Double XL (2022) - full transcript

The journey of two plus-size women Rajshree Trivedi from Meerut and Saira Khanna from New Delhi as they navigate society's beauty standards.

May I have the pleasure of a dance?

Wake up! Should I use
a crane to hoist you up now?

Good God, this girl is impossible!

Will you get up or not?

Oh, God!

Not fair, Mom.

You just had to come
between Shikhar and me!

Have you made some kind of vow?

Who? Me?

No, child. You've made a vow
to embarrass your parents.

And Shikhar who? That darn Pandey's son?

Oh, Mom!

Stop it!

Every day, it takes me
a while to wake you up!

Now, hurry up!
I won't come and wake you up again!

What's all the commotion
about in the morning?

I was trying to wake your princess up.

Now, you get her dressed.

Or if you want, I'll put on a pink dress
and meet the groom's family!

You could, daughter-in-law.

I'm sure they have never seen
a seahorse dressed in pink before.

What did you say, Mother?

What did you say?

Me? I haven't said a thing!

I've been waiting
for a cup of tea since morning,

but did anyone ask?

You haven't given Mom her tea yet?!

You know she is diabetic!

Good Lord, Mother, you're such a liar!

She's had three cups of tea since morning.

There's no end to this mother-son drama!

I'm making more tea!


And you... hurry up and get dressed!

- Tito is a very clever boy.
- Oh, okay.

- I mean Ratan.
- Yeah.

- We call him Tito.
- I see.

- Tito?
- Yes.

It's a lovely name.

You didn't try the sweets yet.

- Please try some. It's special.
- Sure.


So... what are your dreams?

- Dream?
- Yes.

I own a ball bearing shop.

I dream to own a couple more.

Ball bearing shops.

What's the point of having so many
ball bearing shops in Meerut?

I haven't thought about that yet.


I don't know what your
expectations are from a wife,

but I want to tell you
what I expect from my life.

I've done Mass Communication.

I've also applied for a job.

I wish to go to Delhi

and become a sports presenter
for a sports channel.

Come again?

Sports presenter.

You must have seen a cricket match.

Those women who...

Who dress scarcely
and trot on the cricket ground?

Those are cheerleaders...

and that's their costume.


these are my videos.

I've written and directed them.

The impeccable fielding played
a crucial role in India's victory today.

This is what I wish to do.
Sports presenter.

Those who review the matches
with the experts

during and after the match.

Even they dress pretty scarcely.

I am sorry if I upset you.

But it's a good thing.

I know you want to say no.

Even you want to say no?!

But listen,

you must give a different
reason to your family.

- Like...
- The truth?

- What?
- I'll tell them the truth.

Pardon me, Rajshri...

but you look extra healthy to me.

It's called obese, not healthy.

I am overweight,

and you're far too underweight.

So, pardon me,

but no one on this terrace is healthy.

But there is an idiot.

So, finish the snack,
and get going.

Like the wind!



don't mind, but what you aspire to be...

you'll have to lose some
weight for that as well.

Because the world's an idiot like me.

Good luck.

Our princess knew for a month
that the boy's family is coming over.

I kept telling her over and over again,
"Child, do some cardio.

Or just do some keto."

But no! If she had done keto,
she wouldn't have been rejected by Tito!

But she didn't skip
a single paratha this month.

And you...

keep your face buried in the newspaper!

Do I have to keep reminding you
that our daughter has turned 30?

If this continues, soon, her scandal
will be in that newspaper of yours!

Why don't you get off her back?

- Get off her back?!
- Exactly.

Am I her ill-wisher?

Don't I love my child?


Just like you love her,
someone else will too.


I will stop worrying about her.

Because Jeevan Trivedi has predicted

that Ayushmann Khurrana
will come for his princess

and swoop her off her feet!

Why should I interfere?

I'm tired of this now!

Who pays heed to me in this house anyway!

You all think this is nothing but drama!

Do whatever you want!

Welcome back to sports live!

As we've just seen on the big screen,
Edgbaston cricket ground is all set

to host the second T-20 International
between India and England.

Now, the big question of the night is...

will India seize the series,
or will England fight back to level it!

While players are warming up
for the blockbuster clash...

What you're saying is absurd!

This! You're saying
this armhole is for XL?!

It's smaller than a rat hole.

You guys have tagged it wrong, mister.
How is it the customer's fault?

Madam, this is size XL.

See, it's written here.

There's something written
on your face as well.

What should I do? Read it out aloud?

Look, mister, even I deal in garments.
I am a designer.

This armhole cannot be for XL.

- It's not even for large!
- Saira.

- What?
- Saira...

Just pay him, and get it over with.

I'm ready to pay three times the price.

I am not denying it.

Just let him admit his mistake.

This is not XL. Simple.

- Uncle, am I right?
- Yes, 100%.


- Do you want more proof?
- No, madam, I don't.

I'll generate the bill.
Just make the payment.

I admit that we labeled the wrong size.

It's our fault.

See, it was such a minor thing,

but you over exaggerated.

Now, show me
one size bigger in this stock.

Sorry, ma'am,
this is the biggest size we had.

And you just made us realize
that this isn't XL.

It's large.

So, you won't get a bigger size here.

Your bill.


Seven full and one half.

Now, you have seven and a half dresses.

If you still can't decide
what you're going to wear tonight,

then don't call yourself
a bloody designer!

Sorry, dude.

I was already hyper,

and then that store guy
made me lose my mind.

What's the big deal?

It's just dinner.

I am meeting Viren's group
for the first time.

I have to look bloody hot!

Yeah, right.


I don't know, man.

All I'm saying is that guy
wore a stinking T-shirt

when he met your friends
for the first time.

And you bought the entire Shahpur Jat.

He came straight from the gym.

That's the point.

He didn't even feel the need to shower,

and you're getting finicky as a bride!

Saira, you're going to be a designer.

You'll soon own a store here.

I once asked him what he's done in life
and what he wants to do.

He said,
"I've done high school in Ludhiana,

and now, Saira will
make me international."

I am sure his IQ is so bad
that he can't even spell IQ.

- Seriously!
- Wow!

You really hate him.

And thanks, Me era.

It's amazing to know that just like
the rest of the world,

even my best friend has judged whether
I should be with my boyfriend or not.

No, Saira, I...

And Viren or my opinion
doesn't count in all this, does it?

Because what does it matter, right?

Saira, I...

Saira, listen.

Hear me out, Saira.

What is it?

I am sorry, Saira.

I am concerned for you, that's all.

I am really sorry, okay?

Are you happy?

Because that's all that matters.

Now, drop me off at home,
and don't you want to get dressed?

You have to look stunning

for our high school
pass-out brother-in-law.

Yes, let's go.


Come, baby!

I missed you so much! Wow! Champagne!

- Wine.
- Great.

But why do you do all these formalities?

Thanks, baby. Come on.

Are these your friends,
or are they auditioning for Miss India?

These guys?!

They are friends of my friends
and their friends.

You know the system, baby.

My buddies are over there.

KD, Param, Amrin.

Guys, Saira!

- Hi.
- Hi!

Come on.

He said "bet," so bro also said "bet."

And Saira,

bro here drank six protein shakes
back to back.

And that idiot
got knocked out in just four.

The entire gym looked stunned.

Baby, you drank six protein shakes
back to back?!

Do you know how unhealthy that is?

It's just a protein shake, baby.

- Six?!
- Absolutely.

Saira, I told the same story
to my girlfriend

replacing protein shakes with whiskey.
Even she said it's unhealthy.

Now, I told you they were protein shakes,
but you even called them unhealthy!

Guess I'm only left with poison, then!

You guys look so cute together.

Very beauty and the beast.

Thank you.

- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Hello.
- Saira...

What's up, Khanna Senior?

The channel people have agreed to fund
your fashion travelogue.


- Really?
- Yes.

Oh my God! Bro, I love you!
You're the best!

Okay, I have to tell Viren.
I'll call you later, bye.

Oh, God!

This Viren-Saira relationship
is going nowhere.

Shut up. That's not right.

Give it to me.

Actually, even I think so.

For Viren, Saira is just a...

I don't know.

- Just a...
- Just a what, man?

You two are so judgmental.

Oh, come on, Amrin.

Isn't it obvious?

He came to Delhi to become a model,

and she is a designer.


Why else would Viren be sleeping
on a piece of an oversized mattress

at this age? For mental peace?

God, Nidhi, you're mean!

I am just honest, man.

See, Viren gets everything
he wants from Saira.

And in exchange, Saira gets from Viren

what that poor thing can't
get anywhere else.

Did you even see what she was wearing?

Oh, God.

Pass it here, babe.


Baby, what happened?

What are you doing here?

Waiting to party.

Waiting to party? What do you mean?

My brother called.

The people over
at his channel loved my idea.

The budget is low, but...

Viren, we're going to London
to shoot a travelogue for my clothes.


You said we're going
to make a fashion film.

That's what travelogue is, silly.

If the funders like the film,

I'll have my own brand, my own label.

I've been looking all over for you.

Man! And this is how you were going
to break this big news to me?!

Smile, my star designer,
our dreams are coming true!

Our dreams!


What dreams?

When did you see them and why?

Will you speak up,
or should I fetch the broom?

They are my dreams, Mom.

Why should I ask you for permission
or anyone else?

I want to be a sports presenter,

and that's what the interview letter is.


Are you listening, Mr. Time pass Trivedi?

At least, snap out
of your newspaper world now!

Otherwise, your daughter will push
our world into the darkness.

Princess here wants to go to Delhi

and become a news reader!

Sports presenter.

- Thanks, Grandma.
- Anytime.

Are you all out of your mind?

Is this a joke?

First, she swelled up like a balloon.

I kept wailing, but you two kept dozing.

Now, she's persistent
about humiliating the family

in front of the entire community!

I'm barking like a dog,
and you two look least concerned.

What reputation and what community?

No one even knows us
except for our neighbors.

And if she wants to accomplish something
because she can,

then let her.

Why is it so shocking?

Oh, wow! What a brilliant thought!

High thinking! Women's welfare!

Excellent, Mr. Trivedi!


But she must get married first!
Only then can she leave! That's it!

Then it'll be between her and her husband!

She won't become
a news anchor on my watch!

- Sports presenter.
- Thanks, Grandma.



Laugh all you want!

Make fun of me all you like!

But I won't let it happen
as long as I am alive!


Do you know that mothers get blamed

when girls remain unmarried?

I've been through it.

I've experienced it first-hand.

I've been chasing after my weight...

since I turned 30.

I've turned 55, but still,
I couldn't catch up to it.

And my blood runs through your body.

You've turned 30!

Believe me, if you don't get
married now, you never will!

Kill me first,
and then go wherever you wish to!

You can leave! Just kill me first!

Fine, I'll tear it up.

I don't want to fulfill
my dreams by taking your life.

I'm just making an effort, Mom.

And when have I ever turned
you down for anything?

I know you're not my ill-wisher.
You worry for me.

But you should try to understand as well.

I've been shortlisted
among dozens of applicants.

They must've noticed something in me.

It's been my childhood dream.

Call it my fixation.

If you don't support your child's
resolution, then who will?

Then, I have a condition.

If you get this job,

then I'll pacify myself.

But if you don't, Gappu,

then you'll marry first,
and then think about your dreams.

Done. Promise. Done deal. Done.

Love you, Mom.

And you won't stay alone in the hotel...

until the interview is not over.

You will stay at Aunt Roli's place.

Come on, Mom!

Aunt Roli!

There she is.

- How are you?
- I am good.

- Uncle...
- No, please, no formalities.

You look healthier than before!

Am I right?

Right, Auntie.

But you look pretty slim.

From which angle?

Have a sense of humor, do you?

Pick up the suitcase.


Nice paint, Auntie.

Keep your footwear here
next to the shoe rack.


Oh, yeah.

God bless.

Sit down. I'll get you some water.

God bless, child. God bless.

I've tidied up the room next door for you.

It used to belong to Amrita.

How is Amrita?

How would she be?

She's doing great.

You know, her husband moved to Elbowkarke.

Elbow who?

He was in San Hose first.

From there, he moved to Elbowkarke.

These are the names of American cities.
You wouldn't know.

From San Jose to Albuquerque.

Yes, so what did I say wrong?

Even I said Elbowkarke.

Don't act too smart!

By the way, where is your interview?


So, child, you'll go
directly to the interview

and come back home straight.

You see, your uncle
has a sound reputation here.

Everyone knows him.

And if you digress,

he will know it first.


You see, child,

teaching physics alone wasn't enough.

So, we thought of starting
a private detective firm.

So, we find out everything...


I got it, Auntie.

From home to interview,
and interview to home. Okay, good night.

Brother, what a surprise!


You must not have eaten anything
properly since morning. I knew it.

Your thought crossed my mind,
so I left the office early.

On the way, I came across Saleem's.

So, I got you some kebab rolls. Have them.

You don't have to tell me twice.

Your designs are always amazing.

Because I am your sister.

Because they are really good.

Once the shoot goes well,

it will be really amazing.

I hope you've looked into that.

By the way, who is your director?

He's Viren's friend.

He's experienced.

But most importantly,
it's free of cost because of Viren.

Look, you chose London,
I didn't say a thing.

But... I hope you're okay with that.


we're both British by birth.

Where else would I be more okay
than in London?

Come on, you joke about everything.

A sense of humor is important.

How long will we keep
remembering London as our horrible past?

Imagine that we're going
to create new memories.

And wouldn't it be amazing
if I can start my brand

in the same place where Dad started?

What happened?

Did I get too emotional?

No. It fits your size.


So, where is Viren?

He is at home.

He wanted to meet me, but I said no.


you look too cute
when you silently try to look out for me.

Why don't you do it directly?

Because you don't let me.

Since you bought this studio apartment,
you've settled down here. Alone.

Even today, I thought Viren
or Me era would be here, but no.

You're completely immersed in work.

Now, you'll wake up
only after you return from London.

Brother, I didn't thank you only.

- Thank you for the...
- Kebab rolls?

Listen, go over to Viren's place.

Have dinner with him. He'll feel nice.

That's actually not such a bad idea.

Right? See you, then.


You're the bestest!

That I am.

Drive safe, love you. Bye.

You took so long, brother.

I've been waiting for so long...

Sorry, sir. There was a lot of traffic.

Saira, baby, you?!

What are you doing here?

Didn't you have that design thing?
What was that?

- You mean sampling. I was doing just that.
- Yeah.

Then, suddenly brother
came over with all this.

He thought we'd be together.

- Okay.
- So I started missing you, and here I am.


Which delivery were you waiting for?

Yeah, I was waiting
for the chemist delivery guy.

I ordered some...

I ordered... Digene.

My stomach's been grumbling since morning,

so I thought I'd order some medicine.

Doesn't matter.
Plate the kebabs while they're still hot.

Let's eat it.
Then, you have to leave for work.

Your stomach's grumbling
and you want to eat kebabs?!

Baby, you brought them for me so fondly,

so I will eat...

My stomach will be fine. I'll tell him
to go back. I don't want the medicine.

Sir, your delivery.

Come back tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- Yes.

You called me a dozen
times and gave me a headache.

Now you're telling me
to come back tomorrow.


I would've fallen off
my bike because of you.

Alright, I'm sorry! Forgive me!

I said I don't want it.

- I'm fine now...
- Why are you sending him back?

- Give it to me.
- No, I'll take it.

- Is this Digene?
- Yes.

Did you want that too?

Why didn't you tell me?
I would've got that as well.

I mean...

Whose parcel is this?

- I had asked for Digene.
- When?

- You rascal...
- Sir, my money?

Baby, listen to me!
Where are you going?

There is nothing in there!

- Move!
- Listen to me!

There is nothing in there!
What are you looking for?

Don't go inside, or you will slip.

He brought someone else's parcel.

Baby, there is nothing there.

There is nothing there, baby.
I am telling you.

Bloody hell!

Saira... I can explain!

You like to strip, don't you?

Then, stay like that!

Baby, you're locking her up.

- Baby, listen to me...
- Shut up!

Just shut up!

Me era kept telling me...

but I never listened to her.

I can't believe I thought
I could make a life with you!


Sorry, Saira.

It's very cold out here.


You know what?

Screw you!

Right here. Yes, here.

That way, please.
I'll bring your script.


Excuse me.

Are you rehearsing something?

What? Yeah!

This is some technical bull.

I mean, 14 overseas test wins
over the last three years,

and some overseas Indian ODI records...

and what the hell
is a bloody joe root anyway?

- It's not a what, it's a who.
- What?

Joe Root is the root
of India's trouble in England.

Sorry, what?

Nothing. You continue.

Ma'am, your script.

Puja Poddar!

Yeah, that's me!


Saurav, I understand your problem...

but it took me quite an effort

to get this approved
from the channel head.

Now, I can neither increase the budget

nor postpone it.

If you don't have a director,

you'll have to cancel it, bro.

I am sorry.



- Trivedi, right?
- Yes.

We're already done with the selections.
Your audition will not be needed anymore.

- Thank you.
- Not needed?!

Madam! Madam, listen!


Madam, I came all the way from Meerut.

Why won't you audition me?

Just hold on.

It's not my call.

- We asked you for your pictures, right?
- Yes.

- You sent us your pictures.
- Yeah.

But it's clearly mentioned
in our selection criteria...

"Images shortlisted based
on appearance and demeanor

- "will be then auditioned..."
- Yes, but I sent you my pictures, madam!

I did send them.

I just want one chance.
I'm only asking you for one chance.

This is my only opportunity. I won't
get it again. Please try to understand.

Rajshri, you're not listening.

It's not my call.

That gentleman who was pacing the halls...

- was my boss.
- Okay.

He came to see the pictures.

He took one look
at your pictures and said...

"She's obese."

That's what he said, right?

"She's obese."

He said she's too healthy, didn't he?

Look, madam,

this is all I've ever wanted to do
since I was 19.

I followed cricket
to increase my knowledge.

Ask me anything about cricket.

- Ask me.
- Look, what can I...

See, it's just my job.

He's my boss.

So he thinks he can do anything?!

Was Charu Sharma selected by a photo?

Was he?

Or did anyone ask Harsha Bhogle
for his waist size?

Or was Gaurav Kapoor
rejected for being too skinny?


They were asked about
their cricketing knowledge.

Interest in the game,
research, and trivia.

These were the
questions asked. But girls...

You can ask Bret Lee about leg spin,

but you must look hot in a dress.


Look, I am really very sorry.

- But these requirements criteria...
- Who made these guidelines requirements?

- Who made them?
- I don't know!

Maybe the channel's owner did.


I came all the way from Meerut!

Don't give me the job
if you don't want to...

but I swear to God,
I will give your owner a piece of my mind!

Call him here!

- Call him right now!
- Now?

Yes, right now!

He is in London.


I mean, the Indian team is on
a tour of England, and he's with them.

Okay, fine. Happens sometimes.

No one imagined this.

But I'm sure there has to be
a way to work around it. Right, Me era?

models are not a problem, brother.

- Right.
- Saira found its solution in the morning.

She will use the locals
at their workplace.

That will make it look genuine.

I'm sure we'll work something out.

Why are you trying to act normal?

You know the visa applications
have to go out tomorrow.

We had to meet the cameraman
from your channel today.

Why don't you just
say it when you know it?

"It can't be done, Saira."

It can't be done!

Actually, you always say it,

but I never listen.

You had told me...

that nothing good would come
out of that piece of meat.

You had also told me.

But Saira Khanna has this old habit...

to dream beyond what she deserves.

She wants a boyfriend
like Hrithik Roshan...

even if she weighs 100 kilos herself!

- Saira!
- Wait...


You know why this happens to you.

You know, don't you?

Chomping on pizzas and burgers!

Hogging on chocolate mousse!

Go on!

You deserve this, Saira!

You freaking deserve this!

Where the hell is the tissue?

Where is it?


I... took the box inside.

I was crying alone before you came in.

So, I didn't expect it.

It's okay.

Are you okay?

What happened?

It hasn't happened yet...

but it will now.

My wedding in Meerut.

With some idiot
who owns a ball bearing shop.

Did you run away from home?


But I am not too keen to go back.

Were your dreams crushed too?

They are now.

Years of hard work has gone down the drain

because of some idiot
whom I called my boyfriend.

Screw it.

I understood from the way
you were crying...

that your grief is as bad as mine.

Hold this.

Let me show you.


this is my social media page.

I have 2600 followers in Meerut.

It's not as big as this channel,
but this is my passion.


I shot and edited this on my own.

Let's discuss the two big reasons
for the outcome of today's match.

Toss and dew.

And these guys didn't
even let me audition.

They didn't even care to ask. Why?

They couldn't see the size of my dreams.

They could only see my size.

SG's balls are used only in Indian tests.

West Indies and England use Duke,

and the rest of the world
uses Kookaburra.

The camerawork...

Did you shoot this yourself?

Even you're taking me lightly.

I've done Mass Communication
at Kanpur University.

Have you ever done anything
related to fashion?

I mean anything related to clothes?


Actually, yes.

I shot an ad
for Bubbly Garments on cable TV.

But why? Why are you asking?

I told you my sob story
considering you a friend,

and you're interviewing me!



Wipe your tears.

- And think for a minute before you answer.
- Okay.

What do you want to do after this?


I don't want to get married.

And I want to show that
bloody channel owner, Atul Chabra,

that he won't find a better
sports presenter than me!

But he's in London.

And what if you can be
in London in a week?

Me? How?

Look, I don't know if you can realize
your dreams in London or not,

but if you help me,

you won't have to go back to Meerut

and marry some idiot
ball bearing shop owner.

Would you like something? Tea or coffee?

Water? Anything?

Do you have weed?


I am kidding.

I carry my own.

So, the stylist...

When is she expected?

Sorry, my Hindi isn't the best.

She just had to make a few calls,
so she stepped outside.

She'll be right back.

Your Hindi is also not good?

Why are you talking in English?


except for camerawork,

have you ever directed anything?

I mean for the channel

or something independently.



Don't you have a director?

We have a director, guys!

We have a director!

And she's an amazing director!
God, I love her work!


Shit, what's your name?

Rajshri. Rajshri Trivedi.

- And you are?
- Saira Khanna.

Hello, Saira.

You guys are funny.

Srikanth Srivardhan.

- Hi.
- Your cameraman.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Have you done any work before?
- Yes, a lot of work.

You? First time?

Papa, I got appointed immediately.

They said I'll be presenting
the London series.

That's amazing.


See you, Auntie.

- I'll call you from London.
- Okay.

We'll see you on TV next.


Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Unfamiliar path, vivid heart

Unfamiliar path, vivid heart

Where is it going to take me?

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

All my wishes seem magical to me

Even a drop seems like the ocean

Maybe expectations are
Bigger than my boundaries

I wish to live them all

You don't know where

You don't know where

The winds are going to take me

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Unfamiliar path, vivid heart

Where is it going to take me?

Don't know

Don't know

-Don't know who
-Don't know

-Don't know
-Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

Don't know

Don't know who

Don't know

- Srikanth!
- Yeah!

- Director sir.
- Yes?

Where is your luggage?

It was here a minute ago.

You're looking over the horizon,

but your luggage is in your backyard.

Oh, God!

I'll get it.

It's cold, right? It's very cold.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- That is yours?
- This is mine.

This is mine.

- Okay. Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.

My brother said the line producer
would send a driver.

Can you see our names anywhere?


I'm back.

Is that it?


You're kidding me.

Hey! Hello!

Excuse me!

Why did she get an accent?

Excuse me.

Are you from Top line Productions?


Are you Shaira Khan?

I am Zorawar Rehmani.

But... you can call me Zo, Za, Zu.

Anything you like.

Zorawar Rehmani, did you know that
we've been waiting here for 20 minutes?

Wow, really?

But why?

Even I've been here for 20 minutes.

Why were you waiting?

You could've just come over.

Because my name isn't Shaira Khan

but Saira Khanna.

You should've checked
my name before coming here.

Oh, shit.

You see, the intern in
our office took the details.

Poor white chick.

What can I say?

These white folks ruled
over us for 150 years,

but they still can't tell the difference
between Khanna and Khan.

- Okay...
- Anyway, Saira, now that we've met...

Can you talk less?

Come on, guys! Found him... the driver!


Do you mind?

Zo bro.

One life, bro. Go for it.

Here's your hotel.

- Shall we get down?
- No, wait a minute.



What about these, ma'am?

You can put those in the other room.

Thanks for sharing your room.

I had to set up in the other room.

Now you're embarrassing me.

You're sharing your dreams with me.
Can't I share a room with you?

Saira, I came here with you...

lying to my parents.

I acted a bit selfish.

But I don't know
if I'll be of any use to you.

Do you wish to be of any use?


Then, you'll be of good use to me.

Yes, but I don't understand
fashion one bit.

You know, Rajshri,

I've been hearing it since
I was in the fashion institute.

"This fatso doesn't fit in any design.

What is she going to design?"

And yet,

I never wanted anything more than
to see my own label in the world.

It became a passion.

Do you know why I brought you here?

Because you may not understand fashion,

but you understand passion.

That I do.

So, what's the plan?

We'll have to check out
the locations, but...


Don't tell me!

He isn't here yet?!
Hello, where is your line producer?

Hello, Saira! I am Zorawar Rehmani!

The line producer of your project!

I hope my driver
brought you here comfortably.

Did he bore you?
That idiot is very talkative.

He's not an idiot, sir.

Your driver is superb.

He allowed me to smoke up in the car only.


You also like him, right, director sir?


Okay, so, Zorawar, right?

Zo, Za, Zu... call me whatever you like.

You're the line producer, right?

We sent you a list
of locations from Delhi to...

to your team. Did you figure it out?

That? Yes, of course.

- You sent us 15 locations.
- Yes.

But only two fit your budget.

What to do?


- No, this is not possible.
- Then how...

Rajshri and I planned everything
according to the locations...

Saira, it's okay.

It's okay. Relax.

I am here.

I had a word with your brother
when you were on the flight.

You want to make a fun film
to show your funders.

In that, you want to show
your clothes, and London,

so that the funders write a check
to fund your boutique, right?

Right. Absolutely right.


I'll get the job done...

but not with the meetings
and location lists.

No Hollywood style.

Desi style.

Costumes in the car,

and the camera on the shoulder.
We can take any model we find.

Then, the whole of London
will be our shooting stage.

Cameraman. Director.

Are you with me?

I love this guy, man.

Me too.


Then, let's get to know the city...

and each other.

Let's get this show on the road.

Any doubt?


Okay, then, Zorawar Rehmani.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

So, she got this bitter because
of a boyfriend with a low IQ!


I told you
because you asked out of concern.

Now, don't reveal it to Saira.

How do we say it?

She hasn't moved on yet.

She still gets affected
when he calls her.

There's a thing called
the Bro Code, brother.


I mean, come on!

The secret of Delhi is out.

Now, let's hear the story of Meerut.

- Srikanth!
- Yeah?

Don't tell me you carried
this stuff on the flight.

- Actually...
- Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

I don't want to be an accomplice.


Rajshri will need our help.

She has never executed anything like this.

I haven't either.


I mean, wildlife documentaries
and fashion films are...

What do you say?

There's a difference.

Well, at least, I hope there is.

One last. I swear, sister.

Rohit Sharma.

Oh, come on!

Test average 46,1,

ODI 49, T20 32,5,

test century eight,

and ODI 29 including
three double centuries, and four in T20.

But there's an ongoing series.
Maybe something has changed today.

Mind-blowing, sister!


Why don't you meet
that channel guy Atul Chabra?

He's right here in London.

Atul Chabra is not some lamb
that we can run after and catch.

I never imagined
you'd say something like this

with me around.

Atul Chabra is nothing.

Just say the word.

I can even arrange your meeting
with King Charles in Buckingham Palace.

You don't believe me.


You'll believe me when I get it done.

Pick up your drink.

Pick it up.

Now, watch.

You two came to London
with a dream, right?

You'll go back
only after you fulfill them.

That's Zorawar Rehmani's promise.


- She looks nice, doesn't she?
- Yes, she does. Come.

- Thank you very much.
- And action!

- Hey... who will say "camera"?
- Sorry!



Ready to owe myself that place

Never give up in this case

Gonna leave a mark and leave it so well

Making sure I never get replaced

You can say whatever you want about me
You may have never seen a woman like me

You can push me down
But you can't knock me out

Ain't no way my luck is gonna ever run out

- What's he doing now?
- I don't know. He must have a plan.


Model. Location.

- Come.
- Let's go.

Go around, and...

I hope you're going to be paying us.

How you'd wish, darling.

I'll take you on a date
if the shot goes well though.

So, as I was saying...

- I can't see the detail of the earring.
- Okay.



- Come on, take a low shot.
- Hey!

- Hey, run!
- Stop!

Rajshri, I love you.

Finally, I have faith
in Kanpur University's Mass. Comm.

This is brilliant!

Saira, we're not even halfway there.


Don't praise the director yet.

It will go to her head.

She might ask for more money.

And she should.

This talent should never come for free.

Why did you order the entire restaurant?

Madam, we, brother-sister,
are celebrating.

You can join us if you feel like it.


What are we celebrating?

So, sister, as you know...

the Indian team is here playing a series.

Since they are here,

the commentary team is also here.

And the commentary team only meets VIPs.

And VIPs are drawn
to your brother like a magnet.

So, one of those VIPs turned
out to be Kapil Dev's friend.

I said my sister is very talented.

He immediately said...

"This is not a big deal.

I'll fix a small interview
with Kapil sir for her videos."

- I said if you're insisting...
- No!

You did not! Zorawar!

Zo, Za, Zu... call me whatever you like!

Wait. Zorawar, if this is a prank,

then stop now.

I won't say anything.

And what if I am serious?

As I said, sister,

if I have it my way,

I can even arrange your meeting
with King Charles in Buckingham Palace.

We'll get 30 minutes.

Tomorrow in Shangrila.

That's enough.

- We'll have a three-camera setup.
- Yes!

Yeah! Let's do this!


Listen, Ms. Meerut.

When you upload this video,
you're going to create a sensation.

Don't forget to mention below,
"Styled by Saira Khanna," got it?

Are you pulling my leg?

Am I looking okay?

Guys, the setup is ready.

Zo is saying Kapil sir's
meeting is almost over.

He'll be down in five. Are we good?

Could we be any better?

Wow! Super, mama!

What? Am I looking like a mama?

Stop it!

Up. Own it.

Up! Own it!

- Own it!
- Own what?

- Let's go.
- Saira, give me my glasses back.

So, your three-camera setup is done.
Do you need anything else?

No, not really.

We're already done with the selections.
Your audition will not be needed anymore.

Thank you.

What you aspire to be...

you'll have to lose some
weight for that as well.

Dreams?! What dreams?

When did you see them and why?

- Hi. How are you?
- Hello. I'm good, sir.

Sir, I am Rajshri Trivedi.

-That's Srikanth, our DOP,
-Hello, sir.

And that's Saira.

Hi. Sorry, I cannot spend much time here.

I have to go to Lords for high tea.

Otherwise, I would've definitely...

No, absolutely, sir. We appreciate
what little time you spared for us.

Well, you're doing such
a good job for the orphans,

then why not?


Yes, your colleague said there are
some 150 kids in the orphanage.

Yes, sir. Orphanage.

- Yeah.
- Right, 150 kids.

- Sir, shall we begin?
- Yeah, sure.

Three, two, one, roll cameras.


With us is
the Indian Cricket World's legend,

who's really soft-spoken
as opposed to his firey bowling.

the world's best-ever all-rounder.

Haryana Hurricane, Mr. Kapil Dev.

You don't want this conversation
with Kapil sir to end...

but as the tradition of cricket has it,

no matter how good the bowler is,

the over comes to an end after six balls.

Sir, we're so grateful
you could spare some time for us.

With love from every fan across the world,

and also from me.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.


I knew in the first five minutes...

that you don't have an orphanage.

But looking at your passion...

I've done so many interviews,

but the fun I had
with you is rare to find.

Keep up the spirit.

I really enjoyed myself.
Don't lie ever again.

- Bye, sir.
- Bye.

- Yes!
- We could've been jailed, you fool!

- We'd be dead.
- She bowled Kapil sir out.

Who cares even if we do go to jail?

The compliment he gave
to the director in the end...

also got recorded on the master camera.

Another one for the table, darling.

- Yes.
- Hey, Zo! He'll get us all in trouble!

I'm going to drink all night

because Ms. Meerut rocked London today.

Right, Srikanth?

I am on if you guys are...

I am very happy today.

You guys know I don't say much.


Because my Hindi is also...

But I will try today.

- We will!
- Yes!

Go, Srikanth!


I know about the problems you faced.

I know you lied and became
a director for the first time.

All these things that you did, you do...

are very...

very courageous.


Because I know you think...

you think the channel
not giving you a chance is your failure!


No. It's not.

And today, Kapil Dev
told you that it's not.

I am very happy.

This table is having too much fun...

- without us.
- Yeah.

Yeah! Get us in on it, pretty boys!

Hey, gorgeous. So, we're here
to celebrate these beautiful women,

who are here to chase their dreams,

and to tell them not to doubt
themselves too much while they do that.

Doubt? Pray tell, why would you
doubt yourself, you sexy thang?


Sexy, and us?

No, these are Saira's clothes.

What sexy?

What are you talking about, sugar?

Are you second-guessing if you can pack
some heat into those clothes too?

- What?
- I do?!

You bet that sexy ass, you do!

Now, come on!
Let's get this party started!

- Yes!
- Come on!

Let's do that!

I am super happy tonight.

And when I am super happy, I sing.

And when I sing,

I sing only in Tamil.

One, two, three, four...



Cool Macha, hot baby

Night very tipsy

I am ready, come to Daddy

Atmosphere sexy

Jhumma-Chumma Ta mm a-Ta mm a

Lyrics I don't know

Sing what's in your heart

Don't stop the booze flow

Hey, mama, give me that beat

Where I do just clap-clap-clap

One, two, three and repeat

Come, let's do clap-clap-clap

To do kuthu dance
We need a fast beat

We need a thappattam
To increase the drums' heat

If we increase the volume
We'll get intoxicated

But no worries
The club rooftop won't fly

The club rooftop

The club rooftop

The club rooftop

The club rooftop won't fly


When you sway, the world sways with you



You'll start a fight in the club


- Hey...
- Hey...

-Boy, you're such a flippant
-Boy, you're such a flippant


- Hey...
- Hey...

-A mix of Kamal sir and Rajni sir
-A mix of Kamal sir and Rajni sir

Just a little

Whatever or whoever I am

I am your hero

Sing what's in your heart

Don't stop the booze flow

Hey, mama, give me that beat

Where I do just clap-clap-clap

One, two, three, and repeat

Come, let's do clap-clap-clap

Play it one more time

Cool Macha, hot baby

Night very tipsy

I am ready, come to Daddy

Atmosphere sexy

Jhumma-Chumma Ta mm a-Ta mm a

Lyrics I don't know

Sing what's in your heart

Don't stop the booze flow

Hey, mama, give me that beat

Where I do just clap-clap-clap

One, two, three and repeat

Come, let's clap-clap-clap


To do kuthu dance
We need a fast beat


We need a thappattam
To increase the drums' heat


If we increase the volume
We'll get intoxicated


But no worries
The club rooftop won't fly


- Black cab!
- Hey!

- Call the black cab.
- We want to go home.

Hey, where are you going?


Do you want to make me deaf?

Atul Chabra!

- Here?
- Who is Atul Chabra?


That's not Atul Chabra, that's a statue.

That's not even moving.

He only had one hit sports channel,
and they made a bloody statue of him?!

And in London?!

These days, they make your
statue over every silly thing.

Don't you know?

Guys, that's Atul Chabra.


but who is Atul Chabra?


he's the guy whose channel rejected me.

- That bugger?
- Yes!

- Rajshri!
- Yeah?

Rajshri, come!

- Rajshri, listen!
- Wait!

Can you talk to him?

Can you give him a piece of your mind?

Are you drunk?

Doesn't matter how drunk I am,

I will give him a piece of my mind today!

- Hey...
- Wait!

What will you gain from fighting with him?


This is your chance, Rajshri Trivedi.


That camera footage
in which Kapil sir praised her...

do you have it?

- Of course, I do.
- Give it to me.

I dumped it onto the laptop
from the camera.

- Wow.
- That's the last clip I copied.

Do you have a pen drive?

- I do.
- Where is it?

Left pocket.

Your left or my left?

- My left.
- Okay.

- Rajshri, we're getting the pen drive. Go.
- The pen drive is not here...

You have to tell him. Keep him
engaged until we get the pen drive.

- Stop him!
- Let it go!

- Go!
- Atul Chabra!

Where is it?

- Hurry up, guys.
- Got it.

Mr. Chabra!

Sir. Hello, sir. Namaste.


Your guess is right.

I am drunk.

But hear me out because this is important.

Please hear me out.

- I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry.
- The last clip on camera one?

- Hurry up.
- The last clip.

Sir, I tried to become
a cricket presenter on your channel...

but they didn't even see my audition.

- It's copying.
- Okay.

They said that according to your policy,

I was too large.

Sir, I tried to explain to them

- that cricket is my passion!
- Good evening, sir!

I mean good morning, sir.

Sir, Zorawar Rehmani. Top line Productions.

- Big fan, sir.
- Shut up.

Sir, what your channel doesn't believe,

- India's world cup-winning captain does.
- Yeah.

He said this to me personally

- while giving me an interview.
- Sir...

- See it for yourself, sir, and you decide.
- Sir!

Sir, she means she loves you.

Really wants to work with you.

One chance. Please take a look, sir.

Rajshri Trivedi. Big fan.

Sir, Rajshri Trivedi.

Sister, say thank you.

- Say thank you quickly.
- Thank you, sir.

- Thank you, sir.
- You're God.

- You're welcome.
- Bye, sir.

I won't have to marry
any guy who sells ball bearings!

Did you copy the last clip?

You said it's the last clip,
so I copied the last clip.

Let's go.

Look at this!

Rajshri Trivedi, sports presenter!

Where is she?

Did she have breakfast?

She kept crying
till late at night yesterday.

Her mom called.

Do you know what they talked about?

Since last night, I've been thinking...

it's all my fault.

If only I had double-checked...

No, Sri. You know it's not your fault.

We all messed up last night in haste.

I'll talk to her.

Hey, partner,
are you going on a diet alone?

Planning to let me stay obese
while you lose weight?

Don't hurt yourself by keeping it inside.

Just vent it out and be done with it.

Even that poor Srikanth is cursing
himself saying it's all his fault.

He's crazy.

He thinks I'm sitting out here
because I'm depressed.

Are you not?

Are you enjoying the view?

Mom called me yesterday
before we entered the pub...

to say that Uncle Dinesh
has referred some guy for me.

He even said yes after
looking at my pictures.

Mom said, "This one's perfect, child."

He's pretty healthy himself.

"You two will look cute together."

I kept saying,

"I interviewed Kapil Dev today, Mom.

And Kapil Dev praised me."

But Saira,

nothing made a difference to Mom.

Tell me... how can it be anyone's fault

when I couldn't convince my own mom?

Why would I wail over
giving the wrong clip to Chabra?

Would it have mattered
if I had given him the right one?

No. That's the truth.

From that idiot model called Viren

to an idiot who owns
ball bearing shops in Meerut,

from the modeling institute girls
to Atul Chabra...

this is the truth of the entire world!

Unbelievable, right?

A couple of guys formed a standard.

We never realized when that
standard was declared normal.

And we losers
got in a race for acceptance.

As a kid, we wanted
to be accepted by our friends.

As we grew older, we wanted to be accepted
in the definition of hot.

Workspace environment.

Just accept us, please.

Just accept us.

That's all we kept saying.

"I am fat, and I still look hotter
than your girl, bloody loser."

And I can be a designer, sports presenter,

doctor, CEO, lawyer, or actor.

I'll be whoever I want to be...

and still be obese!

"Because you don't feed me!"

That's all we have to say, Rajshri.

- Why can't we say it?
- We can't say it.

We can't say it.

Come on, get up.

- Where?
- Get up.

- Come on!
- Where?

Let me get my jacket.

Hurry up!

Saira, where are we going?

Come on!

Your order, ladies?

One chicken burger.

Make that two. Two each.

- With cheese?
- Hell, yeah! With cheese!

One large fries.

- One large nuggets.
- Mayo dip.

- Chocolate pancakes.
- Waffle.

- Banana milkshake.
- Strawberry milkshake.

- Whipped cream on mine.
- Wow! Someone's hungry!

Oh, honey, we're just getting started.

Pack it.

Are we going to blow up this building?

This was my school.

Wow. Nice.

I was in fourth grade...

and my brother was in seventh.

It was my science period, I guess.

Mother Suzan called me
out of class and took me to the office.

Brother was already there.

Mom arrived after a while.

She looked worried.


Later, we found out
that Dad had passed away.

After that, for two years,

Mom tried hard to raise us here.

Until she finally gave up.

She thought, let's take them
both back home to India.

Back then, she didn't even realize
that it was home only for her.

Not for my brother and me.

We were born here.

We had only heard about Delhi.

We had no choice back then.

At the age of 11,

my world suddenly changed.

Isn't it strange?

Until you don't hear
about someone else's grief...

you feel your pain is the worst.

If I were in your shoes,

I would be dead.

Or you'd have made a friend.

Even I tried pretty hard.

First, with the kids
of Delhi's Sanskriti School.

And when I couldn't get along with them,

I befriended food.

The food turned out to be
one awesome friend.

It's been there
from my childhood to adulthood.

Now, let me continue.

I tried to end this friendship,
but by now, it had turned into a group.

Food, me, and obesity.

Tired of people's comments,

I tried to make new friends
like gym and diet,

but that friendship didn't last.

Sometimes, they were on my side,
and sometimes not, but food...

food was my best friend.

I streaked my hair,
had my ears, nose, and lips pierced,

and got a big tattoo...

so that the world would notice
these things before my obesity.

- Or anything at all.
- But this bloody world can find obesity

even beyond Fab India's oversized dress.


Doesn't matter how much
you tuck your tummy in,

you can't pull
these bloody jeans over the waist.

It gets stuck on your thighs.

And we keep convincing ourselves

that obesity has increased
the size of our bras.

But these guys have these weird demands.

They want a big bra size, but they
also want a thin waistline like this.

This small!

Rascals, if we demand the same from you,

where will you hide your face?

Look over there.

There are teachers, there are mothers.

They are real women.

Who among them has a perfect figure?

Some run homes,
some run offices, and some schools.

They are real role models.

But who will make them a model?

Models are of only one type.

Like this...

You can't see a piece of meat on them.

Anywhere you touch, it's only bones.

They don't leave
those skinny models alone either.

She gets body-shamed
because she is skinny.

It's all our fault.

The world already judges us,
and on top of that, we judge ourselves.

Why can't any of them be a model?

- Of course, they can.
- They can't.

Yes, they can be.

They can't be.

They can be.


Of course, they can be.

Get up.

- Where to?
- Let's go.

Saira, I cannot eat anymore.

- Hey!
- Come on, Rajshri!

What new brainstorm
did she come up with now?

I don't know...

but they went to get
a burger for inspiration.

Guys, concentrate.

So, guys, there's a slight change
in the brief of our film.

We were pitching clothes
for every profession,

every location, and every time,

but we missed a major point.

Every type of body.

Saira Khanna Designs
will now pitch its brand

for every size, and every body.

Madam, you can keep
every size in your store...

but every other designer also does that.

They keep every size,

but they don't design for every size.

They don't market every size.

I want to do it.

I was to see
a plus-size bus driver in my clothes.

A school teacher, a housewife,

everyone who is not a model size,

I want to see all of them in my clothes.

You don't have to fit into
the design to wear Saira Khanna.

The designs will be done
keeping your bodies in focus.

Every body.

Were you always so convincing,

or is this the effect of London?


- Or...
- Zo... Za... Zu.

- Correct.
- We know it.

But how do we do it?

Is it possible?

For anyone else...


But for you... you just have to ask.

You will kill us with your dialogues.

We just need the right start.

Leave that to me.

Let's set up a nice low-angle shot.

From here?


Are you sure?


What's the worst that could happen?

The funders won't agree to this pitch,

or my brother will get furious.

But that's fine.

This is what I will do because
this is the only thing I want to do.



- You guys wait here. I'll take her inside.
- Okay.

Take care, Saira.

Okay, it doesn't seem to be
much more than a sprain.

You need to look after it well, okay?

Not too much pressure and rest.

Look after her well, young man.

With pleasure, doctor.

I've got your prescription. Two minutes.

Thank you, doctor.

Hey, I'll do it.

Do it.

"I'll do it!"


These hospital treatment
rooms are so weird.

It's the worst place
to be alone with a doctor.

But if you get stuck in here
alone with a beautiful girl,

who can't even get up and run,


I hope you do all this to kill time.

Because I neither have a reason
to take you seriously

nor do you have any shortage of girls
to show off this flippancy.

You don't know the difference
between charm and flippancy.

But it's okay.

Listen, I don't give a shit
about your charm, okay?

You're doing a job, so stick to that.
I, too, am here just for work.

I have no interest in becoming
entertainment for you.

It's him?!


- Zorawar, give me the phone.
- Yeah, Viren.

What the...

I am Zorawar.

Zorawar Rehmani.

Where? London.

You asked me two questions.

Now, it's my turn.

What level of stupid are you?

Even after what you did, you still think

you'll have a chance with her
if you keep calling?!

You don't have an answer, do you?
Because you're an idiot.

- I know!
- Give me the phone!

Now, question number two.

In the beginning, what did you do

to make Saira believe that you're good,
honest, and genuine?

I need some tips, bro.

Because everything I am doing...


Hello, Viren?


- Zorawar, give me the phone.
- He hung up.

Give me the phone!

Who do you think you are?

Nothing special.

But I am not who you think I am.

I am not Viren, Saira.

Not every guy is.

If you don't stop thinking that way,

then there is no difference
between your beliefs and Viren's.

Think about it.

You think I can't hit on you because...


If I could get up, I would break your jaw.

Do you think if you could get up...

I would have done any of this?

- Am I crazy?
- Zorawar!

Doctor, she's hitting me!

All said and done...

Srikanth and I lost the most
because of this new brief.

We were getting such cute models.

It kept us engrossed.


this is the problem.

And this is the mentality
we've got to change.

My revolutionary sister...

we can't miss out on eye candy
for your revolution.

What is eye candy?

Same thing...

but with eyes.

Mom is calling.

Right now?

It must be 5:00 a.m. back home.

Yes. She gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day.

I'll be back.


Yeah, Mom.

Can I tell Yogesh's mom
and dad that it's final?


No, Mom. Just say no.

Look, Gappu, I've had enough.

Why should I say no?

God knows what you're doing there,

- and you're telling me...
- I'm working... I'm working, Mom!

If you ever venture out of Meerut
and see the world, you'll know.

People do many other things
than getting married!

I haven't seen your face
in any of the matches yet.

What work is this?

Do you think I'm a fool?

Look, Gappu, you'll listen to me quietly!

We're giving Yogesh's family our approval.

Mom, please!

I cannot say yes like this!

- I need some more...
- Listen to me, Gappu!

Remember what I said to you
while giving you permission?

If you achieve something,
I'll listen to you.

Otherwise, you'll listen to me!

I see!
So, you were waiting for this day...

when your daughter is proven wrong,
and you can do as you please!

Then, do whatever you want!
Why are you informing me?

Leave me alone!

How long have you been standing there?

For around 15 minutes.

It's pretty late,

Tomorrow is a busy day.

We should turn in for the night.

Director sir...

I overheard your phone conversation.

One has to compromise
with the life one gets, Sri.

This is what I got...

and I'm living with it.

Even animals get a life, director sir.

Human beings shape their own life.

Where is it written...

that every person's dreams will come true?


haven't uploaded Kapil sir's video

on the internet yet.

I won't.

I'll keep it for myself.

I'll watch it whenever I feel like it.

If I upload that video,

I'll have expectations... again.

Which will get crushed... again.

My heart will ache... again.

I am tired, Sri.

My marriage has been fixed.

Now, I'll get married.


One moment, director sir.

I wanted to share something with you.

You know... my father...

was crazy about films.

Hindi films, Tamil films.

All of them.

When I told him
that I am going to learn camerawork...

he was overjoyed.

Very proud.

He would announce
to the entire neighborhood,

"My son will be the next PC Sriram.

He'll work in big films."

Even I was very happy.

My first assignment was

for a wildlife documentary in Brazil.

Three months of very hard work.

Full work.


it was a good shoot.


partied on the last day.

The next day, I had a flight back.

At night, I got a call...

that my dad was no more.

That man waited his entire life

to watch the visual shot by me.

I finally shot it,

but he died before he could see it.

I couldn't be like
PC Sriram yet, director sir.

I didn't get a single
feature film shoot yet.

But... I didn't give up.

Even if I get a film, and it's shot well,

my father isn't around to watch it.


I didn't give up, director sir.

I didn't give up.

So, how could you give up?

How could you?

I'm not as courageous
as Srikanth Srivardhan.


you'll be like PC Sriram.

And I will watch your first feature film.

In Meerut.

Hi, ladies. Tell me how you're feeling
in these outfits today.

We feel fly, darling.

Yeah, I am not worried
about what's showing

or what's oozing out.

What do you guys look
for when you pick your clothes?

Definitely comfort first.

If you feel suffocated in the clothes,
then what good is style?

And a little skin show
because that doesn't hurt anyone.

It feels like it was designed for me.

I can feel fashionable
but without being afraid.

All out.

People are always talking about eat this,
it will help.

Help with what? I didn't ask for help.

I wear what I want when I want.

If you want to be a bunny,
continue eating leaves.

Right, it's important to be healthy.

And do everything you need for that.

Just because I don't
fit in the size you like

doesn't mean I am any less cute.


- Yes!
- Guys, it was amazing!

- Oh my God, guys, it's amazing!
- Yes!

Thank you!

You guys are the most under-budget
and over-efficient crew in the world!

That's true.

Guys, I don't know about you,

but what I saw just now...

is far better than what I imagined.

Saira, just don't forget us
when you become a top label.

And don't forget me even if
you don't become a top label.

- No?
- No.

I don't know, guys.

To be honest, the people in India
who are going to decide...

are not expecting this.

So, who knows,
maybe there won't be a label at all!

But what does it matter? Who cares?

My effort will always be this.

Proud of you, Saira.

That's the spirit.

So, you'll all be going back
the day after tomorrow.

And God knows where fate
will take each one of us!

There's a fear of things remaining untold.

So, tonight, you're
all invited to my house

to taste Nihari cooked by my mom.

- What?
- You have a mom?!

Of course. Did Allah send me by DHL?

No, I mean you never told
us she is in London.

You see, I don't invite
all my clients home.

You can't trust people

whether they are genuine or flippant.
Am I right, madam?


Or Zo, Za, Zu... whatever you like.

With you, this job
didn't feel like a job at all.

So, my house and my heart
are open for you guys.

I've sent the address to Sri.
See you guys tonight.

And yes, wear something traditional.

You see, it's a Pathan's home.

First impression matters.


Hello. Welcome.

Let me guess,

Zo told you to do this!

Am I right?

- This is for you.
- Thank you so much.

- May I?
- Please.


Zo was right.

You both do look good together.


What have you...


If I see you, I'll say

Hundreds of words with my eyes

My destiny will seek you everywhere

I am not here alone

Every moment with you

Makes my heart skip a beat

Look through my eyes

If you want to look at yourself

Look through my eyes

If you want to look at yourself

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

Whether you love me or not

Always love yourself

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

If I see you, I'll say

Hundreds of words with my eyes

My destiny will seek you everywhere

I am not here alone

Every moment with you

Makes my heart skip a beat

I'll write the beginning

If you write the end

Blame me

For falling in love with you

Blame me

For falling in love with you

Blame me

For falling in love with you

Let my eyes cross with yours

Be what the consequences be

Let my eyes cross with yours

Be what the consequences be

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

If I see you, I'll say

Hundreds of words with my eyes

My destiny will seek you everywhere

I am not here alone

Every moment with you

Makes my heart skip a beat

No, but it was a love story nevertheless.

Even today, I know Zo's father
more than anyone else.

He loves to travel the world.

He loves Zo.

He's just not cut out for institutional
relationships, that's all.

But that's him.

And this is me.

I am still hot.

Love is unexpected, right?

It can knock on your door at any time.

I see.

So, this is where your dearest son
learns all his tricks.

I guess.

Dearest son?

She's picked up quite a lot
of Urdu in a single meeting, Mom.


Or Zo, Za, Zu... whatever you like.

Okay, so you girls, tell me.

By God, you two are so beautiful.

You two must have some story as well.

Auntie... sorry to interrupt you.

If you don't mind,
can I use this to make it?


No, be my guest, darling.

Thank you, Auntie.

It's a call from India.

It's not Mom.

- I'll have to take this.
- Sure.

Hello. Who is this?

Am I speaking with Rajshri Trivedi?

Yes... I mean Rajshri speaking.

Ms. Rajshri, you personally told me

about my company's wrong
guidelines and requirements.

But after watching your video,
I didn't understand

whether I should offer you
a sports show or a dance show!

Sir, you?!

But why are you calling me now?

I've been broadcasting live sports
for 16 years, Rajshri.

My channel has done several
things before others.

Sometimes, we take time to get updated.

But after watching your
interview with Kapil Dev,

I realized it's time to update.

To be honest,
I want you to host my next cricket show

and give me a chance
to rectify my mistake.

Okay, sir, but...

where did you watch that video?


Guys, open your Twicker quickly.

What happened? All okay?

- Yes, I...
- What's on Twicker, sister?

- That video... Show me!
- Hey!

What happened? Which video?

But looking at your passion...
I've done so many interviews, but...

Oh my God, who posted this?

I don't know...

Oh my God! It's trending, guys!

Amazing shit!

Guys, I just got a call
from Atul Chabra...


...and he offered me a job.

Sister, you're so sly.

But we sent your strip video
to Atul Chabra.

Who uploaded this?

I don't know.

The original upload is by some Srileaks.


Sometimes, when someone's tired,

just a gentle push.

I told you... love is unexpected.

It can knock on your door at any time.

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission

Let me introduce you to yourself

With your permission




- Hi!
- Hi!

How was it?

Couldn't have been better.

- Lovely.
- I have so much to tell you! Let's go!

- Come on!
- I got it!

- Why did you two come to pick me up?
- Come on!

How could we let you
come alone at this hour?

- The train arrived at 8:00 p.m., Mom.
- Okay.

Listen, how about some tea?

Of course.

I got everything in London
except for your cup of tea.

Oh, really?

Naughty girl! Always has a way with words!

- Grandma!
- Hey!


- You took so long.
- I missed you.

Gappu, I'm making tea.

I'll also get the sweets
Mr. Sharma got for us.

Mr. Sharma who?

Remember I told you?

It's Yogesh Sharma.

You know what? Yogesh is an engineer.

And they have two homes in Lucknow.

They are coming over on the 20th
to introduce you two to each other.

But I won't be here on the 20th, Mom.

I'll be in Delhi.

Then, someplace else,

and then God knows where!


What did you say?

What do you mean?

I mean...

you lost the bet, Mom.

Yes, but I guess
you won over your worries.

Since my childhood...

you tried to hide your Gappu's obesity
considering it her weakness.

You fought with everyone, and shielded me.

And silly me thought
it was your resentment,

and kept fighting with you.

But let me tell you,

while fighting with you,

your Gappu has learned

to fend against the world.

And now, the time to hide is over.

It's time to show the world.

To express.

About your plus-size daughter
Rajshri Trivedi

and her plus-size mother.

I'm going to sign
a contract worth 2,5 million.

To host the biggest cricket show in India.

And do you know why I got this contract?

Because of you.

So, if you're making tea,

make some parathas as well.

Would you like some parathas, Granny?


Even I'll have one today.


I don't know whether
this idea will stick or not.

But if it does,

it will set the stage on fire.

This is just the beginning, brother.

And whether I set the stage on fire
or not, maybe later or maybe never,

but this is the definition
of Saira Khanna Designs,

and it always will be.

Hello! What's wrong with you?

Where did you get this confidence?

It was always in me.

But whenever I stood in front
of the mirror, I saw otherwise.

And this is not the idea.

I'll show the real idea after 15 days...

during the funder's fashion show.

Mona for Tara! Where is she?
I mean, come on!

Why don't you guys have an update on this?

I need to know
if the showstopper is ready!

What is going on?

Where the hell is Saira?

Saira is here, baby.


I would've gotten a stroke.

Is this my first show or yours?

Relax, will you?

Is my showstopper ready?

Waiting for you in the wings.

Come on.

My vibrant heart

Wants to do the impossible

My vibrant heart

Wants to achieve its dreams

Defends them against the world

Silly thing knows no fear
Doesn't understand boundaries

Set off to steal fire from the sun

Crazy thing is pretty stubborn

My vibrant heart

Wants to achieve its dreams

Defends them against the world

All the dreams
That were buried in my heart

Have finally been set free
Made her fearless

No desire to fend against the world
Or defeat anyone

As I've won the battle against myself

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the talented artist,

who has redefined "one size fits all"
with her creations.

Please put your hands together
for the wonderful Saira Khanna

and her stunning showstopper
for the evening!

My vibrant heart

Wants to reach for the stars

To light up itself

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you so much.

I've been fashionable since I was a kid.

As I grew older, I learned

that you have to change yourself
for fashion's sake.

You have to be someone else.

And why wouldn't I think this way?

The doll I played with was also slim.

The cartoon princess I followed
was also slim.

So, I started to believe that...

to look gorgeous or to be someone,

one has to fit a size.

I'm sure...

my showstopper and my friend,

Rajshri Trivedi, must have
also heard the same things.

But now, Rajshri Trivedi

hosts the biggest cricket show
on India's biggest sports network.

That too live.

There are people in the audience...

who have the fate of
Saira Khanna Designs in their hands.

I just want to say...

if you decide to launch
Saira Khanna Designs,

then know this...

I don't want to launch a label...

where the women are hesitant
to enter my store.

Or feel, even for a moment,

that there's something inside the store

that won't fit their coolness,
budget, or size.

I want to make clothes
that are sized to your attitude.

My vibrant heart

Wants to reach for the stars

To light up itself

My vibrant heart

Doesn't listen to me

- Saira!
- Yeah?

I'll be right back.

Is that her?

- I don't know, bro.
- Take a look.

Why would she be here?

She does cricket commentary, bro.

Yeah, that's her.

- Is it her?
- Yes.

By the way,
even Saira Khanna is pretty hot, bro.

Yeah, bro.

Behave! Bloody flippant!

She is my girlfriend.

Sorry. Really sorry, sir.

It's all right.

- Let's go.
- Yes.

Are you sure?


I am not.

Don't worry.

- Even you...
- Zo!

See, she called me Zo!

Sri... come here!

Director sir! Coming!