Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror (2019) - full transcript

It comes back, I feel it ...

Yes. It's your fault
that everything starts again!

I'm just doing my duty.

- Coward!
- Shut up.

Hurry up,
otherwise everything will go awry! Come on!

If not for me,
there would have been fragments.

It blinks, see?
Your mirror has found a new victim.

Shut up!

And no one knows
how it all ends ...

Last news:

unidentified flying object appeared in the sky above the city .

Peter Tonnishen is now at the scene.
Peter, what can you tell us?

This is unbelievable! Eyewitnesses say
they saw a flying closet.

... He flew from the south
towards the fair! ..

And what do the police say about this? ..



Already fifteen to eight!
You will be late for school!

- Oh, no ...
- I didn’t touch him! It crashed itself!

Well, yes, of course.

Fair! It itself has just cracked.

Have you brushed your teeth? Come on, otherwise
you will be late for the control in German.

- German - shit ...
- Hey!

You can handle it.

Are you well prepared?

You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!
You can handle it.

Good morning, Frau Pitch!

Hold your horses, young man!

Hey! Look who's driving!

Fridolin Schubert,
wait a minute, take your time.

- Yes, do not rush ...
- Hey!

Catch up! Where do they sell
tiny brains like yours?

Try to inflate them!

Funny you, yes?

- Next time you will definitely pay!
- Yes, you will pay!

Have you taken a diet lunch for allergy sufferers,

Mom, took it.

Have you forgotten your pants?

Did not forget.

Put them on when you take a break.

Otherwise, you will become cold and ill.

Do you hear Emil-Leopold?

To her.

What is our motto?

"In order to achieve the possible ..."

"... one must constantly try to
achieve the impossible!"

Yes! You too can achieve.

What happened to the car again? ..
I have to go.

Good morning, frau distelmeyer.

Good morning.

- Thank.
- Contact.

Now the control in German ...

You can handle it.

10 minutes left.

Ian, you have to write here.

Oh shit...

We need to fill these cells, Yang!

Uh ... I accidentally ruined a
sheet with a control ...

Can i take a new one?

Exceptionally, Emil.
Just because you did it.


Thank! Without you, I would have failed the
control in German.


Are you going to the gym today? We are driving!

A brief analysis of the situation:
it will not work.

Today I still have a violin,
Chinese and ergotherapy ...

Hey Frido, are you coming?
Or stay with that bore?

Myself, leave Emil alone.

Okay, Dunya, we'll wait.

Yes, I am now!

Emil Leopold!
Are you coming no

- Yes.
- And do not sit on a cold stone!

See you
at the parent meeting.

Yes, meeting with Clavitter-Glavitter.

You can get
bladder inflammation ! You know...

Well, how much can I tell you? ..

- What do cannibals call cyclists?
- Food on wheels!

Who is sitting on a tree and roaring?

One roar!

Hey wait!
Come on, hold it!

Why are you so clumsy?

- Have you inflated the ball?
- Yes.

And ... Motor!

What is
this gymnastic exercise called ?

"Scented candle"!

What do we have here?


"Fridolin Schubert."


Next, please ...
Ah, Schubert family.

Yes ... uh ...

Good afternoon, Frau Clavitter.

- His dad ... he is now ...
- Hello.

You wait here, right?


Where is my car?

I'll explain later, this is a long story ...
Are you okay?

I want to tell you...

Fridolin is
very restless for its age .

Yes I know...

But what are his chances ...

... go to high school?

Fridolin needs more discipline.

He is constantly late, sloppy,
forgets homework.

And he has too much imagination.

But is fantasy
a flaw?

Fridolin must learn to
accurately write numbers in cells.

Have you ever
thought about occupational therapy?

This will help him focus.


Perhaps he is suffering
because of your divorce?

Yes it is possible.

Or maybe
because of your lessons?

I do not see Fridolin
among high school students.

Uh ... Maybe
he wrote a good control in German?

We did a lot of it.

Well, let's wait and see ...

He needs to improve academic performance,
otherwise nothing will work.

I do not believe in miracles,

but there must be children
who succeed.

You will
go to Seibert three times a week .

I do not want to study with a tutor!

Do you want to be the only one
who doesn’t go to high school?

Maybe he, like himself,
does not need this?

Maybe he will only suffer
in high school?

Maybe he doesn’t want it!

- Frido, do you want to go to high school?
- What?..

Want to go to high school?

Together with Emil and the rest?

- Yes, maybe ... But ...
- You see!

Because you inspire him!

It's about his future!


- Are you okay?
- Yes.

You take too many things with
you , do you know that?

Do you remember all my documents!

You also need to learn how to
focus ...

Very funny.

Some people do not get smarter with age.

What does this have to do with Frido?

You mean the
loser father has a loser son?

Yes, exactly.

Mom ...
Listen to me ... Please ...

- Listen ...
- ... You want to be the perfect mother ...

You are welcome...

... who has a perfect baby?

What are you talking about?..

- Frido?
- Frido?






Frido, wait!

Oh my god, my documents! ..

Drop it, let's go!




Have you seen a boy here?

- Frido!
- Frido!

I'll go there.

And I go there!

- Frido!
- Frido!

"Fridolin must write numbers in cells."
"Fridolin is too restless."

"Fridolin must be able to
concentrate" ...

The loser father has the loser son!"

... I'm not nervous, but what is it? ..

Do you hear
Someone is there.

Ghosts seem to you.
There is nobody there!

If it is a ghost,
then I warn him:

there is no playground.
Get out!

Shut up, please.
Better help me ...


Ha. "Perfect baby."


Hi Frido!

I am your reflection.

I - you are perfect.

I can do everything that you cannot.

Frido! .. Misha!

You can't just run away!

Hey Frido ...

There ... there is my reflection ...
He is alive ... He can do anything ...

Oh Frido ...

It’s true, I will show it to you!

Come on in! Come please.
There is something to see here ...

Sorry, but we are still closed.

Well. Let's go to.
I will put off all my affairs. Come on.

- Uh ... But ...
- Come on.

Nice boy,
but now he is walking along the blade of a knife ...

And ... Motor!

Do you know what
this gymnastic exercise is called ?

Scented candle!



Hi Frido!
I am your reflection.

I can do everything that you cannot.



You won’t succeed
with high school. Well?

Emil, you did everything for him.
So you will not help Fridolin.


You can do it!

Now I have
to deal with a tutor every day ! ..

Only nerds go to high school.

- Okay, shut up.
- Well and still - there is Dunya.

Very funny, Sebi.

Better to be funny than a nerd.

- ... Or a complete sucker.
“Hey, leave Emil alone.”

See you tomorrow.


We can handle it, okay?
We must stick together!

Seibert pisses me off!

You can do it!

You only need to try a little.

Do you think I'm not trying?

Hey ... no.
I want to say that...

Maybe Seibert
will show you the best.

It's all about technology.
She must be perfect!

Emil Leopold!

Come on, we need to ergo!

OK, bye.


- Hi.
- Hi...

Here I am.
At your service.

I am perfect.

Can not be!..

Well, cool!

Ah ... and what does it mean:

"At your service," "I'm perfect,"
and all that? ..

I already said:
I can do everything that you can’t.

This ... this ... is my control?

And is everything right?

I can and math.

Okay ... 3 times 7?


Um ... 13 by 15?


Uh ...
How much is 8 ... multiply by 16 ...

... plus 12, and divide by 7?


From tomorrow you are the
best student.

If you agree,
then I will go to school instead of you.

Do you want to go to school instead of me?

That's right.

This is mega cool!

Are you something like a good fairy?

I am you ideally:
I like to study.

Do you like to study?..

Where will you live?

By you.

Hey wait!

Emil will be stunned when he sees you!

No one should know about me.
Rule number 1.

Hey watch out!

Emil can be said:
he is my best friend.

If we get caught, it will be over.
No one should know.

Rule number 2:
Avoid mirror surfaces.

Well? Never seen
people work, huh?

Wow ... Tin ...

And rule number 3: from this moment
we appear only one by one.

What will we do
when mom comes?

She should not see us together.

Hey! I'm already home!

- Did you say something?
- No. And what?

Can you set the table?
There will be a fish.

Phew, fish ... I hate fish.

I love fish.

- Do you like?
- Yeah.

Frido, go!

Uh ... yes ...

Are you okay?

Yes. The fish is very tasty.


Have you
already checked your German control ?


If you didn’t write very well ...

I wrote everything correctly.

Truth? Well, Frido! Wow!

I already started to worry.
So, we were not in vain engaged.

It was an easy workout for the fingers,
nothing complicated.

I did everything in 5 minutes.

Of course.

- Will you show me?
- Yes.

(1 - top mark in Germany)

Did you make a
paper airplane out of her ? ..

And ... Frau Clavitter
didn't even write anything here? ..

There are no criticisms?

Great, Frido!


We must note this!

What do you want for dessert?

Uh ... dessert for the night?

Yes, exactly: before going to bed.

So what would you like?

Rice pudding? Chocolate pudding?

AND? I know! Raspberry Ice Cream.

Is not...

Hello ... Frido!


Pancakes ... with creme brulee.

"Crepes with creme brulee" ...

Crepes brulee crepes ...

Crepes brulee crepes ...

Crepes brulee crepes ...

I bake ... I bake ...

Crepes with creme brulee ...
Crepes ...

I'm in shock! My mother sang,
danced, and didn’t notice anything!

Wow ...
You cleaned the room!

How long
will you stay here?

Until I need you.


Good morning everybody! (eng.)

Good morning, Mrs. Clavitter! (eng.)

What time is it here? (eng.)

Fridolin? ..

Nine is nine!
Like no in German.

Emil! Last warning.
I'll seat you!

You must not help Fridolin!

It was no help.

What? How? Uh ...
What? (eng.)

The answer is wrong, Frau Clavitter.

- No?
- No.

So it's still nine.
Yes, "nine" is correct.

No, nine is wrong!

No, nine is right!

No, nine is wrong.


Friedolin ...

If you don’t know
something , you have to say so.

but I know the answers to all the questions! (eng.)

The clock shows
two minutes past nine. (eng.)

Well done, Fridolin!
Well done! Ha-ha!

Fridolin is right: The
clock shows two minutes past nine. (eng.)

Now you know that. Yes...

You are well prepared.

“I knew that.”
- Yes Yes.

How many watches are showing now? (eng.)


Hey Dunya,
what grows underground and stinks?

- I have no idea.
- One bunch!

- Frido has wiped it all off today!
- And where he?

Okay, let's go ...
It was funny.

Yeah, he's really smart.

- Hey, Frido!
- Finally!

Why didn’t you wait for us?

I wanted to finish assembling the car.

What's the matter?

Is there something wrong with me?
Come on, I'll show you.

"I know that, Frau Clavitter!"
"I know everything, Frau Clavitter!"

He has now become a super-nerd.

No, not even a super-super-nerd.

Ha! I managed
to make a good impression on her.

So, I will not go to the tutor,
and I can spend more time with you.

Attention, to the start ...

Get ready ...


Let's go!



...You were right.
This is a technical issue. AND...

... This bore Seibert dragged me.

When I come from him,
I continue to study at home ...

Sometimes even at night.

I'm sorry you have to do
so much.

This is normal.

I'll show you now...

Clavitter-Glavitter, zombies in attack!

- See you tomorrow.
- Yes. See you tomorrow.

... "How to transport a
wolf, a goat, and a head of cabbage to the other side of the wolf?"

"First, a goat, then a wolf,
and we put the goat back in the boat and take it back ...

We leave the
goat , and we’ll take the head of cabbage to the other side to the wolf ... "

Well, yes ... That's right!

Of course! Everything is right!

More more more! Yes! Yes!

The capital of Latvia?

- Friedolin? ..
- Riga.


The capital of Lithuania?


Ha! Get it!
And further!

Hey, suck! Pay.

- I have nothing ...
- Now check, show.

I only have a can.

Seriously? Only a can?
Open the bag.

"Yes, open it!"
"Come on, don't bother."


Hi Frido!

Hey ... Why are there two of them? ..

Where is this one?

Yes, where?

"I went to dad."

Well, what can you say?
Cool costume, huh?

Come here ...
"Knight Frido" ... Huh?

So, wait, you need to fix it a little ...
Don’t move, don’t move ...

AND? How?
Super! Perfect!

I ... Uh ... I need to go to the toilet!

Hey! Turn off your pump!

Things are good?..

And ... motor!
What is a knight in the city of zombies?

Bank of canned food!

Ahhhh! Help!..

Hey, wanna see?

Hey check it out!

Bank of canned food!

Zombies do not exist.

So what? It's cool.

You bother me.
I study the Chinese economic doctrine.


What is the name of the
Chinese Minister of Agriculture?

Speak, you must know!

Sun Dun!
Didn't you know that?

What is the name of the
Chinese Minister of Defense?

You should go to sleep already.

I want to go to Wilhelm Grammar School.

To the most elite gymnasium?

Yes, exactly there.

Hm. Well, if you work hard,
you will become an excellent student like Emil.

Now I would like to sleep.

Good night dear.

Good night, Mom.

You just like that ...
... call my mom "mom"?

You know ...
Your mom - she and my mom too.

Yeah ... Yes.

- Wake up!
- Ay! .. What is it?

What is the name of the Chinese
Minister of Defense?

Ka ... but ... no ...
But ...

It is not right! His name is
Chan Wanquan!

The Minister of Agriculture is Han Yang Bin.
Minister of Education: Yuan Guiyen.

Minister of Science and Technology - Wang Gang.
Minister of Security ...

Have you memorized all this?

Well! Your Emil can rest.

He, like you,
does not understand anything in economics and politics.

And you do not understand jokes.

10 minutes left!


Where did you go? ..
Do you want to sit with me? .. Frido!

Sorry, but
I can better concentrate ahead .

Frido is now a big star ...

Frido, if you become a nerd,
then Seby will be the worst student in the class.

Shut up! I have a tutor!

Oh shit...

Well, what are you doing?

I need to concentrate.
Soon there will be a control for six months.

But you scare my friends!



We must say:
"You scare my friends."

You can’t say “scare”.
There is no such verb.

Sorry ... I accidentally ...
are you alive?

Is the head intact?
Are you hurt badly?


You wanted me to be like that.

It's just ... I'm not like you.

... It doesn't matter what others say.

- What is our motto?
- "To achieve the possible ...

... you have to try to do the impossible. "

That's right.

Well, what about the car again? ..

Are you crazy?
You scared me to death!

I need to talk to you!

And I don’t want to talk to you.

Emil, you are my best friend!

Best friends don't do that.

Emil! Forgive me. I swear ...
This ... was not me.

Well, what do you see?

I see ... see ...

Wow! Now i see!


Do you have a twin brother?

This is not a twin.
This is my reflection.

This is me - perfect.

But it is ...
But it is simply impossible!


It's just ... tin ...

That's right.

And ... he goes to school instead of you?

Well, I said!
It was not me.

And everyone thinks
that you suddenly became a super-nerd.

Yes. He can do everything that I can’t.

Can he do everything that you cannot?

Where did you get it?

Did the perfect Frido get out of here?

You must first press the button.

Which button?

- Okay.
- Do not click!

Why can you have a double,
but not mine?

- Because there can be problems with him.
- Ah, problems!

A brief analysis of the situation:

Everything would be different
if you had not lied to me.

I could not say anything, and ...
You're smart.

Yes, I'm smart.
But not perfect.

Come on! Come out, perfect Emil!

Well hello mug.

Great, Emil!

Oh yeah!

Cool, Emil!

You do not understand!
Emil-bore was yesterday.

And now here is Emil Grenade!

Did you take dope?

Or did the operation?
You are now without glasses. Super!

Emil! What is a spectacle snake without glasses?
Blind Worm!

Everyone likes it and nobody laughs!
Are you very funny?

Warning for rude play!

Well? Are you okay?

Listen, Emil! That was a bad idea.
There will be problems with him!

Okay, I'll talk to him.

Yes, talk ...

I had to tell him.

What for?

You are angry?

You broke the rule.

I could not do otherwise.
He is my best friend.

It will be bad if they expose us.
There’s definitely nothing good for you.

Do not worry.
Emil will talk to him.


It would be nice,

if you were
more friendly at school ...

Emil Leopold! Violin!

So ... maybe you can ...

Because from 14.00 to 15.00
I have to do ...

Otherwise, she may guess
that you are not me.

Let's take a look ...

Emil Leopold!

Okay, sorry.

Are you crazy?

We will talk more about this ...

What is this?..

You should not waste time on this
senseless rubbish! Turn it off now!

Turn it off! Well!

Emil Leopold!
And change clothes for occupational therapy.

Emil Leopold!

Hey easy on the bends woman!

Uh ... what? Emil Leopold ...

Fucking Leopold - it's not me!

I am Emil! No Leopolds! Clear?

"Yes ..."

Okay, I ... I'm waiting for you ...
for occupational therapy ...

- To her...

You have puberty ... Oh! ..

This is how it is done, wimp.

Hey, where are you going? ..

None of your business.

Mom! Mom!

Emil-Leopold? .. Oh ... Emil ...

I'm here...

Can you help me unhook?

How did you get there?

Hey what are you doing? ..
Leave me alone! For help! Aw!

- What is it with you?
- Let me go!

- Show what you have there ...
- Let him go!

Oh you little rubbish!

I'll tell Seibert!

Then I will cut your hair!

- I do not care!
- I don’t think you will care ...

What's going on here?
You have nothing more to do?

Hey loshara, pay.
Or do you want to get it too?

Yes, exactly.

Oh no ...
I'd better pay ...

Is that enough?

- What is he doing! ..
- Have you seen? ..

Emil, that was great!

...It was painful!..

- Hey, Emil!
“You made them cool.”

If you want to practice with a tutor -
I am at your service.

- Super, Emil!
- Cool!

Thanks for the skateboard.
Until we meet again.

Hello, Sebi!

Emil? ..

Class ...

... And I tell you -
this is not a real Emil!

Go to school. Quickly!

Does Emil have a double? ..
Are you crazy, Sébi.

Emil, go to school.

Your school will not run away.

I feel good here ... I want to take a walk.

Look, this is not real Emil.
And that one is not a real Frido.


- Good morning!
- Good morning.

Good morning, frau clavitter!

- You're jealous.
- This is ridiculous.

Frido is now the smartest ...

What can I do
if you are so stupid?

It’s not good to mock friends.

you have never had such good results .


The word "penis" is written with one "n".


So, grades ...
Fridolin, very good.

Look: here are my grades.

And this is just the beginning.
After all, I'm the best in the class.

Yes, yes ... Math - "excellent",
German - "excellent",

natural science is "excellent" ... This is ...

... enough for high school!

- Yes!
- Yes!

- I'm in high school!
- Now you are caught ...

You even got excellent in German!

No! .. Oh hell no! ..

William Grammar School
"Whoever does not know, learns" (lat.)

Hi Frido!

Hi Emil!


You got here
only thanks to your son, right?

Hey! Are you Frido? Or the asshole
who is just pretending to be Frido?

AND? What an asshole?

Are you Super-Emil
who knocked out those two morons?

What morons?

Ah, those morons!
Yes, now I remembered.

Prick: how do you do it?

Do not understand what you talking about.

- I'm in high school!
- Well?

You even got excellent in German!

Good installation.

As you wish. I will send it to everyone.
You're finished.

Begin ...

Dear students and students!

Dear Parents!

The elementary school is behind.
A serious life begins.

Do you want your child to
be among the winners?

Or among the losers?

Success requires strategy.

Industriousness! Excerpt!

Discipline! And organization!
Need to focus!

Emil ... We must tell Séby.

... our students need it ...

No! We need his phone!

But he is our best friend.

No! Is he your friend!

...Superiority! Striving for victory!
Without this ... without this ...

... we will wallow in a quagmire of mediocrity!

And now I invite you to a tour
of our educational institution. Thank!

Well done!

We believe that emile ... uh ... immunotherapy
can have serious side effects ...

say at least something!

Don’t you see:
this dress is from Carlotti!

- ...Tell me the truth!
- Enough! ..

Do you
have this costume since your school graduation?

Oh yes, I forgot:
you didn’t even finish school ...

- Give it back!
- No!

- Dad, look!
- Yes, there is nothing interesting ...

No! Frido is not an excellent pupil at all!

Others study for him, and for Emil!
I will prove it!

- Frido!
- They have doubles!

- Give me my phone!
- This is my phone!


My telephone!..

Ah! .. Klaus-Peter-German,
Hurry! My dress!

Dress from Carlotti!

My dress is from Carlotti! Do something!
- Now ...

I don’t have anything on me!

Well, now it's your turn!

White shirt, blue tie,
cozy house with a terrace ...

This is a terrorist attack!
In an educational institution!

Come on in, be so kind, take off your
shoes ...


Dad says that you need to learn business,
then you will achieve something.

Because you won’t get anything for nothing,
remember this!

What is important to you in this life? ..


... laws that you cannot eat?

Free, Myself ...

... the rules you can't kiss?

Freedom you can't buy?

Look -
this is just a castle in the sand!

This is just a sand castle!

Yes! Destroy it!

Listen, it was there! ..

Hey what are you doing? ..

A perfect mind needs a perfect order.
I'm cleaning.

Hey, are you crazy? ..

I'll throw it in the trash.

Yes. Order and organization.

"Laws that you cannot eat ..."

Hey! These are my things!

Well yes.
Old children's toys.

Hey wait!
Are you completely crazy?

You still do not understand
that I went to high school?

One of us is superfluous.

Okay. Then get out of here!

Not a good idea. What will mom say
if you become the same again?

Are you crazy? ..
Nobody needs you here!

This is my home!
This is my mom!

Our mother does not like losers.

Why do you think
she divorced her dad?

You are crazy!

On the contrary.
You are crazy.

You said you would leave
if I didn't need you!


You were the first to break the rule.

See you...

We must be careful now!

He's gone ...
I don't know where he is!

Emil! They are dangerous!
They want to take our lives!


Emil, you have to
get rid of the Emil grenade!

I'm fine with him.

Dunya is here now!
She starts to like me!

What? Do you have dunya? ..

Yes ... Well, actually she is with him ...

Almost with me.

We are learning math now ...

Emil, don't be dumb!
She doesn’t like you, but the cool Emil.

What? Who is dumb? Why
is a nerd going to school instead of you?

That you are dumb. Not me!

Oh shit!

Emil, please explain to me again the
rule of adding fractions ...

Hey don't worry! It's time to have some fun!

You are crazy?

What's happening?..

A brief analysis of the situation ...

I think it's time to explain something.

This is silly.

Do you have a double?

I also want to.


"See you..."

What are you doing?..

I want to repeat again ...

At five in the morning?

I am doing my best...

Tell me Frido ...

Why are you trying so hard?
It's because of me?

Because I'm pushing you?

If you do it just for me ...

No. No...

I want to.

For the sake of my future.

Yes ... It would be nice if you
stay in the same class with Emil, right?


I want to tell you...

there was another Frido.

Yes. And not the worst.
I will make coffee.

Good morning, frau clavitter!

Good morning. Ok, sit down.

I lost track of time ...

To her.

Uh ...

Uh ... Okay ... Well, then who wants to
try the first task?

Uh ... This is math, right?

1250 plus 120 equals 1370.

1370. That's right, Dunya.

So ... 2560 plus 450? Otto?

Mrs. Klavitter - 3010.

3010 That's right, Otto. 3010 ...

So ... now next.

Fridolin, don’t be so modest, right?
Everyone else is very active today.

So. 188 plus 371.

Uh ...

So who can answer?

Count in your mind, Fridolin, in your mind! How many?


Why are you laughing, Sebastian?

You, too, are not a beacon
in mathematics, right?

I am a very bright light in math,
frau clavitter.

Subtracting 188 from 200 is 12.
Subtracting 12 from 371 is

it's 359. Add 200 - it's 559.

Right! Wow!..

Yes I know. Next quest:
364 plus 479 equals 843.

848000 minus 4500 -
it will be 843500!

568,000 plus ...

3300 is 571300!

558500 minus 64598

it's 493902!

645,004 plus 25860

it's 1405314!

Flag raised!
To a new life without rules!

So, sleeping bags
need to be carried there.

And it is better to stack firewood right in the center.

And you need to make sure
that the kindling paper is not wet.

Not wet ...

Do not look at Emil like that!

You just have nothing to say. Traitor!

Yes, right! Our parents have been stressed
since you became an excellent student.

You wanted to be the only one!

- Yes!
- This is unfair!

Frido, I wanted to ...

What did you want?
You wanted to not say anything to yourself!

And now you all
want to become super kids?

So that everyone thinks
how wonderful you are, right?

Do you know that your double
was not even at school?

I do not care.
This is his problems.

You are completely dumb!

He makes my life better.

You ... You talk like my parents.

It's not your business what I want!

Do you think I'm an idiot
who can only be cheated?

you need to forget about high school.

You won’t pull it anyway!

I will not pull?

Dont touch him!

Are you completely crazy?
Will not work.

Now they are all my friends.
Well, got it?

Think Emil!

In three days,
their doubles will also become cool!

No worse than yours!

You are just jealous.
Because without a double you are nothing.

I bet
your mom won't want you the same.

And I don’t need you either.

Release him, or else he will cry.

Get out!
We don’t need you either!

- Come on, go!
- Vali!

We don't want to see you anymore!
Loser! Yap! Disappear!

Hey look where you go, snot!

Yes, I tell you!

You see?
Nobody needs you.

The mirror is waiting for you.


I was your reflection,
now you will become mine.

Where are you going? You won’t run away from yourself!

You are me, and I am you!

40, 60, 80 ...
Who else has it?

Otto gave nothing!

Now I'll see ...

I have nothing more.

A brief analysis of the situation ...
This is not enough for us.

I want to eat!
And I'm cold!

- Done!
- Ah! ..

“The tasks are too easy for me.”
- For me too!

Today we want to solve
more complex problems than yesterday!

Yesterday's difficult tasks
are too easy today!

And those tasks that are difficult today
will become easy tomorrow!

Okay ... More complicated tasks ...

Come on. Do not forget to take the mattress.

- I took it.
- Well, let's go.

Do not Cry.

I'm just cold.

What if your parents don’t want you?

What do you mean?

He means that our parents
will want instead of us double-honors students.

But these are not their true children!

Yes. But they don’t know about it.

Hey, do you have anything left to eat?

Only cookies left.
I have already mentioned.

They study well, clean, and all that.
Parents like it ...

Come on. Do not listen to him.
Of course your parents want you.

And mine want me.

And if not?

Ha. Your parents won't want you.

You are the worst student in school.

And you are a glutton.
Your parents are ashamed of you.

Well, say it again!

I will say it! They are ashamed!

- Stop it!
- Take your words back!

- No!
- Enough!

I want to go home. We must return
before the fair closes.

Dunya ...

I'm sorry.

This is all shit!

Hey wait for me!

Hey! Why did you become
reflected in the mirror?

Julia-Sophie is no longer needed.

Sebastian went voluntarily.

Parents want perfect kids.
Like us.

I am perfect.
Julia-Sophie was glad to leave the mirror.

No. I am perfect!
Myself deserves only to be my reflection.

Nobody needs you and your loser friends .

Why are you still here?
Today is the last day!


Hey! Is there anyone

Emil? Oh shit!
Where are you?

Go to the mirror!
You are no longer needed here!

Let me in!


Nobody loves you, wimp!
Get out of here!

No, Emil! Do not listen to him!

No! Emil!


This is not the place for wimps!

This is no place for idiots!

You must be there!

You won’t stop me!

Emil! Emil!

The whole class in the mirror!

Dunya too! Do you understand?


You have to help get her out!

But I can’t get out!

Emil! There, in the gym ...
I got mad at you ...

You are much better
than this moron.

Emil ... you're funny.
And smart...

You are my best friend.

Come back! Please Emil!

There is no more ideal friend than you.

All the best, burdocks.


Emil ...

Frido! Thank!

Frido, I was wrong in the gym.
When he said about your mother ...

No need for that. We have no time!
We must save our class!

Yes but how?

A brief analysis of the situation.

You managed to get out
because you believed in yourself.

And with the rest it should work out.

We will prove to these super-children
that they are not super at all. Logics!

Yes ... But these super-villains can do anything!

Emil, come up with something!

... No, I will not catch a cold!


I'm not screaming ...

Wait, do not rush!

Hey ... what are you doing, huh? ABOUT!

Are you scared of something?

It was probably something fun ...

If you have fun, then you're in luck.
And who laughs will return.

... Mom, I do not scream! I want
you to take me seriously!

"He who laughs will return" ...

... If I'm not me,
then who is it, mom? ..

“I know that super children cannot do it!”
- What?

We need Frau Klavitter!

... I do not scream!
I am absolutely calm!

Are you going

... Mom, no, I'm not screaming!

- ... My son is very capable!
“No, Mr. Schmidt.”

- But, nevertheless, Frau Clavitter! ..
- No, Mr. Schmidt!

- Still ...
- No!

Please, Frau Clavitter! ..

Sebastian is not the only student in the class!

everyone in the class is so capable?

I can not explain it.

What can you not explain?

This whole class immediately became ....

Try to introduce yourself
in my place!

I can’t imagine myself
in your place.

Then do not belittle the achievements of Sebastian!

I do not belittle his achievements! But...

I demand a parent meeting
on the attitude to gifted children!

Yes. Yes. Hello? We will definitely do it.
Good night, Mr. Schmidt.

What? .. Good night? ..

And so it is all day ...

Children come constantly and require more
homework. More! Homework!

On the weekend!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ...
Shut up!

I'm better. So ...
Now about Fridolin.

- Yes, Frido ... He ...
- Yes, um ...

- We are very ...
- ... We worry for him ...

They seem to ring the doorbell.


Emil? ..

We need to show you something,
Frau Clavitter.



Do not back down now, Frido!
Mom loves you, I know!

What are you doing here?

What is it?

Frau Clavitter, you better sit down.

Yes? Why?

Our whole class is there,
and cannot get out.

So ... I think I'm starting to understand ...

A terribly perfect boy at our place -
this is your reflection, right?

Oh my god! ..
That is, all this time ...

But you are
our normal Frido? .. Yes?

God, I'm glad that you are!

Yes, but ... Maybe
I will not pull out in high school ...

It doesn’t matter at all! Frido!

I just wanted
you to get a good education ...

... but not at all costs, of course!

This model boy
is no better than you. Check it out.

Frido, listen to me!

I don't care how you study.
The main thing is that you are our Frido. Clear?


Got it?


I understand correctly
that there is still a whole horde wandering around the city ...

... these terrible monsters?

Yes, but we have a plan,
Frau Klavitter.

And we need you!

Oh my God ... Oh ...

Tell your parents

that training in an elite boarding school
will be free. For the best students.

But they have only one place.
We must now choose ... the best of you.


... "An exam for admission
to an elite boarding school."

Elite boarding ...
That would be great.

But even if you can’t do it, Frido is

There is nothing
I cannot handle.

I just want to say
that the others are doing pretty well too.

Do it.

And if they don’t peck at it?

Bite. They only think about
how to outdo each other.

They are coming!

- Good morning.
“Good morning, Frau Clavitter!”

Sit down.


Examination questions of an
elite boarding school.

The procedure will be this:
I ask each of you a question.

If you answer incorrectly -
do not go through. If right - continue.

The one who stays will win. So?

You have 40 seconds to answer the question .

Has anyone misunderstood something?

No, Mrs. Klavitter!

Okay, then let's get started.

Oh, oh, oh, oh ...


How many peas will go into the pan?
Time is running out!

OK, no problem.

There are no sizes
necessary for calculations ...

You need to find a universal formula
that applies to all peas and pans.

The first one. Calculate the volume of the pan.
A pan is a cylinder.

The formula for the volume of the cylinder: the area of ​​the
circle is multiplied by the height: V = πr2 x h.

6 seconds left.

Second ... Pea volume calculation ...

A pea is a ball.
Ball volume formula ...

The question is too complex
to answer in 40 seconds ...

Ah, complicated? .. And maybe
your reasoning was wrong, no?

My reasoning is always correct!

Here is how?

The correct answer:
not at all!

Huh? .. What? .. It can't be! ..

Peas cannot walk.

The question is meaningless!

It was a quick wit.
Like this.

Otto, you are not an elite.
Sit down.

- But ...
- No buts. You did not pass.


What makes the Knakavurs sausage crispy?
Time is running out!

Question from the field of food ...

The cooking method
and ingredients are important ...

No, just a minute ... It's about the physics of
surface tension ...

Wrong reasoning? ..

Yes, wrong reasoning.
This is the phenomenon of perceptual perception ...

Knakavurs is so crunchy because ...
Because ... uh ...

8 seconds left. Answer me!

Because ... uh ...

How can I not know this?! ..

What is the correct answer?

The correct answer to the question:
"What makes the Knakavurs sausage crispy?"

Буква "н".


You have disappointed me today.

I expected more.

You lack creative thinking.

If you want to succeed in life,

you need to be able to do something more
than rote memorization.

It's time!

Good morning.


There are children
who have creative thinking.

So, Sebastian. Well?

27100 chimneys plus 5 chimneys,

plus 7 chimneys, minus 129 chimneys.
How much is coming out?

It turns out 26983 chimneys? ..

The smoke from all the chimneys goes up!


Happened! Happened!

- He went out!
- Yes!

No! Help! ..
Help! For help!..

What is: yellow and lies on the road?

- An unfinished packet of chips!
- Yes!


What is:
white and creeping up the mountain?

Avalanche is coming home!

Without arms, without legs - lies in the sand?


What is: green and knocking on the door?

Salad latTUK!

What is:
red and sitting behind the fence?

Tongue out!

What fails, but not hard?

Elite boarding exam!

What is heard when you listen to a shell?

Sound of the sea!

Yes! Sound of the sea.
And what is heard when you eat barbecue?

Silence of the Lambs!

You are no longer needed here.

Do you think
your mom wants you?

I do not think.

I know it.

Even so, you still will
not be able to study in high school!

I do not want to go to high school!

There are more important things than ... uh ...

Right! Do you understand?
We need a real Frido!

The only excellent student
we need is Emil!

We need Frido!
We need Frido!

We need Frido!
We need Frido!

You will regret it ...
I'm the perfect Frido!


There is nothing perfect.

Oh yeah!

Incredible ...

Very formidable Clavitter-Glavitter!

Yes! And worse to you ...

... if
someone else appears in the class .

No! No, Frau Clavitter!


Oh yeah!

And ... one ... And ... two ...

And ... three!

Ah ... Ah, what a failure ...

Yes, and it will never end.

Why, really, should
I not find you perfect? ​​..

Russian subtitles:
Dmitry Dulov aka mitro_fan

do you need laws that you cannot eat?

you can't kiss?

you can't buy?

Look -
this is just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

Uchti. To her.

Monday morning a
short jog

just to get to work,

standing in line
with Jörg from Division 4.

In summer, you go
on vacation to the Baltic Sea.

Park your black Cayenne in
front of the supermarket.

Your car is as sexy
as a tank.

So listen calmly to
what your dad says.

What matters is
what you do with your life.

do you need laws that you cannot eat?

you can't kiss?

you can't buy?

Look -
this is just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

There are no silver cars,
and there is no garage,

rip your shirt
and dye your hair

paint over all signs
and do not let yourself buy ...

And look -
this is just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

Just a castle in the sand!

You do not need a diploma,
and you do not need a certificate of maturity.

I don’t need a lock,
and I don’t need a gold watch.

I don’t need a yacht,
and I don’t need a black limousine ...

I want creme brulee crepes!

Armani is not needed,
and his own office is not needed.

I don’t need lobsters,
and I don’t need the expensive Merlot,

I do not need a solid abdomen,
and I do not need a white villa on the lake ...

I want creme brulee crepes!

Forget about the boss,
and the business meeting at two o’clock.

Forget about documents
and client cards.

I don’t need a loan
and I don’t need a big budget ...

I want creme brulee pancakes.

No flags needed,
no territories needed.

You do not need a state
that provides security.

I don’t need laws,
and I don’t need rules ...

I want creme brulee crepes!

Creme brulee...

Creme brulee...

Creme brulee...

Creme brulee...

"Creme brulee ...
" "Creme brulee!"

- Creme brulee ...
- More cream brulee! Now or never!

Yes! No cook needed,
no spinach needed.

No cabbage needed,
no salad needed!

In the coffin, I saw all this greens!

Crepes brulee crepes ...

Wherever you look, the
country is full of this:

All flooded with consumers.

I say it out loud,
and it's not cliche.

We need creme brulee pancakes ...

Creme brulee! Creme brulee!

Creme brulee! Creme brulee!

Creme brulee! Creme brulee!