Double Agent (2003) - full transcript

A North Korean diplomat defects to the South during the Dold War, but the South Koreans have their suspicions as to whether he is an actual defector or a double agent.

Han suk-kyu

goh so-young

double agent

Workers' party anniversary at Kim
ll-sung square April 25, 1979

Produced by koo bon-han

Co-produced by han sun-kyu

Executive producer park mu-seung

cinematographer: Kim sung-bok
lighting director: Shin hak-sung

Edited by Kim sang-beum
and Kim jae-beum

Music director
Michael staudacher

First assistant director
choi Chang-won

Original story by koo bon-han

Screenplay by shim hyae-won

Producer park min-hee

Directed by Kim hyun-jung

June 1980,
checkpoint Charlie, east Berlin

Open the gate!
I have to catch him!

Not without a permit.

He's a north Korean criminal!

I'm a south Korean agent.

Nice to meet you.
I'm lim byung-ho.

Congratulations on your
defection to land of freedom.

First, I'll take you to
the nearest hospital.

One week later,
interrogation room 102 at kcia

Lim byung-ho!


You better not sleep,
you bastard!

Get up, you commie!

Hey commie, talk.

Out of breath?

I could easily kill you, you know.

So hurry and talk.

Why did you defect?

Hey asshole, you should have
a reason for coming down!



I wanted freedom.


What freedom?

There's none of that here, too.

You worked for
north Korean intelligence,

and you don't even know that?

Hey, breathe.

Want a taste of electricity?

Long live freedom.

Long live freedom.


As a n.K. Agent in east Berlin,

he was in charge of collecting
eastern Europe intelligence.

19 of the 23 top secret files
he brought over

were confirmed accurate.

That is all.

Let's put him on a leash,
and use him.

Chief im.

I understand, sir.

Why did you defect?

If I answer,
will you let me live?

It all depends on
how you answer.

I came because I wanted to see
actress jung yoon-hee.

Today, I will introduce
a very special person.

Far from the north,

he struggled his way here for freedom.

For a brief introduction,

he was born in
nampo city in 1952.

After graduating from the
people's school in moranbong,

he joined the people's army,

and became a top elite
in the administration.

Now, for escaping North Korea's
totalitarian regime,

let's give a big applause
to lim byung-ho

for coming to the land of the free.

Let's hear what
Mr. lim has to say.

Long live the land of the free!

Long live!

Long live!

My name is lim byung-ho,
and I came for freedom!

I came because
I was very, very hungry!

My south Korean comrades,

I'm very grateful
for this warm reception!

Long live the land of the free!



Long live the president!

Long live the south Koreans!

Long live the land of the free!

Long live free democracy!

Long live the land of the free!


You were great at
that reception earlier.

Why'd you use
your northern dialect?

Because I thought I needed to
stir up the people's spirits.

Is that what you were taught?

Yes, sir.

I was taught psychological warfare.

Psychological warfare...

Don't think that you
can easily deceive people.

If you came here to live,
I can help you.

If not, I'll shoot you to death.

1982 Christmas Eve,
spy training camp in kangwon province


Remember this sound.

A 7.62 caliber Chinese rifle
makes a unique firing sound,

so if you feel that you're
within the gun's range,

take cover immediately.

As far as 250 meters away,

northern soldiers are trained
to shoot the enemy's head.

Before more soldiers arrive,
finish your mission swiftly,

and never leave anyone behind.

That is all.

That was
"Rudolph the red nose reindeer."

This is our first Christmas Eve
without the year-round curfew.

When the curfew
was temporarily lifted

on Christmas Eve in the past,

many people crowded
the downtown streets.

The day once a year
when people could stay up all night

will now be a memory of the past.

But maybe because of the
white snow that falls on us,

the faces you see on the streets

will look happier than
on other Christmas days.

If there are people out there
who'll spend a lonely Christmas,

while watching the snow fall,
how about thinking about someone

who might also be thinking of you.

Before I go, I'd like to play
this last song for these people.

Bringing you classical music,
this is yoon soo-mi.

How long have you
worn that uniform?

Almost two years, sir.

I was getting used to
seeing you in that uniform,

but I guess I won't anymore.


Starting January 4,

you'll be in charge of analyzing
north Korean intelligence.

So rather than being just a
trainer of spies of North Korea,

you're now an official agent.


Two months later,
national security & planning office

Agent lim.

Why is the army moving around?

For the workers' party's

The main army is being sent
to participate in the ceremony.

When it's over,
things will return to normal.

I was worried we'd suddenly
have work on our hands.

How was it at
yangpyong district?

Any troublemakers there?

Since everyone is 'naknak',
they're listening well.


- It means they're tamed.
- I see.

You must be having fun
after agent lim arrived.

What are you gonna do with
a north Korean dictionary?

Just wait and see.

When we reunify
after Kim ll-sung dies,

we'll need it then.

Don't you think?

It's from the
intelligence bureau.

Let's go, agent lim.

Agent Kim, I brought him over.

Oh yeah?

Come to think of it,

he's the first north Korean
to come in here.

Anything checked out
must be logged,

but prohibited to leave.

And keep in mind that it's
your duty to maintain security.

Stop being so uptight.

Sir, what's in there?

It's top secret stuff,
so it doesn't relate to you.

North Korean intelligence
is over there.

I'm late, but you shouldn't
have done it all by yourself.

It's no big deal.

Shall I pick a
few good ones for you?

Before things change here,
we should take some to remember.

How's this?

It's a unique one that arrived
today and it has a fun message.

Nice picture, huh?

Is it Alaska?

It is unique, but it
gives off a weird feeling.

Oh yeah, I heard you turned down
doing the new program.

But I thought you
wanted to do it.

I don't know.

I wanted to catch up on things.

And meet friends
I haven't seen for a while.

How about this for later?

It would be nice to hear
something new for a change.

So what does Mr. baek
talk about over drinks?


Just that I heard he was feared
ever since he was in the army.

I feel nervous
just looking at him.

Agent lim.

Yes, sir.

Subordinates get off earlier
than their superiors.

What a great company.

Sang-wook, we'll go in my car
so you can go home.

But sir, I'll need approval
if agent lim doesn't go with me.

It's okay,
just go home and rest.

Okay, then good night, sir.

Good night.

I bet he's bothersome.

No, I don't mind him at all.

Let's go.

I know I told you this before,
but you should get settled down.

She seems nice,
so why don't you meet her?

Sir, you can't make me go
to church because of a woman.

So why do you think
people go to church?

I'm not sure.

The main reason why
is that the church

has a system that
people want to live by.

But they are selfish to those
who live outside the system.

So it's also the reason
why you need to settle down.

Out of the 555 confined
political activists,

250 of them were released today.

Since they've been released,
it seems we'll be very busy.

I have something
regretful to announce.

Our classical music program
will be cancelled.

Kim eun-sook's 'music scent'
program will start next week.

I'd like to thank our listeners
for tuning in to our show.

Here is the last song
of our program.

I have a postcard here
from Mr. jang sang-soon,

who hasn't sent one
for a long time.

Mr. jang, are you listening?

Thank you for the postcard.

His request is Mozart's 25th
symphony g minor, number 183.

I'll bring you this song,
and say good-bye.

This is yoon soo-mi
for classical music.

Make first contact.

In January of 1981,

26 criminals were selected
from samchung prison

and underwent training
for two and a half years.

After fulfilling all espionage
and infiltration training,

they've been transformed into
the perfect spies.

This is a display of
how they'd face any attack.

Now let's proceed to
the next demonstration.

Sir, how is your
dictionary coming along?


Thanks to your notes last time,
it's running smoothly.


Can we stop by the
radio station on our way back?

There's an album that
I've been looking all over for.


You should've told me so.

It worked out.

I have a friend who works there.

You should've asked me before.

What did you say you needed?

Shall I call the
person in charge?

No, that'll be fine.

I'll slowly look for it myself.

Okay, then have a look around.

- Let's go have some coffee.
- Sounds great.

Yes, I'd like to speak
to yoon soo-mi.

The workers' party and people
praise your heroic achievements.

You've arrived faster
than I thought.

Pleased to meet you comrade.

You'll receive instructions
through me from now on.

I will follow the orders
of the great Kim ill-sung,

and devote all my efforts
to revolutionize the south.

A kcia agent will arrive soon.

We have to change
the way we meet.

You know baek seung-chul, right?

It's been hard to keep in touch.

Agent lim, did you find it?

Yes, I'm done.

How do you do?

I'm glad you're here.

I thought you'd never come.

It'll be awkward at first,
but you'll get used to it fast.

Oh right, I have someone
I'd like for you to meet.

One moment.

So what changed
your mind to come?

I was thinking about
coming all along.

Now I finally have the chance
to introduce you two.

This is lim byung-ho,
the one I mentioned.

And this is yoon soo-mi.

Hello, I'm yoon soo-mi.


How come the weekdays
go by so slow,

and the weekends fly by
like this?

Will you be going
to church again tomorrow?


It's nothing.

Just that I didn't expect
for you to go so often.

How old are you sang-wook?


I'm twenty-six.

You're the same age
as my younger brother.

Then think of me
as your younger brother.

Agent lim...

Please stop it.

Take this.

Don't run away!

Easter charity eair

Can I have some more?

Please take some from soo-mi.

It looks delicious.

Here you go.

Isn't it inconvenient
using matches?

I bought it at the charity,
and I'd like for you to have it.

Please take it.

But why are you
giving this to me?

Hearing you talk about
north Korean food

reminded me of my father.

I can't even remember
his face now.

But I only remember that
he used this type of lighter.

Sometimes comrade blue river
tells me news about him.

Have you ever gone to the north?

I was born and raised here.

Is it strange?

Not at all.

My father would risk his life
for the workers' party.

What is your father's name?

His name is shim jong-kil;
He works in state affairs.

Have you heard of him?

No, I've never heard of him.

It's very late.

Have a safe trip home.

I'll see you again next week.

16 of our spies
disguised as fishermen

will depart from samchuk port
at 1:00am on may 23,

and approximately at 3:00am,

they will naturally enter
north Korean waters.

Within three hours,

if the north's patrol boats seize it,

they will arrive at wonsan port
at approximately 9:00am.

As usual,

they will be deported through
panmunjom within two months.

Six of them will remain
disguised as defectors.

Please, you don't have to.

Just take the medicine.

But you were so generous before.

Thank you.

Please don't, it looks like
an expensive handkerchief.

It's alright.

What's this?

It's your favorite.

But you shouldn't have.


Give her the medicine regularly.

Yes, thank you.

Okay, okay.

Let's go.

He did well.

May 27, 1982, 1:00am,
samchuk port, kangwon province

It's been four hours
since they went up,

but why is it so quiet?

Let's wait until the
new satellite photo comes in.

Let me see it again.

If it goes as planned,

the north's patrol boats

should've spotted them within
a 100-mile radius an hour ago.

But so much time has passed.

Agent lim.

Could the north have done
something unexpected?

I'm not too sure.

Either they captured our boat
faster than expected,

or it's hard for our men
to communicate with us.

Agent lim.

The 16 spies to North Korea
drowned to death.

How is it?

Why is it so bland?

Isn't she stingy on the salt?

You're supposed to eat
that fish dish without salt.

It's your loss
if you didn't know.

I heard the flatfish dish
tastes good here.

Can you wrap some up for us?

Agent lim, do you like baseball?

I'm not too sure.

This is my first time
seeing baseball.

You're missing out on a lot.

Look at the ball and swing.

Have you batted before?

No, it's my first time.

Have you ever felt
alone or scared?

Never mind.

You're not supposed
to feel those things.

Do you remember what you said
on your Christmas program?


Never mind.

Please go inside.

Don't worry about
following up on the job.

Everything will
be taken care of.


You were batting well
for your first time.

Could it be because
soo-mi was watching?

Next time, let's take soo-mi
to jamshil stadium.

Okay, let's do it.

Oh yeah, Mr. hwang wanted me
to buy some chicken.

I completely forgot.

I'll go buy some,
so please wait a sec.


I'm always the errand boy.

Do you prefer Russian?

Maybe it would be better...

I'm an international reporter,
my name is Sean Howard.

It smells great.

Mr. hwang better
pay me back for this.

I'm sick of cleaning up
after him.

Doesn't seem like his daughter.

What a lucky old man.

June 2, 1983, near daechung reservoir
north Korean spies' refuge, location 143


It's raining, so why don't
you eat and stay at our place?

We're going
before it rains harder.

But if you have pretty girls,
maybe we won't, right?

Will it be okay?

Don't worry.

There you are.

It's raining and it's late,

so I came to ask if you
wanted to stay at our place.

That's okay.

We're about to leave.

If you change your mind,
then please tell me.

Why is it raining so hard?

Let's hurry.

What's wrong?

The bicycle is gone.

You go on ahead without me.

If I'm not back in 20 minutes,
don't wait for me and go.

I want to go with you.

No, there's something
for you to do.

If I don't return by then,

you have to take care of
what's inside here.

Emotions can kill a person
more easily than a gun.

Having no emotions
will protect you.

Be careful on your way down.



Agent lim.

Agent lim.


The chief wants you
in the interrogation room.

Know who's the number 58th man
in the workers' party?

Ki hyung-chul.

Have you seen him in the north?

No, he was never
at any official meeting.

Of course he wasn't,
since he wasn't in the north.

Ki hyung-chul.

Ranked 58th
in the workers' party.

Spy leader of the south.

Code name blue river.

For twenty-six years,

you lived by the name
of song gyung-man.

After deciphering a code,
we discovered a new fact.

And there was information
on our northern spies.

But we thought the north's
patrol boats had made a mistake.

Was the person found who
leaked the information?

They think it leaked
from the Navy.

So we can feel relieved.

But the details seem unclear.

If you interrogate
these types of scum,

they'll be as stubborn
as a martyr.

I thought it would help
if you question him.

Since you know about
north Korean conditions.

Comrade blue river,

I came from the
secret training center.

As you know,
we get harsh training there.

So that's why I have
a bad temper.

Our recent spy mission

was top secret and known
by only a very few people.

We want to know who
handed over this information.

I don't speak to scum
who betray the north.

What made me a scum

is the Democratic people's
Republic of North Korea.

I'll ask you again.

Who gave you the information?

When I was a child,
I went with him to the park.

I begged a photographer
to take my picture with him.

Then he consoled me and said,

"a picture

can't capture the sky and
this whole park since it's small,

so it's useless.”

I didn't know then.

About why he didn't
want his picture taken.

Byung-ho, you did
what you had to do.

I'm sure he understands.


He's okay, right?

He'll be okay, right?

Shit, he hit his
damn head on a nail.

With six holes in his head,
he went to the hospital.

Those damn commies have
to show that they're tough.

Thank you everyone.

I've been appointed as the
new chief of intelligence.

Yesterday, I was updated on
blue river's condition.

Currently, he's still unconscious.

The doctor believes his
chances of recovering are slim.

So some may think capturing
the spy network is difficult,

but I think differently.

I'm sure about one thing.

After blue river's capture,
I won't just stop here.

In order for
leftist pro-communists

and overseas radicals
to never set foot here,

I will root out
the sources of evil.

It's ki-young; I just arrived.

How's mom?

Yes, I'll be home soon.

Kim ki-young!

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

So how's your work going?

I'm working as
hard as I can, sir.

That Kim ki-young
we just brought in.

The one who committed treason?

I may have mentioned this,

but wouldn't it be a waste
if blue river died?


Sir, everything is ready.


Anyway, we can link
blue river to Kim ki-young.

Handle him well.

Yes, sir.

I think there's
a misunderstanding.

I'm only an average
student studying abroad.

So you participated
in a student movement.

Is there some problem with that?

And you went to study in
Germany in November 1980.


The next year you went
to east Berlin, right?

I went with my west Berlin
friends only out of curiosity.

Don't worry too much.

But since you visited
an enemy-state,

you'll be educated about
security for a few days.

I was in east Berlin as well.

Did you happen to go to the
north Korean embassy there?


On four dordea street.

Past the guard post, a gravel
road leads to the front door.

I worked there.

Ever seen a workers' party

Here's both the certificate
and the party application form.

Party converters receive
two to three years of training,

and are sent to the south
to become spies.

One, two...

I'm sorry about last time.

There's still no word
from the hospital.

Anyway, were there any
orders from above?

I think they want us
to wait it out.

Luckily, the agency is focusing
on Kim ki-young instead.

So don't worry too much.

Things have settled down.

Please don't talk
about it anymore.

Wow, what a beautiful couple.

How about a picture?

No thank you.

Come on, just one.

No, we're fine.

Excuse me!

Move this way a bit.

Here it goes.

One, two...

I'm sorry.

Mr. go, all you need to do
is follow my orders.

It's important, so do your best.

All I will do is
follow your orders, sir.

Agent lim is here, sir.

Tell him to come in.

Agent lim, you remember
go choon-mo, right?

It's been a long time.

How have you been?

Fine, thanks to you.

I'll be leaving now, sir.


So how's it going
with that student?

I've pretty much
covered the basics.

But I've yet to...

Then you've done enough.

Good work.

Gu choon-mo
will handle the rest,

so just get the paperwork
ready after the deposition.

By the way,

my wife wants you to come over
for dinner this week.

Is soo-mi free, too?

Yes, I think she's free.

It finally looks like a garden
after three years.

I started it when I
met you at the agency.

We've known each other
for a quite a while now.

I remember what you
first told me at namsan tower.

You said if I came to live,
you'd help,

but if not, you'd kill me.

If you hadn't looked useful,
then I wouldn't have said that.

But lately when I look at you,

sometimes I don't understand
why you came.

Are you happy being here?

Sir, have you ever seen
a batting range?

You mean where you bat the
ball shooting out of a machine?

Sounds peculiar for someone
who grew up without baseball.

Sounds good, huh?

about that tree out in front...

I should've invited you sooner.

I hope you liked the food.

Yes, it was delicious.

Let's have some fruit.

Soo-mi, please have some.

When we were kids,
we fell in there often.

It's from work.

Excuse me.

The fruit is very sweet.

What a relief.

Sure that car is the one?

I understand.

If anything else comes up,
report to me immediately.

They found blue river's car.

Honey, bring some rice nectar.

- Please, don't.
- That's okay.

Our rice nectar is the best.

Soo-mi, do you like rice nectar?


The embassy is
on four dordea street.

The bus takes you there in
10 minutes from the station.


there's a guard post
at the front gate.

If you pass the gate,
there's a gravel road.

You can follow
that road to the office.

Now you're doing well
after lying before.

So why'd you go there?

To become a commie, right?

No, sir.

Seen this application before?

There had to be someone
who showed you this.

You met some spy and
signed this, didn't you?

Please save me.

Please save me.

I can't stand the weather here,
especially summer.

I don't mind the heat,
but it's the stench I hate.

I saw a prayer room downstairs.

South Korean cigarettes
aren't so bad.

I'll give you exactly a week.

It'll be enough time
to clean things up.

It'll be good not
to think too much.

It'll take your courage away.

And regarding that traitor,

this is a good chance
to prove your innocence.


Haven't heard from your
family in a while, right?

Soo-mi, let's go to your place.

Was there any news from above?

I haven't been contacted yet.

Then why does the party
think I'm a traitor?

Is it because you didn't
give me these instructions?

What happened?

Tell Mel

after stealing the intelligence,

eliminating blue river
was your last assignment.

So why didn't you tell me?

Don't you get it?

That order means that
their getting rid of us.

And if you had carried it out,
you'd obviously die.

Who told you to
interpret the order?

I risked my life to
revolutionize the south.

So who are you
to screw things up?

I didn't want you to die.


You chose to come down here.

But I had no choice
from the beginning.

After my father
left for the north,

I had to change my name
and live like someone else.

Then one day
my father sent a letter.

"So0-mi, I'm so proud of you."

That was the last
I heard from him.

I found out later
that he was executed,

but I was scared of the party,
so I pretended not to know.

But when I'm with you,

I feel fortunate to be alive.

You know you didn't take the
photo just out of pity for me.

Can't we just go somewhere?

A place without
the north and south.

Stop your rebellious talk.

If they want me to die,
then I will.

Agent lim.

You've done a good job
until now.

Since his deposition is over,
we can catch the rest of them.

You can just get the paperwork
ready for the court depositions.

But what about
the tape recording?

Don't worry about it.

You can just organize
what's been written here.

Your name's lim byung-ho, right?

I'm glad I didn't get it wrong.

What do you mean by that?

It's nothing much.

They just asked for your name.

Get up!

How may I help you?

I just needed a reference
for that student's deposition.

Do you have tapes on that
revolutionary party case?

Revolutionary party?

It'll take some time.

Do you need all the tapes?

Yes, if that's possible.


So why did you convert
your classmates to your side?

On last may 31,

I was trained at the north Korean
embassy in east Berlin

and returned on June 6.

After persuading
my fellow classmates,

Lee dong-min, jung gyung-ho,
and kwan sae-joon,

I linked them to spy leaders,
song gyung-man and lim byung-ho,

and made them
into espionage agents.

This is all that I have now.

What are you listening to?

Agent lim.

Agent lim.

It must by hard staying
at your assigned quarters.

Your restrictions will be lifted,
so be a bit more patient.

Then I'll take you
wherever you want.

With three years of experience,
I know all the streets.

If you just tell me where...

Sang-wook, stop.


I think I ate
too much for dinner.

I'll go walk around for a bit.


I know it's too late for me,

but I have something to say.

The party needs you,
so if you return quickly...

How long were you waiting there?

I'd like for you
to meet someone.

have you ever believed in hope?


Does this look like her
or does this one?

Try remembering harder.

If you get it right,
a 15 million won reward is yours.


I'm not sure,
since I only saw her briefly.

Was there anything
they exchanged with each other?

I do remember her
bringing in something.

But it wasn't
out of the ordinary.

I think it was some bakery bag.

My child cried so much that day.

Miss, what did you just say?

I'm at a point
where I can't turn back.

I may have only
one more day left to live.

But with the choice that I made,

I know that I could spend
the rest of my time in regret.

But at this moment,

I'm hoping that I can live
differently from the past.

Yes, is this koryo bakery?

Where are you located?

The bag was found in a sack
in blue river's basement.

Yes, thank you.

I got the location.

It's across the
jungdong radio station.

Radio station?

Sir, we're taking the suspect's
picture to koryo bakery now.

Have any other orders, sir?

Take this also.

And report to me only
when you find something.

I understand, sir.

Find out where agent lim is now.

That damn defense ministry
in your workers' party

is expanding by three bureaus.

I should've helped you sooner,
but I'm sorry I was busy.

You don't know how hard
it was without you.

Agent lim.

Yes, sir.

So there you are.

Let's have lunch.

I need to talk to you.

Yes, sir.

But you seem to be tied up.

No, it's not urgent, sir.

Is it okay, sir?

Of course, go ahead.

Have a good lunch, sir.

Let's go.

Has something bad
happened to soo-mi?


Just that she looked so pale
when she came over last time.

It's nothing serious.

She just has a cold.

So you had something
to tell me, sir?

I got a call from
the military hospital.

They said that blue river
died this morning.

If he had been alive,

we could've gotten
more out of him.

But even so,
he never would've talked.

You may be right.

But from my own experience,
most commies always gave in.

While being an
officer at the dmz,

I admired the
north Korean guards there.

They looked more like
real soldiers compared to ours.

But after interrogating
some who had defected,

that thought
completely disappeared.

They were selfish filth
who sacrificed their families.

So lately I've been thinking

that we have to keep a
closer eye on people like them.

Thank you.

Can I have some water?

Oh my goodness.

I'm sorry.

How clumsy of me.

I'm very sorry.

Sir, I'll go clean up
in the restroom.

I'll clean it up quickly.

Is everything fine?

Need some help?

Then can you hold this for me?

Sir, they wanted to
report to you in person,

so I gave them the number here.


Sir, I'm at the radio station.

The bakery owner said
it was her in the photo.

She said she bought
items there often.



Agent lim,
have you finished lunch?

No, I have to go back in.

why'd you want me to park here?

I've got a favor to ask.

What is it?

I have to pick up some stuff
at Kim ki-young's place,

but I can't leave the table.

You'll have to go for me.

Sure, where is it?

Paju geumchon apartments...

I can get off geumchon station
after taking highway one.

I got it.

We made plans to go
to the baseball stadium,

but we never had the chance.

That's okay, we'll go next time.

thanks for everything.

What's wrong with you
all of a sudden?

It's my job.

All I need to do
is pick up what's here?

Yeah, thanks a lot.

I'll be back soon.

Three days ago, an agent saw him
in the surveillance room.

According to him,

lim byung-ho was examining
all the major checkpoints.

Okay, I understand.

Sir, a government car just
went by nokbun checkpoint.

I think it's
Lee sang-wook's car.

Block off all roads
out of Southern Seoul.

And tell all forces
to dispatch to imjin river.

Yes, sir.

Tell them to arm themselves,
and arrest him immediately.

Yes, sir.

- Agent lim.
- Yes, sir.

I'm locking up soon,
so quickly find what you need.

Hey, have you heard?

Agent lim is a spy.

What a sneak.

Lim byung-ho!

Mr. park.

A bullet from a 22-caliber
doesn't Pierce the skull.

It sticks inside the brain
and you slowly die in pain.

Passengers, in 15 minutes

we will land at Rio de Janeiro
international airport.

Thank you for flying with us.
We hope you had a pleasant trip.

Thank you very much.

Have a good night.

This is an inspection.

Please show me your ID.

My government badge...

Where did it go?

Sir, we've caught
Lee sang-wook's car.

But lim byung-ho has been
moving separately by himself.

Turn it off.

A letter came in yesterday.

Is something wrong?

It's nothing.

I thought about
resting for a while.

Come to think of it,
we've never traveled.

Something must really be wrong.

Can you give me
a glass of water?

"Sometime in the future,

My hair enclosed in this letter,

please throw it
on any street in the north.

By this day, the name
lim byung-ho will be forgotten."

Two years later,
Rio de Janeiro, Marica harbor


What are you doing?

I'm making dinner.

When will you be home?

Let's eat out today.

I'm almost done,
so come eat at home.

No, let's eat out together.

Will it be okay?

It's fine.

Let's go out tonight.


I'll be home soon.

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

My car broke down,
so could you help me?

Do you know how
to change a fan belt?

Thank you.

I had a very important date.

You're a life-saver, thanks.

Now I can meet my girlfriend.

Thank you very much.

Your welcome.


Please wait!

I don't know how to thank you.

Please take this.

No thanks.

Just think of it as a
small token of my gratitude.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Lim byung-ho.