Double X: The Name of the Game (1992) - full transcript

An American (Michael Cooper) arrives at a quiet Scottish hotel where he meets an Englishman (Maurice Rigby). As Maurice walks out towards his car it suddenly explodes!! Cooper picks up Rigby who tells him The Mob is trying to kill him. This is a story of British gangsters in the 90s, betrayal and "Double Cross".

(dramatic music)

(techno music)

(dramatic music)

(birds chirping)

(ship horn blaring)

- [Man On Loudspeaker]
Passengers are reminded

that random baggage
checks are in operation.

- I was touring Europe,
kind of a working vacation.

I had no problem

with mixing a little
business with pleasure.

Sometimes it was fun.

(people chattering)

You don't want to see it?

I want you to hear the truth,

at least the truth as I see it.

Before the newspapers
get ahold of the story

and begin distorting the facts.

- There you are sir.

Blue BMW with a full tank.

- Terrific.

- I hope you have a
pleasant stay in Scotland.

- I'm sure I will.

- Very nice to do business with you.

- I began to feel uneasy on the trip

over from Northern Ireland.

Thank you.

But I put it down to nerves.

Thanks, you have a nice day.

I don't like the sea much,
except when I'm on dry land.

I wanted to get away
from towns and cities.

Crowds, so I headed for
a small fishing village

about five miles away.

(upbeat music)

The sun came out and suddenly I felt good.

It was a great feeling driving

through those famous Scottish moors.

The air smelled clean and sweet,

well sweeter than hometown Chicago anyway.

Five years ago I was invalided

out of the Chicago Police Department.

One night I was about to
bust a junkie freaked out PCP

but he pulled a gun and
he put a hole in me.

I lay in a dark alley for
three hours looking up

at the stars before they found me.

The bullet was lodged near my spine,

but the surgeon couldn't risk operating

in case he did more damage taking it out.

One day it'll move

and I'll spend the rest of
my life in a wheelchair.

The department gave me
a medal and a pension.

But neither's enough to pay the bills.

(upbeat music)


- Good afternoon.

Can I help you sir?

- Yes, my name's Micheal Cooper
and I have a reservation.

- Yes, Mr. Cooper.

You're a little early, I'll
just check if your room's ready.

Would you like to wait in the lounge?

- Certainly.

The hotel was quiet and peaceful.

Only a couple of other guests.

By this time my sense of
unease had almost vanished.

I wondered how the hotel
stayed open out of season.

And why.

Then there was the answer.

(gentle music)

- [Receptionist] Mr. Cooper!

Your room is ready now.

- I guess the hotel didn't
do much of a lunchtime trade.

But all the tables were laid

and most of them had room
numbers showing you where to sit.

I admired their attention to detail.


Busy for this time of year.

- [Waiter] Sorry for the delay.

- It's all right.

- Can I get you a drink?

- Um, I'll have a beer and
why don't you chose for me.

Do, do, do, doo.

Could you recommend that?

- I beg your pardon?

- Uh, that looks like salmon, uh,

I was wondering if I could order that.

- Oh yes, it's very good.


- Um, excuse me, I don't
if it's the done thing,

but would you like to join me for a drink?

- No thank you, no.

I'll just finish readin' my paper.

- Okay.

- [Waiter] Are you ready to order yet?

- [ Michael] Um, I will have
the salmon and a side salad.

- [Waiter] That it?

- [Michael] That's it.

- [Waiter] Thank you.

I'll be with you in a minute sir.

- Excuse me, I'd just like to
apologise for being so rude.

I've little bit of a headache
see, would you mind if I?

- Pull up a chair.

- Thanks.

Can I buy you a drink?

- Oh, no, one's my limit in
the afternoon, thank you.

- You get used to it.

- Friend of yours?

- Who, oh, no, never seen him before,

it's, um, he's just a guest I suppose.

- Michael Cooper.

- Oh, pleased to meet you.

- You're on vacation Mr. Um?

- Oh, yes, yes I am.

Rigby, Morris Rigby.

- Well it's a good time of year for it.

- For what?

- Uh, a vacation, out of season.

- Oh yes.

- [Michael] Uh, get
away from the tourists.

- Well, I suppose so.

(both laughing)

- At least some of them.

Hey how 'bout that, we're neighbours.

- Oh.

- [Michael] I'm in 121.

- You're on holiday too, Mr. Uh, Cooper?

- No, I'm afraid not.

I'm, uh, actually I'm running away.

- From what?

- Love, Mr. Rigby.

You must have been in love.

If it doesn't work out you,

you either kill yourself
of you run away to forget.

And it's not in my religion
to try suicide, so.

- Sometimes living can be just as painful.

- Yeah, I guess it can be.

You sound as if, you, uh,

- Along with millions of
others, yes, Mr. Cooper.

- [Waiter] Here you are sir.

- [Michael] Thank you.

- If you'll excuse me?

- Nice to meet you.


There were a couple of
guys in the department

who'd go on vacation together every year.

Just hoping they'd run into trouble.

- Did you enjoy your lunch sir?

- Yes, thank you, it was very nice.

- Good.

- Okay.

Adventure, that's what they called it.

Well, they would have
loved what happened next.

(dramatic music)

Mr. Rigby.

(dramatic music)

Mr. Rigby.

Are you all right?

- Yes, yes, thank you.

- Did they take anything?

- No, there's nothing worth taking.

- Did you let the hotel know?

- No, there's no need
for this now listen--

- Mr. Rigby your room's been ransacked.

- What are you doing?

- You should let the hotel know.

- Hey, put that down will ya!

Why don't you get out of here!

And mind your own business.

- I'm just tryin' to help

- I don't, I don't need your help.

(plane engine revving)

(car booming)

(dramatic music)

- My God, Mr, Rigby, are you all right?

(Mr. Rigby moaning)

- Oh, it's you.

Help me.

- All right, call an ambulance.

- Yeah, I've got to get away.

- Just lie still.

- I've got to get away from here.

- Are you crazy?

- Yes, will you help me please.

- Easy, you just calm down okay.

- They're trying to kill me!

- Who's trying to kill you?

- Are you gonna help me or not?


(plane engine revving)

(tyres screeching)

- Get in.

C'mon, get in.

So what's going on Mr. Rigby?

- Nothing.

- Nothing?

You said some one was trying to kill you.

One minute he's screaming
about somebody trying

to kill him and then, he clams up.

I had to get him to talk.

- [Mr. Rigby] Hey, what are you doin'?

They'll be after me won't they!

- Who?

- Take me to the Ferry Terminal.

- [Michael] I didn't think they
allowed guns in the country.

- I'm not joking.

- You wouldn't shoot me
with that, would you?

(car engine purring)

- No good, it's to late now.

- [Michael] Is that
the guy from the hotel?

Who is he?

- He's an assassin.

I think it's better for
you if I get out now.

- Mr. Rigby, this is a BMW.

Put your seatbelt on.

(tyres screeching)

(alarm blaring)

(tyres screeching)

(dramatic music)
(tyres screeching)

(horns beeping)

(dramatic music)
(engines revving)

(tyres screeching)

(car engine revving)
(dramatic music)

(metal crunching)

(fire whooshing)

- [Mr. Rigby] Where did you
learn to drive like that?

- Chicago PD.

- My real name's Arthur Clutton.

For most of my life I've been a criminal,

petty theft, safecracking.

I hit the jackpot when I
joined the Organisation.

It was fronted by a gangster
called Smith, Iggy Smith.

- You're lyin' to me.

Why are ya lyin' to me?

Now you see, most people know me

as a mild mannered sort of a fella.

Placid is a word that
springs immediately to mind.

And, I'm also very sincere.

Isn't that so fellas?

- Mm.
- Mm.

- Hm.

But you know.

There's one thing I hate
more than anything else.

And that's people lyin' to me.

I hate it.

And you know, when I find that
people have been lyin' to me,

my personality changes.

Just like that.

And I become a real bastard.

- I'm not lyin'.

(men laughing)

- There you go again, see.

(man screaming)

He'll try again.

- [Arthur] You know, for
sometime I'd been thinkin'

of leavin' the Organisation.

Hearin' that man scream,

suddenly I couldn't take it anymore.

Something inside me said enough.

And I knew, I just had to get out.

- Goin' somewhere Arthur?

- That's none of your business.

And I'm Mr. Clutton to you.

- Well, Mr. Clutton, Mr.
Smith would like the pleasure

of your company inside.

- Arthur, our guest is ready to talk.

Now go on now, ask him a question.

Go on, don't be shy.

- I need an optimum range
of the vault sensors.

- 2.5.

- Does that make sense?

You're lyin' again, he's lyin' again.


- 1.5.


I swear it.

- It does make sense,

I've got to check on me tables
first but it makes sense.

(dramatic music)
(electricity sizzling)

(man groaning)
(Iggy laughing)

What are you doin'?

He's tellin' the truth.

- So what!

(Iggy laughing)

- Oh for God's sake.

(Iggy laughing)
That's enough.

- Did your trouble, Arthur?

You're to sensitive.

- But he told me--

- Oh now, come on, you
know he'd do the same

to us if he half a chance.

- He's on the way out Mr. Smith.

(Iggy laughing)

- Ah well, say goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

(dramatic music)

- Oh, you animal!

(dramatic music)

- Clear this mess off.

Wait a minute Arthur.

- Okay, clear this mess up.

- Arthur, will you wait, I want to.

(Arthur gasping)

I'd like little word if I may.

Will you go upstairs and get
everything ready for Mr. Ross!

- Okay Iggy.

- And have some champagne sent over.


Now how long have you
and I known each other?

- Oh, I don't know.

- 10 years.


That's a long time, you know.

Now I would have thought that by now,

you'd have learned not to
insult me in front of my men.

I'm very disappointed.

♪ I'll wait for your love ♪

♪ Mm ♪

- [Arthur] The Organisation
had its headquarters

in an East End nightclub.

It was built like a fortress,

with all the latest security devices.

The cellars were used
for holding prisoners

and I had an office on the first floor.

Iggy lived in the penthouse of course.

- [Iggy] How's your daughter been keepin'?

- [Arthur] She's fine.

- Pretty little thing.

Must be all grown up now.

And talkin' about pretty little things.

You know, you could look tasty
with a few decent clothes.

Why don't you dump Arthur and I'll--

- Take your hand off my knee.

Mr. Smith.

- Oh.

(Iggy laughing)

(fax machine humming)

What's news?

- I can set the level of
radioactivity in the pellets.

Outside the range of their sensors.

- Oh it means sod all to me.

Just make sure it works.

(scoffs) And don't be
late for the meetin'.

- How can you let him
talk to you like that!

He's just a hoodlum, you're
the one with the brains!

(sighing) What's the matter Arthur?

C'mon, tell your Jenny.

- They were interrogating a
man from the Shultzers mob

and then, why they just,
they just murdered him!

Right in front of me.

- You didn't think he'd
let the man go, did you?

Arthur, you've been in
this business long enough

to know the score.

- Yeah, Iggy'd say that.

- You're just tense.

- I'm getting out!

- Do you really think they'll let you go?

After planning robberies and take overs

for them for God knows how long?

You think that you're gonna walk away

with a golden handshake?

Where have you been living?

And what about me?

They know our relationship.

You think they're gonna
let me wander 'round

as though nothing--

- Jenny!


YOu're coming with me.

- Where to?

Where can we hide from them?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I can see it all now.

Life on the run with Arthur Clutton,

we'll be dead in a week.

- No Jenny, I've been givin'
this a lot of thought.

Now, you've got to trust me.

- Oh, Arthur.

(upbeat music)

- [Arthur] Iggy fronted the Organisation

but the brains behind it all
was a man called Edward Ross.

Cold, calculating and totally ruthless.

Power, that was the name
of the game for him.

(dramatic music)
(people chattering)

- Good evening, Mr. Ross.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- Hello, Mr. Ross.

Nice to see you again Mr. Ross.

- How are you Ignatius?

- I'm mustn't grumble.

If I'm not mistaken that's a new brand

of aftershave you're wearing.

Very pleasant.

- Oh, one must never be
afraid to try something new.

- Hm, ah some champagne perhaps?

- Our friends at Shultzers
are becoming a nuisance.

I want them out of business.

- Ah, yes, well the vault
job is on for next week.

- No, that's not enough.

I don't want to just bankrupt them.

We need to teach them a more,
permanent sort of lesson.

(door knocking)

- [Iggy] Hm, well yeah, that's
rather a tall order Mr. Ross.

- Well fulfilling my tall
orders is your major function

in life.

Am I right?

I asked you a question Ignatius.

- Uh, your wish is my command Mr. Ross.

- Arthur.

Everything on schedule?

- Oh, yes Mr. Ross.

We'll be ready.

- So you've solved the
problem with the sensors?

- Well, yeah, well the
only other problem was

to place the Semtex explosives

at precisely the right point in the vault.

By using the telescopic
bars I will be able

to pinpoint the exact position.

Now the other item, I call it a gizmo.

- Looks like a rat!

- Would you call it, Mickey.

(Iggy laughing)

- Shut up!

- Well my congratulations Arthur.

- Oh, thank you.

- Now time for that champagne I think.

- Mr. Ross?

I'd like to talk to you please.

I, um, this is gonna be my last job.

I've been giving it a
great deal of thought

and I think the time has
come for me to retire.

(Iggy laughing)

I'm getting old.

I can't stand the pace anymore.

(Iggy laughing)

- Oh stop, Arthur, give
over now, you're killing me.

(Iggy laughing)

- Iggy, I've made up my mind.

Mr. Ross.


- Arthur.

There is no way, you're gonna
retire from the Organisation.

You're in a position of trust.

- Don't worry, I can keep my mouth shut.

- Didn't you read the small
print in your contract?

Arthur, I'm surprised at ya.

Til death us do part.


- Arthur, now you're just tired.

Now when this job's over,

I want you to take a
few weeks holiday, hm.

Lie in the sun.

I'm sure a tan would be very becoming.

Now come on.

You don't really want to retire.


- No.

- Hm.

Ah this is a beautiful city, Arthur.

It's made for men who take
without ever having to ask.

Now you know, you and I are
really very alike Arthur.

And I know retirement would kill me.

There's so much left to do.


And when you're thinking straight,

I know you're gonna feel the same way.

Where's that champagne, Ignatius.

- Ah, Ollie!

- No, I asked you Ignatius.

- Oh.

Very well Mr. Ross.

- And dismiss the men.

No, not you Arthur.


You stay here.

(dramatic music)

What buys power Ignatius?

- Um, money Mr. Ross.

- Wrong Mr. Smith.

Do you know Arthur?

- Um, knowledge?

- Fear.

Fear buys power.

For example I have power over Mr. Smith

because he's afraid of what I'll do to him

if he ever crosses me.

Isn't that right?

- Um, whatever you say Mr. Ross.

- You don't seem convinced.

Bring both those glasses of champagne.

Over here.

- Well you see there'd be a
problem there you see because,

if I did, I couldn't use my stick.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


- You see what I mean.

Answer me Ignatius.

- I understand Mr. Ross.

- Arthur, help him up.

I do hope that you're not hurt.

Thank you Arthur.

Now there are one or two little things

that I have to talk over with Mr. Smith.

And don't forget what I said.

About that holiday.

- I saw Mr. Ross tonight, you
could just feel his power.

The way all those people
parted as he walked by.

- Perhaps you ought to try to
start up a fan club for him.

- He's got nothing on you.

You've got more brains,
just no ambition that's all.

- I'm not ruthless am I?

Your Mr. Ross, he's gonna try

and have me killed after the vault job.

- What?

Are you sure?

- I've seen enough death warrants signed

with a smile, haven't I.

- Arthur, what have you got us into?

- Oh, nothing's going to happen to us.

I told you Jenny, I've got a plan.

- I don't give a damn
about your bloomin' plan.

I'm not going to die for you.

- I wasn't asking her to die for me.

I'd never risk her life.

Or my daughter's.

I knew Jenny was scared, so was I.

Ross wasn't gonna let me go on holiday.

As soon as the vault job
was over, I was a dead man.

Unless I struck first.

I had no choice but to
start phase one of my plan.

(gentle music)

I, Arthur Clutton, do hereby
submit this recording together

with written documentary evidence

which is now in the hands of my lawyer.

Duplicate copies will also be found

in the left luggage
locker Main Line Station.

Full information and proof is
provided revealing the crimes,

murders, fraud et cetera committed

by the Edward Ross Organisation.

Because I'm in fear of
my life from the gang,

I fully confess to having been a member

of this said gang and to have taken part

in the many crimes hereby documented

which undoubtedly would
prove the absolute guilt

of the Organisation.

(gentle music)

(lightly snoring)

- Morning Dad.

When are you gonna start
usin' your own bed again?

- [Arthur] Oh please, Sarah, don't nag.

- Answer the question then.

- How are your exams going?

- [Sarah] Terrible, I'm
gonna fail them all.

- Oh.

- Oh, c'mon Dad, what do
you expect me to say, hm?

They're going great.

You'd be proud of me.

- I'm already proud of you.

- [Sarah] Why am I
taking a day off school?

- No questions.

I am your father, and I order
you to be totally obedient.

(Sarah laughing)

- [Sarah] Oh, Dad, mm.

- How would you like
to live abroad, there?

- Depends where?

- Well, it's anywhere you fancy.

Take your pick.

(dramatic music)

The Shultzers mob were the
Organisations only rivals.

- C'mon Les, put your backs into it.

We haven't got all bloody day.

- [Arthur] We had an uneasy truce,

where they ran the north
and west side of the city

and we ran the south and east.

- To much, trouble for you
give us hand in this place?

- Yeah.

(both laughing)

Just gonna check on them there.

- Yeah sure.

(dramatic music)

- [Arthur] While I was putting phase one

of my plan into action,

the Organisation was putting

their grand design into operation.


That's what they call it.

(dramatic music)

- [Accountant] What is going on?

- What does it look like?

- [Accountant] You cannot be serious.

- Up against the wall.

Move it.

- C'mon.
- We are, down on the ground.

- Shut your mouth.
- Get going.

(dramatic music)

- [Man] Don't, don't (speaking faintly)

- I believe you're expecting me.

- Oh?

- [Arthur] My name's Arthur Clutton.

- Who are they?

- Oh, that's my daughter and a friend.

(dramatic music)

- Well, I assume you want three passports.

- Mr. Ross sends his compliments.

(guns clicking)

(guns firing)

(men yelling)

(Iggy laughing)

- No smiling.

(camera clicks)


(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)
(man yelling)

(guns firing)

- You know the price.

1,000 pounds a person.

(camera clicks)

- We need them tomorrow.


(guns firing)

- [Iggy] They're mine.

(guns firing)

(men groaning)
(guns firing)

- That (snorting)
- He's yours.

- Hold me.

(gun fires)

(guns firing)
(Iggy laughing)

(car booming)

(building booming)

I love dressin' up.

- Look into the camera.

Don't smile.

(camera click)

(gentle music)

- Well, Edward, is it true,

you're thinking of becoming a politician?

- With some assistance from you, Minister.

- Well it's true I may
have, well let's say,

some influence, but I'm not all powerful.

Don't have a magic wand.

- I don't think you need one.

(Minister laughing)

- You know, Edward,
for an intelligent man,

your powers of perception
are, very undeveloped.

The fact is, you're a gangster.

- Aren't all politicians?

- (laughing) Perhaps, but their activities

have been more subtle then
yours have been of late.

- Supposing I gave you my word
that all that is in the past.

- I think I'll wait
until the others arrive,

before I commit myself, hm.

(dramatic music)

- [Arthur] So far everything
was going like clockwork.

After phase two there was no going back.

(dramatic music)

- Construction of a development company,

perhaps I might just share them with you.

- I'd be delighted my dear boy.

- I hope you'll be able to stay
for the party this evening.

- You're parties are quite famous.

(both laughing)

- There's a group coming from TLM

that I think you might like.

(bomb booming)
(glass shattering)

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)

- Yes mate.

(dramatic music)

Thank you.

(dramatic music)

- [Man] They're coming back!

(dramatic music)
(guns firing)

(man shouting)
(guns firing)

(dramatic music)
(guns firing)

- Oh.


- Edward I think you
ought to forget politics.

- Yeah, any losses?

And on our side?


Just a minute.

Where have you been?

- Well with my daughter, she um--

- They tried to hit Mr. Ross.

The Organization's on red alert.

We're doin' the vault job tonight.

- Oh, (laughing) that's impossible.

- Nothing's impossible.

- We've got to plant the
cart, set up the look outs.

- All done.

- We need a weekend.

For safety.

- Do we?


Get ready.

- I've got to think, I need time.

- Arthur, now you do have confidence

in this little plan of yours, don't you.

- Of course I do, but every time I--

- No buts.

You know, I must admit
I got a little worried

when I heard you wanted
to leave the Organisation.

I thought that you were
turning traitor on us.

- Oh no, nothing like that
would ever occur to me.

- Oh good, I'm glad to hear it, you know.

But needs must prove.

If you get my drift.

(bomb booming)

(dramatic music)
(water dripping)

(upbeat dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(floor booming)

(dramatic music)

(hands slapping)

(both quietly laughing)

(drill buzzing)

- Ah.

(camera clicking)

(Arthur groaning)

With the vault job over.

It was time to put the final
phase of my plan into action,

but first, I had to make sure that Sarah

and Jenny were safe
and out of the country.

And as far away from the
Organisation as possible.

Hello, I'd like a cab to
take me to the airport.

Yes, please.

It was 176 Franfield
Road, as soon as possible.

Oh good, thank you very much.

Thank you.

(clock chiming)

Hey, hey.

- Dad.

What's going on?

- Where's Jenny?

- [Sarah] I don't know.

She was here half an hour ago.

- Now listen Sarah, now
I'm sending you and Jenny

to live with your Aunt Lucy in America.

- Dad, I've got exams.

- Never mind about your exams love,

the cab will be here for you soon.

So don't tell anyone where you're goin',

not your boyfriend, or even
your best friend at school.

And when you get there,

I don't want you to make a
phone call or write to anyone.

Just listen to what Jenny says.


- If you say so Dad.

- Then I'll be with you in a few days time

and we'll have a trip
all around the world.

First class, how 'bout that.

- Hm.

- Oh yeah.

These belonged to your mother.

They're not really valuable,

but well, she wanted
me to give them to you

when you got to 21.

I think you're old enough now.

(gentle music)

So, don't lose them.

- I won't.

- I wonder where Jenny's got to.

She's probably on her way.

Oh yes, that's all yours.

By yourself a few dresses, eh.

(gentle music)

Be careful your Aunt
Lucy doesn't see them,

otherwise she might nick it all off you.

(Arthur laughing)

I think you'll have to go without Jenny.

But she might catch up
with you at the airport,

so wait as long as you can.

- I love you Daddy, so much.

(dramatic music)

- Up until now, everything
had gone smoothly.

With a bit of luck,

Jenny would have met Sarah
at the airport and by now,

they'd be somewhere over the Atlantic

on their way to safety.

(dramatic music)

I hadn't cracked a safe in years.

But I needn't have worried.

All the old skills came flooding back.

(dramatic music)


Easy I said.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

- You know, this wasn't exactly the kind

of holiday I had in mind, Arthur.

Geez, I thought you gave up

all this housebreakin' lark years ago.

You know, to be honest, when
I first got the tip off--

- And who told you?

Just a minute.

Isn't she beautiful?

(Iggy laughing)

Well you can rest assured
Arthur, that from now on,

your lovely Jenny is gonna
have nothing but the best.

- Why did he have to know.

- Aw Jenny.

- I'm sorry.

- I did this all for you
Jenny, you know I did.

- If you'd have done what I said,

none of this would have happened.

I'm not gonna be hunted
for the rest of my life

because you're a damn fool.

(Iggy snorting)

You pathetic bastard.

Get on with it.


- Wow!

(Iggy laughing)

Good shot, Arthur.

(Iggy groaning)

I do wish people would
stop knocking me over.

- I had to protect myself!

One way or another, you're gonna die.

- Arthur.

Remember, we never forget.

- I've been on the run
for three years now.

You know, I've got plenty
of information hidden

with my lawyer.

I phone him once a week,
no matter where I am.

That's why I'm still alive today.

- But why would they try and kill you now?

- I only said that to you
because I wanted you to help me.

They tried to scare me.

Oh yes, if they'd really
wanted to kill me,

I'd have been dead long ago.

Look, I know you helped me.

But, well, uh, if you leave now,

there's every chance that
nothing will happen to you.

(engine rumbling)


What is it?

What's happenin'?


Well what's wrong.

- Ah, three guesses.

- Oh, don't tell you've run out of petrol.

- Well, the tank was full
when we picked it up.

Only 13 miles on the odometer.

So either we ruptured the
fuel line, or they did.


Look at that.

All right, come on.

Let's walk.

- But where to?

There's nothin' around here for miles.


Michael, hey, wait for me!

Michael, wait, I'm comin'!

(dramatic music)

- The wind was picking up.

And I was beginning to change my mind

about those famous Scottish moors.

I felt sorry for the little guy.

But he was wrong about one thing.

I was in to deep.

Far to deep to back out now.

Whether I wanted to or not,

I had to see it through to the end.

There's our hotel for the night.

Spooky isn't it.

- Yeah.

Give me the devil anytime.

(dramatic music)
(thunder rumbling)

- C'mon Mr. Rigby, let's try in here.

(dramatic music)

- Oh, it's not very inviting is it?

- I've slept in worse places.

C'mon, let's go up there.

Watch it.

(dramatic music)

Watch your step.

(wind howling)

Sit, see if I can get a fire.

- Oh, oh, I'm sorry for
getting you into this.

- [Michael] What's done is done.

Here why don't you sit right here,

it's probably a little more comfortable.

(wind howling)

- You know, I never used to drink at all.

I'm tired of runnin' away Michael.

(thunder crashing)

- You give to easy, Mr. Rigby.

Why don't you, uh, why
don't you go to the police?

- Oh, uh, they'd either throw me into jail

for my role with the Organisation

or else if they agreed to protect me,

I'd be a prisoner for the
rest of me life wouldn't I.

What about my daughter.

(gentle music)

Look, look what they've done to my baby.

I found those in my room,
just after you came in.

You know, I really thought
she'd be safe in America,

what a stupid fool I am.

(gentle music)

There, the face of an angel.

(gentle music)

- A nagging voice inside
my head was saying,

get out while you can.

What is, what is this?

(dramatic music)

- Oh, that's Jenny.

I still love her.

I'd take her back like a shot.

You know I've, I've seen
some amazing sights.

While I've been abroad.

- [Michael] I imagine you have Mr. Rigby.

- [Arthur] Yeah, I've almost
worth while being on the run.

There's snake charmers in India.

And lepers in New Guinea,
monsters in Thailand,

(gentle music)

- I didn't sleep much, I
was cold, wet and hungry.

And that uneasy feeling was
stronger than ever before.

The rain had eased off but the
wind was blowing even colder.

Coming from Chicago I
should have been used to it.

But my bones ached.

And my head hurt, and I felt lousy.

There was still a lot to do.

Mr. Rigby.

Hey, Mr. Rigby.

Come on.

It's dawn.

It's time to get going.

- Oh what's, what's the use Michael.

I told you last night,

- Hey, you're not dead yet.

You gotta keep moving.

- But what about Sarah.

(air blowing)

- We'll send in the police.

- Oh, then the gang would
kill her straight away,

wouldn't they.

- Then we'll rescue her.

(Arthur laughs)

- You Americans.

The only way we can rescue
her is to give them back

all the documents that were took from 'em.

And that is what I'm gonna do.

- Wait a minute.

I'll do it.

- Do you know what you're sayin'?

You've never even seen--

- I know.

It just happens like that sometimes.

Anyhow, Chicago PD remember.

Anything goes wrong,

I'll be able to handle it
better than you, all right?

No disrespect intended.

- None taken.


I'm gonna give you my solicitors address.

The code word is double X.

And I'll write you a little note

that you can give to him

and then you won't have
any problems will ya.

Now, all the duplicates of
the information will be hidden

in the left luggage locker
at the Main Line Station.

I've also hidden the
claim ticket in a locket

that Sarah wears around her neck.

There's a secret catch on
the back of the locket.

- And that's all I'll need?

- That's all you'll need.

Ah, thank you Michael.

You know, you are my last hope.

One way or another, this
nightmare is finally got to end.

There could even be a
chance for me as well.

If I could just stay hidden here

until you've given the list to them.

How long will it take Michael?

- Oh, not long Arthur.

(dramatic music)

- What's that?

Where'd you get that from?

(dramatic music)

Drop that gun Michael.

(dramatic music)

I'm warning you.

(dramatic music)

(gun clicks)

(bullets clinking)

You set everything up.

Didn't ya.

- It's my job.

I'm sorry Arthur.

- Promise me one thing.

Make sure they, make sure
they let my Sarah go, will ya.

I saw the way you looked at that photo.

(wind howling)

And I beg ya.

Don't let them hurt her anymore.

- I can't make any promises.


(gun fires)

(thunder rumbles)

I know what you're thinkin'.

I'm a son of a bitch.

Well, maybe you're right.

I liked Arthur.

But I couldn't let my personal
feelings get in the way.

I'd taken the contract and
I had to follow it through.

As I said.

It's my job.

God, I've never tried
to justify a hit before.

It's over.

So why do I still feel so uneasy.

♪ I've been waitin' ♪

♪ For you to come back through that door ♪

♪ So many things to forgive me for ♪

♪ I keep hopin' ♪

- Aren't you ready yet!

- The ravages of time, Ignatius.

- Don't call me that.

(Jenny laughing)

♪ For you come back through that door ♪

- Oh give it a rest!

And come and say hello to our guest.

Won't you darling.

(Jenny laughing)

Ah, champagne.

Ah, Jenny won't be long.

You know, women.

- Well, before we all start
congratulating each other,

I'd like to see the papers.

- I would like to see my money.

- [Mr. Ross] You sure
that this is all there is?

No duplicates?

- Well, if the police show up

at your place next week, no it isn't.

- Don't be flippant young man.

- Ah, gentlemen, we're all friends here.

Ollie, put those in the
fire over there would you.

- Okay.

- Hi!

I'm Jenny.

- Where's your pretty hair thing?

- Hello Mr. Cooper.

- Ha, a toast.

A toast to a job well done.

- Tell us how you did it.

- How I did what?

- Tricked him into giving
you all that stuff.

- Ah well, Mikey succeeds
where others fail.

C'mon, tell us.

- Well he was about to
give himself up anyway.

- How did you kill him.

- I, uh, shot him in the back of the head

as he was walking away.

- Oo, I bet that was painful.

- Tell me.

How did he look when you betrayed him?

- Probably the same as
he did when you did it.

(Iggy laughing)

- Nice one Mikey.

(hand slapping)

- Oh, aren't you gonna
finish your champagne?

(Iggy snorting)

- What about the girl?

- Why, would you like to
blow her brains out too?

- Oh, dear, that, she's only
jokin' Michael, you know.

Actually she's downstairs
bein' looked after by the boys.

- What are you gonna do with her?

- Well, that's very much
up to Sir Edward here.

- Oh, no doubt I'll think of something.

- I want to see her.

- Oh no more seconds for Mikey, (laughs).


(dramatic music)

I always knew you were the sensitive type.

You should have stayed a copper.

- You move your hand one inch,
and I'm gonna break your arm.

- No worries.

I couldn't have reached
your heart from here anyway.

- Oh, come along now Mr. Cooper.

You've already proved you've
got more brawn than Ignatius,

join us for a drink.

- The girl.

- [Iggy] One last word
from her Daddy, huh.

- Something like that.

Why didn't I just take
the money and leave.

That little voice in the back
of my head was screaming.

But I wasn't listening anymore.

- The boss says that he can.

Take him in.

- The place was wet and dirty.

It stank of stale sweat, blood and fear.

Oh yeah, you could smell the fear.

Hello Sarah.

You don't have to be afraid of me.

Just take this off.

The face of an angel.

I could feel myself being drawn
in by those deep blue eyes.

So serious, so scared.

My name is Michael.

And I'm a, I knew your father.

The voice in my head was dead.

No more warnings.

I've come to get you out.

Can you walk?

- Yes.

- Okay.

Let's try standing.

Yeah, there you are.

You're freezing.

Take this.

- You a policeman?

- Sh.

Come on.

(man groaning)

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

Come on Sarah.

(dramatic music)

- [Man] Hey you!

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

Come on, come on.

(dramatic music)
(guns firing)

- Um.

They got away.

- You are beginning to
disappoint me Ignatius.

Deal with it.

(Jenny laughing)

(upbeat music)
(people chattering)

♪ Drop me on the high way ♪

♪ To hard to find ♪

♪ Back in the corner ♪

♪ Where you gets what you deserve ♪

♪ No sense at all ♪

♪ Knock on wood ♪

♪ I've been around I want you to see ♪

♪ Shoot the witness ♪

♪ Deep in the night ♪

♪ He cries out ♪

♪ What the fuck is this talk about ♪

- Take your pick.

The adrenaline was fast wearing off.

And my shoulder was aching.

I told her to pull into
the next gas station.

Here there's money in my wallet,

why don't you fill the tank
up, get us some food, water

and get me some disinfectant.

- Did my father give you this?

- Yes.

- He must have thought you were special.

Think I'll need a little more than this.

- There's some money in my
inside jacket pocket there.

- Geez.

Where'd you get all this from?

- Come on, we're wasting time.

(sombre music)

(dramatic music)

(birds chirping)

- Hi.

- Hi yourself.

- How's your arm?

- [Michael] Well, the
bullet went right through.

I should live.

- Well, You won't need this anymore.

Thank you, for rescuing me.

My gallant knight in shining armour.

- Don't say that.

- {Sarah] Why not?

- Because I killed your
father, I wanted to scream out.

What do you think of me now.

Am I still your gallant
knight in shining armour.


- Oh, sorry.

- You're quite the nurse.

- No.

Girl Guides.

- Girl Guides?
- Yes.

What day is it?

- Wednesday.

- What month?

(Sarah laughs)


Is my father dead?

(dramatic music)

I wish I could have said goodbye.

(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

- Don't be afraid.

No one's going to hurt you anymore.

- Yes.


(gentle music)

(horn blaring)

What's that?

- [Michael] This is your inheritance.

- I hope it's worth it.

- [Arthur] Taken part in the
many crimes hereby documented

which undoubtedly will
prove the absolute guilt

of the Organisation.

- Yes, it's worth it.

- It's the first time I've
heard his voice in three years.

- Are you okay?

- [Sarah] Yeah.

- Good girl.

Okay, it's time we made our move.

- Michael?

I understand about the photocopying.

But, why do you want a piece
of raw steak and a Bible?

- Have faith.

(bell tolling)

Michael Cooper, let me speak with Iggy.

(bell tolling)

Hello Iggy.

Let's talk business.

(bell tolling)

(dramatic music)

Are you ready?


(dramatic music)

Bluffing Iggy with nothing

but an empty gun was taking a chance.

But I was gambling he
wouldn't try a double cross

until he was sure that he
had all the documents safe

in his greedy little hands.

Until then, I had him by the balls.

- Well Michael, I see you've
had a little accident.

Nothing to painful I hope.

- I told you to come alone.

- Yeah, well geez, I can't drive, can I.

Now what do you expect
me to do, take a bus?

- You!

Get of the car.

Tell him.

Take the gun out.

Throw it away and put your
head down on the hood.

Do it!

- Yeah, well do it.

Well, now we're all friends,
so, shall we get on with it.

- Sarah.

- Oh it's lovely to see you again darlin'.

- The money.

Put it on the hood of the car.

Open it.

- Always careful.

I admire that.

1,000,000 pounds.

That's a lot of bagels.

Now, how do I know, you
haven't made more of these?

- Well you don't.

But we're leaving the country tonight.

We're not coming back.

- Now we is it.

So you're goin' with him?

Oh geez.

Now, I've heard of forgive
and forget but that's--

- Shut up.

So you haven't told her.

Hasn't he?

Now Mikey, that's very naughty.

- Tell me what.

Michael, tell me what?

- Nothing.

- Nothing.


He killed your old man.

(dramatic music)

- Michael, what's he saying

- It's true, on my life, I swear it.

And how did you put it.

- And I told you to shut your mouth.

- I shot him the back of head,

- Shut up!

- While he was walkin' away from me.

Poor Arthur.

- Michael, please,
Michael, you didn't do it.

- Sarah.

- Michael.

(knife clicks)

(Michael groans)

(Iggy laughing)

(Sarah screams)

- No!


- What are you yelling about!

I thought you didn't like him anymore.

Geez, it's unbelievable isn't it.


They can never make up their bloody minds.

(Iggy laughing)

(gentle music)

- [Minister] Well Edward, let's hope

this party is more successful
than your last affair.

- With the greatest respect Minister,

that was three years ago.

- No Edward, it was not three years ago.

Last month there was a shooting in a club

that you were still responsible for.

- That has nothing to do with me now--

- Don't treat me as an imbecile.

Edward, You've got a singular opportunity

to achieve all your political aspirations.

Now if you want to throw
that all away, fine.

That's your decision.

But you're not gonna
drag me down with you.

Now Edward, I got you out
of trouble three years ago

because I thought that
you had some potential

in this political arena.

Now don't let me regret my decision.

If I hear just one whiff of
scandal, I will drop you,

I will drop that project like a hot brick.

- Yes, Parsons.

- The ceremony's about to begin sir.

- I can assure you
Minister, that as of today,

there is no longer a problem.

- I'm very glad to hear that.

(people chattering)

- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

Somebody once said that,

ambition is the prerogative of every man.

Oh, perhaps it was me.

(audience laughing)

Well I've had many ambitions in my life.

And most of them have been successful.

I trust that this will be no exception.


(audience applauding)

(upbeat music)
(people chattering)

(upbeat music)
(door banging)

- Don't move.


(gun clicking)

Make you a deal, you
tell me where the girl is

and I won't kill you.

- What about him?

- I'll kill him.

- They're at Ross' place.

Mansion in Buckinghamshire
called Derry Lane.

They're having some important meeting.

- Wait a minute, I want--

(gun fires)

- Thanks.


Did Arthur say anything
about me before you,

- He said he still loved you.

Imagine that.

- Love.

Love can't buy me money.

(dramatic music)

- Bring her up.

(dramatic music)

(Iggy laughing)

- Come.

That'll be all.

Come in.

Come along.

You know, you're really
rather a beautiful woman.

Underneath all that filth.

Do you, uh, do you like champagne my dear?

(glass clattering)

Now that was silly.

This is a very expensive rug.

(hand slapping)

- I wouldn't mind having a glass.

(dramatic music)

- [Sarah] Michael, I understand
about the photocopying,

but why do you want a piece
of raw steak and a Bible?

- I told you to have faith.

(dramatic music)

- Keep away from me.

(dramatic music)

I've come to get you out, that's all.

- She's here of her own free will.

And you are trespassing.

Get out.


- Do you like champagne?

Oh, it's a shame you did that,

don't you know this is
a very expensive rug.

(hand slapping)
(glass crashing)

- You bastard.

- [Sarah] Michael no!

(gun fires)
(Mr. Ross yells)

- Oh God, oh.

You don't know what you're doing.

You're gonna ruin the
biggest deal of the century.

I'm building whole cities, yes cities.

All around the world, in
every country you can imagine.

It's gonna be worth countless billions.

Do you understand that?


Can your imagination
encompass so much wealth,

so much power.

- Do you have the power to
keep me from killing you?

- I'll let you have that 1,000,000 back

and I'll give you another 1,000,000.

Yes, just for the inconvenience.

- No, not enough.

- Just name your price, anything.

Please, please, and I'll
throw her in as a bonus.

Have we got a deal?

- Do you think that I
could ever trust you?

- Don't kill him Michael.

(Mr. Ross groaning)

- Sarah.

Sarah, please forgive me.

(dramatic music)

I'm sorry.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing)

- Ah, oh!

- C'mon.

(dramatic music)

- [Michael] I didn't get the girl.

I didn't get the money.

You could say, I got what I deserved.

(Michael laughing)

And I got the last laugh.

(Sarah sobbing)

- Oh, get her out of here.

- Michael made copies of the copies.

And sent them to serious
crime squad yesterday.

- You're lying.

- Am I?

- [Michael] Well that's it.

The name of the game.

(helicopter blades whirring)

Oh there is one final twist.

Chapter 13, Iggy to the rescue.

- Would you mind if I called you Tad.

- What?

- You know you once said
to me, that fear is power.

And you were right.


- What are you talking about?


Oh, don't stop, ow!

- See you around, Tad.

- Oh, oh!

- Bye, bye.

(body thuds)

(dramatic music)