Down a Dark Hall (2018) - full transcript

A troubled teen named Kit Gordy is forced to join the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School, just to find herself trapped by dark forces around its mysterious headmistress, Madame Duret.


Wake up, Kit.


Everything's okay, honey.

Everything's okay.

Everything's okay.

Everything's okay. Everything's okay.

Everything's okay.

And I realize now that
my behavior needs improving.

But I really feel like I have
my anger under control now,

and I'm ready
to move past all this

and really let go
of the past too.

I mean, the therapy,

working with you
all this time,

it's helped me to
understand that...

my behavior
needs to change.

So, thank you.


Thank you.

Two suspensions,
a misdemeanor arrest,

and a still-pending
arson charge.

I didn't do it.

Not that.

Oh, and an "F" in gym.

How does anybody
even get an "F" in gym?

- I never go to effin' gym.
- Kit!

That's what we're up against,
right here. Look, if...

Who the hell is she?

As I said,
I'm Dr. Sinclair.

Yeah, but why are you here? One
therapist at a time is plenty.

- I'm not a therapist, Kit.
- You said you're a doctor.

PhD, 19th-century

Honey, Dr. Sinclair
represents a school.

Actually, it's more of an academy
run by a remarkable headmistress,

where girls like you, Kit, have gone on
to do incredible things with their lives.

Girls like me end up on meds
and in and out

of offices like this
for the rest of their lives.

- That's not fair.
- All that could change, Kit.

It's an option, Kit.

We don't have many
of those left.

What was
that girl's name,

the one that doctor said
went to that school?

- The painter?
- Her too.

The point is, this school,
Blackwood, it sounds legit.

- "Legit." Yeah. Thanks, Dave.
- Don't be mean.

- And call him...
- No, I'll call him "Dave".

- Dave.
- I actually prefer "David."

Like I said,
it's an option.

- Well, I opt against it.
- You made your own bed with all of this.

- You still don't believe me.
- I know that your lawyer didn't,

but that didn't stop him
from charging me.

- You're my mother.
- That is right. I am.

You're starting at Blackwood
next week, Kit.

Are you...
Are you kidding me?

I said the same thing.
Place is frickin' expensive.

But, you know,
totally worth it.

So what was all that bullshit
about options, then?

Pretty much bullshit.

It's stupid!

So, that went well.

Do you remember
when that was taken?

We were going for a hike
one day.

You had just turned six
a few weeks before.

So we thought the hike
would be too much for you,

but you were
determined to try.

You started it,

and you finished it.

Because that's the way
that you were.

Of all the things
your father admired you for,

I think he admired you most
for that.

For hiking?

For trying.

♫ Elevator straight
into my skull ♫

♫ The escalator rises
as it falls ♫

♫ I swear our jet
is crashing in my mind ♫

♫ Farewell, my black balloon ♫

Holy shit.

Oh, wow.



Come on.



Oh, my.


How old do you think
that chandelier is?

Ten thousand years old?
I don't know.

It would be 207 years old,

were it not an appallingly
bad replica.

- Welcome to Blackwood.
- "Madame Durette"?

And this is Miss Orlonsky.


- Where are the other students?
- They don't arrive until tomorrow.

- Why did you bring me here today?
- Not now.

Allow me to show you
to your quarters, Kathryn.

I'm afraid
it only gets darker.

The electrical system
is very old,

and getting an electrician can be a
bit complicated all the way out here.

So how do you see?

Your eyes will adjust,
I assure you.

Will your honor us tonight
with your presence?

Oh, we'd like to,
but we have to get back.


That part of the building
is off limits to the students.

It isn't perfectly safe.

- Where does it go?
- Please.

This is where
you'll be sleeping.

At Blackwood, we believe
beauty enriches the spirit.

It's definitely dramatic.

A young woman should be
at ease among lovely things.

Don't you agree?

Back up, lady.

Well, Miss Duret...

- May I ask where the ladies' room is?
- Of course.

Just down the hall.
Follow me.

- She's changed.
- Changed?

She's... She's not
my little girl anymore.

Nor should she be. She's 17.

No, what I mean is...

It's her mental state.

It's so aggressive.

Listen, Kit.

If things get weird here,
just call us, okay?

It's already weird here.

- Yeah.
- Hey.

This is going to be
good for you.

Even with my aggressive
mental state?

Come here.

I love you.

So much.

I just want
what's best for you.



Madame Duret?




Yeah, much better.

- Oh. Good to know.
- Dinner.


Can I see it?

Yep. That's the stuff.

- What?
- Show me.

Are you kidding me?


This definitely
doesn't suck.

Who's there?


♫ Elevator straight
into my skull ♫

♫ The escalator rises
as it falls ♫

♫ I swear our jet
is crashing... ♫

- Ah. There you are, Kathryn.
- Uh, I thought that...

Fall in line, please.

Hi. I'm Ashley.



That's a bold look.

Allow me to welcome you all
to Blackwood.

Wait. That's it?

There are only
five of us?

We accept only truly gifted

Trust me,
I'm not gifted.

But I assure you, Sierra,
you are.

There's a talent
inside each of you,

and I intend
to find it.

Now, in order to thrive
here at Blackwood,

I will need your absolute
attention, no distractions.

So Miss Orlonsky will be
collecting your cell phones.

- That's not fair.
- What?

You will each get one call

to someone of your choosing
in the middle of the term.

That's it? One call?

- Did you tell our parents?
- This is ridiculous.

- I want to speak to my lawyer.
- This is so stupid.

This is so dumb.

- This is stupid.
- Give me...

- We'll get Internet though, right?
- I'm afraid not.

- What?
- Is this a joke?

It's an alternative to prison.

You've hurt people,
destroyed property,

made life difficult
for those around you.

Arson, grand larceny,

drugs, assault,
and all of the above.

Your choices have been yours
and yours alone,

and the consequences of your actions
have brought each of you here.

That sounds an awful lot like what
they say when you get to prison.

Look around, all of you.

There are no bars
on the windows.

And while we are rather
remotely located,

it's entirely possible
to reach the nearest town.

But why would you?

My terms may seem harsh,

but the price of an extraordinary
life is an extraordinary effort.

And make no mistake,

each one of you is quite

In your old lives,

people ridiculed you, they
punished you, they cast you out,

they laughed at you.

If you follow my instruction
and allow me to raise you

to the great heights
I know you can reach,

no one will ever
laugh at you again.

You a creeper
or something?

- No, I was just...
- Staring in some bitches' rooms?

I'm not a creeper,
or whatever you said.

You're her, aren't you?

What are you
talking about?

There's always
at least one.

Someone who thinks I won't smother them
with a pillow while they're asleep,

until I smother them with a
pillow while they're asleep.

Well, you'd better bring
more than a pillow.

Do you two mind killing each
other somewhere else?

Some of us are trying to
hate this place in peace.

Dinner is ready.


Arithmetic, art,

literature, music:

the four pillars
of knowledge.

That will be your core
curriculum here at Blackwood.

Do we have to wear those

Let me introduce your mathematics
teacher, Professor Farley.

And for literature,

whom I believe some of you
have already met, Dr. Sinclair.

And proving his excellent timing
at this very moment,

your music instructor,
Jules Duret.


- "Duret," Duret?
- Jules is my son.

He just received his degree

from the Royal Academy of Music
in London.

We're all thrilled
you're here.

Madame Duret has carefully
chosen each one of you.

For what?

For greatness.

I understand you used to play piano.
I'm excited to hear you play.

Don't be. I haven't played
since I was nine.

Well, then, your bad habits
won't be hard to break.

- I can play the flute.
- That's wonderful.

All of you, please, enjoy.

Right, my numb pills.

Always nice
chatting with you.

Your first essay is on Proust's
In Search of Lost Time.

- How long do we have to finish it?
- Five days.

What? Five days?
The thing's a brick.

Which, if the Three Little Pigs
have taught us anything,

is the perfect material
to build a strong foundation.

Why can't we just
read that instead?

- What do we have to write about?
- Ah.


Needing it.

Finding it.

- And what it means to lose it.
- So it's a love story?

In a way, yes.

Every story is.

let's get to it.

Does anyone know
how to make pink?

Shh! Girls.


What's this?

This is Blackwood,
and this is fire.

And you're...

somewhere in there, screaming
for help or something,

I don't know.

And you're
proud of this?

I think
it's a work of art.

Do you know what I see
when I look at this?

I see a young woman
that's frightened to death

she doesn't have the talent
to survive here.

Perhaps she's right.

It isn't atrocious.

- Does that mean it's good?
- Far from it. Carry on.


Everything in this world can be
explained with mathematics.

What does that explain?

I have no idea.

I was hoping
one of you could tell me.

As Galileo said
centuries ago,

"The great book of nature
can only be read

by those who understand
the language

in which it was written,

and that language is..."

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- What's happening here?

- She lit my hair on fire.
- Then why isn't your hair on fire?


Ladies, please.

Get off me!

I believe
she's learned her lesson.

Okay, okay, stop, please.

That's enough.

- It's been a while.
- Giovanni Pergolesi, Franz Schubert,

Mozart, William Kestler.

All were virtuoso composers
who, sadly, died by age 40.

The aim here is to find
what best suits you.

- Which instrument?
- You are the instrument, Izzy.

All of you. We simply need
to find which of these devices...

because that's
all they are, devices...

best express
your artistic spirit.

You're going to help me.

I'd bone him.

Kit. Come in.

Just give me one moment
with this, please.

Were they all your mom's

That is her wall of fame, yes. She's
been teaching for many years.

London, Paris, Berlin...

None of those places
were worth staying in?

She wants me to start
working with you

outside of our classroom

Apparently, she saw a musical
quality in your painting.

You are aware of,
like, technology, right?

I always found analogue
recording to be warmer.

- You're not recording this, are you?
- Would you like me to?

No. Definitely not.

Then I won't.


That's, um...
You're holding back.

It's just...


- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

But you're too much
in your own head.


My dad...

I've been thinking
about him lately.

We used to own
a small upright piano.

He bought it for me
when I was little.

Why does that
make you sad?

He died.

I mean, it happened a long time ago.
I was only nine.

Um, he was on his way back
from a business trip, and...

the weather was bad, so...

Guess he should've taken
the next flight.

They're never far,
you know?

Part of them carries on

well after their
final note is struck.

Do you really
believe that?

This isn't
an easy process, Kit.

Nor is this the happiest place
in the world, I give you that.

But if you trust me,

and if you give all this
a chance, if you try,

I promise you you'll be amazed
at what you're capable of.

"The tenderness is gone, gone.

Fear all that I have said,

but divide your senses,
for you alone

are the maker of light.

Castles and castles
and castles of silk.

The tenderness is gone."

It's beautiful, Ashley.

There are traces of the
Romantics, of Keats, of Byron.

But no, the tone, the meter... there's
something altogether different.

- There's an incongruity to it.
- Where did you copy it from?

I didn't copy it.

It just sort of
came to me.


Quite excellent.

You're fast becoming the
princess of mathematics, Izzy.



Excellent work,

Listen to it.

Hear it.

The wind. The creek.

It's a symphony.

Can you hear it?

Yeah, I think so.

"How happy I am to walk
among the woods,

the trees, the rocks,

for the woods,
the trees, the rocks

give man
the resonance he needs."

Beethoven said that.

Close your eyes, Kit.


Listen to it.

I can't hear you.

I'm here.

- Open your eyes.
- Dad?

- Kit?
- Uh...

- You okay?
- We were at the river.

Yes, for almost
three hours.

- Did you bring me here?
- I would say you brought me.


Right. Of course.


Come on. Let's go.
Enough for today.

Allez, allez.

My apologies.
Kathryn and I were by the creek.

Doing what, exactly?

We were...


May I go to my room?

I'm not hungry.

I need to get back
to my work.

Of course, darling.
Work comes first.

Miss Orlonsky will
take care of you.

Listening to what,

Oh. Uh...

It was like...

trees, wind,
nature stuff.

I think that one's right
after all.

- So you're, like, a genius or something?
- I barely passed algebra.

I can't explain it.
Any of it.

But I like it,

being good at something.

Not being the one that everyone
always thinks is broken.

I like it.

Don't you?

Get away! Get away!

Ashley? Ashley!

Let us in! Ashley!



Hey, wake up.
It's just a dream.

Ashley, wake up.

- What was that?
- What was what?

What did you see?

Hey, Ashley? It's just us.
It's okay.

Is he gone?
He... He hurt her.

- Hurt who? What are you talking about?
- Elizabeth.


The woman that...
she brings me words.

What's her problem?

- What are you doing?
- Shut up.

- No, you shut up.
- No, there's somebody out there.

- Orlonsky?
- No. Uh...

- I don't know.
- It's him.

The man who attacked

- The man from my dream.
- Who is Elizabeth?

- Uh, I'm going to bed.
- Veronica, don't.

- Get off me.
- Veronica, don't!

Touch me again, and I'll
choke the life out of you.

Slumber party?

Why choose us?

- For what?
- To come here.

Because we're screw-ups.

So are a lot of girls.

Maybe those other girls
didn't apply.

- I didn't apply to Blackwood.
- You applied?

- No, I guess I didn't.
- They found me.

Dr. Sinclair showed up
at my therapist's office

after I was accused
of setting my school on fire.

- "Accused"?
- What did he look like?

The man from your dream?

- Scary.
- Really.

Go to sleep. All of you.

Should we tell
Madame Duret?

that Ashley had a nightmare?

That Kit saw something
in the hallway.

- I don't know what I saw.
- I told you.

- It was that man-woman Orlonsky.
- Then why didn't you open the door?

Because last time Orlonsky
nearly ripped her face off.

That wasn't Orlonsky.

I've seen something
like that before.

- Some scary guy?
- No, he wasn't scary.

He was my dad.

Of course, about eight different
therapists tried to convince me otherwise.

He came to me.

It was the same night
he got into his accident.

I think he wanted to...

I don't know.

Just wish I had the chance
to say something.

Like what?

- Goodbye.
- It was a dream.

Ghosts aren't real,
even when you want them to be.

Wow. Someone's
an insensitive douche.

- She's telling the truth.
- How do you know that?

- Because I've seen things too.
- Like what?


Things you can't explain.

I bet you I can.

- Since when?
- Since always.

- Kind of. But it's more that I can...
- Feel them?

I never knew what it was.

This feeling, like...

something was
always around me,

following me.

I never said anything,
and when I finally did, they...

They said you needed friends.
Or pills.

Or you needed
to be put away.

Some gift we have.

Madame Duret?

Ah, Sierra.

I was just looking
at your latest piece.

Personally, I prefer
your more naturalistic efforts,

but who am I to argue
with inspiration?

- Thank you.
- Uh...

- We wanted to ask you a question.
- Jules tells me

you're making excellent
progress too, Kathryn.

There was something
in the hallway last night.

Maybe even
in Ashley's room.

- And you saw this something?
- Yeah. Yeah, we did.

I'm surprised
it took you this long.

- Are you still taking your medications?
- Yeah.

With powerful chemicals like that,
you're bound to have nightmares.

- But we all saw it.
- I didn't see anything.

Look at me, all of you.

It's the state that prescribed
those drugs, not me.

- They help sometimes.
- They dampen your creative spirit.

You girls don't need
to be fixed.

Damn anyone who
tells you differently.

If it were up to some people, all
the greats would be labeled mad.

The world would
still be flat,

and powerful women like us
would be burned at the stake.

A bit dramatic,
don't you agree?

- As of now, no more pills.
- You can do that?

I just did,

provided that all of you in return
agree to redouble your efforts.



Carry on.

That was beautiful, Kit.


How do you know
that music?

- Uh...
- Huh?

I don't know. It's like
I've, um, heard it before.

Like I was
remembering it.

William Kestler's music?

I don't get it.

I never got
nearly this good

when I was taking lessons

I wish I could take
the credit.

Of course it's because of you.
I mean, you studied

at the Royal Academy of...

I don't know,

You're a genius.

I'm skilled
and disciplined,

but as my mother
is fond of telling me,

I am categorically
not a genius.

Maybe she's wrong.

- What I'm telling you is...
- Save your breath, Jules.

I shouldn't have to remind you of the
importance of the role you play.

We are their guides,
not their teachers.

They have found a path. Our
function is to keep them on it.

At any cost.

I see your etiquette
has not improved, Veronica.

Is Sierra sick?

She hasn't been out
of her room in days.

- She's been painting.
- When's the last time she ate?

I think I have to go
back to my room too.

- I believe this one is yours, yes?
- Yeah.

Can I take it
in the hall?

The charger.

- Mom.
- Honey, hi!

Dave, it's Kit.

- Sweetie, can you hear me?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I can hear you
just fine, Mom.

Sorry about the noise. How are you?
How is everything going?

- It's perfect.
- Really?

That's the truth.

Are you okay, honey?

He gave a thumbs-up.
His mouth is full.

Kit, I wish that
we could speak more often.

- Me too.
- So have you made any friends there?

Not really, Mom.
Thanks for asking.

Why? You're not getting
into trouble, are you?

No. No, I'm not.

But, you know,
you don't sound like yourself.

- I'm just...
- Kit.

- Honey, is everything okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I just miss you.

Oh, we miss you too, but...

- Is something wrong? Because you sound weird.
- No, no, everything's fine.

Honey, if something is wrong, let
us know, and we will come get you.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Mom, I really got to go
to class now, okay?

Okay, I love you, bye.

May I be excused?


It's the last poem
that I wrote.

This is disgusting.


She's not coming anymore.

- What are you talking about?
- She's not visiting me anymore.

- Ashley, hey. Hey.
- There's someone new...

who's taking over.

- What?
- The men inside my head.

- They're so angry.
- Listen to me.

Hey, listen to me.
We're gonna be okay.

We're gonna die here.




I'm... I'm...

I'm so thirsty!

Sierra, who's...

Who's there?


What are you
doing here?

Thinking on setting
this place on fire.

- That's more your thing, isn't it?
- Look at this.

- Seriously, look.
- Why are Sierra's paintings in that book?

That's just it.
They're Thomas Cole's.

- Fabulous. Who is he?
- He was a painter.

- He died in the 1800s. He was only 46.
- So...

So Madame Duret has the exact
same landscape in her office,

only it's from
a different angle.

And Sierra is signing
her paintings "TC" too.

Ashley said her words were coming
from someone named Elizabeth, right?

And when Dr. Sinclair read Ashley's
poem in class, how did she describe it?

She said it was

"Before her untimely death
at age 27,

Elizabeth Webb's work
was considered the bridge

between Romanticism
and Transcendental poetry,

with echoes of Blake,
Byron and Keats.

Webb's 'incongruous' stanzas

and unusual preoccupation
with castles

were likely what
led her contemporaries

to secure a more lasting place
in history than she."

And I am composing
Wilhelm Kestler music,

for God's sake!

I was wrong.

All you bitches
aren't crazy.

It's just you.

Veronica, wait!







It wasn't easy.

Help! Help!

You saw them!

You saw them, right?

Not in here.

I was never
worried about them.

I saw things.


Strange things. But...

I refused to let it
matter to me.

I had real problems
that mattered.

When I was 13,
I went to the zoo

to see the giraffes
with my friends, and...


Giraffes are cool.

When I came home,
my mom was screaming.

My stepdad was beating
the living shit out of her.

Don't make
the sympathy face.

It happened
all the time.

But this time...

I grabbed a knife...

just a small,
dull kitchen knife...

and I stabbed him
in the chest.

Did he die?

But he never
touched her again.

My mom thought
if she kept her head down,

the beatings would
eventually stop.

Bad things never stop
on their own, Kit.

I think I know
where to start.

I'm not going first.

Beginner's luck.

What... the hell?

Let's go down.

How big is
this freakin' place?

Holy shit.

Let's go.


Beginner's luck.

Shit, hide, hide!

Such a shame.

We had such high hopes
for you, Veronica.

I have a habit of disappointing.
Kind of my thing.

Hmm. Are you...

alone on your little

fact-finding mission?

I hate people.
You know that.

I hate you.

I have been
so patient with you,

trying to make
something worthwhile

out of something
so utterly worthless.

I should have done more.

Or perhaps with some people,
there's simply

nothing more one can do.

Rather than cooperate

or appreciate what was offered
here at Blackwood,

you have made it
your mission

to squander every opportunity
I've given to you.

So now, dear girl,

I give you to them.


Sierra, wake up!
We have to go!


Ashley, let me in!
We have to go!

My baby.

You promised me
I would see my baby.

Be patient.

The connection
is getting stronger.

She seems
rather awake.

It doesn't matter.

Don't be afraid, child.
Everyone is here for you.

Just be a vessel
for the music.

Play my music.


Not everyone
is a true artist.

Ignore him.

The door.

I've never come this far.

You're doing so well,


It's my turn now!

Wake up again.

Why am I here?

Why am I here?

- What's happening to me?
- Shh. Everything's okay.

- Everything's...
- No.

- Everything is okay.
- What are you people doing to me?

- You came down to practice?
- No. No.

- Where is Veronica?
- I don't know.

- Stop lying!
- I don't know, Kit. I'm not lying.

All I know is, my mother is
dissatisfied with her progress.

Are you recording this?

Always make sure you get back
to your room safely, Kit, okay?

But this way
we have the music.

- For posterity, Kit.
- No, no! No!

I trusted you!

You're giving the world
something beautiful here.

Think of the music. Mozart and
Schubert, they died so young.

William Kestler was 33
when he died. Can you imagine?

Think of the great artists
and the genius minds...

No! Stop!

- Kit, he had so much more to give.
- No!

- Kit, please.
- No!

They had their time.

They are not
taking mine!

Get everyone
down here.


Why did you wake
all of us up?

Where is everyone?
Where is Veronica?

- Veronica is no longer with us.
- You're a liar.

You are all liars!

- Mother, she needs to hear the truth.
- She won't understand.

Oh, I understand,
all right.

I was up in the attic.

I saw all your files.

I know what happened
to those other special girls.

- Kit...
- You used them.

You used them,
just like you're using us.

- You should be grateful for the privilege.
- Grateful?

- I'm grateful.
- Being possessed

just to learn how to
play piano is a privilege?

You stupid girl.
Don't you understand?

You didn't learn anything.

You can't play
an instrument at all.

You girls are
their instruments.

We all have our gifts.

Mine is to commune
with the other side.

Your gift, the gift
all you girls have,

is that you are vessels.

Vessels for what?

Madame Duret helps
these men and women

to speak through you girls
to finish their work.

You could hardly play a scale
when you first arrived.

Now you're composing

Sierra couldn't
paint her nails.

Now her work will
grace gallery walls.

Ashley's poetry is on par with
some of the greatest ever written.

And Izzy has nearly
figured out one of

the most elusive theorems
mathematics has ever known.

And once she does, then what?
He claims he figured it out?

My dear, artists
since the dawn of time

have been searching
for this.

The ultimate source
of inspiration. The muse.

People have drugged themselves,
starved themselves,

driven themselves mad with rage
and killed themselves

when the muse

Yeah, and you hang their paintings
in your lobby with pride.

Or maybe
you sell them.

This is not about
pride or money, child.

This is about giving back
to the world

the genius
physical death has stolen.

And I have chosen you,

plucked each of you
from obscurity,

saving you from your
little lives of misery

and delivered the muse
directly into your hands.

Then get it out. Now!

Sometimes when the door
to the other side is opened,

it's difficult to control
what comes in.

- But we're here to help you.
- You people are crazy!

- Kit...
- Stay back.

All of you.

Wouldn't you like to see
your father again, Kathryn?


Let us finish the work,

and your connection to him
will remain intact.

and he'll be gone.

This time, forever.

- Kit...
- Leave her, Jules. She can't go far.

Wait for me, please.

Kit, one second, please.

Please, listen to me one second,
please. Kit...

Get off me! Leave me alone!
Don't touch me!

- Don't hurt me!

- Ashley.
- Please, no!

Get him off! Get him off me!

- Make him stop!
- Ashley?


No more.
I won't let you.

- It's me, Kit.
- Stop. It needs to stop.

It's me. We need to
get out, okay?

- We can take care of this.
- Please?

We need to get an ambulance!
What are you talking about?

Ashley, I'm gonna
be right back.

- Kit, wait!
- Please, make it stop!

Kit, wait!

- For the office.
- Thank you.


No. No.

- Ashley!
- Kit! Kit!


- Okay, let's go!
- Go!

Hurry! Go!

Okay. Please work.
Please work.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Yes! Okay. Okay.

Sierra. Sierra, wake up.
We have to go.



Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!

Let me in! Open the door!
Open up! It's me!

- We've got to go. Come on.
- They killed her.

Sierra is dead.
And Ashley.

- Let's go. We have to go.
- I think I've got it.

- The answer is three, okay?
- How?

Get out of here.
I'll find Veronica.

Let's go!

- It will be dealt with.
- We're all in danger.

- Don't question me.
- It's out of control.

- It's gone too far this time.
- It could go farther.

The connection's the strongest
it's ever been.

I realize that,
but surely you can see...

There's a price to pay
for what we seek.

I'm in complete control.

Let's not pretend

we're suddenly
unaccustomed to this.

For these miscreants
to know brilliance,

much less to be
in its possession,

it's worth the pitiful lives
they sacrifice.

They are not vessels.

They are donors.

Cops are coming.

What have you done?

All of the work
I have done.

How could you?
And you?

How could you betray me
like this? My own son?

- Aah!
- Stay where you are!

I'll deal with the police
when they arrive. Take her away.

- Jules!
- Let go! Let go of her!

No! Jules!

Look what a pathetic thing
you've become.

So weak.
Just like your father.

But at least he had
the good sense to leave you.

Stupid, stupid girl!


You don't have to
do this!

Ungrateful girl.

You are not the only one
who misses someone.

No! Let me out!

Let me out! Please?


Veronica, it's me.
It's Kit.

What have they done
to you?


You have to fight.

That's what you're gifted.
You have to fight.

You know
this isn't right.

Come on! Do it!

You have to fight,

you have to fight!

Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!

Fight it! Fight!

Fight it! Fight!
Fight it, Veronica!

Veronica. Veronica,
we got to hurry.

Let us out! Please?

Please, let us out!

Kit? Is that you?

I need your help.

It's just
too many numbers now.

Give them a thousand each. If
that's not enough, give them more.

What if they ask
to search the...


Izzy! Come on! We got to go!
We got to go, Izzy!

- Izzy, no! Izzy! Come on!
- I belong here.

Izzy, look at me.
You don't belong here.

- It's so beautiful.
- Kit, come on!

It's so beautiful.
Go, Kit. Go.

You don't belong! Come on!

Kit, come on! This building
is going to collapse!

We have to go now!

- Izzy!
- Kit! Come on!


- Kit.
- Are you okay?

- Jules, are you okay?
- No.

Come on. This way.

Come on!

Come on! Come on! Let's go!

Go, go, go!

- What the hell?
- What's happening?


This way.

Stop! Stop!


- Guys, come on, come on! Guys!
- Kit!

Come on! Come on!

Get out!
I'll be right behind you. Go!

- There's no time for that.
- We must save what we can.

Simone, listen to me.
It's over. Listen.


I'm in control!

I am in control!

No, this way!
This way!

I see him!
He's going in there!





He's there.

- Where is he? Where is he?
- Kit, come on! What are you doing?

Veronica, get out!

They're still inside!
They're still inside!

Stop the car, Dave.

Stop the car!

Jules, look at me. We've got to go.
We have to get out of here.

Watch out!

Jules, no!


Kit, darling,
you need to get up.

I'm so tired, Dad.

I know.

It's just too hard.

It is.

But you have to try.

You started it,

and you finished it.

If you trust me,

and if you give all this
a chance, if you try...

Honey! Honey!

Watch her head.

You're meant
to do great things, Kathryn.

You started
on a meaningful path.

It's up to you
whether you finish or not.

- Are you a relative?
- I'm her mother.

Ginny! Ginny!

- I'll follow you.
- Okay. Oh, baby.

Let's go!

I'm lost, Dad.

I know.

We all are.

I'm dying, aren't I?


I've missed you
so much, Dad.

I've missed you too,

I want to stay with you.

You have
so much life ahead.

This is the beginning.

You'll find a way.

I have to go now.

Will I ever
see you again?

I love you
so much, Kit.

I love you too, Dad.


I got a pulse.
I got a pulse, I got a pulse!


Hello, baby.

Oh, hey!

I love you so much.

It's okay.

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