Dot.Kill (2005) - full transcript

Old-fashioned NYPD detective Charlie Daines, a grave long cancer sufferer, feels out of his depth when as serial killer posts his gruesomely imaginative murders, mostly on top managers, on Internet, first spotted by his couch-potato son Vinnie. The brass rather confides the high-profile case to 'nerds', champion of whom is wheelchair-stuck Adam Sotrel. Charlie systematically alienates everybody, family and colleagues, but finds an angle to approach the case.

Distorted voice:
Imagine a disease.

Imagine a disease that lives
in the air you breathe.

In the air that everyone
breathes, everywhere.

Everywhere on the planet Earth.

The disease
infects your mind.

It makes your mind
want things.

Things to own,
things to consume.

The more you own and consume,
the more you want.

You don't have
to imagine this disease.

It's all around you,
inside you.

Telling you lies,
infecting your mind.

These things harm you.

Without a cure,
they will kill you.

I have a cure.

The cure begins now.

( woman singing Greek hymn )

? Never look her
in the eye ?

? Never tell the truth

? If she knows
you'll pay her ?

? You know she'll
have to burn you ?

? Never tell
the one you want ?

? That you do

? Save it for
the deathbed ?

? When you know you
kept her wanting you... ?

( cell phone ringing )

Know where I am?

Yeah, I remember you.

I'll see you outside.

Hey, Stevie?

You haven't been in my
shaving kit, have you?

Yeah, sure.
Ha ha.

What the hell is that?

( man groaning )

I don't know.
Some kind of game.

I clicked on a pop-up
and I got this.


You better get out
of the house more often, pal.

Whatever happened
to hanging out on the street
corner with your friends?

What happened to stickball,
for Christ's sakes?

Staring at a freaking screen
his whole freaking life.

It ain't healthy.

- No bacon, huh?
- No bacon.

Yeah, no bacon, no sausage,
no home fries.

Egg whites and melon.

- Next weekend, pancakes.
- What is this?

Not even a whisper
of butter on my toast.

- We agreed,
we're gonna get healthy.
- Yeah, healthy.

How you feeling?

Never better.
I got a cough.

Thank God
you gave up smoking.

Yeah, thank God.

Need any more mints or gum?

No, thanks,
I got mints coming out
of my ears right now.

Appreciate it.

- ( spits )
- God damn you.

God damn it.

- You shaving with those?
- Must have slipped
into my bag.

Yeah, then it must have
slipped into your coffee.

And don't look under
the bed because the pack
that was there

must have slipped
into the garbage.

That's funny, Mary.
That's really funny.

Could you get me another
cup of coffee, please?

By the grace of God,
you could be lying in
a hospital bed, dying.

We're changing
our lives, Charlie.

We're gonna exercise,
we're gotta eat healthy.

Oh, Christ, starve me
to death, why don't you?

Oh, shit!

- Mary: No more smokin'!
- ( grunts )

Shame on us if we
don't learn from this.

- Throw out
the Viagra as well.
- ( cell phone ringing )

- ( sirens wailing )
- Christ.

I'd just seen this
on my kid's computer.

You and two million
other people. Motherfucker
put it on the internet.

- I don't like Stevie
watching this crap.
- Aw, shit.

- Who is he?
- Edward Maxwell,
a big-shot CEO.

Ran a company
called Equivalum.

- You call CITU?
- Yeah.

Keep those reporters back.

- This is some fuckin' rig.
- Man: Fuckin' nuts, huh?

Is that your official report?
What's with the camera?

It's a laptop PC connected
to a G5 modem.

- There.
- What is that, cellular?

Yeah, expensive.

All the ID numbers
have been filed off.

- You unplug that thing?
- Yeah, I unplugged it.

- That's unplugged?
- Yeah.

- Locate the feed.
- Can't find it.

- Who's shotgun is this?
- We're tracing it.

Locate the feed.

- Do your surveillance, Mick.
- Mm-hmm.

Every fuckin' angle, here.


( coughing )

Sounds good.
You know what?
You're right.

Fuck seeing a doctor.
You know better.

Have CITU break down
the hard drive
of that thing.

Just push forensics on it.

Maybe we'll get a print.
We'll get lucky.

( laughs, coughs )

- Just get me
out of here now.
- You all right?

Yeah, just find out what
his last days in the world
were like and get a lead.

I'm in pain.

Man on phone:
Charlie, it's into your liver
and into your bones.

- You need to tell Mary.
- Just give me something,
will ya?

Charlie, I've given
you the highest doses
of Oxycontin that I can.

- Give me something more.
- I can't give you any more.

- This is a crock of shit.
- It's not a crock of shit,
it's morphine.

If I give you any more,
I've gotta put you
in the hospital.

Just give me something
please to immobilize the pain
so I can function.

Come on, I can't have
57 guys standing around

waiting for me
to cough my lungs out
so I can get through

a sentence to tell 'em
what has to be done.

Are you gonna give me
something or not?

Let me put you
in the hospital.

After a few
weeks in the hospital,
I'm walking around

with a morphine drip
in one hand the other one
shoved up my ass.

Limping like a vomiting zombie
adds up to one thing:

upon humiliation!

And I'm not into it!
Are we clear on that?

I'm in pain, man.

- I'm in real fucking pain.
- Charlie, I love you.

If you don't listen to me
you're going to be dead
in a couple weeks.

- Are you doing this with me?
Are you doing this with me?
- No. No!

- You're not doing it?
- I'm not doing it.

Fuck you!
I'll find somebody else!

- There is nobody else.
- The hell there ain't!

You think you're
the only doctor on earth?

You shyster ingrate fuck!
You know how much business
I brought you?

You wouldn't be
in Saddle River without me.
You driving a BMW now?

- Drive off a fuckin' cliff!
- ( phone beeps )

You fuck.

( sighs )

Are you awake?


There's something
I wanted to tell you.

( choir singing )

I took off early.
I'm at the church now.

So go home and I'll see
you in a little bit.


( pipe organ playing )

( water splashing )

What are you
doing in church?

I'm here to pick you up.
Something wrong with that?

No, but it's like it
happens every day, right?

So what?

- What's going on?
- What's going on?

- Yeah, what's going on?
- Pop, you're everywhere.

What are you talking about?

Come on, you can't
tell me you don't
know what's going on.

( train rattling )

I'm coming already.
Relax, will ya?

Your mother's down there
having a fucking conniption.

- Can we eat, please?
- Dad, you gotta see this.

- I want it off!
- Mary: It's on the table!

All right, but you're
on the web, Dad.

Yeah, look.
You and Uncle Mickey.

What the hell?

I could use
some help, guys!

What are you
looking at?

How the hell'd they do that?

Oh my God!

( sirens wailing )

Remember Maxwell ran
this company called Equivalum?

- Yeah.
- Well, Equivalum was
web-jacked three days ago.


And a web-jack
is what again?

They steal their accounts
off the internet.

They disappear,
bank accounts,

- serial numbers, ID codes...
- ( coughing )

phone lines, whole shebang--
gone, never existed.

- I get it.
- 40 divisions
in 50 countries,

the only way these people
communicate is by pigeon.

Now the CEO was murdered
on the internet,

the Dow is down 140 points
because there's rumors that
Equivalum's going under.

What does the Dow have to do
with doing the goddamn
surveillance work?

- Did you do the surveillance
work like I said?
- Yes!

Did Petey run the numbers
on the laptops and the cameras?

- Chemically etched off,
just like the modem.
- There's no prints?

- Not a thing.
- The modem will
give up something.

- Just got to trace it.
- No, it's stolen. There's no
way to trace it!

Fucking bullshit!
A modem goes back
to where it comes from.

All right?
Even I know that.

The chip was made in Taiwan,
400,000 every year.

Anyone could
have bought it.

- So this is her, right?
- Yeah.

Sorry it took
so long to get back.

Barbara Canosa, this is
Detective Daines, the leading
investigator in the case.

Barbara was
Maxwell's secretary.

It's lovely to meet you.
Thank you for coming down.
Did he get you coffee?

- I'm fine, thank you.
- Good.

This is pretty
nasty stuff, hmm?

Mr. Maxwell was
a wonderful man.

I know the society pages
never showed that side
of him, but he was.

He treated us
all like family.

And his wife,
what she saw--

What we all saw.

( gasps )

I'm sorry.

Take your time.

( train rattling )

Barbara, you've been
very helpful.

Thank you
for coming down here.
I appreciate it.

You want us
to get you a cab?

- No, my brother's
waiting outside.
- Thanks, we'll talk soon.

- Thanks. Thank you.
- Thank you again, Barbara.

So whatever he was doing
between 3:15 and 5:45

- is the big
mystery around here.
- That's it.

Check the traffic lights,
cameras, surveillance,

- banks, warehouses--
- Been there, done that.

We got Maxwell going
to lunch and that's all.

There he is
going to lunch.

Now the bad news, Byrnes
wants a briefing at 10:00.

I'm not feeling
that great today.

I feel fuckin' rotten.

- Okay.
- Run that thing back
for me, will ya?


( jungle sound effects )

Distorted voice:
Imagine a disease.

Imagine a disease
that lives in the air.

In the air that everyone
breathes, everywhere.

Everywhere on
the planet Earth.

( website continues
playing )

Why aren't you up there?

'Cause I ain't
feeling that good.

Mickey's on
top of it.

Well you, you get
on top of it.

Because this thing's
gonna blow up into some
fuckin' mishkadense.

My phone's ringing
off the hook.

The mayor,
the chief, the papers,
my friggin' ears hurt.

My fuckin' sister
in Ronkonkoma called
me about it.

Jesus, Charlie,

this internet shit
gives me nightmares.

And don't even ask me
about jurisdiction

because I don't even
fuckin' know.

We got a murder that
took place in Brooklyn,
fine, that's us.

But it's a crime
to transmit those images
over the internet.

That means anywhere
it was broadcast,

local jurisdiction
has a claim.

Good. Keep it
with us, then.

Fuckin' A, Charlie.
Somebody dies in
Buckingham Palace,

I see it on the web,

I ain't hoppin' the first
fuckin' flight to London.

Distorted voice:
I have a cure.

The cure begins now.

- Okay?
- That's it.

Okay, we've all seen
what happened after that.

So, Captain Byrnes has
convened specialists from
several different agencies

to assist in
the investigation.

Adam Sotrel's first up.

Thank you.
Good morning.

I think we should
get right to it.

Unlike the virus,
the worm requires
no action

from its victims
to activate.

They spread from system
to system with relative ease.

That's what
we're dealing with.

Let's have a look
how the worm worked

Phase one: entry.

By successfully hacking
into the Equivalum...

- ( buzzing )
- ...the perpetrators enjoyed
many of the same privileges

as the system administrator.

- Mickey: What a monster
headache that was, huh?
- ( coughing )

What's going on?
You all right?

God damn it,
I got the flu.

- I can't get rid of it.
- See a doctor.

That's why we call
'em doctors.

( train rattling )

Hey, Jane?
Yeah, Detective Daines.


Charlie Daines.

( chuckles )

How you doing?

Good good good.
I need you to do me a favor.

( Charlie coughing )

( gasping )

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How've you been?
- Good.

- Good.
- Are you all right?


- Did you get it?
- Yeah.

Oh, good.

Thank God.

Hey, you sure you don't
want me to do that for you?

No, I can do it.

It's not like I haven't
had the practice.

( laughs )

- How've you been?
- Good.

Yeah, you look good.
Better than the last
time I seen you.

No tracks.
11 months, three days.

Good girl.

I'm sorry I asked
you to do this.

No no no.
If not for you I'd be
in Rikers right now.

Ridiculous amount
of pain to be in.
How much do I owe ya?


Here, buy yourself

- I can't take this--
- Go on, get outta here.

What's going on
with you anyway?
Give me some good news.

Well, I'm stripping
four nights a week--

Christ's sakes, you call
that good news?

You might as well
not have fuckin' known me.

Not-- not totally naked.

Just topless.
No sex.

- It's just dancing.
- Oh, good.

Plus, you get to be
the first to know--

I signed up
for my GED today.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

I'm a little worried
about it though.

They want me to buy
all these books.

I'm gonna have to read
'em really fast too.

I've gotta take
a test in six weeks.

- You're gonna do fine.
- Yeah, I feel good.

I feel like I'm finally
getting a handle on
things, you know?

( whispers )
You'll do fine.

You're gonna do fine.

( woman singing Greek hymn )

( coughing )

Charlie, that cough's
getting worse.

Maybe we should
call Vinnie.

Just leave
Vinnie out of it.

- I'm feeling fine.
- I want a second opinion.

Just put it to bed.

( continues coughing )

You didn't put my
cigarettes in this,
did you?

It's a protein shake.
Drink it.

I enrolled us at a yoga
class at the Y. We start
a week from Saturday.

That's great, honey.

I don't need to join
the Hare Krishna.

All I want
is a cigarette.

Have a mint.
Have a piece of gum.

I hate mints
and I hate gum
and I hate--

"People who eat
mints and chew gum."
I know.

- I'd lose my head if
I wasn't attached to it.
- Hey, where're you going?

Just a second.

( coughing )

- Charlie: Oh, Christ.
- Stevie: Oh my God,
that's sick!

- You think that's a game?
- What?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

Well now
the fuck you know.

Somebody just died!

( sirens wailing )

( police radio chatter )

Charles Horvath.

Another CEO,
another big company.

This is gonna
make people crazy.

You got any stocks?
You better sell 'em now.

- Go look for cameras.
- Already doing it.

No, other cameras.

Hey Petey,
pull the feed
on that thing?


- Run the numbers on it
for me, will ya?
- You got it.

How many people see this?

Adam said two million,
maybe more.

They used the forced
feed on the Equivalum
site again, so...

we're dealing with the same
guy or group, whatever.

Some fucking wacko,
I don't know.

Hey Charlie, you know,

there could be a silver
lining to all this.

- What?
- We crack this case,

you're Holmes,
I'm Dr. Watson.

As opposed to who?
Chico and Zeppo?

I think you're out of your
fucking mind sometimes.

Holy shit.

I want to look for cameras!

( siren blaring )

( ship horn blowing )

How you doin'?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

A little pain.

How about you?

Still shakin'
down the coconuts?


Thank you, sweetie.

Just what
the doctor ordered.

( chuckles )

Hey, did you ever go
for your permit?

- No.
- Why not?

You gotta get out
of here more, you know?

Gotta get out.

Whoever we're after
has undoubtedly left
an electronic footprint

on a database somewhere
around the world.

these databases
are not integrated.

And with the help of
the Justice Department,

I authored software
to cross-reference them

and look for suspicious
patterns of behavior.

Now, the antiglobalist
network started

in 1999 in Seattle,

And then mushroomed
into something larger

and quite frankly
more dangerous in
Genoa 2001

when a protestor,
Carlo Guiliani,

was shot and killed
by the police.

Now after that, hundreds,
maybe thousands of these
violent splinter groups

sprung up all
over the world.

And in my opinion,
we're looking for one
or more of these groups.

Do we have files
on all these groups?
You got people working?


Who's in New York,
who's been to New York,
who's coming to New York.

Next thing we got do
is look at the capabilities
of these groups.

And why can't this
be one person?

Sure, one-person part
of a classic cellular
terrorist organization.

No, no organizations.
One person operating alone.

Then go with God,
Detective Daines.

I'm sorry, that's what
I think it is.

If you take that line
of investigation,

you're gonna end up
wandering the desert
for 40 days and 40 nights.

( laughs )
Right now I'm feeling
like John the Baptist

right before
the fucking ax, pal,

because I haven't
a fucking clue as to what
you just told me.

( laughing )

Aw, fuck it,
don't mind me.

NASDAQ and the Dow Jones
took a big dip this morning

which is obviously a direct
consequence of what's
been going on here.

If you ask me, that points
to an antiglobalist network.

I've also put together
what I believe to be a
strong list of contenders.

- How many?
- 253.

Two hundred fifty
fuckin' three, holy shit.

I know it sounds
like a lot,

but I can cut that
in half in a couple days,
so won't worry.

How do you do that?

Hackers, code writers
and virus writers,

they all share
one thing in common.

They all speak
the same language.

And even if you don't know
how to speak that language,

which I'm sure you don't,

you still gotta
know where hackers
congregate in cyberspace.

Well, right now I feel
like I'm in cyberspace.

( chuckles )

Obviously, we don't
speak that language.

So you're the boss, pal.


I can solicit information
without losing cover.

I think we should look
at American organizations
as the pathology

tends to lean toward
a patriotic bent,
albeit extreme.


Got to love a guy
who uses albeit.

Right, Tommy?

All right, Charlie.
Get on with it, Adam.

Go ahead.

Why are you turning this
thing into rocket science?

We've studied all the
cases there is to study.

The profile is white, male,
under 40 and affluent besides--

Stop, Charlie.

Let me make it real easy
for you: what the kid wants

he gets.

That's great, Tommy.
You know?

The kid utters a couple
three-syllable words,

you drop your fuckin' pants
and bend over for him.

You know, when you
run for office

use him as
a campaign manager.

The groups, Charlie!
Work the groups!

You're a shanty Irish
prick fuck, always were
and always will be!

Fuck you too!

I'd like to take that
shanty Irish prick,

put him on the next
boat to Belfast.

- All right, take it easy.
- I got to be denigrated
in public

by this little
web-headed fuck?

( coughing )

Take it easy, Charlie.
Come on, easy.

What are you looking at?
Go back to your exercises.

You got a problem
with a man coughing?

Come on.
And lose some weight,
you fat fuck.


( gasping )

You coming in?


Are you okay?


Two pops in one day
ain't good, Charlie.

You're gonna get a jones.

No way.

- You want a habit?
- No way.

So what's going on?

I'm dying.

( laughs )

I'm dying.

Doctor told me that.

Imagine that.

( chuckles )

No fucking dairy.

What the fuck do they know?



is there anything
that you want from me?


Three things I got right...

my whole life:

My wife, my kid...

and my work.

That's my Holy Trinity.

I'm not losing that.

( Charlie coughing )

( coughing continues )

- Hey.
- Hey.

You all right?

Yeah, a little tired.

And now I'm late.

Same old, right?

- Catch you later, Mickey.
- Mm-hmm.

( sirens wailing )

Oh God, what's this?

it's the latest thing.

That's what the guy
told me anyway.

Dad, look,
about before...

I'm sorry.

I felt like a real
idiot afterwards, but...

you've got to understand,
my friends are online
all the time.

It's-- it's kinda like
what we do, you know?

What do you want to
do with your life?

We always talked about,
you know, following
in your footsteps.

No, don't.

Don't settle
for what I do.

- You think
I'm not good enough?
- Oh, come on.

Can't you see what all
these years of wading through
this shit has done to me?

You're watching crazies
on the computer all day long,

I'm chasing them down
the street. What the hell
is the difference?

There's good people
in the world, you know.

Beautiful people.

You're not gonna find
them chasing the pension.

That's all I did.

For 30 years.

Chasing the pension.

You know,
smell the ocean.

Get that thing inside
before your mother finds
out what I spent on it.

Everything all right?


Everything is beautiful.

You get Stevie's
new monitor?


Did you get the bad guy?

Working on it.

( Charlie breathing heavily )


- You're up early.
- Yeah.

Know what I've been
thinking about?

( wheezes )

Go to Acapulco,
just me and you.


We'll bring Stevie.

No, just the two of us.

Stevie can stay with my
brother when he comes back.

- What do you think?
- Acapulco...

Acapulco was great.

( woman singing Greek hymn )

( glass shatters )

( phone ringing )

Yeah? Yeah.

We think it's the pier
on Coney Island.

Get Carson over on
those piers now!

Call the Port Authority,

find out who made that ladder,
where it was distributed.

Will you talk to me, Adam,
please for Christ's sakes?
Will you talk to me?!

The image is coming
in from a cell phone.
I think it's a G5.

Will you just get me a location
before the poor man drowns?

- I'm working on it.
- Before he drowns!

I'm working on it.

Still don't have anything.


God damn it!

( sirens wailing )

( Charlie coughing )

When are you going
to go see a doctor?

You're like a kid with
a toothache who won't
go to the dentist.

Satellites, huh?
Cellular cameras?

CITU say something
about that?

Adam said the signal
bounced all over the world.

Went up and down through
leased time and two, three
satellite uplinks.

Signals got to end up
somewhere, though, right?

E-mail accounts.
Six different countries,

- His profile list said what?
- 107 groups.

- 107 groups?
- You want to give
the guy a break?

It's down from 253.

- The feds gave
him clearance, right?
- Mm-hmm.

whatever the fuck it is.
What's he doing with that?

Running warrants, chasing
e-mails, internet activity.

- That's good.
- Let the kid run with this.
He understands this shit.

- You're a dinosaur, Charlie.
- Whatever.

Hey, Enrique!

( Charlie coughing )

Thanks, buddy.

- Hey, Harwell.
- Yep?

Have you seen Daines?

( grunting )
He's not upstairs?

No, and it's important.
I think we got a break.

- On the profile list?
- Yeah, Thadeus Moore.

On the morning
of the Maxwell killing,

he paid for a gypsy cab
on his credit card.

The fare originated about
half a mile from the warehouse

where the body was found.
And the timeline also fits.

So two years ago, Moore was
arraigned for the Fungi virus

which didn't stick,
but he's still got ties
with the Black Guard.

He was arrested
in Seattle in '99

and Genoa in 2001.
But this is where I get
really excited,

because eight years ago,
the guy was arrested

for publicly claiming he was
going to commit suicide online.

I know, it would have
been nice, right?

But somebody
in his inner circle
gave him up, otherwise

I'm pretty sure he would
have succeeded.

Some world we're
living in, huh?

- I gotta shower.
- All right.

Where in the fuck
is your partner?

I told you.
He had to go to the doctor.

Did you hear the cough
on him? The guy's dying.
Give him a break.

I'd like to give him a break
right across his fucking head.

All right, what about Moore?
Adam says this is a good thing.

Yeah, okay.

But find your
fuckin' partner.

- Thanks for stopping by.
- Sure.

- How you been?
- Okay.

Good. Sit down.

I appreciate this.
I hope you're hungry.

I probably shouldn't take
a lunch today. It's been
crazy at the office.

( coughing )

I suppose you heard about
these other homicides.

- Waitress: What can I get you?
- Sorry, we're not gonna
eat today.

- You want
a cappuccino or something?
- Iced tea, please.

Thank you.

There's just a couple
of things that,

I don't know, seem
a little inconsistent

in terms of what you said.

I just wanted
to go over those.

You know how West Street
runs north and south,

and then you got Chambers
and you got Liberty, right?


On a surveillance tape
on that particular day,
maybe it's Murphy's Law,

your boss took a left
out of the building and went
down to Liberty.

And I just wondered
if there's anything in
the Liberty area

that could have occupied
him for so long.

I mean...

you said he was down there
for over an hour and a half.

And, I don't know.

I-- I don't know.

There was something that might
have piqued his curiosity.

Maybe we could just
cut to the chase,
so to speak.

He goes to
a shop sometimes.

What kind of shop?

Happy Bob's.

( laughing )

He goes to Happy Bob's?

( laughing )

( sirens wailing,
horns honking )

( police radio
chatter )

That's it. Today's the day
I strangle my partner.

You got something?

Yeah, I'm tracking his
passwords and login names.

Before 9/11 there's
no way we'd have got
authorization to do this.

Piece of shit
like Thadeus Moore,

he'd have been
protected by the liberal
agenda of the ACLU.

What did people like this
do before the internet?

That's what
I'd like to know.

What's this maniac doing?
He's checking his stocks now?

He's making a fortune
and he's shorting everything.

- What's that mean?
- He's betting on the market
going down.

- So this son of a bitch
is making millions?
- If I'm reading this right.

This all started
a couple of hours before
the Equivalum web-jacking.

Holy shit. It's all been
about making money.

This is our guy,
isn't it?

If it isn't,
he's either psychic

or he's got the best broker
in the history of finance.

What do you want to do?

I gotta call Byrnes.

( dialing )

This is a homicide

You want me
to take you in?

Now the last time
Mr. Maxwell was in here

did you see anything
out of the ordinary?

- Like what?
- I don't know.

Did he talk to anyone?
Did he solicit anyone?

Was he waiting here for
somebody? Was somebody
waiting for him?

I remember he sat in usual
seat and watched.

And he doesn't talk
or associate with any
of these girls?

No talk, no touch.
Just put money for
girls on bar.

Look, this guy
never gave no trouble.

I'm sorry he's dead.
Hell of a way to go.

Came usual way,
he left usual way.

What is the usual
way around here?

He was important man.
He use back door.

So, there's
an alley out here?

- Yeah, sure there's alley.
- Who lets him out?

- I let him out.
- Was there anyone in the
alley that afternoon?

He stop and talk
to someone around
corner, end of alley.

He spoke to someone?

Yeah, some beggar.

How would you know that
if he was around the corner?

'Cause he talked to him--
he's looking down.

( sirens wailing )

Won't do you any good.

Why not?

Maxwell left 4:45.

Guy who owns this
place is cheapskate.

Camera's not turned
on till 6:00.

I'll tell you what,
you give me that tape...

or you and your boss are
going to be dancing just like
that on Riker's Island.

Don't move!

- Freeze!
- Show me the gun!

Thadeus Moore,
you're under arrest for--

( radios chatter )

Come on, don't get

What do you want
me to tell you?

It was a good lead.
I tried to call you.

Too bad he under
the knife at the time
of the second kill.

How was I supposed
to know?

- You gotta investigate.
- Fuck you, Charlie.

I'm telling you,
don't break my balls.
I had a long night.

This could have been
good, listen to this.

"If not for the fact
that the suspect

had a follow-up procedure
on the day of the third kill,

this would have been
a historical breakthrough--"

- Ooh, shit.
- Yeah? And where were you?

The warrant popped
and where were you?
Somebody had to make the call.

It was a Robin move,
that's all.

Batman would never
have done that.

You know what?
Go fuck yourself, really.

I'm a dinosaur, huh?
I'm a dinosaur?

I guess you gotta kiss
my big fat brontosaurus
ass on this one, huh?

Look at that.
( chuckles )

Made "The Times"
as well.

Whole world's full
of shit, right?

Keep your chin up,
all right?

- Keep your chin up.
- All right, all right.

( groaning )

( pills rattling )

( water running )

What are you doing?

You buying or selling?

Only a crazy man would be
buying in this climate.

Can I help you,
Detective Daines?

Call me Charlie, Adam.
Will you?

All right, Charlie Adam.

( chuckles )

You busted your ass
on this, didn't you?

Me? I'm a dinosaur.

I ain't got the grasp,
you know?

Passed me by.

So, you trying
to make nice now?


We're on the same
case, aren't we?

Still gotta crack it.

You like beer?

I'm actually a diet
soda man, myself.

My father was a cop.

My uncle was a cop.

My cousins were all
cops up in the Bronx.
All cops.

Your mother?

My mother hated cops.

Hated every fuckin' one.

( laughs )

How ironic is that?

I've been cut, shot, hacked
and fucked over for 20 years.

- I loved
every minute of it.
- Me too.

- That's the life.
- I got no complaints.

- I got no boss
and nobody to answer to.
- There you go.

- What's wrong
with that, huh?
- You tell me.

This is where it's at.

I don't know.
Still feels pointless
sometimes, though.

Why pointless?

- What are we here for?
- Hey, Sully!

Give me a little Johnnie.

I mean, we're here to make
a difference, right?


I think more
than anything else,

what you father and uncles
had that we don't

has got to be a sense of,
I don't know, fulfillment.

- Accomplishment.
- I've had it.

- You had it?
- Fuckin' A well,
I had it.

The question is,
do you have it now?

Come on, man, you get it back.
What the hell we here for?

What's life about?

Is there?

Sully, come here.

Look at this
son of a bitch.

How the hell you put
an end to that crap?

The financial stocks continue
to slide as brokerages face

mounting pressure
from regulators.

Banks face uncertainty...

And in biotechnology,
biotechs rallied today...

- You made plans for dinner?
- Hmm.

- Let's get out of here.
- Cool.

( game voices chatting )

I mean, take this case.

Billions of dollars
that could have been used

to fight disease
or help the homeless,

where has it gone?
It's wasted.

- And you know what?
It's gonna get worse.
- Unless you catch him.

Here's an analogy
for you, all right?

December the 6th, 1941,

and we get intelligence
that the Japanese are gonna
strike Pearl Harbor.

Instead of running
to our cockpits

we decide to go
out for dinner,

have a glass of wine
and get a good night's sleep.

I mean, it's lunacy,
isn't it?

So anyway, I get paid
to consult and tell everybody

that tomorrow's
gonna be December the 7th.

And still they don't
do anything about it.

So when the bombs come

and I see the fear
and terror in their eyes,

I just sit back
and watch with something
less than amusement.

- I'm sorry, I talk
too much sometimes.
- Not at all.

- Can I help
with the dishes?
- No no.

That's my job.

All right.

Hey, Stevie, you wanna
see a dynamite cheat?

Yeah, sure,
you got a good one?

( coughing )

I'm just gonna
take him back.

Charlie, I'm
worried about you.

I'm gonna check
into a hospital.

I'm gonna get through this.

You feel so good.

Hit the triangle
four times really fast.

- ( beeping )
- Then hit the square
three times.

And hit select.

( laughing )

That's pretty cool,
I like that.

- How do you know that?
- It's just my secret.

- Not anymore, it's not.
- Charlie: Hit the road?

- Sure, I'm ready when you are.
- You're the general.

Take care, huh?

Thank you, Detective.

You have a very
beautiful family.

( car starting )

6:00 and 7:00.

Yo, Daines!

Expecting something
from Happy Bob's porn
shop, big fella?

- Oh, yeah.
- If my sister did
one of those,

I'd stick her tits
in hot soup.

I'm telling you,
he's not right.



Uh, Charlie--

Fuck! Another one
on the kill site!

Adam, tell me
you got a location
or you're fuckin' fired.

- I've got a signal.
I think I'm close.
- Close doesn't get it.

Close does not
fucking get it.

Is she handcuffed
to the wheel?

Holy shit, she's naked.

Get a location, Adam.

I got it! There it is.

All right, let's move!
Let's move!

( sirens wailing,
people murmuring )

( whimpers )

- Don't get too close.
- Gotta get her out of there.

- It's rigged!
It's gonna blow!
- I gotta get her out.

- Get the fuck out of my way!
- Are you crazy?

No! Stop him!




( panting )

Adam's voice:
Thank you, Detective. You have
a very beautiful family.

( coughs )

( tires screeching )

- Jesus Christ.
- Are you okay?

Stevie, come on!

Get to your brother's house.

Let's get the hell
out of here now.

- Mary: What the hell happened?
- Charlie: Just wait in the car.

Just wait in the car.


Stevie! You hear
us calling you?

Move your ass!

- There's a message for you.
- What'd you say to me?

In my e-mail.

You see what
this guy's doing?

You believe him
and not me?

Just 'cause he's a killer
doesn't mean he's a liar.

Are you accusing me of being
unfaithful to your mother?

- It's there
for the world to see.
- I met the kid at a hostel.

She was whoring around
chasing eight balls.

- I'm the one got her off it.
- What were you doing with her?

She was in her
second year of parole,
I called in a favor.

- For what?
- Morphine!
For the agony I'm in.

Or haven't you noticed?

Come in.
Sit the fuck down.

What in the motherfucking
world was going on

in your head when you
ran up to that car?

You had to know
it was gonna be rigged.

I mean, what the fuck
happened yesterday?

You wake up and forget
everything you ever knew
about police work?

Talk to me, Charlie,
because I am telling you
in all my fucking days,

that is the stupidest
fucking thing I've ever
seen a fellow officer do.

Jesus fucking Christ!

You better talk
to me, Charlie.

That was a crisis situation.

Maybe you pulling a stupid
fucking stunt

like that caused
that girl's death?

Maybe this fucking maniac
pulled the switch

because he saw you running.

For all you know,
he was gonna let that car

sit there until
next fucking Christmas.

We could've decorated
the fucking thing!

Tom, you don't
know what the--

Shut the fuck up!

( phone ringing )

Get the fuck
out of my office.

( siren blaring )

Hey, what's up man?

All right.
All right.

What's going on?
What can I do for you?

- Hey, you.
- I'm busy.
Keep walking, okay?

- Want something hot?
- I'm a cop, you wanna
get locked up?

Get the fuck outta here.

( chattering )

My partner over here,
he's got the good shit.

Take it easy.

( sighs )

( needles clattering )

( voices yelling )

( phone ringing )


Yeah, it's Mickey.
We need to talk.

- Yeah?
- In private.

Good, I like private.
In fact, I know just the place.

( thunder rumbling )

You know I took you
swimming here once

when you were a kid?

Do you remember that?

Yeah, I remember.

Do you?

You look like shit,

What did you want?

- I talked to Tommy.
- Yeah?

We're taking you
off the case.


You're sticking shit
in your arms, Charlie.

You're an addict.

I'm a what?

- ( laughing, coughing )
- I remembered the girl.

Arrested her two years ago,
she was a street junkie.

You started something up with
her and you ended up like this.

- ( coughing )
- Where's your self-respect?

- I'm taking you to the doctor.
- Ah! You fuck!

God damn you!

God damn you!
God damn you!

God damn you!

( both grunting )

( gasping )

( Charlie coughing )

You know the one bad thing
that kid did on this earth?

She hustled two
drops of morphine.

And you got me talkin'
in a fucking shooting

- You blab
to Tommy about me?
- I was worried!

You set her up, you fuck.
You set her up!

- I didn't say anything!
- Admit it.

- What's going on in that
fucking mind of yours?
- Admit it!

I didn't say a fucking word!
I said nothing!

- God damn it, if I
fucking die here tonight!
- I didn't say a word!

Yeah? Come here!
You gonna burn me?

You wanna burn me!

I never told Byrnes
about the girl.

I swear.

I swear.

( elevator running )

- Can you help me?
- No problem.

- Thanks.
- You in?

- Yeah, going up?
- Going down.

What goes down,
must come up, right?

( beeping )

( alarm beeping )

There's got to be some
way we can stop it.

Are the backup files
all secure?

Firewall's not working.

Man #2:
Save your files.

We're fucked.

Yeah, what is it?

( officer screaming )

( body thuds )

( dialing phone )

Man on phone:
Anderson Shipping.

Thank you, I'm trying
to contact a company called
Anderson Warehousing.

Yes, sir.

That's one of our divisions.
Hold on and I'll connect you.

( ringing )

( panting, whimpering )

( dialing phone )

( phone ringing )

- Yeah?
- I think we got lucky.

That bust we did below
the Williamsburg Bridge
last year,

that was off
John Street, wasn't it?

Uh, John Street,
John Street, yeah, I remember.

Meet me there.

( bottle clattering )

( distant whimpering )

( whimpering continues )

( muffled gagging )

( wheezing, panting )

( gasping )

- Move it.
Move it, Charlie.
- ( coughing )


You're all right.

- Jesus Christ.
- ( whimpering )

You all right?
Look at me, look at me.

You're all right.
You're all right.

- What's your name?
- My name's Jim.

Jim? I'm Charlie.
You're gonna be all right.

- You got kids, Jim?
- Yeah, I got two.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Me too, I got a boy.

They drive you nuts,
but you love the hell
out of them, right?


There you go.
You gonna be all right.
Get up.

- Get up.
- ( grunting )

- All right!
- ( all cheering )

( laughing softly )

( cheering continues )

You're a fucking saint.

- Thank you!
- Yeah, all right.

- Get him a slice of pizza.
- Thank you.

Come on, I got you.
Easy, I got you.

( snickers )

( cheering )

Hey, whoa whoa whoa.

- ( scanner beeping )
- We've got a signal!

- What the fuck is--
- ( beeping )

( chuckling )

That's some lucky son
of a bitch, huh, Charlie?


( groaning )

( glass shards clattering )


( sobbing )


( rattling )

( clicking, whirring )

( beeps )

( Adam screams )

( panting )

You're late on your rent.

John Street.

You had to give me
that warning,

show me how
fucking smart you are.

It might have worked.

Listen to me.
We gotta get out of here.

Why's that?

I said listen to me.
This whole place is set

to blow in four minutes.

So we gotta get clear,
do you understand me?

- I think we're clear.
- You think I'm lying to you?

You fucking moron!


Albeit, I'm the one
who figured this out.

I'm the one holding
this piece on you.

Albeit, I'm the one
that's supposed to be
dead here.

And here I am
talking to you.

And I'm the moron here?

- Albeit...
- ( beeping )

I don't think so.

( grunts )

( Adam groaning )

( gasping )

( coughing )

You're gonna leave me?

Well, we know
what you've done.

And what you did
to my little friend.

I'm not guilty
of doing anything wrong.

What I did is nothing
compared to the misery--

Yeah, I heard that crap.

All the misery.

Underneath all that
fancy disease talk...

you're nothing but an average
neighborhood psychopath.

- There you go then.
- Fuck you.

There's a theory about what
destroyed the dinosaurs.

It's not over, Mr. Detective.

One great big meteorite.

There's plenty more
out there just like me.

- Some people think they
survived in another form.
- They're out there.

If there's others
out there, they're gonna
find waiting for them...

survivors like me.

Fuck you.

( beeping )

You only got a few seconds
left in the world, Adam.

I wouldn't
waste 'em on me.

Where are you going?

Where the fuck
are you going?

Come back here!

Come back here!

- ( humming )
- ( Adam groans )


One great, big meteorite.

( screaming )

( rapid ticking )

( Adam screaming )

Way to go.

( explosion )

( techno music playing )

? Everybody sees

? Some changes

? Everybody sheds
a skin or two ?

? You'll recognize me ?

? When I get over you

? Unattended dreams

? Will breathe life

? All my wishes
will come true ?

? There will be time
for everything ?

? When I get over you

? When I get over you

? The sky will
still be blue ?

? And I'll swim there ?

? If I want to

? When I get over you

? I'm setting free ?

?The monkey

? I'm setting free
the lions too ?

? Yesterday's child ?

? Will grow up wild

? When I get over you

? When I get over you

? The sky

? Will still be blue

? And I'll swim there ?

? If I want to

? When I get over you

? When I get over you

? I'll be wearing ?

? A fairy tale

? I'll wear some glass,
high-heeled shoes ?

? And there'll be
a moral to the story ?

? When I get over you

? I'll be the life ?

? Of the party

? I'll get drunk
and act the fool ?

? And I won't care
who knows me ?

? When I get over you