Double Target (1987) - full transcript

After several American and British military personnel are killed in suicide attacks throughout southeast Asia, the U.S. begins to suspect a plot by the Vietnam government. To uncover the truth, the U.S. army calls upon a former commando who is looking for his long-lost son in Vietnam. While his military commanders want to see the commando succeed in his mission, his political overseers have a different set of plans.

Stop, you're off limits here.

What's going on?

I'll check it out, sir.

Another two months and I'll be out,

I couldn't care less about them,

you'd do better to worry about...

Hey, what the hell is this guys, hey!

Run them down.

Hey, look out!

Watch out, it's a car bomb!

Let's go.

Mister, mister, you forgot something.

Abs evening news from Manila.

Once again, southeast
Asia ravaged by terrorism,

the latest attack took place

in olongapo at
subic bay late last night.

It was the third in this area
in the last 24 hours.

The first attack occurred at
Hong Kong's Victoria hospital

at 9:30 yesterday morning

where seato's chief of staff

major general Harold stern

had been admitted for minor surgery.

Police reports say that a suicide squad

penetrated the room and brutally killed

the general and an armed guard

whereas only an hour
earlier in Kuala Lumpur,

a car loaded with explosives

was driven into the united
states consulate building.

The victim count for these attacks

is roughly estimated at...


I'll be there.

He just got in the cab.

We're tailing him.

My papers were all issued
by the red cross in Geneva.

Everything's in order.

There's my marriage certificate.

Keep calm, Mr. Ross.

We sympathize with your logical desire

to see your son,

but you must understand us and our laws.

Insofar as my country is concerned,

your marriage to miss...

To a vietnamese citizen,
miss minga, is not valid.

Why not?

From the certificate,

it would seem that the
marriage was solemnized

by a chaplin of the United States army,

when our two countries were
in a state of war, Mr. Ross.

However, if you were to remarry

in accordance with our laws...

My wife died in a concentration camp.

Reeducation camp, Mr. Ross,

where those empower women

who were corrupted by the western invaders

learn to embrace our
principles once again.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ross,

but the child you claim to have had

with the deceased, miss minga,

today is a free citizen

of the people's Democratic
Republic of vietham.

You can't lay any claim to him.

Hot dogs!

A hot dog, mister?


Here you are, sir.

Very good hotdogs.

Look, these documents were approved

by your representative in Geneva.

I have a right to see my son.

Robert Ross.

American special forces.

A tough guy!

Nothing's going to stop
me from getting my son back.

There may be a solution
to your problem after all,

Mr. Ross.

Would you kindly come with me?

Where to?


But to a much higher authority.

Any sign of him?

Uh uh.

It means good afternoon, Mr. Ross.

That's far enough, Mr. Ross.

What is this?

What do you want from me?

What do you want from us?

Well, you know damn well what I want.

I want my son.

What is it you really want, Mr. Ross?

Another step, Mr. Ross,

and you are dead.

The man in front of you
is a martial arts expert.

Another step and your
comrade's a eunuch.

I've killed men for less, tovarish.

Mr. Ross,

I will ask you for the last time.

What is it you want from us?

Finish him.

You son of a bitch.



Maybe they're serving
him tea or somethin'.

Call central.

We're still outside
the consulate building.

No action?

Not yet.

Check it out.

Okay, we'll give him another minute,

and then go pay him a visit.

Give us 10 minutes.

I want the American dead.

We must not

reveal ourselves.

Stop, this is the council of...

Gonna go take a peak inside now.

All's calm here.

They're after him, they
probably wanna kill him.

They mean business.

My father who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Kingdom come.

I want him alive.

Happy landing.

Hey, what the...



Get down, Ross, get down!

Get your ass in here!

Get in!

Come on.

He's on.

Let's go.

Special forces, 4c2a.

Double target.

Fait accompli.

Rendezvous on the dock.

Special forces, 4c2a,

for colonel waters
coming in on main and...

The colonel is
on field, double target,

all yours.

Roger, and thank you.

Major waters.

Does my heart good, Bob.

Excuse me, colonel waters.

How you doin', sir?

Still hangin' in there.

Good to see ya again.

I'd wait to say that.

There's someone I want you to meet,

a senator, on behalf of
the defense department.




Bob, I'd like you to
meet senator blaster.


Do you know these men?

I've had the pleasure.

They're Russians, aren't they?

They're colonel galckin
and his assistant talbukin.

Both guerrilla war experts.

Until recently, they have been very active

in Afghanistan.

And now they've moved down to Vietnam.

What were they doing in Bangkok?

They thought you were one of our agents.

And if we hadn't stepped in,

they would have
successfully eliminated you.

Kill that filthy cigarette!

Don't you know that smoking

can seriously damage your health?

Sorry, sir.

Oh, this heat is unbearable.

I'm choking.

What's all this got to do with me?

You know I'm not in the military anymore.

Bob, you came here to find
your son, isn't that right?

Right, but evidently
somebody doesn't believe that.

Bob Ross.

Highly decorated war hero,
member of the special services,

tactical arms division, helicopter pilot,

wiped out two enemy hideouts single...

Single handed.

19 Vietcong killed.

Six suicide missions
successfully executed.

It's hard for a man like galckin

to believe that you came here
looking for a little kid,

10 years after the event.

So, you tell me then

what I'm supposed to
be doing here, senator.

A mission for the state department.

My mission is to get my son back,

and take him home with me.

We're wasting our time, colonel.

This is not a man for us.

He's too emotional,

lacks a sense of duty.

It takes more than muscle
to build a soldier.

Frankly, senator, I don't
know of a more suitable man

for the mission.

I can personally guarantee it.

I don't want guarantees, colonel.

This is government business.

I am...

Personally responsible for this operation.

Wait a minute.

Colonel, would you mind telling me

what the hell is going on here?

Bob, we know you've come
here to find your son,

and we can help you get
him back to the states,

but we need something in return.

This son of yours

is only a very small
part of this operation.

You'll forgive my bluntness, Ross.

But a great deal of government
money is involved here,

and that comes first.

Do you understand?

These men and this equipment
will be at your disposal

during the next five days.

You will be supplied with
the very latest equipment

and have a network of agents

across the entire area.

That is to say over here between duc co

and quang tri.

What the...

Is he listening to me?

Senator, you're talking to a...

I know the area around
duc co and quang tri.

I took care of a little
business there once.

What desk were you
commanding back then, sir?

Ross, Mr. hero, I'm not
one with weapons around.

Gentlemen, we have
good reason to believe

that galckin and talbukin

are training a group of
international terrorists

in this zone here.

Their recent attacks...

We need positive proof
for our suspicions,

and you've got to get it for us.

You have five days,

and after that you're on your own.

The mission will be considered a failure,

and you will be officially
considered missing.

I don't like you, blaster.

It's 'cause of desk jockeys like you

the war ended up the way it did.

All right, colonel, I accept,

but I'm trusting you to back me up.

When the five days are up,

I'm going to leave you to
rot in Vietnam with your son,

and I won't lose any
sleep over it either.

You do that, senator,

but you better hope they kill me,

'cause if I get out of
this place in one piece,

I'm gonna come back here and
make you eat that damn inhaler,

and shove that brief
case up your ass, too.


Agent 4c2a...

Operational gear:

Wetsuit, googles, mask, fin...


U 211, coordinates, please?

South China sea,
16 degrees latitude,

30 minutes...

20 minutes to target.

108 degrees longitude,

50 minutes and 12 seconds east.

Radar confirmed.

Ammunition: 100 packs of 38 millimeter
for beretta automatic t14.

18 shells for marlin missile gun,
double cutting knife

five minutes to target.

South China sea.

Position on target.

U 211 on standby.

Last communication before cutoff.

U 211 is in the target area.

Right on schedule.

We're ready for launch.

Good luck, u 211.

Over and out.

Ready for launch.


Five seconds to target.

Five, four, three,



The lights.

Don't move, you.

Don't move, I say.

Hands up.


Come close.

It was a cobra.

Very poisonous.

You were very lucky, my friend.

Hi Bob, I'm toro, your contact.

We've been waiting for you.

Well, I had a little
trouble along the way.

Okay, follow me, sir.

There's someone I think
you'd like to meet.

You French?

No, Belgian.

Your son is here,

in this little town.

Do you know who I am?

Son, there's somethin' I gotta do first,

but I'll be back.

And I'm gonna take you to
the United States with me.

We're goin' home.

I mean what I say.


I got the one on the left.

Here, look at yourself.

If you can take it.

Hey, not bad, huh?


You like it?

We should get there before nightfall.

You are doing all this
just to get your son back?

That's a good enough reason, isn't it?

If it is for the kid,

then it's a good enough reason, yeah.

Has he reached cam ranh?

Yes, sir.

I made contact with toro.

Good, try not to lose him.

Uz211, south China sea.

Request frequency change.


There's been no word from
your Superman friend yet.

Nearly two days now.

Look, what's eating you, blaster?

You're too impatient.

Oddly, I'm a chess player.

Moreover, I know that brains
achieve more than brawn.

Ross will make it,

and you can be sure of that.

I'll have to see about that.

1548 kilohertz via Taiwan. Over.

So you know Russian?

Oh yeah.

Well, what did he say?

Damned if I know.

Well, how'd you answer him?


From pure intuition.

Wait here.

Hey, hey you.


Hey, no one allowed in here.



You are asking for it!

Hey, a whole battalion just blew in.

Well, let's go out and say hello.


I see that we meet again, Mr. Ross.

And now what?

All right, open it up.

Look out.

That way.

Go, go!

You over there.

And you there. Hurry.

Goddamn hitchhikers.

Get him down.

Get ready to jump.

You don't have to ask me twice.

Let's go!

Do you know how to swim?

I want 'em, but I want 'em alive.



You, too. Come with me.

Which one is the boy?

Which one is he?

Last chance.

Which one, you bastard?

Which one is he?

I'm sure it's quicker this way.

Yeah, go straight through there.

Like a banana?

It looks like eatin' bananas around here

could be dangerous to your health.

Where is the son of the American?

Speak up, you old fool.

We will kill you one by one.

For the last time,

which one is the son of the American?

It is I, but I don't know
the man you call my father,

and I don't want to know him.

I hope you catch him.

So they got 'em all in
that hut on the right.

And that doesn't make things any easier.

What do we do now?

Why don't we make all hell break loose?

Go on, go on!

Run to the lagoon!

Run now, run!

No, not you.

No, you're coming with me.

Come on, move.

It's all right, it's all right!

Come on.

Nice work.

Soldier, go give 'em a hand.


At the north gate.

The boy, they've got him.

Watch that Jeep.

Let's go.

Get down.

Ah, we'll never catch
the little boy in this way.

Let's continue in the morning.

Head on back to base, Gerald.

To all units.

I repeat, all units,

operation suspended.

Back to base at once.


Don't move!

We are in a mine field.

You have to come up with
something, and hurry.

Get out of here.

Stay there.

You're sitting ducks.

I can't just leave ya
here to bleed to death.

Don't touch me.

It's my tough luck,

now get out.

Get out.

Damn it to hell, toro.

Thanks, buddy.

You're gonna follow me.

You're gonna take every step I take.

You got that?

Yes, sir.

Good luck, my friend.

Come on, ruskie, come on.


This is where the fun really begins.


I'm wounded!

I surrender!

Come on.

Just a couple steps, come on.

I'm wounded!

Come and get me!

Come on, explode.

So, we meet again.

You moron.

You've walked into a mine field.

Yeah, you're no better off than I am.

If you come and get me, you've had it,

and if you turn back,
you've had it just the same.

I can always kill you from where I am.

You're really gonna do it?

Prepare to die.

You're really gonna do it?

Fuck you!

There it is.

It's Ross!

['Ve got my son with me!

Where's toro?

He's dead.

Okay, come on.

Let's hurry.

We've gotta leave immediately.

Submarine moves out in
exactly eight hours.

You're alone?

No, I'm with my father and a crew.

Here they come now.


Dad, do you hear me?

Yeah, and all the saints in heaven.



John mc Douglas.

It is my pleasure.

Been here a long time, sir?

Just a few months more,

then I'm done with this hapless life.

[T's a long story, boy.

Well, I hope you're not
gonna tell it to me now.

Yeah, I'm really good at bending knees.

Dad, we're in a hurry.

Oh, all right.

Off we go.

Land lovers.

Gas off.

Sir, mc Douglas has arrived
at the rendezvous point

to pick up Ross.

He's only got seven hours.

He'll make it.

This fisherman has something
important to tell you.

That's the duc co station there.

We'll dock, take on water

and get the supplies that we need.

40 gallons.

Are you hungry?

A little bit.

Only a little bit?

Food's very good here.

You sure you're not
leading things here now?


You hear what I say?

Sure, that's what you always say.

That we are crooks, thieves.

That's right, every time you come,

you always...

Don't you start.

I've got enough puttin' up with him.

Well, well.

You still owe us something

from the last time, Mr. mc Douglas.

That's very unkind.

But it's true.

Putting a blight on
my reputation like that.

You're all unscrupulous heathens, you are,

doubting my word.

All right, so long as you keep quiet.

Yeah, but find another
supply station next time.

Who are you to tell me

where I'm to fetch me stuff.

The customer's always right.

Yeah, yeah.


Them are holy words,
you villains, miscreants.


Why don't you and jan take a
little walk into the jungle?

Come on, jan, I wanna
show you something.

But you said the food is good here.

Yeah, later.

How do you crack open
one of these suckers?

We use this.

Oh, sure.

Listen, I'm an American,

I don't know shit from shinola.

Why don't you open this thing for me?

All right?

I'll be right back, okay.

Hey, what's going on?

My father?

He was killed.

Two hours for reentry of u 211.

No word yet from double target.

Please advise.

Orders are abandon
mission when time runs out.

Split up and find them!

Damn it.

They must be here somewhere.

There's something moving.

What is it?

Don't move now.

Let's get out of here.

Time is up, sir.

The commander of sword
fish requests instructions.

He's in danger of being intercepted.

Tell him to keep waiting.


this base is in a state of emergency.

Everybody out.



swordfish, this is mad bomber.

I'm ordering you to cancel the mission.

I'm ordering you back in.

Could you confirm order, please?

Repeat order.

I repeat, mission canceled.

Mission canceled, mission canceled!

Our contact's there,

but we can't chance it.

They'd spot us immediately.

We'll wait until dark.

No, sir, no.

We can't abandon him like that.

That's betraying him.

Don't play naive with
me, colonel waters.

You had your doubts about this mission,

you didn't express them.

You are just as involved.

Don't drag me into your dirty games.

So, it was all a farce, huh?

Nothing but a farce,

like the war in Vietnam.

You just don't want
to understand, do you?

The camp, the terrorists,

they weren't supposed to be found,

but you didn't tell Ross,

nor me either.

A coverup is what you people wanted.

So Ross doesn't find the terrorists,

and the government's happy,

it has a clear conscience.

Ross doesn't make it, so much the better.

We give him a swell funeral,
at government expense.


Be careful what you're
saying, colonel waters.

This is the United States
government you're talking about.

Where'd they live?

That's it, there.

No, don't.


Oh, mayli, thank god you're here.

Where's your father?

My father's dead, mayli.

I better contact the base.

This isn't a question
of saving face, colonel,

but of preserving the peace,

and for the political
security of the world.

Anyway, your hero failed in his mission.

Yeah, had he succeeded,

you probably would have hidden the proof.

I see you don't understand

the real purpose of this mission.

There isn't much to understand.

All political reasons, nothing else.

You find no terrorists,
and the Russians are happy.

And while the politicalists
cover up for each other,

all those innocent people
murdered go unavenged.

Yes, a political maneuver,
the Ross mission.

What would you have done, colonel?

Bomb Moscow, invade vietham again?

Start world war III?

I wanna save Ross and his son.

This is double target, 4c2a.

Double target for mad bomber.

Come in, please.

That's Ross.

Ross, this is senator blaster.

Where the hell have you been?

Not on a picnic, that's for sure.

Maybe next time you'd like to
come along with me, senator.

Do your asthma some good.

You talk to him, colonel.

I won't waste my time.

Bob, this is colonel waters.

Give me your position,
and we'll come and get va.

Communicate coordinates,
American spy mission data.

Hello, communications spy mission data.

4c2a, double target.

You're thinking about your father?

Is that why you're sad?


If mine died, I wouldn't care.

In fact, I would be glad.

What are you saying?

Everyone who goes near him dies,

but he doesn't.

Why not?

I don't know him.

Why doesn't he go away”?

But he's doing all this
because he loves you.

My mother loved him too.

And she died because of it.

It's not fair.

He's sleeping.

Poor boy.

He's seen so much for one so young.

You're just a kid yourself, Mary.

What are you gonna do now?

Without my father, without any money,

the boat burned,

hunted by viethamese and Russians,

all in less than 12 hours.

I have no plans.

But why don't you
come to America with us?

You take me with you, why?

Well, jan likes ya.

But he doesn't like you.

That's right.

You know, it's true,

nobody gives you anything for nothin'.

Now, what does that mean?


I'm tired now, Bob.

Let's sleep on it.

We've got a long day tomorrow.




Mary, wake up.


What is it?

We got visitors.

Jan, hurry, soldiers.


Take the girl and the boy away.

They'll start coming again.

You must go to the other
side of the landing.

What about you?

You worry about your
son and the girl, not me.

My life and place are here.

Can you handle this?



Let's go.

We're gonna jump.

Are you crazy?

I don't wanna die.

I don't either.

Why did I have to run into you?


A perfect landing.


Hang on.

Is this what happens
to everybody you meet?

I wonder if we'll get
out of this alive, jan.

Get in.

These curves will soon stop, comrade.

Now, get on top of their heads.


Get in now.

They're like fish waiting.

Go right, go right.

Now, left left, little bit.

Drop the bomb.


You all right, Mary?

Give me that, jan.

You through playing the hero, American?

Read this.

Read this.

The people's call of this camp

condemns Robert Ross, American citizen,

to capital punishment for homicide, spying

and war crimes against
our people's Republic.

The sentence will be
carried out immediately.

On your knees!


Go on.

Go on.

You are one of us now.

Don't hesitate.

Let the world know who you are.

That is not a man,
that is not your father,

that is your enemy.

Shoot him.


[T's really quite simple.

You hold the gun,

you aim the pistol.


You squeeze the trigger.

The real execution is tomorrow.

Someone very important is
coming here to watch it.

Hey, americanas.

Tomorrow huh.

Listen, you two,

I want you to go to the other side

and wait for me there.


Aren't you coming with us?

I've got some unfinished
business to take care of.

Dad, be careful.

Go on.

You can't get out there.

This way!

Exterminate him.

Kill the American.

- Kill him.
- Yes, sir.

Get down.

Go down and check.



Cover me.


Get in.

Throw him out.

Throw him out your ass.


Will you cut that out?

Shut up.

Get out.




You all right?


Get in the chopper.

Hang on, you guys.

We're goin' home.

We're goin' home!

One, two two, one, calling mad bomber.

One, two two, one, calling mad bomber.

Do you read me?


Loud and clear, one, two two, one.

Emergency landing requested.

I got a wounded girl on board here.

Yeah, senator blaster,
mission accomplished.

I get my son, you get a bigger desk.

What else could we ask for?

You little wimpy ass,
little son of a bitch.

I get my son, you get a bigger desk.

What else could we ask for?

You little wimpy ass,
little son of a bitch.