Dr. T & the Women (2000) - full transcript

Dr. Sullivan Travis "Dr. T." is a wealthy Dallas gynecologist for some of the wealthiest women in Texas who finds his idealist life beginning to fall apart starting when his wife, Kate, suffers a nervous breakdown and is committed to the state mental hospital. Dr. T's eldest daughter, Dee Dee, is planning to go through with her approaching wedding despite the secret that she's a lesbian and is romantically involved with Marilyn, the maid of honor. Dr T's youngest daughter, Connie, is a conspiracy theorist freak who has her own agenda to everything, while Dr. T's loyal secretary, Carolyn, has romantic feelings for him, which are not mutual. Dr. T's sister-in-law, Peggy, meddles in every situation she stumbles into, while one woman, Bree, a golf instructor, is the only one who offers him any comfort and salvation.


So, Dr. T, I hear
your wife's sister...

...moved back in with you
a few days ago.

- Is that true?
- Yes, it is.

Peggy, and three kids.

I'm sorry.

What is your wife's name?

- Kate.
- Kate! Of course, Kate.

And your wife's sister's name is...?

- Peggy.
- Peggy! Peggy, yes, Peggy.

So, how many children does Peggy
have now?

She has three.

- They have all girls.
- Three.

All girls?

That's nice.

Yes, it is.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Nor would I.

Dr. Travis' office. May I help you?

Oh, now, please tell me
that room's ready.

Sweetie, everything okay in there?

Didn't I tell you
you'd be in this room?

You did. You're so good.

Oh, I hope so.


- Marsha?
- Yeah.

Darling, insurance, new payments,
is that...?

You've got an appointment?

- Your name?
- Nina Shipman. From Corpus.

Joanne, you've got a new insurance,
did you know that?

I thought that was for me.

I bet you do. Once for every store.
Plus an extra.

I might. I think I might.

- Allison, sweetie.
- Yes?

Miss Shipman. First timer.

Insurance information, the new one.

Hey, everybody.

Abbey, how are you?
You look beautiful.

Here's some brand new information
you've never heard in this office:

We're running late.
Now how could that happen...

...every day?

- Hey, Liz. How you doing?
- Liz, how are you?

Five minutes is about all we can do,
and that'll be a miracle.

I'll be back in a second.

Hi, Mrs. Larson. How are you today?

I'll take you over to Judy.

We're gonna set up tests for you and
appointments for the next few weeks.

Liz! Hi, how are you?

You look a little pale.

- Never been better.
- Don't forget my garden party.

Oh, yeah, yeah. I will. I will.

Make sure. I will never
forgive you if you don't.

Hello, Judy.

I've got a meeting with the mayor.
You won't make me wait, will you?

You should call him and tell him
you need to see your ob-gyn.

As usual in a doctor's office,
you'll have to wait.

I know you shouldn't have to, but our
doctor doesn't understand that.

But I've already done my breast exam.

Great, we should give you extra
points for that. Or a deduction.

- You're in my seat.
- I'm sorry.

Give me just a few more minutes.

- How much time?
- I don't know, 30.

- That bathroom is disgusting.
- The bathroom?

Yes, it is.

How many people are you "working in"?
Can the doctor say no to anybody?


- I think I might've grazed that one.
- A definite...

- Almost.
- Almost.

You saw that spin to the right.

Yeah, that was a sure thing there.

- Bernadette Rose is in.
- Hey, Sully.

You and me, head to head,
five bucks a shot.

Why don't you just give him
your ATM card and be done?

Are you ready for this?

We're ready.

- Holy shit.
- Oh, man!


How do you do that?

Want my secret?

Bernadette Rose.

Never take a good woman for granted.

You and Sully had the perfect day.
You were the perfect couple.

I was the little
geeky 8-year-old...

...just trying to be proper.

But it was so wonderful and that's
the way it should be.

I want it to be the perfect wedding...
I was gonna say "of her life."

The only wedding of her life,
that's the perfect wedding.

Look at these.
This is what I was talking about.

Your phone's ringing.

Every time I hear it,
I assume it's somebody else's.

Excuse me.

Oh, good grief.

Hello? Hey, baby girl.

Mommy, we're playing doctor and Amber
won't go tee-tee when I say...

...and Maria won't help.

Girl, you did not.

If Amber doesn't want to go,
don't make her.

Honey, that's Uncle Sully's.

You do not tee-tee on those sticks.

Give me... Let me talk to Maria.

- Mommy, when are you coming home?
- Give me.

Sorry, wrong number.

May I be of some assistance?

Thank you, not right now.

If there's anything I can do,
my name is Tiffany.

Your name's Tiffany?


Kind of a coincidence, I know.

Dee Dee!

You're late. We were supposed to meet
at the fountain at 2:00.

Where are you going?
Tiffany's is that way.

You said the fountain at 2:00.

No, I said Tiffany's at 2:15.

I swear you said the fountain.

We're here for
the bridal registration.

Are you the bride?

No. No. I am...

...getting a divorce probably myself.
But my niece is getting married.

- Great!
- Kate, my sister, called.

- What's her name?
- Mrs. Travis.


- That was gorgeous.
- You hooked it.

That was a draw, a beautiful draw.

I know a hook when I see a hook.

If we were quail hunting, Eli,
I'm afraid you'd be going hungry.

Hungry! Oh, damn, I forgot.
I got sandwiches here.

Break time.

- Pimiento cheese sandwiches.
- Grab that chair.

Always a pleasure
to put the feedbag on at Sully's.

- Alrighty.
- Dr. T's Roadhouse, huh?

They're not gonna be here.

- I told them to meet us at Tiffany's.
- Look, they're not here.

There's Mom.

- Hi.
- Oh, it's you.

- Hi, baby.
- Hi.

How are you?

Here we are, champagne for everyone.

- Hi, Ma.
- Hi, honey.

This is the bride.

- Dee Dee Travis.
- Tiffany.

- Oh, how cute.
- Here you go.

- I don't drink.
- Shall we look at some flatware?

Peggy, I love your hat.
It's beautiful.

- Can I try it on?
- Of course you can.

You look so good in hats.

- How does it look?
- That looks so good on you.

Doesn't it look great?

Peggy has that same hat.

This is Peggy's hat.

"Autobahn." That's funny.

A little contemporary for you.

It's very delicate.

What a beautiful ring. Is it ours?

No, it's Harry Winston's.

I think she actually preferred
the Swag Collection.

I don't like the Swag Collection.

It makes a very opulent display,
doesn't it?

- What kind of pattern is this?
- This is chrysanthemum.

- And a pimiento cheese sandwich.
- Something different.

A pimiento cheese sandwich.

Thirty-five dollars.

- I'll have the pimiento cheese.
- I love the variety.

I have never spent $35
on a pimiento cheese sandwich...

...but it's good. It hits the spot.
Who made these, by the way?

How is Kate? Haven't seen her lately.

Yeah, she's... She's all involved
with Dee Dee's wedding.

That's a full-time job:
Women and weddings.

When I hear you, it makes
me glad I don't have a wife.

When you get one, make sure
she's like Sully's.

You're a lucky man, Sully.
Hang on to her.

I'm trying.


Have you seen Mom?

- She was right here.
- Ma?

She was right here.

- Oh, miss. Miss?
- What?

The knife.

- I'll see you later.
- Okay.

- There it is.
- Sorry, we're just leaving.

Thank you so much for everything.

That was sweet, and this is just
the best champagne. I love it!

- A toast to you, Tiffany.
- Well, cheers.

The namesake of the store.
Bless your sweet heart. Thank you.

- Where's Peggy?
- God, there you are.

Mom's gone and I gotta go. Okay?

Why did you let her come out?
You know how absent-minded Mom's been.

She'll find her way home.

She woke up in the middle of the night
and pitched a tent in the backyard.

- Girls, I think I'm gonna need a ride.
- I'll give you a ride.

She made pimiento cheese sandwiches
for breakfast.

Daddy likes pimiento cheese.

- Give me some air.
- Something's wrong.

Where do you think Kate went, anyway?

- Snuck up on us, didn't it?
- Let's go.

It looks like it's gonna piss down.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, shit.

Get your gun.

Oh, shit, my gun,
my gun, my gun.

- Get in the damn car.
- You're gonna get Lucille wet.

That's all right.
I like my women wet.

Maybe that's why she can't hit a barn.

You of all people got something
against wet women?

You know, certain Indian tribes say...

...if a woman's all wet the first time
you see her it's bad luck.

- You think that's true?
- It's pure horse shit.

Oh, shit!

Oh, my God!
Where'd that come from?

Look at you.

- Sorry I'm getting your carpet wet.
- It's just carpet. It'll dry.

Yeah, it's raining.
Rain'll make you wet.

Yes, it will.

Is Harlan here?

No, Harlan said he was gonna be
hunting all day.

- Hunting?
- That's what he said.

- Can we help you?
- I'm Bree Davis.

- I'm Randy.
- How are you?

You're the new golf pro chick.

I'm the new assistant golf pro chick.

Wow, Bree. That's one
interesting name.

Is it Brie like the cheese or...

No. It's Bree like breed,
without the "d."

This'll wake your soul right up.

It's rain! It is raining!

Be careful, there's puddles.

You are so sweet to bring me back.

- It's okay, Peggy.
- I love this!

Soaking wet!


Mommy's back!

Wait till you see. Look at me.

We got caught in the rain, Maria.

I'm gonna get you all wet.

Oh, little fairies.

- Where's Mom?
- I thought she was with you.

Has she called?

Is there someplace I can put this?

Yeah, yeah. There's some cubbyholes
back there in the back.

Throw it there, that'd be fine.

- Who is that guy?
- That guy?

That's Harvey Penick.
He's a famous golf guy.

I know who he is. Who's that?

Dr. Travis. He's one of our members.
He's been here a long time.

What kind of doctor is he?

He's the lucky kind.

It is coming down, man!

It's good to see you. How are you?

- I'm getting you wet.
- That's okay.

- I thought you were coming tomorrow.
- I was, but I just kept driving.

Let me get out of these things. This
is Bree Davis, the new assistant pro.

- How are you?
- I'm all wet, how you doing?

- I'm gonna change.
- Hi. I'm Bree.

Sully Travis. Nice to meet you.

Are you Dr. Travis?

Yeah, or Dr. T.

Most people just call me Dr. T.

Well, it's very nice to meet you,
Dr. T.

- You said your name was Bree?
- Not like the cheese.

- B-R-E-E like breed or...
- Breech.

Without the "c-h."

I never heard that, but sure.

How'd you know I'm a doctor?

I looked at your picture and thought
you looked familiar, so I asked.

That is out of control!

I met my first girlfriend
at a pool party when I was 16.

Soaking wet, she was.

And I swear, within a week
I started losing my hair.

You guys are crazy.

Superstition is for the unimaginative.

My imagination knows a mare's nest
when it sees one.

- What's a mare's nest?
- Like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

- Wet clothing, in her case.
- You know your problem?

- Who, me?
- All of you.

You don't understand women.

Women are incapable of being bad luck
by themselves.

It's men who make them that way.

Women are, by nature, they are saints.

They're sacred, and should be
treated as such.

The lady, the new golf lady.
The cheese...

She's outside. She said she wants
to talk to you. It's important.

Well, hello again, Bree.

I'm getting singles for liar's poker,
you want some?

- So what's up?
- Your wife called.

Did she say what she wanted?

It actually wasn't your wife.
It was the police.

They need you to come down
to the station.

They said downtown.

Thanks. Thank you.

Well, about my client, Kate Travis.

Will she be in
in about half an hour?

Can I make an appointment?

All right. Thanks very much.

Can you hurry that up?
Can we let my client out?

You made me make a mistake.


Did something happen there?

Is that why you did it? Why did you
take your clothes off in the mall?

My sleeves got wet
and they got really, really long...

...like a straitjacket.

Did you go in the fountain?
You didn't even get wet.

Hey, talk to me.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You think there's someplace
I could take a bath here?

We'll do that when we get home.

Oh, no. We can't do that anymore.

It's not nice.

Right now I'm not ruling anything out.

Especially since I personally have
never had a case like Kate's before.

But I am looking into
a lot of possibilities.

One of which is called
the Hestia Complex.

Hestia Complex? What is it?

Hestia was a Greek goddess. She was
the goddess of the home and hearth.

She kept the fires burning.
She was the guardian of family life.

But in an interesting contradiction,
she came to despise love...

...and consequently, to reject it.

Eventually, she retreated
to a single life...

...and peculiarly, was allowed...

...to become the guardian
of virginal modesty.

What has all this got to do with Kate?

In clinical psychology, as well
as in my own documented theories...

...which are based in mythology...

...virgin essentially means child.

Now Kate has retreated
into a childlike state.

There could be any number
of reasons for it.

At this point... And yes, I must...

...look into all the possibilities.
But at this point...

...the Hestia Complex
seems the most likely.

All right. Take a deep puff.

All right, no puff.

Oh, wow, this fur is great.

Didn't it used to be sheepskin
or something?

My aunt died in August and she gave me
this ratty old mink coat.

It was falling apart,
but the sleeves were still good.

It was just enough to cover
the three rooms.

I left Kate a message...

You're the only one I let smoke
in here. Will you give me a break?

I left Kate a message last week,
but she never called me back.

Yeah, well, she's away
for a while now.

Sorry, I haven't been
very good about...

...checking her voice mail.

Look at me. Look up. There.

Actually, I just wanted to talk
to you about something.

What about? Lie down.

Well, I'm president of the Beauty
and Fairness for Dallas Club.

Is that a new club?

We're a spinoff of the Garden Club.

We promote women's issues.

We're looking for a male voice to help
present our cause to the city council.

What's the cause?

The freeway issue. We think
one should be named for a woman.

Do you realize that every freeway
in Dallas is named for a man?

I'm so terribly sorry.
I hope you'll forgive me.

- Hi, Peggy!
- Hey, honey!

- How are you?
- You look so wonderful.

Connie, did you see that? Hi, Judy.

- Oh, hey, Peggy, nice to see you.
- We're going to see Dad.

We need to talk to him about Mom.

Dad, we're here.
Could you come here please?

So will you help us?

Well, who do you have so far?

Annette Strauss, for one.

Oh, Annette! God rest her soul.

She was proof that women
make great mayors.

- We also thought about Mary Kay Ash.
- Good choice.

Someone with international influence.

I'm touching your leg and entering.

There we are. Okay.

How many names do you need?

Three. You got another suggestion?

What about one to get the attention
of the good ol' boys on the council?

You know, like...

Jayne Mansfield.

All right, that's it. Cutoff.

No more cigarettes in here.
Don't even ask me next time.

Jayne Mansfield. What a great idea.

Hey, Dee Dee, look.

Put that back before he comes in.
That's his drawer.

Hi, everybody. What's up?

Out of my drawers.

Squid, just move on.

- I hate "Squid."
- I hate when you're in my drawers.

Sully, we're just so sorry
to interrupt your busy day.

He's writing up a prescription.

Take this out of samples.

I don't want to see her
for three months.

- Okay.
- You want me to shut the door?

Please. Thanks.

- Thanks, Carolyn.
- What's up?

We just wanted to take
a few minutes and talk about Kate.

- We're real concerned.
- Basically...

...we should get Mom out.

I see no reason why she
can't stay home with us.

You know we can't do that.

The psychiatric hospital is
the best place for her.

They've assured me that
the facility in Tyler is first-rate.

Dr. Harper talks to Kate
several times a day.

She says she's happy there.

Do we really know that she's happy?

I mean, if we haven't seen her?

Kate's been there three weeks.

She hasn't asked about us once.
Any of us.

- I don't believe it.
- Dr. Harper said that?

Does anybody have any idea
what's wrong with her yet?

They're about as stumped as we are.

Dad, that's exactly why
we need to bring her home.

At least we could take care of her.

Well, Dr. Harper did say one thing.


There is a rare...

...mental disorder that they're just
learning about right now.

It's a condition, a complex,
called the Hestia Complex.

- Hestia Complex?
- I don't know it.

Apparently it only affects women.

From the few studies they've done,
women who are most susceptible...

Are what?

Say it, Dad.

Women who are loved too much.

Loved too much?

Mom has this disease
because we love her too much?

I think you've gone crazy, Daddy.

It's not about you.

But that sounds very strange.

Listen to me. Understand me. Now.

This is not because of anything
you have done. It's me.

What do you mean, Sully?

Listen. Dr. Harper says...

Dr. Harper.

...this syndrome, or this Hestia
thing, whatever this thing is...

...this is something that attacks...

...mostly upper-class women who...

Who have pretty much
everything they need...

...in a material sense
and in a family sense too.

But they also have...

...well, a man, a husband who...

...loves them and adores them...

...is faithful and respects them...

...always puts them first,
totally takes care of them...

...makes them feel beautiful.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Daddy, this is ridiculous!

- Go on, Daddy.
- Excuse me.


...their mundane fears
and worries...

...have been eliminated.

They lose their motivation
and their reason...

...to improve things because
their lives are already perfect.

Dr. Harper says they often retreat...

...into a childlike state.

It's probably a desperate attempt...

...to regain some of the...

The what?

The mystery.

Dr. T, we have...

Give us a couple minutes.

Oh, of course I will.

This doesn't make sense.

I gotta go to cheerleading practice
and if I'm late, I swear to God...

I love you. Everything will
be fine. Don't look so depressed.

I love you.

I'll see you later.
You'd better...

...Altoid... mint... there.

Bye, y'all.

I got the Fourth of July
pictures out...

...and I was thinking it might
be nice to give them to Kate.

I don't know.
I'll ask Dr. Harper about it.

I'm just so worried. Especially
if they have her on medication...

I hate this even more than you do...

...but we have to trust the doctor.
- My butt looks huge!

It's disgusting.

What did you do?
Don't tear my family pictures!

Give me the other half.

- I wouldn't photograph your butt.
- They are my family photos.

I've got patients lined up out there
right now, so...

We're sorry we're taking up
all your time.

You give me some good sugar.

- Love you too.
- Love you more.

Have a good day. See you at home.

Hey, handsome.

What do we got?

You all ready?

Hildy is in Governor Ann Richards,
and she's got another bad infection.

In Phyllis George we have Dorothy
Chamblis again for another exam...

I know. Just go in there and...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's next?

And the new patient
I put in Belle Starr.

- So there you go.
- Thank you, Carolyn.

Hey, you need something?

No, I'll be right there.

Okay, ladies.
Listen up before we start practice.

We've got good news and bad news.

Rhonda's injury will keep her out
for the rest of the season.

The good news is,
we have a replacement.

This is Dee Dee Travis, everybody.

Dee Dee's an alternate
we had from auditions.

Welcome, Dee Dee.

So y'all ready?

Let's hit our first position
so we can fit Dee Dee in.

We're gonna make a few changes.

Alice, take Rhonda's position.
We'll put Dee Dee in your spot.

- Yes, ma'am.
- That's right here behind Megan.

Help her if she does
something wrong...

...because she doesn't know
this choreography very well yet.

What foot... Excuse me, ma'am,
what foot do you start on?

Right foot.

Tap your right foot, Dee Dee,
to start.

Five, six, seven, eight. Go.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, stop.

Dee Dee, on five you need to look
over to the right. Five...

Right behind me, we have
the famous sixth floor window...

...where Oswald supposedly shot JFK.

So you're telling me
Oswald didn't do it?

Well, there's many
conspiracy theories on that.

You'll have to decide
which one you believe.

What kind of a rifle did he use?

Well, the Warren Commission says,
in their exhibit number 139...

One and two, three, four, five...

...and seven and...

...one, two, look three, down four,
and shimmy, shimmy, up, up...

...travel two, and three,
and four, and down.

That's okay.
Take about a five-minute break.

Let me see Group 1.
Put your pom-pons down.

Okay, ready?

I have to make a call.
Will you cover for me?

So Oswald supposedly used
this 23-year-old...

...antiquated Army surplus rifle...

...to fire at the president
from sixth-floor window.

Which leads us right there,
guys, to the X.

That's where JFK's head exploded!

Excuse me for a second.

I forgot to tell you something.

I can't hear you.

It's loud, but I can't talk loud.

Is this important? I'm doing my tour.

Connie, it's about my bridesmaids.

What about the bridesmaids?

Well, I finally decided who
my maid of honour will be.

- Who did you choose?
- Marilyn.

Come on, Dee Dee.
That snotty cheerleader?

No, Marilyn from Houston.

Oh, Dee Dee. Not Marilyn.

Dee Dee, are you sure
you thought this through?

I'm positive. I talked
to her last night, and she's pumped.

She's coming up
for the get-together.

I don't think
it's a good idea, Dee Dee.

There we go. All right.
Easy, easy.

Right there. You feel a lump, right?

That's normal. That's fine.

Normal. Normal.


...you are a specimen.

The picture of health.
Nothing to worry about whatsoever.

You're absolutely perfect.

Are you sure, Dr. T?

I've been feeling kind of funny
the past couple days.

No, no, positive.
No, everything looks great.

You look absolutely fantastic,

You look wonderful.
Just great.

Does anyone tell you that lately?

- No.
- No?

Well, yes.

You and...

...your nurse...

...and your bookkeeper and your
receptionist, as a matter of fact.

- All in the last ten minutes.
- Then it must be true.

But they told me the same thing
when I was here two weeks ago.

And the time before that.
In fact, they always say that.

Dr. T? Sorry.
Barbara Lloyd's in labour.

Her husband called.
They're on their way to the hospital.

You can get dressed now.

Tell them I'm on my way too.

- That's it?
- That's it.

I'm sorry, gotta go.

Delivering a baby. Twins.

We can cancel the rest.

Man, I have been here
for an hour and a half...

Ladies, thank you. I'm sorry.

- Judy, take care of them soon.
- All right, Dr. T.

I've got a load of messages here.
Are you coming back?

- Doubtful.
- Call me anyway.

- Samples. I get them for free.
- Do I get them for free?

Duck season opens next week.
Why don't we get some?

- I'm in. I'm in.
- All right.

Oh, my God!

- Hello there.
- Hey, Bree.

- Here's a dry one.
- Thank you very much.

Oh, my God.

- You always that good?
- Well, when it matters I seem to be.

Which is all the time, right?

Harlan told me you play on the tour.

Yeah, almost ten years now.

- Are you off-season now?
- No, just taking some time off.

Sort of indefinitely.

If I'm gonna get nine holes in today,
I better go.

- You got a partner?
- No.

You want one?

- Well, your cart or mine?
- Mine's dry.

- Let's take yours.
- All right.

No, I got it. I got it.

- You got it?
- Yep.

Oh, my God.

- Nice shoes.
- Oh, thank you.

Shall we go?


Group 3 will be going to Washington
DC to visit the White House.

Anyone on the alternate status...

...will be doing the performance
at the Huntsville Prison Rodeo.

Of course, we have two football
games in the next couple weeks.

- Whose phone is that?
- It's not mine.

It's gotta be somebody's phone.
Whose is it?

You know, it's probably mine.

I think I left it on.

I'll just be right over here.

It's an emergency.

Take your emergency
to the locker room.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, where was I?

Dee Dee, it's Connie.
Listen, I've only got a second.

The Zapruder film starts soon
so don't interrupt me.

Girl, what do you want?

We need to talk about
this Marilyn situation.

Has it ever occurred to you that
she has something else up her sleeve?

Besides being your maid of honour?

This is really a bad time.
I have to go.

You know what? Something else
just occurred to me.

The wedding shouldn't be outdoors.

Why not?

Because this is Texas, you know.
You can't count on the weather.

Fall is the most beautiful
time of year in Texas.

It'll be beautiful out by the lake.
I'm willing to take that chance.

Dee Dee, listen.

Fall storms are like snipers, and
they hit you when you least expect.

So you've been in the top 25
for the last four years.

What made you walk away?

Nobody believes me when I say this...

...but I just stopped having fun.

It became about something else.

It became about not losing
instead of winning.

It became about relief instead of joy.

It became about the game
instead of me.

Well, I believe you.

- You do?
- Yes, I do.

- Pass some more dough, Amber.
- That's good!

I think the phone is ringing.
Where's the phone, Maria?

- It should be here.
- I don't have enough dough.

- Where is it?
- Hello?

Hi, Amber!
Hey, it's your cousin Deeds.

Hi, Aunt Peggy.

Hey, honey! Hi.
We're baking away here.

So you'll have treats
when you get home.

Looks like I'm packing up
to go to Huntsville.

- Lf I even make it to next week.
- What do you mean, sweetie?

Well, I left my cell phone on
during rehearsal.

It just kept ringing and ringing.

And rumour has it I'm gonna
be on the wait-warning list.

Wait, what do you mean?
I really think it's crazy, you know?

I mean, your body's so cute and...

Everybody will try to make you
something you're not.

Or already are
and they don't see it...

...or have some ridiculous concept
or idea of a body from a magazine.

At least the prisoners won't mind.

Listen, Aunt Peg, Connie called
me just a little while ago.

She's trying to talk me out
of having an outdoor wedding.

That's what you want, isn't it?

I really, really want to have
my wedding out by the lake.

It's really important to me,
and it is my wedding.

- It is your wedding.
- Connie's so stubborn.

It's not her wedding.
She'll have a wedding.

One day, you'll start telling her
how she should have her wedding.

I just want your support
if it comes up again.

Well, that is what I'm here for.

Aunts and grandmas, right?

The unconditional love, hopefully.
That's what I want to give y'all.

That you know, I mean, I will support
you 100 trillion-billion percent.

Dee Dee, can I see you
in my office please?

- Right now, ma'am?
- Yeah, it'll just take a minute.

Yes, ma'am.

I'll call you later.


- Good luck.
- Bye, Dee Dee.

You deliver babies.
My God, what a thing!

Being there for a person's
first breath!

Yeah, it's awesome.

You know, I delivered twin girls
a couple of hours ago.

One was right on top of the other.

It was touch-and-go which one
was gonna come out first.

That is exciting. Yeah.

You know, I've delivered...

Oh, God, I don't know,
22 sets of twins.

Yeah, 22.

One thing I've noticed is that
if at least one of them is a boy...

...there's an order
about how they arrive.

Like they made a game plan
ahead of time.

One sits there waiting patiently
while the other one's born.

But invariably, if both
are female, forget it.

It's one big race to the finish line.

- Nice shot.
- Thank you.

- What do you think that means?
- I don't know.

I got it, I got it, I got it.
Thank you.

- I'm not a twin. I don't have sisters.
- No sisters?

- Any brothers?
- Three.

- Do you have kids?
- Two daughters.

- Well, that must be fun.
- Yeah, most of the time.

Both of them are a little nuts
right now.

One's getting married
and the other's kind of jealous.

You're driving?

Yeah, I think they both miss
their mother right now too.

So how's your wife doing?

Not so good.


Been a long time.

Look how good they turned out!

Your hearts, how pretty.

- Isn't that good?
- Yeah.

You did so good.

Thank you. Hello?

Thank you, ma'am.

- Listen, it's Connie.
- Hey, honey. How are you?

I just talked to Dee Dee
a little bit ago.

She's continuing to insist
on this outdoor wedding idea...

...which I just think
is just completely insane.

Not to mention dangerous
for all of us.

Why do you think so?

Peggy, I just know it's gonna rain.

That means it'll be a huge
problem for everyone in the family.

It's not necessary. We're better off
having it indoors where it's safe.

She's gonna call you.

I need you to convince her
to have it indoors.

- It might be better.
- It'll be a huge problem for us.

- We won't want to deal with it.
- Indoors.

I'm right on this one. Trust me.

I think you're right.

So I need you to be on my side, okay?

We all have to go indoors.

- You promise?
- Inside. Turn, turn inside.

- Thanks, Peggy.
- Turn within.

All right. I'll talk to you later.
Okay, bye.

Can I have some milk with my cookies?

Oh, shoot!

You're amazing, Bree.

I have never seen a woman like you.
I got it.


- Never?
- Never.

Let me ask you something.
You see women all day, every day.

How do they keep
from just running together?

I think every single woman
I have ever met...

...got something special about her.

Something that sets her apart
from the rest.

Well, if a gynaecologist says
there's no two alike...

...I guess there's no two alike.

Maria? No, thank you.

- Has Marilyn called?
- Not yet.

Hello! Hi, sweetie.

- How are you?
- Good, come on in.

- Hi! Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

Who's this from?

There's no card.

Who's this from?

- Dee Dee?
- Yeah.

- Look at that.
- That is...

Let's go in the other room.


Maria, could you wrap this stuff for
me, please? It's getting cluttered.

I think you should wear this.

Oh, my God! Honey, when is it due?

- I'm Marilyn.
- Oh, Marilyn, the maid of honour.

Happy to meet you, I'm Peggy.
Let me get this door.

- Nice to meet you too. Champagne?
- No, I'm okay.

- Well, can I take your coat?
- Sure.

Nobody can know.

She said you drove a long way.

- Look who's here.
- Hi, sweetheart!

I've been waiting for you.

You look so beautiful.
You're so precious.

Champagne to offer to her.

You know, it might be nice...

...to open presents, and maybe
Marilyn would like...

Everybody, this is Marilyn.

Maid of honour!

Everybody over here, this is Marilyn.

This is Marilyn.

She's having a little breakdown now.

Everybody knows that it will be fine.

Could somebody give Marilyn a chair?

Can you get her a chair, please?

- Marilyn needs a chair.
- That's not my problem.

So how was the trip?

How are you doing?

This is from your mother.

All her love in the world.


Sorry, you all right?
Okay, come and sit down.

I got two weeks' worth of estrogen
and progesterone.

And one tablet.

The hot flashes should go
away immediately.

It'll be good for your
mood swings too.

Now remember, please call me.

Anytime there's anything you
want to talk about. Okay?

- Sure.
- I'm always here for you.


You know, Christine, I
try to tell all my patients...

...that menopause is no different
than going through puberty.

Your body's changing.
Your hormones are all over the place.

You're so much more sensitive
and emotional than you normally are.

You're not sure what's happening,
but I promise you...

...if you don't let it scare you,
if you don't get upset...

...if you could just somehow
embrace this thing...

...you're gonna find
a renewed sexiness.

A womanliness that you've probably
never felt before.

- Hello, Dr. Tra...
- Whatever. I've been here for an hour.


It's just my opinion, but nothing's
more appealing than a woman...

...who's proud to be in her own body.

And believe me, there is nothing...

Marsha, there's no charge
for this visit.

Just call it a free follow-up.

On the house.

You know what? I'll be the best
damn menopause patient you ever had.

That's a promise!

Go, girl! You go, girl!

You want something?

Oh, the phone. On the phone, Bree.
Very pushy.

Want me to handle it?

Why didn't you tell me?
What line is she on?

It's line four!

- Four?
- Four.

- Hey.
- Hey!

It's quite a surprise.

- What's up?
- We got in those steel drivers today.

Did you try one?

You'll hit the ball
10 yards farther.

I'd better go over there
or they'll all be gone.

You gonna be there at 5:30?

Yeah, I get off at 5:00,
then I'm going for a swim.

You'll wait for me?

- Sure.
- Great!

Yeah, I'll...

- I'll see you.
- I'll see you then.

- I'll see you then.
- Okay, bye.

Look at you!

Not bad. It's got a lot
of whip to it.

- I got it.
- It's my job. You hit the ball.

Step up there.

You're really gonna do this?
Okay, go ahead.

That's great.

Put your hands ahead that much.

- I feel a little close to it.
- You're fine.

Damn. Thank you.

Does that club feel like
butter in your hands?

Yeah, just exactly like butter.

- Funny, I'm really sweating today.
- It's okay, it happens.

What do you do when that happens?

I used to panic and think,
"Concentrate harder."

Now I forget it and wrap them
around a beer.

So you want to get a beer?


Or maybe dinner?

There's a terrific steak house
out in Belline.

- All right, let's do it.
- Yeah?


Only, I know a better place.

This is amazing.

I haven't seen anything like this
since the jungle ride at Disneyland.

There's a thousand of these in Dallas,
$750 a month.

If the fountain keeps you awake,
they give you free earplugs.

- You have earplugs?
- I have a set of first-time earplugs.

This is it.

- Oh, it's nice.
- Thank you.

It really is nice.


You want to put those right there?

All right, I will.

Here, give me your jacket.

All right.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Shall I open a bottle of wine?

- Yeah, do that.
- All right.

You got it?

That's good. Glasses here?

Right there. You know what?

Why don't you light some candles?
You can use that.

- You'll pour wine?
- I'll pour wine.

You trust me to do this?

The first time.

- Looks good.
- I hope so.

There we go.

There we go.

That's nice.

- Great, thanks.
- You're welcome.


Will you watch those and
check them in 7 minutes?

I'll be here.

I'll be right back.
I'm gonna change my clothes.

You finished?

- Yes, it was absolutely amazing.
- Good.

Thank you.

You want to close the screen
on the fire?


I saw Joanne a few days ago.

- She seemed well, happy.
- Where'd you see her?

She was at the city council's
planning commission meeting.

You know about...

...naming that new highway
after a woman.

I did the presentation for her.

Jesus, that's all she talks
about anymore.


She says if they get turned down...

...they'll all chain themselves to
an overpass on the LBJ and protest.

Women will do anything to
get their way.

Well, not Dorothy.
She's afraid of heights, you know?

Well, Dorothy's got her share
of fears, doesn't she?

What do you mean?

Oh, she stopped by the office
again last week.

She's fine, no problem.
She's looking good.

I told her she was looking good.

- Got anything besides peanut butter?
- No.

She had another appointment
with you last week?

Yeah. You think she's looking good?


I like her new hairstyle.

- Hairstyle?
- Yeah.

The new kind of up thing
she's doing with her hair.

Oh, you mean the hair on her head.

The water's nice.


- You cold?
- No, I'm okay.

You cold?

A little bit.

If we sit here long enough, we'll
see the Lady of the Lake.

Who's that?

You don't know the Lady of the Lake?
It's a famous legend.

This woman in this flowing,
white, exotic negligee...

She drowned... I'm serious.
She drowned because of a broken heart.


She appears to couples
around the lake who are in love.

And she either cries for help...

...or she just cries this really
sad, mournful cry.

I believe it. I mean,
people swear it's true.

I believe it.

So, Sully. How's Kate doing?

Doing all right, I guess.
According to the doctors.

You mean, they still haven't
let you see her?


They say she needs more time.

I don't know dick about psychology,
or women either for that matter...

...but it just doesn't seem right,
them not letting you see her.

She's your wife, for chrissake.

I know. I know, I feel the same way,
but I'm trying to trust them.

They say if I do it too soon...

...it'll set her back even farther.

Right there in our decoys.

That wasn't in our decoys,
that was our decoy.

Shit! That's it.
Ready to go, Eli?

- I swear there's feathers.
- I think we're going home now.

It moved. Oh, shit.

I'm Dr. Sully Travis. I'm here to
see Kate Travis, a patient of yours.

You're one of her doctors?

Yes, I am.

Is Dr. Harper expecting you today?

No, no. She...

I think she'd be fine with it
though, that I see Kate.

I'm her husband.

To be honest...

...I can't face another day without
seeing her. I miss her so much.


It's sort of like Chagall, moody.

This is the land, this is the sky.
What's that?

The sun? Maybe a big marshmallow?

Look what I painted.

No! Go away, we're playing a game.

You keep doing that!

Anyway, it's like Chagall.

- Chagall?
- There's a storm.

Where's the Chagall?
Where's the storm?


Oh, God, you!

Oh, you came!

Oh, gosh.

You look great.

Look who came to see me.
Say hello to Ann, the cleaning girl.

And Angie.

Remember, I told you?
Well, this is...

- Hello, I'm Alice.
- It's not Alice.

- Bunny and...
- Katie, Katie, Katie.

This is who I've been telling you
about. Sully, my brother.

Oh, it's her brother!

I have a brother. I have a brother.

No, no. Don't sit there.

I'm not gonna sit there,
I'm siting here.

No, thank you.


Kate, please?

It's my heart.

Juanita, I don't want any material
that's gonna gather by her hips.

It's not flattering.

It doesn't need to be taken in.

Olga, please help me out here?

Stop smoking.

I'm gonna smoke, Dee Dee.

But I also want this to come down...

Can somebody get me
a Diet Coke, please?

Her breastbone is the best part of
her body, so if it could come down.

- Doesn't she look beautiful?
- She looks really beautiful.

- Get Marilyn champagne!
- I've got some.

- You know what?
- What?

I'm fine, really. Everything's
fine. The dress is fine.

I really wouldn't worry about
me at all, okay?



Is anybody here?

Where is everybody?


Your dad said that we could
close up shop early tonight.

So I'm just cleaning up his desk,
which is always a mess.

The cleaning crew can't dust...

Where'd he go?

- Tyler.
- To go see Mom?

I guess.

When did he say
he was gonna come back?

I know he wanted to be back in time
for the city council meeting.

They're voting on the freeway thingy.

Probably as we speak.

This issue has been before
the council previously.

Last time it was defeated by one vote.

Today we represent 64 women's

We trust you'll vote on behalf of
the majority of the people concerned.

I'd like to point out
Dr. Sullivan Travis is here with us.

He's a great proponent of this issue,
and willing to speak if necessary.

We feel it's important to save council
time, and get on with the vote.

Thank you, Mrs. Williamson.

Council, is there any discussion?

Yeah, I just see three names on
this agenda in front of me here.

Annette Strauss, Mary Kay Ash
and Jayne Mansfield.

You know, I need to come in
and see you this week.

It's really no big deal.

In spin class I hurt my tinker.

- Annette Strauss is the best candidate.
- You would.

The Annette Strauss Memorial Parkway.

My God, you made a lot of women
happy today.

Yeah, I hope so.

You happy?

Yes, I am.

Do I make you happy?

I'm a very happy person.

Are you?

Very happy. Very, very, very happy.

I'm a happy man.

Marsha, Jenny has an insurance
problem I cannot deal with.

What is going on today?

You're not on the list.
Hang on a second.

It's loud!

Let's go to the bathroom before
Uncle Sully's office.

- Everybody's here!
- You look so pretty!

We're just gonna use the bathroom.
Go tee-tee.

Bye, Judy, see you a little later.

Well, hello!

- Sweet thing.
- Hey, darling.

Oh, honey, come on.

I'm sorry, sweetie. Come here, baby.
Come here.

Just sign in and have a seat.

- Has your information changed?
- No.

We'll be right with you.

Hi, Mrs. Chamblis, how are you?

Not well. I need to see the doctor.

- You don't have an appointment.
- I know I don't...

- Dorothy, I'm so happy to see you.
- You are?

If you don't mind, darling,
we need another specimen.

- Is something wrong?
- No, no, no.

We spilled it.

You spilled it?

Well, I hope you didn't
ruin your shoes.

Mid-stream, please.

She looks fantastic.

I hated it.

Oh, Daddy. It's okay.

Connie, come here.

Everything is...

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

Just trying to get in the group hug.

I'm so happy she looks good.

- I got tangled up in this cape.
- You all right?

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

If you would just
calm down a little bit...

...your blood pressure would be
healthier, and so would ours.

I don't have a blood pressure problem.
Thank you very much.

Maybe some of this hormone
replacement therapy might help you.

They're unveiling the new
cheerleading calendar.

Really? Will you be in it?

I'm trying to talk to my dad!

I'm trying to talk for one second!

And anyway, they're unveiling
the calendar.

Well, listen.
Next year you're gonna make it.

You're too pretty for
everybody else now.

I didn't do good on the written test.

- There's that guy, Tom Laundry?
- Landry.

I know you're feeling
a little bit down.

Honey, give Uncle Sully
back that fetus.

There was that guy, Starbuck.
Roger Starbuck.

It's okay, I'm right here.
Here's this thing.

Bye, honey, I'm sorry.
Bye-bye, y'all.

Daddy, can l...?

Forget it.

- Bye-bye.
- We'll see you.

Here we go, doc.

Oh, Lord.

Yeah. Okay, well,
this became a community pizza.

They left you half.
That was generous, huh?

I forgot my purse in Daddy's office.
I'll run and get it.

- I've got to go. I'm so late.
- I'll get it later.

A quiet couple of minutes by myself
for lunch. That's all I want.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

- Connie! Can I get you something?
- I forgot my purse.

- Can I get it?
- It's okay.

It's a private, a private personal
family... Thank you.

Hey, Dad.

- Can I talk to you in private?
- Sure.

- This is ridiculous.
- Can you work it out?

You better take a pill.

Excuse me, Bree Davis
to see Dr. Travis.

We're all here to see Dr. T.

I have an appointment,
for all the good it's done.

It's one of those days.
I don't see you on my list.

I don't have an appointment,
but he's expecting me.

He's with a patient now.

Take a seat and when he's free I'll
call him and work it out.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

I get more nervous waiting. It's the
fourth time I've tried to see him.

I haven't been
to a male gynaecologist in years.

Honey, it'll be fine. Trust me. The
man knows how to handle a speculum.


...you can't let Dee Dee get married.

Why not?

Bart's a real nice guy.

He adores her, worships her.

I can't imagine he won't be
a really great husband to her.

Unless there's something about him
I should know that I don't.

No, but there's something you
should know about Dee Dee.

What is it?

She's a lesbian.


Daddy, I'm serious. She is.

I hate to be the one that has
to tell you this, I am...

...but that girl from Houston,
her so-called maid of honour...


I didn't think I was gonna have
to tell you this.

Remember when Dee Dee
was down at Houston...

...before she transferred
back up here to SMU?

She and Marilyn had a...

...you know...

...a thing.

Are you sure?

Dad, I'm positive.

Remember last year when I went to
surprise Dee Dee on her birthday?

I surprised her, all right.

Dad, I surprised all three of us.

I didn't say anything because
I thought she was experimenting...

...or trying something new
and she would do it...

...one or two times
and it wasn't a big deal.

You know, it was like a college
thing and whatever.

Marilyn has been up several times for
dress fittings and I can tell you...

...it is not over between them.

I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry, I really am. I know you've
got your own worries right now...

...about Mom and Peggy moving back in
with you with her kids.

Dr. T, the fillies are getting
a little restless.


Anyway, I gotta get back down
to the museum.

More evidence came in
about the real John Wilkes Booth...

...hiding and living guess where?
Enid, Oklahoma until 1903.

I know I'll get
a zillion questions today.

Then we can talk about Mom later.

And about Peggy and her kids because
they seem unhappy and disoriented.

Don't you think? I do.

More importantly, we should
definitely discuss this Marilyn thing.




Don't worry about me at all, okay?
Everything's fine with me. Really.

Dr. T?

- Dr. T, are you in there?
- Yes, I'm here.

There's a lady named
Bree Davis here to see you.

- She doesn't have an appointment.
- Lunch!

I heard he has a gentle touch.

If you ask him,
he'll use the small speculum.

I asked him because I hadn't had sex
in a long time...

Excuse me, Miss Davis?

Just follow me, sweetie.

What is that?
She's been here five minutes...

Tina, I'll show her back.

- Follow me, please.
- Whatever you say, boss.

I'm so sorry.

You wouldn't believe what's
been going on today. Come in.

- We've got lots of ladies.
- Thank you. I'll be right with you.

My God, is it always like that here?


- I am so sorry.
- That's okay.

I don't...

I can't get through an hour
without thinking about you.

- I don't know how I forgot...
- I won't starve.

You want some pizza?

- My God, you're having a rough day.
- How'd you guess?

It's written all over you.
What's wrong?


Nothing, nothing.

I can tell when something's
bothering you. What is it?

Sit down a second, will you?

I just had some...

...weird news...

...from my daughter, Connie.

What is it?

Maybe I shouldn't talk about this yet.
Maybe I should let it settle.

Come on. Listen, you want to talk.

You want to get something off
your chest and I have time.

What is it?

Come on.

All right.

I don't know
how much truth there is to this.

Connie came here and told
me that I shouldn't...

...allow my other daughter,
Dee Dee, to get married...

...because she's a lesbian.

- Dee Dee's the cheerleader?
- Yeah.


Well, not necessarily is, but was.

I mean...

Christ, I don't know what I mean.

Well, yeah.

What Connie said was that...

...when Dee Dee was down at Houston
last year at school...

...she had a relationship
with this girl named Marilyn.

I assume she meant
sexual relationship.

This same Marilyn is going to be
her maid of honour.

Well, at least they still respected
each other the next morning.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to make a joke about that.

- That's okay.
- Really, I'm sorry.

I think you might be making
a little too much of this.

But it is serious, isn't it?

This is very ser...

She's getting married. I mean, l...

I just don't know what she...

I want her to be happy.

You know what? This is the first time
I've ever seen you look so scared.

- What are you scared of?
- I don't know.

I don't know.

You want my opinion?


Do you remember when we first met
what you said?

No, what?

You said that every woman
is special in her own way.

That there's no two alike.
So if that's true...

...then Dee Dee is Dee Dee.
Let her be who she is.

If she loves this guy and wants to get
married, who cares what she did with...

- What is her name?
- Marilyn.

Who cares?

Judy, I'm not feeling very well.

- I'm getting that hot feeling.
- Get some water.

- Take a deep breath.
- My throat's dry...

No, please don't. Please go...

I'm so sorry.

- But you know...
- Thank you. Give us a minute.

We have so very many
people out there.

- Could you give us...
- Women people, Dr. T.

Thanks very much, I'll be out.
I'll be right out.

I got a really good idea.

Why don't you and I
just get together tonight after work.

We'll find a nice romantic
restaurant somewhere.

Is that good for you?
Because it would be good for me.

I would love that, but I can't.
I'm going out of town for a few days.

- My plane leaves at five.
- Where?

New Orleans.

It's a golf thing.
I'm going with a friend.

Listen, your office is going crazy
out there, so I'm gonna go.

I'll call you as soon as I get back.

Where are you staying?
I can call the hotel.

At least say good night.

I don't know where I'll be.
My friend arranged it.

I'll call you. Don't worry.

I'll be back before you know it.


I wish you would please take a seat.

I've waited here long enough.
I feel it's time for me to get in.

Dr. T, I'm sorry. I know
you've got a lot going on.

I don't want to tell you
what's going on in waiting room.

But we'll never get out of here

Who've we got?

Good. We've got Melinda Jones...

...pregnancy follow-up
in Phyllis George.

Hildy's back. Guess the amoxicillin
didn't work. She's in Ann Richards.

And we have a new one.
Oh, she's really something.

Dr. T? It's your lawyer, Sam Levy.
He says it's important. Can you talk?

All right, put him through.

She's in Belle Starr.

Sam, what is it?

Sully, I got some bad news.
I hope you're sitting down.

Kate wants a divorce.


She said I could have her appointment.
Let me in.

I can't just see you
when you just walk in here.

- She's such an idiot, really.
- I don't have to take this.

What are you looking at?

- Happy?
- It has nothing to do with it.

Could you sit down and wait?
I'm getting Dr. Travis.

I'm sorry, there is absolutely
no smoking whatsoever!

I don't know what to say.
Could you call me later?

Sam, please? Do me a favour.

Oh, Dr. T, I'm so sorry...

Sorry for the interruption...

...but we've got a situation.
Dorothy Chamblis.


- She's locked herself in the bathroom.
- I'll handle this, Dr. T.

Everybody has gone crazy.

You ready?

All right.
Ready or not, here we come.

- Hi, there. I'm Dr. Travis.
- Hello.

Congratulations. First timers don't
usually get the Belle Starr room.

I feel honoured.

So who's Belle Starr?

- Not from Dallas, are you?
- No.

No. Marilyn.

So what have we got?
Vaginal infection?

Why don't we have a look?
See what's going on.

Gonna be very gentle.
Nothing to worry about here.

So, you don't know
who Belle Starr is?

Well, Belle Starr...

...is a Dallas legend. Alrighty.

Yeah, she was a wild thing.

There you go.

Thank you.

I can't believe Dr. T would allow
a bitch like that in here.

He plays golf with her husband.

Gives Dallas a bad name.

I heard that, bitch!

Oh, dear!

Oh, my goodness!

- Excuse me, ladies.
- Ladies, back up.

Give her some air!

Okay, touching my leg.

Okay, I'll be entering you now.
Take it easy.

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Connecticut
but I've been living in Houston.

Houston. Alrighty.

So what brings you to Dallas?

I'm here for a bridesmaid fitting
for Dee Dee's wedding.

- Doctor?
- I'm her...

I'm her maid of honour, Marilyn.

I think I've got a yeast infection.
Probably from all the wedding stress.


I'm sorry, but we have a situation.

No, come in. Come in here.

Come in, Carolyn.

Well, it's Dorothy.
As soon as you can, it'd be real good.

- Yes, I'll be right there.
- Thank you so much.

Yes. No, I will.

Tina could you take...
I think we do have...

- That's what I thought.

Could you do the smear for me, please?
I appreciate that.

I'll... Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Let's move back
and give her some air.

Get back! Give her some air!

Move back, everything's fine.

Move around, move around.

I've got it. Tell me what happened.

She fell and hit her head.

You called paramedics?

Can you open your eyes, Dorothy?

She's fine.
Ladies, quiet, move back now.

- Don't touch your head.
- I see.

Not now. Oh, her purse.

Just because Dr. T plays golf...

It's gonna be okay, Mrs. Chamblis.

Oh, throw up in your purse.

- In your purse.
- I come from wealth.

I know you do.

Very wealthy.

I think he knows, Dee Dee.

- Who?
- Your dad.

- Knows what?
- You know, knows about us.

- Knows what about us?
- Knows about our relationship...

...or ex-relationship, whatever it is.

Well, what makes you think he knows
about all that?

I don't know. I could just tell.

How? By the way he examined you?

No, he just acted real nervous
after I told him who I was.

It seemed like, you know,
hard for him...

...to look at me down there.

You're just being paranoid.
There's no way he could find out.

Only people who know are you and me.

And Connie.

- Connie won't say anything.
- Right.

I just don't know about
being up here in Dallas...

...and doing this
whole wedding thing...

It just doesn't feel right.

And I'm starting to feel...

...like a...

- Like what, honey?
- Like a bridesmaid.

Don't cry. You'll make me cry.

Honey, you're not a bridesmaid.
You're so much more than that.

I mean, you are my girl.

- Dr. T?
- Yes?

I'm locking up. Do you need anything?

- No. I'm fine.
- Okay then.


I thought you'd gone already.

I was locking up.

I wanted to clean my contacts
before I drove home. I can lock up.

- Want me to wait?
- No...

...I need to work on my lens,
I got a smudge.

It's fine, bye.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, handsome.

Carolyn, what are you...
I thought everyone left?

Oh, come on. You know me.

I'll always find something to do.

So, hey, how would you like
a nice massage?

Come on, you need it.
It's no problem for me.

Lord Almighty, you've had
a heck of a day, haven't you?

I'm so sorry everything
was so difficult for you today.

How's that?

- Right there.
- Ooh, yeah, big ol' lump.

- Easing up.
- That's good.

I don't know what I'd do
without you...


That's the sweetest thing
I've ever heard.

Because, you know, Dr. T,
there's nothing that I wouldn't...

...do for you.
There's nothing I wouldn't do.

And you don't ever
have to worry about...

...what you'd do without me.
You don't ever have to worry.

Because I'm just gonna
be here for you. You know?

So that's all there is to that.
And, Dr. T...

...if you don't mind my saying,
you do need a wife.

You do need a wife.
You need a real good wife...

...who's as good to you as you are
to so many other people.

You treat people so special
and you care about them.

You need a wife who cares about you.
And who adores you.

You need somebody
to make you feel good.

I just know that there's a really
special woman out there...

...who'd be so good to you...

...who'd make your life complete.

And you would
make each other so happy.

- That's better. Thank you.
- No!

- That's really good.
- Oh.

You really are special.
You're always there for me.

Loyal, loyal person.

I'll see you tomorrow.



What are you doing down there?

You never do clean your wastebasket.

So I'm doing that.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, my God.

You know, I don't get it.

Two weeks ago there were enough turkeys
to spit and have dinner for 50.

I think we ought to try
some of that ridge.

Down that bottom.
What do you think?

- We should try the ridge...
- No, don't be antsy.

Just sit here.

Be patient.

Dorothy got her head bandage off

Yeah. That's good.

- She didn't have a concussion.
- No, she'll be fine.

Fourteen stitches.

She'll be fine.

She's gonna want to find
another gynaecologist.

Whatever she wants.
That's probably best.

But you and me can still
hunt together.

I mean, nothing's changed
between you and me. Besides...

...she doesn't need to know.

- What the hell happened?
- Misfire?

- Must have been a bad shell.
- No shell. Damn.

You know what?

We ought to have a boys' weekend.
Just the four of us.

- Go someplace different, maybe...
- Sully's got the wedding this weekend.

Just the four of us.
We can go to Vegas...

...New Orleans.
I just got back from there.

That is a great city. Oh, yeah.

Sexy city, New Orleans.

Hi, Carolyn. Where were you?
Why are you so late?

- You look pretty.
- Thank you.

Better get started,
looks like a storm.

I prayed for this weather
at my wedding.

Hey, look who's here, there he is.

- Sully.
- All gussied up.

So, Kate, congratulations.

- Thank you.
- You looking lovely.

A flower!

- You're gaining an in-law.
- Think we better get to our seats now.

I hope you know, we're only here
out of respect for Kate. Joanne.

- Gonna need an enema.
- Congratulations, Sully.

Are you coming?

Dr. T.

Come on, we're ready for you.

Flowers are perfect, your wife's
in her seat, so everything's great.

- Okay, you ready?
- Yes.

- Don't take anything else off.
- All right.

- She's pretty, really.
- Hi. Hi, Mom!

I'm way behind now.
Oh, I'm way behind now.


Good. Little nervous.

I'm nervous. Hey, Kate!
Hey, baby girl, you look so beautiful!

You see? She's a bridesmaid.
All the girls in...

No, she's getting divorced.

This weather is horrible.

Oh, God. This is not good.

- Can I have some?
- Sure!

Thank you! Thank you!

I love you.

Oh, honey!

I love you so much, baby.

I do.

Daddy, I'm sorry. I'm so happy.

I'll be all right.

Just be happy. I love you!

- It's okay.
- What just happened?

I think she doesn't feel good...

...because she's sick.


Be careful, it's lightning!
Get her out of there!

Dr. T?

You know that I have
great affection for you.

Great affection.

But I always wanted to be
a pastry chef.

So I'm quitting my job. Bye-bye.


...don't worry about me, okay?
Because I'm gonna be fine, okay?

Kate! Come and get the...

Will you go in and get her out?

Well, just take your shoes off.

My keys!

Come on in, it's open!





- What are you doing here?
- Bree, I want...

I want you to run away with me!


I want you to run away with me!

Oh, my God, you're wet.

I am wet. I love you.

I want you. I need you.

I can't take all this craziness
in my life anymore. These women are...

Look, I just want you.

I want to go away, you and me.

I want you to come downstairs...

...and catch your breath.
I'll make you tea.

I'm serious, Bree. Bree, I'm serious.

I've never been...

...so serious in all my life.

I want to go away...

...with you.

I want to spend the rest of my life
with you.

You're different. You're just...

...different than any woman
I've ever known. Ever.

I want to be together,
just you and me.

I want us to get out of here,
as far as we can.

So come on! Let's just go!

Let's go! Come on.

Get in the car and get out of here.
Right this minute!

Let's just see where it takes us.

Come on, Bree.

What do you say?

I'm sorry. I can't do that.

I can't go away with you.

Why not? I love you.

I need you.

We can be together.

You won't have to work,
or give golf lessons...

...or do anything else
you don't want to do.

I could take care of you.

Totally. You'll never
have to worry again.

Why would I want that?

New Orleans.

I can't go to New Orleans with you.
I just got back, remember?

I know.

Plus, I made plans.

Are you with Harlan?

I'm not with anybody.


What's her name?

Does anyone speak English here?

Consuela. Agua.

You'll be fine. Be fine.



All right.

All right, Consuela.

All right, now push.

You're doing good.

Push now. Push.

Yes, come on now. A little more.

Yes! All right, here it comes.

You're doing real good. Yes! Yes!

Good. Good. Good.

It's a boy.

It's a boy!

It's a beautiful boy.