Dr. Strange (1978) - full transcript

Thomas Lindmer (John Mills), a world-weary sorcerer, foresees the return to Earth of his ancient adversary Morgan LeFey (Jessica Walter), who has been granted dominance over men's souls by The Nameless One (David Hooks). In order to combat her evil magic, Lindmer must pass the Guardianship of the Light onto a young psychiatry-resident, Dr. Stephen Strange (Peter Hooten),who has no inkling of his destiny.

(Universal theme)

(metallic squelching)

(metal clangs)

(metal clangs)

(metal clangs)

(low horn blasts)

(low ominous music)



Raise your head
and look upon me.

Would it please you
to be of service

to me again?

It would please me.

Five hundred years ago,

you failed me, Morgan.

You allowed the greatest
of the sorcerers on Earth

to overcome you.

My victory was denied to me,

because of you.

Long ages have I
contemplated my revenge.

This time I will not fail.

Then I will send
you into the world

you have been exiled from.

Find your enemy under the
ancient symbol of light,.

He has read {he signs and
worked his calculations,

and he will be prepared for you.

The time now comes that
he must pass on the powers

entrusted to him.

He grows old and
weary of the burdens

of his life on Earth.

Destroy the old man

before the powers are passed,

and victory will be ours.

You have three days
to accomplish this.

If you cannot
defeat the old man,

then strike against
the successor.

Who is to be his successor?

Look for the ring

and the ancient symbol.

The one who wears the ring
is the one who is chosen.

(ominous music)

You will not fail
in this, Morgan,

or my punishment will
be swift and terrible.

You have three days
to bring me my victory

and only three.

So may it be,

in your name.

(moving orchestra music)

(electronic music)

(taxi braking)

(knocks at door)

(knocks at door)

(door clunks shut)


(light switch clicks)


(light switch clicks)

(eerie music)

(stairway footsteps)



I came as soon as I could.

You came in time.

The last phase of our
work is about to begin.

Help me stand.

(fire crackling)

Her name is Morgan LeFay.

Study her face and remember it.

What does it say?

One day you must
take up Latin, Wong.

The enchantress,

Queen of the Sorcerers,

he Dark Queen.

You've never shown
me this book before.

You never noticed it.

It's 500 years old.

Morgan was worshiped
by a devil cult

in the 15th century.

And she hasn't aged.

Working evil has
a few advantages.

The barriers are crumbling.

Morgan is to be the
first of The Dark Ones

to cross the threshold.

Her purpose is to destroy me.

Let her take my
life, then, if she can.

No, you cannot interfere.

Not yet.

It's an ancient art to use an
enemy's strength against you.

We have three days to
prepare the initiation.

Find Stephen Strange.

I've had no contact
with him for years.

All I can be sure
of is he's safe.

Find him.

When you have, come back to me.

When will Morgan
cross the threshold?

At the dawn.

And you'll meet her alone?

None of us is ever alone.

(eerie music)

(button clicks)

How are you, Stephen?


(phone ringing)
Stephen, good morning.

(woman on intercom)
Dr, Larry Ferrari to ER,.

You're late.

Oh, is that why
I'm in such a hurry?

Stephen, it is not funny.

Head nurse reported you.

That's three times this month.

Four times.

Who was it?

Anyone I know?

Sarah, how can you say that?

You've got lipstick
on your cheek,

and I can smell her perfume.

It's not very expensive perfume.

(laughs) That's
becausel gave it to her.

(woman on intercom)
Attention, all...

You're going to get
into a lot of trouble.

Now, Sarah.

If I'd been outwith you,
I wouldn't have been late.

We made a deal.

I never agreed to it.

I think it's fine for doctors
and nurses to fall in love.

Falling in love
wasn't the question.

It was making love.


Your outpatients are waiting.

I'll tell Head
Nurse you're here,.

Maybe she hasn't
written you up yet.

Pray for me?

I don't think she's religious.

Mrs. Hester,
Mr. Bromowitz, Mr. Washington,

I'll be with you
in a moment, okay?

Sorry, Mrs. Sullivan.


Doe, I got the ulcers again,

and I've been drinking
milk like they told me to.

What else have
you been drinking?

Not a drop.

Mrs. Sullivan?

Oh well, I gotta have
a little now and then.

Just a little.

Look, if you
don't stop drinking,

you know it's going to kill you.

Well, I got the pains,

and I can't sleep nights.

Give me a little
somethin', Doc, won't you?

Just this once?


Your ulcers will go away
if you lay off the juice.

I'm tryin'.

I know you are.

I've got an extra bed.

You can spend the night here,

and I'll give you a little
something to help you sleep.

How's that?

Oh, thanks, Doc.

You're the only one
that gives a damn.

Here, I'll go get the nurse.

Come on in, Mr. Washington.

(mystical music)

(cars honking)

(jumping on car)

Hey, lady, give me a dollar!

Yeah, me too!

Come on, lady.

You can afford it!

Hey, you little creeps,

get out of here!

If you give us two
dollars, we'll go away.

Come on, man, get off the car.

Let's go.

(loud rasping)

(mysterious music)

(funky beat)

(loud rasping)

(quick footsteps)

You shall not pass me, Morgan.

Your barriers have fallen.

YOU cannot stop me, “OW.

I have cast you out before.

You shall not pass
by me, Morgan,.

You forced the
choice, old man.

Now it begins.

(books thud)

It's calculated
this time, old man.

(tires screeching)

(horns honking)
Oh, no!

Get an ambulance!

Please, somebody
call an ambulance!

Is he dead?

It wasn't my fault.

It wasn't my fault.

It was n't.

It wasn't my fault.

Oh, my God!

He just came
from nowhere,

and he's...

(crowd chatter)

You better call an ambulance.

Is he getting up?

Get an ambulance!

Hey, buddy. I'm sorry.

I couldn't stop or nothin'.

You fell right in front of me.

What happened to the girl?

What girl?

There's no girl.

I didn't see.

Did you see a girl?

Are you all right.
What happened

to the girl?

Did you see a girl?

Hey, buddy, are you
sure you're all right?

(eerie music)

(clacking footsteps)

(low rumbling)

(tea kettle whistling)

(orchestrated music)

(police siren wailing)

(fire crackling)

(fire crackling)

My intuition was correct.

I felt an aura of great
danger around you.

The danger has passed

for now.

Are you all right?

I'm several
hundred years too old

to be all rig ht.

You found him.

At East Side Hospital.

He's a resident in the
psychiatric department.


What happened?

I confronted Morgan

and provoked her
into attacking me.

I forced her hand,

but the effort cost me more
than I had anticipated,

and there was a complication.

She used a girl
as an instrument,

an innocent soul.

Morgan possessed her body

and then discarded it.

That girl is important to us.

I drew a likeness of her.

I shall need your help
to find her again.

She's in danger.

Grave danger.

A psychic assault
of those dimensions

isn't easily recovered from.

She was carrying books.

She's undoubtedly a student,

a very profound deduction,
wouldn't you say, Wong?


What can we do for her?

At the moment, nothing.

But she has become
a pan of things,

and even a pawn can be
used to capture a queen.

(dramatic music)

(orchestrated music)

(Abbott and Costello Meet
Frankenstein plays on TV)

What's the matter with you?

Shh! Quiet!

Come here.

He didn't hang up the phone.

Let him hang up the phone.

- Who?
- Dracula.

Dracula and the
monster live here.

No, wait a minute.

Don't start that again.

Who told you that?


He also said that we
gotta search the place.

Come here. Come over here.

Now listen, Talbot!

Enough is enough.

Now WHbur's scared...

Hello! Hello!

- He's gone.
- So am I.

No, you don't. Come here.

I'm gonna settle this
thing once and for all.

We'll search this place.


(television clicks off)

(door unlatches)

(door shuts)

Good night.

All quiet on the front?


See you tomorrow


(eerie music)

(quiet footsteps)

(hands clap)

(gasps, screams loudly)

(orchestrated music)

(television clicks off)

And if Dracula was here,

he's gonna be wantin' breakfast,

and I'm fatter than you,

and it ain't gonna be me.

Now, just a minute.

Just a minute.

It ain't gonna be me!

(orchestrated music)

(loud rasping)

Is he dead?

(loud gasp)

(horns honking)

(tires screeching)

(loud screaming
emitted from TV)

(yelling noises
emitted from TV)

(wind howling)

No! No!

(energetic music)

(door opening)

(door slams)

(loud rasping)

(gasps loudly)

(door slams)

(door clicks open)

(loud rasping)

(tires screeching)

(garbage can crashing)

Hey, you trying to
get yourself killed?

(door slams shut)

You all right, lady?

What're you doin'
out here all alone?

I don't know.

Come on, I better
take you in the cab.

(energetic piano music)

(cab door shutting)

(ambulance siren wailing)

(ambulance siren wailing)

(woman on intercom)
Nurse Terry Burdle,

report to x-ray three.

Nurse Terry Burdle.


(curtain shutting)


(woman on intercom)
Dr, William Cauuey to radiology.

Dr. William Caulley.

What happened?

Did something happen to you?

(light pen clicks)

Don't make me go to sleep.

I'll die in go to sleep again.

Relax, I'm not gonna
make you do anything.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Nelson.

Dr. Christopher Nelson.

(rotary phone dialing)

Dr. Christopher Nelson.

Would you send
someone from the lab

down to ER, please?

Thank you.

(receiver clicks)

(rotary phone dialing)

(telephone ringing)



I think you'd better
get down to ER.

I've got a Jane Doe for you.

All right.

Look, just lay back and relax,

and I'll be back in a minute.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Peter Dodsen,

please call extension,
1 -1 -1 -4.

Dr. Peter Dodsen.

(tires screeching)

Something wrong, doctor?

No. I just thought
I'd seen her before.

You wouldn't happen to
know her name, would you?


She doesn't know it, either.


Cab driver brought her in,

found her wandering
in the streets,

no purse, disoriented, confused,

pretty well out of it.

Sit her up, please.

Doesn't seem to be
a blow to the head.

Did you do a drug screening?

Lab is on the way.

Do you know what
happened to you?

There was an accident.

Were you in an accident?


There was an old man.

A woman pushed him over a
railing in front of a car.

(loud rasping)

Can you feel this?

She says she's
afraid to go to sleep.

Is that so?

The woman.

I dreamed about her,
but it wasn't a dream.

She was there.

She won't let me
back into my room.

And you're afraid if
you go to sleep again.

I'll die.

That won't happen.

Lie down, please.

Just rest back.

I want a complete
workup, medical EEG,

skull films, and
that drug screening.


I'll go get her admitted.


(woman on intercom)
Mrs, King.

Mrs. Elizabeth King,

please go to receiving
room, Mrs, King.

See you in a
few minutes, okay?

(loud rasping)

(woman on intercom)
Dr, Christopher Nelson

to radiology stat.

Dr. Nelson.

(mysterious music)

(pleasant piano music)

You let me oversleep.

What's this?


Wong, you're a
pupil and a friend,

not a servant.

Oh, sit down and eat.

What about the girl?

I found her name
and where she lives.


Apparently she ran out
of her room last night

and left her door open.

No one saw her, and
she never came back.

We should call the
police and the hospitals.

I have.

A girl was admitted to East
Side Hospital last night.

Which department?


Was Stephen Strange
still on duty?

I must go to the
hospital immediately.

He was on duty all night.

You can go there
after you've eaten.

First attend to the body.

Isn't that what you
always taught me?

Well, I hope your
cooking's improved.

(footsteps echoing)

Here you are.

Good morning, Mr. Brown.

Feeling a little better today?

Oh, you're the new one.

What is it?

Your medication.

What's it for?

To make you feel better.

Will it make me go to sleep?

Yes, dear.

You'll sleep just fine.

I don't want it.

Everything's all right.


You can't make me take it.


(screams frantically)

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

She won't take her medication.

You promised me don't
make me go to sleep.

It's all right.

You don't have to go to sleep.

Nurse, I didn't
prescribe any medication.

It's standard
procedure, doctor.

I'd assumed you
would sign for it.

Well, you assumed wrong.

It's all right.

Now don't worry.

(dramatic organ music
emitted from TV)

Sit up in bed and
watch television.

How about that?

Would you like some coffee?

- Doctor?
- Later

Doctor, I've been at
this hospital for 20 years.

I'm very well-aware of that.

(electrical buzzing)

Shall I come with
you to the hospital?

That won't be necessary.

Well, I've some personal
matters to attend to.

I can return this evening.

Set your affairs
in order, Wong.

In two days' time, we
shall both know which path

fate has chosen for us.

(engine starts)

(door slams shut)

(quick footsteps)

(mysterious electronic music)

(cat meows)

(electrical zapping)

(cat screams)

Mr. Brown's family called.

Mr. Brown's family called.

They'd like to move
him to a sanitarium

in Pennsylvania next week.

Any problem?

That's an extra bed.

Two admissions yesterday.

Who was the resident?

Dr. Strange.

Sorry I'm late.

Dr. Taylor.

Nice of you to join us.

Two admissions yesterday.

Mrs. Sullivan, second
time this month,

and 3 Jane Doe who came up
from emergency at 3:45 am,.

Sullivan, the alcoholic.

Her ulcers were bothering her.

She has trouble at night,
sol let her sleep over.

Isn't that a
waste of bed space?

She's a chronic.

It's worth it to keep her
off the sauce a day or two.

I see it as part of our
debt to the community.

And the Jane Doe?

That's an odd one.

Refused medication.

I didn't prescribe
any medication,.

Why not?

She's amnestic.

She was frightened.

Can't tell us what
happened to her.

There's no sign of trauma
or neurological problem.

I didn't want to obscure
the patient with medication,.

So she's been drinking coffee.

She's a county problem.

Send her to Bellevue
for observation.

I don't think
that's necessary.

I wanna see the girl.

Alone, doctor.

Thank you.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Ferrari

to ER immediately.
(phone ringing)

Dr. Larry Ferrari.

May I help you, Sir?

There's a young girl
in the psychiatric ward.

She was transferred from the
emergency room last night.

Oh, I'm sorry, Sir.

Visiting hours are from three
to six in the afternoon.

You'll have to come back later.

(woman on intercom)
Nurse DeGamp, please report to."...

This is an unusual situation.

I have pertinent
information about the girl.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Bieton,

please call your
office immediately.

This is an unusual situation.

He has pertinent
information about the girl.


I should like to
see this girl, please.

I'm sorry.

Visiting hours are
from three 'til six.

May I come in?

Come in.

Thank you.

(echoing footsteps)

(door shuts)

(door shuts)

(quick footsteps)

Ah, excuse me.

He should see the
doctor in charge.

I am the doctor in charge.

Have we met before?

We may have.

This girl was admitted
last night, I believe.

Do you know her?

I know of her.

I may be able to help her.

Please come into my office.

(door clicks open)

This address is near NYU.

Is she a student?

I believe so.

What can you
tell me about her?

What can you
tell me about her?

She's confused, disoriented,
essentially psychotic,

out of touch with reality.

(tires screeching)

Where have you
seen me before?

Last night, I had
an odd son of dream.

This young woman was in it.

So were you.

What happened in the dream?

She pushed you over a railing.

(loud rasping)

And someone else was
there, another woman.

Doctor, do you know
what a psychic bond is?

What it sounds
like, I suppose.

The events you just
described actually took place

yesterday afternoon.

I wasn't hurt in the accident,
but Clea didn't know that.

Understandably, it was a
tremendous shock to her.

It's not surprising she should
recall the events in a dream.

But you don't understand.

It was my dream.

But that's
impossible, isn't it?

You looked in on
her dream, in a sense.

There would appear to be a
psychic bond between you.

Who are you?

I'm sorry.

I neglected to introduce myself.

Strange, I want
to see you now.

In a few minutes.

In a few minutes.

What did you do to him?

Altered the heartbeat
and the respiration.

Lowered the blood
pressure slightly.

(laughs) I don't
think I believe this.

Do you believe
in evil, doctor?


I believe in a human
potentiality to do good,

to do evil,

but evil, per se, no, I
don't believe in that.


It won't make our
work any easier.

What are you
trying to say to me?

We can help this
girl, Clea Lake,.

She's in grave danger,

and I can promise you the
illness is beyond your capacity

to cure by conventional means.

Now, I can't force
you to do this,

but if you choose it
of your own free will,

then come to my house,
but I must warn you,

there's danger in
it for you as well.

Is that all?

Well, I think
that's enough for now.

Good day.

(low electrical humming)

(upbeat music)

(drape opening)


You know my name?

They gave me something
to keep me awake.

I don't think it's working.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Wendy Cutler

to receiving room,

Dr. Wendy Cutler.

Dr. Taylor?


You lied to her.

You gave her Thorazine.

The one thing she was afraid
of, you put her to sleep.

Atranquilizer is not
a sedative, doctor.

I think I know how to
treat a psychotic patient.

She was my patient.


No, she is a patient of this
hospital, a public hospital

and a ward of which I
happen to be in charge.

She was a nuisance on the ward,

and she had to go to sleep
eventually, didn't she?

Now if you'll excuse me.

Sorry, Stephen.

I don't have to
put up with this.

Yes, you do.

He's on the Board of Governors.

Now just don't antagonize him.

Antagonize him?

He comes in here twice a
week with a guilty consci...

I'm on this ward six
days out of seven.

These are my patients.

Stephen, just listen to me.

Now you do have a personal
interest in this girl.

I can see it.

(woman on intercom)
Dr, Frank Taylor,

please call your office.

Yo u've just lost
your objectivity.

(woman on intercom)
Dr, Frank Taylor.

What Taylor did was right.

Look, I don't like him
any better than you do,

but we're stuck with him.

What's the matter?
You look down.

It's Thursday.


Dr. Taylor.

The one and only.

Doctor, I think
you better come here.

I tried to wake her.

She won't respond.

Pulse rate.

160 and faint, very irregular.

Blood pressure.




That's the Thorazine.

She's in a coma,
hypotensive shock.

I called for Dr. Taylor.

To hell with Dr. Taylor.

Give me an IV of DSW with
an ampule of phenylephrine.

I want a Code Blue.

Yes, doctor.

(quick footsteps)

(mysterious piano music)

(blood pressure cuff pumping)

(mysterious orchestra music)

(door clicks open)

(door clicks shut)

(phone ringing)

(door clicks open)

Where are you going?

I'll call you later.

Keep an eye on her for me, okay?

(quick footsteps)

(car honking)

(fast footsteps)

(car whooshing past)

Hey, come on, slowpoke.

I'll race you.

Get out of the way.

I'm com in' through.

(loud rasping)

(loud rasping
rapidly increases tempo)

(woman screams)
Look out!

(bus roaring past)

(bus brakes squealing)

(bus idling)

(bus honking)

(mysterious electronic music)


(doorbell chimes)

Oh, come in, Dr. Strange.

(door clunks shut)

Come into the study.

(door shuts)

My father gave me this ring,

or actually left it
to me in his will.

The design on this is the
same as your attic window.

I also saw it on
your calling card.

So it is.

Well, what's going on here?

More than meets the eye.

I was acquainted
with your father.

He and I shared some
of the same interests.

He was a greater man than
most people realized,

and his death was
tragic and untimely.

You know about his death.

Only that he and
your mother were killed

in an automobile accident and
that you weren't with them.

I was supposed to be.

I changed my mind
at the last minute.

How old were you?

Eig hteen.

And now you're 33.

Never married.

What interests did you and
my father have in common?


You're a very unusual man.

Your father and 1
both recognized it

when you were born.

You've been gifted
with a clear mind

and a love for humanity,

hence, your choice
to become a doctor.

Also, some latent talents,

which even you are
not aware of yet.

Such as what?

Knowledge doesn't come cheaply.

If I were to tell you
that ignorance has been

a kind of protection
for you and that there's

a price you'll have to pay

if you want to
understand your destiny,

would you still choose
understanding over ignorance?


We were speaking of
evil this afternoon.

The girl, Clea, has
been touched by evil,

used as a pawn and
then discarded,

but she was only an instrument.

I was the intended target.

If you understand
what's happened to her,

why can't you help her?

Because the powers at
my command are waning.

I have nearly served my time,

and to rescue Clea would
expose me to an enemy

who would certainly destroy me,

but I can work through
you to save her.

What are these
powers at your command?

The Hermetic ans,

the ability to take
the fundamental forces

of the universe and direct them,

control them with the will.

Alchemy, sorcery,
magic, or science.

It's been called by many names.

(laughs) I don't think
I'm ready for this,.

I think you are.

You're telling me
you're a sorcerer.

And my father, was he like you?


But he gave me the ring.

And one day he knew you'd
come for me, didn't he?

He did.

I used to feel I was the one
meant to die in that accident,

that somehow it was my fault.

I believe the accident
was intended for you.

Your parents died
to protect you.

Protect me, and
my latent talents?

Those talents are
very rare, indeed.

Well, I don't think I
want to know about them.

I came here to try to
help a patient of mine,

not become a
sorcerer's apprentice.

Of course.

The girl's life is in danger.

If we're going to help her,

we should do so quickly.

(dramatic music)

(phone rings)


Sarah? Stephen.

Where are you?

At a friend's house.

How is she?

Nothing's changed, Stephen.

She's still in a coma.

Vital signs?

Steady. Blood pressure 100/80.

Oh, what's the
number where you are?

I'll call you if
there's any change.

I'm on the run.

I'll call you.


(hangs up phone)

(electrical buzzing)

(low intense orchestra music)

Ready to begin?

Put this back on.

Now what?

I'm going to send
you on a journey,

into the astral planes,
which are other dimensions

of manifestation existing within

and beyond the material plane.

Dreaming is a form
of astral travel

on the lower planes,
where it's harmless.

Clea's consciousness

has gone on to the higher planes

as a result of the
shock she experienced

when evil took
possession of her.

She's lost.

She literally can't
find her way back.

And I'm supposed to find her.

The psychic link between
you will lead your astral body

to hers and keep you with
her for the journey back.

The ring will serve
to protect you.

On the higher planes,
certain beings exist,

which are not always friendly.

The ring should persuade
them to keep their distance.

If anything should approach you,

or if there's any danger at all,

I want you to say
exactly these words:

In the name of Rael,
scourge of demons,

I command you, be gone!

Say it.

In the name of Rael,
scourge of demons,

I command you, be gone.

It must be
exactly those words.

How do I get back?

On the astral planes,

action follows thought.

Will yourself to
return to Earth.

Hold the thought in your mind,

and you'll come back.

When does it begin?


(metallic echoing)

(upbeat synthesizer music)



Hail Morgan!

Go the girl and wait.

A man will come to free her.

You must prevent this.

You may have the girl,

but bring the man to me.

(rapid swirling music)


(horse screaming)

(flea screams)


(laughs) You have
lost her, mortal.

Come with me
and save yourself.

(loud buzzing)

(loud roaring)

In the name of Rael,
scourge of demons,

I command you, be gone!

Be gone!

(loud scream)

(synthesizer m usic)

(metallic echoes)

(evil roaring)

You lost him?

He spoke the name of power.

You should learn
whose powers to respect.


Master, protect me!

Go, Balzaroth.
Return to your realm.

(loud thundering)

(wind howling)

You have dared to toy
with me, Morgan.




(mysterious music)

(wind howling)

It's done.

Wong, we have to
carry him to bed,.

How have I toyed with you?

I don't understand.

This mortal, Stephen Strange,

is the one chosen by
Lindmer to succeed him.

Thrice, you had the
opportunity to slay him,

and thrice you stayed
your hand.

Why, Morgan?

I commanded Balzaroth
to bring him to me.

It was he who failed!

Do not lie to me, woman.

Why have you spared him?

I am still a woman,

and the man attracted me.

Then you find no satisfaction

in my service?

I would feel the warmth
of a man's arms again

after all these years alone.

You battered human
love for power.

You made a covenant with me.

Would any mortal man desire
you if he saw you thus?

(loud thundering)

(wind howling)


Expect no pity of me, woman.

If you desire the mortal,

then you may have him,

but only once my
lust is satisfied.

I hunger for the souls of men,

and not until I have them
will my hunger be fulfilled.

Bring me the old
man or destroy him,

but if you cannot
overcome the sorcerer,

then Stephen Strange must die.

Your time runs out, Morgan.

You must act quickly.

Do not let your
vanity hinder you,

or! will take away
what you prize the most

and leave
you old and barren

'til the end of time.

(loud thundering)

(bell clangs)

(bell clangs)

(ship horn blasts)

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Cauuey?

Dr. William Caulley
to Surgery One,.

(billiards ball clacks)

Mrs. Debra Harris,

please call emergency room.

Mrs. Debra Harris.

(billiards ball clacks)

Dr. Thomas Cooper
to ER immediately.

Dr. Thomas Cooper.


How do you feel today?


(woman on intercom)
Mr. Burns,

call extension 3-1-2-4.

Are you sure?

(woman on intercom)
Mr. Burns.

Did you save my
life last night?

What makes you say that?

I don't know.

I had this crazy dream.

It was like I was off somewhere
until you came for me.

I can't explain it.

It just feels like
you saved my life,.

Well, that's what I'm
supposed to get paid for,.

You're discharged.

You can go home.

Yeah, I know.

I've been waiting.

For what?

To see if you'd come.

(woman on intercom)
Dr. Jeffrey Kroger to OR.

Dr. Jeffrey Kroger.

What are you studying?

My major's psychology.

That's an interesting subject.

If you wanted to,
you could help me

with my homework sometime.

Well, doctors aren't
supposed to get involved

with their patients.

Oh, I know.
I know.

But I'm not
your patient anymore.

Helping you with your
homework might be considered

a professional interest.

Well, does that mean
I have to pay for it?


Hey, it's here.

Listen, there's someone
I have to go see first.

Then would you like to
have dinner tonight?

I'd love to.

Be back for you at seven.

Be ready at seven.

(door clicks open)

(door clunks shut)

(wind howling)

(cat meows)

(doorbell chimes)

(loud thundering)

(cat meowing)

Come in.

Thank you.

(wind howling)

(loud thundering)

1 don't know what you
did to me last night,.

I don't want to know.

It does n't matter.

I don't want anything
more to do with it.

As you wish.

The choice is yours.

Evil isn't a real thing.

It's a condition of the
mind, dysfunctional,

destructive and curable.

Call me a rational man.

I am.

I want to stay that way.



Excuse me, Master, but
let me speak, please.

Why do you call him, "Master"?

Because of what
he's taught me.

Wong, you're an
intelligent man.

Surely you don't
believe all this.

It's not a question of belief.

I'm able to believe
it's not raining outside

and leave my umbrella
in the closet,

but that won't help
me from getting wet.

I can't bow my head to any
man and call him, "Master."

I believe in myself.

I take responsibility
for my self.

I'm sorry, I can't accept it.

The choice is yours.


(loud thundering)


We can do no more for him.

He m ust accept with
his own free will.

(loud thundering)

(door unlatches)

(drenching rain)

(cat meowing)

Hello, kitty.

Do you live here?

Come on in, then, and get dry.

(cat meowing)

(ominous music)

(loud rasping)

(drenching rain)

(cat meowing)

(cat angrily meowing)

(hinges squeaking)

(doors slamming shut)

(echoing buzz)

You can't be in here.

This house is
sealed against you.

Your Stephen carried
me across the seals.

His aura protected me.

(electrical humming)

(electrical zapping)

You have courage,

but that's not enough.

(electrical humming)

(strong electrical pulsing)

(flames roaring)

(evil synthesizer music)

(crashing thunder)

(electric guitar wailing)

(crashing thunder)

I have come for you, old man.

You'll not have me, Morgan.

(electrical humming)

(loud electrical buzzing)

(evil laughing)

(roaring laser fire)

You're a crafty old man,

but if I can't destroy you here,

you'll come with me
on the wings of demons

to a place where I can.

Come, Asmodeus, Prince of Hell.

It is Morgan who commands you.

Come and take him
into our domain.

(roaring screams)

(intense dramatic music)

(chimes, pleasant music)

(knocking at door)

(door clicks open)

(smooth jazz music)

Well, are you gonna let me in?

May be.


Come on in.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

You look wet.

I had to use this
as an umbrella.

Home sweet home.

You ought to see my place.

It makes this look like heaven.

I'll be ready in a minute.

Can I offer you something?

I'd love a hot bath.

How about settling
for a cold beer?

It's in the fridge.

(wooden chimes clanking)

(loud rasping)


Ohh, ah! No!

What's the matter?

A woman she
was in the mirror.

There's nothing in the mirror.

It's happening again.

It's coming back to me.


Easy, easy.

It's all right.

Nothing's going
to happen to you.

(loud raspinglbuzzing)

She won't be harmed
if you come with me,.

Come with you where?

Just com e.

You have my word
she won't be harmed.

(swelling orchestral music)

I have things to show you,

powers beyond your

Com e.

(low revving)


(ominous music)

(ominous music)


Look at me.

Am I pleasing to you?

You're beautiful.

What is it you most desire?


Lower your head to me.

(zapping touch)


(electricity firing)

Look at yourself.

Lift your hands together.

Bring down the
lightning of the gods.

(electricity zapping)

What is it you love?

Beauty, at, music, what?


the secrets of the universe?

All these I can give
to you and more.

What is it you most desire?

Why do you draw away?

The touch of
your lips is cold.


Who are you?

Morgan, you can call me.

(orchestra music swells)

Are my lips still cold?


(romantic orchestra music)

Take off the ring.

The ring?

It won't come off.

Only the old man can
take it off, Lindmer.

You can remove it.

Lindmer is nothing.

He has no hold on you.

Take off the ring.

You do it.


Come with me.

See him now?

He's nothing.

Nothing to you.

(dramatic orchestra music)

Take off the ring and
reign with me, Stephen,

on all the thrones
of men forever.


Then perhaps you
should join him there.

Take off the ring and
throw it into the web.

Don't defy me, Stephen,

or I'll take my pleasure
from you in another way.



(groaning and choking)

In the name of Rael,
scourge of demons,

I command you, release me!

(evil laughing)

What a novice you
are at this, Stephen.

So much to learn
and so little time.

(electrical buzzing)

(fire crackling)


(zapping laser fire)

(roaring laser)

(fire crackling)


(dramatic orchestral music)


This cannot be!

I am Kali, Goddess
of Destruction!

I am Lilith, Queen of
Demons and of the flesh,

and I am Ishtar, bloody Ishtar,

and! am Morgan!

(loud thundering)
You have failed.


- You Miniature!» deb-lad.

Beg me to destroy you, Morgan.

Pray to me for death.

You shall not have it.

I will punish you until
you scream to me for mercy.

Look upon yourself,
cry out, Morgan,.

Your agony will be
a comfort for me.

Perhaps, if your
screaming pleases me,

1 may yet take
pity on you,

but now, look!

(thunder crashing)



I will serve you in
any way you choose,

but give me back my youth!

Answer me!

Answer me!

Don't leave me like this!

Answer me!

Answer me!

Answer me!

(mystical chiming)

(mystical chiming)

(jazzy piano music)

(door squeaks open)

Wong, thank God.

Help me with him.


We must be greeted
by the sunrise.

Stand in the center
of the circle

and face the window.

These robes, Morgan
gave them to me.

They will do.

I tricked you,
Stephen Strange,

into accepting your destiny.

I allowed Morgan to believe
she had defeated me.

I knew her desire for
you would be her undoing,

and I gambled that you
would not succumb to her.

None of this do
you understand yet,

but this much you know.

You've been brought
to this moment

by forces beyond your control.

You were chosen,

but the final choice
must always be yours.

What choice is it that's mine?

To serve yourself
or all of mankind.

Is that a choice?

What will 1 be
called upon to do?

Become more than
a man and renounce

such earthly pleasures
as are given to men

who are only mortal.

The pleasure of
ignorance or offspring

or an easy death.

Will I be asked to
give up even love?

The universe is love.

That you shall have.

I don't understand,

but I've made my choice.

Let it begin, Master.

(dramatic orchestra music)

(mystical music)

Stephen Strange,

you are the one who is chosen.

Do you accept the
guardianship of the light?

I do accept it.

Then let the
transmutation begin,.

(low electrical humming)

(orchestra music
swells dramatically)

(electricity buzzing)

(electricity zapping)

It is done.

I felt tremendous pain.

Energies beyond your
comprehension were circuited

into your body.

The circuit held.

His pulse is weak.

He'll return to us.

His work isn't finished yet.

I'm going to
call an ambulance.


These are not the
affairs of mortal men.

He'll recover.

A part of him was ripped
away and given to you,

as it had to be.

Have I taken his place?

Havel become the sorcerer?

You will be when the
Ancient One has taught you

how to use your powers.

You're like a child
with a loaded gun.

Unless you're careful, you
can harm yourself or others.

You have inherited the
powers, but not the knowledge

or the wisdom that must
accompany them yet.

What have I become?

More than a man.

(pleasant music)

The Harrison girl
and Mr. Masterson

were discharged yesterday.


We're up to seven empty beds.

That's the most
we've had in a year.


No admissions yesterday?


Who was the resident?

Dr. Strange.

Sorry I'm late.

Strange, do you
happen to own a watch?


Does it work?


I suggest that you
look at it sometimes.


Go ahead.

(woman on intercom)

Attention, all medical students.

(phone ringing)

There will be a lecture in
the auditorium at 7pm tonight,.


Attention, all medical students.

There will be a lecture in
the auditorium at 7pm tonight,.

Good morning.


How's your recall?

Has any of it come
back to you yet?

No, I still can't
remember anything.

Is that bad?

Well, not necessarily bad.

(phone ringing)

The mind heals itself pretty
much like the body does.

When you're ready to
remember, you will.


Do we go into your office?

No, I've got a better idea.

Let's take a walk.

(woman on intercom)
Mrs, King,

Mrs. Elizabeth King,

please go to receiving room.

Mrs. King.

Three, two, one.

Take telecine four.

We're here interviewing the
founder of The LeFay Method,

a woman, who in
the last few days,

seems to have taken
at least a pan

of New York City by
storm, so to speak.

Here to tell us more
about it is the force

behind The LeFay
Method, Morgan LeFay.

Ms. LeFay, can you tell
us just what it is,

exactly, that the method does.

Quite simply, it unlocks the
hidden potential within you.

It's a way of realizing your
own powers and using them

to get what you really
want out of life.

Do you live around here?

I'm moving into a
house a few blocks over.


What are you studying?

Would you believe psychology?

I'd believe anything.

I don't suppose
you'd like to help me

with my homework sometime?

Doctors aren't
supposed to get involved

with their patients.

Yeah, but I'm not your
patient anymore, am I?

No, you're not.

You know,
what happened to me,

I guess I was just
staying up too late

and studying too hard.

It happens all the time.
Don't worry.

You're over it.
It won't come back.

- I hope not.
- It won't.

Well, the actual method
differs with each student.

The details, for instance,
of your method would never

be revealed to anyone else.

How did you come
to learn this method?

That's a long story.

If you come to one
of my seminars,

you'll hear all about it.

You have a lot of young
people with you today,

and I was wondering,

does this method have
a particular appeal

to young people?

1 think young people
are always attracted

to the truth.

They have less to lose by it.

They're interested in...


Of course...

This is really dumb.

Completely effective,

no matter what the
age of the student,

but it's with the young we
expect our greatest results.

They are, after all, the future.

Thank you very much,
Ms. Morgan LeFay.

From the new mall in
downtown Manhattan,

I'm Agnes Carson for WBIS News.

- HI, CI...
- HI.


Well, here we are,
home sweet home.

Do you have a date tonight?

No. Are you asking for one?

Would you like one?

I thought you said
doctors weren't supposed

to get involved
with their patients.

Well, I could help
you with your homework.

That would make it a
professional visit.


I'd love it.

I'll come for you at seven.

Be ready at seven.


Thank you, ladies
and gentleman,.

And now for the conclusion
of our fabulous extravaganza.

Is the hand quicker
than the eye,

or is the eye quicker
than the mind?

Ladies and gentleman,
I give you magic!

Watch the wand.

Don't take your
eyes away from it.

Is it really here or is it not?


(crowd clapping)

Yes, the ancient arts of
magic, ladies and gentleman,

known to a few
and only a few,.

Now you see it,

now you don't!

(crowd clapping)

Watch closely as
from this handkerchief

I will produce...

(magical chimes)

a beautiful bouquet of flowers?


Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

(dramatic orchestrated music)

(Universal theme)