Double World (2019) - full transcript

In a fictional universe comprising ten nations. Seeing the neighboring country become more and more powerful, a warlord organizes a competition to reveal the best warriors. Hearing the news...


In the Central Plains,

there had been years of bloody war
between Southern Zhao and Northern Yan,

leaving their people destitute.

The battle ended in a dead heat

and both finally reached
an agreement for peace.

However, the peaceful situation
only lasted for ten years.

As the new king of Northern Yan
ascends the throne,

armies of the Northern Yan
continue to covet Southern Zhao.

The Central Plains will be caught
in a sanguinary war again.

The envoys of Northern Yan
are presenting their gift.

Your Majesty, I wish you
eternal health and well-being,

and boundless happiness.

Protect His Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Bring her back alive!

When the new king of Northern Yan
has just ascended the throne,

their assassins

have snuck into Lingyan Pavilion
to assassinate Your Majesty.

It's a declaration of war!

If I may be so bold
to admonish Your Majesty

to resume with the Martial Contest.

The selection of Grand Field Marshal
cannot be postponed anymore.

I am willing to host this contest
to help ease Your Majesty's burden.

Since it's your idea,

then I will leave it to you, Grand Tutor.

As you wish, Your Majesty.

Within three days,

the Messenger Eagles will reach
the territories of the Eight Clans

with the announcement to all the warriors
of the gathering in Phoenix City.

There's no more water supply for today.

Come earlier tomorrow.

Bastard, you're stealing water again!

-Stop running!


Stop! Bastard!

Bastard, stop running!

Stop running! Stay right there!

Stay right there! Stop running!

Get out of my way!

Don't come over!

My child!

Stop right there!

Little bastard,
let's see where else you can run to.

Put me down.




Here's the emperor's decree
from Phoenix City.

The Martial Contest is about to resume.

There will be war again.

The system stipulates

that three warriors from each clan
have to be selected for the contest.

As of the day
when the Messenger Eagles arrive,

the contestants shall gather
before the full moon

in Phoenix City with their clan totems.

Any violation

constitutes a clan-implicated crime.

A clan-implicated crime?

A clan-implicated crime?

Any voluntary warriors?

Me! I'll go!

I'll go!

Let me go! I'll go!

Keep quiet.

Cang Qiu, put him down.

Serves you right.


Dong Yilong.

Why are you messing around?

I'm not!

After I become the Grand Field Marshal
of Southern Zhao,

I'll mount the clan flag of Qingyuan Clan

on top of that young king.

Let's see who dares
to call me a bastard again.


Enough of your nonsense.

If I enter the Martial Contest,

besides being the Grand Field Marshal,
are there any other benefits?

This Martial Contest is being hosted
by Grand Tutor Guan in person.

The winning warrior will be able to join
the emperor's heaven worship ceremony.

By then, you can get whatever you want.

I'll go.

I'll go.

Even a deserter has the nerves to go.

No fighting.

All right.

The three of you should go and get ready.


When your mother was pregnant with you,

she fled from beyond the frontier
and was wounded.

In the end, all she left you
was this broken comb.

Push harder, you're almost there.

He's here.


The boy's father

named him...

Dong Yilong.

This boy...

I'll leave him to you.

Who is the boy's father?

This time, I'm leaving Qingyuan Village
not only for the contest.

Perhaps, I could also find out
about my origin.

You will have to find the answer yourself.

When you came back
from the battlefield ten years ago,

you were on the brink of death.

But somehow, you firmly grasped onto this.


it should be returned to
its rightful owner.


Thank you, Chief.


Bastard, let me tell you some good news.

Legend has it that there's a Mystic Forest
in Phoenix City.

It knows about everything
that happened in the past.

It can even tell you who your father is.

In fact, it might even know
how your parents began their romance.

How can we get there?

The problem is no one knows
where this Mystic Forest exactly is.

-Stop walking!

When can we get to Phoenix City then?


Cang Qiu!

Is he dead?

What do you think?

Shouldn't we find his body?

You should just save some energy
for our journey.

If we fail to get to Phoenix City
before the full moon,

you will have to bury
the entire Qingyuan Clan's dead bodies.

But he was our companion!

Right now, I'm more concerned
about finding us a new teammate.

It's delicious.

What is it?

Why are you eating so much
when you're out in the open?

Once you're under attack,
you won't be able to run.

But you...

Back in Qingyuan Clan,

everyone calls you Deserter.

What's your name?

Is your family name Chu?

I don't understand.

In Qingyuan Clan,

no one shows you any respect.

But you're still going to fight for them.

-Is it because you--
-I'm not doing this for them.

I'm doing it for the former owner

of this broken spear.

Back then, we had a fierce war

with the army of Northern Yan.

The Southern Zhao's marshal
leading the Chu Army

was my brother, Chu Cheng.

At the time, I was only 16 years old.

It was right here

that we, the Chu Army,
shattered Northern Yan Army into pieces,

followed by their retreat.

My brother, Chu Cheng,

hunted down the general of Northern Yan.




But in the end,

in that battle,

I ended up being the only survivor.

I didn't expect Northern Yan
to be so powerful

that they eliminated the entire Chu Army.

It was not Northern Yan
that neutralized the Chu Army!

It was Grand Tutor Guan of Southern Zhao!

Chu Cheng!

Where are the reinforcements?

Where are the reinforcements?

Grand Tutor Guan
has long dreaded the Chu Army!

He wants to see us die here!

He won't send us any reinforcements!

Chu Hun, stay alive!

You have to stay alive!

Chu Cheng!

You have to stay alive!

Grand Tutor Guan?

Greetings, Emissary.

It has been so many years

since Northern Yan made you
Southern Zhao's Grand Tutor.

But you haven't done anything.

You must have forgotten your mission.

Are you planning to stay here
as their grand tutor

for the rest of your life?

I have been waiting these past years
for the chance,

so that we can overturn
Southern Zhao at a stroke.

But His Majesty can't wait any longer.

He has lost patience with you.

I only need one month

and Southern Zhao
will be at my fingertips.

If this plan fails,

what should I tell His Majesty?

Screw that Lingyan Pavilion.

The Martial Contest?

His Majesty has had enough
of your sophistry.

As long as we detain
all the imperial family of Southern Zhao

in Lingyan Pavilion during the finals...

Southern Zhao will definitely perish.

What exactly is the contest about?


Horse racing?


Or arm wrestling?

Hey! Return our clan totem!

Come and get it if you can!

They are the Lizard Clan.

Who is that girl?

Let's go.

Don't be nosy.



Hold on!



Help me!

Hang in there!

Don't pull my pants!

Hang on!





Dong Yilong!

What did you just call me?

Besides our chief,

you're the first one
who called me by my name.

Who is that?

She was just right there.

I'm Jia Lu, Chief of the Lizard Clan.

Thank you for your rescue.

Here's a token of appreciation.

Right, Chief Jia Lu.

Have you heard of Mystic Forest?

That's just a fairy tale.

Forget it then.

Young man.

See you in Phoenix City.


Deserter, wait up!

Deserter, wait for me.

My name is Chu Hun.

All right, I got it.

Can I get on the horse now?

Isn't your qinggong great?

There's no need for you to ride the horse.


Don't be so mean.

We're still far away.

Give me a ride.

I have my favorite sapodilla.

Would you like to have one?

Wait, how about two?


What is it?

That happened to the burglars
from Northern Yan.

If you can't bear the sight of this,

return to Qingyuan Village
as soon as possible.

...Southern Zhao!

The fighter lives!

The coward dies!

Northern Yan is subjugated
by Southern Zhao!

A sword from the ancestors!


Warriors, take a look.


Give me.

Give me that!

Give me.


Sir, do you really not know
where Mystic Forest is?


Didn't I tell you?

That's just a rumor.

No one knows where it is.

If it weren't for you,
we would have arrived long ago!

What did you say? Say it again.

You too!


Isn't that the girl we met in the desert?

Cut the crap.

-What is it?
-Come, let’s drink.

Sir, give me two portions
of your signature dishes.

-I'm starving.
-All right!

Two horses,

three injured men,

and our clan totem.

How should we settle the score?

It's none of your business.

When I become the Grand Field Marshal,

I will return everything to you.

Do you think you can get away with it?

Can you outpace me?

Don't you want your clan totem?

Can you outpace me?

Here comes the Grand Tutor!

What are you looking at? Kneel.

Grand Tutor Guan.





It has been ten years

since I last joined the gathering
of all the warriors

from the Eight Clans of Southern Zhao.


Bottoms up.

I would like to add something.

Since you have signed up,
there is no turning back.

Those who withdraw without permission

will be charged
with a clan-implicated crime.

Bear that in mind.


See you in the arena

the day after tomorrow, at noon.

Grand Tutor Guan is surrounded
by many guards.

Will you be able to kill him?

As long as I can enter it,

I'll have the chance to approach him.

If you're scared
that you would be implicated,

you can turn me in now.

Chu Hun.

I'm your friend.

I won't sell you out.

I don't have friends and I don't need one.

What I know is that

whoever stops me
from killing Grand Tutor Guan

is my enemy.

Here, I don't want to become your enemy.

All the villagers call you Bastard,

but why do you still live happily
every day?

My mother once told me in my dream

that I'll be a great warrior.

"Don't stoop down to their level."

Then ask your mother tonight

if we can find a new teammate tomorrow.

My mother doesn't turn up
in my dream every night.

But let me tell you this.

She will definitely bless us.


What if we can't find anyone by tomorrow
and get disqualified?

Run for your life then.

Come and have a look, my friends.

I have two slaves from Northern Yan.

Only one of them can survive.

Today, I am willing to reluctantly part
with the one who survives

by selling her to you.

Keep your eyes open.

-Get up.
-Come on!

Here we go!

I should go.

Aren't you going to be
the Grand Field Marshal?

One day, when you lead troops in a battle,

things will be much more brutal than this.

If we lose the war to Northern Yan,

you will be one of these caged fighters.


The winner for today is Bi Nu.



Come on.

Who wants to take
this Northern Yan bitch back home

to have fun with?

Although this chick looks rough-skinned,

she will make a good house guard.

It's a special offer.

There has not been any war
for over a decade.

I don't have many of them in stock.

Look, a genuine slave from Northern Yan.

Do whatever you like to her.

You won't be fooled
and there's nothing to lose.

Don't even hesitate.


If you miss this chance today,

you will surely regret it.

-Let's go.
-Any bidder?


You just raised your hand,
so she's yours now.

This warrior has good taste, come here.

Let's confirm your payment.

Move. Come over.

You have good taste, young man.

Behave yourself.

Keep still.

She's quite a good fighter.

-She's from Northern Yan.
-Why did you raise your hand then?



We're short of money to recruit others.

What should we do now?

Don't worry.

I don't need money.


I'm in.

It was you.

The thief who stole the clan totem.

I didn't steal it.

I just borrowed it.

I can only join the contest
if I have a clan totem.

You're short of a teammate,
so count me in.

Have you been in the contest before?


Find someone else to play with.

I just want to play with you.


Skills and one's age
aren't necessarily related.

Take this.

I don't need much.

Just board and lodging will do.


I agree.

I agree too.

Two to one.

Do you really want
to be the Grand Field Marshal?

I want to have my name forever recorded

in the hero chronicle
of the Martial Contest to prove myself.

What's your name then?

I don't have one.

My last name is Jinggang, so I'm known as

Ms. Jinggang.

Chu Hun.

Dong Yilong.

Ms. Jinggang.


Yilong, let's go.



Do you want to kill me?

My father was killed with this spear.

This spear. This word.

I won't forget them
for the rest of my life.

Do you remember that the Chu Army

took my father's life ten years ago?


Don't come over!


I get to meet this spear's owner.

I'll atone with my life

right after I kill Grand Tutor Guan.

You'd better stay alive then.

A few days ago,

Northern Yan sent men
to assassinate His Majesty.

It's an overt provocation
to Southern Zhao.

Between the nations,
war will be inevitable.

But today,

among our warriors,

someone will represent
the honor of their clans!

They will pay homage to our emperor's flag
with Northern Yan people's blood

and restart our quest

for unification!

This Martial Contest is different
from the previous ones!

Round one.

The first three clans

to reach the Roll Call Platform
where the Grand Tutor is

may advance to the next round.

Rings around their waists!

Why tie us together?

What are they doing?

I have never seen
a Martial Contest like this.

This is life-risking.

Stay focused.

-What is it?
-Don’t be afraid.

I'll take care of you.

Just mind your own business.

Get ready.


-Let's go!
-Let's go!

Change the formation!

Chu Hun, we're in the rear now.

Let's go!


Let's go!

Let's go!


Look out!

First place!

Zixuan Clan!

Save him.

It's hooked.

Let's go.

I'll throw you down
if you keep fooling around.

Second place!

-Qingyuan Clan!
-We won.

Get up, now!

Get up!

Get up now!

I will repay you!

We can't lose.

The sword.

Third place.

Falcon Clan!


I know what you want to do,

but Jinggang is innocent.

Mr. Wen, for the sake of victory,
you did what you did.

I’m impressed.

I'll atone with my life

right after I kill Grand Tutor Guan.

I'm excited too,

but I'm too tired to get worked up.

I just want to grab something to eat.

Tears of joy.

I can understand that.


Is this General Chu Cheng's spear?


He was my brother.

So you're a descendant of the Chu Army.

I've heard your stories
since I was little.

Chu Hun, take it.

Come on.

Kill him.

Keep up the good work.

Take this.

Give it back.

-Why would you have a woman's stuff?
-Give it back.

It's from your lover, right?

Give it to me.

Give it back!

Let me keep it for you for now.

Focus on the contest.

You can ask for anything except for that.


It is my mother's only legacy.

If you like it, I can get you another one.

At least your mother
had left something for you.

My mother didn't even give me a name.

It's all right.

When we get to Mystic Forest,
you can find out the truth.

I don't care about the past.

I only care about the future.

You were so close to him.

Why didn't you kill him?

I will kill him,

but not now.

You can only take revenge
when you have the strength.

Eat up.


We can't stay here anymore, let's go!

So the annihilation of the Chu Army
is related to Grand Tutor Guan.

Then the wire-puller
behind the assault just now is...

Who else could it be?

Grand Tutor Guan wanted to create
the false impression of clans' infighting

as a tool and disguise to kill me.

But Tiger-Roars Clan failed.

So they must be killed.

Dong Yilong.

Take Jinggang with you.

I'm coming with you.

Me too.

What are you doing?

From the moment the three of us

stood in the arena
and were bound with iron chains,

our fates have been tied together.

That's right.

Actually, Chu Hun,

if we can get into the finals,

you will be able to become
the Grand Field Marshal.

In that case,

you'll have the chance to testify against
Grand Tutor Guan to His Majesty.

At that time,
you'll be able to avenge the Chu Army.

May your mother bless us,

so that we can make it to the finals.

I'm sure that we will.

From now on, every moment shall be taken

as the final.

That's right.

Yilong, I'm starving.

I'll get you some steamed buns.

-I need three.
-All right.

Let me keep this for you for tonight.

Why didn't you go home?

Where should I go?

Northern Yan?

That's right, you're free now.

I haven't tried that before.

You will love it.

Why would you and Chu Hun love this?

This liquor is so strong.

It makes me sick.

Doesn't living make us sick too?

-Young man.

What do you live for then?

I have no idea
because I don't even know who I am.

But I always feel that
I should do something.

What is it?

To not let the innocent be killed.

Who do you think is innocent then?

Both you and Chu Hun are innocent.

Hurry up.






Get lost!

Round two!

The task is to snatch
the Beast King's egg.

The first clan to bring back
the Beast King's egg

will get into the finals!

They have arrived,
so we have to make haste.

What on earth is the Beast King?

Is it a tiger or a lion?

The Beast King was a war monster
fostered by Southern Zhao.

It is ferocious and bloodthirsty.

Intended for war,

people embedded a headwear

with sharp thorns on the top of its skull

to make it appear brutish.

After the war, it was deserted here.

Sounds like the Beast King
is quite pitiful.

If you run into it,

you will be the pitiful one.

Stay alert.


Since we're here,

without the Beast King's egg,

none of us is getting out of here.

Let's go.

Stay away from it!

This flower is poisonous.

Don't touch it.

Over here.


Chu Hun, since you know about this flower,

you should know of the antidote, right?

I have seen it once.

It's a kind of moss...

that grows in the dark of caverns.

It's orange in color.

Everything has its natural inhibitors.

Therefore, the antidote
has to be in this cavern too.

Chu Hun.

I won't let you die here.

Wait for our return.

-Let's go.
-All right.

Chief, look!

There's light coming from that cave.

Let's check it out.



The egg is right there.

We won.

Let's go!

Save me!

That's the egg!

Save me!

Save me!

Cut off my leg!



Hurry, give me the egg.

Hold onto it.

Isn't that the orange moss
on the headwear?

The antidote!

Let's split up. I'll distract it.

Let's go!

The poison is gone.

Let's move now. The Beast King is coming.

What are you doing, Yilong?
The Beast King will be here anytime soon.

It's stuck there.

It could die. Wait for me.

Let me help you.

Bear with it, Beast King.

No, I have to help Yilong.

Exert force!

Chu Hun, give me the Beast King's egg.

I understand.

You are just trying to protect
your own child.

I, Dong Yilong,

hereby pledge in the name
of Qingyuan Clan.

After the contest,

regardless if we win or lose,

I will surely bring the egg back.

Please trust me.

Chu Hun.

It's all my fault.

Don't worry.

I'm tough.

I've been near death several times.

Aren't you a strong girl?

Why are you crying?

What's the matter?

I'm very happy as well.

The defeated clans!

So the three warriors of Qingyuan Clan
have gotten into the finals.



the title of Grand Field Marshal
of Southern Zhao

is for only one person.

There are no rivals then.

Who are we competing against?

The ones beside you are your rivals.

Only the last survivor

among the three of you

can become the Grand Field Marshal
of Southern Zhao.

We forfeit.

Chu Hun is the most skillful
among the three of us.

We can nominate him.

That's right,
neither of us can defeat Chu Hun.

I don't think you have the grasp
of the situation.

I'm not here to inquire
about your opinion.

I'm just telling you the rules.

Among the three of you,
only the last survivor

can become the Grand Field Marshal
of Southern Zhao.

I shall look forward
to the result of the finals.

If it wasn't for you,

I would have ended up
in Beast King Valley.

I would have been a dead person.
I don't mind dying one more time.

But only one of us can survive

to reach the goal.


You don't have to go
for each other's throat.

I have seen you before.

You have been following us for a while.

Who are you?

I am an old friend of your father's.

Let me take you to a place

where all your puzzles will be solved.


Mystic Forest.


Chu Hun, stay alive!

You have to stay alive!

You have to stay alive!

Chu Cheng.

Are you all right?

Yilong, my son.

You will have to assume the responsibility
of restoring peace to the Central Plains.


Your father was the former king
of Northern Yan.

I have been watching you
throughout the entire journey.

Just like your father,

you are born with compassion,
and you care for the world.

You're eligible to inherit his legacy.

You got the wrong person.

I'm not from Northern Yan.

It is up to you
whether to believe it or not.

But you bear the marks
of Northern Yan and its people.

-Smear your left arm with your blood.

It will prove

that my words are the truth.

Do you want me to do it?

Chu Hun, don't force him.

I have seen the totem of Northern Yan.

It was not like this.

The totem tattooed
on the ordinary Northern Yan people

is the mark of the civilians.

They have that tattoo on their left arm

to showcase their loyalty to the nation.

The reason your totem appears to be gold

is because you have the royal blood
of Northern Yan flowing in your veins.

It is the symbol of royalty.

You were born with it.

I will not have any connections
with people from Northern Yan!

Chu Hun!

Chu Hun!

Don't go, Chu Hun!

Don't leave!

You can't go!

Chu Hun!

Chu Hun!

Didn't you want to prove yourself?

You already did!

Now, it's time for me to do
what I should do.

Leave this place.

Stop being such a burden!

I always thought

that I would feel the happiest
once I entered the contest.

But I was wrong.

Meeting you and Yilong

was my greatest pleasure.

In this era of warriors,

there will be someone

who will change the world

and rewrite history.

And that man

happens to be you.

If Grand Tutor Guan's scheme
were to succeed,

a disaster would befall Southern Zhao.

What you can do

is to head back to Northern Yan quickly

and summon your father's old subordinates

to take back the throne.

Only then can you stop the war
that is about to happen.

Tomorrow, Chu Hun and Jinggang

are going to fight to the death
in the arena.

If I can't even protect
my dearest ones and my homeland,

how will I be able

to restore world peace?

Why are you here?

I am here to say goodbye.

Since the day you bought me,

you have given me freedom.

But after I left the posthouse,


I walked back to the slave shop

and crawled back into that cage again.

Do you know why?

It's because it wasn't the cage
that trapped me in,

but my hatred.

I have been thinking.

If I don't ever let it go,

will this cage be with me all my life?

Actually, when Jinggang
placed this in my hand,

she had given me an answer.

I want to live with dignity

just like everyone with freedom.

Take care.






Little girl.

Why are you crying?

Tell me.

Who bullied you?

It's all your fault!


Let her go!

I need him alive.


Don't be afraid.

It will be all right.


I will save you.

Don't be afraid.

Chu Hun.

You are the cause of her death.

Chu Hun is the only one left.
How do we proceed with the finals?

Who says they have to fight in the finals?

Under the charge of treachery,
execute him in front of the young king.

Do as planned.

Start the riot.


We can go home, then?

That's right.




Grand Tutor Guan...


Chu Hun.

Save him.

Save him.


I'm starving.



If you go like this,

you will just fall
for Grand Tutor Guan's trick.

Tattooing the losers' faces
is Grand Tutor Guan's plan

to disperse the Eight Clans
of Southern Zhao.

When he achieves his goal in the finals,

Southern Zhao will be doomed.

All of this

has nothing to do with me anymore.

Just report this to His Majesty.

His Majesty will not trust me.

Only when you call upon
the dismissed clans to join hands

will we be able to stop his scheme.

What about you?

They killed Jinggang.

I'm going to save Chu Hun now.

Grand Tutor, you said he is a traitor.

Do you have any proof?

Your Majesty, his name is Chu Hun.

He planned to assassinate Your Majesty
during the finals.

The warriors of Tiger-Roar Clan
found out about it.

He cruelly killed these three men.

Even death cannot atone for his offense.

Chu Hun!

Do you have any objections
towards what Grand Tutor had said?

I implore Your Majesty

to summarily execute this traitor
on the spot.

Whatever you say then.



Dong Yilong from Qingyuan Clan
has something important to report.

Let him through.

If I may be so bold

to ask for a reward from Your Majesty.

What do you want?

For years, my clan has been loyal
to the royal court.

We didn't expect to have
such a traitor among us.

Please grant me the chance
to fight against this traitor

to kill him myself
and restore our clan's reputation.

Your Majesty.

This man shows no respect to Your Majesty
and is full of utter nonsense.

Guards, take him down.

Your Excellency,

I am now the only candidate
who made it to the finals.

If I don't have to fight,

I will immediately become
the Grand Field Marshal of Southern Zhao.

In terms of position,

Your Excellency and I
are on the same footing.

How impetuous!

You designed this competition system.

You can't give yourself
a slap in the face.






Hold on, warriors!


His Majesty is in trouble.

Hurry back to the capital
to protect His Majesty.

Protect His Majesty?

Look at that mark on your face.

A nation like this
is not worth saving at all!

The real identity of Grand Tutor Guan

is a spy who is hiding in Southern Zhao.

The tattoo marked on our faces

is a part of his scheme
to disperse the Eight Clans.

Let's go.

We're going home.

Go home?

The nation is about to fall.

Where will our homes be?

I am here to fight the way out with you.

You've come in vain then.

What about Jinggang? Did she die in vain?

We can't decide how we live,

but we can choose how to die.

I want to live with dignity

just like everyone with freedom.

Meeting you and Yilong

was my greatest pleasure.

From the moment the three of us

stood in the arena
and were bound with iron chains,

our fates have been tied together.

That's right.

Let's stay alive together.

Start the riot.

Northern Yan warriors!


Wait up!

Let's head back to Phoenix City!

Protect His Majesty.

Protect His Majesty
and return to Lingyan Pavilion.

The exit has been sealed off.

Your Majesty, we can't get out.

I have spent more than a decade
building Lingyan Pavilion

just for today.

Guan, you old bastard!

I, Wu Yang...


Your Highness.


Bi Nu.

Why did you come back?

Actually, back in the forest...

I was hoping that
you would ask me to stay.

You must...

stay alive.

Bi Nu.

Phosphorus oil.

-Save His Majesty!

Save me!

Your Majesty, I'm coming!

Save me!

It's going to collapse.

Save me!

Wen Tianyu of Falcon Clan

is here to save Your Majesty!

The warriors of all clans

fought hard with high merits.

I grant you fiefs

with a tax exemption for ten years.

-Thank you, Your Majesty.
-Thank you, Your Majesty.

Chu Hun of Qingyuan Clan.

In recognition of your valiance,

I bestow you the title
the Grand Field Marshal of Southern Zhao.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

But I have a presumptuous request.

I hope Your Majesty will grant it.

Do tell.

Jinggang had utter devotion and loyalty.

Please honor her with a posthumous title

to console the spirits
of the countless unsung heroes.

-Thank you, Your Majesty.

Dong Yilong has good merits too.

Do you have any wishes?

I wish to visit
Beast King Valley once again

to return the egg.


Thank you, Your Majesty.


Are you going back to Qingyuan Village?

I'm heading to Northern Yan first.

See you again.

Let's not meet again.

If we do,

there will be a war between us.

At that time,

I will still be Dong Yilong.

And I...

will still be Chu Hun.