Double Walker (2021) - full transcript

A young woman's ghost investigates the mysterious events that led to her own murder.

Some of you didn't
know my daughter very well.

She was quiet.
Kind of a watcher.

I... I remember
when she was born.

They wrapped her up
and they gave her to me,

and she looks up at me.

Cathy will tell you,
she looked up at me.

We're kind of
winding down, I'm afraid.

Thank you so much
for being here.

- Yeah, alright.
- Thanks for being here.

Let's get together tomorrow.




Pony, come here.


You alright?


Are you okay?

Aren't you freezing out here?


There you go.

Is there, um... is there
somebody I can call for you?

Friends, family or something?

You don't need
to go to the hospital, do you?

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi.

Daddy's going to go hang out
with his friends now,

- and you're going to stay right here, right?
- Mm-hmm.

And you're not
going to go downstairs?

Not for anything?

- Okay.
- Where's mama?

I'm going to get you
some hot tea... yeah?


Yeah, sorry about the mess.
I... I just moved in.

Ah, let's get you... warm.

Yeah, that's better, right?


I'm going to get you some
warmer clothes to change into.

That was my grandma's.

She, uh, she had that
when she was a little girl.

This is for you.

I can help you.

Look well, Ebenezer Scrooge,

for only you can see me.

What do you want with me?

- Much.
- Oh! I am...

In life,
I was your partner, Jacob Marley.

In life...

Why do you trouble me?

It is required of
everyone, that the spirit within him

should walk abroad,
among his fellow men.

And if that spirit
goes not forth in life,

it is condemned
to do so after death.

Speak words of comfort to
me, Jacob Marley.

Speak words of comfort.

Comfort? I have none to give.

I am here to warn you.

To save you,
if that be possible.

To warn.

To save me... from what?

We're going to put
it in the truck when you're ready.

I had this dream once.

I was here... this house.

And then there
was a knock at the door.

And I opened it.

There was a black car
running in the driveway.

And this faceless driver
got out and opened the trunk.

I got in.

Look, I was supposed
to have 200 signs by today.

No, they're all blank.

Yeah, thanks.

Daddy's going to go
hang out with his friends now,

and you're going
to stay right here, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- And you're not going to go downstairs?

Not for anything? Okay.


Are you okay?

Aren't you freezing?

Uh, listen, um...

Why don't you come inside?

I'll get you a jacket.

That sound okay?


Alright, uh, wait here,
and I'll be right back.


It's been in the lost
and found for a few weeks.

You can take it.

I would turn on the heat,

but it does not work.

Uh, so, uh...

Do... do you need help?

Some place to go?

I've got these.

Keep you... uh,
should be comfortable.

What we could do... I could just
take you back home...

...for a s... for a second,
while we figure out

what we're gonna do with you.

Is that okay?


Uh, come on in.

Uh, take a seat.

Get yourself warm, uh...

Here you go.

Yeah, there you go. Yeah.

There you go.
Uh, I'll get you some tea.

Don't have tea.
I'll get you some hot water.

Alright, that's good.
I'll get you a blanket.

There you go.

This should, uh, keep you warm.

Better than nothing.


Thank you.

Yeah, no. Of course.

Yeah, uh...

I'll, uh,
turn something on for you.

Um, classic.
Hopefully it's, uh... your taste, um...

I've got to take my brother
to wrestling practice tomorrow.

I'm going to go to bed, okay?

Alright, good night.

Ghost of the future,

I fear you more

than any specter I have seen.

You are about to show me

shadows of the things
that have not been,

but will be,
in the time to come.

And as I hope to live to be

another man from what I was,

I am prepared... bare your company.

We drove for a long time.

I wasn't afraid.

Finally, the driver
opened the trunk

and we were in this desert.

And there were two dark figures.

One of them told me,
if I went with them,

I could live one last day.

Make my amends, and...

...and then I'd be gone.

The other told me,
if I went with them...

...I could live forever.

But I would never be seen.

Not by anyone,
except believers and...

...and sinners.

I chose the latter.

Suddenly, I was here again.

And I was older.

I don't know, 15,

20 years.

And you were here
and father was here,

and everyone
I'd ever known was here.

Go that way, so what we
need to do...

- The beautiful lady.
- It's good to see you.

- How you doing, huh?
- I'm good.

- How was your day?
- Oh, rough.

- It's good to be home. I know.
- Cold, my goodness!

- Help me get this off.
- Yeah, No problem.

- It smells so good in here!
- Of course it does.

I'm doing my thing. You hungry?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm making it happen.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi.

- You doing okay?
- Yes.

Yeah? You ready for dinner?

- Yes.
- Yep.

You want to play with me?

Now, you go.

It's flying.

Hey, big guy. Time for dinner.

Can I bring my friend, too?

Yes, you can bring
your imaginary friend, too.

Come on.

Okay, dinner time.

The classic
for my main man, here.

- There we go.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, definitely,
definitely, definitely.


- One for you, as well.
- Thank you.

Yes, dear. Yes, dear.

- Okay. Yeah?
- Oh, that's good. Thank you, baby.


I'll leave this here.

Alright, we're
looking good, huh?


Hey, hey.

Baby, you okay?

Sweetie, what's wrong?

It's just...

That guy... from the car wash.

of that little dead girl... on that man's body.

How is that possible?

My goodness.

Hey, that's okay.

I don't even
know where to start.


Sorry to leave you out
in the cold there. Hi, Don?

- Yeah? Hi. Yeah!
- You're Frank, right?

- This is Penelope.
- Yeah, hi, uh...

- Frank, buddy. How are you?
- Hey, good to see you. Good to see you.

You made it over alright?

Penelope, tell them
how old you are.

- Um, 18.
- That's right.

They're all 18.


- Oh!
- Look at this!

- Nice.
- Whoa!

Hey, uh...

Where'd you go last night?
Are you okay?

Can I ask you a question?

Yeah, yeah.

If you had the choice between... forever as a ghost or
living one more day as a human,

what would you choose?

One more day
as a human, definitely.


Well, if I wasn't human,
I wouldn't get to manage my theater.

Wouldn't get to see my dad.

Wouldn't get to talk to you.

There's lots of good
little things about humanity.

Uh, being a ghost,
just being stripped of all that,

it doesn't seem worth it.

It's a lonely life,
if you could call it that.

But considering we're still
both in the world of the living,

uh, you doing anything tonight?


Nothing? It's New Year's.

Well, um...

My friend is having a party
thing, if you'd like to go?

Come, now

and see how others
view Christmas.

Where am I?

Why am I not there?

Before I...

...draw nearer to
the stone at which you point.

Tell me...

Are these the shadows
of the things that will be?

Or are they the shadows of
the things that may be, only?

It's... it's my dad.

His brother...

Uh, I... I just
found it, last week.

My uncle just died
of lung cancer a few months ago.

So, we were going through
his basement and, uh...

...going through
his cabinets and, uh...

There you go.


No, I...

I watch this...

It's like I'm watching
his ghost.

It's like, uh,
you know, like a haunting.

A... a good haunting.

You know?

I mean, I guess I thought...

...he wasn't hurting you,
and I could stand it.

I could put up with it.

I mean, what if
he took you, you know?

What if he took you from me?

And where would we go?

I don't have any money.

How would I do it alone?

And I just thought, you know,

you might understand
when you are older.

If these shadows
remain unaltered in the future,

the child will die.

tell me that he'll be spared.

So... much is it
to ride the school bus tonight?

Alright, here we go.

I'll set the mood for us.

Oh, right on. I love this one.

Hey, you mind if I film this?

Or is that, like, extra?

Let's, uh,
do something about this.

Ooh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

Give it to daddy.

Oh, sorry.

What did I do?

What did I do?

I don't...
I don't want to die.

Have a 10-55
on the north side of the park.

Near the tracks. I need back-up.

Copy that.

You, uh,
get any sleep last night?

Good, good.

I had a, uh...

...a dream last night.

In this dream,
I was feeling real hungry.

I went to the kitchen
and all we had left

was a few pieces of bread.

So, I get the bread,
put it in the toaster.

Turn it on.

Wait... no toast.

I said, "Okay, do it again."

Turned it on. No toast again.

So, I keep doing it over and
over and over and over again.

No fucking toast.

Each time I just
get a little more hungry.


Deja vu, or whatever.

Ah, my brother's,
uh, got something on,

over at
the high school, wrestling.

My dad's gonna be there, so...

Y... you want to come along?

Yeah, sure.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You want any popcorn?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Um, I have yet
to see my dad anywhere,

so if you can wave me down
if you see this guy.

- Right here. Thanks.
- Okay.


This is detective
Sharron Crayborne.

Is this Jack Wiley?

Mr. Wiley?


My little child...

I had this dream once.

I was here.

In this house.

- You were here.
- Did you get the flowers?

Father was here.

Some of you didn't
know my daughter very well.

She was quiet.
Kind of a watcher.

I... I remember
when she was born,

they wrapped her up
and they gave her to me.

She had these old, old eyes.

But she wasn't old.

And she never will be.

Anybody who's a parent will tell you
that you would die for your children,

but I did not expect...

...that I would stand up here
and tell you that I would die,

and I would let every
single person in this room die,

for five minutes...

...with the woman
that you'd become.

I wonder what she's like.

I can tell you that
she'd be kind, like her mom.

I'd like to think that
she'd be tough, like her dad.

I can tell you that she would
never stop fighting for justice,

or helping those
less fortunate than herself.

I can tell you, she'd be smart.

But I can't tell you
what she'd look like.

Can't tell you the stupid stuff
we would probably fight about.

All the stupid,
useless mistakes we would make,

and the ways we would hurt
each other and the ways we...

...would forgive each other.

Yes? No?

- Yeah, yeah, I got them.
- Okay, great.

See, that wasn't so hard.

And there were
two dark figures.

One of them told me,
if I went with them,

I could live one last day.

Make my amends, and...

...and then I'd be gone.

The other told me,
if I went with them...

...I could live forever.

But I would never be seen.

Not by anyone,
except believers and...

...and sinners.

Where's Mama?

Mom is out right now.

We don't want
to tell her anything

about this little party, okay?

- Um, 18.
- That's right!

Because it's just a secret
between you and me, alright?

Three heads, that's 1,500.

Okay, no, I...
I got you, but, just sort of, like...

How many fucking ones do you
have to put in here? Jesus Christ!

- Okay, I love you.
- Love you.




I chose the latter.

And all I can do is watch,

as all the people
I'd ever known and loved... their lives.

Grow old.

Forgot about me...

...and died.

And then I was alone.

I was just alone.

Uh, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Uh, merry Christmas!

Are there any little girls
in this house?

Huh? Anybody?

It takes her two seconds
to get down here

when her friends come,
but on Christmas morning...

Hey, merry Christmas!

- Oh!
- Santa!

Now, what present do you want?

- Um, that one.
- You want this one?

- Yeah.
- You sure you don't want this one?

- No.
- What about this?

- Please, please, fix my beard.
- Here.

- Thank... thank you.
- You look the part.

Alright, tear off the bow!

Open up the present!

Mm, and while you're doing that,

Mrs. Claus is going
to get Santa a little drink,

so we can have
some more Christmas fun!

- That wasn't so hard.
- Take it easy, okay?

What do you mean, "Take it easy"?
Am I not taking it easy?

I'm fine. God, what are you...
what are you doing?

Please don't be like this. Really? Come... do you...

By the way, do you think she
can't hear you? She's right there.

Do you think she can't hear
you just because you whisper?

Hi, by the way.
It's me, I'm your dad.

- There is no Santa.
- Sweetie, go and pick another one.

- I think they all have your name on it.
- So, this is Christmas?

This is how we want to
spend the holidays, is it?

I paid for these presents.
I paid for this house.

I paid for this tree.
I pay for your clothes.

- I pay for literally everything.
- Alright. Alright.

You don't have any idea of
the situation you would be in,

- if it weren't for me. No, no, no!
- That's enough, Frank. Stop.


Come on.

Fucking dramatic.


Come on.



You can't go locking yourself in...

...every time something upsets you.

Okay, if you're not coming out...

...I'm coming in.





Oh, and merry Christmas!

Oh, Spirits, you've
done it all in one night!