Dr. Moreau's House of Pain (2004) - full transcript

In a big mansion, a scientist has been experimenting with humans and animals, mixing their DNA together.

I think that bastard
reset all my teeth.

It's only right since he didn't
have any of his own.

How old was he? 90?

It's not age, it's skill.

"Badly Benny Barrell" was the champ
and my best friend defeated him.

That's right.

Yeah, a champ in 1926.

And it took Eric twelve rounds
to drop him?

- What's the problem? I won, didn't I?
- Don't listen to her.

I'm going to write a swell article
about the fight.

"Eric 'Kid' Carson
slugs it out with world-champion fighter,..."

"...slash drunk,
slash sex fiend."

Gee, thanks, Mary Anne, but when you put it
that way, it doesn't work for me.

Tell me, champ, what was worse?
His punch or his breath?

"Benny's eyes were red-hot coals burning
with the rage of a thousand defeats

I love it!

Yeah, he probably scares them to death
at the soup kitchen.

Let's face it, even your brother wouldn't
have bet on that one.

And he only believes only in sure things.

"Believed." Judith, you talk
like Roy's still around.

He ain't. He took a powder, sweetheart.

Hey, Roy never
ran away from anything in his life.

Wrong. That's all he did.
He owes all over town.

I don't care if he lammed from Mexico
to South America,

I just want him to be alive.

Well the crime beat guys at The Tattler said
this is the last place anybody's seen him.

Let's go. I've got a million questions
for these thugs.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You stay
here, I'll check it out.

What, the punk's now the gumshoe?
That doesn't quite work for you, kid.

This place looks a little rough...

and, uh, delicate flowers like you two shouldn't
be exposed to this environment.

Maybe you 've forgotten, but
I work for the Hollywood Tattler...

...the country's 9th best-selling
movie rag?

I take my job very seriously and
I'll go anywhere to hunt a story.

Even Shirley Temple's underwear drawer
which isn't as pretty as it sounds.

Yeah, but, uh... we're not huntin'
a story, we're huntin' Roy.

You two are my best pals, just
give me ten minutes, okay?

I know you can take care of yourself, but
if things get dicey, throw in the towel, okay?

I don't think you
can take another win tonight.

I'll be all right.

What a loser!

See, that's your problem, dear.
You don't know the difference...

...between a loser and
a guy who won't quit.

- "Kid" Carson!
- How you doin? - Congratulations!

That guy you found tonight--
what made him keel over?

A stroke
or a heart attack?

A win's a win, smart guy. Give me a
bourbon and some answers.

- When's the last time you
saw Roy Carson? - Your brother?

He was in here every night for the last two weeks

Flashin' lots of green to
impress a broad.

What broad?


Jesus Christ on a crutch!

Yeah, your brother said the same thing.

Hey! How long has
Johnny Q been chasing that?

- You just finished your drink!
- Oh, now I get the setup.

- See how much they gimme to clam up if I ask questions.
- You wanna taste some pine? Get lost.

Now, you know he hated my brother's guts.
They get into it?

Go ten rounds with a grandmother.
That's more your speed anyway.

Yeah, I'll see ya.

You know they found the body of some little starlet
stuffed in those trash cans over there

Couple months ago.

Her only screen credit was a corpse
in a Charlie Chan flick.

Kind of ironic.

Wow, you're just a fountain of
information, aren't you sweets?

Tinsel town's my beat.

Anytime you think you're about to catch a break
I'll put a word in for you.

Thanks, but my glamor-puss days are over.

But don't think I still can't work it.
Just put me in a room with a sugar daddy and get out of the way.

Friend to friend? You don't meet
a lot of nice guys that way.

You can have nice... I like exciting.

What if Mr. Exciting's dead?

That's all you get tonight.

Now what the fuck does that mean? You've been saying the same
thing for the past two weeks.

It means you
have to be patient.

For what? A pump with a stipper?

You're on fire, but I don't
put the brakes on for nobody.

No more bullshit!

Jesus Christ!

Hey, follow that dame and don't let her go!

Thanks for saving my ass.

I take it you found out something about
Roy? Has he been naughty?

Oh yeah! He was spending a lot of time with this
chippy we're tailing.

I just saw her rip some greaseball to shreds
without breaking a sweat.

Think she gave Roy the same treatment?

Sweetheart, you may have just won me
the Pulitzer Prize.

Whoa, right here!

Okay, so whatta we do with Miss
Bump and Grind?

What? I get around.

I'm always surprise how much
you get around.

The trick is not to show it.

You guys coming?

All right, Sherlock, now what?

Aw, you know Judith? We could have
pulled her over and

you could have asked all the questions
you wanted about Roy.

And she probably would have ripped your
head off... literally.

Honey, that's the third time you said that. Now, what
exactly happened? And don't leave out the gruesome details.

- Where the hell have you been?
- You don't speak to me like that!


... it's just that the doctor and the others...
they get on edge when you don't come right home.

I had a little hunting to do, remember?

Were you successful?

You were supposed to bring home a woman!

It couldn't be helped.
He got in the way.

I don't know what the doctor's
going to say about this.

I was followed.

They're just down the hill.

Who? What?
Who are "they?" The police?

No. Somebody from the club.

But don't worry. As soon as they enter the
grounds, it's just more lambs for the slaughter.

Roy's my brother. I think I
should go after the girl.

Yeah, he's my lover
And I agree.

What if she pops up while you're out
here alone, sweets?

Hey, you mighta seen a killer, I saw a two-bit
tramp breaking the speed limit.

Either way, it's for the cops.

Look, before we talk to anybody, we should
know what we're talking about. That's my editor's Rule #1

So why don't we go in, find out what's what,

And if things get crazy,
we can run back to the car.

You can
run in the heels, can't you dear?

Here we go.

So, uh... what is this place?

It's a hideaway. Left over from the pre-war
pre-tax days.

Make movies all day, party all night,
and be dead by your 25th birthday.

Huh... Doesn't sound too bad to me.

She could be hiding out anywhere.

And who knows what's underneath us?

These old places had escape tunnels in case of a vice raid.

Okay, I'll be a bitch and ask... Shouldn't we
at least wait until daylight?

Uh-uh. Roy could
be long gone.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, she
can have him.

According to you, she's willing to kill for him.
Helluva lot more than I'd ever do.

Judith's making sense for once.

My nose smells a story, but I'd
like to live long enough to write it.

What if my brother's dead?

All the more reason to call in the flatfeet.

Let the blue suits run around here and you can sit on your tired
cans and watch and I can phone it in to the city desk.- Good idea.

Wait a minute!
I know what this place is!

There was a sanitarium for the hoi polloi that
burned down in 1928.

It was run by this doc from Hong Kong.

He treated the crazies...

...with a combination of ancient Chinese
herbs and white powder moth.

One of the less happy patients went crazy with a blow torch.
Cooked everyone inside.


I know there
is another building on this estate.

part of the...

- Jesus Christ! What the hell was that?
- Shit! Come on Mar!

- Come on! - What? Have you taken one too many hits?
I'm not going up there!

- Uh-uh. We're no leaving her.
- No!

Great. It's either the Castle Frankenstein or whatever's
skulking in the bushes.

Hey... we're not leaving her. Okay?

All right, she better write a damn good article for
us to be saving her candy ass.

Come on.

Jesus, what is this place?

I dunno...


This is where I'm s'posed to tell you
not to worry. And don't bother screaming...

...but really, you should be scared shitless

- And go ahead and scream your lungs out!
- Eric, do something!

I'll see you later, my love.

Comfortable, my friend?

Jesus, you can speak?

Oh, I have vocal cords
and I know how to use 'em.

Not as well as your female friends.

Where is she?

Does it really matter?

I don't know what the hell you have planned,
but can't you just let 'em go?

You won't say anything.

Considering your friend
Mary Anne works for the newspaper...

...I doubt your promise
means very much.

Besides, I don't make the choices.
The doctor does.

C'mon Peewee, let's go!

What doctor?

What the hell is this?

Good question, champ.

Gallagher, I need more light!

I can't work if I can't see!

Mister? You have to help me. Please...

Help you? Help you with what, young lady?

Bringing the police down on my old head?

Sending myself to prison for the rest of my life ?

I don't think so,
but I like the irony.

- Please!
- I'm working--can't you see that?

Some of your friends are here.

What? Oh, God...

You'll al be together soon.
Won't they, Doctor?

No, they'll be used.

Well, perhaps you'll be united in a better place. That's
a thought to cling to right now.

Oh, this is no good. These organs
are riddled with yellow fever.

There's nothing worth harvesting. This man would have
been dead in two weeks anyway.

Even if he hadn't have been with Alliana.

I'm gonna have to check her
for an infection.

- But this was for Peewee!
- Yes, I know!

But what must I do?

What? You said you do.

I can't. This body is useless.

If I use any part of it in you, you'll die.
Is that what you want?


Calm yourself! He's got to be
satisfied, Doctor!

Let him have the girl!

- Sorry, my dear.
- No!
- Just close your eyes.

I don't have any anesthetic.

Have her put on ice..

...in case there are any organs
he hasn't damaged.

It's not your fault, Doctor!

You didn't know the body was diseased.

I created all of you. Everything
you do is my fault.

You showed great courage following me.

I think it's fucking stupidity

- Why so cruel to yourself?
- You're one casual dame.

- I've never met anyone crazy before.
- Do you think I'm crazy?

I just watched you kill a guy with a punch
Superman couldn't match.

Now you're going to kill me.

What makes you think
I want to kill you?

Take off your shirt.

i want you clean

Trousers, too

Don't be modest.

What's gonna happen to me?

Well that depends on
how I feel later.

What about Mary Anne?

She's here.

Last I saw her
she was in good health.

Afraid, but fine.

I want to see her.

That sounded
like a demand.

You don't make demands here!

I just want to reassure her that
everything's gonna be okay.

That's sweet. It has nothing to do with reality.

Will I meet the doctor?

When I'm satisifed that you're worthy.


Get me out of here, you freak!
Get me out!

Have you ever gotten anybody to do anything

by speaking to them like that?

I just want to get out of here!

Well, perhaps when you behave yourself
like a lady...

I'll listen to what you have to say.

You masking bastard!

You're not making happy with this one, are you?

I just don't want him to do anything premature
until he's been completely evaluated.

By who?

Get this rotting flesh out of here
and burn it.

- And take me to meet our young guest.
Forgetting yourself, aren't you?

I think it best if I speak to this young man,
don't you agree?

As a matter of fact, I do.

Remember: you're in my home.

I expect you to act accordingly!


I heard you
had another failure tonight.

- Too bad.
- Too bad for you too, my dear.

Anything that holds back our progress
affects us all.

Although... you... are perfect.

But, your choices this evening.
were not ideal.

He forced the issue. I'm sorry.

But I made up for it.

I understand you were acquainted with the deceased.

I believe he was some kind of gangster?

Oh, we was a prick,

but he shouldn't have gone that way.

Oh, that's much better than what God had
planned for him, I can assure you.

Come closer

Alliana tells me, "not-negative" things about you,.

We have mated once.
I was not displeased.

Let's see if it takes. That's the test.

Well, how do you feel, boy?

Like I've stumbled into a madhouse.

Those people--what happened to them?

Why? They were born.
And this is not a madhouse.

They call it "The House of Pain."

Jesus... so I got something to look forward to.


You told me you weren't gonna kill me.

I said it was not decided yet.

Well decide now. I ain't gonna be the victim of
your twisted shit until I'm dead.

Oh, you misjudged me, son.

She'll be fine. Let's go.

I am a prisoner
Just like you are.

And I do only as I'm told

And I'm told you need to be examined.


When you're finished with him,
you are I have important business.

Pak, go and have another drink.

I can tolerate you better, the
more drunk you are.

Do everything the doctor demands.

It is your only hope.

She trusts me to be alone with you?

Why? What are you going to do? Kill me?

What then?

We're already locked in a cage...

...and my corpse would make them
very, very, angry.

If you want to make a child do something
you don't kill the father.


What about these people?

You're the father?

That's an odd question considering
your recent mating with Alliana.

I'm sorry
I shouldn't have let that slip.

If they make a move, I'm close enough
to break your neck.

That would be a serious error.
I'm the most important thing in their lives.

But not for any reason that you might think.

They don't love me.

In fact, they hate my very soul
for having created them.

But now, they're dependent.

Well, you seem to be in
pretty sound health.

What kind of athlete were you?

When I was alive, I was a boxer.

When you were alive, huh?
Well, you're not dead yet!

And I doubt that day will be coming to you anytime soon.

Alliana has been looking
for someone like you for some time.

Congratulations, you will sire
beautiful children.

And the last phase will be complete.

Last phase of what?

Creation. My work.

The evolution
of the species is a fact.

But we don't know is how the gene pool
decides what form it's going to take.

One decides it's a parrot; one decides it's a human being.

The process is so complex as to be staggering.

But 20 years ago
I decided I was going to find...

...how each species
found its biological identity.

If man is truly
descended from the animals...

...why shouldn't an animal be transformed
into a man.

It isn't right.

She gets to roam the streets like trash,
bring the police down on us

And yet he still favors her over you.

Don't worry - she'll over-step her bounds.

Then you and I can continue our work.

Right where we left off.

I swear
I will make it happen.

Get your weapon, Pak.

Don't be afraid.

Peewee here is the result of the combined efforts of
a mountain lion and a hyena.

I was searching for
the ultimate bodyguard.

He had great strength but minimal
brain capacity.

And, of course, disfigurement.

You made a woman mate with one?
You sick bastard!

Your temper
may be a problem.

I may have to recommend to Alliana
that you're not suited for siring.

Perhaps she'll be amused to see you go a few rounds here with Peewee.

Well, I'm sorry, but are these people or not?

They're manimals.

I started by artificially fertilizing mammal's eggs.

At first, it didn't matter what kind.

Once they grew to maturity,
I removed them from the mother

And the final birthing took place
in a seminal fluid chamber.

Very sophisticated.

Originally, I just used to
inject hormones into the newborn creatures.

Turned into disasters.

They died when they were very young,
I'm glad to say.

Jesus Christ. All this
was going on in this house?

The South Seas, actually.

I had a laboratory. I had
assistants. Pak was one of them.

Ah... brilliant intellect
for a weakling.

Together we created the manimals.

They were servants, laborers; the
best hunters in the world.

They could have been born and bred and trained for
any craft--and any purpose on earth.

But the more human they became,
the more defiant they became.

At first they buckled under my discipline
but then finally they revolted,

took me prisoner and brought
me here, to Pak's old estate.

Where my work continues, doesn't
it Gallagher?

We need to be among people, and the Doc here is gonna make sure that happens

And when it does, ones like you will be disposed of.

That's my only trump card.

Have the chance to continue changing them
until they become totally human beings...

...instead of groteque anomalies.

Like Alliana.

Alliana? Alliana is my work of art.

But she's not yet human.

Perhaps her offspring will be the final link.

Consider how lucky you are.

Instead of dissection, you'll be getting a honeymoon.

So... so... so you cut up everyone
you capture?

The experimentation continues.
I must have raw materials.

What about Mary Anne and Judith?

I think you'd best consider your own well-being.

They're dead, aren't they?

Well, your Nazi surplus served you
quite well, eh Gallagher?

Don't get cute with me, Doc!
Remember who's really in charge!

Got anything to say, beautiful?

- Just my compliments to the chef.
- Aw, thank you. That would be me.

C'mon, wake up, you punch-drunk idiot!

- What is that?
- I dunno.

What happened? Tell me what's going on,
don't leave anything out!

I don't know.

- Don't do this to me, you bastard!
- Judith, I don't know, really.

I mean they took me around to this place and I
didn't see what happened.

- But what I did see...
- Was it that bitch stipper?

I don't know, but
I'd be nice to her.

Her and the little guy pretty much run things.

Were you... nice to her?

With a knife to my throat.

Great. I've been kidnapped, thrown in a cage,
and held prisoner by a bunch of deformed freaks...

... and you get laid out of all of this?

It's perfect...

You want the big news?

They might have the same plans for you.

What the hell does that mean?

The guy who's behind
all this insanity...

...he wants mating partners for these freaks.


- No!
- Yeah.

No, you've gotta find us a way to
get out of here.

Come on. You're a smart guy.


I thought I was punch drunk.

Everyone knows I'm a bitch,
why do you listen to things I say.


He might be a good guy to call.

'cause we're gonna need a miracle.

What is this?

A peace offering?

When I assisted you,

you always liked a taste when you were making
notes after a procedure.

If it was worth noting.

This wasn't.

There was nothing of any value to harvest.
No glands that could help anyone.

So you'll move on?

Of course.

The possibility of Alliana
giving birth to a fully-evolved human child...

...would be a tremendous breakthrough.

You shouldn't worry about her.


There's very little else that can be done.
You know that.

What I know is that I
made the ultimate sacrifice to you.

And I expect to be repaid...

... in full!

What more do you want me to do?

I want you to use every bit of
strength of your mind.

Do as you said you would do!

I gave you a human life...

...and you turned it into a biological junk heap.

Now all you have to do is
turn it back.

Make her human again.

You have new parts,
I saw them.

So harvest them and use them.

But for my family, not yours!

The night they took me away,
I should have killed you!

But you didn't!

You better get back to work now, Doctor.

I just talked to Moreau.

He's going to have a new procedure
really soon.

I know it's hard,
but please, believe in me!

Just be a little more patient

You hate me.

But I'm going to set it right.
I swear.

Excuse me.

Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Now, you musn't be greedy. Your
friend here hasn't eaten at all.

And he needs to keep up his strength.
Don't you friend?

You're right, of course, but you're
the one in charge, right?

I do carry some weight.

If I upset you before, it's just...

...I'm so scared.

I know I said some horrible things...
I'm just really...

...really frightened. You know
how frightened I am?

As a matter of fact, I do.

You should get some rest.

That was good.

If it works...

What are you doing here?

-It's feeding time. - I thought
Moreau sent you to get me.

We're gonna need him soon enough.

- He's going to operate on Gorgana.
- She may have to wait!

He's... he's taken her body.

Let's deal with that thing.

Just don't hurt him--that's not your choice.

You worry about Gorgana.

She's mine.

I did nothing wrong.

We know that. We wanna make sure
that you're all right.

That you're happy.

Jesus, he's crushing all the organs!
That thing'll be useless!

Oh, yes!

I brought you something for later.

Get out!

I hate you spying on me!

But I'm not; I was worried about you.

Give it up, little man,
I don't want you!

I choose my mate and it's not you!

You can't sleep
because you're scared.

- What's the matter?
- You want out of the cage?

- So you can kill me?
- No, I would never do that!

Come on! You've suffered enough!

You've never seen anything like me before, have you ?

I know what you're gonna say.
In a nightmare!

But I know what I am.
Do you know what you are?

You're a natural beauty.

Come on

My surgical skills might have been
a bit sharper

...if you
hadn't have cracked my skull open.

If I wanted your head split
it would be split.

It was just a reminder that I'm not
your kow-tow anymore.

Well, when do you expect me
to perform this procedure?

They're starting the prep on the girl
right now.

Go ahead, it's okay.

- Oh my God! What is that?
- Don't run. Look at her!

We are all products
of Dr. Moreau's lab.

He wants to use you for his latest

- You want to end up like one of us?
- No.

I mean I'm sorry.

Don't worry. No one in their right mind
would want to live the way we do.

Always in the dark. Everyone is afraid.
You have no idea.

God made you perfect and
you take that for granted.

Well, what if the doctor took away your face?
Then what would your life be like?

Very lonely.

I don't want to see him destroy
anybody else.

But it's been so long since I've been
so close to beauty...

...just let me see you and I'll get you out of here.


I mean is that all?

It's not asking too much, is it?

In an hour you could
be back in the world of the living.

Then you'll let me go?


Oh, yeah...

God, you're more beautiful than I imagined.

Ah, you must be wonderful.

Whatever's good about you, the Doc's is gonna
transplant into her.

The bitch part, he'll toss into the gutter.

You can still get your way out of this...

...but it's gonna cost you a lot more
than a little strip show.

You wanna buy your way out of the operating room?

You know the price!

I heard you call out.

I was afraid the doctor had
changed his mind without telling me.

- I'm still here.
- Good.

And you just stay here.

And stay alive...

As long as it pleases me.

You'll have to assist me with this.

I've done it before.

You ready to watch
me cut into your daughter?

I'm ready for you to
turn my daughter back into a human being.

She'll do all right, don't you think?

Get up! Move!

You should be thrilled. She approves of your body
and so do I.

Don't worry, it'll get
put to good use.

- Fuck you!
- It's too late. You already have!

You'll rot in hell for this,
you pig bastard!

Why do they always scream threats
when they're about to die?

As if getting me angry is gonna make
it any nicer for them!


Come on, Peewee, let's go!

Come on, lover boy.

Did you really think that you were gonna
mate with Alliana?

All that's gonna be
left of you is a bag of guts.

Don't worry, I'll clean you up. I'll
come back and you won't feel a thing.

Who is the treatment for? As if I
didn't already know.

Dr. Pak insists.

I agree. Gorgana does need a lot
more work than I do.

When the procedure's complete,
you won't be the masterpiece anymore, will you?

But I'll
always be the hunter/killer.

You don't know how many
people have been here before you.

All the beautiful people
who scream out in pain...

... as I take their beauty away.

Just so you know how we feel...
How we deal with the fact...

...that women like Alliana...

...would never really want a guy like me.

Somehow, gutting you like a fish
just isn't gonna make up for that.

I was there when she was created
from a leopard...

...to what she is today

And you can't have her.

You're mine... only mine.

I'm ready for the patient.

Get the girl.

- Do you know what they were gonna do to me?
- They still might--hurry up and run!

Come, my dear. This is what
you've been praying for.

Oh, great. This is perfect.

You can run around these corridors for the next three days
and still not find your way out.

I can help you, but
you've got to let me go with you.

Uh-uh. No chance.

All right. Then I'll just sit here and watch
the manimals devour you two for breakfast.

How? How do we get out of here?

Gorgana, protect yourself!

Don't worry you sick twist,
we just wanna get the hell out of here!

Come on!

Grab anything you can get
that'll serve as a weapon.

- I thought you knew the easy way out.
- There is so easy way, my dear.

You're not going anywhere.

You're the only one
that can operate.

And that's what you're going to do.

Pak, I wouldn't run out on you.

Take another step and I'll kill you.

Then who will operate on Gorgana?

I'm giving you a choice. Get back
to that table and you'll live.

This is no time to be shot. Come!

This way!

Jesus, you want me to go down there again?
- Quiet!

The only way out for us is
past the old laboratory.

If this is a trick and you try to put us back in that cage,
I'll tear you apart.

My friend!

She killed him!

I know.

- What the hell is this?
- Caution, Pak!

That human junk heap there thinks I
killed Gallagher.

- You did, didn't you?
- No.

Moreau did.

He made me this way.

I understand.

Then make him understand.

Doctor... I don't want you hurt.

I'm not hurting. See?

It's all right.

If God is smiling, Moreau's dead already.
That doesn't give me much satisfaction.

- At least it's a start.
- Even that's not enough.

You're the huntress - hunt them.

I hunt, you'll kill?

No. His dream will do the killing.

You want the girl? Break her
neck. Then you can play all you want.

- I'll play.
They're in the north tunnels. Go! Go!

This leads directly to the outside.

You do know the way out of here,
don't you?

Don't worry, my dear. I've been
planning this escape for some time.

Where's the main road, huh?

They'll be expecting us on the main driveway.

Take this path down to the old foundation
and wait for me there.

- I'll circle back so that they don't follow
- Great, then what?

Then I'll join you there after I've given them the
slip. I'll guide you to the outside.

Go! Go!

- Shit!
- Oh, my God...

My friend dead!

My family dead.
And it's all your fault.

Look out!

I told you
you were gonna die tonight.

Why didn't you believe me?

I believe you, old friend

You have never lied to me before.

You did.

You told me you would make my daughter
a whole human being again.

She's lying in that slaughterhouse dead.

I did the very best I could,
you know that.

You were part of these
experiments, too.

You know what that is.

The bloodworm extract. One of our
first attempts, remember?

It was a failure.

No. We made a mutated freak.

A fleshbag that couldn't stop screaming
because of the pain.

You have a choice.

Jam that needle in your arm. You'll
pass out almost immediately, I'm sure...

...or you wait for her. She'll
tear you to pieces.

I'm giving you a choice which is more
than you gave any of your experiments.

Or my daughter.

Make your choice, Moreau!

You're very lucky. Alliana would have
torn you limb from limb.

I spared you that.

You're really lucky, indeed.

You know I
worked with Moreau.

But he never considered me the
surgeon he was.

It wasn't enough just to be cutting
and sewing glands,

The blood and secretions needed to be changed...

...in order for the transformations to take place.

I gave him my daughter as a baby...

...to experiment with.

Even you can only take
so much punishment.

If you weren't a fighter, you wouldn't have survived.

This is the second time you saved me.


I can't help it.
You're my mate.

If you want to live,
you stay here with me.

- What about Judith?
- What about her?

If she can be saved,
then I'll stay.

She's not going to die for nothing.

You'll barely feel this.

- Why? Because you followed me here?
- Yeah.

But I wanted to find out what
happened to my brother.

I thought you looked familiar.

That got through you.

Just let it take its course, it'll help your organs
with the transformation.

Just let it work!

Hey, Pak!

I know you can understand me.
Now you stay away from her!

I don't want to hurt you.

Let's go!

Come on, go!

Sorry, baby.
This wasn't gonna work out.

Die, you bitch, die!

Better take it easy...

- That bankroll ain't too fat.
- Think my fightin' days are over?

Do me again.

Whatever you say, champ.

That stuff'll rot your insides.

Goddamit, ain't she somethin'!

Christ on a crutch...