Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965) - full transcript

Five strangers board a train and are joined by a mysterious fortune teller who offers to read their Tarot cards. Five separate stories unfold: An architect returns to his ancestral home to find a werewolf out for revenge; a doctor suspects his new wife is a vampire; an intelligent vine takes over a house; a jazz musician plagiarizes music from a voodoo ceremony; a pompous art critic is pursued by a disembodied hand.


The 7.55 express for Bradley will be
leaving in five minutes from platform 3.

The 7.55 express for Bradley will be
leaving in five minutes from platform 3.

The 7.55 express for Bradley will be
leaving in four minutes from platform 3.

The 7.55 express for Bradley will be
leaving in four minutes from platform 3.

Excuse me

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, sorry.

Pardon me. I think there is room
for one more in here, is there not?

Yes, right here.

Oh, thank you.

I'm so sorry to disturb you.
- Oh, that's all right.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Hey, that's a funny looking deck, man.
How do you play poker with these?

They're tarot cards.

You are familiar with the tarot?

I wouldn't say that.
But I've seen the cards before.

Doctor Schreck. Doctor of Metaphysics?

The science which investigates the
first principles of nature and thought.

And nonsense.

Schreck is a German word, isn't it?
Means fright, fear, something like that.

A more exact translation
would be terror.

An unfortunate misnomer
for I am the mildest of men.

However, I sometimes foretell
things that are frightening.

With these?

They are the key, yes.

The key?

The key to what?

Ancient wisdom.

The tarot deck is a picture book of life,
an answer to the deepest questions

of philosophy and history,
and sometimes a means of prediction.

Fortune telling'?

Of a kind.

What kind?

There is within each of us a twin
destiny: the natural and the supernatural.

The cards are attracted to the
supernatural part of that destiny

as one pole of a magnet
attracts an opposite pole.

Supernatural part?

The strange, the weird, the unknown,
the terrifying, the mysterious.

At one time or another during our lives
we may, any one of us, encounter it.

This deck can forewarn us.
I call it my House of Horrors.

How does it work?

The person, whose fortune is to be told,
touches the cards three times.

Then they are shuffled and dealt.
The first four cards predict his destiny.

The fifth gives him the
knowledge to change it. If

change is possible.

Really, do we have to
suffer all this nonsense?

There's no harm in it.

Astrologers, spiritualists,
table-rappers, the entire lunatic fringe.

They have been exposed for the
charlatans they are, over and over again.

I don't know. I don't know.
A gypsy once told me I was going to get

an unexpected gift. That very
day I walked under a pigeon

The tarot deck is a serious matter.
The cards predict the truth.

The supernatural truth. Always!

Anybody, who believes that,
will believe anything.

Perhaps you would like
to learn your future?

Just tap the cards.

I must warn you, gentlemen. This is
undoubtedly a well rehearsed prelude

to some shabby confidence trick.
You can fool all these others as much

as you please, Doctor,
but kindly leave me out of it.

How about me?

Come on. I'm game.

You are not afraid?

Well, if it's going to happen to me
anyway, what's there to be afraid of?

Very well.

Tap the cards three times.

I do not manipulate them.

They use my hands to manipulate
themselves and to present your destiny.

The Chariot.

The High Priestess.

The Moon.

The Enchantress.

Fine. Yes. Yes, you do that.

I will. Goodbye.

Oh, how they talk! You busy?

Yes, I'm working on
the Morrison project.

Well, there's no rush for that.

This letter came this morning from that
Biddulph woman you sold your house to.

She wants to make some
major structural alterations

and seems to think you're the
only architect to deal with it.

Doesn't say what the alterations are.

Does it matter?

A lonely widow, rich, beautiful

Well, I'd be glad to spend a few
days on that island with her myself.

Thank you, sir.


Hey, if it's not Mr. Jamie


How good to see you.

I didn't expect you back, sir.

Well, Mrs. Biddulph
wrote and asked me to give

her advice about altering the house.
Is anyone at home, d'you know?

My grand-daughter, Valda

Ah, Valda, is the mistress in'?

Upstairs, Grandfather.

Come in.

You were about this
high the last time I saw you.

Oh, Mr. Dawson, how wonderful.
I had no idea you would be here so soon.

I was free and naturally I
was interested in the house.

I'm very grateful to you, by the way,
for calling in my firm for the job.

Oh Valda, will you prepare the guest
room for Mr. Dawson, please?

Come in here.

It doesn't seem to have changed very much.
What exactly do you want done?

Oh, what I want principally
is to have that wall knocked down

to make one large room.
You know like a ballroom.

There shouldn't be any
problems, should it?

No. No, I don't think so.

But it's an old house. I'd want
to examine it very carefully

before I make up my mind.

Well, I thought you'd know
it better than anyone else.

Yes, I should.

My family lived here for
centuries before I had to sell it.

But still

I think I'd better look at
the foundations and the walls

and everything very carefully before
we decide to make any radical changes.

Well, I have to go down to
the village for an hour or so.

If there's anything you want,
just ask Caleb or Valda.

May I ask you a personal question?

If it's not too personal.

Why does a beautiful woman like yourself
want to bury herself in the Hebrides?

My husband was a very wonderful man.

It took me a long time
to get over his death.

In fact, after the funeral
I had a sort of breakdown.

The doctors decided that I
needed complete rest and quiet.

So I came here.

But now you've decided you want
to rejoin the human race, aye?

Why do you say that?

Well, you're having this
room made into a ballroom.

That's not for entertaining.

You see my husband was an archeologist.

He had a large collection of very
valuable specimens from all over the world.

I intend to turn this into a
sort of museum to his memory.

It's a beautiful house,
and you're welcome to visit us any time.

Thank you.

What was that?

I didn't hear anything.



Yes, sir.

Oh, I'm sorry to bother you, but d'you
know where the key to the cellar is?

No, sir, I don't.

Well, would you be good enough to
ask your grandfather if he knows?

Yes, sir.

The lock's been oiled recently.

That's strange. I did't do it.

Here is the torch for you.



Come down here, will you?

Caleb, do you know what this is?

Must be the coffin of Cosmo Waldemar.

The werewolf! Over two
hundred years ago

Cosmo Waldemar claimed that
this house was really his

and that my ancestors
had stolen it from him.

And he vowed that one day he'd return.

He swore that his place would be
taken by whoever owned the house

and that he himself would
once again assume human shape.

His grave was never found.

But it was here

in the walls of this cellar

for all this time.

Not all this time.

This plaster is new.

I'm going to find out
what's in that coffin.

Come on. Give me a hand.

We'll need something stronger than this.

Come on.

Oh, Mrs. Biddulph.

Did you see anything
come out of the house?

No. What's the matter?

Nothing. Here let me give
you a hand with those.

Oh, thank you.

The only thing I don't like about
living on this island is the fact

that the shops won't deliver

Oh, put them down there, will you?

Oh, I see you've found the key.

No, no. Caleb had a spare one.

Will you have to work down there?

Eh, yes, yes, I think so.

Well, how long do you
suppose the work will take?

Just a short time, Mrs. Biddulph.

Has anyone been down in
that cellar since you moved in?

Well, I suppose the workmen
were down there. I haven't. Why?

It doesn't matter.

Go up to your room and
lock your door. Go on.

Caleb, what does the legend say?

That Cosmo would return and take his
revenge on the owner of the house.

Do you know that Valda left me a note
tonight, saying she had to see me?

She knew something about

Do you have a gun?


Get it.

What are you going to do?

Something came out of
that coffin tonight.

Something evil and strange.

I don't know why it killed Valda.

But I know who it's going to kill.

My great grandfather had this
made of the silver sword

that killed Cosmo.

It's hung in the house
ever since to protect it.

I'm going to melt it down and
make bullets, silver bullets.

And when that coffin opens
tomorrow night, I'll be waiting.

Come in.

I don't understand it.

The legend says the only
way to kill a werewolf

is with a bullet made
from a silver crucifix.

I had six.

You mean these?

You see, what the legend really
says is that Cosmo Waldemar will

resume human shape again when
he is replaced in his coffin.

Not by the owner of the house, but by
a descendant of the man, who killed him.

Now any dutiful wife

would do anything to bring
her husband back to life.

Even after two hundred years.

Are you trying to tell me
that's going to happen to me?

Where are you going now?


And then?

To the Island of Unga in the Hebrides.

Turn the fifth card.

Well, what was it?


Come on, show me that card.
Tell me.

Don't be so gullible.
Can't you see it's all part of the act?

What act, Mr. Marsh?

Is your name Marsh?

Don't be mislead by
his knowing that.

There's no magic about it.
I can assure you.

Yeah, but how did he know?

Maybe it's on his baggage.

There's no mystery about it, gentlemen.

Most informed people have heard
of Franklyn Marsh, art critic.

Confidence tricksters make a point of
beign familiar with people in the news.

Well, I've never heard of you.

Dr. Schreck,

I'd like to try those
cards if you don't mind.

If you think so.

And now your prediction.

You are going on holiday soon?

- With your wife and your daugther.

How did you know?

Perfectly simple. He saw
the doll up on the rack.

And a dog.

That's right. You'll see them
all when we get to Bradley.

They're meeting me at the station.

And when you return from
holiday and when you return.

I've got Katie, Mummy.

- Yeah.

Bill, come and look at this.

It wasn't there before.

It must have grown while we were away.

Well, you'd better get rid of it,
or it'll kill all the hydrangeas.

Not even home yet and
back to work already.


What is it?

What is it?


It seemed to cry out
in pain when I hit it.

And I couldn't cut into it with a hoe.
Give me the shears.

I could almost swear that vine
pushed those shears out of my hands.

Have you ever seen anything
like this before, Gerry?

No, it's new to me. You say this
vine seemed actually to resist cutting?

Well, I'm pretty good
at handling garden tools.

I don't think those shears slipped.

Can you put me up for a few days'?

Hm. Sure.

Easier to find out what this
is all about on the spot.

Better than staring through some
wretched microscope here at the Ministry.

Too true.

Come on, raise up

Rusty, come on.
Come on, Rusty.

Oh Rusty, come on.

Rusty, go on, fetch it.

Fetch it!

I'm sorry, Mr. Drake.
- That's all right. Here you are.

Come on, Rusty

Come on, Rusty.

Come on. Come on. Raise up



Yes, mummy?

Time for tea.
I'll get Rusty's in a minute.

All right.
Rusty, go after it, go after it!

A dog strangled by a vine.

I can hardly believe it.

A plant that protects itself.
It's impossible.

Hm. That's what I thought at first,
but have a look at this.

Now these are the main groups of plants
of whose existence we already now know.

First: plants without roots,
stems or leaves, bacteria,

and lichens.


After that: mosses.

A sligtly higher form with
neither roots nor vascular tissue.

Third: ferns which have roots and
vascular tissue but no flowers.

And fourth: a flowering plant.

They have roots, stems, leaves,

vascular tissue and flowers
to help spread their seeds.

Finally the

Just one second.

They're what we call the
insectivorous plants. The borderline

between the plant and animal kingdoms.
Plants which are not dependent

entirely on soil and
sunlight for their food,

but which sometimes eat live insects.


Each stage, each adaption,
each mutation is one step higher

in the battle of the
plant kingdom for survival.

Now what if

What if a plant were
to take the next step?

What if there were a mutation
that could developed intelligence?

The ability to protect itself?

Perhaps even to know who its
enemies were and destroy them?

A plant like that could
take over the world.

But it's not possible, it's fantastic!

I wonder

Lunch will be ready in a few moments.

Oh yes. Well, I'm awfully busy at the
moment. Do you mind if I skip lunch today?

Oh, you've got the eat something.
I'll get you some coffee and sandwiches.

Oh, thank you.

A brain.

I was right.

Darling, it's a lovely day.
Why don't you go out and play?

It isn't any fun without Rusty.

Did you call the police?

We didn't know what to do. We
thought it'd be better to call you first.

He was alone in the room?
- Yes, all the time.

I'm going to the lab to
get my men down.


Carol, come away.

How are we going to get out?

There must be some
way of destroying this.

There must be. I know it.

Get some newspapers.

There's one thing, which every
intelligent thing is afraid of: the fire!

If a species ever develops that
isn't, it could be the end of the world.

Open the door.

Should be alright now.

And that's going to happen to me?

Maybe to all of us.
But you need not despair.

The fifth card may show
you how to avoid

What is it?

It does not matter.

What was it?

I was hoping it
...it might not be

Oh for heaven's sake!
What is all this nonsense?

No nonsense, I assure you. Now is
there anyone else who would wish to try?

Okay I'll have a I'll have a try.

The first time I've ever
done this without chips.

Just tap the cards three times.

And now your future.

You are a musician?

Yes. A lot of people
don't seem to think so.

Ah, that's more like it.

That's my mother in law.

Do not jest at the image of a God.

A God?

The powerful and malign God of Voodoo.

Hi, Wally. What's the good word?

You're going to love me.

Oh yeh. Purely, as a mother.

I've got a great
booking for you.

Oh yeah, what have you
got us this time? Siberia?

No. Days of sunshine and romance.
Nights under an azure sky.

Another holiday camp, right?

The West Indies, Island of Paiti, town
of Dupont, Club called "The Flamingo".


Yeah, great. When do we go?
- Two weeks.

Hey, you little sweetheart.

We gonna go to the West Indies!
- That's great!

We go where?

We're going to the West Indies!
The West Indies!

Well and on that sweet note, boys,

we can all get ready to
got to the West Indies.

On the island we all have fun ♪
Singing, dancing and drinking rum ♪

Boys and girls kissing in the sun ♪
Everybody's got love ♪

Cupid's busy here every day ♪
Shooting arrows off every way ♪

Young and healthy, or old and grey ♪
Everybody's got love ♪

Just look at me or talk to anyone you see ♪
Hey, what about this then?

Then you'll agree ♪
Everybody's got love ♪

Come on everyone, don't be shy ♪
Now I've told you the reason why ♪

Kiss your troubles and cares goodbye ♪
Everybody's got love ♪

Just look around or
talk to anyone in town ♪

Then you'll agree ♪
Everybody's got love ♪

Come on everyone, don't be shy ♪
Now I've told you the reason why ♪

Kiss your troubles and cares goodbye ♪

Everybody's got love ♪

Everybody's got love ♪

Everybody's got love ♪

Everybody's got love ♪

Everybody's got love ♪


I'm Sammy Coin.
You must be my replacement.

Yeh, that's right.
This is Alan. This is Tubby.

How do you do?

Hey, I dig that Calypso music, man.
It's good sung by a real West Indian.

West Indian?
You must be joke.

I came out of the East End.
First music I heard was Bow Bells.

How come you're here then?

Well, you got an agent, I got an agent.

For ten per cent, he'd
book me in Little Rock.

Cigarettes please?

Yes sure, I think I'm
old enough to smoke.

Hey, look at that monster

What did I do?

That monster is the
Voodoo God, Dambala,

and Voodoo is the one thing you
don't mess around with here.

Look around.

Hey! All the chicks are wearing them.


I heard of these Voodoo dances.

That's where the action
is at night, isn't it? - Yeah!

And you'll hear it from your
hotel room. - Yeah.

Out in the woods.
Drums beating

- Girls dancing

- Wild, frenzied

- Very few clothes on...

- Take my advice?

Forget it!


Man, it's a religious ceremony.


You ain't that denomination.

Who are you?

Biff Bailey... Biff...

Biff Bailey.

What is this?

Oh, well, I was listening to your
music, so I I wrote it down.

You wrote down the sacred
music of the great God Dambala.

It could be a hit,
make a fortune.

If you wrote it,
we could go 50-50.

It belongs to the God Dambala.
Known only to his own people

for centuries.

Oh, well, if it's that old,
then it's out of copyright.

You get creases in my shirt.

The God Dambala is a jealous God. If
you steal from him, he will be revenged.

Wherever you are, he will be revenged.
Do not steal from the God Dambala.

Now go.

Now when we get back to London,

I'm going to make a whole
routine around that voodoo number.

Biff man, you be careful
of that Voodoo God.

Oh, don't be silly.
- It's dangerous, man

What can a Voodoo God do to me?

Give me your shoulder to cry on ♪
Your heart to rely on ♪

Give me love ♪

Prove it ♪
By the way that you hold me ♪

You mean all that you told me ♪

Give me love ♪

Give me something more
than just a promise or two ♪

Show me real affection and
I'll give my love to you ♪

Take me in your
arms and then kiss me ♪

No more false alarms, baby ♪

Give me love ♪

You still going through
with this Voodoo thing, man?

Sure, why not?

I'll tell you one thing.
You got guts.


We'll probably see 'em
before the night's out

spread out all over the floor.

They'll eat anything here.

Don't worry though.

My uncle's an undertaker.
He'll do it for you wholesale.

Don't forget the double-breasted lid!

Give me something more
then just a promise or two ♪

Show me real affection and
I'll give my love to you ♪

Take me in your arms
and then kiss me ♪

No more false alarms, baby ♪

Give me love ♪

Right now ♪

Give me love ♪

During his recent trip
to the West Indies

Biff Bailey heard an
ancient Voodoo tune.

Here it is, in his own
special arrangement.

Told you!

My beautiful club

You're insured, aren't you?

Yeah. I could have the whole
place redone Moroccan

Oh man, you don't play
around with Voodoo.

What are you doing?

I want to change this
arrangement, actually.

It wasn't too good in
the middle, so

I'll take it home

Take it home?
After what happened here?

What happened here?

Who d'you think sent that wind,
Kenny Ball? That was Voodoo, man.

I'd burn that music fast.

You're not still believing in
this Voodoo stuff, are you?

No, man, but I play percentages.

I wouldn't take that home.
Not after what happened here tonight.

No? I'll see you.

Well, more work for my uncle!

Got a match?

Oh, yeah yeah sure.

Here, you keep them.
- Thanks.

Which way to Piccadilly Circus, mac?

Yeh... Yeh...

Oh, these British are all nuts.

That'll teach me
not to steal tunes.

Well, how do I get out of it?

Ours was the same?

What does it mean?

I'll tell you what it means.
Absolutely nothing.

What makes you so sure?

Foretelling the future with a
pack of cards Complete rubbish.

Then why are you afraid to try them?


To participate in your
ridiculous parlour game?

Very well. Very well. Shuffle
your cards. Foretell my destiny.

Remarkable, really remarkable.

I don't think there's very
much more that can be said

about that particular atrocity.

Dear, dear, dear

Yes, atrocity is right.
Ah. What have we here?

Yes, indeed a work of notable
incompetence, even for Mr. Eric Landor.

You don't like my work,

Mr. Marsh?

Ah, the great man himself.

One wonders why you come to
my exhibitions so regularly

if my work displeases you.

Duty, my dear sir, duty.

My paper pays me to attend these
exhibitions, so attend them I must

whether the artist in question
is a genius or a charlatan.

And you consider yourself
competent to judge?

I don't think my reputation as a
critic has ever been called in doubt.

In that case, I wonder why you never
give me advice on how to improve my work.

My dear sir, the only advice that I could
possibly offer you, would be: give up.

A harsh thing to say to a
man who's been painting

all his life with some
measure of success.


If we are discussing money,
pray let's not delay any longer.

I was under the impression
we were discussing art.

Take this masterpiece, for example.
Just what is it supposed to say?

It is merely a series of
splodges of print applied

without any creativity whatsoever.
What is it supposed to mean?

Nothing specific. The viewer
is supposed to react to it.

To create his own meaning
out of his own experience.

Everyone will see
something quite different.

In other words:
it means absolutely nothing.

To those who can't see.

But I can see, Mr. Landor.

I can see very well,
when there is something worth seeing.

I live by my vision, Mr. Landor.

Mr. Marsh...

We have a canvas in from a young artist
we're thinking of exhibiting shortly.

I wonder if you'd mind telling
us what you think of his work.

Well, it's highly irregular.

Oh please, please.

Oh very well, just this once.

Thank you.

Ah now, this is quite a different matter,
quite a different matter indeed.

Clearly the work of a creative
artist of considerable promise.

Notice the wide sweep of colour,
the balance, the brushwork,

together with a certain denial of the
accepted standards, the mock critical

humour of the entire composition. You
could learn a great deal about painting

from this artist, Mr. Lander.

Then I should very much like to
meet him. Would that be possible?

He's here now as a matter of fact.
- Indeed?

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, we
have as our guest of honour tonight

the eminent author and art
critic Mr. Franklyn Marsh.

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am extremely honoured
to have been asked

to address this fine organisation,

which has done so much to
foster an interest in the arts.

The world of art today

The world of art today

The day of the action painter is over.

Soon art will regain its sanity
and return to the fundemental

representational principals of

You were saying, Mr. Marsh

I must crave your indulgence.

I have a pressing appointment.

He's so fascinating on this subject.

Have they found out who
the patient is yet, nurse?

Yes, Eric Landor, the artist.

Artist? Not anymore!

The European Space Reasearch Organisation
plans to ask the United States for

permission to set up a satellite
contacting station in Alaska.

In London the well-known
artist Eric Landor

was the victim of
a hit and run driver.

Mr. Landor was taken to
St. Michael's Hospital.

He has not yet regained consciousness.


Oh, what's the matter?
Why so jumpy?

Words don't seem to be
coming very easy this day.

What you need is a drink.

What? No, no thank you very much.
I want to get home.

Oh come on,
just a quick one.

No, thank you very much, George,
I really must get on with this.

Oh alright.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Well, wherever you've been
for the past few days,

it's certainly improved your temper.

Don't tell me he actually
liked a painting for once.

Well, I had a slight problem,
but everything's alright now.

That calls for a celebration.
What are you going to have?

No, no, no, the drinks are on me.
Hey miss, please.

The same again, will you please?

I heard you calling a round, Frank.
You know that's too good to miss.

Yes. Please, have anything
you want, anything at all.

Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Is he hurt bad?
- He'll live.

Yeah, but he'll be blind for the
rest of his life. Poor guy.

Still there's lots of
things a blind man can do.

A very pretty story.
Thank you.

It is not all the story.

Then it's the same for all of us.

What do you mean?

Every time the cards have been
asked how we could avoid the future,

the answer is the same: death.

That's a bad word, man.

Well, let's see what the
cards have to say about me.

You are sure you wish to know?

Deal the cards.

The Empress.

The Hermit.

The Star.

The Lovers.

Oh, why this?

It's an old American custom.

Et ceci est une vielle coutume Francaise.

Old French custom.

- Coutume.

Co... Cot...
- Coutume...

... tume

Non, coutume. Ü...
- Ü...


Welcome to Pemberton, the prettiest
little town in New England.

I hope it likes me.

Honey, it could not help but like you.

You know, I was worried about
coming with you to Amercia.

You're going to get on just fine.

Are you hungry?

I'll go and see if there's
something in the kitchen.


You go and get acquainted
with the house, okay?



I cut myself.

The can opener.

I'll wash it.

No, no.

Let me do it.

Okay. You can have the car.

Dr. Blake is going to come
and pick me up anyway.

Who is Dr. Blake?

Dr. Blake? Dr. Blake is the
only other doctor in town,

and we work at the clinic
together and he is gonna

That'll be him now.

Come on, honey. I know
he wants to meet you.

- Hi. Good morning.

Good morning. Doctor, this is
my wife Nicolle. Dr. Blake.

Glad to know you.
I hope you like our fair city.

I'm sure I will.

If there is anything I can ever do
for you, don't hesitate to tell me.

Thank you.

All set?

It was nice meeting you.

Bye, honey.

Drive carefully, eh?
- I will.


Well, as you say, it is a strange case.
Sounds like anemia.

No, no. It's not the quality
of the boy's blood that's wrong.

It's the quantity. I mean it's that
there doesn't seem to be enough of it.

The boy's in here.
Do you want to see him?

All right.

Johnny, this is Dr. Blake.

- Hello, Johnny.

Good morning.
- Good morning, Doctor.

Dr. Blake just wants to
have a look at you. Okay?

Has Johnny been eating his food?


Getting enough sleep, fresh air?

Well, he always sleeps
with his window open.

Well, let's have a look.

When did he get these?

Just a few days ago. The day he
complained he was feeling weak.

All right. Thanks.

Eh, will you wait in the other room?

Come on, Johnny.

Would you come this way, please?

Yes, thank you.

Well, what do you think?

I don't know. I really don't
know what to make of it.

What do you think?

I don't know. If these
were medieval times,

I'd I'd almost say he was
the victim of a vampire.

A vampire?

Yes, that's what Dr. Blake said.

Can you imagine in this day and age?

He took some blood samples
from the boy though

and we should know by
tomorrow morning what it really is.

How will you know?

Well, he'll work some tests on
it in the laboratory tonight.

He has a laboratory in the clinic?

No, no. He has got a workshop
on top of the old Finch building.

He works there at night sometimes.

He's a real lonely guy.

You want some more steak, honey?

No, no.

Why did't it attack you then?

I figured that out later.

My arms made the sign of a cross
as I raised them to shield myself.

But how could it know that I suspected?

Dr. Blake, your patient is ready.

Did he sleep with his
window open last night?

That's not wrong, is it?
He must have fresh air.

No, no. It's not wrong.
Leave it open.

Only tonight I want to be
there in case anything happens.


I got up to close the window.
I cut my hand.

Nicolle is my wife.

Do you know what a vampire is?

A spirit which takes up
residence in a human body,

conferring upon it the power
to turn into a bat at night

so that it can glut itself on
the blood of innocent victims.

And if the victim dies,

he becomes a vampire and
after death rises from the grave

and walks the earth
in search of blood.

That would have happened to Johnny

if he had died of Nicolle's bite.
It may happen to her next victim.

Tonight she will go
in search of someone.

Watch her.

The only way to kill a vampire

is to drive a wooden stake
through its heart.

Watch her!

And when she returns


I love you.

A vampire?

It's true.

I never heard anything
so crazy in all my life.

Look, Dr. Blake will confirm
it when he gehts here.

Confirm what?

That my wife was a vampire.

But that's nonsense.

There are no such things as vampires.

But you told me.

You gave me the stake.

She attacked you.

I don't know what
you are talking about.

Nobody attacked me.

Well, tell them please.

Tell them!

Cuff him!

Tell them!

Ok, let's go.

Doctor, please.

Can we give you a lift, Doctor?

No, no thanks. I'll walk.


This town isn't big enough for
two doctors or two vampires.


Do you know someone by that name?

I met her on the continent.
I was thinking

Turn the next card, please.

Ave, aye, aye...

There are five of us here
and none of us has a future.

What about him?
- Yes, what about you?

All of us.

We're all together in this carriage
and none of us has a future.

It's this train
- It's going to crash.

What are you doing?
- Pull the communication cord.

Don't, you fool. For that way you
might cause an accident. Sit down.

We can't just sit here and wait.

Why have you done this?

What do you want? Who are you?

Have you not guessed?

We're slowing down.

Is it Bradley? Can you see a sign?

I don't know.

Well, where else could it be?

We've reached the end of our journey.

No accidents. So much for Dr. Terror.

Dr. Schreck.