Dracula (1974) - full transcript

Dracula is searching for a woman who looks like his long dead wife.

Thank you.

(Native language)

My name is Harker.. Jonathan Harker.

I believe you have a room for me.

Uh... (Native language)

Da. Jonathan Harker.

(Native language)

Yes, da.




(Native language)

This letter is for me?

Da, da, da. You.

"My Friend,

"Welcome to the Carpathians.

"Sleep well tonight.

"At 10:00 tomorrow morning,

"The diligence will start for Bukovina.

"A place on it has been kept
for you.

"At the Borgo Pass,

"My calèche will await you

"And will bring you to me.

"I trust that your journey
from England

"Has been a happy one

"And that you will enjoy your stay

"In my beautiful land.

Your Friend, Dracula."

(Native language)






(Native language) Mr. Harker.

(Native language)

I'm sorry.
I do not understand you.

You are stopping here?

Oh, yes. What did he say?

He said you must either wait
here by yourself

or continue on with us to Bukovina.

Oh, I cannot do that.

I am being met here to be
taken to my destination.

May I ask you, Sir,
what is your destination?

Castle Dracula.

Are you to take me to Castle Dracula?

Are you to take me to Castle Dracula?

Driver, slow down!


Oh, good evening.

I am Jonathan Harker.

I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting.

Welcome to my house.

Enter freely and of your own will.

I am Dracula.

I bid you welcome, Mr. Harker.

Thank you.

For a moment,
I thought that perhaps nobody would...

Mr. Hawkins bade me give you
this on my arrival.

Thank you, Mr. Harker.

I pray you, be seated and eat.

Excuse me that I do not join you,

but I have dined already.

Your employer speaks well of you.

He is very kind.

So what properties do you
have that will interest me?

Actually, quite a few.

I have some photographs in my luggage.

I must see them.

As soon as I have unpacked, I'll..


Yes, of course.


Some of these are quite suitable.

Who is this young lady?

The one on the right is my
fiancé, Miss..

No, Mr. Harker.

This one.

Oh, Miss Lucy Westenra.

She's my fiancé's dearest friend.

And the young man?

Mr. Arthur Holmwood.

They also are engaged.

As a matter of fact,

Miss Westenra lives quite
near Carfax,

one of the properties I want
you to consider.



Your fiancé is lovely.

You are very fortunate.

Thank you.

I would like to know more
about this Carfax.

Well, to be honest, Count,

Carfax is not the best of the lot.

You could do much better.

The house is old and dilapidated

and much in need of repair.

On the contrary, my young friend,

I am glad it is old.

I, myself, am of an old family,

and to live in a new house
would distress me.

Interestingly enough,

Carfax was the only house on
the list we submitted to you

that I personally suggested
to Mr. Hawkins.


Well, how fortuitous for me.

Then it is settled.

Carfax will be my new home.

When the Magyar, the Avar,
the Lombard, the Turk

poured his thousands across
our frontier,

we always drove them back.

No matter how many times we
were beaten

and forced to retreat,

we would always regroup our forces

and attack again.

And when Arpad and his legions

swept across our Hungarian fatherland...

Ah, here is morning again.

How remiss of me to keep you
up so long,

though it has been a pleasurable

and most informative night.

Do write to your Mr. Hawkins
and say

that you will stay...

With me for a month

or so.

A month?


Count Dracula?

Count Dracula?

A month.

How could I have slept
through the whole day?

Oh, this schedule is ridiculous.

I trust you slept well, Mr. Harker.

Oh, Count.

Overslept is more the word, I fear.

These all night conversations
are a bit...

What is it?

You will write those letters
for me now.

One moment, Sir!

Count Dracula!

Count Dracula!

Who are you?

I-I never heard you come.

What do you want?

How dare you touch him,
any of you?

I wanted you to wait!

Until I finish with him.

Now you will write that
letter to your Mr. Hawkins,

also to your fiancé.

No, I will not.

You will tell them

that you plan to spend some
time in Europe

before returning home,

also that you hope to make

various contacts on the Continent

so that you may soon
inaugurate your own business.

Now what?

Now what?

Mr. Harker...

Now I go to England.

And you...

Hello down there!

Can you hear me?


No! No!



Whitby Station!

Mina, My Dear.

So pleased to see you again.

Lucy will be delighted you're here.

How was your journey?

It was very good.

How lovely to see you again.

Any further word from Jonathan?

I'm afraid not.

Well, he did write that he planned

to spend some time on the Continent

before returning.

I'm sure you'll hear from him
quite soon.

Is it some specific illness?

Well, no. That's the problem.

The doctor doesn't seem to know
what is the matter with her.

There must be something.

There is.

But he doesn't seem to think
it's important.

What is it?

Lucy has been walking in her sleep.

What do you plan to do about it?

I've discussed it with Arthur,

and we're bringing in another doctor..

Dr. Van Helsing,
a dear friend of Arthur's family.


As a matter of fact,

they should be there when we arrive.

Oh, My Dear.

Have you heard about our
local Penny Dreadful Mystery?

No. What happened?

Well, a Russian vessel called
the Demeter

beached itself here several
weeks ago

with only one man on board..
A dead seaman

who'd apparently lashed
himself to the wheel.

No one yet has any notion
what occurred.

It couldn't have been piracy

because the vessel was
entirely in ballast

with the exception of a few
wooden boxes

partially filled with earth.

You remember Miss Mina.


Yes, I see.

You'll be fine, My Dear.

You'll be fine.

Now I think we should let the
young lady get some rest.

Well, Sir, what do you think?

This wound on her throat..

How long has she had it?

About three weeks, I believe.

I've had her blood checked at
Whitby Hospital.

There's no sign of venom.

It isn't a matter of venom, Arthur.

What, then?

I'd rather not discuss it
till I'm certain.

I should like to remain here
for several days.

I presume I can be put up.

Well, yes, I'm sure you can,

but can't you at least tell
me something?

This much:

If the cause of your fiancé's affliction

is what I think it is,

then beside it, the most
venomous serpent in the world

would seem a plaything for children.

Oh, Arthur, I'm so frightened.

I've never walked in my sleep before.

You know, I feel so weak,

and I keep having these
terrible nightmares

of something dark all around me,

something sweet and yet so bitter.

It's draining me, Arthur,
and I don't know what to do.

I just don't know what to do.

Staring at her isn't gonna
help her sleep.

It's that damn wreath of
garlic flowers.

Can't we take them off her?

No, Arthur, and please stop asking.

I realize it must seem absurd
to you,

but you must take my word,
it is necessary.

I'm sorry.

I know you're doing what you
think is right.

Just wish you'd tell me why.

Soon enough.

For now, it is enough to know

that we must not let her
sleepwalk again.



It's all right. Nothing's wrong.

Would you take over for a time?

It won't be long till dawn.

I'm afraid I might fall asleep.

Oh. Yes, of course.

My Darling.


She's gone!

Doctor, she's over there!

Will it work, Doctor?

It is already working.

What is happening to her?


Yes, please.

Have you ever heard of Nosferatu?

No. What is it?

It means "The Undead."

What are you saying?

That your fiancé may be the
unknowing victim

of a vampire.

A preternatural being.

A reanimated corpse

that drinks the blood of the
living by night,

thus the throat wounds.

That is the most ridic..

Hear me out, Arthur.

I have reason to believe that
there exists,

in the vicinity of Hillingham,
a vampire.

That is why I placed the
wreath of garlic flowers

around Lucy's neck,

hung crosses over the doors
and windows of her room.

That is the only way

that the vampire can be kept
away from its victim.

How can you, a man of science,
believe such things?

Because I've lived long
enough to accept what is,

whether science agrees with
it or not.

We shall continue as before,

but this time,

I shall make sure that we
stay awake.



How lovely to see you looking
so well again.

I'm so glad you're here.

I'm feeling much better.

Thank you.

Just put them down there,
will you, Roger?


What a pity to have to leave
such charming company.

Dear Dr. Van Helsing,
how can I ever thank you?

Your returning health is my
reward, My Dear.

Now, I really must go.

I'll see you at your wedding.

Oh, you shall have a special
place at the church,

won't he, Arthur?

And, of course, at our table afterwards.

Mrs. Westenra.

I can't tell you how grateful
I am.

I'm happy I could help.

Will you walk me to my
carriage, my boy?

Now, Arthur, whether you
believe what I've said or not,

do not alter by a single detail

the procedure we have followed
during the last three nights.

Now, here is more than enough stimulant

with which to stay awake,

so that should be no problem.

And you're still certain

we shouldn't call in the authorities?

My dear Arthur, if I haven't
yet succeeded in convincing you,

how shall I convince the authorities?

No, we must do this by ourselves.

You will continue every safeguard?


When I return,
we will start our search.

All right, Thomas.


Here, nobody allowed in the
grounds after dark.

Hey, what's the matter with you?

Can't you read the bloomin' signs?

What are you doing?


Hey, what are you up to there?

You must tell me what
Dr. Van Helsing said.

Mrs. Westenra, the important thing

is that Lucy is recovering.

What was that?

I can't see anything.


Mrs. Westenra!

Mrs. Westenra!

Mrs. Westenra!

Mrs. Westenra!

Mrs. Westenra!

Mrs. Westenra!

What's wrong?

Stay here. I'll fetch the keys.

Mrs. Westenra.

Look after her.

Burgess, come with me.

For as much as it hath
pleased Almighty God,

with His great mercy,

to take unto himself the soul
of our dear sister

Lucy Rebecca Westenra, dear departed,

we therefore commit her body
to the ground,

earth to earth, ashes to ashes,

dust to dust,

in sure and certain hope of
the resurrection

to eternal life

through our Lord Jesus Christ,

who shall change our vile body

that it might be likened to
his glorious body

according to mighty workings,

whereby he is able to subdue
all things to Himself.


You're not there.

You're dead.

I'm not dead, Arthur. I'm alive.

Please let me in.

It's so cold out here.

Please, Arthur.

Please, let me in.

Let me in, Arthur.


Let me in, Arthur, please.


Let me in.

Oh, My Darling.

I'm back. I'm really back.

Nothing's ever gonna keep us
apart again.

Oh, My Love,
we'll always be together now.


Hold me. Hold me very close.

I love you, Arthur.

I love you.

And now I'm yours...




Lucy! Lucy!

No, Arthur!
Let me go.

It isn't Lucy.
Let me go!

It isn't Lucy. Lucy's dead!

She isn't dead! She isn't!

Then what is she running from?
Why did she flee from the cross?

Because she was frightened!
If you hadn't..

No, Arthur! Lucy's dead.

What came to you was a vampire.

She came to drink your blood.

You see?

It is already dawn.

Do you understand now?


Ah, Miss Mina.

I would be glad if you would
have the kindness

to prepare yourself and Mrs. Westenra

for a trip to Whitby.

I think it would be best if
you stayed away from here

for a few days.

Dr. Van Helsing, I must insist

that you tell me what's going on.

I'm sorry. I can't.


Why can't I be told?


No, you're right.

You should know the truth.

There is a possibility..

It's not a certainty, mind,
but a possibility..

That the man who killed Lucy
may return.

Who would want to kill Lucy?

The vampire.

Please, Miss Mina,
I know what you must think,

but you must take my word.

It would be better for you
and Mrs. Westenra

to be away from here.

Arthur and I will attempt to
track down this vampire

to his hiding place,

find him in his box of earth,

and kill him.

You see, by day, a vampire
must remain in his coffin

upon a layer of soil from his
native land.

I know this is difficult for
you to understand, Miss Mina..

Did you say box of earth?

Yes, I did.


Mrs. Westenra spoke of a boat

that beached itself in Whitby
some while back,

a boat entirely in ballast

with the exception of a few
wooden boxes

partially filled with earth.

Hurry, Love.



Miss Mina.

I don't want you to say
anything to Mrs. Westenra

that we've spoken of.

I won't.

How long will you and Arthur
be gone?

With any luck at all,

we should be back to collect
you by tomorrow afternoon.

Bag, Sir?

I believe you have a room for
Mrs. Westenra and Miss Murray.

Yes, Sir. 2-C.

Thank you.

Would it possible for you to
provide us with a carriage?

Certainly, Sir.

We'll be down as soon as I've
made sure

the ladies are comfortable.

Very good, Sir.

George, would you arrange a
carriage for these gentlemen?

Is our carriage ready?

Yes, Sir.
The coachman's at the door.

I say! You, Sir!

What are you doing there?

This is a respectable hotel.

You can't just walk around and..


Here we are.

The Russian schooner Demeter
from Varna.

Hmm. That name rings a bell.


Of course. I remember now.

That's the mystery ship.

How many boxes of earth was
the ship carrying?

"Boxes of common earth to be
used for experimental purposes.

Number: ten."


Well, that's odd.

Only nine of them were picked
up from the schooner.

Delivered to whom?

Picked up on the written instructions

of a man named Dracula.. Count Dracula.

By whom?

Wainright Shipping Services,
Stockton on Tees.


George, have you got that paper?

Thank you.

Yes, I'm sorry.

They remained here one day
and then were picked up

by the Midvale Shipping
Company of Darlington.

Nine boxes of earth?

Now, let me see.

Ah, yes, here we are.

I don't have them anymore, Gentlemen.

They were picked up next day
by the Richmond Shipping Company.

They were picked up next day
by the Whitby Shipping Company.

Yes, Sir.

Taken down to the Carfax Estate.

That's less than ten miles
from Hillingham.

You're welcome, I'm sure.


So he isn't here.


And nor is the tenth box.

Well, what does that mean?

That he has got himself a
second hiding place.

Thank God he hasn't had the
chance yet

to find any more.

Obviously, he means to find a
different place

for each of these boxes.

What are we going to do now?

It's getting late.

Help me to push these boxes together.


Miss Murray and Mrs. Westenra
have already left.


A very unfortunate incident occurred.

It seems that a madman somehow
broke into the inn last night.

Was he caught?

No, Sir, unfortunately not.

The ladies left this note for
you, Sir.

What is it?

They've gone back to Hillingham.

I can't imagine where they
can be.

Stay here.

Let her go.

Throw it away.

All right.


You play your wits against mine.

Me, who commanded armies

hundreds of years before you
were born.


There is no way in this life
to stop me.

And to that end...


Now she will be blood of my blood,

kin of my kin,

later, my companion in the night...

My slave and helper.

Do you think it'll work?

If what he says is literally true,

that she now blood of his blood,

kin of his kin,

subject to the calling of his mind...

Miss Mina.

Can you hear me?

Miss Mina, can you hear me?


Where are you?

At Hillingham.

But that is only part of you.

There is another part now,
isn't there, Miss Mina?

Now you are part of him,

aren't you, Miss Mina?


Can you tell me where that
part is?

Where is it?

What are you looking at?

Where are you?

What can you see?


Can you tell me where it is?



Can you hear anything?

Can you hear anything, Miss Mina?

Water splashing by outside.

What is it?

We should never have
destroyed those boxes.

Now he's leaving England.

Isn't that what we want?

That's the last thing in the
world we want.

She is in his control now..
His blood in her veins.

If we fail to find him,

she may be subject to his
influence till she dies.

So she will die?


And after she dies?

I'm very much afraid she will
become like Lucy.

But you don't know.

You can't be sure.

No, I can't be sure.

I can only pray to God that
I'm wrong.

But this much I do know:

That whatever does happen is
going to happen soon.

Dracula originally came from Varna.

He may decide to go back there.

We must examine all the
shipping lists.

If he does go back,
we might get there first.


Did I tell you anything?

You mentioned the name Dracula.

How do you know that name?

That was the name of the man
Jonathan went to see

in Transylvania.

Ah, here we are.

The only possible one.

The Czarina Catherine left
Doolittle's Wharf last night.

Destination: Varna.

By traveling overland in Europe,

we could get to Varna before it.

I still don't like the idea
of Mina being with us.

Well, she's got to be with us.

It's the only way we can know
where he is.


Yes, Miss Mina?

I want you to promise me something.

Of course.

If you should not find Dracula,

if it becomes apparent that
there is no hope for me,

I want you to deal with me as
you did Lucy.


Please, you must promise me.

Nothing is going to happen to
you, Mina.

It is.

I can feel it happening.

I'm losing myself bit by bit.

It won't be long now.

How is she?

Not very well.

This is Madam Kristoff.

She'll look after Mina while
we're away.

Now, you understand you're
not to leave her for a moment

while we're gone.

Yes, of course.

Is she asleep?

And you've told her we're
going back to England

in the morning?

Yes, now all we have to do is
hope that

that's what he will think.

Come on, Arthur.

We've got a long,
hard ride ahead of us

if we're to get to Castle Dracula

before tomorrow night.

We'd better get ready.

Take good care of her.


My God.

What are they?

They're vampires.

We have to destroy them.

Doctor, look at this.


And now, I'm afraid,

we must hope that Dracula is
here as well.

Miss Mina, what is it?

What's wrong?

Something's happening to me.

I'm so frightened.

Help me.

Help me.

That's him when he was alive.

Look at the girl.

The resemblance is incredible.

It could be Lucy.

You are now in my domain, Gentlemen.

And you shall not leave.

Dracula! Dracula! Dracula!

Dracula! Dracula! Dracula!