sky?


He is not here.


You... Let her live!

Take me.

Mina, go!
Run, Mina! Go!

Why chose death?



Throu mystery of the Cruz
commands you!

The faith of martires
commands you!

The blood of Christ

Thrue his heart?
Do you get his heart?



Dearly Beloved
Born 1875 - Left 1899

I walk away for you today.

Distanciei me of what it was
being said for you.

That wasn't you.

I know you don't understand,

but during every year
that still I have?

I don't think I will visit your grave.

Or I light a candle for you,
use black clothes.

These besteiras are not for us.
It does not stop you and I.

Forever I will find you in Vienna,
in Florencia?

and Paris and New York?

in a world that always is opening.

I will carry with me all years,
my brave... brave boy.

Always young, while I grow up.

Always full of life.

Always, Jonathan... Always.

- You had my adress?
- Yes.

You will contact me
if you need to?

- Yes, Sir.
- Good.

So then, good bye.

- You are coming to the port.
- No, No, No, No.

It's a sunny day...
it would be a crime?

with two young people,
wich was spending separately.

Offen to the sun.
Go, go!

What will we doing?
About for hours?

- Are you hungry?
- Yes.

Yes. Yes.