Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) - full transcript

When Dr. Who shows his time machine TARDIS to the clumsy Ian, who is boyfriend of his granddaughter Barbara, he accidentally transport them and Dr. Who's granddaughter Susan to somewhere in space and time. They explore the spot and see a city; Dr. Who fakes a leak in the fluid and they go to the city to seek mercury to refill the component. They are captured by the Daleks and soon they learn that a war between Daleks and Thals has destroyed the planet. Further they are exposed to radiation and only the Thals have the antidote. The Daleks send Susan to find the cure and she meets the Thal Alydon that has the antidote and wants to negotiate with the Daleks to exchange for food. But the cruel Daleks want to destroy the Thals to rule the world.

Most exciting.

Goodness, Ian will be here in a moment.
I must go and get ready.

Oh? Who's that?

I told you about him dozens of times.

- Her new boyfriend.
- Ooh!

Yes, I look forward to meeting him.
What's his name?


Goodness, that'll be him now!

Susie, be a dear
and answer the door, will you?

All right.

- Glad you dropped in.
- OK, so you caught me again.

Grandfather, this is Ian Chesterton.

- I am so very glad to meet you at last.
- Oh, hi.

- Oh, excuse me.
- How extremely kind of you.

Most thoughtful. Thank you.

They're for Barbara.
They're soft centres. Her favourite kind.

Oh, yes, of course, yes.
Well, she was here a moment ago.

Well, er, never mind. Why don't you
sit down while you're waiting for her?

Soft centres.

Well, never mind.

Plenty more where that came from.

- No! Wait!
- What is it?

A super-ionised
electro-kinetic pre-oscillator.

And you nearly sat on it.

Years of research work.
Part of my new invention.

Would you like to see it?
Come on. Come on, I'll show you.

He wouldn't understand.

Anyone can understand science
if they only put their minds to it. You can.

Well, that's different.

- Oh, well, let's give Harold a chance.
- Ian.

- I beg your pardon?
- Yes, my name's Ian, Dr Who.

How do you do?

Yes, yes, well, come along, then.
Come along.

Thank you, Susie.
Off we go.

After you, erm... Yes, right.

There. My latest invention.

- What, a police box?
- Of course not!

- This is TARDIS.

It stands for Time And Relative
Dimension In Space.

Go inside. Go on.


But it's so big in here and yet
it's so small from outside. How come?

In electro-kinetic theory, space expands
to accommodate the time necessary

- to encompass its dimensions.
- My little fellow scientist.

We've been working on TARDIS
for many years.

This is the final component.

You are privileged, young man,
to be the first visitor

to our time and space machine.

There. I can now set the controls

for anywhere in time and space
that we wish to go.

When I push that lever,
this room and everything in it

will dissolve into their respective
component electrical charges.

We're all made up of them.

These charges
will then be transferred in time and space

and reassembled in their proper order
and their proper place.

Er, well, I think I ought to be, er...

Oh, I thought you'd all be in here.

- Hello, darling.
- Hello.

Young man,
do you know what you have just done?

You have transferred us in time and space
and I haven't even set the controls.

Now I don't know where we are.

We could be anywhere in the universe
and at any time!

Rather exciting, isn't it?

Look, I don't know how you do the magic
with the inside of this room,

but as far as being somewhere else
in the universe...

Let's see where we are.

- Grandfather, where are we?
- Susan, dear, don't go too far yet.

There must have been a forest fire.

The heat must have been indescribable.

It's turned the earth into ashes.

Oh, well, the soil can't be that bad.
It still grows these shrubs and trees.

Look at that.

A petrified jungle!

How interesting.
This is most interesting.

Well, if it's all the same to you, sir,

perhaps we could be making
our way home now, huh?

What, and miss the chance of learning
something about an unknown planet?

I for one am going to investigate.

Come on, Grandfather.

- Come on, Grandfather!
- I'm coming, darling.

- Fascinating.
- Grandfather, look at this!

And what is it then?

By jingo!
That looks like a... looks like a tulip.

It's a lilium philadelphicum.

Is it now?

It's a lilium philadelphicum, is it? Hm.


Oh, Ian! Are you all right?

- Nothing broken, lad?
- No.

It was another soft centre.

Well, come and sit over...
Look, over here.

There we are.

We shall never know what that was,
will we, Susie?

Grandfather, look!

- What have you found this time?
- Look!

Upon my soul! A city!

But how extraordinary!

A huge city!

Can you see any people?

No. No one at all.

No life, no movement.


- Can you see anyone?
- No.

- Let's investigate.
- Oh, yes, let's!

Something terrible happened here.

This place is dangerous.

I can feel it.

- I wish we could leave.
- Well, you don't have to convince me.

Er, Dr Who.

I think we should get out of this place.

But look, Susan's just found a city.

Wouldn't you like to explore it first?

Erm, well, they're expecting me at home.

They'll be wondering where I am.
I... I think we should go back.

Oh, well.

Hey, hey, hey! It's me, it's me, it's me!

Are you sure, Susan, dear?

It's not possible for any human form
to exist on this planet.

It was a hand! It touched me!

Hm. Then I'd like to find out
who or what it was.

Rather you than me.

We don't know where we are,
what period in time.

- We don't know what might be out there.

The scanner.

Nobody. Not a thing.

Well, something
must have made that noise

and I don't want to find out what it is.

- Can't you set the controls for home?
- Certainly.

- All set.
- Well, you got us here.

You might as well get us back.

What's the matter?

There's something wrong somewhere.

I'll try the fault locator.

K7. The fluid link section.

That's it. The fluid link.

This end has been
jarred out of position.

Some of the fluid has run out.

- Have you got a spare?
- Oh, we don't need one.

This just needs refilling with mercury.
I have some in my labora...tory.

Supposing there isn't any mercury
on this planet.

We'll have to try the city. It's about
the only place we're likely to find any.

Be careful!

- Susan!
- Susan!

Right. Thank you, Susie.

It looks like some sort of drug.
I wonder what it is.

So there was someone here.

I shall make some tests on these
when we get home. Yes.

Now, perhaps you'll put those inside
for me, will you, Susan, dear?

And now...

...for the city.

That was a steep climb, wasn't it, Susie?

- What's the matter?
- It's all right, dear.

Grandfather, are you all right?

Just a little tired.
My legs are rather weak.

I don't feel too well myself.

Must be the altitude.

Take a good, deep breath, lad.

That's better. Yes.

Now, in a city like this,
there must be laboratories.

Now, that's where we could find
some mercury.

Now, I suggest we all take different
directions and then all meet back here.

How's that? Yes? Right.

Now, you come along with me, Susie.

You take that one.

Having trouble, lad?

I can't get through those doors!

Let's try the other way.

Susan, dear, you sit on there
while we try to keep those doors open.

When I shout, you run just as fast
as you can. Good girl.

Ready? Now, Susan! Run! Fast!

Not too fast, lad. Not too fast.

Come on, lad.

- Wait.
- What is it?


It's coming from over there.


Susan! Susan, dear.

Measuring instruments.
But to measure what, I wonder?

This is some sort of Geiger counter.

And it is past the danger point.

The atmosphere is polluted
with a very high level of fallout.

Then we must find Barbara
and get back to TARDIS.

Even if we do,
we can't leave until we get some mercury.

Young man, I have to confess,

there is nothing wrong
with the fluid link.

I just didn't want to leave
until we had explored the city.

- Please forgive me.
- Well, let's get out of here.

You will move ahead of us

and follow directions.

This way.

He will recover shortly.

Search him.

That is of no value to you! It...

Come this way.

- Thank goodness, you've come!
- I'm so glad you're safe!

Ian! Ian, what happened to you?

- Oh, it's nothing.
- He'll be all right in a minute.

- Yeah.
- Ian!

Don't worry. Don't worry, Barbara.
It is only a temporary shock.

Get him up over here. Up.

At least we're all together.
How do you feel?

Sort of weak and giddy.

- And Susan?
- I feel the same.

We found a Geiger counter upstairs.
This planet has a high level of radiation,

perhaps the result
of some lost atomic war.

All the time we were in the open,
we were exposed to it.

What's gonna happen to us,

Unless we can get some treatment,
we have little hope of survival.

Our prisoners are showing signs
of radiation sickness.

But they have not yet perished from it.

They must have found something
that makes them immune

while we must remain
in these protective machines

and cannot go out of our city.

If we had it, we could leave the city,

destroy all others
and have the planet for ourselves.

Let us overhear what our prisoners say.

Perhaps they will give us the answer.

'If some form of life
does exist outside this city,

'they must have discovered
an anti-radiation drug.'


'That box of glass vials
we found outside TARDIS. Remember?'

One of you four

must go outside the city.

- Which will it be?
- Why?

Many centuries ago,

there were two peoples on this planet.

Ourselves, the Daleks, and the Thals.

After the neutronic war,

our forefathers retired into the city,

protected by this clothing.

Most of the Thals perished in the war.

Those who survived
and remain on this planet

are horrible mutations, monsters.

They have a drug
which cures the sickness of radiation.

If we get the drug,

we will give some to you.

Without it, you will die.

None of us is well enough to go.

One of you must.

I'll go.

- Susan!
- It's too dangerous.


The young one is approaching the forest.

She will be there in a moment now.

If she returns with the drug,

am I to allow the prisoners to use some?

No. Their only value

is to bring us the drug

to duplicate for ourselves.

Let them die.

Oh, dear.

I'm so sorry.

It was all my fault.

Oh, dear, he's getting worse.
What does he mean, it's all his fault?

There was nothing wrong
with the fluid link.

And now the Daleks
have taken it from him.

What are we going to do?

Nothing we can do. Just wait.

Hope nothing happens to Susan.

Who's there?

Who's there?

Who are you? What do you want?

My name is Alydon. I am a Thal.

I tried to speak to you
in the forest just now.

I'm sorry I frightened you.

I came back to make sure
you knew how to use the drugs I left you.

But I found no one here.

The others are prisoners
of the Daleks in the city.

- There are people in the city?
- They sent me back for the drugs.

Do they want them for themselves
or for your friends?

I don't know. I don't trust them.

I shall give you a second supply

which you must hide as best you can.

Thank you. But I don't understand.

They said you were mutations.

There were many mutations
after the final war.

Most of them perished.

But this form, two hands, two eyes,
has always been best for survival.

But they called you monsters.

If they call us monsters,
what must they be like?

Have you brought anything else
from your ship?


You are hiding something.

Show it to me.

Give these other drugs to your friends.

- Here's yours, Barbara, dear.
- Thank you.

So, a Thal gave you this cape, Susan?

Yes. His name's Alydon.
He told me his people live far from here

but this year their crops were ruined
and they came here in search of food.

'He said his people would gladly
give the Daleks the formula for the drug

'if the Daleks
would give them food in return.'

We do not need their formula.

Now that the girl
has brought us the drug,

we can make it ourselves.

We will rid ourselves

of these protective machines,

move beyond the limits of the city

and destroy the Thals.

No, there is a better way.

Let us offer them food,

bring them into the city.

- A trap?
- Yes.

Will they not suspect anything?

Not if the message
is written by their friend,

the young girl.


I have brought you
more food and water.

- The small one is to come with me.
- What for?

You have the drug.
When are you going to set us free?


We are going to help the Thals,

which is what you want us to do.

How do they know
we wanted to help the Thals?

Add this:

"The Daleks

"want only to help you

"and to be friends."

Now sign your name!

I've found it.

Up there.

That's how they know
what we're doing.

All we wanted was this message.

When the Thals come
to collect the food,

we will destroy them.

What on earth are you two doing?

We'll be able to talk
without them seeing or hearing us.

- Is it coming away?
- Yes.

Right, pull hard.
I'll hold you.

Our prisoners are intelligent.

And perhaps dangerous.

Why not exterminate them?

They have been useful to us once.

They may be again.

First, let us exterminate the Thals.

Shall we replace the lens?

No need.

We have learned enough
from our prisoners.

And we have them
where they can do no harm.

They're bringing the Thals into a trap.

Isn't there anything we can do?

If we could find a weakness
in the Daleks, just one...

They are protected,
they can move easily

and they have weapons
which can paralyse or destroy.

- There is nothing we can do.
- Then the Thals are doomed.

Suppose the Daleks refuse to help us.

Then we shall have to start back
for our own country.

- Across the desert? Many of us will die.
- But if the Daleks have food,

- how can they refuse it to us?
- Look.

I found this at the gates of the city.

It is from the young girl.

She says that the Dalek people
wish to make friends with us.

Food will be left for us
in their great hall.

We are to collect it tomorrow!

Stop! How do you know
you can trust the Daleks?

Their ancestors
waged a great war against us,

destroyed our planet,
caused all this devastation.

But that was long ago! Now they wish
to make friends with us, offer us food.

There's no reason
not to believe their good intentions.

We will go to the city of the Daleks
in the morning.

The doors, the walls, the floor

are all made of metal.

Perhaps this is the Daleks' weakness.

What do you mean?

Whenever they move,
there is a familiar odour.

I've noticed that.
I was trying to remember where...

A fairground. You get the same smell
from the dodgem cars.

It's ozone, made by electric sparks.

Electric power.
Not the sort of electricity we know,

but some form of static electricity.

Those armour suits they wear

are actually machines that pick up their
power through the metal of the floor.

Now, if we could insulate those machines
from their power source,

- they would be hopeless.
- Yes.

But what can we use as an insulator?

- My cape!
- Susan!

It's made of
some sort of plastic material.

It should be thick enough.

Sure. It's gonna be easy, isn't it?

"Excuse me, Mr Dalek,
would you care to move onto this cape?"

Move back from the door!

You, take the food.

They always stay outside in the corridor.

You can't get near them
without being seen.

Couldn't we smash that lens in their eye?
Or throw Susan's cape over it?

Then what do you use
to insulate him from the floor?

I think I've got it!

If he's on time,
he'll be here any second. All ready, lad?

Just a little farther away from the door,
Susan, dear.

Too close will make him suspicious.

All ready, Barbara?

He's coming.

Take this.

It must last you till tomorrow.

What is happening?

Why do not the doors close?

- Dalek!
- Yes?

Help me! Help! Help me!

- Help me! Help!
- Here! Tie these!

Help me! Help!
Prisoners trying to escape!

Help me! Cannot see them!
Cannot see them!

Help! Cannot see them!

- Help! Help me! Quickly!
- Grandfather!

- I've got him!
- They must not get away!

Help me! Help me!

Help me! Help me!

It worked. Well done, everybody.

Do you think he's dead?

Now, you and Barbara
go and keep watch on the corridor.

Come along, lad.
Move it over to there.

They could still be dangerous!

Pick up the cape.
How does this thing open?

Can you manage it?
Put it over there.

- Now what?
- Now you get inside.

- What for?
- Pretend you're a Dalek.

If we meet anyone,
you're taking us to be questioned.

- Yeah, but what if they find out?
- We'll be no worse off than we are now.

Come along, get inside, lad!
Speed is essential!

Hatch coming down.

- Now I can't see anything.
- What?

- I can't see anything.
- The eye.

Hey, this thing's full of controls
in here. Should I try a few?

Oh, for heaven's sake, no,
don't touch a thing! We'll move you.

Ready, Barbara? Right, on with it.

Susan, show us the way the Daleks
took you when you went back to TARDIS.

All right.
Turn left at the end of the corridor.

This is the way I came.
There's a big door with a Dalek on guard.

Beyond the door is the lift.

Now it's up to you, lad. Courage.

Ooh, sorry.


The prisoners have been called
for questioning.

I have not been informed. Wait.

I won't go! I won't!

Halt her! Halt her!

Help me get them inside.

Shall I help you take them
to the fourth level?

No. Close the doors.

That was clever of you, Susie!

I have just passed the prisoners
into shaft seven.

Stand by.

Can you get me out of this thing?
It's hot in here.


There is
no movement order for the prisoners.

Hold them.

- Hurry up and get me out of here!
- We're trying, lad!

The door is locked.

They must have fused it.
Emergency alarm!

What was that?

- An alarm bell! They know we've escaped!
- Try to push it up from the inside!

- What do you think I've been doing?
- Well, try harder, lad!

They're cutting through the door!

The lift has stopped
just short of the floor.

We'll never get him in.
Let's try.

Leave me!
No sense in us all being captured.

- No!
- Leave me!

- No!
- One, two, three


How long will it take
to cut through that door?

- Not very long.
- But even if he does get out,

he's stuck down there!
This is the only way of escape!

- Grandfather, we can't just leave him!
- What can we do?


Stop it! Stop it!

Bring it down!

- Oh, Ian!
- How did you manage it?

We must find a way out.

The Thals are coming
for their food supplies.

They're walking
straight into an ambush.

Our orders
are not to capture them.

They are to be
completely destroyed.

They must not escape.
They must die.

I understand.

Hurry up!

Hey! Give me a hand!

Now, one, two, three!

We must warn the Thals!


Got it!

It's a trap! Go back! Run!

Thank you for warning us.

I'm sorry... we were not in time
to save your friend.

But I don't understand why.

Why did they want to kill us?
We came in peace.

You are different from them,

and they are afraid
of anything different.

And what people are afraid of,
they try to destroy.

If we could reason with them...

They are beyond reason.
They wish only to conquer.

- What can we do, then?
- Why, fight them!

We're a peaceful people.
We see no reason to kill others.

But even when you know
that they would kill you?

The last war destroyed
almost everything on this planet,

left it... like this.

- We do not want another.
- That is understandable.

I wish there was some way
we could help you.

You must go.

We shall survive.


And good luck.



Come along, children.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

The drug of the Thals
has been duplicated.

We will test it on this work section.

If it is effective,

we will discard these machines

and go out and destroy the Thals.

- Check.
- Check. Barbara?


- Check.
- Check.

The fluid link!

Oh, no. What are we going to do?

- We must get it back.
- How?

Only the Thals can help us.

We'd like to help you.
You saved many of our people.

But we do not wish to kill others.

And I do not want
any of my people to be killed.

Supposing the Daleks
come out of their city and attack you?

They could find a way
of getting out of the city.

They have weapons, you have none.

We will not fight.

'Out of control.

'Help me. Help me.

'Out of control.'

This is the section
to whom we gave the drug.

It is obvious that we Daleks
cannot use the drug of the Thals.

We will not be able
to leave these machines

or go out of the city.

Then we will destroy the Thals
without leaving the city.

We will explode another neutron bomb

and increase radiation
throughout the planet

to a point where
even the drug of the Thals

will not be able
to protect them from it.

- When shall we explode the bomb?
- Immediately.

These writings contain a complete history
of our planet and our people.

Absolutely fascinating.

But these writings go back
nearly half a million years.

There was a great civilisation here once.

Destroyed by the war.

But you can rebuild it, man. Now, surely
that is something worth fighting for.

Why do you keep these writings?

They're the history of our people.

A history that will end
with this generation

unless you are prepared
to fight for its survival.

One of your people
was killed in the city.

Many others could have been killed
and will be unless you take action.

We will not fight.


Young man.

Do you know
why the Daleks held us as prisoners?

They wanted to experiment on us.

Perhaps if we gave them
one of your people instead,

they might return the piece of equipment
they took from me.

- Take her to the Daleks.
- You can't...

You cannot do this!

- I thought you were our friends!
- You see? You will fight for something.

The neutron bomb will be ready
for explosion in one hour.


In one hour,

we will be sole masters of this planet.

The city is surrounded
on three sides by rock walls.

The fourth side is protected

by mountains and a deadly swamp.


Five of us
went looking for food there one day.

Only my brother and I came back.

- What happened to the others?
- We found them. What was left of them.

The swamp is alive with mutations.
It's a perfect defence for the city.

If we could get through that way,
we could take the Daleks by surprise.

It'll be too dangerous for all of us.

But we'll send a small party that way,
led by our brave friend.

The rest will come with us
to try to find a way to approach the city.

You will go with him
through the swamp.


All right.

What have you to report?

Our long-range scanners
detect movement by the Thals.

A large party
is approaching the city walls.

Bring defence plan seven into operation.

Alert all sections.

Another group is moving
towards the rear of the city.

They cannot pass. They will die.

- We'll never get through!
- We must try.

- It's full of mutations!
- You keep your fears to yourself!

I don't want you upsetting the others.

Right, come on!

Oh, can't we rest
just a minute?

All right, rest.

Oh, I could do with a wash.

Hey! Hey!

- I saw a great big thing in the water!
- What was it?

I don't know.
I didn't wait to find out.

- Are you all right?
- Look!

The Daleks
must get their water from here.

The pipes must go
straight through the mountain,

perhaps into the city of the Daleks.

If we could find that way...

I'll fill the water bags.
We'll need them. I'll catch you up.

Right, come on!

Help! Get me out!

Get me out!

Stay with her.

You, come with me.

What's happened to Elyon?
Where is he?

Let's get out of here.

Come on!

The Daleks have the entire city
surrounded with electronic instruments.

Now, to get past the walls of the city,
we must find a way of approaching them

- without being detected.
- But you're a man of science.

Surely you can think of a way.

Yes, yes,
but it's not all that easy, young man.

Well, we're lucky
they don't go underground.

We can follow them
straight over the mountain.

- How are we going to do that?
- We'll climb.


I was only thinking about Barbara.

Come on!

This is the final battle.

When we explode the neutron bomb,

there will be more radiation

on this planet

than even the Thals with their drug

can survive.

Destroy the Thals!

Tonight we will complete the war

which our ancestors should have won

many centuries ago.

Destroy the Thals!

Do you think
we're almost there yet?

I don't know.
All we can do is follow the pipes.

We must be
over the worst of it by now, huh?

Right, come on.


- I...
- Yes?

- I want to go back.
- We must get to the city!

They could have scanners here.
I'm going back.

- No, you're not!
- We'll be killed! We won't defeat them!

What have you been doing?

Now there can be no question
of going back!

I told you to watch the cakes!

- Now you've burnt them!
- Oh, yes, the cakes. The cakes!


Pardon me, please.
May I borrow that just for a moment?

Thank you so much.

Young man, do you have
any more of these mirrors?

- Why, yes.
- Get them, please.

- Collect as many as you can.
- Why?

They may be our way
of getting into the city.


- What are you going to do?
- Jump it.

We'll use this as a safety line.

I'll go first.

Now you.

I think I need a longer run.

Don't worry, it's easy.


Coming over.

You must jump. It's the only way.

Now catch it!

Don't worry, it's perfectly safe.
Look, I'll catch you.

Oh, no!

Short-wave light radiations.

That should confuse their detectors.

They are attacking our instruments.

Move. We can take them by surprise.

Stay where you are.

Do not move.

Do not move. Do not move.

You are our prisoners.

No, Antodus! No!

Hey! Get me out of here!

- He's all right!
- Oh, what a relief!

But why must you destroy the Thals?

Why can't you live together in peace
and share your knowledge?

We will be the rulers here.

We will share nothing.

We will explode the neutronic bomb.

Begin the countdown.





The Doctor and his granddaughter
have been taken prisoner by the Daleks.

- Now it is up to us!
- What can we do?

We can fight!


The Thals are moving
towards the city once more.

But it does not matter now.

In a few minutes,
they will all be dead.

Wait! I have something to tell you.

You do not know
how we came to this planet.

I have a machine which is capable of
crossing the barriers of time and space.

I will tell you its secrets
if you do not explode the bomb.

We do not believe you are capable
of creating such a machine.

- It's true!
- You took a vital part of it from me.

Examine it. You will see that it must
belong to some complicated machine.

- I have it here.
- 52.

Where is the machine?

In the petrified forest outside the city.

Good. We will examine it

and use it to conquer other planets.

But you could not operate it without me.

We will find a way.




How do we get in?




Thals in city. Thals here.

Stay where you are.

You are trapped.

Stay where you are.

You cannot get away.

Stay where you are!

Come down! Come down at once!

Prisoners escaping.

Reporting to upper level control.

Four Thals are moving
to control room level.

Intercept them.



Four Thals moving
to upper control room level.

- 27.
- Destroy them.

Stay where you are.

You cannot get away.

You are trapped.

You are trapped.

- Alydon!
- There were no Daleks at the walls.

- We came into the city easily.
- Then there must be a reason.



Ian, no!

Come on!

Barbara! Look behind you!


Stop the countdown!
The bomb will destroy the planet!


- Susie, are you all right?
- What happened?

- Barbara.
- They're all dead.


That's my lucky number.

All set for home.
Let's say goodbye to our friends.

Come along.

Quite a reception.

You saved our people
from the rule of the Daleks.

We do not have much
with which to thank you,

but we would like you to take these
to remember us.

- How very kind of you.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.
We will treasure them.

Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Bye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye.

You'll look pretty funny
wearing that in London.


Thank you, Barbara.

Oh! And now we will return
to our own time and place.

- Thank goodness for that.
- Just push the lever, lad.

Now if you'll open the door,

you will find
we're back in our own little garden.

Always nice to get home, isn't it?

Hey! You ought to see what...

Look out! They're coming!

Well, do something!