Double Suicide of Sonezaki (1978) - full transcript

A rich merchant gives his clerk an I.O.U. instead of wages. When the impoverished clerk presents the paper to the merchant at the agreed upon time asking for payment, the man flies into a rage and pretends he never wrote it and claims the clerk is trying to defraud him.

Produced by Kodosha Kimura Productions
and The japan Art Theater Guild

It is four o'clock.

Two hours to daybreak.

Tokubei - sama...

We must die before dawn.

Let's go to Sonezaki Forest and die!



Suicide was once only that of another.

It is ours now.

We are going to die for love.

They'll make us an example.

You are right.

Let's go.

Double Suicide of Sonezaki
- Sonezaki shinju -

Dojima Pleasure Quarters in Osaka

What happened?

A love suicide.

Okiku, the prostitute,
died with a servant.

He spent his master's money on her...

Then forced her to die with him.

They say lovers die for love.

But it's not true.

They die for money.

Suicides are common nowadays.

It is a great loss for her master.

It might happen to Tokubei,
your customer.

Is he still in bed?

Tokubei is honest and sincere.

He never makes trouble.

And you never take his money,
Ohatsu. Why?

Even if he is honest, he is poor.

You pay for him,
and you will go in debt.

You're pretty,
you can get rich customers.

Be wise... leave him.

You'll come to nothing
if you love him.

Tokubei is my customer.

Do not speak ill of him!

That girl killed herself.

And who can blame her?

A samurai commits harakiri...

when he can't live in shame.

A woman knows shame, too.

What is her pride?

It is to live with the man she loves.

If she can't live with him,
she dies with him.

That is a woman's pride!

She should be admired for
dying for love.

A woman's pride?

A woman, too, can't live in shame.

In a brothel men cheat
women to make love.

But you gave me your
heart - true love.

And I love you with
all my love.

I'll never let any other
woman have you.

I'll never leave you...

Even if I were to be damned for it.

Don't worry, Ohatsu.

I have my pride, too.

I'll never give up my love.
I'll redeem you.

I'll marry you.

You'll take over your
uncle's shop someday.

You could never marry a prostitute.

You're the woman I'll marry.
No one else!

Is that true?


Thank you, Tokubei - sama.

Tokubei - sama... I love you so.


I was happy when we first met.

I was glad to be in your arms.

But now I am sad.


I want to be your legal wife.

Even for a day...
even for a night...

I want to be called by your name.

The day will come when
I can marry you.

Just wait.

Yes. I'll be waiting.

When will you come back?

Tonight. After the shop has closed.

Let us part here.

Parting is grief.
I want to be with you.

I'm back, sir.

Welcome home.

Master, I'm back from Kyoto.

Welcome home.

The money?

I've collected all the bills.

Examine them.

That is not necessary.

Tokubei is an honest man.

He works hard and
makes no mistakes.

He will be a great merchant.
I trust him.

O-haru, come help me in the kitchen.

What do you think about O-haru?

O-haru is the mistress's niece.

She is kind and pretty.

My wife raised her.

She could make a good wife.

I'd like you to marry O-haru.

Marry O-haru?

I'm going to open a shop in Edo.

I want you and O-haru to have it.

You are my nephew.
I can trust you.

Edo? So far away from Osaka?!

Tokubei, make the
Edo shop prosper

I took care of you.

Now, you can repay me.

I'm very grateful to you,
sir, but...

I already have your
stepmother's approval.

I paid her two silver kan for it.

Two silver kan?

The sooner the better.

Get a wife and a shop
in the same time!

You are going to be a master!

Are you happy?

It is outrageous, sir!

Outrageous? Why?

You dealt with my stepmother secretly.

You can't force me to marry anyone!

I'm your uncle and master.

You dare disobey me?

You refuse such a proposition?

Yes, sir. I have to.

You mean O-haru is not good
enough for you?

She's your relative.
If I'd marry her...

I'd have to wait on her
like a servant.

That is shameful!

Even if my late father had wanted
me to - no.

You talk big.

But I know what is on your mind.

The rumor was right.

You love Ohatsu, the prostitute.

Did you tell her you'd marry her?

Yes, I did.

I see... You're that depraved.

You return evil for kindness.

All right. Give me back the silver.

Then leave my shop.

By the 7th of the month.

If you fail to return the money,

I'll kick you out of this town!

As a man, I can't live in shame.

I'll get the money from
my stepmother.

I'll leave too.

Thank you for having
taken care of me.

Stepmother, it is I, Tokubei.

What are these men doing here,

Give me the silver you
got from my uncle.


Because I refused to marry

Fool! Why did you refuse?

Few merchants can own their shops...

before they turn forty.

You're twenty-seven.

This is your luck.
Marry O-haru-sama.

What price a shop?

I'll not wreck my
whole life for it!

I'll not marry O-haru-sama!

Give me the silver!

What is wrong with O-haru-sama?

I do not like her.
That is all.

Where is the silver?

To get two silver kan...

a farmer has to work for ten years!

Ten years! Fortunately I have it.

Why should I give it back?

Without it, I'll be banished from Osaka.

Tokubei, I'm your stepmother.

I raised you. What did
you do for me?

This silver is your first gift.

Do you want to take it
away from me?

I'm asking you. Please
give me the money.

No. Once I got it, I'll never
let go of it.

Otherwise, one can't live
in this world.

You refuse?

Yes. I refuse!

If you want the money,
kill me first.

I'm your stepmother.

Would you kill me for
two silver kan?

If you would, try!

I know you're greedy,
but this is too much.

This is between
Tokubei and me.

Tokubei has always been
filial to you.

He often comes home to
tale care of you.

He is a good boy.

Why refuse his request?

Money is better. It means

You want to force him to
marry for money?

You want to sell him away?

I will not forgive you.

The entire village will
ostracize you

Do you still want the money?

Tokubei, you're a man.

Talk with me alone!

Don't be a coward!

We came on our own.
He didn’t ask us to.

If we desert you,
you'll be ruined.

You can't live alone, anyway,

You want to threaten
a helpless widow?

Make your choice.

Silver or death.

What is your choice?

Whoever choses death?

Now you understand.

Thank you very much!

Here it is.

The silver.

Two silver kan!

Take it!

We are through. We are strangers now.

Get out of here!

Stepmother forgive me.
Please be patient.

I can't give you this silver.

I will not see you again.

I wish you well. Goodbye.


I'm sorry to have troubled you.

Forgive me.

I appreciate your kindness.


Where were you?
I've been looking for you!

Kuheiji, what is the matter?

I'm in trouble.

I can't collect my bills,
and tomorrow...

I have two pay three silver kan!

If I fail, I'll be bankrupt.

I'll lose my shop.
I'll have to die.

That is terrible.

Tokubei, we're old friends.

We promised to become
big merchants.

Please, lend me three, no,
two silver kan!

Save my honor!

Please, Tokubei! Please!

If I lend it to you,
when will you return it?

On the third of next month.

I'm expecting payment that day.

You are the master's nephew.
Help me!

Are you sure?

As a man, I give you may word.

I'll never cheat you.

I'll give it back soon.

As a man, I must
save my friend.

Here are two silver kan for you.

Take them.

You'd lend me two silver kan?

That money is very important.

I must pay it by the seventh
of next month.

If you pay it on the 3rd,
you can use it.

Thank you. I'll never forget
your kindness.

Now I'll write a bond of debt for you.

Do not bother.

You have asked me for help.

So, I help you.

It's a promise between friends.

But a bond makes it surer!

I thought I had to die.
You saved my life.

Come to my shop. I'll write
a bond of debt.

Come on!


Tokubei, here is my bond of debt.

I've stamped my seal on it.
Take it.

All right. If you insist.

Give it back by the third
of next month!

If I lose that money,
I'll have to die.

You've saved my life.
How could I let you die?

Don't worry, Tokubei.

Thank you! Thank you!

The first rooster of the day.

It'll be light soon. Let's hurry.

The crows are cawing.

They're waiting to feed
on our bodies.

Let them. Our souls will
go to Heaven.

Let us seat ourselves
on the same lotus.

What if we go to Hell?

There are hills of needles
to cross.

We'll surely go to Heaven.

I visited Osaka's
thirty-three temples.

The benevolent Buddha
will watch over us.

Come, Tokubei-sama.

It's been seven days since we parted.

Why did Tokubei-sama stop coming?


Come down. I want to talk.

Answer me!

A rich man from Awa
is staying here.

He wants to redeem you and
take you home.

You're lucky. You agree,
of course?

No, I wouldn't like
to leave Osaka.

Only a few prostitutes
are that lucky!

You should be happy!

To be an old man's concubine? No!

What do you think you are?

You refuse other customers
for Tokubei.

You're deep in debt.

The rich man will clear your debt.

You'll live luxuriously.

What a good offer!

Only a fool refuses it.

I'll not live with a man
I don't like.

Haven't you still given
up on Tokubei?


I want to, but...

I can't.


If you insist, I have a plan.


I bought you from your parents.
I paid a lot.

I now want to be reimbursed.

I'll sell you away to a small town.

Good idea. Don't let her
have her own way.

Sell her away.

Will I have to leave Osaka
and Tokubei-sama?

Of course.

I cannot see him again?

If you have to leave Osaka...

Be a rich concubine, not a cheap whore.

You're no fool Ohatsu.

Forget Tokubei, and go to Awa.

We're saying this for your own good.

Make up your mind and
accept the rich man.

I want to see him and
talk to him.

You're convinced.

Put on your make-up
and do your hair.

As a prostitute, you should
be beautiful.

I understand.


Your patron is here.

I was dying to see you.
I couldn't wait.

Talk to him.

I'll bring saké and food.

Did you hear of my offer
to redeem you?

I'd pay anything to have
you near me.

I'm expecting a favorable reply.

Yes. It's an honour to be thought
of in this way by a patron.

Let me think about it and
I'll answer you.

Fine? When I come to Osaka again,
I'll bring the money for you.

I'll free you and take you to Awa.

I'm leaving Osaka tonight, until then,
let's drink and have fun.

I feel suffocated, staying in a
small room all day.

Let's visit the temples that are
so popular these days.

Visiting temples?

Going around to 33 temples
and praying to Buddha.

33 places?

We say 33 places, buy they're in
Osaka, so we'll be back by sunset.

Just think of it as visiting famous
places, to refresh our minds.

I see.

While we're playing, it'll be fun
to visit Buddha here and there.

Let's hire a carriage and
go gaily together!

Suddenly come up with
the idea of a temple tour...

What are you going to pray
to Buddha for?

Isn't it obvious that I'm going
to pray for happiness?

Ohatsu and I will live
together forever.

I'll pray for our health and
good fortune.

Carriers! I'll pay you well.
Go around quickly!

Please bring her home safely.

I will.

What's the first of those temples?

Daiyu at Temma.

To Daiyu at Temma. Hurry.

Do your best, bearers!

Quickly, Ohatsu!

Come on, come on!

Do not dawdle
or we will be late.

You have to hurry up
a little bit more!

I surely have to take my time to pray,
or my wish won't reach Kannon-sama

Kannon-sama, when I, Hatsu,
die, please would you...

take me to the heaven,
heaven, please.

Come on, Ohatsu!

Please be certain to guide me,

That is enough. Let's go.

To the next temple!

The teahouse at last!

We have visited thirty-three temples.

It is not easy to visit
so many places

Let's have sake and
take a short rest.

Hey, saké, bring me saké!

It is not easy at my age.

Give me a drink quickly.

This is the precincts
of Ikutama Shrine.

I would like to pray here, too.

Will you excuse me?

Shrines after temples.
What a pious woman!

Prostitutes are not free to go out.

I want to cleanse myself
whenever I can.

You may go.

I have some business
to attend to.

I will be late.

Deliver the goods alone.

Get paid and return
to the shop.

Tell the master
I will come home later.

Do not loiter downtown
on your way home.

What has brought you here?

I've been visiting
temples with my patron.

We came to rest at the teahouse.

Keep your hat on lest
they should see you.

You look tired.
You have changed.

You, too.

What cold fingers!

Because you stopped
coming to see me. Why?

Don't you care about me any more?

I have fallen ill from not seeing you.

It is not a lie.
Feel how many heart beats!

Do not blame me.

I've been suffering terribly these days.

What has happened? Tell me.

It would be of no use.

Do not ask me.

I want to know.
Please tell me.

You insist?


Alright ht.

My master wanted me
to marry his wife's niece.

And... did you agree?

How could I,
since I have you?

I refused.

I am glad.
I feel much better now.

But my stepmother had
accepted her dowry.

I got it back from her.

I must return it to my
master by the seventh.

After I collect my bills,
I will be free.

Tokubei, you did all this for me.

Thank you.

But I must quit the shop
and leave Osaka.

I may die on the road.

I might not be able
to see you again.

What should I do?

I cannot part from you!

You are going to quit
the shop for my sake.

I am both glad and sad.

Thank you.

Do not worry.
You did not commit any crime.

I will help you to stay in Osaka.

I am a man.
I do not want you to help me.

Whores like me cannot do much.

I'll be redeemed, or sold away.

I'll be forced to leave Osaka either way.

If the day comes when
we'll have to part...

One thing for us to do is
to die together.

Let us go to Heaven
and be married there.

Nobody can forbid our dying.

Rig ht, Tokubei?

Ohatsu, do you love me that much?

I visited the temples today...

To pray for our future happiness.

We will go to Heaven.

Do not worry.
We can die happily.

Thank you.

Will you die with me?

The seventh day of
the month is tomorrow.

Did you give the money
to your master?

Not yet.
That is another problem.

I lent it to Kuheiji.

He promised to return it...

By the third of this month.

He is notorious.
You made a risky deal.

He did not come on
the fourth or the fifth.

I went to his shop yesterday.
He was out.

I have been busy today
collecting my bills.

I will go and get the
money back tonight.

He wants to become a
great merchant, too.

He knows I need it.
He will not cheat me.

I hope so.

I can hear his voice. Good!

I will get the money back.

I feel fine.
You too, councilman?

Kuheiji, where are you going?

What do you want, Tokubei?

You did not pay what you owe me.

I want you to settle it
with me right now.

What is this?

These councilman watch over our city.

How dare you grab
my arm before them?

They will not overlook
your violence.


I have kept silent for
the sake of your honor.

I don't know what
you are talking about.

Tell me!

You promised to return my
silver by the third.

It is the sixth today.

Are you crazy, Tokubei?

I haven't borrowed any
money from you.

Are you looking for trouble?

Want to fig ht?

Alright ht!

You will be sorry.

Don't talk big.

You begged me,
so I lent you the money.

Have you forgotten?

I have the bond of debt you wrote.

With your seal on it.

Can you deny it?

MY Seal?

Let me see it.

Of course.
It will refresh your memory.

This is it. Read it!

You know Kuheiji's seal,

Do you still want to argue,
even after this?

Poor, Tokubei!

A merchant ought to be respectable.

Even if he starves,
he should not swindle.


What do you mean?

This seal is yours.

It was.
But I lost it last month.

I dropped my purse and
my seal on the road.

I searched everywhere,
but it was not found.

So I reported that I had lost it.

Isn't that right, councilman?

That is right, Tokubei.

I had already lost the seal.

How could I have used later?

I see.

You found it on the road
and used it.

You are trying to cheat me.


To forge a bond is a serious crime.

I could turn you over to the police, but...

You are my old friend.
I will forgive you.

You'd have better stolen.

Theft is much less serious.

You can never get any
money from this!

If you think you can, try.

What good is this?

You planned this from the start!

I regret I fell into your
trap so easily.

You must have prepared
for a lawsuit, too.

But that money is my life.

You cannot take it.

I must have it back.

I am a man.

I will challenge you to a duel.

Damn it, you servant!

I will teach you a lesson.

I will trample on you.

My patience has a limit.
Punish him.


Tokubei, does it hurt?
Cry! Scream!

Say something!

Please stop it!

I know Tokubei.
He never cheats.

Don't be so violent! Please!

Away! Or you will be hurt.

Let's throw him in the water.

Come on, walk!

On your feet!

Get to your feet!

Cheap swindler!

Stop it, please!

Get out of here!

Bring some sticks.

Are you sorry, Tokubei?

Not yet?

I'll beat you!

You swindler!

Councilmen, will you beat him?

Have you had enough, Tokubei?

He is Tokubei of the Hiranoya.

Rescue him!
Please stop them!

Too bad!

If Ohatsu gets hurt
I'll lose my money.

Get her in.

Go back to the Tammaya.


Wait! Sop! Please!

I can't leave him behind!

Damn, Kuheiji, I'll kill you!

Tokubei, let it be a lesson!

Are you thirsty?

You can drink!

Help me, councilman!

Have some water!

A lot!

We've taught Tokubei a lesson.
Let's go!

I've been beaten in public.

I'm ashamed of myself.

But it was not I who
caused the trouble.

I trusted my friend
and lent him money.

And now he calls me a swindler!

So I started the fig ht.

I regret I couldn't
bring him to justice.

They beat me and threw
me into the water.

I can't live in the such shame.

But without the money,
I can't live anyway

I wish I had killed
him when I could

I wanted to kill
him before I die

But this is the end.

I never cheated or swindled.

I'll show you the proof
of my honesty.

That will be my excuse.

I'm sorry I have troubled you.

Excuse me, everybody.

What is that?

The ghost of someone dead
on it's way home.

Someone who has died before us.

He'll guide us to the
world beyond.

Another ghost. It's a
sorrowful night.

I've never wanted to become
just a ghost.

I know want quickly
to become a ghost.

After we so become,
let's not get lost.

Let us not part.

Like those ghosts, let us
be always together.

What do you say, Tokubei?

The may soon find us.

Let us hurry to Sonezaki.

Yes. We'll die there.

Look, Ohatsu.

I've heard Tokubei has cheated and
has been punished

My customer told me Tokubei
has swindled someone.

I've heard he has forged
a bond of debt.

He was beaten, kicked
and left for dead.

Is it true?

Don't say anything
about Tokubei!

Any such talk about
him wounds me.

I wish I could die
at this very moment.

The master wants you all.

The master wants us?
Let's go.

Ohatsu, the master
wants to talk.

I feel sad.

I think I'll take a look
in the street.

Is this the Temmaya?

I want to see a girl
named Ohatsu.

It is I. May I have your name?

Are you Ohatsu?

The Ohatsu?

So it is you.

I'm Kyuemon, Tokubei's uncle.

Tokubei's uncle?

Even seeing you makes me angry.

How did you cheat that
honest man?

How did you deprave him?

He went out to collect
bills today, but...

He has not yet returned.

He must be staying here,
in this brothel.

Bring him.

I'll drag him home.
Do not hide him.

He has told me about
your offer to him.

I do not blame you
if you hate me.

I do not know how to apologize.

But I cannot give him up.

Please forgive me.

No. I will not.

He has wasted my money on you.

He has become a fool.

No. I don't love him for money.

I did not let him spend
any money here.

Do not blame me for that.

He has not come here today.
Believe me.

If you do not, search the house.

I will wait for him.

I must talk with him.

Ohatsu, is this a customer?

This is Kyuemon-sama,
Tokubei's uncle.

He is waiting for Tokubei.

Sir, our customers enter here.

To make room for them...

Wait in my room.

Show him in.

Please come in.

If you insist. But I won't
make love.

No prostitute, no money.

I understand, sir.

This way please.

Bring an ashtray.

I sent for you.
Why did you not come?

Tell me here.

It is about Tokubei.
I heard a rumour.

He was beaten by the oil dealer.

He said he could not
live in shame.

Did he say he'd die?


He might do anything.

Even a love suicide.

You are going to be redeemed.
Be careful.

If he comes,
do not let him in.

Understand, Ohatsu?

Your hair...

Your torn clothes...

Your bruised body...

Do not worry, Ohatsu.

They are not serious.
Just scratches.

People are talking about you.

I was worried.

I thought I was going insane.

As you know, Kuheiji
has cheated me.

He planned it well.

People now think I'm a bad man.

I have no way to prove
my innocence.

Kuheiji spread the rumours?

I have lost both my money
and my honour.

I cannot face people.

Ohatsu, I must die tonight.

I've made up my mind.

I will die tonight.

Really? You have decided to die?


Where are you?

Tokubei might come.

Come away.

You're in danger!

They believe the rumours.

They're trying to turn you away.

They might come to look after me.

Let me hide you.

Take off your hat and
get under my robe.

Be patient, Tokubei.

I want to be with you tonight.

I do not want to part from you.

Come to my room with me.

I will not leave you.
Let's go.

Where were you?

The master will scold you!

What if Tokubei comes?

Hello, girls!
You look lonely.

I'm going to be your customer.

Ohatsu, you'll sleep
with me tonight.

Good evening, Kuheiji.

Come in, councilman.

Bring ashtrays!

Good evening, Kuheiji-sama.

Bring sake.

I have had enough of saké.

I have something to tell you.

It's about Tokubei,
Ohatsu's customer.

He forged a bond of debt
using my seal.

He tried to swindle
money out of me.

He forged a bond?

He wanted money to keep
Ohatsu company.

But he could not cheat me.

I could see through his trick.

He was beaten up.
He lost face.

He will now have
to live in shame.

He'll not be able
to live in Osaka.

He's cunning. He will
come up with excuses.

He'll lie to you.
Don't listen to him.

Drive him away.

I understand.
I'll be careful.

He will be arrested and
executed soon.

He will be hanged. The
birds will do the rest.

He is a fool.

He's a disgrace to all
merchants in Osaka

He's a wretched, cowardly thief.

Kuheiji, Tokubei-sama has
been our customer.

Do not talk ill of him, please.

Omine, bring some food.


You were Tokubei's old friend.

How can you slander
him like this?

He was not my friend.

I would not befriend slanderers.

You'd better restrain
your tongue.

I've known him long enough.

He is honest and sincere.

He has lent money to someone.

But this someone has
cheated him.

He is not bad.


You mean I've cheated him?

This someone tried to make
love to me.

But I had Tokubei to love.

I refused him. So he
became angry.

He wanted both the
money and me.

And so he trapped Tokubei.

Are you blaming me?

I know you did it,
but there is no proof.

No way to prove it.

Tokubei must die after all.

But I want to know if
he's determined.

How will he die?

I thought so. Very well!

A long life means nothing to us.

Let death remove the shame.

He will die for his honour.

Do not be a fool.

Tokubei hasn't got the
courage to die.

He will either be hanged
or starve.

But do not worry.
You'll have me.

I'll take care of you.

What? You take care of me?

It is so kind of you
I could cry.

But if you make love to me,
I'll kill.

Why? Why kill me?

You have driven Tokubei
to the brink of death.

You're a despicable beast.

You're a coward who traps
the innocent.

Were I man, I'd tear
you to pieces.

I'd thus like to
revenge Tokubei

Is this the way to talk
to a customer?

I will kill you.

Try. Tokubei is the only
man I love.

I will not be redeemed to
become a concubine.

I will not be sold to a
country brothel.

If Tokubei dies,
I'll follow him.

He is determined to die anyway.

I will die with him.
We will die together.

Now, Kuheiji.
Try killing me.

Kill me.

But I'll not be easily killed.

I'll haunt and kill you.

Kill me, you scoundrel!

Interesting! I'll kill you then.

This is not a place to
talk about killing.

No violence, please!

She has started it;
she slandered me.

If I don't punish her.
I'll lose face.

I'll scold her. Go upstairs
and have fun.


Kuheiji-sama, I apologize
for her.

We paid a lot for her,
so don't hurt her.

Phase, Kuheiji-sama!

I'm a respectable merchant.

I can't refuse a humble request.

I'll be patient and forgive her.

Only for the master's sake.

Ochiyo, Okiku.
Show them the way.

Ohatsu is so stupid!

She loves that beggar and
refuses rich men.

Carrying so much money,
I can hardly go up.

It is so heavy,
I've lost my balance

How can you argue with
your customers

Even prostitutes have ears
and eyes.

We get angry sometimes.

Customers aren't always right.

You're impossible!

You said you'd die with
Tokubei. A lie?

Kuheiji denounced him.
I couldn't stand it.

So I tried to surprise him.
That's all.

The you agree going to Awa
with Ikariya?

Do you accept him?

That will determine the
course of my life.

Give me a little more time.

Decide quickly.

This quarrel is a bad sign.
Close the shop.

Turn off the lantern and
close the doors.

Ask our customers
to go to sleep.

Make sure the fire is out
in the kitchen.

Do not let the mice at the food.

Go to your room and
get some sleep.

This is hardly a good night.

I have caused you to suffer.
Forgive me.

I'm glad you said that
to Kuheiji.

I appreciate it.

Kuheiji is shameless.

I want to go and kill him.

He's a beast.
But if you killed him...

You'd be arrested as a murderer.

Them we'd have to
die separately.

What is our wish?

To die together like true lovers.

Right, Tokubei?

You're right.

I hate Kuheiji, but
I'll spare his life.

Let's die together
before daybreak!

I'll get ready.

I'll come back soon.
Please wait here.

If we die together,
I'll have no regrets.

I'll be waiting quietly.
Go get ready.

Master. Mistress.

I'll not see you again.


Everyone in the house,
I bid you farewell.



Master, I shall die without
clearing my debt...

Forgive me.

What is it?

What is the matter?

What was that noise?

The all-night light is out.

What are you doing? Get up!

Light the lantern!

Hurry, Otama!

What are you doing?

Wake up.
Open your eyes.

Strike the flint firmly.

Are you sleeping?

Can't you light it?

It is so dark I can't see well!

You're no good.
You're so clumsy!

You can't light it!

Such clumsiness!

Tokubei, I'm happy!

Now we can die together.

Master, it is lit!

Light the hanging lantern.

It is lit.

Why was it put out?
It must stay light all night!

The doors are open!

You forgot to close them.
How careless!

No, master. I did close them.

If you did, why are they open?
Don't lie!

But I did.


I'm from Kuheiji's shop.
Is he here?

He's staying here.

I'd like to see him.
It is urgent.

It's you, Ichibei!
What do yo want?

The Magistrate wanted
me to take your seal.

I took the one in your
brush case to him.

The one in the brush case?

This seal?

What did he say?

This seal was reported
to have been lost.

Why was it in the brush box?

I want Kuheiji's explanation.

Did he say that?

I've searched everywhere.
At last I've found you.

Look what you have done!

You've wrecked everything.

I've lost face.

As the seal was found,
Tokubei will know.

He'll take his money and
call me names.

What should I do?
What can I do?

I'll go home and find a way.

Stupid fool!


You can't go home.

Kyuemon! What are
you doing here?

What are you going to do?

I know what you did to
my innocent nephew.

I heard the rumours.
You can't go away.

Do not move or I'll cut
your throat!

What's wrong?

What are you doing?

Are they Kuheiji's companions?

Yes. They're councilman.

So they helped Kuheiji
beat Tokubei?

I'm amazed. You're supposed
to defend us.

Tokubeu forged a bond
using Kuheiji's seal.

We punished him.

Kuheiji had hidden it
in his brush case.

You said so.

If you lie, you'll die too.

The seal was in my master's
brush case.

Kuheiji has cheated and
swindled Tokubei.

He forged the bond.
I can't forgive him.

You're a disgrace to us,

I could give up the money.

But you've beaten
Tokubei in public.

That is unforgivable.

As a man of honour,
he can't live in shame.

No wonder he has disappeared.

I hate you.

Even If I kill, his wounds
won't heal.

I'll beat you to death for him.

I understand.

We're wrong.
Forgive us.

Kuheiji's Tokubei's enemy.
Punish me.

Watch him all night, so he
doesn't escape.

If you let him go,
I'll sue you too.

We are councilman.
Don't worry.

I'm proud too.

My trick is exposed.
I'll not escape.

Turn me over to the police.

Kyuemon, please forgive us.

We believed the rumour and
denounced Tokubei.

Poor Tokubei!

I was wrong.

He refused my offer.
So I turned him out.

I regret I did it.

He loves Ohatsu,
the prostitute.

I'll not force him to
marry my wife's niece.

I'll redeem Ohatsu and
let her marry him.

That is what I should do.
I was wrong.

I wish Ohatsu could hear that.

She'd be glad.

Otama, bring Ohatsu here.

We met this evening.

She'll make a good wife.

She will help Tokubei run
my Edo shop well.

Ohatsu is gone. She has left
this in her room.

This is Ohatsu's farewell.

Let me see it.

Ohatsu and Tokubei will
die together.

They might not be far yet.

Look for them!

I understand. I'll gather men.

Come with me!

Tokubei, do not die!

Do not die, Tokubei!

Die, everyone!
Go to Hell!

I'll take you all to
Hell with me!

How about this place?

Two pine-trees growing
from the same root.

We're two but our
hearts are united.

This is a good place to die!

You're right. Let's die here.

I thought we might be caught
and separated.

Even if that had happened,
you wouldn't have died alone.

I'd have cut my throat...
I've brought this razor.

But now we can die
together as we wished.

I'm glad.

I admire you.

You're quiet. We'll be
able to die calmly.

I do not want it to be thought
we struggled.

Let us tie ourselves to
these pine-trees.

So we'll not fail.

You're right.
Let us do so.

The obi is torn, but
we'll never split.


Love is the strongest
thing in the world.

Did you tie the obi firmly?

Yes. I've tied it firmly.

We must end like this.

It is terrible.

Do not be sorry. I'm
happy and content.

My parents died when
I was a little child.

My uncle raised me to
become a merchant.

I failed to reciprocate
his kindness.

Nor could I return his money.

Forgive me, Kyuemon-sama.

Father, Mother, we were parted
long ago.

Now, I'm coming to join you.

I envy you.

My parents are alive.
They are in this world.

I can't see them again.

When did you last see them?

Autumn, last year.

When they'll hear I'm dead
they'll be sad.

I'm sorry.

I'll say goodbye here.

If my voice reaches you...

Meet me in your dreams.

Dear mother...
Dear father...

I'll miss you.


No words can atone for my sins.

Forget everything for our love.

Now, Tokubei,
kill me quickly.


Be ready to die.

I can't kill you.

Tokubei, why hesitate?

Now is the last of our lives.

Even since we've met
for the first time...

I've loved you.

I have cherished your body.

How could I destroy it?

How could I stab you to death?

A samurai dies for pride.

I'll die for love,
and you for honour.

It is respectable.

I will not suffer.

Now thrust your sword
into my throat.

I know, Ohatsu.

I know, but...

Besides, if we die, we go to Heaven.

We have lived well,
and we die for love.

Buddha will not forsake us.

Let us go to Heaven.


Have you forgotten?

We want to become an
example for all lovers.

We'll go down in history...

We'll be remembered
through the ages.

You said that. Remember?

Yes, I remember.

A samurai carries two
swords as his pride.

In my heart I'm carrying
two swords.

The bells are striking six.

Day is breaking.

What if we're caught
before we die?

Ohatsu, forgive me. Die.

Thank you, Tokubei.

Tokubei, do not make me suffer.
Let me die easily.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

I'm glad.

I'm happy.

I will not be late.

I will follow you.

Let us die at the same time.

Your hands...

I will hold them.

We will go to Heaven
hand in hand.

To Heaven...



Kaji Meiko


HIDARI Sachiko

IGAWA Hisashi


Based on the play by

Directed by: