Double Play (2017) - full transcript

Poverty and wealth are two sides of the same coin in a high stakes game of dominoes, where the players confront their lust, desperation, rage, and remorse with deadly consequences.

[light music]

[wind whistling]

[man speaking Papiamento]
Good Day.

Baranka den laman.

The rock in the sea,

pounded by the waves
on its North Shore

yet unassuming and tranquil

on its southern beaches.

Bon Bini.

Welcome to the living paradox

that is Curaçao.


[insects chirping]

[waves crashing]

[plane droning]

- [woman] Stay with me.
- [crowd chattering]

[woman 2] Thank you.

[man] Uh-huh!

[lively tropical music]

[man] When you ask a Curacaoan
how he's doing,

he'll probably answer,
"Oh, mas o menos,"

"more or less,"
which really means,

"it's between the devil
and the deep blue sea."

[plane droning]


A colorful mix of ethnicities,
races, and religions,

proud to be a melting pot,

able to get along
with each other.

Some not.

[car horns honking]

The Kurasoleño is equal parts

Latin temperament,

African rhythm,

and European
entrepreneurial spirit.


[plane droning overhead]

[man speaking indistinctly]

[doors thud]

Bring me
to the San Marco Hotel.


[driver] Hey.

Want to make a stop
at Campo Alegre, shon?

A bunch of Colombians
came in yesterday,

and boy, they're looking good.

[men vocalizing over music]

[speaking native language]

[man] Poverty is disguised
with poetic labels.

Seru Fortuna.

Buena Vista.

Fleur de Marie.

Beautiful names
for the ugly result

of hundreds of years
of colonial rule.

Kurasoleños live life
the best way they can.

The motto being:

"If you must starve,
at least wear a silk shirt."


[men singing over music]

[music fades]

The San Marco Hotel.

You sure you want
to stay here?

A gentleman of your stature
stays more at the, uh,

the Hyatt or the Renaissance?

I am sorry.
I don't have guilders.

I would like for you to
drive me around the island.

If you're on time
and you don't ask questions,

I might consider
hiring you for the week.


Oh, sure, anytime, anytime.

I got some places to show you.

Uh, have you had
criollo food?

- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

- 8:00 a.m.
- 8:00 a.m.

[distant engine revving]

[funky bass music]


[engine turns over]

[indistinct chatter]


[man] Almost 40 years
have passed,

and it seems like
nothing has changed.

But then again,

nothing ever really changes,

does it?

I was just 11 years old.


[engine sputters off]

My father, Bubu Fiel,

was my hero.

He did anything
and everything he wanted,

whenever he wanted.


[man] My mother, Nora Fiel,

did not always agree with that.

[woman shouting]

Where were you?


Where were you?

You stink!

You smell like the cheap perfume
of a whore.

And you're drunk!

Where's the money?

Where's the mon...

Did you leave it in her pussy?

- I can't believe you!
- [mumbling indistinctly]

Why does my husband
love whores so much?

Where is it?

[Bubu] Hey, Nora, come on!

Easy with the car!
Come on.

- Where did the money go?
- [Bubu] Huh?

Did you make any money?

I... I waited all night
for this... this...

this Holland plane;
it never arrived, Nora.

Never arrived.

There are no Holland planes
on Saturday!

You fucked a whore at Campo!

You gave her all your money,
didn't you?

Didn't you?

We need money
for Ostrik's shoes!

[sobbing, shrieks]

[bird cawing]


[old Ostrik] Just up the road
was Manchi's Hill,

named after Manchi Sanantonio
from Willemstad.

He had built an enormous
eight-bedroom house there.

Some people said

he had spread himself
all over the hill.

[dog barking]

[man] It's not for you
to understand!

Just do as I say.

- [woman] Manchi, I'm just leaving...
- [Manchi] Whore!

I will not discuss
this with you!

When I tell you
bring me your shoes,

you will bring me your shoes!

You are crazy!

What do you want with them?

It's none of your business!

Bring me your shoes.

All of them.

[Old Ostrik] Solema was the wife
of Manchi Sanantonio.

Educated, proud,

and collected.


You women are useless!


Right on time.

Are you ready for church?

[melodic car horn playing]

[all] Bye!

instead of turning pages,

I've decided to let you
play today.

This is what you have to play.



Okay, off you go now.

[church bell ringing]

[engine sputtering]

[Old Ostrik] Before I knew it,

I was an accomplice
to infidelity.

[Nora] The terrible thing
about men is not so much

that they deceive us,
but they come to us

with childish lies afterwards.

And they don't just
cheat on you.

They try to
drive you crazy, too.

Then they even run off
with another woman.

- Mm-hmm.
- Like Bubu did,

when he ran off
with that whore to Aruba

for a whole year.

It's shameful.

- It's shameful.
- It's humiliating.

That airplane landed last night,
all right.


Right into that
Campo whore's crotch.

[all laugh]

[Nora] Excuse me, please.

Come here.

Go ahead.

[coins rattle, keys tapping]

Is Chamon there?

I am looking for Chamon.

[man] Chamon?
He's not here.

[insects chirping]

[distant men shouting]

[distant car honks]

[exhales deeply]

[driver] Are you married, shon?

I am.

For more than 40 years.


This is the wife,

and there's the children,

and the grandchildren.

What good is a man
without his family, eh?

You're not much
of a talker, are you?

Well, that's okay,
because I am.

My name is Coco.

That's short for Jacobo.

This whole island
has gone down the drain.

The makamba,
they come here, you know,

with their guilders
and their euros,

while the people of Curaçao
work hard to make ends meet.

Oh, wait, wait a minute.
Hold it.

I don't mean you.

You're not a makamba.

You're not even Dutch.

In fact...

you look more like
Kurasoleño to me.

Are you one of us?




[engine turns off]

[driver sighs]

A very famous taxi driver
lived here once.

A legend.

[faint, indistinct chatter]


[birds chirping]

[Old Ostrik]
Every Sunday afternoon,

my father played dominoes
with his friends.

The way they played dominoes
was a reflection

of the way
they lived their lives.

Chamon was a cautious man.

Being a foreigner,

that wasn't a bad idea.

Manchi considered the game
to be beneath him.

He wished he could
play bridge.

Like the makambas.

Ernesto was the strategist,

smarter than the others

and always one step
ahead of them.

My father played for fun,

because it was the only game
he knew well enough to win.

[yells victoriously]


Papa is king.

- Dad, Dad, Dad!
- Papa is king!

[whistles sharply] Nora!

Can we get some drinks?

[Old Ostrik] My mother, Nora,
had worked hard her whole life,

and still she looked great.

She was determined
that one day,

I would become a doctor.




What the last word?


- No.
- Yes, emancipation.


What is the first letter?

- E!
- Emancipation!

- Nope.
- [laughing] Okay, what is it?

Uh, E...

boogedy boop!

- [Old Ostrik] Vera, my sister...
- [both giggling]

Was by far my favorite.

She could always
make me laugh.

As for me?

I was convinced
there was more to life

than playing dominoes.

[car door thuds]

Hello, Vera.

You didn't say you were coming.

[laughs softly]

Hello, Mama.

[Vera] Mama...

It's Ostrik, your son.

It's Ostrik.

Did you bring your Holland plane
with you?

I really miss
that big Holland plane.

She has a habit of
wandering off by herself, but...

at least she's healthy.

I have to go.

I have another appointment,

but I will be back soon enough.

How long will you be staying
this time?

[bell ringing]

[children chattering]

No, no, you cannot attend class
without shoes, Ostrik.

[Nora] But he has exams
in two weeks.

No shoes, no exams.

No graduation.
Is that clear?

You've got more brains than all
the other kids in the class.

His brains are not
in his feet.

[teacher] It is a rule, ma'am.

End of discussion.

No shoes, no exam.


Who can tell me the answer
to the nearest decimal?

Just as an economic system,


[male teacher continues
indistinctly in distance]

So production, distribution,

and exchange all be owned
and regulated

by the community as a whole.


They threw Ostrik
out of school!

[Bubu] Ow!

[Nora] Come.

[clears throat]


[Bubu] Hey, Ostrik.

You know,
I was always glad

when I could skip class.


They won't let Ostrik
into school without shoes.

How do you expect your son
to become a doctor

when you fritter away the money
chasing whores?

Hey, come on.

Come on, eh?
Shut your trap.

You're getting too old for
this kind of foolishness, Bubu.

And when are you
going to get serious

about building the house?

Leave me alone, woman!

- Come on.
- Leave you alone?

If you don't start
building seriously,

you'll be behind
all your friends.

And you promised me you'd
plant me a tamarind tree.

I see no tamarind growing here.

I... you see?

I swear by Jose...
[continues indistinctly]

[drum music enters softly]

Ready, Ostrik?
Number one, number one.



[both laughing]

Three, two, one.

Hang on!

[both whooping, laughing]

Last one.

[both whooping, laughing]

[Old Ostrik] He was some kind
of taxi driver.

It gave him a zest for life,

which, the moment
he got out of his car,

became a dog-tiresome

[indistinct chatter]

Yes, my father had a hard life.

[young Ostrik] "Richard Nixon
has taken full responsibility

"for the Watergate scandal,

"but has denied
any personal involvement.

"In a speech broadcast
to the American people tonight,

"he vowed to get to the bottom
of the matter.

"He said, 'There will be no
whitewash at the White House.'"

- Bubu!
- Hey.

[both laughing]

Ay, it's been so long.

Mira, Bubu,
this is my friend, Martita.

- Mmm.
- She just arrived.

Yes, she did.

- [woman] Excuse me?
- [man] Hey!

Bubu, I haven't seen you
in ages.

I didn't disappoint you,
did I?

No, no, no, I am just tight
on money right now,

you know how it is.

Ay, Bubu,
those are just excuses.

Anyway, can you bring us
to Campo?

- Bubu, mira, por favor.
- Eh...

- Bubu, come on.
- Ah, get in.

[all giggle]

[Bubu] Mm!

- But...
- Come on, come on, come on.

- Come on.
- [sighs]

[Micha] Gracias.

[engine turns over]

[Bubu laughs]

[all laughing]

[car passing]

[soft, funky music]


Are you sure
you don't wanna...

come inside?

- Come on.
- [laughs] No.

- Why?
- No, no, no.

I really can't.
I can't.

hey, hey, come on.

Come on, this...
this trip is on me.

Ah, you're such a gent.

[Bubu] Mm.

I've never been the one
to write thank you notes.

What about you, Martita?


I mean,
it was nothing, really.

It was just a trip.

- Adios.
- Adios.

Have fun.

[man in white
shouting indistinctly]

...I just want the paint job
like you got!

[Old Ostrik]
Bartering was a common way

to keep the island
economy moving.

[Martita moaning]

Making real money
was a different matter.

[Bubu sighing]

[Nora] ...People looking at us.

I just want our house
to be, like, a nice home.

I'm... look up the hill.
Look at Manchi Sanantonio.

He's adding another building
onto his house.

- A maid's room.
- No, no.

Manchi's wife works.

Now, if you went out,
got a job, then...

Chamon Nicolas
hasn't got a wife,

and he's better off
than you are.

He's got houses.


How did you know
he has houses?

I don't know,
people say.

No, you... you... you sounded sure.

Did he... did he
tell you something?

- What are you implying, Bubu?
- Not implying.

You left me for a whole year

to be with that whore
from Aruba,

and you now are accusing me
of something?

Is that what you're doing?


I didn't think so.

[Old Ostrik] 25 years before,

Chamon Nicolas came
to Curaçao from Saba

and got a job
with the oil company.

He was fired for stealing
building supplies.

But with those supplies,
he built a house

in the slum district of
Valentijn and rented it out.

Then, he built a second house

and became
a small-scale capitalist.

You again?

- We already paid you.
- That was two months ago.

It's three, you owe me four.

Why don't you just fuck off,

You have to pay your rent
like everybody else.

There's no exceptions here.

I'm gonna tell you once more,
you dirty foreigner:

go crawl back into
your mother's pussy.

This house is my house.


Move it.

Hey, hey, hey.

Always working our asses off
and getting shit pay,

only so you foreigners
can come along to clean us out.




Hey, watch it!

What happened?



You don't have to be killed
just like that.

I don't care who you are.


I'm sending you back
to your mama's womb

right through her cunt.

[both grunt]

[man laughing]

[Old Ostrik] So this
small-scale capitalist

still preferred
to present himself

as very poor,
because he thought

it was most cautious.


[indistinct chatter,
chickens clucking]

[cars passing]


All right, all right.

- Oh, Mrs. Fiel.
- Nora, please.


Okay, Nora.

There's something
I can do for you?

Well, um...

I don't know how
to ask you this.

[laughs nervously]

Is everything okay?

Well... I need your help.


What is it?

First, you must promise me

that Bubu will never find out.


Okay, I promise you.

- I need 15 guilders.
- 15 guilders?


[Nora shushes]

Maybe I could come inside.

We can discuss it.

Come in.

[indistinct chatter continues]


[yelps softly]

Got to go.


[cashier] Here you go.

- Mmmm, mmm, mmm.
- A real meal.

[no audible dialogue]

[waves crashing]

Morning, Ostrik.

[distant piano playing]

Are you ready?

[piano grows louder]

[piano stops suddenly]

[stool clacks]

[piano music resumes]

[music fading, bird chirps]

[Manchi] I have a question.

[Ernesto] Ask.

[Manchi] It's more like
a dilemma.

[Chamon] You want an opinion?

[Manchi] Or a decision.

Or a verdict.

[Chamon] Okay.

Say you catch a man
sleeping with your wife.

Who do you shoot?

The man or your wife?

It depends who's on top.

I don't know.
Who you shoot?

Neither, because if you shoot
someone, you're a criminal.

But you shoot nobody,
you is a pussy.

This a story
about a white judge

and his wife,
who is also white.


You here, Ernesto,

you be the judge's wife.

[Bubu laughs]

Just for the sake
of the argument, hmm?

Let someone else be the woman...

- You, Bubu Fiel.
- Hmm?

You are the man my wife
is carrying on with.

Mm. Good.
Your wife.

That is, if you don't mind me
being the judge for a moment.

You always wanted
to be a judge, Manchi.

can you be the woman?

Okay, just get
to the point.

Now, don't forget,
the other man is a lawyer.

The incident takes place
on the beach.

Beach here?

[Manchi] Maybe here,
maybe some other...

Who cares?

Some time ago, I mean,

one evening,
the wife of the judge

goes down to the beach
to meet the lawyer.

[romantic music]

I find you, Bubu Fiel,
in flagrante delicto,

lying on top of my wife!


In "flagrante delicto,"
for those of you

who don't speak Latin,
means "red-handed."

Ooh, but hurry up now.

Otherwise I will come
before you finish.

[all laughing]

Yeah, Bubu,
you may be a strong man,

but you can't
do a thing to me.

Of course not, because
he's there on top of your wife.

Yes, I am too busy
fucking her.

[all laughing]

You can't, because I have
a revolver aimed at you.

[tense music]


So, the lawyer asked the judge,

"Can I get dressed?"

And the judge answers,

"You did not ask my permission
to get undressed,

did you?"

The point is,
as a judge,

I know how to use the law
to my advantage.

So, do I shoot
this young man?


Because if I shoot him,
I go to jail for murder.

And why should I do that?

I am the innocent party.

So the judge says,

"Do you understand
the law of property?"

The young lawyer doesn't
know how to answer.

The judge says,

"You are using my property.

"You must pay me compensation."

Or in a more common word,

So if all this husband
wants is money...

- Give him the money.
- [all chuckling]

Yes, Bubu,
that's how clever the judge is.

He now has established
that money is to be paid.

And by relentless logic,

the woman is a whore.

After a desperate search
through his trousers,

he finds five guilders.

Five guil...
it's not enough.

No, you cannot fuck a monkey
with hemorrhoids

for five guilders.


That's the point.

He will pay the price
for the filthiest whore.

A high class whore is,
uh, what, 60?

Man, I wish I could afford that.

Eh, some will do it
for nothing.

No, some will do it
for a lift to Campo.

- Who?
- Some.

And so the judge

makes the lawyer pay his wife.

And he makes his wife pay him.

Five guilders.

Takes the note,
puts it inside his wallet,

right behind a picture
of that slut.

And so,
to teach her a lesson,

he makes her pay him
five guilders

every Sunday before
they sit down to eat.

Eternal punishment.

[Chamon] A woman like that
will commit suicide

unless she leaves that man.

She won't leave him.

She's too frightened of scandal.

All kinds of things happen
in those high circles,

but nothing can ever leak out.


The wife of the judge,
she's a cultivated woman.

You know, someone
of Solema's caliber.

Is that the end of the story?

Can we play dominoes now?

Okay, so it's three to two,
to one to zero.


No, no, no, no, no,
it isn't, no.

- [Chamon] Yes, it is.
- No.

You have zero.

Chamon and Ernesto have one,

and I have three.

No, I just say I have two.

Bubu, tell him now.

I... I... I... don't know.

We have to find a better way
to keep score.

Where is Nora?
[clears throat]

[gulls squawking]


[bell ringing]

[ship droning]

[Old Ostrik] How long has
she been like that?

[Vera] It started
about seven years ago.

Forgetting names, words,

mixing up stuff.

Then three years ago,
it went downhill fast.

It always happens like that.

But with the money I sent you,

why didn't you get
the proper treatment?

Typical Ostrik.

Ah, who likes soup?

So why did you come
back here now, Ostrik?

Liza left me.

- I'm sorry.
- After 20 years...

she said she had
had enough of my schedule.

She also said...

she couldn't bear my
"inability to show emotion"

and she considered me
a control freak.

That coming
from a Dutch woman.


I think she resented the fact
I didn't want children.

I needed to get away.

So I came down here.

Do you check her cholesterol

[dishes clanking]

Yes, Ostrik.


Wait, wait, wait.

Salt is poison.

Who do you think you are?

We don't see you for
I don't know how many years,

and you show up
just like that?

No warning whatsoever.

And you have the nerve
to criticize

the way I take care of her?

Coming here, expecting pity!

Me, pity you?

You were the only one
she ever really cared about.

Her big hope of salvation.

Having a doctor for a son,

only to see him
flee to Holland

without a word of gratitude.

Did you ever thank her for all
the sacrifices she made for you?

- Sacrifices?
- Yes!

This, uh, this was a mistake.

I shouldn't have come back.

Go on!


- You selfish, arrogant...
- [car engine rumbles]

ungrateful coward!

What is wrong
with these people?

How in God's name
can they stand it?

There's no progress.

Nothing changes.
Nothing ever changes here.

Yes, but we have
our own Parliament.

The Dutch no longer rule us.

We have control
of our own resources.

Coco, you really believe
that will make any difference?

Look at them.

Do you think they really care?

[Coco] Ah, shon.

We do the very best
we can, huh?

We don't have much, but, uh...

we have the sun.

Which is free.



[Old Ostrik] Solema.

Considered the most beautiful
woman on the island.

She believed in Curaçao,
its people,

and the struggle to develop

a uniquely
Kurasoleñonan vision.

She thought she found that
in Manchi,

but she soon discovered
his dogged stubbornness

reflected his ignorance,
not idealism.

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

[Ernesto] Miss Solema.


You know I play dominoes
with your husband.


Yes, of course I know that.

And you know
that I admire...

we all admire you.

Very much.

What is it, Ernesto?

There is talk.

Well, who is talking?


All I want to say is,

if you ever need help for any
reason, you can count on me.

I don't understand.

What do you mean?

You know where to find me.

[playing piano]

[piano stops, restarts]

[piano stops]

That's very good, Ostrik.

Please continue practicing
the same measures.

I have to go now.

[engine turns off]


[distant dog barking]

[birds chirping]

[dog growling]



[waves crashing]

[wind chimes chiming]

Your leg.


It's a terrible mess.


I'll take care of it.

You said there was talk

at the domino game.

Who was talking?

I suspect that he is abusing you
in a terrible way.

Perhaps you made
a mistake once.

I don't even know why
I'm saying this.

I don't care.
It is not my business.

You know.

I only suspected Manchi
was trying to drive you mad.

I thought it unjust
that he would paint you...

As a whore?
[catches breath]

This is quite possibly
his only original thought.

He must be
extremely proud of it.

I see now.

Manchi is crazy,
and he wants to make you crazy.

That is why I came
to warn you.

No one has the right
to treat another person

the way Manchi does you.

Has he ever
done anything to you?

[Ernesto] No.

I just don't like the fact

that he thinks
he's always right.

When two people
cannot get along anymore,

the best solution is for them
to simply let each other go.

You're right.

It would have been better.

He thinks he's got
a hold on you,

but his hold is slipping,

isn't it?

I better go.

Let me say, I... I really like
the way you carry yourself.

Do you mean that?

Yes, I do.

Even after my mistake?

Anyone can make mistakes.

I was born out of wedlock,
myself, as they say.


Well, maybe I'll come visit you
from time to time.

Just to talk.

I have no one.

You know all my secrets.

You will always be welcome,

but please be careful.


[snoring softly]



[clears throat]

Chamon, I need ten guilders.

You know when you do it for
money, you ask for it before.

But when you do it for love,
you should wait till after.

It's for the children.

You know, you and me,

we have to stop.


Bubu is my friend.

I can't stand lying
to him anymore.

All Bubu does
is chase after whores.

He knows I know,

so he doesn't ask
any questions.

One day, he will notice...

and then...

[Nora] You weren't afraid
of him before.

How come you are now?

Have you become a coward,

little Chamon?

Me a coward?

I'm not afraid of anyone.

[Nora chuckles]

You are...

a strong man,


Stop, Nora...

Come on.

I'm warning you.

If you don't help me,

it will be all your fault.

[both chuckle]

Drink up.

[Chamon clears throat]

- Please.
- [giggles]

- Please, Nora.
- Hush.

[both moan softly]

[church bells ringing]


Off you go now.


[grunting softly]

[car approaching]


[waves crashing]

[dog barks]

[Solema giggles]

These are so beautiful.

Thank you.

They are not ready yet.

I like them.

Would you make one for me?


You could make a living
from this, you know?

Making tables.

Making furniture.

As a business?

It is not impossible.

That is what we need here.

Kurasoleños used to produce
all kinds of things,

then that damned refinery came

destroyed all our motivations
to produce for ourselves.

You should go into politics.


You could be our first
female prime minister!




This place has never felt
so complete.

It is still a bit incomplete.

[Solema moans softly]

I want you to stay.

Manchi is expecting me.

I mean permanently.


I'm married to Manchi.

Nothing is impossible.

You said so yourself.

- Yes, but...
- Why don't you just leave him?

Why can't we just
stay lovers?

If you don't come to me,
I will leave.

What do you mean?

I will go out to sea again.

You don't mean that...

do you?


[water pattering]

[shower handle creaks]

So you're going
to make me my soup?


Don't let it get...

What is wrong with you?

Aren't you forgetting something?

What do you mean?

You're forgetting my money.


I am not a whore.

Get me my money.

Or I will tell everyone
what you really are.

You can tell
whoever you like.

I used to admire you
so much, Manchi.

What happened to you?

I used to think that any man
who could build his own house

was capable of great things.

But this... this house
is all you are;

all you could ever be.

Something you copied
from a postcard.

Something you saw in a magaz...


Poor Manchi.

Is that the best you can do?

Are you going to
get me my money?



Put something on top of it
so it doesn't blow away.

[sips soup]

Excellent soup.

You might be worth
ten guilders now.

[tense music]

[wind whooshing]

[Old Ostrik]
That fateful final game

began like any other.




[both speaking native language]

[Bubu] Mm.



[speaking native language]


You're going somewhere?

Hey, Manchi.

Manchi, Manchi, Manchi...


[Ernesto] What is the deal
with the shoes?

[Manchi] Come up with a better
way to keep score here.

Hey, we will hang the shoes
in the tree to keep score.

Lose ten games with them,

get one shoe.

Hey, no, no, no.

Please, please, our guests
are drying out.

- All right.
- [laughs]

We'll take black.

[Chamon] Hey, hey.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- [Ernesto] Hey, Chamon!

- [Bubu] Chamon!
- [laughs]

- [banging on table]
- Mm.

[Chamon] What we doing
with the shoes?

[Old Ostrik]
Dominoes, like life,

is a game of chance.

It's how you play
that matters.

In the past,

there was a toll
on the floating bridge in town.

[dominoes rattling]

Everybody had to pay
to cross it.

Those without shoes
could cross for free.

To give a man shoes shows
that you are above him.

It's like
calling him a beggar.

So humiliation, then.

- [Manchi] Mm-hmm.
- Nice.

So, Manchi...

let's give our friends
some shoes, eh?

[Old Ostrik] Double-six opens.

It is a game
of cunning intuition.

One has to anticipate
the other players' moves.

Keeping track of stones played,

when they were played,

and who played them.

And, at the decisive moment...

- Ay!
- Forcing your opponent to pass.

Doubles, except the double-six,

are widely detested.

None more so
than the double-four;

evoking unpleasant associations

with the four candles
that burn beside the coffin.

It makes the player
who receives it often feel

that death is sounding him out.

[Bubu sighs]

[Chamon] Mm.

I need to talk to you.

Move your butt.

[Old Ostrik] The team
that reaches ten points

before the opposing team
reaches five

wins the right
to give the other team

a pair of "sapatu,"

or shoes.

Bubu, I heard the taxi drivers
want to form a union,

and that you will be elected
as the president.

- I heard it, too.
- Mm-hmm.

No, no.

I have enough problems
as it is.

So why is everybody saying that
you will be elected president?



[boat horn blaring]

[man] I can't believe it, man.

[overlapping chatter]

You cannot take all the people.

You can't take all the people.

[arguing continues]

- Let's go talk to Bubu.
- Yeah, let's go.

- Bubu!
- Let's go there.

Hey, Bubu,
can you believe this, man?

There should be a law
against these buses, man.

They're stealing
all of our customers.

Some of the guys
have been talking

about putting a union together.

What do you think, Bubu?

The union, Bubu.

- Putting the union together.
- Okay. Okay.


What are you looking at?


[bus horn honking]

Okay, okay, okay.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, stop, stop, stop...

Oh, of course!

[indistinct chatter]


[drivers chanting]
Yeah! Yeah!

Get him!
Get him, that's right.

- Let's do this, yeah!
- Hi.

Hey, Bubu.
This is my job, man.

Hey, you've been stealing
our customers for too long.

So now, you leave
or you face the consequences.

[all] Yeah!


It is good to have a union.

You sound like a communist.

I am not a communist,

but I ask you this:

who owns the buses?

Who owns the hotels?

and that is who?

Do you think they would let
a Kurasoleño run the refinery?

Could a Kurasoleño ever become
manager of the Hilton?

If he has ability
and application.

Come on now.

Either you don't want to see
or you're really stupid.

- Hey.
- This is modern slavery.

We, Black men, have to take
control of our destiny.

Hey, you and your Black power.

Negroes can't govern.

It's been proven often enough.

They're lazy

and have no sense
of responsibility.

Ernesto, please enough
of this foolishness.

Hey, it's a de-mo-cra-cy.

The best system there is.

Politics is always corrupt.

What it comes down to is this.

A young girl is brought
to a doctor unconscious.

Instead of reviving her,
which is his duty as a doctor,

he lifts up her skirt
and fucks her.

That is what our politicians
are doing to our people,

and they allow foreigners
to join the gangbang!

Only the people
can correct this.

But they have to be
educated politically

before there can be any question
of your de-mo-cra-cy.

You understand?


Our people have
to have education!

Education. Do you know what
happens if you keep on exploiting

people's ignorance
instead of educating them?

We'll have a revolution
on this island.

A real violent revolution...

[both] Just like in Cuba.

That sounds very familiar.

[clears throat]

No, we don't want
Communism here.


You know, in Cuba,

all the whores drive buses!

Or would you rather them
drive taxis?

Manchi, it's true.

There are no whores left!

Castro makes all of them
drive buses.

[Ernesto] Good for them.

We've got to start
loving this country more,

- and our women, especially.
- [snorts]

All the whores are now
bus drivers.

Imagine that.

Imagine this.

Sapatu number two.


I had threes.
You know I had threes.

You win some, you lose some.

[dice rattling]


[Bubu] Mm-mm!

I won one, just one,
but you lose every game.

[clears throat]

We haven't given them
one shoe yet.

[Bubu] Mm!

[speaking indistinctly]

This will wake us up.


What a woman, hm?

No, they're coming here today.

[Ernesto] Who?

The taxi drivers.

All of them?

Ya, ya, ya.

They're going to elect me
by acclamation.

Whatever that means.

"By acclamation" means
there's no need to vote.

They just say "Bubu Fiel"!

"Bubu Fiel"!
"Bubu Fiel"!


- For president?
- Yeah.

And you thought you married
an idiot, hm?

Do you want to know the words
from the sermon this morning?

[Bubu] Mm.

"I asked for bread,

"and you have given me
a stone."



[sighs deeply]

If I am elected president,

these meetings, they'd be held
here in my house.

Nora and I,
we always say,

no one can visit the house
without a drink.

[wind whooshing]

Where will I get the money
for that?

[Old Ostrik] Sometimes,
it was all too much for her.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

- [Ostrik] Oh!
- [both laugh]

[Bubu] Ah!




What's wrong, huh?


It's just... sometimes,
I don't know how we'll survive.


We don't have any money, Bubu.

We never have money.

I don't know how
I can feed the children.

Ostrik can't go to school.



We still don't have
a real toilet.

Sometimes, it just...

it feels so hopeless.

Listen, listen, mm... listen.

Listen, everything will be
all right, dushi.

- [groans]
- Mm, listen.


I will fix it.

I promise.

- [sobs]
- Hm?

I promise.

What did you eat today?

- Nothing.
- Nothing?


That is why you feel bad,
my dushi.


[thunder rumbling]

I know how to make you
feel better, mi dushi.

And, after that...

after that,
we'll make you a meal.

[thunder rumbling]

[rain pattering]

[Nora moans softly]

[Nora singing
in native language]




[rain pattering]


- [giggling]
- Bubu!

- Don't go.
- I have to go.

No, I want more.

More, more, more, more.

- [both laughing]
- [Bubu whistles sharply]

Ostrik, do you want
to come with me

- win the jackpot?
- Yeah!

- Yeah? Yeah?
- [both chuckle]

Say good-bye to your mama.

- Mi dushi, bye.
- Bye.

[Bubu] Mm-hmm.

Get in, get in, get in, get in.

Don't look.

[both giggle]

I'll fix this.
I promise, okay?

Trust me.

Trust me.


[Old Ostrik] My father was very
aware of his shortcomings

and always expected
that moment of redemption

to magically appear.

[engine revving]

All he needed was
one of his lucky days.


[man] Don't forget,
the ship sails at dusk.

Are you sure you don't want
to come with us

to buy some new shirts?

Yeah, I would love
to spend my days shopping.

No, I'm just kidding.

Um, tell you what,
you have fun.

She gets anything she wants,
anything she points at.

Be good, okay?

I just wanna... I just wanna
to check out the island.

- [woman] Okay.
- Okay?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Where to, sir?

I, uh...

I heard you have
a very famous, uh,

entertainment center.

- Campo Alegre.
- Yes. That's it.


No, if I may say so,

you cannot leave the island
without visiting Campo

at least one time.

- So I've heard.
- [laughs]

Not that I would know,

but the girls are wonderful.

Ay, the Dominicans, Venezuelans,


Only foreign girls
are allowed.

They don't just hire anybody
there, no, no.

Plus, they check them
every week,

so no...
[whispers] Funky diseases.




[indistinct chatter]


Okay, look it.
I don't have much time.

Ship's gonna leave in one hour.

Twenty bucks.

There's another twenty
in it for you

if you are waiting for me
when I come out.

- Okay.
- Okay, don't go anywhere.

You're the boss.
You're the boss.


[man] Hello.


- [door creaks]
- [Bubu grunts]

Chairman Bubu!

[both chuckle]

Uh-uh-uh-uh, no,
I'm not chairman.

- I have enough troubles.
- Yeah, you are. - No!

Chairman, why you saying
you're not chairman?

You are here with us,
the people.


Yeah, our current chairman keeps
to the Southwest side

of the island at the big
Hilton hotel there.

Our Bubu is here.
Our Bubu.

- Abajo los Yanquis!
- Nixon go home!

[indistinct chatter]


- Ah, ah?
- Ah.

Hey, hey.
Hey, Bubu.

Think about it.
Think about it.

- [laughs]
- [man speaks indistinctly]


[approaching footsteps]


[both laugh]

What are you doing out here?

Why don't you come in?

No, no, you know.
I can't.

Ay, Bubu,
but it's a special day.

- Mm.
- It's my birthday.

Is it?

Hey, Ostrik, it's...

That's wonderful.

It's wonderful.
Congratulations, but really, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
I can't. Not today.

Can't you just come in
for a little while?

- Mm...
- Come on, it's my birthday,

and you're my best friend.

I can't.
I can't.

Por favor, please.

I ca... eh...


Come on.

It's one drink, Micha.

Okay, okay.

[both laugh]

All right.


Okay, so you...

I want you to go,

go and you get some ice cream.


Take... and don't tell mama.

Today's my lucky day.



[upbeat music playing]

[Bubu laughs]

Nines, Jacks, full house...

- [woman laughs]
- [Bubu speaks indistinctly]


Bubu, full, Queens and tens.


Sixes, man.

All mine, all mine.

[indistinct chatter]

I want everybody out.

- Get out!
- What's wrong, Micha?

- There's no respect here.
- Come on.

- Get out.
- Ay!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You stay.


My American is waiting.

I don't care.

This is my party,

and I want your company.


Why so sad?

This is your birthday.

- It's not.
- But you said...

It's my daughter's birthday.

She's eight now.

[Bubu] Mm.

[Micha sobbing]

Come, come, come, come.
Shh, shh, shh.

[Micha] I miss her so much.

[Micha breathing heavily]


[horn honks, blares]

[both moaning, horn continues]

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
That's my taxi.

- No! No!
- It's right there.

- No, no.
- [both moaning]

[indistinct chatter in distance]

[engine turns over]

[tires squealing]

[people shouting indistinctly]


[Micha yelping]

[Bubu grunting]

- [screams]
- Hey!

What the...?
What are you doing here?

[car horn blaring,
tires screeching]

Please, stop!

Go back!
Go back!


[indistinct chatter]

- Go, go, go, go!
- Come on, come on.

[man] Bubu's car!

[speaking native language]

Ay, papi!

[car horn honking]

It's your damn father's fault
we're in this mess.

Look at this guy.

Please stop, stop!


[American] Hold on.



[both moaning]

- [horns honking]
- [Ostrik shrieking]

[tires screeching]

[both screaming]

[both moaning]

- [Bubu groans]
- [Micha laughs]


[tires screech]

Uh, guys,
please do not call the police.

I didn't actually mean to do
anything wrong.

I've got to get to that ship,

because my wife will kill me.

[ship horn blaring]

Do any of you have wives?

[both laughing]

Your dushi.

Your dushi's magic.

My first husband
used to tell me that.

- Mm.
- He loved my chocha.


Your first husband?

What happened to him?

He was murdered by Trujillo.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Micha.

That was a long time ago.

Another life.

[loud banging]

Ay, what is it?

[man] Urgent phone call
for Bubu Fiel!


Wait, wait, wait a minute.

What, what...

Well, what does he look like?

[slams hand on table]


[waves crashing]

[ship horn blaring]

♪ I got you ♪



[indistinct chatter]

Come on, Bubu.

- [man] Talk to him, Bubu.
- [man 2] You're the man, Bubu.

I'm going to give

my friend here
a special price.

- No, no!
- Make him pay!

- Make him pay!
- Make him pay!

Car damages...

100 guilders.

[all cheering]

Hours lost by my colleagues...

[all cheering]

And for the kidnapping
of my beloved son...

[all cheering]

Oh, my baby.

500 guilders to share.

And for the union...

[all] The union!
The union!

The union... as a donation...

1,000 guilders!

[all cheering]

[all chanting]
Pay, pay, pay, pay, pay!

[all chanting]
Bubu, Bubu, Bubu, Bubu!


- You have to be 18, kid.
- Bubu, Bubu, Bubu, Bubu!


[all yelling, cheering]

[Old Ostrik] They thought they were
getting back at their oppressors,


They finally have the money
to start a union,

and what do they do?



[music fading]

[waves crashing, birds cawing]



[chickens clucking]

Mm, hey, you're going to be
a doctor some day.

I promise you.

I promise you,
you're not...

you're not going to be a...

a taxi driver bum like me.

No, no, no.

Hm? It's like your mama
always says.

Come, mm.

[Old Ostrik] Of course,
I forgave him.

How can you not love a man
for having fun?

Where are we going?

The hotel is the other way.

[Coco] If you don't mind, shon,

I have a place for you to go.

Coco, I'm not in the mood.

I insist.


[indistinct chatter]



Uh, Ostrik.
Please call me Ostrik.

Shon Ostrik.


Shon, meet Solaica.

[speaking foreign language]

Mucho gusto.

- And when I come back...
- Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna have
a dance with you.

- Is she, uh...
- Yes, she is.

That is my bi-side.

- Bi-side?
- Bi-side.

Is that mistress?

Everybody has a bi-side.

Even the women?

Why do you need a bi-side?

What about your wife?

How do you think we've been
married for so many years?

Shon, if you eat
chocolate ice cream every day,

what do you think will happen?

You become sick
of chocolate ice cream.


You have to make a switch.

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate.

[speaking native language]

I love my wife very much,
and she loves me.

I provide for her,

so she asks me
no questions, huh?

She is number one.

But never let two women think
that they're number one.

That could prove fatal.



She has a high pussy.


I am a doctor.

What, exactly,
does that mean?


Hey, Fernando.

Give this man another beer.

- He needs it.
- [chuckles]



[singing in native language]

[scattered cheering]

[singing re-enters]

[thunder cracks]

[thunder rumbling]

[rain pattering softly]


[music fading, continues softly]

[indistinct chatter]

[music fading back in]

[singer] Hey!

[music ends]

[soft acoustic music]

The chicken.

Two chicken pastechis.

[man, in distance] There he is,
over there.

Alexi, ah!

Thank you.





- Remember?
- [both chuckling]

Do you know where
I can find this man?

Oh, yeah.

In fact,
we passed him early on,

at the snek
where we had pastechis.

What do you want him for?

Just take me to him.

[distant dog barking]

[birds chirping]

[animals clucking]


[Bubu] Hey, hey!

What's wrong with you, woman?

You... you cannot knock Chamon

off his chair like that.

What's wrong with you?

Man, it was nothing.
Scarcely noticed.

That... that is crazy.
That is...

that is really crazy.

My wife almost knocks
you off your chair.

You say "it's nothing"?

It happens.

Nora is always
very careful with us.

Were you feeling up my wife?

[Ernesto laughs]
"Feeling up."

I haven't heard that
in a long time.

Man, I used to remember
when you used to sit next

to the girls on the bus.

You let your hand
just rest so on her thigh,

and you'd wait...
nice and innocent.

- [Ernesto laughs]
- And if she moved the leg away,

you end up just staring up
at the empty air.

But if she moved it just so,

your finger get closer
and closer and...

[Manchi] Hey!

Are we here to play a game

or to behave like
horny teenagers?

So you never feel up the girls,
friend Manchi?

Of course, I did.

As a boy.

But I am a man,
and so are you.

[tapping game pieces]


I'm talking to you.

- Were you feeling up my wife?
- Bubu!

[Chamon] Don't be a damn fool.

You're imagining things.

You think I'm a blind man?

Don't you?
Heh, don't you?

Oh, come on, let's play.

Tell me, Manchi,
what would you do

if someone...

felt up Solema?

Only animals feel up
other men's wives.

[both chuckle]

Can we play now?

[Bubu sighs]

And you, Chamon, play, hm?



[Chamon chuckling]

[Old Ostrik]
"Changa," or "double play,"

is when one is in a position
to place his last domino

at either end of the snake.

It gives that team
double points.

[Nora] All right, all right.

You can help yourselves.

I'm going out.

I don't even know how you can
sit here all day

and never even go
to the toilet.

[Bubu] Where you going?

I have to give my condolences.

Who died?

A woman from church.

[Bubu] Pshh.

That woman is crazy.

Play now, Manchi.

Hey, don't badger him.

Let the man take his time.

He has both the doubles.

He have a double-one
and a double-three.

I don't know why it's taking him
so long to think.

So this is
the corpus deliciti?

Stop joking around, Manchi.
Come on.

The sentence must always

be carefully prepared.

There's nothing to prepare.

Get rid of one
of your double pieces, this...

[tapping game pieces]



Here we go again, eh?

- Good play.
- No, that was excellent play.

[Ernesto] You're right.
I admit it.

It is a game worthy of me.

[Chamon] Oh, so you can hang
the shoes this time.

You know,
I've done it so much, man,

my arm is stiff.


Once, I thought the double-six
looked like a bride.

And now, it looks
more like a midwife.



All eyes.

You are saying
the strangest things

this afternoon, Manchi,
the strangest things.

[Manchi] The eyes
of the public here

are simply driving me crazy,
Mr. Prosecutor.

[Chamon] You know, no one
needs to go crazy here.

We're just...

We're just playing
dominoes, no?

Crazy isn't the right word, mm.

They're just so pushy.

Those eyes...


Man, I think this,
uh, defeat

is getting to you bit, eh?

Ah, Bubu, we cannot lose

because there's nothing to lose.

And don't forget...

it's only a game
of dominoes, eh?

[tense music]

[Old Ostrik] Ernesto realized
that the revenge he wanted

to take on Manchi
was succeeding.

[all tapping game pieces]



- [pieces rattle]
- [laughter]

[Old Ostrik] He could well
have murdered the guy,

but this was much better.

You all heard my wife;
she just said

that she was going to give
someone her condolences.

Now look, look... hey.

Now she's going
into Manchi's house.

She never does that.

She has been acting strange
all day.

All day.

Nora, tell me what's wrong.

It's Ostrik.

He needs shoes for school.

Well, how much do you need?

Five guilders.

Only five guilders?

One moment.

I'll get it back to you as soon
as I get some money from Bubu.

Oh, I... I filled the car
this morning.

I'm sorry.

I'll have the money
for you tomorrow.


- I should not have come.
- Oh!

God sent you.


Here, Nora.


Thank you, Nora.

Thank you.
Thank you.

[speaking native language]


[distant indistinct chatter]



It's a bloodbath.

The worst beating
in domino history.

- Are they still losing?
- Yeah!

All this because Bubu spent
the whole night in Campo.

That's a lie, you idiot!

Can't start the union meeting
until the game is over.

But how can we elect a loser?

How dare you!

Bubu Fiel is not a loser.

I am the wife of Bubu Fiel.

Welcome to our home.

Who would like a drink?

[all cheer]


[music fades out]


I hope you know
what you're doing.

Ask yourself,
is it worth it?

You want something?

I want to play dominoes.

Dominoes is a very
dangerous game.

And I don't play anymore.

I don't play either.

But I think you will
want to play me.

[slams pieces]

You know, it's ridiculous
to play with two people.

[Old Ostrik]
This is a special game.

Different rules apply.


[clears throat]

[soft, tense music]

So, what is it you want?

[Bubu] Mm!


I believe, um,
you're Bubu Fiel?

Yeah...[clears throat]...
but don't disturb me right now.

I am... I am busy.

- Okay, Charles Samuel.
- Mm-hmm.

I came to cover
the union meeting,

but this is even better.

This must be the first nine-love

in the history of Curaçao.

- Uh-huh.
- Are you going to forfeit?

No, no, no, no, no.

We always finish the game.

- We're fighting back, eh, Manchi?
- Uh-huh.

And what are you going to do
when you become

president of the union?


Oh, uh...


we need, uh, a revolution.

- A revolution?
- Yeah.

This island is, um, is corrupt.

The politicians
are screwing us.

They're inviting
the foreigners to be in on it.

So we, you know,
the people,

will not take it any longer.


And what are you going
to do about it?


the... the prices.

Prices... the prices are...
are high.

They need to come down.

The price of taxis?

Don't be a damn fool.


No, the prices.

Food, drink, gasoline.

Building supplies, paint.

- Eh? You know...
- [man] Louder, louder!

[birds cawing]

Go on, Bubu,
tell it to the people!

[crowd exclaiming]

For the revolution!

[all cheering]

The government
of this island, eh,

- does nothing to curb imports!
- [man] Nothing!

The government does nothing, eh,
to encourage export.

The government does nothing
to make sure that every child

on this island has
a decent pair of shoes!

- Bubu!
- Long live the revolution!

[all] Yeah!

[all chanting]
Bubu, Bubu, Bubu, Bubu, Bubu!

Hey, give my comrades here
some drinks, eh?

[crowd cheering]

From me to you!


[crowd cheering in distance]

Come, come.

I want you to take this,

go to the shop,

and buy one gallon of rum.


Off you go.


You want me to buy rum?

You cannot do that.
Those are for my shoes!


Do you want your father
to lose face

in front of all these people?

And on TV?

He's going to be
the new president.

Aren't you proud of your father?

Don't worry.

We'll get your shoes later.

Now do as your mother says.


[crowd cheering]

[crowd chanting]

Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay.

So, I want to thank
you all for coming.

The meeting will begin
in about ten minutes.

[man] Right.

[Bubu] I'll be back
in a moment, so...

the dam is about to burst,

flood the valley.



Thank you all.

Eh, eh, eh... ah!

[suspenseful music]

[melodic car horn plays]


[whistling melodically]

[man in distance
speaking indistinctly]

[Nora] You're a first-class
piece of shit.

You wouldn't talk
to me all day.

- You wouldn't even look at me!
- [Chamon] Hey.

What did you expect?

Bubu is right there.

[Nora] Chamon, I'm desperate.

- I need you to help me.
- No, no, no, no, no.

I cannot do that anymore.

What is it, Chamon?

You don't like me anymore,
is that it?

[Chamon chuckles]

You don't like fucking me?

- You know I like it.
- Mm.

I wish I didn't like it,
but I love it.

But you know, with you...

it is only about the money.

All the time.

"Chamon, give me some money."

And so it goes,
over and over and over.

You are the insatiable whore.

And you know, I'm beginning
to think that you like my dick

more than you like my money!

Did you think that I came
to you for my pleasure?

- Uh-huh.
- [Nora scoffs]

Did you think that if I only
wanted to go to bed with a man,

I would have chosen an ugly

Windward Islander like you?

[both chuckle]

Did you think that
one dick isn't enough for me,

and that that was why
I needed your your dick,

your insignificant,
little dick?

Oh, no, Chamon.

I only needed one dick,
and no one else's.

And that is Bubu Fiel.

Do you know that in all this
time I've gone to bed with you,

I've never come, not once?


I've never had pleasure
with you.


I never had pleasure
with anyone else,

but Bubu Fiel in my life.

You can't hold a candle
to him as a man.

And I wouldn't swap him
for another man,

not for a million guilders.

And certainly not for you.

I thought we understood
each other.

But you're a dirty,
filthy slob.

You're a bastard!

- You're a fucking liar.
- Hm.

And you're lying
because I know you loved it.

Never, never!

Not with you.

[speaking native language]

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
here, here, take it, take it.

- No.
- Take it.

- What?
- Here.

What do you think I am?

You filthy Windwarder
piece of shit.

I will call Bubu,

and he'll kick that
filthy money up your ass!

- Okay.
- Fuck you.

[dog barking]

[Bubu] Mm.

- Hey, listen...
- [shushing]



Hey, come on, now.

[dog barking]

Chamon, you were
insulting my wife, hmm?

What did you call my wife?

- What did you call my wife?
- No.

- What did you call my wife?
- No.

- What did you call my wife?
- No, no.

- What did you call my wife?
- Bubu, stop.

- A whore?
- Bubu, no!

- [screams]
- [Chamon grunts]

- No, this won't do you.
- Chamon, Chamon.


[body squelches]

[blade clanks]

[Bubu grunts]


Chamon, Chamon, Chamon.


- [groans]
- [shushing] Okay.

[grunts, breathes deeply]

[dog howls]

[Chamon exclaims]

[bottle shatters]

Hey, hey.

I, um...


Look, here.

Here, you, um...

You take this... it is...
no, no, you take it.

It's for your shoes, yeah?

And I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


[stammers] Bubu...





You're dead.

Bubu, you're dead.


[Nora continues in distance]

[playing piano]

[stops playing]

[glass clanks]

- [gunshot]
- [dissonant piano chord]

Give me rum.

Leave it.

Won't you call the police?

Tell them I'm here.

Tell them I just killed a man.

[Old Chamon]
I played a game once.

It was the most terrible game
I ever played.

It was an appalling game,

and we were under the most
severe stress imaginable.

And that game...

that game ended in tragedy.

But no one, hear me,

no one was to blame.

How can nobody be to blame?

They all participated willingly.

Why didn't they stop the game?

Because that would not
have been possible.

The game... and the game
demanded an end.

Whatever the consequences
of that entails...

You know, if anything...

it was our poverty
that was to blame.

Do you think the players
deserved punishment?

Is that what you are here for?

You here to
mete out punishment?

I respected your father

very much.

A day has not passed that
I don't regret what happened.


What it was
we were playing for?



[bird cawing]

[tense, mournful music]

[scattered sobbing]



I am so sorry, Vera.

For everything.

For not being there,

for being so selfish.

I'm so sorry.

[both sob softly]

[animals clucking]


I always knew
you would become a doctor.

Doesn't he look well?

[Vera laughs]


Yes, he does.

[old Nora]
I knew it was you, Ostrik.


Yes, of course I knew.


I forgot what
I was going to say.

I'm getting
so forgetful lately.

Please forgive me.

[bird cawing]

There is nothing to forgive,

[old Nora] Mm.


[dramatic piano music]

[Old Ostrik] They still talk
about my father.

They tell me:

"Your father was
the best president

the union ever had!"

"And so he was," I said,

"but only for one day."

And everyone still has a
relatively hard time of it here.

Especially women.

That is why I hope

Solema's endeavors
are successful.

[Solema] More co-operatives,

united into
a political movement,

based on the ideals
of the community

with shared resources.

This system is the best
for our people

who deserve
their personal freedoms.

It would be something
of our own

for all of us.

[Old Ostrik] And the men?

Well, they generally

play a lot of dominoes.



[jaunty music]

[man singing in native language]