Double Your Pleasure (1989) - full transcript

A top undercover FBI agent Cavanaugh is incapacitated during a dangerous missions. The FBI decides that the assignment is to important to fail, so they bring in her twin sister, a reluctant waitress, to finish the job.

(MultiCom Jingle)

(lively saxophone music)

(guests chattering)

- [Man] Charles, over here.

(lively music)

- Well, you know how they think.

Thank God it was Gabriel.

It's Gabriel, Gabriel, over here.

- Maggie's the only hostess I know

who caters perfect
weather for her parties.

- You brought the sunshine
with you and you know it.

- May I introduce Bree Terranovio.

C. Gabriel Dash.

- The pleasure's mine.

- Mr. Dash, I wonder if you wouldn't mind

autographing a copy of your book for me.

- Only if you wouldn't
mind calling me Gabriel.

- Excuse me won't you?

The sunshine's a tad overwhelming.

- Oh, thank you.

- I hope the book doesn't bore you.

(lively saxophone music)

Excuse me.

- Nothing boring about him.

- Terranovia, is that any
relation to Harry Terranovio?

- Only if you call marriage relation.

- You're Harry's wife?

- I don't know what the C
stands for in C. Gabriel Dash,

but there's an ex in
front of Mrs. Terranovio.

- (chuckles) Well, with
a wit as sharp as yours,

and a face as soft,

I wonder why Harry didn't incorporate you

into his business affairs.

- I wonder why you think he didn't?

- Oh, then I'm decidedly at a disadvantage

since I know nothing about you,

and you must know something
about me through Harry's work.

- I know enough about Harry's work

to make me an expert Bohemian
economics, offshore financing,

and enough about Harry to make
me never wanna marry again,

and yes Mr. Dash,

I know enough about you without
even having read your book.

(lively saxophone music)

He took the bait.

- He swallowed the Terranovio
scam hook, line, and sinker.

Here he comes.

- So Bree, what brings you here?

- I'm on vacation,

which will last until the boredom sets in.

- And then?

- Well, and then I
suppose I'll join the rest

of corporate America and look for a job.

- What kind of job would
you be looking for?

- Something undemanding,
yet highly profitable.

- (chuckles) I see you and your
husband share a common goal.

Tell me, how is that in all the time

your husband worked for me,

I never knew he had a wife,

let alone someone as interesting as you.

- You obviously aren't the only
man with a secret, are you?

- So, where is your ex-husband
hiding out these days?

- Good question.

- So, you haven't been
in touch with him lately?

- I didn't say that.

I just said it was a good question.

- I'll bet you and I can
have a lot to talk about.

- I'll bet you're right.

- Bree darling, would you
mind sharing the wealth?

Gabriel, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.

- Excuse me, I'd like to
continue this conversation later.

(lively saxophone music)

(Bree screaming)

(guests chattering)

- (grunts) That hurts.

- [Man] I got it.

Got it?

- Hi.

Hi guys.

- Hi, Linda.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- The special today is Sam's
good old-fashioned meatloaf.

- I'll have the pastrami on rye.

- The special today is Sam's
good old-fashioned meatloaf.

- Wait, I changed my mind.

I think I'll have the meatloaf.

- Good choice, and for you?

- Ah, some eggs, home fries,
and toast with lots of butter.

- Didn't you have a double
bypass on your heart last summer?

- Triple.

- You going for a home run or what?

You having a fruit plate.

I don't wanna hear another word about it.

What about you, precious?

- Oh, I'll have a short stack
of the buttermilk, please.

They're good here?

- Must be, they're selling
like hotcakes (laughs).

- Oh, and I'll have a large O.J., please.

- And bring me some coffee, decaff.

- I could go for a glass of water.

- You could, but I ain't
sharing none of my tip,

so I'll get it.

(all laughing)

Ordering, Sam.

- Just hang it on the wheel, Linda.

I'm swamped back here.

- So, how'd the audition go?

- Not good, they said I
didn't look like a housewife.

- I think they might have a point there.

- You guys better save
your tips for my bail,

because I'm finally
gonna murder a customer.

Sorry Sam, first the jerk
says it's undercooked,

then it's still undercooked,

and then it's still undercooked,

and now it's overcooked.

- (chuckles) Hey Sam, how many
years you think she could get

for assault with a deadly noodle?

(Sam laughs)

Oh man.

- Your feet hurt already?

- Oh, they've been
hurting since yesterday.

- You'll survive.

- You'll survive.

Well, maybe if I had a couple of days off

my feet wouldn't bother me so much.

Oh, don't be waving off again now, Sam.

When you gonna take off some time,

so we can go to the beach?

- It's not like the ocean's
gonna dry up or anything.

- Hey Linda, how about a banana split?

- No thanks, I had one earlier.

- [Postman] Oh, come on, Linda.

- Ah, it's on it's way.

I swear, one of these days
I'm just gonna plop over.

Mm hmm, yes, I am.

That'll show him.

- Just make sure you don't plop over

before the big bowling tournament.

- [Linda] Oh, I'll be in
that bowling tournament,

even if I have to borrow
somebody else's feet.

- Hey, that's not a bad idea.

Maybe it'll help your average.

- What're you talking about?

I'm the best bowler on the team.

- You definitely got the best form.

- I'm serious, I think we really
can win this one this time.

Besides, we can let those
clowns from Bagel Heaven win

three years in a row.

- Yeah, that's right.

This time it's personal.

- By the way Belle, I've got
a big audition next week,

and it's in the morning.

- Don't bother Belle with that.

Linda will cover for ya.

- Says who?

- We can ride in together that morning.

- So?

- So, don't do her a favor.

- That's not the point.

I just don't wanna be taken for granted.

- One thing I'm sure of is
my Lynnie is the sweetest--

- I'm gonna take me a break.

I'll be out on the back patio.

What's that?

- Meatloaf special.

- Share it?

- [Sam] Mm hmm.

- For a moment I forgot where I was.

The sun was in my face and
I was on a sandy white beach

where the sea was all blue,

and people just laughed all morning.

- Well, I hope you saw me there.

(Linda giggles)

- Oh Sam, when you gonna
take me away from all this?

- The crystals in the sand
sparkle like pieces of glass.

- Diamonds.

- Diamonds, diamonds.

The waves whooshing,

leaving little sea bubbles on your feet

that tickle your soul as they pop

and evaporate in the Caribbean sun.

- (giggles) Tickle my inner soul.

- From far away we can hear
the sound of the steel drums,

and the men laughing, ha,
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

- (giggles) What are the women doing?

- They're getting ready to go back inside,

because their break is over (laughs).

- Oh, Sam.

- I'll save ya half.

(mellow music)

- Thanks for the rhyme.

- [Sam] Mm hmm.

(mellow music)

(mellow music)

Goodnight, Sam.

- Goodnight.

- I love you.

- I know, everybody does.

- (giggles) You little.

- Goodnight.

- (giggles) You little goodnight.

- Let me get that.

(light saxophone music)

- (gasps) Ooh, I like these.

(gasps) 25% off dry-cleaning.

I'll keep this one.

(dramatic music)

- Uh, Linda.

(Linda screams)

I, I need to talk to you.

No no, no no, no no no, wait!

Ow, ow, (coughing).

I'm with the government.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

- I declared all my tips.

- I'm with the FBI, not the IRS.

- Okay, so I missed a few.

I was income averaging.

- What is that, mace?

- Hairspray, extra hold.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- You okay?

- Yeah, I need to talk to you.

- Yeah, I didn't think you came
here to get your hair done.

- It's about your sister.

- (gasps) Something happen to Sharlene?

- She's okay, she's okay.

She's in the hospital.

She broke her leg.

She's okay, she wants to see you.

- Just like that?

She hasn't lifted a finger to
call or write all this time,

and now just because
she falls down and boom

she wants me to come sign her cast, ugh?

- She's right, you do have a chip

on your shoulder about her.

- Chip, the whole damn log.

- You know, you two,
you look exactly alike.

- Well, after I'm through
with her we won't.

Sorry about the hairspray.

- [John] It's all right,
I'll be all right.

- At least your eyebrows
will stay in place.

(lively saxophone music)

Damn you, Sharlene.

All these years I fantasized

about how cold and mean I'd
be when I saw you again,

and you have to ruin it by
looking all pathetic like this.

- Hi, Linda.

- Am I supposed to call you
by your code name, Bree?

- Call me Shar Shar.

- Last time I called you
Shar Shar was seven years ago

when you left and I said,

"Bye Shar Shar, good luck,
don't forget to write."

I saved all your letters.

All one of them.

- Maybe you two wanna be alone?

- Sit down.

- Mm, at least I see you
kept your good manners.

- I couldn't keep in contact with you.

I explained it in my letter.

It would've put the family in jeopardy.

- Oh, nothing comes before the family,

except of course, you.

- I wanted to get out, to travel,

to have an exciting career.

- So did I.

- Well, here's your chance.

There's a man by the
name of C. Gabriel Dash.

Don't touch that.

Don't move my leg.

- Yeah, John told me all about it.

The FBI's after this guy.

They don't know what for yet.

- That's not exactly how I put it, Linda.

- Dash opened up a small publishing firm

in Phoenix five years ago.

Now, he's got companies
all over the place.

He has millions of
dollars, which he reports,

but his companies don't
make that kind of profits,

so we just wanna know where
he is getting it from.

(bed humming)

Ah, ah, ow!

- Ooh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- You okay?

The man spends about 10
times more than he earns,

and then there's Mr. Harry Terranovio

who used to work for Dash.

He leaves the company,

and he helps himself
to 15 million dollars.

- Now, Dash is mad?

- He never even reported it missing,

and what's really interesting

is the company books still
show the whole balance,

so he must've put that money back himself.

- Where's the Terranovio guy?

- We don't know, disappeared.

- Maybe that Dash killed him.

- No, he's got a dozen
private investigators

looking for him.

- Terranovio must have some
idea what Dash is up to.

What Dash doesn't know

is whether or not Terranovio
has told anyone else.

- [Linda] Like his wife, huh?

- Right, don't press that button.

- Why, what's it do?

- It sends a shot of
morphine through my IV.

- Amazing!

- Concentrate, Linda.

- I'm listening, I'm listening.

- So, I show up as Bree and make it appear

as if I know something
about Harry's whereabouts.

Like I know something about the money,

only I don't say what.

In the meantime, I get close
enough to get more information.

- Oh well, that's very good.

Now, what did you call me in here for?

You need a nurse?

- I need a double.

- I know you talking scotch.

- I'm talking you.

- I tried to talk her out of it, Linda.

- Dash is a man with lots of money,

no morals, and no conscience.

- Sounds like my landlord.

- I laid all the groundwork for
this perfectly and now this.

I worked too hard.

I've got to nab him.

I haven't lost an assignment yet.

- Sharlene always gets her man.

- Hmm, she sometimes got mine too.

- Oh, forget it.

You were right, John.

I knew this couldn't work.

I should've known.

Linda, you say you want excitement,

but you're too scared,

and here's the chance that you never had

on account of me you say,

but you turn tail and run.

- I know what you're doing, Sharlene.

You're doing the same thing

that you did to me in high school.

Daring me to take that
biology test for you.

- I am not.

- Oh, yes you are.

- Am not.

- Are too.

- Am not.

- Are too.

- And?

- I got an A plus.

(John whistles)

- You'll be taking my place, Bree's place.

- How am I supposed to come off

like some well-traveled, rich divorcee?

- Well, I'll help you with your homework,

so come on over here.

- [Linda] Mm mm.

- Come on over here and sit down.

- Nope.

- Come on.

- [Linda] Mm mm.

- Gosh Lynnie, it is good to see you.

- Don't Lynnie me little she wolf.

I haven't said yes yet.

I have to talk this over
with Sam, my boyfriend.

- Oh no now, come on.

You can't mention this
to anyone, not even Sam.

It's got to be a secret.

- Oh, I got it.

I saw Mission Impossible.

- You see, John, I told you she'd to it.

- Do what?

I don't see anything being done here.

I'm not here, and if I were, I
wouldn't see two of you here,

and further more,

I'll be waiting downstairs for you, Bree.

- You might as well make
yourself comfortable.

There are quite a few details
I gotta fill you in on.

(machine beeps)

- Oops, you better talk fast.

I think I just gave
you a dose of morphine.

(lively saxophone music)

Oh, look at this place.

My sister sure knows how to live high.

- Now remember, Dash thinks you're witty,

well-traveled and sophisticated.

- Bree only met him once.

How much of an impression
could she have left on him?

Oh, a very serious first impression, ooh.

- Okay, come on.

(lively saxophone music)

- Wow, what a view.

One lucky woman.

- This is Bree's.

You are Bree, ergo, this is yours.

- Ergo, what kind of word is that?

- Latin.

(telephone ringing)

Pick up the phone.

- Who uses ergo?

Ergo, this is yours.

- I do, pick up the phone.

(telephone ringing)

- I'm scared.

- Don't be scared, it's only a phone.

- [Gabriel] Bree, are you there?

- Hello?

- Hello, this is Gabriel.

Are you all right?

- It's him, he want's to
know if I'm all right.

- Go ahead, say everything is fine.

- I'm fine.

- What do you say to a little cocktail?

- Hello little cocktail.

- (chuckles) Great, I'll pick
you up for the party at six.

- You'll pick me up at
six for a cocktail party.

- You're an angel for
excepting on such short notice,

but this promises to be the
cocktail party of the season,

and I'd hate to think that you'd miss it.

- I hope you know what you're doing.

- Of course I do, I'm
looking forward to it.

- Sounds sublime.

- Ciao.

- Ciao to you too.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

- Great.

- Forget it, no can do.

He's talking fancy cocktail parties.

- Haven't you ever been
to a cocktail party?

- Yeah, once, I served it.

- Don't worry, take it easy.

Everything is gonna be fine.

Just calm down.

- I don't know if I can
do this, any of this.

I'm a waitress.

- How many waitresses you know
have a penthouse like this,

or use the word sublime,

or have at their fingertips a
wardrobe as dazzling as this?

- Wow, this is bad.

I mean, is um, divine.

- That's the ticket.

Now, we gotta hurry.

You can do it.

You know you can do it.

- John, you really think
I can pull this off?

- Of course you can.

(lively saxophone music)

(lively saxophone music)

- Mrs. Terranovio, right
this way to the limo.

(lively saxophone music)

- You're perfect.

Is it possible that
you're even more beautiful

than I remember?

- It's possible.

(lively saxophone music)

(Linda gasping)

- Is there any news about Harry?

- Not yet.

- It's a magnificent evening, isn't it?

- Downright balmy.

(Gabriel chuckles)

(lively saxophone music)

(guests chattering)

- Are you okay?

- Of course, why would I be nervous?

- Well, I didn't suppose that you were.

Although, sometimes these events
can be a bit intimidating.

Mixing the extremely wealthy

with the extraordinarily famous.

- Well, when you've done it
all and seen it all, oh my.

- Hey, there's Mr.
Cambridge, do you know him?

He's a good friend of
Harry's from Bermuda.

- No, we've never met, but
of course I've heard of him.

- Let's go say hello, shall we?

- Yeah, well.

- Gabriel, it's so nice to see you.

Come, let me introduce you.

Darling, look who's here.

- Larry, how are you?

- You finished, ma'am?

- In more ways than one.

Who the hell is Mr. Cambridge?

- Don't worry, he's an
old friend of Harry's.

They haven't spoken for years.

- Oh okay, got it.

- Excuse me one second.

Would you care to join us?

- Oh, thank you my good man.

- [John] My pleasure.

- May I present Bree
Terranovio, Harry's ex-wife.

- Hi there.

- How do you do?

- What do I do?

- No, how do you do?

- Oh, how do you do.

I thought you said, what do I do,

but how do I do what I do?

That's a good question.

- Yes, uh, my wife, Monique.

- Oh, how do you, it's
so nice to meet you.

- I thought you all might have met before.

She knows a lot about offshore financing.

- Really?

- Not I, no.

- Oh me, yes.

Um, nice meeting you.

- Hello Gabriel, did I overhear
you talking about economics?

- [John] Malaysian fish ball?

- [Gabriel] Roger, Bree.

- I'd love to pick your
brain sometime, if I may.

- If I had the choice, not
even I would pick my brain.

- Perhaps you can tell us
where all that American money

that trickles down to Bermuda goes.

I mean, it just seems to disappear.

- Probably gets lost in the triangle.

- The triangle?

- Oh, you mean the three
departments of the ministry.

- Exactly.

- So Bree, I was wondering,

tell me do you spend
much time in the market?

- Um no, I have a list.

I make my purchases, I
get out before the crowds.

- Malaysian fish ball?

- Just between us,

would you say you get
most of your tips inside?

- Just between us?

I get all my tips inside.

- That's the only way to play it.

- What would come to your mind first

if I was to say to you, Bermuda?

- Shorts, that's all I have to say.

- Gentlemen, excuse us, please.

Let me help you.

- Sell short.

- Oh.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

(light piano music)

- Do you think there's
any money to be made

in trading sugar?

- It all depends on
what you trading honey.

(all laughing)

- Am I interrupting?

- No, the business world has been waiting

for woman like Bree.

- And I seem to have been waiting

on most of the business world (laughs).

- I'm sure you find Mrs.
Terranovio fascinating,

but the car is waiting.

- Gonna turn into a pumpkin?

- Hey, you can't take her away now.

She's having the best time of my life.

(Linda laughing)

- Excuse me, goodnight
gentlemen, Cinderella.

- Ooh, it's been a pleasure
meeting all you gentlemen.

As a matter of fact, it's been
perfectly sublime (laughs).

- You have the whole party
eating out of your hands.

- Well, when it comes
to people and eating,

I have a lot of experience (chuckles).

- Malaysian fish ball?

(light jazz music)

- Well, she's not home yet,
John, but I'm very comfy.

- [John] What if he
comes up for a nightcap?

- Hmm, with my sister, hmm.

She's the last of the old-fashioned.

She'd never let a guy come up

unless she was already
going steady with him.

- What if he insists?

- He won't, that's not his style.

Hmm, I may not know what he's doing,

but I know just how he's doing it.

Did that make any sense?

- [John] No.

- Good, keeps you on your toes, bye.

(telephone buzzing)

- It's not exactly my
style to invite myself in.

(telephone thuds)

What was that?

- My cat, Miss Kitty.

- A cat, it sounded like someone fell.

- Oh, she's a big cat.

(crutches thud)

A really big cat.

Clumsy, but I love her.

Look, fix yourself a drink.

I'll be right back.

John, John.

(mysterious music)

- Are you okay?

- Yes, yes, I'm fine.

- What's that?

- This, my crutch.

- Well, when did you hurt your leg?

- I haven't yet, but I'm taking up skiing.

You know, so this is
just in case I you know.

So um, now, I'm just gonna
hang up my coat in the closet.

- That's the way you hang up your coat?

- Yes, Miss Kitty likes
to sleep on it (chuckles).

Stay Miss Kitty, stay (chuckles).

(Sharlene grunting)

- Now, where were we?

- I don't remember.

- All right, all right, I'll leave.

It's not everyday I get a
chance to talk big business

with someone who looks like you.

- It's not everyday I
get to look at someone

who talks like you.

- I could use a woman with expertise,

and I'm sure you could use a man like me.

So, just tell me truthfully, Bree.

Do we have any common ground?

- Don't be surprised when you find out

just how common it is.

- Sometimes I get the feeling
that you're putting me off,

and sometimes I get the
feeling you're putting me on.

- Sometimes you feel like
a nut, sometimes you don't.

- (chuckles) All right, just tell me this,

and then I promise I'll go.

Are there any advantages

if they regulate offshore financing?

- I'll tell you what,

finish your drink,

sit right over here.

I'll be right back.

Are there any advantages of
regulating offshore financing?

Are there any advantages of
regulating offshore financing?

Are there any advantages of
regulating offshore financing?

- Not according to the financiers.

It's the perfect way to hide
unclaimed money, tax free.

Profits from investments

go directly in a Swiss bank account.

Any regulations would mean
death of a corporation,

which are mostly shells anyway.

- Thanks.

Answer to your question.

Absolutely not, this would
never serve the interest

of any profit minded investor.

Without Swiss bank
accounts and shell fillings

we'd all be sunk offshore.

Now, I've answered your question.

- And then some.

- Enchante, Madame.

- Ergo, I'm sure.

(both chuckles)

(light jazz music)

Boy, you sure get around.

- Good work, Lynnie, we're
getting to him, I know it.

He never would've barged in for a nightcap

if he wasn't overly curious.

- So he's curious.

I'm beginning to lose interest

in the lifestyles of
the rich and the famous.

- He's gonna wanna see
you again, tomorrow I bet.

- Well fine, good, if I have
an empty table at my station

that'll be all right, goodnight.

(patrons chattering)

- What's the matter with you?

Didn't you get any sleep last night?

You look awful.

- Flattery will get you nowhere with me.

- Ooh, and she's cracking too.

- I had quite an exhausting night.

- Oh yeah, what'd you do?

- Uh, watch TV.

There were a couple of classics on

that I just couldn't miss.

- Girl, you watch too many movies.

You must be starved for excitement.

- No, Linda don't need
no damned excitement.

- Says who?

- Oh, excuse me and just
what're you looking for?

A trip down the Amazon maybe?

- You think all I'm good for
is waiting on people, huh?

Well, I'm tired of waiting on people,

and I'm tired of waiting on customers

decide what they wanna eat,

and I'm tired of waiting
on a certain someone

to decide if he wants sun, fun, and me,

so get this, I'm leaving.

- You're quitting?

- Almost, I'm taking
the rest of the day off.

Look out excitement, here I come.

- Linda, hey.

Come on Linda.

I was just teasing.

(upbeat music)

- Good, you're off early.

- What're you doing here?

What're you doing with my elbow?

- You've just received an invitation

to join Mr. Dash on his yacht.

You need to hurry.

- Oh no, wait a second.

I got a tournament tonight at eight.

- Can't we miss it?

- No, you can, but I can't.

- All right, then I'll get you
there on time, don't worry.

- Can we work in a little nap too?

- You can sleep on the helicopter.

- On the what?

(helicopter humming)

(lively saxophone music)

(Gabriel laughing)

- Love your outfit, Calvin?

- Why Calvin, you're too sweet.

- She's delightful this Bree.

I can call you Bree, can't I?

- But of course, babe.

May I call you babe?

- Gabriel, where ever did we find Bree?

- At Maggies's.

- Oh Maggie, has the best affairs.

Don't you think?

- I think people's affairs
are their own business.

(Ken laughs)

- Oh, just what I was craving, caviar.

- You know what I could really go for?

A simple green salad.

- What would you like on that,

French, Thousand or Creamy Garlic, hon?

- Have someone replenish your drink.

I'll be back in a few minutes
to take you on the grand tour.

Excuse me.

- Aye, aye, captain, excuse me.

- What a wit she has.

- Malaysian fish ball?

- Where'd you come from?

- I'm always right behind you.

- I'll remember that
when I go to sit down.

- Listen, I think there's
something going down.

- Good work, Linda, what is it?

- There's a man onboard,
real shifty looking.

I'm sure he's some kind of contact.

- Point him out to me.

- I sweat I seen his face
on American's Most Wanted.

Wait, there he is.

He look familiar to you.

- Sure does, Special Agent
Benson, he's our backup.

Don't take it so hard.

Now, might I suggest

that you try to find Dash's client list.

- You might.

- Might I also suggest that
you look in his office.

- Where is his off, full lot
of vermouth in that martini,

don't you think?

- I'm terribly sorry, ma'am.

- But then again, it is
difficult to keep anything dry

in the middle of the ocean, isn't it?


- [Gabriel] You ready?

- For what?

- [Gabriel] To see the rest of the boat.

- [Linda] Oh sure.

- Sir?

- Something diet.

- This is my office,
and this is the door--

- Don't I get a peek at you office.

I can tell a lot about a man
from once glance at his office.

- Really?

One glance.

(mysterious music)

(Linda grunts)

Are you all right?

- I am now.

- You are going to swim, aren't you?

- Oh, you know, I forgot a swimsuit.

- (chuckles) No problem.

- What is that?

- A bikini.

- Looks more like paisley dental floss.

Don't you have anything bigger?

- How big?

- At least as big as a fig leaf.

- I have some one pieces over here.

I didn't realize that you were so shy.

- (chuckles) In high school

they used to call me
old-fashioned Linda (chuckles).

- Old-fashioned Linda?

- You know teenagers.

Everybody had a nickname.

Sometimes Bree, sometimes
Breezy, sometimes Linda.

- Well, enjoy.

(suspenseful music)

(globe thuds)

(suspenseful music)

- Momma said never open
nobody else's drawers.

A person's private stuff
is his private stuff.

Never try to be somebody you ain't, bingo.

(suspenseful music)

- [Gabriel] Thor, where's Terranovio?

- I don't know, but I
have your attache case.

- Put it in the office.

Check with our friends in the Bahamas.

Find out what's going on.

You'd think with a
dozen private detectives

we'd find some trace of Harry.

(suspenseful music)

- I wonder what the chances
are of this thing being open?

Oh check, good.

Oh, very good indeed.

(suspenseful music)

Oh uh, I wonder what his chances are

of him missing a few of these.

Very good, Linda.

(suspenseful music)

- Lost?

- A little, I can't remember
how to get back up on deck.

- Ah good, you found her.

Where did you disappear to
and why aren't you changed?

Couldn't you find anything you liked?

- Oh, the line was fabulous, stunning,

great colors for the summer,

but I uh, I was a little embarrassed.

- To wear a bathing suit?

- To drown, you see I can't swim,

and I find that flailing
about and gasping for air

makes me look rather
unattractive (laughs).

Do you mind?

- Well, you can watch.

- Oh, I'm an expert at that.

(light piano music)

John, I think you should
see this right away.

- Thank you for keeping me
abreast of your activities.

- Forget it, now write these names down.

Victor Mazzarino, Val
Dumbrofsky, and Nick St Angelo.

- [John] San Angelo.

- Cassidy Parmley.

- Is that on the rocks?

- On the list.

- Uh, straight up, yes ma'am.

- Oh, good evening, Thor.

What's Thor short for anyway?

- Thor.

- Well, like Bree, right (chuckles)?

Not short for anything, just Bree.

I'm sure we have tons of things in common.

Good manners ain't one of them.

Can you believe this guy?

- [Man] Dinner is in the
lounge, dinner is in the lounge.

- Go ahead.

- [Gabriel] You don't like horses?

- [Linda] No, I mean yes.

- [Gabriel] You don't like to ride?

- [Linda] Yes, yes.

- [Gabriel] You do?

- [Linda] Yes.

- [Gabriel] You don't or you do?

- I don't sometimes, but I do.

- Yes well, maybe one day
we'll go out to the stables.

Do you like horses?

- [Woman] No.

(pins thudding)

- Where the hell is she?

- I know, Linda's never been
late before in her life.

- Excuse me for a second.

(glass clinking)

Could I get everyone's attention, please?

First of all, let me say
how happy and thrilled I am

that you could join me this evening.

It's not enough to enjoy the
work that people do for you,

but to enjoy the people
that do the work, and I do.

- [Lady] Here, here.

- [Gentleman] Here, here.

- [Man] Here, here.

(guests chattering)

(door thuds)

(mysterious music)

(guests chattering)

- Coffee, ma'am?

- Drugs.

- Drugs?

- Drugs, he's into drugs.

One case filled with money

switched for another filled with drugs.

My instincts told me he's into drugs.

- Stay calm, I'm gonna check it out.

(pins thudding)

- Damn!

(pins thudding)

- Come on guys, let's start,

or are you gonna keep us waiting

as long as your customers wait?

- Hey, the reason it's always
a longer wait at our place

is that everybody stopped
going to your place.

(all laughing)

- I'm going to get a drink.

(pins thudding)

- Whew, all right, yow!

- May I have your attention once again?

As a token of my appreciation,

I have a little something for each of you

that I just imported from Brazil.

(mysterious music)

- Uh, oh no, you know I couldn't uh.

(mysterious music)

- [Gabriel] I hope you like it.

- Oh Gabriel, I'm bowled over.

- Bowl, has anybody got the time?

- [Man] 9:30.

- [Gentleman] Six o'clock.

- 9:35.

- Oh um, look I'm sorry.

I didn't realize I was running
so late for my appointment.

Look, I hate to sail and run.

(lively saxophone music)

Sharlene, I think you
may be wrong about Dash.

I think he's a perfectly
respectable and a charming man.

- We are not wrong.

There's a small detail
of 15 million dollars

embezzled by Harry Terranovio

in which Dash doesn't seem to miss.

Now, where there's smoke there's fire,

and little sister,

Mr. Dash is smoking.

- Don't worry sis, I'm
not after no new flame.

After all, I got a boyfriend.

- [Sharlene] Right, I got
my work, you got your Sam.

- Oh no, I've got your work.

If I don't get to that
bowling alley on time,

who knows who will end up with my Sam.

- Sharlene, Linda got me a list of names.

I'm checking them out.

I think we may be onto something.

- I wish you'd speed it up.

- [Sharlene] We can't do that, Linda.

We might blow this thing.

- Oh, not you, Sharlene, John.

The tournament is starting, right.

- Sounds right to me.

- No, not you, Sharlene.

John, turn right.

(lively saxophone music)

- Sharlene, I'm going back to headquarters

after I drop Linda off at The Bowl.

- Good luck.

- Good luck who?

- You.

- Oh, thanks.

- Okay, bye.

- Get 'em, tiger.

- I think that after all this is over,

I think I'm gonna miss you, John.

- [John] Mm.

- Or maybe just this car.

(John chuckles)

(light jazz music)

My car broke down.

This guy gave me a lift.

- Since when do you except
rides from strangers.

- Well, I went on my instinct.

He looked all right.

- He looked all right?

- Yeah.

- You can trust your
instincts all you want.

It's strangers you
ain't supposed to trust.

- Come on now Sam honey, now lay off.

- I'll lay off when I get good and ready.

- Well look, I told you my car broke down,

and I got a ride in a limo.

- Wow, a limo!

(all gasp)

Wow, was anyone in it?

- The chauffer.

- Are you sure it wasn't Michael Jackson?

I mean, you know how he
likes to disguise himself.

- Quite sure.

- Nicole, are you gonna bowl or what?

- Yeah, I can't bowl and listen
to them at the same time.

- We almost gave up on you.

- I told you I'd be here.

- Where have you been all day?

(ball thuds)

- Sam!

- I'm sorry, Nicole.

- And Mr. Hal Porter gets up to the line.

A hush falls over the crowd.

- Oh, why don't you hush.

- Perfect concentration.

Steps into his backswing.

Releases, perfect form.

(pins thud)
(team cheers)

Perfect form, woo hoo!

- Perfect pain in the alley.

- I wanna know where you've been all day.

I must've called six times.

- [Belle] Sam, you're up.

- At least six times.

(pins thudding)

- That's good.

- What about the paint job?

I've never seen you made
up like this before.

- Hey Tyson, stop fighting.

It's improving your game.

(Hal laughs)

- Hey Belle, you're up next.

- Oh, well here goes nothing.

- I can't watch this.

(pins thudding)

(team cheering)

- Oh Belle, I don't know how you do it.

- So on my own.

- You seeing somebody else?

- No, Sam.

- You sure?

- Of course she's sure.

She'd know if she was seeing someone else.

(mysterious music)


- What?

- Honey, you should remove
your jewelry before the game.

- Gift from the chauffer?

(pins thudding)

- Another strike for Sam.

(light jazz music)

Guess I struck out.

(lively saxophone music)

- Come down, Linda, and listen to my plan.

I got two different sizes,

because you seem to have
gained a little height.

- If you'd shut up a minute,

you'd find out that I
won't need either dress,

because I'm not going
to dinner with Gabriel.

I'm making dinner for Sam.

- No, you can't.

Mr. Dash is very intent on seeing you.

You've got to go.

- You go, tell him, tell
him that you got so excited

you hung up the phone,

tripped over the cord and broke your leg.

- He's leaving for the
Bahamas in a few days, Linda.

We're under the gun.

- I promised to have dinner with Sam.

I'm lucky he even wants
to after last night.

I can't blow it.

I don't mind losing a
little sleep over this,

but I'm not losing my boyfriend.

You're just gonna have to find
yourself another understudy.

- What time is your dinner?

- Seven o'clock, why?

- Because I've got an idea.

- Uh oh, I've seen this look before.

I ain't like it then,

and I don't like it now.

- Here's what we'll do.

We'll put on these dresses.

- Oh no now, you are not
gonna pretend to be me

like you did at the prom.

- You were the one who told me

to distract your date for a few minutes.

- And he came back with
his bow tie on backwards.

- That's not my plan.

Anyway, look, look at this, ooh.

(light violin music)

- [Gabriel] So sorry, am I late?

- No, I'm just early.

- [Gabriel] Brains and beauty.

- Is that what you're ordering?

- (chuckles) You really amaze me.

Some days you can be droll and sarcastic,

and some days you can
be whimsical and naive.

- I'm prone to mood swings.

Anything wrong with that?

- I love it.

I never know with whom
I'm gonna be dealing.

- How very true.

(mellow music)

(Sam chuckles)

(lively music)

(light violin music)

- Mm, and what is this?

- Chicken, hurry, curry, chicken curry.

(lively music)

(light violin music)

- Would you care for some
dessert this evening?

- Dessert?

- Uh yes, why not?

You wouldn't happen to have a
chocolate souffle, would you?

- Yes we do, but that's
usually ordered in advance,

because it takes 20 minutes.

- Fine, a souffle is
always worth waiting for.

(light violin music)

- Good darling?

- I couldn't have done better myself,

and certainly not as fast.

What's the hurry?

- No hurry, it's just
that time seems to fly

when you're having a good time.

- Then I must be having a ball.

(both chuckle)

- Dessert's on in five seconds.

- Which is why Rembrandt is my favorite.

Although, as contemporary artists go,

I'm rather fond of Warhol.

- You derive such pleasure
when discussing art.

- Oh yeah, I could discuss
art all night long.

- My God, you must have a hollow leg.

- What, what do you mean?

- No no, I only meant

that you have quite a veracious appetite,

and yet you maintain such a lovely figure.

- Oh, yes, thank you.

(finger snaps)

- Are you uh, looking for the restroom?

- Oh, yes.

- Oh, it's just um, it's
just right out front here.

- Oh, good to know.

Actually, I was wondering if
there was any fresh fruit.

- Pardon me?

- Mother always made us have
some fresh fruit after dinner.

- Well Bree, so are you ready

to take over where your husband left off?

- Where was that?

- Well, I was hoping you'd tell me.

- And I was hoping you'd
tell me a few things.

- [Gabriel] Like what?

- Like, what do you intend to do

with the small fortune you amassed.

Are you a philanthropist,

or have you any political aspirations?

- Politics, who've you been talking to?

- Uh, Harry mentioned something,
but that was years ago.

I was just wondering.

- So, what else has your husband,

ex-husband, imparted to you?

- A settlement.

Rembrandt, a pain in my, kiwi.

(light violin music)

- Excuse me a moment.

- Please.

- I've taken care of all the arrangements.

- Good, get the car ready.

We'll leave right away.

You're ready, look,
I'll pay for the check.

- No, I've already taken care of it.

After all, business is business.

- Look, something very
important has come up.

I must fly to the Bahamas.

Listen, could I ask you to
throw caution to the wind,

and fly down with me
for a little business,

a little nightcap, a little gambling?

- Just tell me which
way the wind is blowing,

so I know where to throw my caution.

- I've never met a woman like you before.

Most people have lost
all sense of spontaneity.

- Not me, I've kept my
spontaneity and lost my sense.

- Maybe we can finish
that discussion about art.

- Art who?

(light violin music)

- Check please.

- Yes Sharlene, you
heard right, the airport,

and I'm going to the Bahamas,

and I don't know what I'm doing,

but I'll be okay.

I mean, it's not like he's a murderer.

He's just a, well, if I knew what he was,

I wouldn't be here.

Anyway, Sam is coming over
there tonight after work,

and if I'm not there tonight,

he won't be there
tomorrow or any other day.

(mysterious music)

- I love Paradise Island
Casino, don't you?

- Oh yes, luxurious.

- I'm trying to buy it.

- Really, what do you want a casino for?

- It's a great investment.

This one belongs to Darrel Buzby,

and he and I go way back.

As a matter of fact,

Darrel was pretty friendly with your ex.

By the way, did I happen to
mention that Harry's back?

- Harry back where?

- The Islands.

- How dare you try to get me
to fly down alone with you

knowing my husband was there all along.

Well, I don't wanna see him,

and I have no intention
of speaking to him,

and if you thought that you would use me

to try to get to Harry,
then I really resent that.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I thought you and Harry parted as friends?

- We did, I just don't
wanna see him, that's all.

- Well, it's not necessary.

If you don't wanna see Harry,
you don't have to see Harry.

- That's precisely how I feel.

- He is in the hospital.

He's in critical condition.

They're not letting anyone in
to see him, except his family.

Now, I've arranged for a car

to take us from the
airport to the hospital.

- You have?

- An ex-wife should be with
her husband on his deathbed.

You know, in case he has
any final confessions.

- What happened to Harry?

- He was in a boating accident.

- What kind of boating accident?

- He was on a boat when he was shot.

(suspenseful music)

(lively island music)

- Don't you think visiting
hours are over by now?

- We have special privileges.

Excuse me, Mr. Terranovio,
is he still alive?

I mean, is he okay?

- Who are you?

- I'm an old friend.

This is his wife.

- His old wife, ex-wife.

- Well, he's Dr. Cain's patient.

You'd have to ask him.

- Where can we find him?

- He just went down to the cafeteria.

- Thank you.

- [Nurse] You're welcome.

- Um, by the way, has he had any visitors?

- You're the first.

- Have a good day.

- Thank you.

- I have to find a restroom.

I'll be right along.

Excuse me, what room was my husband in?

- 708.

- Thank you.

- [Nurse] You're welcome.

(lively island music)

- Mr. Terranovio, you don't know me,

but I have to ask you a really big favor.

I could be in a lot of trouble
if you don't do it for me.

In a few minutes, two men
are gonna come in here.

Gabriel Dash, you know him,
and Thor, you know him too.

You know, the big guy.

I said I was your ex-wife.

I told him my name was Bree.

I just need you to back me up on that.

Now, I'll explain
everything all to you later.

Now, could you do that for
me, please, Bree, ex-wife?

I know you got a lot on your
mind and a lot on your body,

but if you could just,

just forgive me for not getting
in touch with you sooner,

and thank you for telling
me that you still love me.

(crying) Oh, Harry!

- I'm sorry you have to see him like this.

- Tubes don't bother me.

- Mrs. Terranovio, he's dead.

- Thank God we had our last
meaningful moment together.

- But he died over an hour ago.

- Then it probably meant more
to me than it did to him.

(mellow island music)

- Looking for something in particular?

- Oh yes, something black.

- For your husband.

- No, for me.

- Cocktails?

- No, death.

- Oh, I'm so sorry.

- My ex-husband.

My late husband.

My ex late husband.

- Something simple, yet elegant.

Mournful, yet not morose.

- Respectful, yet festive.

- How about this.

- Size eight, charge it,

and I want that red
smoking jacket over there

for my boyfriend.

- I'll need an ID.

Not even buried yet.

- Did we get any information?

(suspenseful music)

Look, did Terranovio
talk to anyone before he.

- No one, we had him followed.

- I've got to find out what Bree knows.

- [Salesman] May I help you?

- Yes, I like this uh, shirt
in a 16 collar, please.

- Certainly.

Will this be all?

- Fine, thank you, I'll sign for it.

- [Salesman] Very good.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, sir.

- Take the shirt to my room.

Talk to you later.

(suspenseful music)

- There you are, sir.

- The blue one, definitely.

It goes with your eyes.

(lively island music)

Hey, you see the color of this water?

Well, you live here,

so must be used to it,

but boy is it something.

You can see right to the
bottom, it's so clear,

and this sand, I mean, white sand.

It's unbelievable, I never
been anywhere before,

but I know this has got to be

the most beautiful place
in the whole world.

Well, I just had to tell someone.

Thank you for listening.

Gabriel, isn't there
anything you want from life

that you haven't gotten yet?

- Now, that's a good question.

I don't think there's
anything in this world

that money can't buy.

It's just a question of how much.

- There are plenty of
things that money can't buy.

- True love, good health.

- Laughter, sunshine, excitement.

- Now, I'd like to buy
this island right here.

There's laughter,
sunshine, and excitement.

- Can't you ever look at anything

without seeing a price tag?

- (chuckles) The tag is always there.

Sometimes it's just hidden.

- You talk as if money is the
only thing worth living for,

but there must be something
that makes you tick.

Something that drives Mr. C. Gabriel Dash.

- I'll show you.

- Here I was thinking
all sorts of bad things,

and here you are cooped
up in your own apartment

with a broken leg and nobody,
nobody to take care of you.

Hell, I oughta wring your neck.

- I don't wanna be a nuisance.

- Since when?

Don't you always put your tired feet

in my hands for a good rub, huh?

Don't you always find that
soft spot on my shoulder

to yell into, or cry on when
the world makes you cranky?

Uh huh, girl I don't know

what's gotten into that
crazy head of yours,

but you had me worried there for awhile.

I thought I lost you, baby.

I've been kicking myself
in the butt all week.

- Oh, Sam.

(mellow music)

Mm, oh, mm.

- What's the matter?

Let, let me help, let me help.

I missed you,

I'm glad you're here,

I love you, love Linda?

You signed your own cast?

- No silly, it's uh, it's--

- Oh, I get it, it's for me.

Girl, you wouldn't
believe all the bad things

I've been thinking about you.

- Like what?

- Well I, I thought you were having

this great, big, old
affair with some rich dude,

and he was gonna take you off
to all those wonderful places

that we've only dreamed about.

- No one has more wealth
than a person in love.

So, stop talking crazy.

- Why is that crazy?

You deserve it.

You're the greatest, Lynnie.

You're always there
when someone needs you.

You've been taking care
of people your whole life,

and you do it with love.

You're generous, you're unselfish,

and you're always trying
to make people laugh.

- I didn't know she was that great.

- Who?

- Me, me, the way you describe me.

It makes me sound like a terrific woman.

- Well, you are.

- You're a good man, Sam.

A kind, thoughtful, and lovely man.

I'm so happy for her.

- For who?

- Your mother.

- She's dead.

- Wherever she is.

- you wanted to know
what drives me, she does.

She had me when she was only 16 years old.

She was alone and poor, but she loved me.

I remember that.

- [Linda] She died young.

- Yeah, sometimes love
even has a price on it.

- Take your time.

I'll go scout for plots.

Cassidy Parmley.

- [Reverend] Who has worked
hard, and yet enjoyed life.

A man who fulfilled his dreams,

but had time to encourage
others to fulfill theirs.

A man who wanted so
much, but also give much.

- Victor Mazzarino, Val Dumbrofsky.

(mysterious music)

Nicholas St Angelo (gasps).

- Amen!

- Bingo!

I mean dead is what I mean, and Harry too.

Now, I don't know who
ever else is on that list,

but I'm pretty positive
that whoever is a client

is somebody with a tombstone.

Well, I don't know why.

Hey, you guys have got
to figure that out now.

You're the spies.

I'm just some.

- A waitress at Johnie's
Restaurant in Hollywood.

- Hmm, that's curious.

Thank you, Thor.

Pack my bags for me.

Tell Bree we're leaving.

(dramatic music)

(lively jazz music)

This is where you live, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- Are you sure you're
all right about Harry?

- I'm fine about Harry.

Harry was as cold and
distant then, as he is now.

Thanks for the trip,

and I hope you get your casino.

- Oh, I will, you can bet on it.

- No doubt.

- We spent a lot of together, Bree,

and yet I don't feel like
I really know who you are.

- Don't feel bad.

I don't feel like I know
who I am either (chuckles).


- Goodnight.

(mysterious music)

Tomorrow I'll guarantee you
I'll know who she is, let's go.

(door creaking)

(mysterious music)

- (screams) My neck!

- Uh, my leg.

- My hip!

- My leg.

- My leg!

- My leg, I thought you were a burglar.

- What were you gonna do, read to him?

- Don't you know how to use a bell?

- This is my place.

- This is my place.

- It's my place!

- This, hush, just help me
over to the chair, okay?

(both grunting)

You find out anything else?

- I'm close, I can feel it.

Dash started opening up.

I figure that by next week
we should really have him.

- Forget it, you're through.

You've done a great job,

but John and I will handle the rest.

- But you won't even be outta
your cast until next week.

- I said that we'll take it from here now.

- Well, I don't understand.

- I know you don't.

Look Lynnie, I took a big chance

asking you to do what you've done so far,

an enormous risk, a gamble,

and we've been extremely lucky so far.

- Well, it worked, didn't it?

I mean the gamble paid off.

- I don't want to risk you.

We don't know how
desperate Dash could become

if he finds out that we're onto him now.

The stakes are high.

You have got to drop it.

- What's all this about?

Where were you today?

- [Sharlene] Your place.

- How do you like my place?

It's a bit smaller than this.

There's not nearly as much closet space.

- It's warm and cozy and full of love.

Reminds me of Momma's place.

I've never been so
homesick in all my life.

- Oh, Shar.

- Sam was there.

- Whatchu mean Sam was there?

- He came over to fix me lunch, you lunch.

- Oh, well, what's he fixing me lunch for?

- Because you got a broken leg.

- Uh, well that's it, it's over.

My job, my other job, my Sam.

- No Lynnie, it's just the beginning, hmm.

Sam is the kindest, sweetest,
you know he loves you too.

He really, truly loves you.

So much that he's gonna take
a couple days off with you.

- Hmm, what'd you say to him?

- I told him there was
no place I'd rather be

than where I was with him.

- Hmm, what about you?

How come you don't have a guy?

- [Sharlene] I haven't
found one yet, but I will.

- Hmm, the kind of men
you meet in your work

are always headed for the slammer.

Maybe you should change jobs.

- I love my work.

You call me crazy.

- You wanna hear crazy?

So do I.

- You love your job?

- I love your job.

I just cart food around.

What's lovable about that?

But I do love the people
I work with though,

so I suppose there's more than
one reason to love your job.

- Oh, that reminds me.

Nicole called while I was there.

She wants to know if you
could cover for her tomorrow.

- What'd you say?

- [Sharlene] I told her you couldn't.

- Couldn't, why couldn't I?

- Because you have a broken leg, remember.

- Sam's the only one
who knows I'm in a cast,

and I'll be home way
before he gets to my place.

See, being born five minutes ahead of me

didn't make you necessarily
a heck of a lot smarter,

did it big sister?

- Maybe not, that piece of
fruit between your teeth

doesn't make you

a lot more attractive either,
little sister (laughs).

- Belle.

- What?

- What's with your hair?

- I got a rinse.

I uh, I wanted to soften
the gray a little bit,

but I think it looks a little
blue in some lights, does it?

- Not at all.

- No, it looks fine.

Nicole's late, and you
got another customer.

- Oh.

Good afternoon, what can I do for you?

- Mr. Dash would like
a few words with you.

- I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.

- You know what I'm talking about.

That's what you're afraid of.

- Uh look, you must be mixing
me up with someone else.

- Then step quietly out to the
car and we'll clear this up.

- What's the matter with you?

Can't you see I'm just
a poor working girl?

I can't walk off my job.

- I got it, you can go home, thanks.

- Oh, that's okay, Nicole.

I'll get it, okay, I got this.

- Don't be silly.

You must be beat.

Go on home and get some rest.

What'll it be, hon?

- Two coffees to go.

- Gotcha, thanks so much for coming in.

I really appreciate it.

It went really well,

but I won't hear till next week.

Blue hair, way to go, Belle.

- Now, you don't want any
of your friends to get hurt,

so why don't you be a good
little girl and come with me.

I am not going to hurt you.

- You're not?

- No, because I know
you're not stupid enough

to make me use this.

(suspenseful music)

Keep the change.

- Gee, thanks.

(suspenseful music)

Hey Lynnie, you should take this.

- I got all I could take right now.

- Shut up and move it.

- Thanks for saying goodbye.

(suspenseful music)

What's wrong with this picture?

- [Belle] Sam's not in it.

(suspenseful music)

- All right, let's start again.

Your name is Linda.

You work as a waitress.

You were pretending to be a rich woman,

so that you could move
in a wealthy circle.

- Right.

- Wrong, you didn't pick
Terranovio at random.

You chose him because you knew

I was interested in his
whereabouts, now why?

- Because I wanted to work with you.

You're the richest--

- Cut the bull.

Now, what do you know about Terranovio?

- Just that he used to work
for you and doesn't now.

- [Gabriel] Where's the money?

- I don't know.

- [Gabriel] How do you
know what you do know?

- Can I call a lawyer?

- This is not a game,
Linda, whoever you are.

This is trouble and you're in it.

Now, I wanna know who you work for.

- Arty Vorstein.

- Is he your contact?

- No, he owns Johnie's.

- How does a waitress know
about offshore financing,

Wall Street, and fine art?

- She does her homework.

- I'm gonna give you one
more chance to enlighten me,

or else I'm gonna have Thor
come in here and enlighten you.

- All right, I met a guy, he got drunk.

He told me he'd knew a
guy who embezzled millions

from a guy he worked for.

He told me his name, I forget it.

If someone could embezzle
millions from someone

without putting that
someone out of business,

that someone is someone
I'd like to get to know.

- And you found me, little
you, little miss nobody,

and you really thought
it would pull it off?

- I'm a quick study.

- Good, because I have a
little lesson to teach you.

You wanna know how to make money?

I'll show you how.

In the basement, after you.

- Oh ho ho, oh no.

I can't go down there.

I'm afraid of basements (chuckles).

(suspenseful music)

And yet, I'm more afraid of guns.

(suspenseful music)

- [Nicole] Hey Sam, aren't you off?

- Yeah, hey Nicole.

I just came by for my jacket.

- Hey, would you give
this to Lynnie for me?

- [Sam] What for?

- She subbed for me this morning.

This guy left it as a tip.

She was already waiting
on him when I came in,

so I don't think it's fair.

- Get outta here, Nicole.

Linda's got a broken leg.

- And she worked for me anyway.

I can't believe how nice she is.

- How could she work on crutches?

- She wasn't even on crutches.

- What about the cast?

- I didn't even notice one.

Seems to me I would've noticed.

- Millie, what's going on?

- I'm as confused as you are.

She left without saying a word.

Got in a limo with a couple of guys.

- How long ago?

- How long ago?

- Who the heck are you?

- This is very important.

How long ago?

- An hour.

- Hey!

(suspenseful music)

Wait a second!

What is going on?

Why is it important, and
who the hell are you?

- I'm a government agent.

- Why do you want Linda?

- I don't want her.

I want the man that she's with.

- Is she in trouble?

Is she in trouble?

- If you don't let me go,

I'm gonna have you arrested.

- Get in the car, Sam.

Come on Sam, get in the car, I'll explain.

- Is this your publishing company?

- One of them, only we
don't print books here.

We print pages, pages and pages of money.

So you see, money truly is no object.

I didn't need the money.

I only needed investors.

- You mean the names of investors.

- Right.

- But Harry knew too much,

so he skipped town with his knowledge,

and 15 million dollars.

- And he knew I wouldn't come
after him or report it lost.

Otherwise, he'd blow the whistle on me.

Sooner or later it was bound
to come to a head, Harry lost.

- It looks so real.

- This is the finest
counterfeit money ever made.

It's absolutely flawless.

I only use it for export purposes.

- Washing it through the casino.

- Storing it in overseas companies.

- Saving it in Swiss banks.

- You really are a quick study.

- Why are you telling me all this?

- You tell me.

- Is this sort of like my last supper?

- Bon appetit.

- They'll look for me.

- [Gabriel] Who will?

- The people I work with.

- [Gabriel] Where?

- At Johnie's.

- Damn you, if I didn't know any better,

I'd think that you were really innocent.

- Oh, but I am, I swear.

I really am a little miss nobody.

I really do work at Johnie's.

I really do have a tiny apartment.

I really do have a boyfriend
who is nobody important.

I really could go back to
all that, be wildly happy,

and never think of you
and any of this again.

- No, you really couldn't.

- Then I'm gonna have to cry (crying).

You crumb, you said

that you were doing this for your mother.

Your mother was poor and desperate.

My mother was poor,

and my sister and I had
nothing and we worked.

At least I did.

I worked until my mother died,

and my mother was proud of me,

which is more than I can say for you.

- I'm sorry, I seem to
have forgotten my violin.

(dramatic music)

- I told you they would miss me.

- Oh God, it's Carter and Samuel's.

Keep your head down.

If they realize that's not you out there,

we're gonna be two ex-FBI agents.

- I don't care, that's my sister.

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

- We're not done with you yet.

(suspenseful music)

- [Policeman] Freeze, hold it right there!

(suspenseful music)

Let's get on this side.

- [Cop] Got it.

- [Policeman] Right to the left.

Roger, look, go go go,
over there, got him!

(suspenseful music)

- Let me go or I'll
kill her, I'll kill her.

- Let her go, let her go!

- Let her go, Dash.

No sense adding murder to kidnapping.

There's nowhere to go!

Come on, send her on over here.

- No, I need time to think!

(suspenseful music)

I'm going inside!

Don't try to follow me!

I'll kill her!

Don't you think I won't!

(suspenseful music)

- Sam!

- Linda!

- [Linda] Whew, whew, whew, whew!

- [Gabriel] Let go!

- Be careful, Linda.

- [Linda] Whew, whew, whew, whew!

(gun firing)

- Ooh!

(gun firing)

(Linda and Gabriel grunting)

(suspenseful music)

- Let me go, let me go!

- Get up, get up!

- I can't, would you
tell her to let me go.

- You can let go now, Miss.

- I can't, my fingers are cramped.

(Linda moaning)

- Get up!

All right look, that's enough!

Take it easy, take it easy!

- Special Agent Sharlene Cutter.

Don't get up so fast.

You might be hurt.

- Oh no, I'm fine all things--

- No no, no no, Sharlene.

He fell real hard on you.

You might have a broken leg.

- Oh, my leg, my leg!

- Call an ambulance!

Which one is it?

- Uh, uh, my left leg.

I think it's broken.

- That girl.

- [John] Take him away, will ya?

- Oh, almost didn't recognize you

out of your waiters uniform.

- Look who's talking.

- You okay, baby?

- Oh, I know I will be, honey.

(light saxophone music)

So, was our mission
impossible accomplished?

- We are heroes in Washington.

- (gasps) Great, ooh!

Well, I guess that means you'll be leaving

once your leg heals, huh?

- Probably, what're you gonna do?

- I don't know.

Sam, what're we gonna do?

- Well, I'm not sure,

but I hate to see these tickets

your sister gave us go to waste.

- Tickets, what tickets?

(gasps) Shar, Shar.

Oh, I love you.

You're the greatest, thank you.

Sure be nice not having to take orders

from the FBI, or Johnie's.

- Remember what you said
about not having choices?

You had them and you made them.

They were so easy you didn't even realize,

and you know what else?

You made all the right ones.

- She sure did.

- What about you?

- Oh, I'm gonna make the
most of this (chuckles).

Be nice not to go anywhere and be anyone.

I'm gonna stay right here and be me.

- Do that, you might find
out you like her the best.

I know I did.

- So, you and Sam are finally
gonna take that vacation.

You could turn it into
a honeymoon, you know.

- Who proposed, you or him?

- I already proposed.

- I don't remember such a thing.

(Sam laughs)

- Oh, sure he did,

and you said that it
sounded perfectly wonderful.

- Oh, I did, did I?

Well, I know I would've
said nothing like that.

- Oh no?

- No, I would've said that
it sounded perfectly sublime.

- That would've sounded
just like you, Linda.

- (chuckles) And I know just
the place I wanna get married.

(mellow island music)

Oh Sam.

- What precious angel?

- When are you gonna take
me away from all this?

- (chuckles) You're on
a hot, concrete stoop

in the middle of a small,
gloomy parking lot.

- Thanks, thanks, thanks,
but no thanks for that rhyme.

Oh man, am I torn.

- Between what, the rich
life and the real life?

- Between looking at your sweet face,

and this incredible view.

- (chuckles) Turn around, girl.

You're gonna be looking at this sweet face

for the rest of your life.

- That goes double for me too, Sam.

(mellow saxophone music)

(MultiCom Jingle)