Dr. Satán y la magia negra (1968) - full transcript

I command you to appear before me.

Plutarco Sat?n!

I saved you from the justice of
the world of the living...

so that you can go on serving me.
I have an important mission for you.

Devil King!

Father of Evil, King of the Dead.

I'm tired!

I want eternal peace.

I shall never let you rest in peace!

You shall return to the world,
for that is my will.

My Lord, I've been a faithful servant.

Why should I be the one to
carry out that mission?

You can do anything.

You think, as do all men, that
my powers are unlimited.

You are wrong!

Only man can destroy man.

Lucifer's wizard Yei Lin, will soon
find the Sorensen formula...

and will try to challenge me.

Find the formula,
and destroy Yei Lin!

I'll find the formula, my Lord,
and I will destroy Yei Lin.


If you fail this time, you shall never
have eternal peace.

No! I won't fail, my lord.

Let your hand continue to guide me
towards eternal evil.

So be it!

Dr. Sat?n and Black Magic.

Another failure.
This formula is a fake.

- Yei Lin does not tolerate mistakes.
- It wasn't our fault.

We followed his orders to the letter.

- Boss! The formula that we...
- I know all about it!

I'll give you another chance.
Your last chance.

- It wasn't our fault.
- Enough!

The real formula will arrive

Professor Sorensen.
12:30 p.m. Flight 103.

You know what to do.

You take care of everything, Dea.
I'll go with you tomorrow.

Yes, boss.

There can be no mistakes
this time.

There won't be, sir.


- Thank you. That'll be all.
- At your service, sir.

The lady who arrived first?

Come in, please.

- Take a seat, please.
- Thank you.

- Name, please?
- Ang?lica Robles, sir.

Do you have any experience
doing this kind of work?

Yes, I spent three years as a nurse
and secretary to Dr. Benavides.

The psychoanalyst.

That's interesting.

Why did you leave that job?

The Doctor retired and moved
to Europe.

I see.

This is the recommendation letter
from Dr. Benavides.

Your former employer holds you
in quite high regard, miss.

You have no family, do you?

No, sir.

I'm all alone in the world.


Please inform the other applicants
that the position has been filled.

Thank you so much, Doctor!
I really need this job.

- I will try to do my best.
- I'm sure you will.

I'm sorry, ladies, but the
opening has been filled.

When do I begin?

Right now.

If that's... okay with you.

I'm... at your...


The others have just left.

Thank you, Devil King.

Father of Evil, King of the Dead.

I take the soul and the body
you have entrusted me.

May its soul remain faithful
to you for all eternity.


Professor Sorensen
has been murdered?

Wait for me.
I'll be right over.

From now on, you no longer
possess a will of your own...

or any memory of your existence
in the world of the living.

You will obey my orders...

and you will worship
the Devil King.

And you will refer to me...

as "My master".

You are my master.
Command and I will obey.

It seems Sorensen opened
the door with his own key...

which is still in the keyhole.

Any prints? Anything missing?

Only a black briefcase,
and his travel documents.

We found his prints on the
gun, but none on the knife.

Besides, the receptionist said
she didn't see anyone enter.

Inform INTERPOL Tokyo.
I'll expect a reply by tonight.

Meanwhile, we must investigate
those suspects who were...

at the airport when the
Professor arrived.


You have a very important

Command, and we'll obey.

I want to know the whereabouts
of Yei Lin, the wizard...

enemy of our Lord,
the Devil King.

We will search
and we will find him.

- You've done well this time.
- Thank you, sir.

It was easy, sir.

- Only we had to...
- I understand.

Sorensen has been reunited
with his ancestors.

Be careful. INTERPOL and the
police are looking for the criminal.

- Is this the formula?
- This is the one.

Bromine, zinc, nickel...

Almost all inferior metals
can be transmuted into gold.

My friends will have
all they'll ever need.

Provided that the formula works.

You too will have
a lot of gold.

Gold was created by the Devil King
to control the souls of men...

but it turned out to be
stronger than its creator.

I figured that out...

and I will become more
powerful than the Devil King.

Here I will control gold.
Gold, to us, means power.

With it, we can buy
consciences and souls.

The world will be in our hands.

Inspector! I'm all done with
the cyphering from Tokyo.

Bring it to me at once.

"Sorensen left four days ago,
destination Mexico".

"Unknown agent also flew to
Mexico from Hong Kong".

"Passport name Yei Lin".

"Reliable sources confirm Yei Lin
intends to steal Sorensen formula".

- Anything else, Inspector?
- No. You may go.

Captain Mend?a,
please report to my office.

International Bank.

I think the formula is correct.

I did some minimum-scale
tests, and this was the result.

What metal is that?


Pure gold.
No doubt about it.

- We did it. Success!
- No. Not yet.

We need to set up a
large-scale laboratory.

Marco, you will round up
the materials.

And Sergio, you will find a suitable
location for the lab.

And now, let's get some rest.
It's been a fruitful day.

- Is the alarm system on?
- Of course.

- I'll have a look at the garden.
- I'll check the rest of the house.

- We have obeyed your command.
- We found Yei Lin.

- Where?
- A house on Road 32.

But they will leave soon.
Medusa had to kill one of his men.

- How many left?
- One man and one woman.

Yei Lin possesses
the Sorensen formula.

He murdered the Professor
and stole it.

The Sorensen formula.

It's all so clear.

Yei Lin was turning lesser
metals into gold.

I'm beginning to understand
just what kind of foe Yei Lin is.

- I am pleased.
- Thank you, Master.

Gold. All the gold I want.

I will most certainly carry out
your orders, Devil King.

We have the whole city
under surveillance.

Sooner or later, Yei Lin will fall.

What about the other one?

Still nothing.

I need you.

You will watch Yei Lin's house.

When the time comes,
I will deal with him myself.

This is how the Devil King
responds to your challenge.

With death, Yei Lin!

No human being can survive
this poison!

What's happening, Yei Lin?
Open the door!


Kick the door down!

What's going on here?

Nothing too serious.

I was only giving the Devil King
a display of my great power.

- How do you feel, Master?
- Much better.

Where did that bat come from?

That was Yei Lin himself.
He can shapeshift at nights.

He's a master of black magic.

That's why he dares to
challenge the Devil King.

How will we kill him?

According to tradition...

this kind of wizard can only
be killed...

by driving a wooden stake
through his heart.


I'll come up with a much
crueller death for him.

- We're too late.
- Yeah, the birds have flown.

Something frightened them.

Too bad.
We were on the right track.

We're right where we started.

Unless they gave us
the wrong address.

No, this is the one, no doubt.

- Bianchi.
- Yes, what is it?

What would you say this is?

- I'd say it's metal. Lead or zinc.
- But what does it mean?

It means Yei Lin is testing
the Sorensen formula.

Now I'm certain that he or
his men killed Prof. Sorensen.

That much is clear.

- Did you find out?
- Yes, Master.

They left that house and
took a floor...

in the tower in the center
of the city.

What did you find out?

They've delivered many boxes
branded with the name...

of an electronics factory.

The Sorensen formula.

Yei Lin means to do some
large-scale research.

What shall we do, Master?

We'll watch, and we'll wait.

We must let them get set up
and feel confident.

Then they'll find out
who Dr. Sat?n is.

Why did you call me so

We have news about the metal

One of them sold a large amount
of zinc, lead and nickel...

to a private individual.

Could it have been a

No, we checked.
It must be for Yei Lin.

And what about our other man?

Nothing at all. It's as if the
earth had swallowed him.

Then we'll go there ourselves.

- Marco's got news.
- What is it now?

Our enemies know we have
settled in this place.

- That could be dangerous!
- Of course.

But Marco's been watching them,
and we know where they hide.

What are your orders?

Eliminate them before we start
our large-scale experiments.

Marco and I will take care
of it.


I'll do it myself.
It'll be my pleasure.



Did you find what you were
looking for?

We meet again, Doctor.

So it seems. Only this time
you won't be so lucky.


But who knows?

Together, you and I would
be invincible.

You mean we'd share the secrets
of the Sorensen formula?

That's what I propose!

You overestimate yourself,
Yei Lin.

- Won't you consider my proposal?
- No.

My only mission is to take
that formula from you...

and to destroy you.
And that's what I'll do.

I'm sorry to hear that, Doctor.
We would have been a great team.

Come closer.

Put me on the table.

It's in the safe.

Inject me.



Devil King!

My lord and master...

I need you!

We must time it precisely.
Three minutes of bombardment.

Eastern Imports Inc.

- Good evening, miss.
- Good evening.

What's that?

Oh, Mr. Lin is testing some
new equipment.

It arrived just today
from the East.

Excuse me, miss, but I must
investigate personally...

just to see there are no
safety threats to the building.

As you wish, but...

the test will be over in a
moment. Take a seat, please.

Thank you.


It's still radioactive.

I did it.
I did it!

It's gold!
And having gold is like...

like having the world in
my hands!

Look, Dea!

- All this is gold.
- It's wonderful!

But... I had some problems

The guard was stubborn,
so I had to take care of him.


Pure gold, without a doubt.
It's pure gold, Dea!

Put him on the table.

Cover your eyes, Dea.
You can go blind.

Our secret will be safe.


We have work to do.

We have to repay
Yei Lin's attentions.

Command, and I'll obey, Master.

Where am I?

Who are you?

- Answer me!
- I will, miss.

- You must be Dr. Sat?n.
- Yes, I am.

And you're Dea,
Yei Lin's right hand woman.

I'm just a mere servant.

Don't try to deceive me.
I know who you are.

Why have you kidnapped me?

Because I want the Sorensen

and the life of my enemy
Yei Lin.

We may be able to reach
an understanding.

That sounds interesting.
I'm listening.

In private.


I like being on the winning side.

Good for you.
That's a very wise attitude.

And I could be of great service
to a man as powerful...

and as pleasant as you.

Let's talk about business first.

And then, about some
other things...


What do you want from me?

Call Yei Lin...

and tell him that, if he wants
to see you alive again...

he must give me the
Sorensen formula.

If I do that, can I trust you?

Can I trust you?


I'll prove my loyalty to you.


This is Dea. I'm being held
prisoner by Dr. Sat?n.

He says he'll kill me if you don't
give him the formula.

Your beautiful accomplice is
telling the truth.

How can I believe you?
I know you want to kill me.

All I care about now is
the formula.

As soon as I have it, I will
give you Dea back. Alive.

I want a guarantee.

I need Dea, but I won't be tricked
by you.

No, no tricks.

If you want to see her again...

do exactly as I say.

I'll be there.

- No tricks. As promised.
- So it would seem.

I too have done my part.

I trust you weren't foolish
enough to give me a fake formula.

No, Doctor.
I know your power.

I thought I'd killed you, and yet...
Here you are, alive and well.

That's right.

Now, I want you to know
I've injected Dea...

with a very powerful venom.

- Is that true?
- It is.

- Then you did trick me!
- Wait a moment.

That venom can be counteracted...

if an antidote is given within
48 hours.

What is that antidote? Speak!

If the formula is real, I will
tell you before that time.

Fine, Dr. Sat?n.

I gave you the formula, and I hope
you'll soon give me the antidote.

After that happens,
we will meet again, Doctor.

That's right, Yei Lin.

The world is too small for
both of us.

Yes, it's me.

Yeah, you delivered.
The formula is correct.

- What about the antidote?
- The antidote?

You don't need any antidote.

Dea's injection was just water.
Distilled water, to boot.

See you soon, Yei Lin.

See you soon, Dr. Sat?n.

I'll take the pleasure of killing
you with my own hands.

- Have we been fooled?
- No.

We merely won a battle.
I will win the war.

- Did you give him the real formula?
- Yes. Why?

Then we are doomed.


I made a small alteration to the
atomic bombardment time.

When he tries it, he won't
stop the bombardment in time...

and after two minutes...

everything will be blown
to pieces!

- It's time.
- We're right on time.

- Go get the gold.
- Right away.

He must have an emergency
shelter there.

What will we do, Master?

We'll keep an eye on them...

and wait for the chance to
get rid of Yei Lin.

- We'll get closer to them?
- Yes.

With all due caution.

This is Red Bird to Nest.
Red Bird to Nest.

- Red Bird to Nest.
- This is Nest. Come in, Red Bird.

Immediate report:
Sorensen was a success.

We can have all the metal
we want.

Repeat: Positive results.

Metal, any amount at our disposal.

Report: Very satisfactory.

Proceed in sending samples
of metal. Over.

The sample of the metal will
go out through the south border.

Any instructions for me?

Proceed to return.

Everything will be settled
by the usual means. Over.

Understood. I'll destroy
everything, as planned. Out.

- I think they're pleased.
- Quite. And with good reason!

- The helicopter!
- Right on time.

We'll deliver the gold and
leave as quickly as possible.

Eveything is ready to blow up.


Marco, come get the gold.
They're almost here.

Marco, can't you hear me?

Marco can no longer obey
you, honorable Yei Lin.

- You again!
- Yes. Me, all the time.

Open that suitcase.

You won't get away with this,

- You know what to do if they move.
- Yes, Master.

- Sorensen gold seems fine.
- It is, Doctor.

As fine as the finest.

All the crimes you commited
in order to get the formula...

Was it personal greed?
Or do you serve higher interests?

An interesting puzzle for your
great intellect to solve, Doctor.

Too bad you won't be able to
enjoy the results your efforts...

because you will die, Yei Lin.

Life is but a transit, Doctor.
You know that.

You can't die without your
master's consent!

And you can't live without
serving others!

Life is a constant act of service,



- I won once again.
- Naturally.

- Do we have to go inside?
- Of course. We must make sure.

Goodbye, Dr. Sat?n.

It was a pleasure to fight
an enemy like you.

What about the gold?
It's underneath all that!

So what? We can have all
the gold we want.

Look! The helicopter is leaving!

The cave's collapse must
have startled them.

- Wise of them to take no chances.
- We'll have to explain this to Nest.

Of course. We have the formula.
It's a complete victory.

Devil King! I heard
your call, and here I am.

Plutarco Sat?n!

You have failed. Yei Lin is alive.

He's cunning, my lord.
But I'll fulfill your orders soon.

You shall never have eternal rest.
I curse you!

No! Wait!
Give me one last chance!

If you haven't obtained
the Sorensen formula...

and killed Yei Lin by next
full moon...

you will know the full
power of my wrath!

You'll have the formula,
and Yei Lin will die.

Make it so.

Here's to our triumph,
and to you...

beautiful as a lotus flower.

Here's to you, the strongest
and wisest of all men.

- You are very kind.
- I'm happy.

Soon, you'll be the richest
woman in the world.

Whatever you want, you shall have
just by saying the word.

And you'll be the most
powerful man in the world.

Our future couldn't look better.

Honorable sir, there's
someone here to see you.

Tell him I'm can't see him now.
Teatime is sacred.

He says he's a policeman.

What are we going to do?

We'll remain calm.

Go tell the man I'll be
honored to see him.

Smile, please.
You're much prettier that way.

Good evening.

Good evening, officer.

May I ask why you honor my
humble house with your visit?

I'm sorry to disturb you...

but INTERPOL Inspector Bianchi
wants to see you.

Have I commited a crime
I'm not aware of?

I don't know, sir.

Tell the respectable Inspector
I'll go to his office tomorrow.

I'm afraid it has to be
right now.

Ah, I know. Orders are orders.

Can I at least change clothes?

I'm afraid that's not possible.
You must come with me at once.

I respect the law and
its agents.

I'm at your service.

After you.

Good job, darling.

Thank you, my master.
What shall we do with the body?

We'll reunite him with his

after a convenient disintegration.


After we've finished our tea.

What a shame. That idiot
stained my best carpet.

We must get rid of him

His superiors will send for him
as soon as they notice his absence.

You're beautiful and wise, Dea.

We'll do as you say.

But not before we've enjoyed
our sacred beverage.

- Good afternoon.
- Hi, there.

- Are you in charge of this office?
- Can't you tell?

- I'm sorry to interrupt your break.
- Too late. What do you want?

I'd like to rent a plane for
a special trip.

We don't have any.

Would you mind asking the manager
if there is a craft available?

I told you we don't have any.

Tell him that Red Bird sent me.

It'll be a waste of both
of our times.

Yes, boss...
Yes, boss.

The boss says the plane
will be ready by 9 p.m.

Thank you.

You are amazingly kind.

What do you want?

- Some minor reports.
- You got the wrong office.

- Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.

What would you like to know, sir?

Nothing much.

All the arrangements are made.
A plane will take us to the border.

In two days, we'll be in the East,
with the formula in our hands.

I'll be relieved when we leave
the country.

- No news of him?
- What news could there be?

Dr. Sat?n is dead.

And the dead don't talk,
and don't haunt the living.

I still can't believe it.
That man was terrible.

He seemed indestructible.

Nobody can fight me and live
to tell the tale.

I know.

Come on. We have work.

We must destroy the equipment
and get away from here.

The police are closing in.
We can't give them anything.

- Yes, my master.
- Let's go.

720 to HQ.
720 to HQ.

Come in, 720.
HQ is listening.

The Easterner is in his office.

I followed him from a building
near the airport.

Good. Don't let him out of your
sight. We'll be over in ten minutes.

We'll surround the whole block.
Yei Lin will have to...

perform a miracle if he expects
to escape us this time.

I'll give the general alarm.

We'll go find Yei Lin
and destroy him.

I don't have much time.

- Is he in the same building?
- Yes, in his laboratory.

Getting ready to leave
the country.

- Yei Lin will be wary.
- Why should he?

He thinks I'm dead.
He has nothing to fear.

He won't be expecting our visit.

You're right as usual,
my master.

After tonight...

the both of you will have
eternal rest.

No news.
The man is still in his offices.

Good. Everybody stand by.
When we're ready, we'll get him.

The microfilm will be easy to hide.
Then, we'll destroy the book.

I wonder what happened to the
copy you gave Dr. Sat?n.

- It must have perished with him.
- What if it didn't?

Then whoever finds it will get
a huge surprise.

Why do you say that?

Remember, I put in an excess in
the bombardment time of the metal.

After 5 minutes of bombardment,
the cannon becomes a nuclear bomb.

A small one.
Everything will blow up.

You're right. It seems every
risk is taken care of.

Of course.

When Yei Lin works,
he works risk-free.

All set, sirs. Not even a rat
can escape our perimeter fence.

Good. Let's go get him, then.


We'll wait for a while.

It seems Yei Lin has some
very interesting visitors.

It could be the other man
we're looking for.

Do you realize the power
of science?

This tiny film contains
the whole Sorensen formula.

Our bosses will have
a right to be pleased with us.

Of course! We're giving them all
the gold in the world.

Which means all the power.

- Our reward will be huge.
- And the thrill of a job well done.

Of course.

There are beautiful, long and
peaceful days in our future.

We'll use this timebomb to
destroy the equipment.

And now, let's get out of here.

Could I have a small chat
with you before you leave...

honorable Yei Lin?

- You!
- In the flesh.

No! That's impossible!

I can assure you I'm no ghost.

I'm just a man who's here
to settle a score.

Don't bother, Yei Lin.
No black magic!

Don't move!
Don't think I won't shoot.

You must go down.
You must die! Damn you!

Damn you!

- Shouldn't we just go in?
- No.

I think we'd better wait
for the visitors to come out.

We'll take them quietly,
and then we'll take Yei Lin.

And now, you and me,
honorable Yei Lin.

Don't move.

This is my pleasure. I intend to
enjoy it with my own hands.

The pleasure will be mine,
as I destroy you with my own!

Look out, master.

I'm not an easy man to kill,
Dr. Sat?n.

You damned wizard!

You'll only die when a wooden
stake pierces your heart.

Thank you...

Devil King.

I have carried out your orders.

Our mission has been

You can rest now.

Medusa, Erato...

if the Devil King wishes, we'll soon
meet in the Kingdom of Shadows.

Won't you join us in eternal peace?

Our lord and master has
other plans.

First, I must verify that the
Sorensen formula works.

Meet us soon, master.

Only sixty more seconds.

- We mustn't wait anymore.
- Yeah, it's been a while.

Let's get them.
Alert the others.

The End.