Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell (1999) - full transcript

My name is Wong, James Wong
Come to my virtual hell

Come now!

A long time ago an abominable
oriental scientist, Doctor Wong...

...and his daughter Tsai Ming, were the
leaders of a criminal empire.

From Sumatra to Macao,
every month, a new Wong brothel...

...opened in the most
sinister corners of the Far East.

Perry and Sons published some
great comics on this subject.

In the last volume Wong, Tsai
and his wicked slave Loba from Cadiz

Kidnap Tom Beck,
the pop star and his girlfriend...

...the Princesss Lula, asking for
a ransom of a million dollars.

But the young and intrepid detective
Nelly Smith bettered the Doctor...

...and his daughter,
destroying their shameful empire.

From that moment on, nothing
has been known about the evil gang...

...although none were
known to be captured.

I collaborated with Nelly Smith
in Wong's downfall.

And that's how I became
a comic book hero.

My name is Cagliostro
and I'm the king of infamy

I have a premonition of Nelly needing
my help, She'll look for me.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I am Tsai Ming,
Doctor's Wong perverted daughter.

She is a vicious beast.

My name is Loba. I am
Tsai Ming's cruel executor.

I am Nelly Smith,
the famous detective.

And this is Doc Petry,
my attractive collaborator.

He's not very intelligent,
but is good at other things.

Stupid westerners.
Doctor Wong is back!

For a long time I was
a living nightmare for the...

...stupid westerners.

Why am I so nervous lately?

Because I hear sinister voices
of bad omen.

Nelly, Nelly Smith

Don't worry

You are under the protection of the
legendary magician Cagliostro.

That's me

I'll protect you, I'm your friend.
Don't worry Nelly.

Please accept the invitation
of Tsai Ming who modestly...

offers you her pleasures that
thanks to modern technology...

have opened a new door
to pleasure and sensation.

We are now able to free
all the mind's ghosts...

for your concupiscence.

I hope you will be
Princesss Tsai's guest.

I'm sorry Princesss,
I'm here with my only child.

I know. She is also invited.
She is a beautiful girl.

Present your invitation.
Come to our Virtual Hell!

There will be no risk at all for her.

I won't say that
the idea is not tempting but...

- You can make love with my slaves.
- I'll think about it.

I don't think it's possible.

- Raquel, are you there?
- Is that you dad?

What's going on, dad?

It's incredible, Princesss Tsai has
invited us to her mansion tonight.

Who is this Princesss?

She is a very elegant
and attractive lady.

It will be better if
she doesn't know the truth.

Look at our enemies' car
It will be mine soon.

Stupid western enemies

Nice car...

...and very nice money.

We will defeat them Loba.

Mighty God of all the tempests

Here, in your most
magnificent presence...

is the most humble and stupid
of all your creatures.

I am the most idiotic man
in all the world.

I tried to be your worthy slave,
to do justice to your greater glory.

But everything I did
was a complete disaster.

Lord of all the torrents,
for all my failures...

I'm going to commit... hara-kiri!

No father, no!

Why not? Let me finish

Idiots should die.

I have very good news for you

Are you lying?


Close your Kimono, whore!
You are just like your mother.

A Princesss of your ancestry and your
lineage should be honest and pure.

Why do you say that
we have good possibilities?

What on earth are you talking about?

I was planning to kidnap
a very rich English girl.

We tried to kidnap
the president of the U.S.A.

A very expensive project
and it was a complete failure

We tried to freeze
the Caribbean water and nothing...

So I'll commit Hara-kiri.

If we follow my plan
we will be rich and famous.

- Do you think so?
- I swear dear father.

- I've heard that a million times.
- This time it's different.

- Do you really think so?
- Yes.

- Is she a millionaire?
- Yes father.

- How old is she?
- 18

- Is she good looking?
- She's cute.

The Hara-kiri can wait.

Come with me to the Virtual Universe
where everything is possible.

Our hell from the sun
will overpower all your differences.

Tsai Ming is opening for you
the path to the art of love.

They call it art but it's only porno.

I like this girl

Come to love me

I'm yours

My sex is calling you

It needs you

My sex opens for you

Like never before.

My nipples are
hard like snakes

They have chosen you

For this orgy of passion

This orgy of passion


- Marquis de Sade.
- And the lady?


I'm yours

My sex calls you

It needs you

I'm horny

I'm disgusted


Pleasure time is over.

She is yours, have fun with her.

I definitely like virtual reality.

It's better than real life.

It tastes like honey


...occidental son of a bitch...

...will never see again...

...your loving daughter alive...

...if you don't deposit
in the next 48 hours...

...two million dollars...

...in the virtual account...

...of Doctor Wong in Hong Kong

If you don't obey...

...your dear daughter
will remain for ever...

...in the virtual hell of Doctor Wong.


The world is going to know...

The world will know...

With the finger.

The world...

The world will be informed
of all I want to do...

I can't remember!

The world is going to hear about...

...to hell

Honorable father

What's going on
my little grasshopper?

I have good news

I shake when
I hear you say those things.

I signed a contract with
the Virtual Reality Multinational...

...for two more years.

That sounds very good,
very intelligent.

And what about the other matter?

We've kidnapped the girl.
She's in our hands.

Good, good you can go,
you can leave.

The world will hear about me...

...with a little bit of luck.

Last warning for Wildfred Hian.

If you don't deposit immediately,
two million dollars...

...your beautiful daughter
will die at midnight. What a pity!

Go to hell!

It could be something important

Detective Agency Smith and Petry.

I would like to talk to Ms. Smith.

Petry speaking.

What are you telling me?


Who, Doctor Wong?

Tell me Wilfred.


We will arrive on Monday.

No, we'll arrive tomorrow!

Who are you talking to?

I'm talking to the chief of police
of Istanbul.

That's a long way,
it's going to cost us an arm and a leg

What did he tell you?

That Doctor Wong died 20 years ago
and his castle destroyed.

I know everything about the case,
I read the books about it.

I saw all the movies.
Everything blew up. The palace...

...the people,
even the river disappeared.

What happened to his daughter?

His daughter disappeared too.
That's life.

Ah, and what about Cagliostro!

And what about Abraham Lincoln?

I'm talking about
Johnny Cagliostro, the magician.

Is he still alive?

Sure, he's a young man,
not more than eighty.

- A child.
- You make the coffee.

- I'm going to see Cagliostro.
- But he lives in Kathmandu.

Don't worry,
I'll take a taxi...

To the travel agents.

Kevin Collins, Who is that guy?

Help, I need help.


You are under the protection of
the greatest magician of all time.

Johnny Cagliostro

I need help.

Do you recognise this town?
It's Hong Ping Peng City.

On the 39th parallel
and the magic meridian of Manacoa.

Do you remember my castle at
the top of the Domitas Mountains?

I'll wait for you there Nelly.

You should be consecrated again by
the blind Princesss of darkness.

I'll be able to give you the talisman
to defeat your powerful enemies.

The eyes of the blind Princess.

Enter, my love.

Dear Nelly, you should go to
Hong Ping Peng City.

There is an old pagoda there
that Wong and Tsai Ming...

made into a theatre
for their foul, virtual orgies.

My talisman will open the way
for you to save that unfortunate.

How will it get my hands on it, Master?

Silly, That's easy for a magician
like me.

Cagliostro's message is clear.
I should go immediately...

...to Hong Ping Peng.

There they are.
Those stupid western detectives.

We've got them.
They've fallen into our trap.

Those fools don't know
what's awaiting them.

Leave them to me, Princesss.
I am your favourite.

I know it well, Loba
But don't break them too much.


What's happening honey?

I have a terrible premonition.

I don't believe in premonitions

You are wrong, we are confronting...

...the mysterious world of the east.

You're shaking.

I feel that a nasty
magnetism is surrounding us.

But it's nice and peaceful.

Now I'm sure.

The ominous Doctor Wong
is alive and very close.

I can feel his deadly magnetism.

Nonsense, I know all about him.
I've seen all the movies.

Shut up, he is the devil!

My father and uncle
have killed him at least 20 times.

But he never dies.

Should we leave it
for some other day?

We should save that
poor creature.

You're right,
we can't waste all that money...

...that her father offers, come on.

Julio Iglesias' Foundation...

What do you want?

Sir, the stupid detectives are here.

Let them in, quickly.

Yes sir.

Why are you always showing your behind?

Your orders.

What a dirty mind I have.
Come on, tell them to come in.

Yes sir

The Three Tenors Foundation...

- It's the famous call of Manchuria.
- I know. but they do it with a gong.

My God! Nelly Smith again!


- Marquis de Sade.
- And the lady?

Juliette and Justine together.

Manacoa Productions
two hundred dollars.

Doctor Wong I guess.

Very funny.

Come on,
give the glasses to this wretch.

Come on, come on, come on!

Welcome to my Virtual Hell.

Virtual reality?
It's just a dirty show.

What a couple of detectives!

If you don't obey,
your daughter will die in two hours.

From now on
her live is in your hands.

I can't pay that amount of money.
I'm not a rich man.

I'll do what I can.


It's our honourable
enemies. Take care of them.

I'd be delighted.

Yeah, dance!

She's a good dancer,
from the School of Rayito.

Your time is up.

Now you've lost all your power.

You have fallen into the hands
of Wong, James Wong.

You will be like fleas...


My daughter.


My love.

Maybe you will be my next victim.

Maybe you will be my next victim.

Stupid people, don't think
your nightmare is over.

The world will hear from me again...

...very soon.