Dr. Qin: Medical Examiner (2018) - full transcript

Qin Ming is one of the best medical examiners in the bureau of public security of Longfan. He is the chief of the expert testimony department. He needs to lead his crew to solve all kinds ...

If it was a murder for love, there's an extra piece of gauze with blood on it for evidence.

If it was for the money, then abandoning the body is too extra.

So... The two cases might be connected.

Then we need to go back to the starting point, a murder for love.

This special thing about the case is that

the deeper we go, the more doubts we get.

You should be an actor. Just by pretending to be another person

will earn you the Oscar Awards.

Am I right? Chen Biao?

Apart from our faces, we don't even seem like brothers.

[Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin][Episode 15]

I'm on my way. Guess how I'm going there today.

Let me tell you, I'm driving the new car my dad gave me.

It's true. I got a license--

Don't move!

Run? Let's see where you'll run now.

- Return the money. - I have no money.

No money?

Hit him!



Who are you?

You don't have to know who I am.

Money! There's money. Aren't you going to pick it up?

Behave yourself!

Let's go.

Son, you never went to a college and has a criminal record.

Please, just sacrifice yourself a little for your brother and me.

Why do you think that you have the authority to ask me for that?

No, I do not have the authority.

But your brother just got accepted into an excellent college.

He's going to be the heir to my business. Please, just sacrifice a little for our family.

Can you?

If my mom is still alive, do you think she'll agree?

- Your mother is only dead because you made her so angry. - You--

Just for your mom and this family, you should sacrifice a little of yourself.

Seven years. Seven years!

Then my life will be ruined!

Do you still need me to kneel down and beg you?


No, I don't need you to.

Let's leave each other some dignity.

I understand now.

In your heart, I'm a person without a future.

I can only blame myself

for being good for nothing,

and having the same face as my brother.

Son, I promise you

when you get released from jail, half of my fortune is yous.



If I was as successful as my brother,

will you still have this request for me?

I'm only born to be compared.

Just like buying two identical cars at the same time,

the broken one will be taken apart piece by piece

to be the other car's components.

When I was in jail, my dad gave the whole company to him.

I was finally released and went out to found him, but he betrayed me and pretended not to know me.

He even said that I can go admit the crime to the police right now.

But in the end, both of us will be imprisoned.

I don't want to go back to jail.

I got scared.

I know

ever since I agreed to commit the crime for him,

I have no more values left.

My dad only needs one hard-working son.

One is enough.

I have no values.

You killed Wu Lixue.

Is that planned for a long time, or just had a sudden idea to do it?

I followed Wu Lixue's request

and killed that doctor who had an affair with his wife.

I never knew I would go down to this step.

I never knew I would kill someone.

I don't have any chances left to return back to the person I was.

At that time, there were only two paths in front of me.

Either I continue to become a rotten Chen Biao and

leave my hometown forever and change my name,

or just replace Wu Lixue

and take back the life he stole from me.

You don't lack any money. That's why, stealing methadone

is also one trick you used to hide your motivation. Is that right?

Correct. And that RMB 100,000 and that knife

are all purposely placed in the house by me.

I hope to turn your sight to Chen Biao.

And then, following Chen Biao's disappearance,

the case will become a cold case.

I must have enough time to kill Wu Lixue.

And then, hide under his name.

That's why, I brought that doctor's corpse to that abandoned crystal factory and burned it.

So you connived with Ruan Fang?

That woman is greedy for wealth and status, but is such a coward.

How did you brainwash her?

If you want money, look for Lao Wu. Don't complain of being poor before me.

You're not stupid enough to tell him that I came to see you, right?

You think he won't know what's happening in my place?

Li Kehua is dead.

So it seems like I have to thank you for letting me survive today.

You didn't come here to warn me to run away, did you?

Neither of us can escape.

I can call the cops. I also can call the mental hospital.

Mental hospital?

Wu Lixue didn't put you in his last will.

You surely know it, right?

Do you want to have a worry-free and comfortable life or freedom?

It's your choice. But it's also possible

that you live your current life

and still have freedom. That is, the two of us,

you and me, let's partner up.

Why must I believe you?

Do you have any other choice?

Yes. I am his accessory.

You are his replacement. We both are not ourselves.


We are not who we were before.

Say it.

What do you want me to do?

I only have one small condition.

I told Ruan Fang to sedate him and then...

I stabbed his chest

with the knife that I used to kill Li Kehua.

Now, we don't owe each other anything.

Never thought that I was able to fool all the people around Wu Lixue,

but not you guys.

For a forensic pathologist, all wounds has their values.

Whatever you did to the victim, the corpse will eventually tell that to us.

Other than that, each wound on the perpetrator's body

can also tell us what happened during the crime.

It was your teeth that told us

why a company executive is more like the drug addict that we're after.

Wu Lixue is a very narcissistic person. He would even hang his own picture in his own office.

But in your current office, these were all gone.

I hate that I look like him.

But what's lamentable is that in order to be him,

you have no choice but to wear his eyeglasses and you didn't even have the time to get a pair of nonprescription glasses.

Every time I see myself in the mirror,

I see that person that I killed.

[Longfan Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team]

Do you know that

imitating your older brother's habits

is also your means of trying to be close to him.

Close? Do you know how it feels to be someone's shadow?

You have the same face as him,

but a totally different fate.

The fate is yours.

You felt that having such an older brother is your bad luck.

What about in your older brother's point of view?

Is it his good luck to have a younger brother like you?

One egg

had divided into two very different fates.

That's right.

Fate is not just that criminal right in front of you that you can arrest whenever you want to.

Fate has no weakness.

It can attack forcefully or retaliate.

You will feel it sooner or later.

Fate is also an unending choice.

Don't blame fate when you have chosen wrongly

before castigating fate.

You think being good is easy? Being good is so hard.

When the teeth of goodness are pulled out, it becomes weakness.

Goodness holding a weapon

is malice.

Chen Biao,

you are a smart person.

But you were destroyed by your own cleverness.

- Take him away.- Yes.


Dad, wake up!



Dad! Dad, wake up!

[Offense Report]

[Wang Tingting]

[Qin Song]

[Medical Examiner Committed Professional Misconduct by Changing the Cause of Death, Committed Suicide as Admission of Guilt when the Crime Got Exposed]

[Professional Misconduct; Qin Song]

[Committed Suicide as Admission of Guilt]

[Qin Song]

[Longfan Municipal Public Security Bureau Medical Examiner]

Dabao, where is Lao Qin?

He didn't come yet.

Don't he usually arrive early? What happened today?

That's right.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Late! Lao Qin, you also have a day like today.

What was those words again? Being late is not a problem of skills but a problem of attitude.

Having an attitude problem, you can't even be good in being a person. How can you be a medical examiner?

Say, for a person like him who never came late suddenly comes late today,

what has he done last night?

I am also curious.

Hey! He came late in the morning but you asked what he did at night.

What else could he do at night?


Such a huge event.

Just let him be late then.

I feel that our Sister-in-law Qin

should be long-haired.

Very gentle.

- Long legs. - And doesn't answer back.

If that's really the case, that is a big news in our forensic investigators' world.

Shouldn't we give him a celebration?

I know how to give him a good surprise.

We indeed should plan this well.

We should let our Sister-in-law Qin feel the hospitality of our Longfan Municipal Medical Examiner Office.

[Longfan Municipal Public Security Bureau Medical Examiner Center]

[Case File]

Qin Song? How come it's about your father?

[Medical Examiner Committed Professional Misconduct by Changing the Cause of Death, Committed Suicide as Admission of Guilt when the Crime Got Exposed]

Uncle Luo Yao, you are an expert in criminal psychology.

I came to ask you about some things.

In the cases I handled in the past six months,

the victims or the perpetrators have a missing molar.

I suspect it to be a personal stamp of some serial killer.

Until last night,

someone knocked on my door. Other than those documents, he also left this.

A molar?

The serial killer can't wait anymore and came to visit you.

In controlling your emotions,

he is already not satisfied with the current state.

He used your father's death to catch your attention.

This means that he is a person with traditional values.

He is a person with traditional values, but still he was unable to suppress his desire to commit a crime.

His psychological cause might be

to use some justified excuses

to neutralize his guilt for killing people.

This is what we call self-consolation.

So you mean...

in this person's eyes, I'm the guilty one and he's the righteous one.

This incomplete offense report

involves the suicide committed by your father for fear of punishment.

If this case is brought up again,

it might mean that more than one person handled this case.

Your father's malfeasance

might be invalid.

Whether it's the cases that I'm handling now,

or the real reason of my father's death,

I must start my investigation with the last case that he was handling 20 years ago.

[Minsheng Street; Zhongshan Public Square]

Hello. The menu is written on the wall. Just read it by yourself.

Wang Tingting is your daughter, right?

[Wang Tingting; Changing the cause of death of the victim, Wang Tingting]

Don't get me wrong. I am not here to bring up the unpleasant past.

There are just some details that I need to know.

Is the name Qin Song familiar to you?

I don't know him.

This person jumped to his death because of your daughter's case 20 years ago.

How could you not know him?

[Medical Examiner Committed Professional Misconduct by Changing the Cause of Death]

[Changing the cause of death of the victim, Wang Tingting; Committing Suicide as a sign of Admission]

[Comrade Qin Song used his position to...]

Qin Song...

I really don't know him.

Let me help you recall him then.

The medical examiner that handed you the autopsy report that time...

is my father.

It's not this person.

The medical examiner in charge of the case that time was another person.

Not this person?

Who is it?

His name is Fan Jian.

[Informer Fan Jian]

Mr. Fan is currently resting in his room.

He usually doesn't like to come out and join the activities.


If you are unable to find the sunlight for a long time,

your room will become dark.

It's the same with the human heart.

You are Qin Ming?

The person that I have been hiding from for 20 years.

What should come

has come.

I'm a medical major myself.

I also know that these

won't work.

But I couldn't help myself and still wanted to try it.

After trying it, I some feel comforted.

And then continue staying in this dark room.


That time, your father

was holding evidences against me.

He wrote about my crime

and was preparing to report me.

But he shouldn't have jumped to his death.

He should live.

Your father jumped to his death.

- Is that what you're thinking?- I already know all these that you're saying.

I came here just to ask you

why must you do that?

That time, my wife

was undergoing a heart surgery.

I need those money.

It was just for money?


Your father knew it.

I initially planned to give him money.

I asked him to consider the fact that we are old colleagues and let me off.

Brother, must you really do this?

No matter what, before you became the section chief,

I put on a lot of good words for you.

In front of the evidence, there is no affection.

As the provider of evidence, you fabricated it just for your personal goal.

Do you know that the evidence we provide can influence the sentence?

Have you forgotten the oath

that we made when we put on our uniform?

Qin Song, I'm begging you.

If you expose this matter, I'm done for.

I'm begging you.

I have no power to forgive you. My duty is to expose the truth.

Some mistakes can be made, but some can't.

Since you've committed the crime,

then you must bear the consequences.

This accusation letter will appear on the desk of the director general.

Qin Song, listen to me!

We both know what the truth is.

I also know very well my current situation.

I don't understand why black and white got reversed. But after today,

all the truth will come out.

Even if no one believes me,

my conscience is clear.


I felt lucky

that nothing happened to me.

That time, I was thinking

that this is a chance given to me by the heaven.

I won't do such a thing anymore.

My father didn't get the chance to report you.

The night before he was to submit the report,

he already died.

You should bask in the sun more and take fresh air.

It's better for your health.

There is one more thing that you might want to know.

That night when you father jumped to his death,

there is another thing that happened.

When I learned that your father jumped to his death,

I was worried that the accusation letter will get exposed.

I took the opportunity when your family are busy with preparing his funeral

and when there was no one at home,

I tried to steal that letter.

The accusation letter went missing?

I am not sure

if it was that man.

But he indeed came from the study.

That's all I know about that letter.


If... This is heaven's will...

will you still continue investigating it?

Rather than believing in heaven's will, humans are better in making up lies.

After you father died,

I kept repenting for my mistake.

In order to tell whether a person is repenting or not, you want to see if he really has fear.

Aging is not a punishment.

Aging with an uneasy heart is.



Dad! Dad!

Stopping at a street in rain. Red is blood while green is drying up.

The yellow light shines on me all night. The puzzle can't be solved.

In the restless beats

[Qin Song; Time of death: early morning 8/26/1995]

You think being good is easy? It is so hard.

Goodness when pulled out of its teeth is weakness.

Goodness carrying a weapon is evil intention.

You are also a medical examiners

How can you harm a friend just for your own selfish interest?

Frame up. Bribery. Fraud.

You think you are worthy to be in this profession?

There is a witness claiming that he saw Qin Ming at the crime scene.

Qin Ming?