Double Tap (1997) - full transcript

A master assassin who specializes in shooting his victims twice in the head, a "double tap", may not be everything he initially seems to be. An undercover officer ends up teaming up with him after she is not killed in one of his hits on a drug lord and after she determines he is an ex-officer out to kill only those who stand outside the law and are deserving of being murdered. Her investigations lead to dirty officers and uncertainty about whom she can trust.

- Damn.

The lawn hasn't looked this good in years.

You said a hundred bucks, right?

- That was the deal.

It's all there.

- You ain't one of them
Jehovah's witnesses, are you?

You know, you do a good deed,

then I have to listen to
that love Jesus book shit,

perhaps not?

- I promise, no preaching.

- Yeah, now I'll feel guilty.

That old thing ain't
even an electric mower.

- I prefer the standard,
you get a finer cut.

If I were you I'd really
think about reseeding.

It'll help get rid of the dandelions.

Those little suckers will kill
a lawn quicker than anything.

- You really take this
stuff seriously, don't you?

- I just got into town.

Mowing helps me relax.

- Really?

What line of work you in?

- Self-employed.

See you.

- Good luck.

- Miss Devries.

- Miss Devries.

Mr. Suk remarked that
you're more attractive

Mr. Suk remarked that
you're more attractive

than he expected.

- Really?

I thought he said he wanted to touch me.

- You speak Cantonese?

- Enough to get by.

Does Mr. Suk speak English?

- No.

- I don't think I'll shade
through third parties.

Good night, gentlemen.

- My sources tell me you have a talent

for cleaning large amounts of money.

- I guess you can say I'm
in the laundry business.

- Are you interested in
taking on any more contracts?

- Depends on how dirty, how much.

- One million a week in Hong Kong dollars.

- How do you slip all
that through customs?

- I import cars.

A Lexus is very large.

- You aware of my fee?

15% off the top, non-negotiable.

- I thought for this amount,
you'd be open for negotiation.

After all, I expect to
be your biggest client.

Man, a million a week.

- Mr. Suk, I apologize if your
sources led you to believe

that I am some charity
for wayward druglords.

But if you don't agree to my terms,

the only thing you'll be able to do

with your one million a
week is wipe your butt.

- I trust you will be that strong willed

when you're dealing with my money.

- Absolutely.

- You want to see how I make
all those Hong Kong dollars?

- Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

- You enjoying yourself?

- Actually, I'm having
the time of my life.

You also have the right to an attorney.

- Take off these stupid cuffs!

Do I have to?

- Was your cover blown?

- I'm clear.

- You sure?

- Positive.

- Yeah, well you look
like crap, agent Hanson.

- Well I hope you didn't
drag me all the way up here

to tell me that.

- Actually we were kinda curious to know

how you could screw up an 18 month

deep cover investiga...

- I didn't screw up!

- So what happened?

- This guy came out of nowhere.

- Can you ID him, Katherine?

- I didn't see his face.

You all hear that?

She didn't see his face.

- Look, I am on your side.

How the hell do you think I feel?

I just spent six months
trying to get close

to Fung Suk.

- The shooter left one of
these next to Fung Suk.

- Guy's got a sense of humor.

What's it mean?

- Means the China guy
was just out of luck,

that's what it means.

- And he's not the only one.

We believe the same killer's responsible

for over 50 confirmed kills.

- Who the hell is he?

- Obviously we don't know that, Katherine.

- And how do you know it's the same guy

and not a syndicate?

- Because syndicates kill cops.

They kill agents.

As far as we know, this
guy has never hit anybody

with a badge.

- Yeah, he's a regular neighborhood watch.

- And it's a real big neighborhood.

He likes to move around.

But his pattern stays the same.

He always nails the mark
with a double tap to the head

and he always leaves one of these.

- Must be a lot of three legged bunnies

running around out there?

- If this guy's MO is so unique,

how come the bureau
hasn't got wind of him?

- It has.

But up until tonight, he hasn't killed

anybody we cared about.

- It's my guess the
Mexicans are behind this.

Escobar must have brought this guy in.

- Brother, Triads forgot an
Escobar courier last week.

- Stake out Escobar.

See if the shooter comes to collect.

This is good.

Now she's giving orders.

Maybe this power trip's
gone just a little bit

to your head, what do you think?

That's not the only thing?

I'm getting a head rush
just looking at her.

- Mmhmm.

- Now you listen to me.

It's my butt on the line in there.

And I will do whatever it
takes to gain their trust.

'Cause if they sniff me
out even for one second,

I'm dead.

- Go stake out Escobar.

- Gladly.

- Sit down.

- Great, now I gotta go
watch some dope dealer

make my yearly salary before midnight.

- Look at me.

Look at me.

Look, I know being under's hard.

- Being under is easy.

Man, the hard part is realizing
that no matter what we do,

we are never gonna win.

- I know it seems that way.

You just remember who you are.

By the way, your car's
parked outside the theater.

- How the hell am I supposed to get there?

- Hey.

Hey, you a big girl.

I'm sure you'll figure that out.

You're lucky 'cause Burke
wants to have it impounded.

How am I supposed to get there?

What do you want, limousine?

- Munns, tell me about the
woman at the movie theater.

- Name's Katherine Devries.

She's a money launderer.

- Is she any good?

- Her rates aren't bad and
she hasn't burned anyone yet.

- I want you on her 24/7, all right?

- Understood.

- How's it going?

I'll trade you for the 10 inch, okay?

Who'd be stupid
enough to hit Johnny Escobar?

I mean this guy supplies
everything east of the river.

I mean this guy is the
Juan Valdez of cocaine.

- What's he doing?

Looks like a pig.

- This thing about the
spanish word for pregnant.

In Barasado, know, it
sounds like embarrassed.

And I'm thinking to myself,
right there.

Why be embarrassed to be pregnant?

What is the big damn deal to be pregnant?

It will be because I was pregnant.

- I can't see squat.

- Why the hell are we
parked here, Rodriguez?

- And then she had twins.

You get it? She had twins.

She'd be on ER.

Doctor Johnny.

Okay so we got 25 of these pigs, my ring.

And you're going to bring
out twins for me today.

You got to be very
careful because if you cut

into one little bag, just one,

I have to cut into you, okay?

So be sharp, homeboy, but be careful.

He's moving.

- Let's go, it's good.
- Let's move.

- What was that?

- Holy miss!

- What the hell you think
you doing, you stupid idiot?

Look what you did to my paint job,

you stupid son of a pig!

What are you, blind?

If you're gonna lay
there and moan making fun

then I'll give you
something to moan about!

- Move, move, damn ass!

- He's hit!

- Freeze!

Everybody stay where you are!

Where is he, where is he?

Rodriguez, what've you got?

- So he blew him away
right in front of you?

- Not exactly.

- Then how exactly?

- He came out of nowhere.

He popped the guy, we didn't
have a chance to eject.

That's enough!

Sounds like you messed up.

- You people haven't
realized we're in the middle

of an all out war here.

And somebody's trying to consolidate

by taking out every major
drug dealer in this city.

First the Chinaman gets blown away,

and now the Latino?

And I wanna know who it is!

- I went to the DEA photos.

I got the Triads meeting
with the Mexicans.

The Mexicans meeting with the Brothers.

Now dig, the Brothers
meeting with the Triads.

- Looks like the Brothers are
the only ones left standing.

- Good old Ulysses Jones.

- Maybe Ulysses lulled Fung
Suk and Escobar into a truce

and then took them out
while their guard was down.

- Or maybe he's the next one to go.

Either way, we gotta stake him out.

And this time, I wanna be there.

- Why is that?

- To make sure neither
one of us screws up.

- That's good.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go.

Come on, moron, do you hear me?

Yeah I heard you.

- Well then what the heck is the problem?

Let's go.

- You're the one who left a message.

I wanna know why you let the woman

walk out of the Chinaman's alive.

- You didn't hire me to kill a woman.

- No, no I didn't hire
you to kill a woman.

I hired you to kill Fung Suk and Escobar.

And anybody else who happened
to be having tea with them,

- I'm not looking for criticism.

- I'm critiquing, not criticizing.

There's a difference.

I mean hell, apart from the
woman you did a good job.

When's the next one coming?

- It's coming.

- It's coming.

Well, good because I like
the old sucker lying down

with a bullet in his brain.

- You seem to be enjoying yourself.

- I am.

And trust me Cipher, the world
will not miss these people.

- It wouldn't miss you either.

- Probably not.

I don't know if we can do
business together again though.

- Only if somebody hires me to kill you.

By the way, your driver's in the trunk.

I like that, baby.

- Baby.

- Yeah babe, this spotlight.

I am your last, my disciple.

Would I say?

Where's Rodriguez?

- Researching our hitman.

- Okay, give me the cliff notes.

- Well it's a penthouse across the street.

And Ulysses is home.

- Now, now I was nice to you and all.

Why don't you give me something to drink?

My heart be up in here.

Come on, set fire to that butt.

Get that thing up.

There you go.

One foot in front of the other.

Could not believe I'm missing

the playoffs for this.

- Does he know we're watching?

- Of course he does,
Katherine, we called him up

said scuse me you piece of dirt.

We think somebody's about to take you out.

- Now now stay focused.
- I guess that's a no.

I am focused.

What about security?

- Well there's bulletproof
glass on every window.

Steel doors, private elevator.

Nobody gets on that floor
unless Ulysses wants them to.

What you think a place
like that goes for?

- Something like about
8,000 dollars a month.

- Ooh, pleasus.

Hey, we got movement.

Sure do.

See who the hell that is.

Hey hey, what's up, girl?

What do we have here?


- Hold on, hold on.

Hey, look at you!

Yeah, we're looking at you.

- Baby you got that, I bet you got,

let me get my stuff.

You get ready, 'cause I might.


Put some blast here.

One, two.


Go, baby.


I am definitely
in the wrong business.

Boy, I
don't mind the overtime.

Ham, I don't know how
much of this I can take.

Look at her dance.

Please, Mary me, would
you look at that girl?

- Man those things ain't real.

They look good though.

- So much for staying focused.

- Five bucks says that's gravity.

Hanson, settle the bet, look at that.

It's the real deal, ain't it?

What you looking down there for?

They're up here.

- Who lives below Ulysses?

Who cares? Look at her hips.

Check it.

- Give me those binoculars, all right?

- Check the clipboard, you idiot.

- You're gonna let her
talk to me this way?

- Just do what she says.

- Sanchez, some guy named Sanchez.

- Is there any construction
going on in his apartment?

According to this, he doesn't.

It's a little
late for redecorating.

- He's in the building!


- You call Ulysses, tell him
we're coming down there now

and get the hell out!

Go get our friend
something to drink here.

Careful you don't burn yourself.

Now unbuckle my pants for me.

- Hello?


Baby, it's for you.

Shoot, baby,
tell them I'm busy right now.

This guy says he
nailed your sister last night

and he'd like to shake your hand.

- What?

What the heck you laughing about?

This ain't no damn joke.

Let me see what she doing in there.

Tell her to turn that music down.

And who the hell is this?


The line is busy.

Would you like me to try
an emergency breakthrough?

- Where'd this come from?

What in the hell?

- He's down.

Ulysses is down.


My god.



Come on, man, let's get out of here!


So you didn't
get a good look at him?

- No, not really.

It was too far away.

We had him.

- At least we know one thing.

- And what's that?

- Guy sure got nerves of steel, don't he?

He knew we were there, he
still took Ulysses out.

- We got to find someone who's
contacted this guy before.

- Good luck.

People hire this kind of the help

use the FBI as a doormat.

- That's not necessarily true, genius.

- Hey, Rodriguez.

Rough night at the library?

Hope you didn't straighten yourself

sipping them cappuccinos.

- Actually I was running some
patterns on our guy's hits.

And I found that he like to mix it up.

One week he does a 100,000 dollar hit.

Next he's nailing some freaking lowlife

that nobody paid five bucks
to take off the street.

- So he's an equal opportunity killer.

- Yeah, man.

Pornographers, drug dealers, gangbangers.

Man, you name it.

- You ain't got to spend
a night in a library

to figure out the guy's a
psycho who never misses.

- Well, guess again, Burke.

- What are you talking about?

- There's a guy up in Folsom

named Fischer, convicted scumbag.

Our hitman tried to take him out.

Thought that he did.

The guy lived.

He lived!

- Mr. Fischer.

- Who the hell are you?

- Your fairy godmother.

Fairy godmothers look like you,

I would've been deep in
love when I was five.

You're a free man, Fischer.

- What?

- You're a free man.

Walk out that door,
nobody's gonna stop you.

You're free.

- What's the catch?

No catch.

- If I'm a free man, why
don't you come over here

and kiss me?

- You're free, not dreaming.

- You're pretty funny for a broad.

Now what the hell's going on?

- If you play ball with me.

- Hey, there it is.

I've been waiting for that.

You haven't been here a minute

and a little word comes out of your mouth.

- What word?

- If.

Just two little letters and I hate it.

You know why?

Because it means I gotta
do something for you

and I don't do nothing for nobody.

I'm sorry, I'm selfish like that, okay?

All I care about is my own
personal gratification.

I don't give a flying leap who you are

and what you want.

You know what my favorite word is?


So I can forget about you.

I care about the only person
that really matters, me.

Get that stupid thing away from me!

- What's the matter,
it's a good luck charm.

- Man, what kind of game are you playing?

- Tell me about the man
who shot you, Fischer.

- I want out of here, now!

- You want out, you piece of scum?

I can have you back on the
street faster than you can blink.

Then you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna put your face on the front page

of every newspaper in the country.

That's right, I forgot.

This guy thinks he killed you, didn't he?

It's quite a deal you made with the DA

but what do you think
our friend's gonna do

when he finds out that he missed?

- Cypher's nobody's friend.

- That's his name, Cypher?

- Man, you gotta keep me locked up.

- Well, then you better keep talking.

And if you even think of messing with me

I'll drop you off at 8th and Grand

and ring the dinner bell.

- Okay, okay.

I hired Cypher to kill my wife.

The broad was bleeding me
dry, we never divorced.

So we arranged to meet at
someplace the middle of nowhere.

But the psycho started shooting at me.

- Did he tell you why?

- Yeah he said something about me

making the neighbor's daughter.

- And were you?

- Yeah, but so what?

Lucky for me I got this
metal plate in my head.

Nothing can get through that.

Never thought I'd say this but

god bless Granada.

- How'd you contact Cypher?

One of those wacko 900 numbers
like those sex chat lines.

Solicited as some national director

for guys to come to your
house and to kill bugs.

I guess he thinks he's the arche-man.

- Congratulations, Fischer.

Looks like you're gonna be
spending the rest of your life

inside after all.

- Great, if I click my
heels, will you disappear?

- I wanna get this guy.

I wanna get Cypher.

What makes you
think he's gonna talk?

- Well what makes you think he won't?

- We should set up a sting, all right?

We'll contract him to make the hit.

- Hey, hey hey, okay,
let's just all hold hands

and contact the living, that's stupid.

By the time we set up a sting

he's gonna be putting
rabbit's feet in Albequerque.

- I'm already in place.

Now which
one of us poor fools

gets to be the mark?

It ain't gonna be me.


- Are you freaking high?

- Hey look, man, we already got our man.

How can Cypher
resist the one that got away?

- Let's do it.

Leave a message.

If I'm interested I might call you back.

- I think we met at the
movies the other night.

I admired your work and wanted to know

if you could help me with a problem.

- How's our little money launderer?

- How's our little money launderer?

- She's careful.

- That means you lost her, right?

Only for a while.

- Do you have any idea how
delicate this situation is

or what's at stake?

I can't have anything wreck this project.

- It won't happen again.

- Look, your job is real simple.

You find out whether or not
the broad is a problem or not.

It's simple, you can do that, right?

Leave me a
message, I'll get back to you.

Be inside the Owl
barbershop at 4th and Devon,

one o'clock.

- You're a difficult man to meet.

- Just cautious.

- Why was I followed?

- Don't worry about that, he's my problem.

- I didn't realize pest control

was such a cutthroat business.

- You'd be surprised.

Why'd you call me?

- Because I need your help.

I wanna hire you to hit someone.

- I think you're confusing
me with somebody else.

I kill slugs, snails,
certain types of ants.

I also do light yard work.

- Well if you wanna play
games, I'll find someone else.

- Be my guest, I won't stop you.

- Look, I saw you take out Fung Suk.

I like the way you handled yourself.

That's why I called.

I'm running out of time
and I need the best.

I need you.

- Pests come in all shapes and sizes.

Show me one I haven't
seen and I might think

about helping you.

- I did some business with
some guy about a year ago.

The deal went south, he disappeared.

Now I found out the feds
have him in a safehouse.

He testifies against me,
I go away for 20 years.

Will you help me?

- No, not interested.

- Wait a minute.


The other night, why didn't you kill me?

- Turn around and go.

Don't look back.

- Daddy, where are you?

We need you here and we
don't know what to do.

Help us please.


- I'll meet you in the bar.

The Synanimous Hotel, 20 minutes.

- Keys.

Wait a minute.

Wait, wait ,don't.

- That guy dropped this.

Stop it!

Help me.

Stop it!

- Get out of here!

You know, in some countries,
when a man messes with a kid,

they cut his hand off.

I think that's barbaric, don't you?


Because I think it's real important we see

eye to eye on this.

- Sorry.

- Go home.

- It's bad.

The guy chasing Katherine,

his name's Gerald Munns.

He was Special Forces.

Get this, he died in Panama on 89.

- Yeah, well he sure ain't dead now.

- Yeah, well they call them ghosts.


They fake their deaths,
travel around the world

trying to sell their services
to the highest bidder.

- Yeah well I bet they don't come cheap

which means whoever's trying
to take over the drug market's

sparing no expenses, right?

- Triads, Mexicans and
gangbangers ain't enough?

Now we got to deal with mercenaries?

- This whole thing's turning to spit!

Page Hanson, page her right now.

- Do you mind if we take a walk?

- I'd rather not.

- You afraid of the dark?

- No.

- You afraid of me?

- You gonna take my job?

- Katherine, you really
gotta learn to relax.

- I need an answer.

- Why can't you find yourself
a hobby or something?

- I already have one.

Jigsaw puzzles.

I thought crosswords
were more your speed.

- I like having pieces in my
hand, fitting them together.

- Seems kind of boring.

You get the picture on
the box so you always know

how it's gonna turn out.

- Every puzzle's different.

Some pieces are an easy fit and some...

- I guess some don't
fall into place at all.

- Yeah, how about you?

- Actually I mow lawns.

- You're kidding.

- There's nothing like a freshly cut lawn.

Perfect line staring back at you,

every blade cut to the same length.

- But it always grows back.

- Yeah.

- You know, if you're not interested,

I can always contract someone else.

- Your mark is holed up
in a suburban neighborhood

guarded by three feds with police backup

no more than five minutes away.

It's a the end of a culdesac
which means there's one way in

one way out.

There are no mature trees for five blocks.

In fact, there's no cover of any kind.

So leaving aside the little
problem of quick penetration

and feasible escape, I'm sure
you can find some amateur

who can point and shoot.

- You do your homework.

- I have to.

I only take out people
nobody's gonna miss.

- Think anybody would miss me?

- I didn't pull the trigger, did I?

- Why do you do it?

- Why does anybody do anything?

- You gotta do this or my life is over.

- It's a funny thing
about life, Katherine.

Nobody gets out alive.

Payment will be in cash.

I'll call you to let you
know how I want it to go.

Look, if you don't want
me to do this thing

you better say so now because once I hit

the corner of the street
there'll be no turning back.

- Listen, Verbrand.

Munns's lost Cypher and
the girl, all right?

Now I know that son of
a pig is gonna come here

looking for me.

So you, you just bring him to
me when he gets here, okay?

And tell Sanchez to
get up here right away.

Sanchez is
in the trunk of a limo

where he belongs.

- What are you doing here?

- I came to settle our account.

- Yeah?

Well I think we need to talk first.

- I really don't think you and I

have anything to talk about.

- Yeah well I think we do.

Do you ever have one of those nightmares

where it's so scary that
your best option is to die?

- I don't have nightmares.

- You're lucky, you know.

But I do.

I do when two people

who have no other connection but me

are seen walking around together.

And that just sort of freaks
me out a little bit, Cypher.

- That has nothing to do with you.

- It's got everything to do with me.

You should have taken the girl
out when you had the chance.

But what is it?

Tell me, you get a little
whiff of the perfume?

- Don't you listen?

That has nothing to do with you.

Now you're gonna pay me
for services rendered

and I am gonna leave the building

just like Elvis, you understand?

- Yes.

I just need a little time
to get the money, all right?

- I don't think so, get it now.

- Can I get up?


- Yeah, bring me that suitcase
I prepared for Mr. Cypher.

Right away.

- It's coming, all right?

There it is.

- What, you're not gonna count it?

- I don't have to, do I?

So what
happened to you last night?

- Cypher wanted to meet.

So you go
sneaking out the window

like a 16 year old in heat
without telling anybody.

Gee dad, I didn't realize
I needed your permission.

You'll be happy to know he took the bait.

He's gonna hit Fischer.

- You met at the St. Andrews?

God damn it, Katherine.

It's tomorrows.

- Man slain in hotel room.


- So they played it down.

It was a bloodbath.

They found the man in the bathroom.

He'd been tortured.

- Doesn't sound like Cypher.


Then how do you explain
the double tap to the head?

How do you explain the rabbit's foot

stapled to the man's hand?

- Who's the mark?

- Just a pornographer.

Guy liked to videotape
himself hurting children.

- Doesn't sound like the
world's gonna miss him.

- In case you forgot, we don't
get to make those decisions.

What the hell's going on with you?

You look a mess.

- He's gonna make the hit, I know it.

He'll do it for me.

For you.

Cypher is a predator, Katherine.

The man doesn't give a damn about you.

He's no better than the people he kills.

In fact, I say he's worse.

Well at least
he's out there doing something.

And where does it end?

Do you shoot somebody because
they look at you funny?

You can't take the law
into your own hands.

You live that way, you die that way!

- Punish the guilty.

That's what Cypher does.

I admire him for that.

- Well.

Since you think Cypher's
doing such a bang up job,

why the hell are you working
so hard trying to catch him?

- I don't know.

- And what do you know?

Now go on, give me your best guess.

What do you think he's gonna do next?

- I think he's gonna try and make the hit.

- Yeah, well you better be right.

You wait for my page.

Don't leave that house until I page you.

- Now, in here we have the full kitchen.

Can you believe this?

Stainless steel double
sink with garbage disposal.

Automatic dishwasher and trash compactor.

Moroccan style tiles throughout.

Self-cleaning oven.

Shall we head into the den?

Now, check out this bay window.

- Don't listen to him.

These houses all prefab crap.

- Let's mosey on down to
the end of the driveway

to get the full effect.

By the way, did I tell you that it comes

with a bonus charcoal grill?

Here we are, it's all yours.

- All right.

Whoah! Party!

Get down!

What the hell?

That was east window, Ham.

- He's here!

Call for backup.

Put on a vest, Rodriguez.

- Still nothing.

- Come on Rodriguez, call for backup!

Still nothing.

- If you see him, take his legs out.

- I don't have him, I got nothing.

- Go call for help.

We have a gas main break.

- We're clear out back, how's the front?

- All we're missing are
midgets and elephants out here.

Still clear.

North side of the house is clear.

- Hold on.

We've got a gas truck.

- Can you see the driver?

- Waiting.

Still waiting.

Still okay, okay we got movement.

The driver's coming toward us.

He's a caucasian male.

30 years old, approximately
six foot, 180 pounds.

He fits the profile.

He's got a toolbox.

- Let's take him.

Shall we take him?

- Yes!

- Drop the box, get on
the ground, spread them.

Put your hands behind your back.

I said shut up!

- It's a police area, stay back.

- Is it him?

Grab his wallet, Rodriguez.

I didn't do anything.

Guys, you hear me?

I swear, check the truck.

There's an order in the truck.

- I need ID on A six six,
niner, niner, niner three five.

I'm getting a
little sick and tired of this.

An ID comes
back to a Scott Fowler.

He's with the gas company, 10-4.

- Check it again!

Get off of me!

- Shut up!

I'm up here, remember?

Hey, you hear me?

I'm getting a little
sick and tired of this.

That's a positive ID.

- Burke, it's the gas man!

I told you, you idiots.

- He works for the gas company, come on!

I'm gonna sue
you, you can count on it!

It ain't the guy.

You guys.

Rodriguez, where's Ham?

- He's not in the bedroom.

Check the bathroom.

- Try and look at me and I'll kill you.

- Okay.

What's going on?

Is he up there or what?

- Tell him he's on the can.

Tell him.

- He's taking a dump.

- Now tell him to go check out back.

- Hey, why don't you check out back?

Just did, Rodriguez.

- So why don't you do it again?

Why don't you shut up?

- Who set me up?

- Man, I'm just a grunt.

They don't tell me jack spit.

- Who was it?

- Look, man.

- Do not look at me!

Who set me up, who?

- It's a deep cover operation.

I don't know her name.

- The agent's a woman?

- You all right?

Talk to me smart man, you got your vest.

I don't believe this.

The guy pulls a Houdini in Mayberry.


- So what's up?

- I did some digging.

I found some inconsistencies
in this Devries woman's file.

- What, what are you talking
about, inconsistencies, what?

The kind the FBI make when
they're trying to plant

deep cover agent.

Her real name's Katherine Hanson.

She's been under for 18 months.

- You see that?

I know that broad set the Cypher up.

Okay, okay.

I gotta bring them there.

That's what I gotta do, I gotta pack.

With all due respect
sir, I can handle this.

You can handle it?

Yes sir, you
have to fly in Leer.

- Okay, you go handle it.

Then you go handle it.

- It says you should get out.

- Give me my clothes.

I think you mean
may I have my clothes please?

- Don't play with me.

- What's the matter?

You don't like being toyed with?

Get dressed.

Nice house.

Real peaceful.

I like that.

Your lawn needs mowing.

Why did you lie to me?


Wanna kill me, is that it?

- No.

You think I'm one
of them and you wanna kill me.

- No.

The only
difference between us is

that you've got a badge.

- That's not true.

- Then pull the damn
trigger and put us both

out of our misery.

- I've got to arrest you.

- Arresting me won't absolve you.

Pull the trigger, that's the only way!

- Only way to what?

- Pull it.

- Only way to what?

- Pull that damn trigger!

The only way to find
out if we're the same.


- Hey there.

I got a situation up here that's

gotten a little bit heavy.

I need your help, my friend.

Well, I brought a freelancer in of course.

Well let's just say he's had
a dramatic change of heart.

His name's Cypher, I don't know.

Maybe you've heard of him.

Yeah, believe me, I know he's good.

But you're better.

Just tell me you're available.

I'll be there tomorrow.

- Are you all right?

- I don't know.

I've never been shot before.

- Went right through.

Whenever I had to go to the dentist

my mother used to tell
me to close my eyes.

Think of something beautiful.

- Smart lady.

- There you go.

Who's Eve?

- Daddy, where are you?

Help us.

They're hurting mommy.

Please don't tell.

Please don't say anything.

We need you here and we
don't know what to do.

Help us please.

No! Mommy, get up!

Mommy, no!


Daddy, help us.

Mommy, please get up, mommy.

- That's Eve.

My daughter.

- What did she mean don't tell?

- I was a cop.

For two years I tracked
this gang of drug dealers.

Nights, weekends, you name it.

I finally got them.

One week before I was due to testify,

they kidnapped my wife and daughter.

Told me if I didn't shut up and walk away,

I'd never see them alive again.

I didn't testify.

They got off.

Two days later they dumped
her body on my doorstep.

She still had the lucky
rabbit's foot I gave her

around her neck.

This is the only reason I exist.

You better leave.

I have some business to finish.

- Who hired you?

- It doesn't matter.

- Well they tried to kill me.

I think I have a right to know.

- The people who hired
me are the same people

that's hired you.

- What?

- Nobody plays by the
rules anymore, Katherine.

Not even the people who made them up.

It's time to level the playing field.

- Let me help you.

- How long you've been paging her?

- Four hours.

- Forensics has been all over the house.

There's still no sign of her.

- Maybe she got out before they came.

- Yeah or maybe she had a little help.

Did you ever think she's
planning on not coming back?

- Look, she's got her problems.

But she's a great agent.

I mean she's solid.

I trained her myself.

- You know, with all due respect, man,

that don't mean jack spit.

You know when you get a taste
of that other side, bro,

do you know how hard it
is to go cold turkey?

- You did.

- Yeah well I had somebody help me.

- You're damn right you did.

When I first found you,

you were so far gone they used to say,

Ham, why do you deal with this young

crackhead cholo screwup

who'll kill you over 10 bucks?

But you know what I used to tell them?

I used to tell them
because I want somebody

who thinks like the enemy.

Somebody who

- Gets inside their minds, man.

- If you know the story, why the hell you

letting me tell it?

- 'Cause it always makes you feel so good.

- This whole thing starts to turn sour,

you and Burke, you distance yourself.

- No, forget that, man,
we in this together!

Rodriguez, listen!

- Don't play me like that!

- You cut the rope!

All right?

I didn't drag your head
all the way down here

out of the barrio for you to come here

and go down in the first round.

All right?

Now go, get out of here.

- Yeah, well.

And what the hell happens to you, man?

- I'm waiting for somebody.

- Why don't you just cut her loose, man?

Cut her loose!

- Just go.

- Thank god you're alive.

I've been paging you for hours.

- What happened?

- Well I got a call this morning.

They're bringing our
operation into the shade.

- Who's shutting us down?

- It doesn't matter, it's over our heads.

Come on, tell me.

State Department, Pentagon, CIA.

- I'm afraid that's a matter

of national security, Agent Hanson.

- Who the hell are you?

- This is Mr. Leer.

Mr. Leer's been sent to debrief you.

- Get lost.

- He came to help us out, Katherine.

- Help?

How are they gonna help us out?

By taking over our case?

- All we have to do is cooperate, okay?

We're on the same team here.

- Wake up, darling.

Wake up.

Take it easy.

Everything's cool.

You know, you and I haven't
been properly introduced.

You know I am a great
admirer of you Agent Hanson.

I've never been burned by the FBI before.

I mean the next thing you know,

I'm gonna have a bunch
of 13 year old boy scouts

coming here to gang up on me.

Why do I get
the feeling that's always been

a fantasy of yours?

- I don't know, why would
you get that feeling?

- Why am I still breathing?

- 'Cause I like the way you breathe.

And because we have a mutual friend

who's developed a
particular interest in you.

Where is Mr. Cypher?

- Why ask me?

Aren't you the one who hired him?

And you know if you're gonna
take over the drug world,

I think you should keep a
better eye on your people.

- Darling, I'm not taking
over the drug world.

I'm just,

reconstructing it.

Escobar, Ulysses, Fung
Suk, they were idiots.

Loudmouths that became too independent.

They brought too much attention.

And the people I work for,
they wanna keep a low profile.

They just wanna make money.

And they want a very low body count.

- Who are you?

- I'm a mouthpiece, a middleman.

I'm a nobody.

I'm a absolute nobody.

Who do you work for?

- Whoever happens to need
me most at any given time.

Let's say the Pentagon wants
to arm Chinese dissidents.

Then I'm in Shanghai sipping
tea over a crate of M16s.

Or if the Federal Reserve wants to fool

with the Argentinian economy,

I'm in Buenos Aires
floating counterfeit pesos.

That's what I do.

Why the hell do you care where I am?

Sounds like you
have great job satisfaction.

- Why the hell are you such a smart-aleck?

This is my home you're in.


Just tell me where your
boyfriend is, okay?

- I'm sure he's closer than you think.

- The guys aren't answering.

- You don't have a prayer.

- Tell you something, okay?

This used to be a convent.

And out of the goodness of my heart,

I allow the nuns to come
back here and hear them pray.

So this place is just
full of freaking prayer.

Your boyfriend doesn't have a prayer.

- Funny siphoning maggot.


I don't believe this.

- What is this place?

- Over here, Agent Hanson.

Guess you'd
better read me my rights.

Guess again.

Over here, Nash.

- Okay I hear you.

I hear you.

- How you doing?

I'm just admiring your lawn.

I know a lot about lawns.

You gotta care for them, nurture them.

You gotta keep them watered.

- Go on, shoot me!

Go on!

- I'll bet you water yours during the day.

Don't do that.

Moisture doesn't have a chance
to get down to the roots.

And they become weak and die.

You're still playing stupid games?

Okay, I'm gonna teach you a new game.

- It's a good idea to check

your sprinkler lines for impurities.

'Cause if the wrong thing hits your lawn,

it'll kill it quicker than anything.

You're crazy.

You're out of your freaking
mind, you're freaking wacko.

What the, this is gasoline!

- I'm going for help.

- I won't be here when you come back.

- You're not going anywhere.

- The world's not gonna
miss me, Katherine.

- Then you don't know the world very well.

What happens
when you get to the end

of the puzzle and the
last piece doesn't fit?


Pull it apart and start again.

- We're gonna need you to
ID the body, Katherine.

Brace yourself, it ain't pretty.

- Yeah, that's him, Cypher.

- That's justice.

- You don't know the
first thing about justice.

Katherine, I'll
see you later, right?