Down 'n Dirty (2000) - full transcript

Dakota Smith is an experienced policeman with a problem: his partner was shot dead, and corrupt cops are responsible. Dak's investigation leads him to widespread corruption in the department, as well as a corrupt district attorney. Smith finds an unlikely ally in timid photographer Nick Gleem. While Gleem unearths clues about the bad guys, Dak fends off attacks on his own life. While he's not in gun battles with these local villains, divorced father Dak has no shortage of lady friends to keep him happy.

(upbeat funk music)

(dramatic music)

- I'll bet five bucks this
is another dead-end stakeout.

- (chuckles) Yeah, I bet
you'd like that, huh?

So you can get back to that
pretty wife of yours, huh?

- Which way would you like it?

- Yeah, well.


Looks like you just
lost 10 bucks.

That guy that was just in here,

which way did he go?

- Out back somewhere.

- Out back?

- Ah, room 10, man, room 10!

(dramatic music)

- Dak!

(gun banging)

- Shit, he's out.

All right, police, hold
it right there.

(siren blaring)

- (sighs) Obviously,
somebody else was here.

The only person we found
was Leo Spiegel.

- Spiegel?

You know, Dak,

we seem to have a
difference of opinion here

as to what you said happened.

- So what the hell that
supposed to mean?

We came out of the
office, I took that side,

he walked over here,
he called me,

I turned, he was shot.

- But we arrived before
Detective Stevens

was fired upon, Dak.

- Detective Dakota Smith.

So what are you saying?

- Come on, Dak, cool it.

- Detective Smith,

you were the only who came out.

- You saying I shot him?

You're full of shit,
both of you.

- Hey, chill out, Dak.

Put it in your report.

And I want this
thing wrapped up.

- It ain't over, Ward.

- What is it with you?

(dispatcher chattering)

- It's a setup.

It stinks, it's bullshit.

- So where are you going now?

- I gotta talk to Stevens'

I should be the one to tell her.

- I don't envy you that job.

(gentle music)

- Sorry about Stevens, Dak.

- Thanks, Pete.

This is for you old buddy.

You will be missed.

(knocking on door)

- Dak, the station called and
told me you were coming here,

but they wouldn't say
anything else.

Where's Paul?

- (sighs) It's bad, Lisa.

(gentle music)

- Is it bad or is it
the bad night?

- He's gone.

He's gone.
- No.

I've been barely prepared
myself for something like this.

I just can't believe
what's happening.

Oh, God. (sobbing)

Oh, God.

(slow dramatic music)

(bell tolling)

- How can I help you, Dak?

- Chief, I know this may
not be the best place

to talk about Stevens' shooting.

- You're right, it's not.

- But there's more to this
than has been brought out.

- Dak, for Christ's sake,

have a little respect for
your deceased partner.

- I do, sir.

But I also the respect
the living, me.

This was a professional hit,
a setup.

My only concern was,
maybe it was meant for me.

- You take this up with Teller?

- Not yet.

- I know about you and
your partner, Dak.

You were not exactly
model detectives.

- We did the job we
were paid to do.

- I read the reports of
Ward and Mahoney.

They say it's a drug
deal gone bad.

You surprised the burglar
and he got away.

- Yeah right.

I just wanted you to
know how I felt

before things get out of hand.

- The only thing that could
get out of hand is you.

My advice to you is to
talk to Captain Teller

if you have any real proof
regarding these accusations.

And don't become a one-man
police force out there

looking for your
partner's killer.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'd like to finish
paying my respects.

(birds chirping)

(siren blaring)

- Very moving funeral, huh?

- We both know the
crooked politician,

Gil Garner, was behind all this.

- You happen to see Garner's
picture in the paper

donating the new burn ward?

- What the hell does that
have to do with anything?

- Well, when an old
mobster like Leo Spiegel

ends up in some sleaze bag hotel

with his throat cut because
the fucking gangsters today

are all legitimate businessmen.

They got too much money, Dak.

They buy out restaurant chains,

they build condos and they
don't hoard their money anymore.

And I'd tell you something,

if you're thinking about
tying Garner to this,

I don't think you're
gonna make it.

I know you and
Stevens were close.

- We never went out of bounds.

- Well, not legally maybe.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- The board has reviewed
the entire case

and believe the two
officers involved

acted and responded within--

- Their coordinates, right?

- Dak, the board is
concerned about your actions.

- So am I gonna be next
when I call for backup?

You're gonna tell everybody
how nice my funeral was?

- Oh, Dak, come on.

- Yeah, right.

- Damn.

(upbeat funk music)

- So, son, how's your mom?

- She's okay.

Dad, are you ever coming home?

- Me and your mom, we agreed
to go our separate ways.

You know, nothing has changed

since the last time we
had this discussion.

You know sometimes people,

I mean they just, they
just don't get along.

They just can't live together.

But it's not because they
don't like each other,

they just can't get along,
you know what I'm saying?

- Yeah, sort of.

- Yeah, yeah.

I know it's complicated,

but just because we're older,

don't mean we're smarter.

- I know.

- You know?

What's that supposed
to mean, you know, huh?

What do you mean you know?

What kind of ball is that?

You brought the wrong ball
anyway, give me the ball.

Ball don't have no points on
it, what kind of ball is this?

I don't play with ball
doesn't have no points on it.

This is gonna be a zinger.

All right, I wanna see
you catch this ball.

(grunts) I fooled you.

- Thanks Dad, I had a good time.

- Hey, son, we'll always
have a good time.

And don't forget our
little talk, all right?

- I'll remember.

Be strong, be tough, and
always take care of mom.

- Yeah, that's good
for starters.

Now, next week, I'll give
you a new list.

- Good, I can't wait.

- (laughs) Bye, son.
- Bye.

- See you, Dad.
- Bye.

(upbeat funk music)

- So what are you here for?

Gonna write me a parking ticket?

- Look Dak, Bob and I,

we're getting a lot of
shit we don't deserve.

- Well, maybe one of
you don't deserve shit.

- Listen, partner, I've
been trying--

- Hey, don't give me that
partner stuff.

I'll tell you about partners.

Stevens and I were
partners for 13 years

and we earned that partnership
out on the streets.

- Look, we didn't sell you out.

No one came out of that
door but you.

- Yeah.

And look who was waiting for me.

Look, I know the force
is full of rotten apples,

and somehow they're
the whole goddamn team.

- You have a plan?

- I'm working on it.

- I would like to help
you, will you let me?

- No problem.

When I find out something,
you'd be the first to know.

(car engine rumbling)

(guns banging)
(dramatic music)

- You guys want to see
something funny?

Watch this (laughs).

(gun bangs)


Hey, sorry, man, it
was an accident.

You know accidents happen,

- No, I don't know, pal.

If I was gonna shoot somebody,
it wouldn't be by accident.

I would just walk right up
and blow a hole in their head.

- Hey back off, man.
- Take it easy, Dak.

- Oh, jeez.

- You know what kind
of gun I carry?

A Desert Eagle, the most
powerful handgun made in Israel.

I know what you're wondering.

You're wondering if I'm
really holding

a loaded gun at your head.

Now, that wouldn't be
very nice of me, would it?

(gun clicks)

Oh, it's not loaded.

No clip.

Next time, you better
be more careful,

especially when
you're around me.

Or I just might let the
big dog bark.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Oh baby, mm ♪

♪ Na, na, na, na, na ♪

- Hi.
- Hey, hey, hey.

- I'm so glad you called.

- Okay.

- Come on in.

Make yourself comfortable.

- Um, I have a reason.

- You don't need a
reason to call me.

- I wanna take a look at
Casey's files on Garner.

- Is that what I am to you,
access to Casey's files?

- Oh, come on now, you know
you mean more to me than that,

but being Assistant D.A.,
there are advantages.

- You do like business
with pleasure, don't you?

- No.

I just want to look at Mickey
Casey's files on Garner.

- Okay, business first.

Garner's files are classified.

And no one went after Garner
harder than Mickey Casey.

- Yeah, I know, in
the beginning.

That's why they brought you in,

to help clean out the
cancer in this town.

Now, Garner owns Casey
and this whole damn town.

- Mickey Casey is an honorable
man and a hell of a D.A.

I believe that.

- Look, Sandra, I'm not
out to hurt Mickey Casey.

I just want to look at
his files on Garner,

so I could do my job as a
public servant.

- Okay, I'm personal friends
with his assistant, Peggy.

I'll try and see what's there.

- All right, all right.

I mean, after all,

I am a sworn officer of the law

and I have agreed to protect,

and serve.

- Are we done with business now?

- I'm there.

(camera shutter clicking)
(dramatic music)

(tires screeching)

(dispatcher chattering)


- Hey man.

- So who the hell are you?

- Nick Gleem, like
the toothpaste.

- All right Toothpaste, I
want that film.

- Look man, no can do,
I'm sorry.

- You willing to die for it?

- For some film?

Look, I know a lot of cops, man.

- Yeah?

And now you know another cop.

You know something?

By the time you get out
of jail with Sweet Willy,

your whole life is gonna change.

- This is my first
day on the job.

You're not even on that roll.

- Why are you filming me?

- I'm shooting anyone who enters
Sandra Collins' apartment.

- Why?

- A note and some cash
were shoved under my door

for me to take some pictures

for some investigator
named Glenn Moss.

- For what?

- I'm supposed to shoot anybody
who comes out of that place

for the divorce case.

- I don't want to
hear about that.

You know something?

You're in deep shit, Toothpaste.

- I'm just doing my job here.

- You ever been in lock
up down in City Hall?

- No, sir.

- They're gonna have a
good time with you.

- What do you mean, they?

- Sweet Willy and his buddies,

they always like to pluck
fresh chickens.

- Look, if you're trying
to scare me, it's working.

I put my card in your camera.

I want an address of this
bullshit Glenn Moss agency

you've been talking about.

- Hey, I don't know if I
can do that, man.

- I ran a check on your plates
while I was following you.

You better pray you don't have

any outstanding parking tickets.

- Right, right, I'll call you.

No I swear, I will.

- Okay Toothpaste.

- It's Gleem, it's like
the toothpaste.

(upbeat funk music)

- Come on, come on, what the
hell is going on here, huh?

Does it look like I have a
bullseye painted on my chest?

Here, hold this.


Good move, partner.

Good move.

(dial tone buzzing)

(phone beeping)

- [Automated Voice]
Four messages.

- [Jenny] Hi Dak, I
checked my mailbox today.

I didn't see any child
support check.

I know it was an oversight,
good night.

- Come on, I sent
the damn thing.

- [Automated Voice]
Next message.

- [Lisa] Hi Dak, it's Lisa.

Come by some time, huh?

We're still gonna be
good friends, aren't we?

- [Automated Voice]
Next message.

- [Nick] Hey, hey, Detective
Smith, this is Gleem.

Um, meet me at Joni's
in about a half an hour.

I got something for you.

- [Automated Voice]
Next message.

- [Distorted Voice] Oh, it
never ceases to amaze me

the power of two barrels,
you're next.

- [Automated Voice]
End of messages.

- [Distorted Voice] You're next.

- Very disturbing.

- Yeah, I wasn't
thrilled about it.

Understand this, Captain.

I'm gonna bring them both down,

that scum Garner and
that bullshit D.A. Casey.

What I don't understand is
why you're kissing their ass.

- You don't know if it's
Garner or Casey.

- Garner owns Casey.

- Yeah right, and
Garner owns Cale,

Garner owns Ward, and
Garner owns Casey.

Come on Dak, according to you
he's the only guy in this city

commits any crimes,
that's bullshit.

- We rattled some cages,
we got close.

I don't know where yet,
but we got close.

- You know something,
when you were assigned

to be my first partner,

I thought I was gonna get
the short end of the stick.

But I want to tell you something

and don't go getting a
big head about it,

but you're the best street
cop I think I've ever seen.

And the only reason, and the
only reason I made captain

is because I understand
how the politics works

in the city, Dak.

It's not about right,
it's not about wrong.

It's different than
working the streets.

I'll tell you what it's about.

It's about PYOA, man.

Protect your own ass, man.

- Yeah, right.

(car horn honks)

(upbeat funk music)

- Detective Smith?

I'm Stanton James, I
represent a man

by the name of Mr. Gil Garner.

We come to understand
that you've been saying

some uncomplimentary
things towards him.

I gotta tell you, as his
legal counsel,

I've got some serious
concerns about this.

- Who is this, your boyfriend?

- For two cents I'd
kick your ass.

- Go on back to the
car, wait for me there.

- You work cheap, don't you,

- Detective, we believe
you're a good cop

and you do your job very well.

That's why we're prepared.

We're prepared to forget about
these negative insinuations

that you've made
towards my client.

- You're gonna make me an offer?

- Don't get clever with me.

I have no intention of
trying to bribe you.

I'll only say that we
won't hold you liable

for anything said up
to this point.

But you could be sure that I
will file a lawsuit against you

if anything gets said
after today.

- Well I find that very

I was hoping to join your
crowded payroll

with Casey, Ward, you
know, people like that.

- Consider yourself
warned, Detective Smith.

Good day.

(romantic music)

(knocks on door)

- [Lisa] Come on in, it's open.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Oh I yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Hey lady ♪

♪ You are my ♪

- Oh.
- Well, for me?

- Yeah.
- Oh, they're beautiful.

Thank you.

I guess I kind of sounded
like a nut on the phone, huh?

- No, no, no, I've been
kind of busy.

I know I should have called.

- You know, it used to
be me and Paul

and you and Jenny,

but now it's just you and me.

- Yeah.

That's about it.

- You know, I still
imagine every morning

that he's just kissed me goodbye

and told me not to worry,
just like he always did.

I imagine that the two of you
are just out there on a case.

I miss him.

- Yeah, I miss him too.

- It was your turn to go first.

He told me you worked
it that way.

- (sighs) Yeah, it
should have been me.

♪ I'll always be there for you ♪

♪ Each and every thing you do ♪

- Here you go.
- Thank you, thank you.

♪ You are my best friend ♪

♪ But I need your love ♪

- No, no.

- No, it's okay, Paul
wouldn't have.

Really, he wouldn't have minded,

- Yeah, yeah, I know
Lisa, but Paul is my--

- Look, you don't have to
make a big thing out of this.

I mean, you know, I was
just teasing anyway.

You know me, Dak.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Look, I got to go, okay?

I just came by to make
sure you're all right.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- All right, bye.
- Bye.

♪ And everywhere for love ♪

♪ And it hurt along
the way yeah ♪

(glass clatters)

♪ Yeah, yeah, it's all right ♪

♪ When your lips touch mine ♪

♪ I'm so glad you have arrived ♪

♪ When you are here ♪

♪ Nothing can hurt me ♪

♪ This kind of love is certain ♪

♪ But I want you more ♪

♪ And more with each moment ♪

♪ It's driving me out
of my head ♪

♪ Helplessly falling ♪

♪ I'm falling in love with you ♪

♪ Helplessly falling ♪

♪ I'm falling in love with you ♪

♪ Helplessly falling ♪

♪ I'm falling in love with you ♪

♪ Helplessly falling ♪

♪ I'm falling in love with you ♪

♪ This crazy love
waiting for you ♪

♪ I so adore you ♪

♪ It's driving me mad ♪

♪ Helplessly falling,
I'm falling in love ♪

(audience applauding)

- Hi.
- Hi Dak, how's it going?

- Good, so how are you doing?

Is that a new record?

- Do you like it?

- Hey, it's great.

You got a deal for it?

- Yes, I'm with Phil
Jones at Vaness

and, you know what, the
deal's going pretty good.

- All right, congratulations.

- Thank you.
- See you.

- Hey, Dak.

Why don't you call me sometime?

I have a new number.

- Hey Dak.
- Hi.

Let's go.

- Hey, why don't you
introduce me to your friends?

Hey, hey, I'm Nick Gleem.

I had a dream one time

and those women were in it,
all of them.

This is a busy place.

- Yeah, it is, say,
could I get a...

- Hey Dak, how's it going?
- Hey, hi Kim.

Hey, it's going great.

- You haven't been around
for a few days.

- Oh, I know, I've been
kind of busy.

Can I get a Coke and
bring my friend a soda.

- On the house.

We've missed you.

- Come in more often.
- I'll try to do that.

- All right, see ya.
- All right.

All right, brother,
what do you got for me?

- You think you could
maybe introduce me

as your best friend
or something?

- You know, I should
have pulled the trigger

when I had a chance.

- (laughs) That's funny, right?

- Right.
(Dak laughs)

- Okay, all right.

I went through a lot of trouble
to get this information.

Glenn Moss is taking the
case for a Michael Collins.

He's a wheeler dealer
out of Atlanta,

but that's second-hand.

- So what's the address?

- Would I fail my new
best friend?

Signed, sealed and
delivered as promised.

Oh, and I should let
you know that

I staked out Miss Collins'
townhouse all week.

You were the only one
who came up besides...

- Besides who?

- Look, I did my part
like we agreed.

Now, I could already
be in trouble for this.

- Kim.

- Yeah?

- This is my new best friend,

Nick Gleem, like toothpaste.

- Hi, Nick.

- He's from out of town,

Think you could introduce
him to one of the girls?

- Sure, he's kind of cute.

Come back in a couple of hours

when they're off work.
- Okay.

- Name.

- Uh, Mickey Casey.

He's there almost every night,

but he doesn't stay long, so
I doubt if it's a quickie.

- All right, that's all good.

So what do you charge?

- For what?

- I want you to look
into this for me,

some copies of the
pictures maybe.

- Do I really have a date with
one of these lovely ladies?

- Yeah.

Yeah, okay?

- You are paid in full.

- Yeah, right.
- All right.

- Keep in touch.

- And you're still my
best friend, right?

All right, all right.

All right.


- Nicki.

I'm right in the middle of
a political scandal here,

so I'll be right back here
in about five minutes, okay?

- Hey, take this with you.

(dramatic music)

(camera shutter clicking)

- Well, you blew it Nick.

There's not a thing on that film

that you brought me from
last night of rolls.

- There's got to be.
- Nothing.

- Oh, man.

I got into a little
outside action last night.

- I'm gonna cover for
you this time

'cause I've got some extra
photos in this account,

but don't let it happen again.

Strange account, you know.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, it is.

Hey, you wouldn't be tied to
anything else you got going?

- Look, this is not a Fotomat,

and I don't ask questions,
don't you either.

Good, I gotta get back
to do some work.

Get a better camera.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah.

- [Nick] It's Nick.

- Who?

- Nick Gleem.

Like the toothpaste.

- Oh man.

It's early, it's 6:30
in the morning.

It's too early man.

- Well, get your ass
up, I'm on my way over.

You hired me to do a job
and I'm doing it.

- Tell you what, do it later,
all right?

- Hey, did you take your kids

to Santa Rio Park last weekend?

- What?

So tell me about this all
night photo lab.

- They stay open for
guys like me, you know,

a lot of pornos, some
tabloid stuff, whatever.

- You said there were more.

- All over the walls man but,

I got what I could.

- No, that's cool, that's
cool, you done good.

(sighs) So tell me
about your date.

- With Gina?

I stood her up so I could
go home and develop these.

- Hey, don't worry about that,
I'll clear it up for you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Cool.

Hey, did you ever run a
check on Collins?

- Yeah.

- No such name,
number of address?

- So how did you know that?

- I recognized a couple
of the shots on the walls,

they were mine.

See, you're all mixed
up in something.

- Well, I'll tell you
what, I think it's best

that you don't come
around here anymore, okay?

- Right.

- When you call here,
don't leave your name,

just leave a message, all right?

- Got you.

You keep these shots, I'll
keep the negatives, all right?

- No problem.

You know something Nick,

you're not the sleazebag
I thought you were.

- Thanks man.

I think.

I'll find out whatever I can.

And don't forget to talk
to Gina for me.

- Hey, it's a done deal.

- Cool.

And, Dak,

I'd send your family on a
vacation for a little while,

if I were you.

- So what are you, a
mind reader now?

- Yeah.
- All right man, later.

(upbeat funk music)


- Who you looking for?

- I'm looking for a Glen
Moss Detective Agency.

- Does this look like a
detective agency?

- That's real funny,
that's real funny.

Did the business, some other
business used to be here?

- There used to be somebody
back in the back there,

but they moved.

Didn't say nothing to nobody.

(Dak sighs)

- They didn't say where
they went, did they?

- Sure, didn't.

(upbeat funk music)

- Hey, what's the deal, I
was only here for a minute.

- Parked in a red zone,
you're in violation.

- Your name and your
unit number?

- What?

- Traffic check.

Departments like to keep
up on the people

that are doing the traffic.

Your name and unit number.

- Swanson, Shirley, number 654.

What traffic check?

- If I hadn't flashed my badge,

you weren't gonna let me go,
were you?

- No.

- That's good, good job.

- Well.

- You hold that thought, okay?

- [Dispatcher] Dispatcher 12.

- Yeah give me Detective Cale.

This is Dakota Smith.

- [Dispatcher] Transferring.

(radio beeping)

- [Cale] Cale here.

- Look, I need you
to run a check

on a Glen Moss Detective Agency.

- [Cale] Got it.

What's this all about?

- And you can tell the chief

that the traffic check
program is going very well.

- Look, I was just doing
my job, Detective Smith.

- Yes, you were.

And you were doing a
very good job.

You have a nice day.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- [Bobby] Hello?

- Yo, Bobby.

How's it coming with that
tape I gave you?

- It's not student quality,
it's pretty sophisticated.

She had to know something
about this stuff.

- She?

It don't sound like no
she to me, bro.

- The voice is altered, Dak.

I'll play it back.

Listen real carefully.

(tape whirring)

- [Distorted Voice]
Never ceases to amaze me

the power of two barrels.

You're next.
- Yeah, okay.

I understand that it's altered.

But that deep voice still
don't sound like no she.

- [Bobby] I'll bet you
it is for a full beer.

Let me work on it a little
more and I'll get back to you.

- All right, well, after
you clean it up,

get it to me ASAP, all right?

- [Bobby] Sure thing, Dak,
no problem.

(dial tone buzzing)

- Yo, Madman.

Madman, you in here?

Yo Madman, where you at?

(dramatic music)


Hey, hey, it's me, um.

We got some problems developing.

The place was dead this morning.

And the room we
discussed is empty.

Um, meet me at Joni's
at six o'clock.

Oh, hey, hey, and don't
forget about Gina, okay?

Okay, bye.

- I think you better
show me your best side,

I think somebody is
taking our picture.

Somebody in that red car.

- Another two guys in
that truck over there.

- Sure about that?

- 75 to 200 telephoto lens.

They followed me in.

- Yeah, I had a feeling
somebody was following me too.

- Look Dak, I'm not too
keen on dying today.

- Don't worry about it,
little brother.

I'll take care of it.

- Now, I don't like the
sound of this. (upbeat music)

- So what's the problem, you
need a closer look at me?

- No problem.

(gun bangs)

(guns banging)

(tires screeching)

(guns banging)

(tires screeching)

(gun banging)

(explosion booms)

(gun banging)

(explosion booms)

(sirens blaring)

(man screams)
(Dak grunts)

(foot thuds)

(fist thuds)

- I want some answers to
some questions.

And I'm gonna kick your ass,
not necessarily in that order.

(foot thuds)
(man groans)

All right, now for the answers.

(gun bangs)


- Listen, Casey,

I thought we had this Dakota
Smith situation under control?

- He's a smart cop.

- [Gil] He's not too smart.

- Well, he's dangerous.

- No, shit.

Part of our deal was
knowing that

right after your little
meeting yesterday morning.

Would have saved me four
very talented employees.

I don't know how much
this stupid cop knows.

I'll be generous.

I'll find that slimy
camera jockey

and you take care of
Detective Smith.

- Well, wait, I can't, I can't.

I can't get involved
with anything like that.

- (laughs) Try to be a nice guy.

Listen, Casey.

We have cops on the payroll.

You got an unstable veteran cop

who is distraught because
of the loss of his partner.

That's a situation that just
might require a shooting.

- Teller would never
go for that.

- Don't tell him that.

I want the son of a bitch dead.

(dial tone buzzing)
- Yeah, okay.

(upbeat funk music)

- And the files are gone.

- Yeah, I kind of figured that.

- What are you up to, Dak?

- You recognize this?

- This is my house.

Where did you get all these?

- I want you to keep
those for me.

- No one has the
right to do this.

This is an invasion of privacy.

- Yeah, I know and there's more.

Just keep it.

- Casey has nothing to
do with this.

- Maybe, but I'm gonna find out.

- What are you gonna do?

- Well, my kid is on
one of those pictures,

I'm gonna kick some ass
and get some answers.

- You're gonna get yourself
killed, aren't you?

- (chuckles) Well, that's not
the first thing on my list.

- Well I appreciate your candor,

- I won't work a desk job.

- Mm-hmm, procedure
dictates though

that until the shooting
board makes a decision.

- Yeah, I know, it's politics.

You want my badge and gun?

- Hell no.

You brought me half a dozen
bodies today with one report.

No, I need you out here.

- Just let me do my job.

- All right.

But no hot-dogging, okay?

- No problem.

(gentle music)

- Hi.

♪ Da da da ♪

- Dak explained you were tied
up on a special assignment?

- Uh, yeah.

- Anyway, this is Gina.

- Hi.
- Gina, this is Nick.

- Hi, Gina.

You know, I really wanted to
keep our date the other night,

but, you know, business first.

- Well, how about tonight?

I get off in a few minutes.

- Tonight, I mean.
- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah, yeah, that's great,

- All right, great.

- Tonight.

- Thank you, thank you,
thank you, man.

I just spoke to Gina and...

How'd you know I'd be here?

What's up, man?

- It's a lucky guess.

But I'll tell you what,
let's talk fast

because we only got 10 minutes.

- You mean you got all
the schedules memorized?

What you got?

- Whatever I'm tied to
you're tied to,

and I just don't wanna
be responsible for you.

- Well, it's too late for that.

I knew who you were at
Sandra Collins' place.

And you really think I couldn't
have gotten those shots

without you knowing?

- So what are you saying?

- I read in the paper
about your partner.

A friend of mine on the
Times told me that you were,

you're after Gil Garner.

- So what?

- I got involved with this girl

who used to work the streets

about the time Garner took over.

She wound up a fucking
statistic on Sunday night.

She said Garner likes
to play rough.

- Well, I don't have
a game plan,

but I'm close to something.

- I don't think he's scared,

You get your family out of town?

- Yeah, they're safe, I think.

- Good, good.

I pulled in a big favor
for this one.

I meet a lot of slime
balls in what I do.

So I can't guarantee the
accuracy of it.

It's a list of who is and who
isn't on Garner's payroll.

(Dak scoffs)

- Yeah, well, you'd do
anything for a date, won't you?

- No, don't thank me.

You're not gonna like it.

Your partner's name was on it.

Leo Spiegel was a stoolie.

The hit was on for Paul,

just a cop cut down in
the line of duty,

but why the shots of you
and Casey at Sandra's?

I don't get that part.

- It wasn't me, it
was for Casey.

- But he couldn't have
been there long enough.

- I mean--
- Yeah,

but Casey is a politician.

Pictures of him going in
and out of Sandra's house,

it would make a nice
smear campaign.

- But what about the
pictures of your family?

- Yeah.

That one bothers me.

So all right.

You met Gina, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's nice.

- So why don't you guys just
go have a good time, right?

- We're just gonna have
a drink first

if you wanna go with us.

- No, no, no, I got
things to do.

- All right.
- Goodbye.

♪ When you led me home ♪

♪ All the love ♪

♪ With the joy I chose ♪

(romantic music)

(upbeat music)

- Oh, oh, oh. (chuckles)

Sorry about that.

- Actually, I like that song.

- Really?

What else do you like?

- [Jenny] Hi Dak, you have
mail here at the house,

please have someone pick it up.

Take care of yourself, okay?

Your son needs his dad.

♪ My love will do the rest ♪

♪ Sit back and enjoy it ♪

(dramatic music)

- [Distorted Voice] Boom, boom.

Don't send other people to
do your snooping, Smith.

I hope you said goodbye.

- Gleem, somebody call 911.

(gun banging)

(dramatic music)

(Nick groaning)

- All right, folks,
just back it up.

- Somebody call paramedics,
this man is still alive.

- All right, drop the weapon.

Move away from the body.

- What the hell are you
talking about?

- What the fuck is your problem?

- We got a situation here, Cale.

Might just shoot the
son of a bitch.

Come on, come on, Detective.

Just make one wrong move.

- You shoot, I shoot.

- How much does Garner pay you,

The same as Casey?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Is there something
we should know?

- Go ahead Ward, tell
him about it.

- What the hell are you doing?

Dak's the bad guy here.

- Is that what this is about,

You'd shoot me too in
the line of duty?

- All right.

The next time you draw it
down on me, you better shoot.

- You can count on it.

(siren blaring)

- Let's go.

- Hang in there man.

(car engine rumbling)

(ambulance beeping)

(dramatic music)

- What happened to you?

- I had a run-in with that
son of a bitch Dakota Smith.

- This Smith is becoming
a pain in the ass.

- You need to have one of
your goons take him out.

And I mean quick.

- It's being arranged.

- So what do you want with me?

- I just want to make sure
you're still on the team.

You're not letting the
pressure get to you, are you?

- What do you think,
I'm like Casey?


As long as the money
keeps coming, I'm there.

But if it stops,

well, then you might
have another situation.

- Is that a threat?

- That's a reality.

You know, I'm starting to feel

like your little empire
is about to crumble.

And I don't intend to
go down with it.

- Hmm.

- You cut me out

and I will personally
help take you down.

Is this little meeting over?

(dramatic music)

- Tell me tomorrow, just
tell me tomorrow.

Business, never stops.

Roxanne, it's good to see you.

Good to see you, dear.

Have a bite of your salad,
that will feel you good.

(phone ringing)

All right, could you come
over here in a minute?

Excuse me, hello?

My end is fine.

I'm a people person, Gil.

Well, there's no
problem with me.

I can handle that
especially when it comes

to a renegade cop.


Well, don't worry, I can handle.

It'll be taken care of.

Come here.

(upbeat music)

(phone beeping)

- Hello, Sandra?

I know you're at work.

This is Dak.

When you get this message,

give me a call on my mobile,

Just want you to know I,
I'm okay.

I'm just a little tired,
that's all.

Girl didn't make it.

Gleem will pull through, okay?

So give me a call later.

(keys jangling)



What the, what the.

(tires screeching)

(dramatic music)


(Dak sighs)

(car horn honking)
- Hey, buddy, move it.

(dramatic music)

- I just dropped a $2 cigar.

- Good.

- What you mean good?

It's one of my favorites, man.

- Okay.

But tell me about your
other favorite, Ward.

Is it personal?

- Yeah, you're damn right
it's personal.

I'm gonna take his ass out

as soon I find more proof
that he's dirty.

- What kind of crazy
talk is that?

- They've been taking
pictures of me,

my ex, and my kid.

Now, that's bullshit.

- And what kind of proof do
you have that Ward's involved?

- I know he's dirty.

I mean, he's a cop on the
take to the highest bidder.

- So who's the bidder?

- Well, let's start with
our D.A., Mickey Casey,

financed by a corrupt
politician like Gil Garner.

- You got proof?

You're talking of some
serious stuff, man.

- Yeah, yeah, I know that.

No, I don't have anything yet.

But I know they're dirty.

- You know, Dak,

you got the reputation of
being a real loose cannon,

but bottom line, you're
one of the good guys.

I've tried everything I can
to stay out of this mess,

but I still got favors
owed me over at city hall.

And I think it's about
time I called on 'em.

Let me see what I can dig up.

- Yeah, well that'll work,
I'll tell you what you do.

You better watch your
back though, man.

They don't give a shit
who they take out.

- You'll be hearing from me.

(dramatic music)

- Hello, Dak.

- Detective Dakota Smith.

- Always a smart-ass.

- This is not a good time
to talk to me.

I'm not in a very good mood.

What is it you want here?

- It's about you, Dak.

You're trying to push
your sloppy police work

off into some of our friends.

- Really?

You mean like Ward and Mahoney?

- See, there you go again,
naming names.

That's a real bad habit
you got there.

Bad habits need to be broken.

Why don't we go somewhere
more private to discuss this?

- And what if I
don't want to go?

- I can always shoot you
for resisting.

- I bet I'm faster.

(dramatic music)

So what's it gonna be,
tough guy?

- You're a real asshole, Dak.

- Yeah, I know.

See you at roll call.

No one said this wasn't
an overtime job, Captain.

- Where is your report?

- No more reports.

- You were the senior
officer on the scene.

- Did you know Paul
was on the take?

- Yeah, yeah, we knew.

Internal affairs was
watching him,

we just didn't know whether
you were involved or not.

- Did Casey know?

- Yeah, he knew.

- You let them put my
family in jeopardy?

Is this the fucking
politics I don't understand?

- Dak, take it easy now,
all right?

- I mean, how do you
guys do this?

Dirty cops, news at 11:00?

How do you cover this crap up?

- I don't work for Casey!

- Why not, Jerry? Why don't
you get your little piece?

I mean, it's all around you.

- They never asked me, Dak!

They never asked me.

- That's pathetic.

- Say, Dak.
- Yeah.

- I have someone here

I think you want to meet.

Peggy, this is Dak.

- Peggy.

- Peggy is Casey's
personal assistant.

She has files that we had taken
up to Chief Block's office.

- Where did you get those from?

- Oh, I took the liberty
of making some copies

before I destroyed
the originals.

You know, after speaking
with Detective Cale,

I guess it was a good
thing I did.

It's not something I
would normally do, but--

- Interesting.

You know, Dak, that's
some heavy reading stuff,

like bank accounts,
payroll sheets,

deals with officers we know.

- Well, let's not keep
Chief Block waiting.

Peggy, you have made my day.

- Really?

- Told you I had
contacts downtown.

- Hey, Dak, just a minute,
I was hoping to see you.

- This must be your day.

- Teller just gave me an
arrest warrant for Ward.

I just thought you might
like to serve it.

- Teller signed this?

- Why don't you do the honors?

(upbeat music)

- Yeah, I'd be happy to.

- All right, come on,
guys, this should be easy.

I'm dealing left-handed.

(laughs) There you go.

All right, look at that.

Look 'em up, look 'em up.

(upbeat music)

All right Bob, it is your bet.

- That's 50.

- Oh, Detective Dakota Smith.

You looking to sit in,

or have you come here to
arrest us for gambling?


What's the, what is it, 50?

Okay, I will see that 50,

and I'll have a seat for
you in a minute.

I raise you 150.

- I don't like you standing
over me like some dog in heat.

You mind moving?

- You're not gonna like
this very much either.

It's a warrant for your arrest,

I think I'll take you
along as an accessory.

- Hey, what's your problem?

- Are you crazy?

Do you think these guys
are really gonna let you

take me out of here?

- I'll bet your life on it.

Bring your hand out
slowly so I can see it.

Put that .38 you're holding
on top of the table.

Go ahead.

Do something stupid, so I can
blow your freaking head off.


Stand up.

Move over there.

- There's still a few good
cops left on the job, Dak.

We've got your back.

- Hey, you should play
that hand, it's a winner.

This shouldn't take long.

- Yeah, about five years.

Move it.

- All right.

Dale's been arrested,
so has Ward.

Something broke down
at the station.

We are gonna have some company.

(doorbell rings)

- You two wait here,
I'll handle this.

- Where is he, Casey?

- Well, I'm sorry, he's not in.

- Get him out or I'll look
for him myself.

- Detective Smith, I hope
you don't mind

showing me your search warrant.

- Left it in the car.

- Well, you gentlemen
are in a lot of trouble.

Mr. Smith, if I were you, I'd
be looking for an attorney

because I'll be filing
charges for harassment.

- Yeah, right, call the cops.

- What a pleasant surprise,
Detective Dakota Smith.

You're a welcome
guest in my home.

So tell me what can
I do for you.

- Your pal Ward is in jail.

- So I heard.

- Your stool pigeons are
going down one by one.

Sooner or later, you're gonna
slip and make a big splat.

- Would you make a note
to remind me not to slip?

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have some city
business to attend to.

- What kind of business?

Gil Garner and some
investigation that doesn't

- Detective Smith, I'm sorry,

but you and your late partner

promised to send me some proof,

yet you sent me nothing.

- We did, but your office
conveniently misplaced it.

- Let me make a point to
you very simple,

so you'll be able to
understand it.

As you well know as
District Attorney,

my office cannot
prosecute a citizen

in a court of law
without evidence,

physical evidence,
consistent evidence,

do you understand that?

- Let me get out of here

before I do something
I might enjoy.

- Thanks for coming.

This will be the easiest
job in the world.

I want Dakota Smith dead.

Find a colleague and go
shoot his ugly head off.

And get me that Assistant D.A.,

What's her name?

- Do you want me to fix it,

- Resist gunplay.

A little accident
will do nicely.

We have a huge volume business,

I don't want it interrupted.

Hm, it feels good,
it feels good.

- Dak, would you come in
here a couple of minutes?

(Dak sighs)

Come on in Dak, I need
to talk to you.

I've talked to an awful
lot of people, Dak.

Frankly, I don't know what to
make of this Casey business.

- (sighs) Like I've
been telling you,

Garner's behind all this.

Casey and Ward are just
two of his pawns.

- According to you.

- Didn't you see that file on
Casey that Cale brought you?

- I saw 'em, and we're
investigating them.

And if we find any hard
evidence, we'll prosecute.

- You're not gonna do shit,
are you?

You're just gonna let
it all go down.

- Don't take an attitude here,

Your ex-partner was
heavily involved

in the city's drug traffic.

And to be honest, you're
still under investigation.

- I'll save you the efforts,

- What's this?

- I'm an easier
target unprotected.

- Look, I didn't ask for those.

And damnit, I don't want
to go to any more funerals,

nor do I want you to
be a target.

- It's not the target I'm
worried about.

It's who's doing the shooting.

(dramatic music)

(car alarm wailing)

- What are you looking at?

I didn't do it.

- Check it out.

- Are you okay?

- I think so.

How's your family,
are they safe?

- Yeah, they're fine.

But the fact they used
them to get to me,

I take very personally.

- I found a record of Casey
doing business with Garner.

- Where?

- I found it at the end of
a computer file

that hadn't been erased.

I know we have a case on him.

I just know how far we can go.

He's so powerful, Dak.

I don't know if we can beat him.

- Yeah.

It's time to get down and dirty.

- That's what you wanted
to do all along, isn't it?


(guns banging)

- You wait here, I'll be back.


- Oops.

- Dak!
- You take care.

- All right, I know, I know,
I know.

I'll clean up this mess.

(tires screeching)

(metal clanging)

- [DAK] So where did
they take Sandra?

- Screw you.

- Real tough guy.

Call the paramedics.

- How many should I tell
them are wounded?

- Tell them no survivors.

(guns click)

- Casey's, they took
her to Casey's.

- I'll see you there.

- Cuff yourself to
the dishwasher.


- Let's see, let's see,
let's see.

- I know it looks bad.
- Bad?

That's like saying the Titanic
in a rocky voyage, Mickey.

Am I right, John?

- There's always one guy,
you know that.

- It was manpower you needed,
fine, that's no problem.

The takeover, a greedy senator,

that's easy, but this,
count me out.

- You can't pull out on me now.

- It's your responsibility
to take care of this city.

- I do, I own the city.

- I can't risk the publicity.

- I'm not talking
about publicity.

- Getting outta here.

- I agree.

(dramatic music)

- Hmm.

- We're closing the
operation down.

You get the girl, come on.
We're getting out here now.

- Now?
- Now, get the girl.

Let's go, now.

Hey, listen, I wanna have

a little more fun with her,
you know.

- Are you, what are you, crazy?

Get the girl, we're going.

Come on, move around.

Let's go, we're
getting out of here.

(men chattering)

(upbeat funk music)

- Oh, no.

You know, you don't
stand much of a chance.

You realize that.

- You'd be surprised.

- I bet we would be
surprised to take her.

I really bet we would be.

- Let her go.

- You don't have to do this.

- I won't say it again.

- I guess that makes two of us.

(guns banging)

- Dak!

- Let her go.

- All right, what the heck.

Nice and easy.

Nobody gets hurt.

(gun banging)

- Feel better now?

- Much.

- Take care of her, I'm
going after Casey.

(dramatic music)

(door creaks)

- [Casey] Is that you,
Detective Smith?

You know something,
they let me go.

They're gonna bring in
someone else.

You and me will be first on
their list, you know that?

Your partner was no mistake.

Stevens was a greedy bastard.

He thought the setup
was for you, pal.


I hear you're a good shot,

- So who killed Stevens?

- [Casey] I'm not going to jail.

Just remember this,
you'll be next

and you'll never see it coming.

(gun bangs)

(Dak grunts)

(glass shattering)

Oh, boy.

(both grunting)

(bones cracking
(Casey gasping)

- Oops.

(Dispatcher chattering)

- [Dispatcher] 81 clear.

- Everything under control?

Where's Sandra?

- Paramedics took her to the
hospital just for observation.

She's all right, man.

(Dak sighs)

- I tell you, man, there's
one piece of the puzzle

that's still missing.

- You know, I just got a call.

Someone's leaving a
lot of messages

back at the precinct for you.

- And who is that?

- Some dude named Bobby.

He says it's important.

- All right, I gotta
make a call.

- Phone.

(phone beeping)

- Yo, Bobby, this is
Dakota Smith.

Yeah, let me hear it, let
me hear it, run it back.

(Dak sighs)

Yeah, oh, thanks, man.

Good work.

I gotta go.

- That missing piece?

- Yeah.
- You need help?

- No, I gotta take care
of this myself.

- Let's clean this mess up.

Come on.

(Dispatcher chattering)

(dramatic music)

- [DAK] So what did you do?

Climb out the window and
stroll across the parking lot?


Crying widow.

Well, you need to know,
Casey is in jail.

You won't be getting
paid for this one.

- [Lisa] I've already
been paid in full.


I was on Casey's payroll
long before Paul.

We all learned to turn our heads

and look the other
way for a price

just like you could have, Dak.

I loved Paul.

He was a very, very,
very important man

to Casey at one time,

but then he screwed up.

- [DAK] Yeah, right.

Paul was no saint.

This was a setup, wasn't it?

Paul thought it was for me,
but it was for him, right?

- He died a hero, Dak.

That's all a cop can ask for.

- [Dak] No, Lisa,

there's more, but you wouldn't
know about that, would you?

(clock chiming)

- [Lisa] I can't let you
out of here, Dak.

(gun clicking)

(clock tolling)

(guns banging)

(dramatic music)

- [Dak] I'm out of
the department.

- You sure about this?

Would it help if I told you that

there was a subpoena out
for Gil Garner?

- (laughs) Well, rots
of ruck on that.

I'm thinking about going
into the private sector,

maybe becoming another

Mike Hamlin or
something like that.

Watch your back, Chief.

- I might need you to
watch it for me.

Tell you what, though,
I think I'll,

I think I'll keep this here.

Just in case.

Give me Detective Cale.

Cale, Chief Block here.

Listen, I know that
you and Smith

have had a pretty tough
go a bit lately,

so I thought a couple of
weeks of R and R

would do you some good.

Also, I think the two of you
work pretty well together,

so as of now, you and Smith
are officially partners.

No, I haven't told him. I
thought you should be the one

to tell him during
vacation time.

Lots of luck.

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ We can never follow your act,
oh ♪

♪ Nobody rattles the cages ♪

♪ Of the beauty quite
like you do ♪

♪ Though we could turn
and run another way ♪

♪ They think they will
run into you ♪

♪ Listen ♪

♪ Business before pleasure ♪

♪ Always got your
moves together ♪

♪ Don't know who've they
got, the man or the myth ♪

♪ What would the game be
without Dakota Smith ♪

♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ We can never follow your act,
oh ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ I need you right now,
brother ♪

♪ Will you, will you come back,
Dak ♪

♪ We can never follow your act,
oh ♪

♪ Do you really wanna
call Dakota ♪

♪ Everybody out here is
dependent on him ♪

♪ Do you really wanna
call Dakota ♪

♪ Everybody wanna know
what Dakota gonna do ♪

♪ Do you really wanna
call Dakota ♪

♪ Everybody is out there
watching him ♪

♪ Do you really want to call ♪

♪ Do you really want to call ♪

♪ Do you ♪

♪ Hate to have to ask, but
you see what's going on ♪

♪ Stuck on the type, I'm trying
to balance right, wrong ♪

♪ As long as you hold
tight, we can make it ♪

♪ Can't let the enemy take it ♪
♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ Good cops drop right
and left who's left ♪

♪ Out of town, the
macho greenhorn cadets ♪

♪ Just to get a rep ♪

♪ Harassing innocents
in pursuit of arrest ♪

♪ Trying to be the best
when you're the real deal ♪

♪ Will you, will you ♪
♪ Those in your protection ♪

♪ Dakota Smith and Wesson ♪
♪ Come back Dak ♪

♪ Never quit, crime
needs detection ♪

♪ You've got to get
people needs safety bad ♪

♪ One still exists
Dakota Smith ♪

♪ Don't give up now, never ♪

♪ Will you, will you come, Dak ♪

♪ Stay right here with us,
please, stay ♪

♪ There comes a time when
the hero drops his hat ♪

♪ Drops his hat, drop his
hat ♪ ♪ Come over here ♪

♪ Give a hand ♪

♪ Anyone can stop, but not Dak,
not Dak ♪

♪ We've never been,
we've always been ♪

♪ I'm down and dirty ♪

♪ Keep it going, Dak ♪

♪ I'm down and dirty ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Always ready to win ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Where's the evidence ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Who in the world can I trust ♪

♪ If they touched you, they
never got to touch you ♪

♪ I don't know which
one to ask ♪

♪ My friends are coming
after me, some friends ♪

♪ They want me and my
family, those friends ♪

♪ In the middle of the night ♪

♪ If you're looking
for a fight, I'm here ♪

♪ Gleem, like the toothpaste ♪

♪ I know you're on the take,
you've made a big mistake ♪

♪ Ain't no disguise, I know you
can see straight through it ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Always ready to win ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ He's either gonna
die, I've got it dirty ♪

♪ Down and dirty ♪

♪ Where's the evidence ♪