Double Wedding (2010) - full transcript

Two sisters, no love lives. Both end up dating the same man, and inviting him to meet the family on December 17th. He doesn't know there are two sisters or that he committed to two different dates on the same day.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Deanna: uh-Huh.
That's exactly what i said.

[ Saxophone playing ]

Uh-Huh. Yeah.
Uh-Huh. Yeah.

Absolutely, richard.
I agree.

They're in noncompliance,

And we will begin due recourse

™? everybody's waiting
for tomorrow ♪

™? happiness is just a day away ♪

™? if they could see
through all the sorrow ♪

™? nobody'd never
ever have to wait ♪

™? everybody gonna turn it up,
everybody gonna turn it up ♪

™? let's turn it up, now ♪

™? everybody gonna burn it up ♪

Hey, richard, i'm about to
head into a meeting right now.

But trust me, okay?
You are in great hands.

All right?


What -- No lecture about
being three minutes late?

Not when i told you
to be 20 minutes early.

You are so
"type a-Plus," d.

Yes, i am,
miss "type b-Minus."

[ Laughs ]

Look, the perfect inspiration

For the fashion-Show benefit
we're catering next week.

I'm designing the cake
to look like a pile of shoes --

Gorgeous, designer...

"no one can afford them,
so let them eat cake"

Kind of shoes.




You think you can wave that in
my face and i'm gonna resist?

Here. Take it.

The buttercream's dry.

It's time to eat
professional, honey.

Did you just, uh --


Stop picking at me.

I'm rearranging you.
You are so buttoned-Up.

I'm a lawyer.
We're buttoned-Up by definition.

Wow! This is beautiful!

™? everybody gonna turn it up ♪

See, i always knew

There was some latent
fashion sense buried in there.

Oh, um, by the way,
i did your taxes for you.

Did i ask you
to do my taxes?

Well, if you're unhappy,

I don't have to tell you how
you can save another 500 bucks.

I thought so.
Let's go.

Oh, one sec.

™? these are the good times ♪

You didn't.

Well, i knew you'd swipe it
because you always do so.

So i bought two.

You know i don't like
the matchy-Match twin thing.

Well, deanna... [ sighs ]

....if you keep
taking my stuff...

...yeah, you do.

Come on.
We'll be late for grandma's.

™? no need to worry,
leave your cares behind ♪

™? so let's go, go, go ♪

D, get your butt
off the counter

And help your mother,

I'm texting jaz
about the halpern brief.

You made me leave work early,
this is what you get.

Gram, don't.

Maddy: girls.

You're not helpful at all.

Sorry, gram. She goes
into withdrawal without it.

And i can't stand seeing her
all twitchy like that.

[ Laughs ]



You alphabetize
the crudit?s?
I do.

Carrots, cauliflower,
green peppers --

It's a pathology.

I'm a professional

People pay me a lot of money
to organize their lives.

Not their vegetables.
Leave the work at work.

You're one to talk.

I bet you can't turn that thing
off until after dinner.

Oh, sure i can,
if you can deal with -- Hmm.

[ Gasps ]

You are so not my favorite
daughter right now.

Get help, mom.

Oh, oh. And right now,
neither are you.

What's this?

don't look at me.

Been there, done that.
Not gonna do it again ever.

Well, it's not us.

Hey, you know
it's not you.

How do you know
it's not me?

Is it you?

But it...could.

[ Clears throat ]
it's me.

I'm gonna be a june bride.

That's why i invited you
to dinner.

Right, baby?

[ Laughter ]

Mwah! Mwah!

[ Laughs ]

Well, that's a good one --

for your 50th anniversary.

We got married at city hall

Because your great-Grandfather
just passed away

And we didn't think a big
celebration was appropriate.

It's the one thing
i've always regretted.

My dad would've hated me
canceling our dream wedding.


church wedding,
big party.

Swing band.

Big cake made by my
granddaughter, the pastry chef.

I'm thrilled.
This is great!

You could at least fake
a little enthusiasm, deanna.

I'm sorry.

Look, i'm happy
for you guys, really.

It just seems kind of strange
to be planning a wedding

And have it be yours
and not mine.


Okay, see, see,

That look is a "deanna
can't get a guy" kind of look.

No, that's a "deanna won't find
a guy to measure up

"To her already 'impossible
to measure up to' standards,

Considering work always
comes first on the list" look,

Unlike her sister,
who is more...

more what?!

more open to all sorts of --

Well, you meet guys.


Not everywhere.


At the movies,
the jury duty,

The dmv,
your gynecologist's office.

Isn't new york
just full of potential?

Not for me.

Well, it would be
if you got your head

Out of your legal briefs
for once in a while.

Well, i am really thrilled
for you two,

And i cannot wait
to see you walk down the aisle

With my incredibly sexy
bridesmaid's dress

And my insanely handsome date,
of course.

Oh, no.

No strangers
in our wedding pictures.

If he's special,
then he's more than welcome.

Otherwise, no "plus one"
for either of you.

Are you serious?

It's my wedding.

I'll be a bridezilla
if i want to be.

[ Laughs ]

And while you're talking
about my wedding,

You girls are learning
to dance old-School.

[ Groans ]

Grandma, this is
absolutely ridiculous.

Any of you lead?

I don't want to lead.
No, i want to lead.

Come on, now. Okay.

And one, two...

three, four.

Oh, ain't that
a cute couple?

[ Both laugh ]

[ Both sigh ]

All right. You win.


It's officially
on my to-Do list.

I will have a "wedding photo
worthy" boyfriend by june,

And i'll even let d
dance with him

If she's between
photo-Unworthy guys.

Oh, don't you worry.

You'll get yours, sister.
I'll get my own.


Game on.

Game on.

You do it.
No, you tell her.
You're the boss.

She's not allowed
to retaliate.

Me, i'm her paralegal.
She can torture me mercilessly.

Deanna: i'm trying
to finish this contract,

So if you need me
to work next weekend,

I'm fine with setting a new
billable-Hours record, but...

mm-Hmm. I'll illuminate,
and you demonstrate.


We have solved
your problem.

The polk vs. Monaco brief?


No, not that problem.
The other one.

[ Beep ]

You put my profile
on a dating website?!

You didn't!

Tell me you didn't!

Hey, so, denial
really does come first.

You put my horrible work photo
on there?!

Oh, my god, jaz.

Jaz, take it off. Now.

Anger, bargaining.

You do not have time
to find a legit wedding date

While you're
on the partner track,

So we input your parameters,
lost the losers,

And wedding album,
here you come.

Ohh. God.

One stage to go.

Jaz, what's with all this

psychological-Stages crap?

Rachel's studying
to be a shrink.

I thought she was
an aspiring fashion designer.

No, that was katerina.
Keep up.

Where do you --
Where do you find these w--

Oh, my god.

This is where you're finding
these women.


Everybody does it.
No, everybody
does not do it.

'Cause i'm not doing it.

Anyway, we differed
on the first choice,

But, of course,
i pulled rank.

So tomorrow night,
you are having dinner

At lategano's with...

[ beep ] calgrove.

Mba, owns his own business
and a house in sag harbor.


I'd love to,
but my boss needs me to work.

Even i manage to find time
to eat periodically,

Which reminds me --

I am going to need you
to work on the weekend.

Come on, d.

Just get your head out of work
and live a little.

What's the worst
that can happen?


[ Scoffs ]

winding up in a ditch,

Food poisoning from the
tomato-And-Mozzarella salad.

You know what?

What's the big deal if i don't
have a boyfriend by june?

I'll just mamba with my sister.
It's not the end of the world.

That's not
how you really feel.

How do you know
how i really feel?

You're petrified.

What if you meet a guy and
he actually ends up liking you?

Or worse yet, what if you
actually end up liking him?

Get out of my head.

Come on, d.
I have a stake in this, too.

I mean, i get stuck
hanging with the guy

While you
and isabel or andrea

Go off to the bathroom
in twos.

What happened
with therapist rachel?

Too analytical.

Come on.
Think about my needs.

Give chase a chance.

[ Sighs ]


he looks all right.

There you go! Acceptance.

Hello --
Health-Code violation.

Oh. Sorry about that.

So, not to change
the subject, she said,

While changing the subject,
but, um...

what's your plan?

Well, remember the picture
i took of these shoes?

I'm gonna make rhinestone
for the buckles.

Not your short-Term plans,
sweetie, your long-Term plan.

I'm getting to it.

Honey, are you just hoping

That junior's
just gonna stay inside

And i won't stay at home
to be an uber-Perfect mom?

No, i just figure i'll work
for dish's new owners

Or some other
catering company.

Eh. [ Smacks lips ]

Well, you know what they say --
When in doubt, pick "c."

There's a "c"?
There's a "c."

"C" is what you've wanted to do
since i hired you --

Open your own
exclusive cake bakery.

That's way down the line.

No, it's not.

Not if you got the call
that i got this morning

From delectable tv.

They're televising
the annual new york cake-Off,

And maya mau and jess fortaine
both had to drop out.

So, drumroll, please.

They are...
[ beeping ]

...expecting your call
right now.

[ Sighs ]

[ Beep ]

[ Gasps ]

Don't hang up! No!
Danielle, hit redial!

I can't be in the cake-Off.

You can't miss an opportunity
to win $10,000

And open your own bakery

And order
your favorite boss around,

Who will assist you
on national television.

this is your dream

Falling into your lap.

You mean, public humiliation
falling into my lap.

The cake-Off chefs are the best
pastry chefs in the state.

Yes, they are.

And so are you.
It's just nobody knows it yet.

It's kind of like,
i don't know,

Like what we're doing
with the baby thing here.

We don't feel ready
to be parents.

Are you kidding me?

But we just have to believe

That when she pops out,
we're gonna step up.

I'll think about it.
No, no, no.

No thinking allowed.
Just hit "redial."

[ Sighs ]

Thank you.

thanks. See you then.

You are crazy, amy.

Did you hear
who i'd be competing against?

And you want to know
the theme for the cakes?


Oh, well, just 'cause
you're not romantic

Doesn't mean you can't make
a cake that is.

I'm romantic!


All right, well, we get a
specific challenge the day of,

But we get to prep.

So we should bring...

flowers, hearts, cupids?

They qualify
as romantic, right?

Oh, boy.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

I wouldn't call it
my business, exactly.

Mommy's in charge.

But when she kicks it,
it's all mine.


[ Laughter in distance ]

Thank you so much
for suggesting this place.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

™? hold on, hold on,
hold on, child ♪

™? it'll be better
in the morning ♪

I looked back after
we left the table, and...

no. No, he didn't.

He did.
He pocketed the tip.

[ Laughs ]

wedding-Photo worthy.

Oh, shut up!

Oh, and, uh, by the way...

keep your porn
out of the clients' files

And in your friend paul's
garage, where it belongs,

With your cars.

I have been looking
for this.

By the way, my guy is next --
Tate the architect.

Your guy?

You're my paralegal,
not my pimp, jaz.

I'm done.
I'm too busy to date.

I have this presentation
to the partners.

Uh, deanna...

the determination you show
in finding a partner

Spills over
into getting made partner.

[ Scoffs ]
oh, come on.

I'm serious.

When did i get made partner?

The week after i forced leo
to propose.

I can see it now --

Deanna's view
from the single table

Of danielle
at the couples table.

[ Sighs ]

All right. I give in.

Pimp away.

[ Horns honking ]

Danielle: not the brown boots.
The black boots.

Stop backseat-Dressing me.

There's nothing wrong
with the brown boots.

Nothing -- If you want
to bring the guy

Back to your courtroom
and not your bedroom.

Okay, fine, well,
then i'll wear the brown boots

'Cause there's no way
i can bring a date back
here ever -- Off-Limits.

If your apartment
is the reason

You're not getting involved
with guys,

I'm gonna go over there
and clean it myself.

And i'll bring
the hazmat team.

Hey, keep mom
out of my apartment.

So, where'd
you meet this guy?

Did you actually
leave the office?

That's my other line.


So, um, i'll call you
right after, okay?

Black boots, black boots,
black boots.
Love you!

[ Beep ]

Tate: every time i heard

About a natural disaster
where people lost their homes,

Like katrina
or the oakland fires,

I'd think,
"there has to be a better way

To help people
rebuild their lives."

So i started

Which is a foundation
that creates

Post-Catastrophic housing
that can become permanent homes.

So, all the modules i designed
are easily moved in,

They're set up,
they're partially solar-Fueled.

I-I even got a, um...

there's room
under my chicken caesar.

Damn it.


I haven't let you get a word in
edgewise since the appetizers.

All i know is lawyer


partner track...


i'm the worst date ever.

No, i am, right?

Not the worst.
You can say it.

Believe me.
I am. Say it.
[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

Uh, all right, d,
you know what?

I want to hear
all about you.

Is -- Is it all right
if i call you "d"?

Yeah, sure.
My whole family does.

So, what do you
love to do?

Hmm, well, uh --

[ Cellphone ringing ]

I am so sorry.

I thought
i turned this off.


it's work.
Just one second.

Hi, jaz.

No, that was supposed to be
completed by midnight tonight.

Okay. Okay.
All right. Bye.

[ Beep ]

[ Sighs ]

Work emergency.

I am so sorry.

Do you mind if we do a
"to be continued" kind of thing?

[ Chuckles ]

Can i take this with me?

The tablecloth?

It's just that your ideas --
They're very interesting.

And maybe i can find a way
to be helpful.


[ Chuckles ]

I put myself through grad school
waiting tables, so...

you want a doggie bag
with this?

Because i'm trying
to get myself a tip.

Um, look, i am sorry.

The clock is ticking. My case
will turn into a pumpkin.

I really have to go.

But thank you.

But next time,
i want to hear all about you.

Oh, oh. I, uh --

I don't have your number.

I'll e-Mail it to you.

[ Keys clacking ]


Take that!

You know,
computers can't fight back.

All week,
i've had the highest bid

On the gas tank
i need for the jag.

Then out of nowhere,

This guy comes along
and bids me up over $300

With two minutes left.

So, where are
the mcciver files?

Oh, i sent those off
hours ago.

Come on. Hang out with me.
We can go grab a drink.

Wait. What?!

W-Why --
Why did you call me?

In case you needed saving
from another bad date.

It was not a bad date.

It was actually an okay date
for the first date.

Yeah, well, it couldn't
have been that good,

Or you wouldn't have bailed
on him to come back here.

I bailed because you told me

That there was something wrong
with the mcciver deal.

And i can't afford
for that deal to go south.

Oh, my god.

You actually like this guy.

You may have met the one.


i wouldn't know,
because you hijacked my date.


No, i'm just thrilled

To have another mets fan
to hang out with.

You picked my date so
you could get a baseball buddy?

His profile
said he had box seats.

[ Scoffs ]
you're such an ass.

[ Keys clacking ]


Karen: you promised me
you'd give it five dates.

Don't disappoint me.

Uh, i'm not 7 anymore, k.

You're not the boss of me.

Don't delude yourself.
[ Chuckles ]

Hey, someone's
got to be in charge.

Why else would i live
in the upstairs unit?

Oh, you do? 'Cause
you're always down here.

Yeah, because you got the food,
and we don't.

And you cook and --

Why don't you cook?

Why don't you cook?

Call her.

Hey, come on.

Five dates -- Five.
To figure it out.



Oh, yeah.

You know, they have
these things called stores,

Where you can buy food and drink
of your very own.

Five dates.
Doctor's orders.

[ Horns honking ]

late as usual, danielle.


So, i told
everybody at the office

That you're gonna
be on tv.


This is a once-In-A-Lifetime

Embrace it.

Competition is exciting.

Or nauseating, depending
on what side of the camera
you're on.

You're coming, right?

December 17th is blacked out
on the blackberry.

Okay, good, because i can't
imagine going through this

Without you being there.

All right, so, let's start
the wedding to-Do list.

First, find the church,

Then the place
for the reception.

[ Sighs ]
you already made the list?

I wanted you to wait.

Just say "thank you"

For utilizing my
obsessive-Compulsive disorder

To your advantage
and go get a mani-Pedi.

You go get the mani and pedi.
Oh, wait, no.

That's impossible, because
you can't work with wet nails.

You're going?
I've got to get back
to the office.

You're not going.

Just because you were late
doesn't mean i want to be late.

You want input,
just put in.

Oh, come on.

It'll be a shame
to waste all that ocd

On your dumb-Ass sister
who can't say "thank you."

Thank you. And i love you,
i love you, i love you.

You should. Mwah!

All right,
i'll see you later, okay?

Have fun
working on sunday.

[ Sighs ]


i didn't think
i'd get this lucky this soon.

I was just thinking
about you.

You were, were you?

Mm-Hmm. What, you weren't
thinking about me?

I can't say that i was.


Well, this is obviously
a situation

That needs
to be rectified.

So, i'm gonna...

get something sweet to eat,
and then we can hang.

Oh, no.

You go for the coffee here.

The sweet stuff is awful.

Well, then, take me
where it's fantastic.

[ Chuckles ] really?

Why not?


Of course. I get it.

Hold on.


[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Now, if i turn out to be
tate kelley, ax murderer,

You can give the cops
an accurate description.

All right.

Come on. We got some serious
pastry shopping to do.

Lead the sweet way.

When you said you were gonna
take me to something sweet,

I didn't know you were gonna
drag my ass all over manhattan.

[ Chuckles ] it's because
i do this walk every sunday.

It's research.

I figure i have to do something
distinctive to set me apart,

And not to sound full of myself,
but my baking does that.

You bake
on top of everything else?

It's more of everything else
on top of baking.

Granted, it helps
that i'm a major insomniac

Because there's no real end
to the workday anymore.

My mom is always saying,
"d, slow down," but i can't.

A lot of my enjoyment
comes from...

what my clients get
out of what i create.

I know, right? When i imagine
them living in it, i'm like --

Living in what?
The houses i design.

You know what?
I'm banning 24-7 work talk.

From now on, you and me --
It's passion talk only.

All right?

Anyway, i need some sugar.

Come on.

[ Smacks lips ]

[ Laughs ]

Oh, wow.

Men -- You're all
pavlovian response.

Well, actually, you know
what, there's something
else i need first.

Seriously? After complaining
i wasn't letting you eat,

Now you don't want to eat?

No, i want to eat, but i need
your phone number first.

You just cut right to the chase,
don't you?

When i saw you at the coffee
house, i knew it was fate, so...

you mind?


If i'm not home,
it forwards to my cell.

Mm-Hmm. Now i'm ready.

[ Laughs ]


Jaz: there must be something
more exciting to do on a sunday.

All work and no play

Makes you
a very, very dull lawyer.

Come on.
You're coming with me.

Did you know that this baby
raced at le mans and sebring?

Oh, you mean this thing
will actually run on its own?

F.Y.I. --

I will have you know, this baby
was the find of the year --

1960, wind-Up windows.

Oh. No power windows.
That's a plus.

D, would you stop
fingering the electronics?

It's tate.

He hasn't called yet?
I'll beat him up.

The ball's in my court

Since i was the one
who bailed on him

For your work emergency.

We didn't even
get to exchange numbers.

But, thankfully,
there's e-Mail.

[ Beep ]


pizza, bad movie...

or the jag?

She's mine.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Hmm, for tomorrow night.


I could've sworn she said

Was more into like
a "hole in the wall" type place,

And then she suggests
a four-Star restaurant?

Maybe to her, this is
a "hole in the wall" place.

Anyway, she says it's on her.
I love this girl already.

[ Beeping ]

What the hell
are you doing?

[ Beep ]

Seizing your day.

Give me.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Soft piano music playing ]

Deanna: so, tate...

i know this, um, may be
too early to say anything,

But i work
with corporate clients,

And they have a pro-Bono mission
to provide low-Cost housing.

And i thought maybe i can get
you in a room with all of them.

Would you be interested?

Are you kidding?
Yeah, that --

That would be great.
Yeah, sure.

Oh, well, it's just --

My experience
with creative people

Is that they need
someone non-Creative

To implement their ideas.


i jotted down
some thoughts.

[ Laughs ]


When did you find time
to do all this?

This is...

oh, that's right --
You don't sleep.

[ Scoffs ] as if i can function
without nine hours a night.

So, are you --
Are you okay with this?

You don't think i'm crazy,

Crazy in a great way.

Not in an overstepping...

um, insanity, workaholic
type-A way?

Because some creative people
have mentioned that to me.

Well, i'll put it this way --

Nobody can make a workaholic
taste as sweet as you can.

Oh, look, see.
Now we're doing it again. We --

This is great, by the way.
I mean, this is --

But, uh,
we are veering dangerously

Into talking
about work only,

So i'm gonna
switch it up a little.

You have got to try this.

Oh, god.
I'm sorry. Sorry.

You came at me
so fast with that.

I don't like other people
to feed me.
Waiter, can i...


Uh, i-I'll get it.

I'll get it.

Thank you.

Obviously, the waiter got a lot
further tonight than i will.

Oh, so you saw me
slipping him my number

While he was patting me down?

[ Both laugh ]

Speaking of numbers,
did you lose mine already?

'Cause i called you
at your office, but
you e-Mailed me back.

I don't think i got your --

You know,
i'm gonna put it in here,

Add it to your vast store
of information.

I just like hearing your voice
so much more

Than reading an e-Mail.

You do?

Yeah. Talk about something
that could drive a guy crazy.

In a good way.


Jaz: so...

how went the date with tate?

[ Sighs ] good.

He's not gonna compromise our
hang-Out time, though, is he?

You're the one
that set me up with him.

You're not allowed
to complain.

Besides, there's nothing to
compromise if he doesn't call.

He'll call.

But don't you call him.

...and a buttery, popcorn,
dusty smell.

Danielle: i know, right?

I hate watching movies
on dvd.

Movies should...

should loom over you
in scratchy black and white.

Old theaters
with broken seats.

All right, um...
[ chuckles ]

I'm just finishing up
my disastrous attempt

At a sweet-16 cake,

And now i've got fondant
all over me.

How are you gonna
get all of that off?

Cold shower, i think.

[ Chuckles ]

I didn't mean it like that.
It's just...

i have this history of...

not taking things slow.

And this time, i...

i want to take it slow.

Slow how?

"Discovering each other
and not getting bored" slow.

All right.

[ Chuckles ]

We share the duplex
we grew up in,

And i love that --
Having her and jim close by.

Our, uh...

parents died
in a car accident.

But karen
won't let me use that

As an excuse for anything,
you know?

She and my sister
should form a club.

My dad walked out
before our english final,

And she aced it,
while i tanked.

She took care of
everything and everyone

While i...

oh, it's such a haze.

I don't --
I don't even know what i did.

Hey, it's getting late.
You want to go grab a bite?

No, thank you.
I'll order in tonight.

I'm finally in the zone.
I'll buy.

No. I am determined
to get it done.

Why don't you spend the evening
with your true love

And go fix a gasket
or something?


You know,
we've been talking for hours.

And i don't want to stop.

But i know
if i was a better man,

I'd let you get to bed,
get your nine hours in.

[ Laughs ]

That's a laugh.

i'm already in bed.

Oh, yeah? Me too.

You mean what you said before
about taking it slow?

I do.

We can have phone sleep.

Phone sleep?

We won't hang up.

I know, cheesy, but...

good cheesy?

Sweet dreams, d.

[ Sighs ]

you're going off list?

This is highly unorthodox
of you, deanna.

I know, but i heard about
the church and came to see it,

And i don't think you'll mind
that i brought you here first.

This is it.

it's perfect, girls.

Henry, it's everything
we imagined.

It is.

Trust me -- This is everything
that you said you wanted.

What made you
think of this?

A little help
from a friend.

What friend?

It was black-Boots guy,
wasn't it?

Black-Boots guy?
[ Chuckles ]

No, brown-Boots guy.

Sorry, d.

I think you may be dancing
at the wedding by yourself.

Believe it or not,

My new guy has lasted
three weeks and counting.

So, when do we
get to meet these guys?

You guys want to meet him
before the wedding?

Well, of course
before the wedding.

I just don't think
we're at the "meet the
grandparents" phase yet.

Well, if you want

An "and guest"
on your invitation,

You need the bride and groom's
stamp of approval.

I don't recall
that clause.

Well, consider it written,
signed, and notarized.

Well, i could use a bigger
peanut gallery at the taping,

So i'll invite my wedding
contender at the cake-Off

If you invite yours.

He'll be there.


Happy, bridezilla?

Thrilled. I can't wait
to meet the boyfriends.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

So, there's something
i've been meaning to ask you.

That sounds ominous.

[ Beep ]
hold on a sec.
I'm getting a beep.

[ Beep ]

Hey, it's me.

That's odd.

I'm odd?

[ Beep ]

No, it's the phone.
Hold on a sec.

[ Beep ]

Still here
with the ominous request.

Uh, yeah, all right,
uh, lay it on me.

Okay, um,
how would you feel

About being
my cheering section

And possibly meeting way too
many members of my family

In front of a live studio
audience on december 17th?

[ beep ]

Hold on.

[ Beep ]

Ohh! Hey.
Uh, i thought i lost you.

So, december 17th --

I know it's long notice,
but is your schedule clear?

'Cause i kind of said
you'd come.

[ Laughs ]
oh, you did, huh?

Well, look, uh...

you're gonna have to
be a little more persuasive

If you want me
to ease your suffering.

I mean...
what's in it for me?

Free food.

Hey, hey, watch it, man!
Watch it!


Tate? Tate?


What happened? What happened?
Are you okay? Are you okay?

You're all echo-Y. I can't --
Oh, cracked my phone. Hello?

It's on december 17th.
It's on december 17th.

December 17th. December 17th.

Are you free? Are you free?

Consider it a date!



Thank god.
You came here to save me.

Why? What's going on?

Tate, amy.

Waddling work hazard,

Nice to meet you.
And you -- You're fired.

Oh, you work
at the firm, too?

"The firm"?
[ Chuckles ]

Well, that's a fancy way
of putting it.

[ Laughs ]

I'll see you at the firm.

[ Chuckles ]

good to meet you, tate.

Nice to meet you, too.

Bye, guys.



Okay. [ Chuckles ]

We should go,
or we'll be late for the movie.

[ Horns honking ]

I am convinced that renewability
will give bowman corporation

The tax shelters
you so desperately need,

While helping create low-Cost,
quick, self-Sustainable housing

In devastated areas.

I mean, this is a partnership

That will give you
unprecedented, great p.R.

And, in my opinion,
is a win-Win, win-Win.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, before she goes,

I'd just like
to thank miss warren

For introducing us.

All right,
i'll leave you guys to it.

[ Inhales deeply ]

All right, so...

can you just turn to page 3
in the booklets i've got you?

You'll see there...

[ speaking indistinctly ]

What's going on?

People could move in,

And then there's
a lot more accountability

For, uh, the community
that's already there.

Is that tate?


You may not be the only
matchmaker around here.

Hey, jaz, i'm not sure
if i said "thank you."

Thank you.

You're gonna
be a great mom someday.

I should know.
You boss me around enough.

I hope you're prepared
to put that in writing.


We're gonna try to adopt.

Oh, my --
That is fantastic!

Thank you, thank you.

Well, you're gonna
have to write

Some letters
of recommendation.

You better have
something nicer to say

Than the fact
that i'm just bossy, or else.

Can't believe i'm finally
gonna get to be an uncle.

Hey, you're gonna have
your chance, too, you know?

Hey, maybe d's
that chance.


I don't know.

I love how driven she is --

You know,
partner track, bakery.

And we can talk.

And we will talk
for hours...

about anything.

But sometimes she can just
be so uptight and obsessive.

It's like...

i don't know.
It just drives me crazy.

She baffles me
and intoxicates me

At the same time.

How do i know
if she's the one?

I think you already do.

[ Chuckles ]

Deanna: okay, so, um,
friday is the tasting.

Philippe will be there
precisely at 3:00 p.M.

So, danielle,
please, don't be late.

Who is philippe?

I hired an assistant.

You can't hire an assistant
to a tasting.

Well, apparently,
on craigslist, you can.

I can't leave the office
in the middle of the day

To taste food.

You just wish
you thought of it first.

This is ridiculous.

It just defeats
the whole idea

Of us helping make
the wedding.

I'm calling grandma.

D, give me that!
No, don't call gram.

Don't put her
into this, okay?

Why, because she's gonna
tell you you're wrong?

Um, i found the church,

I found the hall
for the reception.

What more
am i supposed to do?

I'm sorry -- Sitting around
sampling baby lamb chops

Is not a practical use
of my time.

Why is your busy
always better than my busy?

Um, you don't bill
$225 an hour.

Your priorities are so
screwed up. D, just give --

It's not about the food!

Excuse me?

My priorities
are not screwed up.

I do everyone's taxes,
the whole family's will,

And i made a business plan

For a bakery that's
collecting dust somewhere.

Did anyone
ask you to do that?

I'm sorry. I didn't --
I didn't mean to say it.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Why is there a photo of tate
on here?

'Cause that's my boyfriend.
Just give me that.

What? No, it's --
That's my boyfriend.

He can't be your --

The black-Boots guy?

Brown-Boots guy.

He can't be the one
you're bringing to the taping?

He's the one i'm bringing
to the wedding.

I can't believe her.
I can't believe her.

I'm nothing like deanna.
Couldn't he see that?

I met him first.

I finally meet someone amazing
who thinks i'm amazing,

And he thinks
half of me is her.

How is that possible?
I'm nothing like danielle.

I'm me, and she's --
She's this nightmare

Who is acting as if

I deliberately
went after her boyfriend.

If she gets him,
it's not like he's getting

Who he thought
he was getting at all.

What's the big deal?
Aren't you the one

Who's always saying,
"a man is like a bus --

There's always another one
rolling along in a few minutes"?

Yeah, but this is --

If it's that important to her,
let deanna have him.

still want to see him?

It's every guy's fantasy
to date twins.

But you don't actually do it.

Yeah, but it's not as if
tate knows he's doing it.

He obviously thinks
he's dating the same person.

Maybe i don't want
to wait for the next bus.

Maybe i want a seat
on this bus.

Hmm, is that you speaking,

Or is that "you being pissed
at deanna" speaking?

Okay, maybe it is
an honest mistake.

But how can he not
tell you two apart?

You're singular,
you're unique.

You know
this tate/danielle mix-Up

Has nothing to do with you,

I mean,
a guy would be crazy

To not choose you over her.

Sorry i'm late.

Uh, i think this needs
to be taken in, gram.

I thought you said
she wasn't gonna be here.
What is she doing here?

It's grambush --
A grandma ambush.

I'm surprised neither of you
saw it coming.

You lost your edge.

You're wearing my dress.
Take it off.

Well, fuchsia
looks better on me.

You're not gonna steal this
from me, too.

Oh, yeah, deanna,
that's it --

I posed as you, stole tate,
and made him fall for me.

He didn't fall for you.

I had him first.
He fell for me first.

Oh, it's always
about you being first.

Oh, cut it out.

You're acting
like you're 5.

Men will come and go
in your life,

But you two
are stuck with each other.

We're not conjoined,
thank god.

You like tate that much?

I do like him
that much.
He was everything
on my list.

Oh, please.

You think you would've made it
past the two-Month mark?

There's always a chance!

You wish!

All right, all right.

Now, when you were kids
and you wouldn't share a toy,

It went on a time-Out.

Gram, you can't put tate
on a time-Out.

Well, you're not doing
a three-Way.


I'm 71, not dead.

You've barely had time
to get to know him.

So stop it right now.
He's off-Limits.

You don't see him
or return his calls.

You don't text him
or e-Mail him goodbye.


It's the only way.

This is about you two.
It's not about him.

For you, gram,
i'll do it.

[ Sighs ]
if she will, i will.

[ Sighs ] i know my running shoe
is in here somewhere.

Sure it is.

I never have people over here.

This place is a mess.

You have me over.

You don't count.

[ Grunts ]

Hah! [ Chuckles ]

Hey, you're back on the prowl,
i see.

I don't know. I was thinking
about ending my membership.

I think tate
was the only one good one.

D, there isn't
just one good one.

To find another good one, you're
gonna have to be proactive

And end
your deeply committed,

Codependent relationship
with work.

[ Laughs ]
am i that bad?

Yeah, you're that bad.

You need a hobby,
like what i have with cars.

Yeah, but what you have
with cars is not just a hobby.

True, but finding something old
and rusted and neglected

And turning it into something
new and beautiful again

Is the best thing
i can do with myself.

™? this boy came
into my life... ♪

Is that tate again?

Yep. Mailbox full.

This is killing me.

With deanna
in the mix or not,

I know tate
and i really connected.

And you know
how rare that is for me.

And i can't talk to him because
my grandmother won't let me?

That's insane.

So keep seeing him, then,
if that's what you want.

No. We agreed.

And i really --

I just don't want
to hurt my sister.

Okay, then. I don't know.

Do what you do best --
Forget about him, move on.

Amy, i don't want
to move on.

And i have this really, really,
really weird feeling...

i'm off men.


Oh, no, tin woman,
it's so much worse than that.

You actually have a heart.
And it works.

™? for the girl that was
away from the one... ♪

So, what about this guy?

He is a lawyer who likes
to read legal briefs while --

Next. Uh...


When are you gonna
start doing it full time?

Finding dates
for lonely lawyers?

Restoring cars, dork.

This is what
you're meant to do.

You can't possibly believe

That a 9:00-To-5:00
is the only way to go.

It's really difficult, d.

Yes, but, i mean,
you're incredible at it.

I may know nothing about cars,
and i can see that.

But i just -- I just wish
that you can see your face

When you're talking to me
about cars.

It's like you're in love.

If anyone can make it work,
jaz, it's you.


i think we've tapped
this thing out.

Let's call it quits.

Yeah, okay.

[ Telephone ringing ]


Is, uh, miss warren here?

I'm sorry.
She's in a meeting.

She's in a meeting?



Uh, could you, uh,
give her my message?

I always do.

I thought you said "no smoking"
in your bio.

Oh, no.

I don't like it
when women smoke.

It's ugly.

No, smoking is a manly art.

[ Coughs ]

Maybe you could
show me some...

womanly arts.

Oh. [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ]

Oops. One second.

I'll be right here.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Cellphone chirps ]

[ Groans ]


was that your hand
on my knee?

Uh, definitely not.

More wine?


It's on me.

[ Knock on door ]

Okay, well,
you're still alive.

I'm sorry, tate.

I can't see you anymore.

And i really don't know
how to explain it.

Well, you had plenty
of opportunities, you know...

[ clears throat ] phone, e-Mail, text...

in person.

All right,
well, i'll explain.


i'm furious with you.

And i hate
being furious with you

Because i think about you
all the time.

And, look, i know

About everything else
you got going on,

All the other dreams
that you're working on,

But i can't help but think
the dream of us...

it can fit in there.

It can fit in there
with all your other dreams

If you just
give us a chance.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door opens, closes ]


Tate, wait.

It's hard to face
explaining everything to you

When it's just gonna
make you even angrier.

You don't have to explain.
I know what it is.

[ Chuckles ]
i don't think you do.

I know you're scared
of letting anyone in.

I know you're scared that
a guy's gonna take off on you

The way your dad did.

I never said that.

You don't have to say it.


i live all the time

In the fear
of losing anyone i love.

But i know now that
if you don't give it a chance,

It's a bigger loss
in the long run.

Tate, it's --
It's really --

You know what?

I don't want you to tell me
anything right now.

We're gonna
get through this, right?

We'll figure it out.

But right now, i think
we need to have a great night.


Want to come along with me?

I know this amazing comedy club,
and it's open-Mike night.

[ Whistles ]

[ Brakes squeal ]

Let's go inside,
all right?

You've got to be freakin'
kidding me!

Going downtown.
Hop in.

What? Oh, uh...

you know what?
No open-Mike night for me.

I, uh...
i get horrible stage fright.

No, you don't
have to perform.

You just have to laugh
at my jokes.

Yeah, that scares me
even more.

[ Dance music playing ]

Tate, i really
need to talk to you.

I thought
we were going slow.

Close and slow.

™? keeps me rockin',
keeps me rockin', oh ♪

™? i got a story to tell ♪

™? it keeps my head spinnin' ♪

[ Indistinct singing ]

Okay, you go get the drinks,
and i'll meet you at the bar.

[ Indistinct singing ]

[ Gasps ] oh, crap.

Like looking in the mirror,
isn't it?


Hah. "Hi"?

How could you
do this to me?

You went behind my back.

No. I didn't.

Oh, oh, oh, okay.

S-So you were gonna tell me
that you weren't here with tate,

It was just a coincidence

That you walked in with him,
holding his hand.

[ Knock on door ]

Hold on!

D, he came over.

He wanted to talk.

Oh, okay.
His tongue down your throat --

I'm pretty sure
that made it difficult to talk.

I didn't mean
to hurt you like this!

Just don't -- Don't --
Don't go there, okay, d?

Because we made a pact.
And you broke it.

[ Knock on door ]


i like him.

You like everyone
for the first 15 minutes.

[ Knock on door ]
will you --
We'll be right out!

Woman: hey, let us in!

This is different.



it surprises me
as much as it surprises you,

And -- And i know --
I-I know he likes me.

W-What?! You --

You don't even know that
it's really you that he likes

Because you didn't
even tell him!

Did you?

Not yet.

Okay, well, then, you
don't know who it is
that he's falling for.

I haven't had the opportunity
to tell him!

Yeah, because you don't have
the guts to, d.

If this makes you happy,
i-I will --

I will go out there
and i will tell him right now.

You're my sister, d, and i don't
want to hurt you, so fine.

Yeah, well, i don't want
to hurt you either.

Deanna! Deanna!

[ Pounding on door ]
let me out!

I will,
as soon as i tell tate!

Deanna! Deanna!

I can't believe you!

[ Pounding continues ]

You know...

the advantage always goes
to the side who presents first.

[ Sighs ]

Word of advice --
Use the men's.

It's nasty in there.

Hey. Tate.
There you are.

I almost started in
on yours.

Uh, look, i really need
to talk to you about something.

Dance now, talk later.

Uh, no,
but, uh, tate...

i love this song!

[ Chuckles nervously ]


look, i-I really
need you to know --


Just -- Just hear me out
for a second, okay?

When you think
about getting married,

Do you think about
marrying a lawyer?

[ Chuckles ]

This morning,
you wouldn't take my calls.

Now you're talking
about getting married?

That's the wrong kind
of crazy.

No, no. I-I didn't --
I didn't mean it that way.

I meant to ask
how you see your future.

Oh, right.

Waiter: sorry.
Man: excuse me, bro.

Danielle: tate! Tate!

[ Chuckles ]

who would you rather spend
the rest of your life with --

Some career-Obsessed

Or someone who could cook you
the most amazing dessert

Every night
for the rest of your life?

The rest of my life?

Coming through.
Watch it!

What the hell?

Both: tate.
What's going on?

Look, let me explain, okay?
We're twins.
I have a twin sister.

Stop, stop, stop!



And you're...

But everybody calls me,
well, us...

"d." "D."

I thought...

i thought we, uh...

you've been playing me
this whole time?!


Tate, wait!

Let me explain, tate!

[ Horns honking ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Tate, please.

Look, we weren't
playing you.

It was
an unfortunate situation.

We didn't know. Then once
we did know, i tried to stop it.

You lied to me.
It wasn't like that.

It was exactly like that.

Is this something
you two do a lot?

Hit on guys online,

Think it's funny to stomp
all over their hearts?

Somehow, everything
got all screwed up.

And we didn't even know
that we were dating --

But you did know at some point,
and nowhere in there

Did you think about me
and what i was going through.

That's not true.

It didn't even occur to you
that i deserved to know,

Did it?
Well, i-I --

I-I'm dumped,
i'm heartbroken...

i'm writing, i'm calling --

All the time,
i'm thinking that it was me,

That i had done something
horribly wrong, and it was you!

Both of y'all had done something
horribly wrong,

And you didn't think
about me.

You didn't think about me and
what i was going through at all.

I thought about you.

I couldn't stop
thinking about you.

If you really had,
you would've told me the truth.

I'm really sorry.

Tate, please.

I thought
i had found the one.

[ Siren wailing ]

You can't bail on the cake-Off
because of tate.

It's not because of tate.

Well, you can't bail,

You know, it doesn't matter
if you don't win this thing.

It doesn't even matter
if you don't get the guy.

What matters...

is that you put yourself
out there for your career

The same way you put
yourself out there for tate.

So i can just get kicked
in the heart again?

It hurts too much.

I like it better just --

behind everyone else?

I don't do that.


you hid behind me
until i sold this place,

And you hid behind deanna
with tate.

What is it
that makes you think

That you always have to
stay two steps behind her?

Because she came first.

You're both phenomenal
in your own ways.

And deanna
has no problem shining.

Why do you?

Mrs. Warren: i got a message
from your sister,

Saying that she wasn't gonna
be here for thanksgiving

If you were
gonna be here...

and she gets christmas.

I can't explain to you
how disappointed i am

That you two have let this thing
go on for this long.

But this thing you --

I've got the stuffing.
And, yes, i bought it.

Well, i don't care
who made it.

I'm just glad you're here.
That's all.

I changed my mind.

Well, it's the first good step,
isn't it?

Well, i wasn't gonna miss out
on thanksgiving because of her.

You just couldn't stand the fact
that i got the first turn.

You two, stop it.
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

It means
you always have to win.

And you don't care
who you plow over to get there.

You didn't even like tate
the way i did.

You just needed to be the one
who got to him first.
I did get to him first.

You had the first date,
but who got the first kiss?

Not you. There wasn't even
chemistry until he met me,

Not that
that's a surprise.

Okay, stop this.
This is what --

I spent hours on that.

What is the matter
with you?

Gram, i'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I am so done
with the two of you.

Thanksgiving dinner
is cancelled. Please go.

Go? She can go.
What?! I'm not going.

Both of you go.

You've already ruined
my wedding planning.

The most special thing
about having waited so long

Was having my daughter
and my granddaughters

Walk me down the aisle.

That made it
worth the wait.

I need you to leave.

Gram. Gram.

Work it out, deanna.


You don't understand.

She -- She just --
She can't s--

I cooked, you clean.

I really can't argue
with that one.

But, you know,
if there's any leftovers,

We have plenty of room
in our fridge upstairs.

Oh, you have a fridge?

That sweet-Potato pie was
amazing. Where'd you get it?

Uh, i think
it was a bakery that, uh, d,

Or, uh, danielle, i guess,
showed me.

Honey, you okay? You really
didn't eat that much today.

Just muddling through.

That's better
than last week.

And it'll be even better
next week.

You know, i still can't believe
i couldn't tell them apart.

Eh, i'm declaring a moratorium
on relationships.

Ah, retreating
to the man cave --

Always a good strategy.

Hell, yeah, hell, yeah.

Not a good strategy.

And you can't do that.

Yeah, i can.


i know you're feeling sad
right now.

But, actually,
i'm a little happy for you.

I mean, maybe the reason
you couldn't tell them apart

Was because, for the first time
in a very long time,

You were looking
for the best of someone.

That's what you fell for.

You fell for the best
in both of them.

You opened yourself up,
and you fell in love.

And you're gonna need
to leave yourself open
to that happening again.

'Cause that's what we do.

what's the point?

[ Telephone ringing ]



You're late for your meeting
in the conference room.

Everybody's waiting.


I don't -- I don't have
a meeting down-- Upstairs?

My apologies.

I can't believe i somehow
let this meeting slip by.

Well, nor can i...

especially considering...

your work is crucial
to this meeting.

It concerns
the tagen corps account.

Oh. Well...

was there something missing
in their files? Because i...

really, deanna...

the only thing about
your work on this project

Is that it needs to be
taken over by a partner...

[ Laughs ]

You're officially
a partner.

[ Applause ]
[ laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

[ Chuckles ]

You startled me.

Well, i wanted
to congratulate you --

You know, without the rest
of the firm mobbing you.

Um, you know,
the night i got this job,

Danielle and my family,

They came over to ooh and ahh
all over the place

And drink champagne
and eat cake...

shaped like a law journal,
of course.

Well... [ clears throat ]

At least
there's champagne, right?

It's still cold.

Sort of.

So, what should we toast to?

You, obviously.


Just what i was hoping
you'd say.

Toast away.

To deanna...

the most insanely type-A,
brilliant lawyer,

Who just made partner today.

You deserve it.

Why, thank you.

And to deanna...

the most insanely
beautiful woman,

Who gets me better
than anyone else

And who i cannot wait
to see every morning.

Jaz, uh...

what are you doing?

Jaz, i don't --
I don't think that this is...

is it -- Is it tate?


you just made partner,

And you're sitting here
all alone,

Not knowing
what to do with yourself.

You don't have anyone else
to share it with.

I'm asking you
to share it with me.

Jaz, we can't do this.

I want to be with you, d.

Don't tell me
you don't feel the same.


Then it's just me.

Me and you and work.

Jaz --
No, i-I get it.

From now on,
we'll keep our relationship

Strictly professional.

[ Slow jazz plays ]

™? i had a gal ♪

™? who held me close
when we went dancin' ♪

™? muskoka green eyes ♪

™? deep and shinin' bright ♪

™? like sunlight skippin' ♪

™? on a shimmy pond ♪

™? stealin' away ♪

Ow! My toe.

I'll kiss it
and make it better later.

Promises, promises.

[ Laughs ]


D, you will
always regret it

If you let this guy come
between you and your sister.

I'm talking from experience.

Oh, come on, gram.

You and grandpa
have been together forever.

Yeah, but before forever,
there was wayne.


Aunt cora and uncle wayne?

You and uncle wayne?

[ Chuckles ]

He took me
to a basketball game.

And he took cora home.

And i wasn't her maid of honor
at her wedding,

And she wasn't with me
at city hall.

It was long after i met your
grandfather that i realized

That my sister
had done me a favor

Because wayne was not
the right guy for me.

But the wrongest thing
about it is...

how many things my sister
and i planned on doing

That we missed out on.

Wayne wasn't worth that.

And neither is tate.


I've messed everything up...

with you...



Gram, i am so sorry.

Oh, baby.

[ Chuckles ]
i love you.

Host: welcome to
the new york cake-Off!

[ Cheers and applause ]

The annual event where
the state's elite pastry chefs

Compete in a grueling
valentine's day challenge.

And now let me introduce you
to our competitors,

Whose cakes will be judged
on appearance and taste.

[ Applause ]

Cupids are creepy enough,
but around christmastime?

It's not gonna look weird
when they air it in february.

Cupids are always weird.

[ Cheers and applause ]

For years, danielle warren

Has been amy stanziano's
pastry chef

At dish cooking studio,

The elite caterers
every foodie in manhattan

Has been raving about.

But tonight,
danielle's boss is assisting her

In trying to win
the $10,000 cash prize.

[ Applause ]

[ Clang, applause stops ]

[ Pan scraping ]

Baby on board.

[ Audience awws ]

[ Applause ]

And now we have celia simpson,
best known for her unique cakes

That have graced the tables of
too many celebrities to mention.

[ Applause ]

Oh, look, my family
scored front-Row seats.

I'm stunned they didn't
bring the pom-Poms.

[ Laughs ]

Now, we all know
this challenge is about romance,

But we have yet
to know the theme.

This is very exciting.

The theme is "great couples."

[ Cheers and applause ]

And start the clock.

Okay, great couples,
great couples.

Um, cleopatra
and anthony.

No, okay, i got it.
Okay, okay.

Brad and angelina.
[ Gasps ]

What, what, what, what, what?
You have a brilliant idea?


My water just broke.

Oh, my god.

Okay, i'm gonna
go get our things.

No, you're not
going anywhere.

I'm your backup coach.

Yeah, exactly -- Backup.

My parents are here.
My husband's here.

Ow, ow!

Ow, ow!


Okay, i can see
what a big help you'd be.

Danielle, you have to
let go of my hand.

No, no.
I can't do this myself.

Yes, you can.

Sweetie, can you
just give us a minute?

You can do this.

You see, i took a lease
on a storefront.

[ Gasps ]

I need your help.


you just proved to me
that you don't.

So i'm gonna
go have my baby now,

And you're gonna stay here
and win this thing.

Love you!

Love you, too.

So, such drama,
and we're only just beginning.

All right,
we're gonna restart the clock,

And all of our teams

And our one solo competitor,

Will begin again.


[ Audience murmurs ]

Okay, this is getting more
bizarre by the minute.


What are you doing here?

I made partner.

Congratulations, d.

But, um, i'm really
kind of busy here.

No, i made partner,
and it was awful.

It was great, but...

it was terrible

Because the first person
i wanted to talk to was you.

And the fact
that we aren't talking...

got in the way of that.

None of this high-Achieving,
type-A stuff is worth it

If you're not
cheering me on.


i came to cheer you on...

...and i guess now
to [sniffles]

Tell you to tell me
what you need me to do.


I've waited forever
for you to tell me that.

Don't get too used to it.
[ Chuckles ]

Host: all right.

We are going to
restart the clock now.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Okay, um,
we've got to figure out

How to show the theme
"great couples" in a cake.

Oh, i know
exactly what to do.

You know, that
"me being in charge" thing --

I knew
that wasn't gonna last.

[ Whispering ]

Oh, perfect. Perfect!

Okay, go get
the chocolate cake.

[ Up-Tempo music playing ]

Now, tell us
about your cake.

Well, our grandparents,
maddy and henry,

Are celebrating
their 50th anniversary

With the church wedding
they never had.

But they taught us
that it doesn't matter

How big the wedding is,

But it matters
how you celebrate each day.

So this is an homage
to them.

It's made of intertwined layers
of dark devil's food cake,

Red velvet cake,
and vanilla cake,

just like great couples,

They're wonderful
on their own

But somehow
even better together.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Ladies and gentlemen,
third prize of $1,000

Goes to...

jennifer rush and her
apprentice pastry chef, bess,

Of brooklyn,

For their creation --
"Apollo and aphrodite."

[ Cheers and applause ]

And second prize goes to...

new york's
danielle and deanna warren

For $5,000,

For their creation --
"Golden wedding anniversary."

[ Cheers and applause ]

Half of $5,000.

I could start the lease.

Half? Oh, no.

This is all yours.

D, you don't
have to do that.

Consider me
your partner, then...

your silent partner.

Is that even possible?

[ Inhales deeply ]

Um, probably not.

But i'll try
really, really hard.

And our first prize
goes to john and sue oliverio

Of la plus belle patisserie

For their cake --
"Anthony and cleopatra."

[ Cheers and applause ]

The past few days,
i've been thinking about how

I never would've gotten through
dad walking out on us

If i didn't know
i always had you.

I always thought
i didn't have faith

In love being long-Term.

You and me,
we're the longest term there is.

And if we can make this work,
then maybe someday...

we can each make it work
with someone else.


[ Both laugh ]


look, d, about tate...

yeah. Who would've believed
me falling in love?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

The thing is, d,
i would never let a guy

Come in between you and me.

So if you think you and tate
are meant to be...

that's it --
You and tate are meant to be.

Danielle --

Seriously, d...

if you think
he's the one for you...

he's yours.

I think i'm gonna have to
catch you later at the party.

There's something i have to
clear up at the office.

Of course you do.

[ Laughs ]

[ Clears throat ]


Deanna, right?

What are you doing here?

Look, tate,
i need to talk to you.

Well, i don't need
to talk to you.

Then just listen.

Please, tate?

[ Sighs ]

Mrs. Warren: oh, babies, i am
so happy for the both of you.

Thanks, mom.
Thank you.

You know,
gram and grandpa,

Nothing says "i'm sorry"
like 150 pounds of cake.

[ Laughter ]

Danielle, that was beautiful
what you said onstage, honey.

Thank you.

Look at us.

you look good still.

You look good always.

Can't wait
for the wedding.

Can't wait
for the honeymoon.

Me too.

[ Laughter ]

Come on, grandpa --

You and me
on the dance floor.

All right!

Maddy: oh, don't
hurt yourself now.

™? i'm gonna drink you in ♪

™? like saltwater kisses ♪

™? drink you in
like a cool summer rain ♪

Hey. You came.

you're very persuasive.

That's why they pay me
the big bucks.

™? open up your arms
and let me drink you in ♪

You're worth every penny.



I'm sorry, honey.

It's okay.



Danielle, stop.
I need to talk to you.

I'm really --
I'm really happy for you guys.

No, you're not.
No, i'm not...


But i will be.

You don't have to be.

Of course i do.

Do you have any idea

How amazing and insightful
your sister can be?

But this really isn't --

I was --
Look, i was hurt, right?

I was angry.

And deanna comes around
to my house, and she...

she helped me understand

That i wouldn't be so hurt...

if i didn't care...

...about you.

You're the one, danielle.

You're my one.


Was that cheesy?

[ Laughs ]

But good cheesy.

Can we try again?


Yeah, of course we can.

Oh, there's not a triplet

I need to worry about
somewhere, is there?

No. I promise.
There's only two.

All right.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Aww! Aww!

[ Laughs ]

Hold that thought.

Thanks, deanna.

I owe you big-Time.

Only for the rest
of our lives.

[ Laughs ]

Seriously, d, thanks.

I love you.
I love you.

Mwah, mwah, mwah!




Um, i wanted
to give you this.

Oh, great.
Just throw it on my desk.

I'll take a look at it later.

You're not gonna
open it now?

The thrill of a legal brief?
I think i can hold off.

Guys, could i have a moment
with jaz, please?

Well, you've been incredibly
helpful on all this stuff, jaz.

We're really gonna
miss you around here.


Deanna: thanks.

So, you're going somewhere?

I handed in
my resignation today.


I mean, don't worry --
I'm gonna be here

Till the beginning
of the new year.

I'll find
my own replacement.

I'll do everything to make sure
it's a smooth transition.


Open it.

jaz, you still work for me
for the next two weeks. Open it.

What is this?

Just some thoughts.

Just some thoughts.

23 pages of thoughts?

[ Chuckles ]

It's your proposal
for how you can start

Your own vintage-Car
restoration business.

So, you want me to leave.

I guess we're all
on the same page here.

For you.

I want you to leave for you.

[ Sighs ]
this is what you want.

I know starting your
own business sounds crazy,

But i also have a feeling
somewhere inside you,

It also feels
really, really right.

Thank you.

I got it.

Jaz, you know,

You're the only guy
who has ever seen me

Inside of my apartment.


You are the only guy

Who has ever seen
what a mess it really is.

Lucky me.

And i think it's because
you're the only guy

Who i feel okay
with seeing every part of me.

i don't mind you seeing

What i am too embarrassed
to show anyone else.

What about tate?

He never even made it
to the front door.

Anyway, i thought
i should tell you that...

about my place.

[ Chuckles ]

I think i'm gonna
actually go there now...

get drunk,

And make a complete fool of
myself with my broken heart.

"Broken heart"?

What do you think?

I think...

maybe as my former
work friend,

Want to come
for a ride with me?


The jag's my showpiece

For my new vintage-Car
restoration business...

for which this will
definitely come in handy.

[ Chuckles ]

So, maybe if we could take
the jag out for a spin...

and park somewhere...

...i could fix
that broken heart.

[ Bells chiming ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Laughs ]

Very, very much worth
the wait.

™? everybody's waiting
for tomorrow ♪

™? happiness is just a day away ♪

™? if they could see
through all the sorrow ♪

™? nobody'd never
ever have to wait ♪

™? everybody gonna turn it up,
everybody gonna turn it up ♪

™? let's turn it up, now ♪

™? everybody gonna burn it up,
everybody gonna burn it up ♪

™? ooh-Ooh-Ooh ♪

™? everybody gonna turn it up,
everybody gonna turn it up ♪

™? let's burn it up, now ♪

™? everybody gonna burn it up ♪

™? yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

™? stand up, stand up, stand up ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? yeah ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? so, stand up,
stand up, stand up ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? i'm gonna have a good time ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? no need to worry,
leave your cares behind ♪

™? leave your troubles
at the door ♪

™? these are the good times ♪


™? mm-Hmm ♪

™? nobody's living
in the moment ♪

™? everybody want
to wait for promises ♪

™? but can't you see
that if you want it ♪

™? ohh, there'll never be
a day just like today? ™?

™? everybody gonna turn it up,
everybody gonna turn it up ♪

™? let's turn it up, now ♪

™? everybody gonna burn it up,
everybody gonna burn it up ♪

™? ooh-Ooh-Ooh ♪

™? everybody gonna turn it up,
everybody gonna turn it up ♪

™? let's burn it up, now ♪

™? everybody gonna burn it up ♪

™? yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

™? stand up, stand up, stand up ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? yeah ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? so, stand up,
stand up, stand up ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? i'm gonna have a good time ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? no need to worry,
leave your cares behind ♪

™? leave your troubles
at the door ♪

™? these are the good times ♪

™? no need to worry,
leave your cares behind ♪

™? so let's go, go, go ♪

™? get on the floor,
floor, floor ♪

™? get on the floor ♪

™? so let's go, go, go ♪