Dost Magarmach (1990) - full transcript

Hey...Come here. Come. Come.

Hey...Come here. Come. Come. Come here.

Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come.

Take it. Rise. Rise.

Get it. Take it.

Take it.

I've got it for you. So why are you so impatient?

Your hunger is insatiable.

You won't be able to even walk if you grow fat.

Take it. Grab. Grab.

You got it. Come again tomorrow.

What's this? Clouds are gathering in the sky.

Looks like it's going to rain.

I've caught enough fish.

Now let's go home, Ramu.

Oh no. I'm really late.

It's pertinent that I wear the school's shirt.

Otherwise mother will feel I just didn't go to school.

What's this? You've returned very soon.

Yes, uncle. I got a few fishes. So I returned.

One cup strong tea.

He is here to listen to the songs.

His radio never plays good songs.

It always plays sad songs. Turn it off.

I'll sing a good song for all of you. Here goes.

"Throw the net. Catch some fish. Catch some fish."

"The big fish eats the small fish. This is unfair."

"This is injustice."

"Why do your own kind pose a threat to you? Tell me."

This too was a fishy sad song.

Listen to this. - Yes. Go ahead. Try your luck.

"The young man who lays his life for his country will be immortal"

"This story will be told till the end of the world."


Come, Gajanan. Come.

Where are you off to early morning?

Have some tea with us. - Come on keep singing.

Sing songs. All you do is catch fish. - Keep singing.

Do you have anything else to do? I see you singing all the time.

Or having tea. - You certainly can have a cup of tea.

No way. I have to go to the sea.

You guys carry on with your tea.

Who's going to go into the sea now? Clouds have gathered.

Wind is blowing hard.

Storm or rains can't do any harm to Gajanan.

I'm a warrior. The mighty warrior.

Go. But do inform your family. We'll come to perform the final rites.

The wind is blowing hard. And he is off to the sea.

Winds scare you.

It's a matter of shame for me to be afraid of storm or tornado.

I can cover the moon with leaves.

I can stop death with my bare hands. Got it?

Great. So you have decided to die, right?

So go die.

We'll arrange song and dance as well for your funeral. Right?

Bansi. Bansi. Bansi

Who is it? Is it you Gajanan? Come.

Were you sound asleep?

I had no work to do.

I gorged on rice and fish in the afternoon.

And then went to sleep.

Tell me. Where are you off to?

Of course. To catch fish.

Come with me. - But look at the sky.

Dark clouds have gathered. A terrible storm is expected.

They announced it on radio too. - Is it? On the radio?

Then this news will turn out to be 100% wrong.

Today no one's gone to catch fish.

Even guys with motorboat haven't ventured into the sea out of fear.

Why should we go to die? - Relax. Come on.

Do you think I'm stupid like you?

You're used to risking your life.

I'll not come in such bad weather. You go.

Come if you want to. Or go to hell.

Idiot. - Go. Go.

You'll realise once you venture out into the sea.

Kamla, it's raining. Get the clothes.

It has started to rain. Run.

It has started to rain. Looks like a storm too is coming.

Run. - Run.

Come fast. Looks like a storm too is coming.

Run. Run. Fast.

Hurry up. Run. Come on.

I'm out of breath. Oh God. Good Lord. This storm.

Those morons stopped me from coming here.

But I didn't listen and came.

I knew that a terrible storm is coming.

I deserve a sound thrashing.

Oh my God. What's that?

A terrifying ghost like creature is heading for the village.

If it gets into the village it would be disaster will strike.

I must get to the village and alert the villagers.

Or else there will be destruction.

"Don't be afraid of hard work."

"Hard work is the door to happiness."

"Hard work makes like successful."

"I am not boasting. I'm not boasting."

"I make my life successful."

"Don't be afraid of hard work."

"Hard work is the door to happiness."

"Hard work makes like successful."

"Don't be afraid of hard work."

"Hard work is the door to happiness."

See. These kids keep singing and dancing all the time.

Ever since Swami has come to our village..

..singing and dancing happens all day.

He'll spoil the kids of the village.

See. He keep playing with them all the time.

My kid is also in also with him.

This is the limit. Got it?


One strong tea please. - Okay.

Go easy on the milk and sugar. We need to earn money.

Make it extra sweet.

This is all you get for the money you pay.

They'll order a tea and throw a thousand tantrums.

Kid, give him tea.

Money makes you arrogant.

Here comes the king of fishermen.

The mighty warrior Ganjanan.

What news do you have today?

Did all the fish jump into your boat afraid of the storm?

Are you sneezing and dancing? Or dancing and sneezing?

You'll also dance if I tell you what I saw early morning.

You'll also dance.

Whether I dance or don't you tell us the story.

There is a terrible storm at night when I ventured into the sea.

The waves picked up pace. I was dumbfounded.

I started wondering what was going to happen.

I didn't get afraid at all. But I did get a shock.

I somehow got to the shore and discarded the boat.

And a creature came out of the sea.

Like a ghost. Long and black.

How long would it be? - Around 40 feet.

And as thick as that tree trunk.

Stop exaggerating.

I told you what I saw. Whether you believe or no.

He is just making up stories.

When you are scared you overestimate things.

You see ghosts in the dark. - It was a ghost.

Give me the tea. - Right away.

Come on. I've to go. - Hold on.

Are you done with the chores? - Not yet.

Once I take the water back I'll to wash the clothes.

Water is scarce these days.

She has been down with fever since the past two days.

What? The fever hasn't subsided yet.

She was saying that she has been given the medicine.

No. She is still not alright.

Where is Ramu? - He went to school.

You see. He didn't take this tiffin with him.

He must be on the way. Hurry up. Go.





What is it?

Oh no. Mother is watching.

Come here. Behind the tree. - What's all this?

Where are you taking them? Tell me.

School. - With it?

Why? What's the harm?

Your teacher was saying that you've been not attending school for a while now.

If you study well you'll be able to earn some money.

Where are you going? Tell me.

I have to go to a village without school.

I've to return with the treasure of experience.

Get out of here. Stop singing. Moron.

If you study hard, you can become a doctor or an engineer.

You can buy a car. You can travel. - Otherwise?

You'll have to go to the jungle. Gather wood. You'll eat simple food.

First I'll take the path that gives me food.

You are talking like the elders of the village.

Of course. Our father's no more.

I'm the only man in the house.

I might be a kid but I'm a man.

Is it?

Then take up the path which gives us food.

The lake outside the village with lotus.

I promise I'll catch fish for you every day.

The lake outside the village with lotus.

He is very stubborn. He just doesn't listen. Idiot.

He left the tiffin box again.

The lake outside the village with lotus.

I promise I'll catch fish for you every day.

Aunt. Aunt.

Fill water quickly. Let others also fill water.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.

You're pulling the rope slowly. Won't you let me go home, old woman?

Sister, these days, youngsters don't give any respect to elders.

Elders have to listen to youngsters.

Times have changed and how.

The youngsters find the elders amusing.

You're absolutely right.

Just keep blabbering.

Do you even know what's happening in the village?

What's happening?

A very big ghost 55 feet long came out of the sea..

..and got into the village.

Not 55.

Everyone says it's 45 feet.

Little do you know.

It's neither 55 nor 45.

It is 50 feet long. This long. Got it?

Yes. Everyone claims to have seen the ghost.

If you ask them to describe the ghost they change the topic.

In the days gone by, there used to be ghosts and spirits.

During the times of our grandparents you could even see them.

Radha, you are educated. You also say something.

They said a horrific ghost came out of the sea.

It must not be a ghost but an animal.

But why? Why did it come out of it?

I don't understand.

Even if it has come it must have gone towards a lake or pond.

Whatever the case. I hope it doesn't jump into this well.

Give me a bucket of water. - Get lost. Lazy bones.

'I'll have to stop Ramu from going to the lake. But how do I?'

'He just doesn't listen to me.'

You've got a big fish, son.

Darn it.

I had imagined I will catch a few fishes and go home.

The monster broke the rod.

I did all the hard work I could. But only if luck would be on side.

Who the hell are you? You're quite large.

I'll take pity on you and spare you.

But if it had been other kids they would've made minced meat of you.

If you're brave then come out. Let's have a fight.

You like small fish, don't you? Here. Take it.

Eat. Eat this. Come on. Come on.

You want more?

Look at your face.

Here. Grab it.

This is the last fish. Here.

Go. Come on. Go.

"The small world of the village."

"The people are innocent."

"Few desires is the key to happiness."

"Our cup is full to the brim with happiness."

"We are unique."

"The small world of the village."


Mr. Snake, how are you?

You think I'll also get scared upon seeing you like others.

But I don't get scared even in dreams.

Everyone says you attack the eyes.

But I know that you don't even bite.

Go. Yes. Go. Go.

See you again. Go.

I'll come tomorrow.

Come. Fast. Surround it.

Come. Fast.

Surround it.

Beat it. Hard.

Beat it. Hard.

Beat it. Beat it. Hurl a stone at it.

Come on. Beat it. Hard.

Hurl a stone at it.

Hey...what are you doing?

So the king of the jungle is here to catch the venomous lizard.

This lizard isn't venomous.

Why are you beating it?

My father's back is hurting. If he eats it he'll be fine.

You fool. Is your father going to have insects for back pain?

Villagers say that it's a bad omen..

..if poisonous animals like these stay in the village.

Ramu, you claim to be very brave, don't you?

Catch the lizard alive if you have the guts.

I'll catch it right away.

Give me the lizard.

I'll not give it to you.

Our hard work has gone to waste. He took the lizard.

It wasn't in our destiny.

Ramu is very brave.

Go. Go. Come on. Go from here. Get lost.

You caught the lizard alright.

Will you be able to catch the ghost which came out of the sea?


Didn't you hear?

When father came to the shore with the fishes this morning..

..he saw a large ghost coming out of the sea.

And it went straight towards the jungle.

Towards the lake where you catch fish.

Go catch the ghost. It will bring you down to mother earth.

I'll catch it as well.

Is it this ghost which broke the fishing rod at the lake?

Ramu, did they leave you early from school?

Yes. They left us early today.

Such are the times.

The school opens for two days. And then closes for the next two days.

Ramu, come sit. Have food.

Oh. Fish. Curry - Yes.

Did you wash your hands? - Yes.

When? - Yesterday.

I'll whack you.

Why do you look pretty tired today?

Indeed. I read lots of books in school today.

Wait. I'll get some more fish.

I'm sure it's a crocodile.

Since it's a crocodile how big does it grow?

What does it do?

Swami must have the answers to this.

Mother. Mother. I can hear the pot.

I guess Swami is back. I'll go meet him.

It's late. Go to sleep. Go meet him in the morning.

I'll be right back.

Why do you have to meet him? Are you going to play the pot?

Yes. I will play the pot.

Come back soon.

The Swami has driven the kids crazy.

And the kids have driven Swami crazy.

Look at him. He wanders around in the entire village.

Where is he?

Got scared?

Seeing kids give me great pleasure.

You just don't come to me these days.

You are always busy with your trips.

I didn't come as I thought who knows I might not be able to meet you.

Sir, have you read anything about wild animals?

Yes. Quite a bit. And seen too.

Before coming to this village I've been to all the jungles of this country.

The jungles used to be really dense then.

Sir. Sir, have you seen a crocodile as well?

I have seen innumerable crocodiles.

In lakes.

In seas.

In ponds.

You must have heard about the Ganges. - I have.

People have dirtied it by throwing dead bodies and rubble into it.

I was playing the pot at the banks of the Ganges one day.

A creature which had a ball like thing on its nose came towards me.

It was a male crocodile. It is also called Ghariyal.

He was having fish and how.

He had such a long snout. And his teeth were mighty sharp.

It doesn't harm humans.

But humans kill it mercilessly.

Does it eat kids like me as well? - Not at all.

"Humans are killing each other."

"Let the atrocity end now."

"Chant the mantra of love. This is my desire."

"Humans are killing each other."

"Let the atrocity end now."

"Chant the mantra of love. This is my desire."

Okay. He doesn't eat kids. But why did it come towards you?

Its eggs must be around. That's why it came towards me.

It just doesn't clash with humans without reason.

But they do clash with each other.

So did it bite you?

Why would it bite me?

I didn't mess with me. Nor did I stay there.

But I had a more unique experience than this.

A huge crocodile lived in salt water in a jungle in Kolkata.

In salt water? - Yes.

But not in the sea.

In the waters where the sea meets the ocean.


Once its nest was near to where I was staying.

Why? Do crocodiles too make nests like crows?

Is only a nest on the tree a nest?

The crocodile digs a pit in the earth and makes a nest for its eggs.

Then? - Then my foot.

Please tell me.

She laid eggs very near to my house.

And I went there to see them.

As soon as I got to the pit with the eggs, disaster struck.

The crocodile lunged at me.

And I ran for my life.

I got away.

Crocodiles were found all over India for many years.

But now their numbers are dwindling.

Today the numbers of animals are decreasing..

..and the numbers of humans are increasing.

Now go. It's quite late.

No. Tell me something else about crocodiles.

Sister and mother might be worrying.

I'll tell some other day.

No. Tell me about crocodile.

Do you wish to raise a crocodile? - No. It's not that.

He got scared.

Where did all the fishes go? Did the birds eat them?

Who must have taken them?

I dozed off for a second. What do I do now?

Oh no.

What do I tell at home?

Sister said she would make fish fritters.

I'll get a beating today. Darn it.

All of them are gone.

Darn it.

Hurry up, Munni.

I have heard that a ghost has come into our village.

Yes. All kinds of strange noises could be heard last night.

Did you read today's newspaper? - Why?

I heard it has news that a ghost has come into our village.

Really? - Yes.

Have you read it? - Everyone has.

Get out of here. If the ghost sees my wife he'll flee.

Hit the marble in the middle.

See. You hit my marble. - Your aim is not right.

Let me play.

No. Give me yours. - See. What you've done.

Catch. Catch.

You dropped it.

What you've done.

As if you saw a ghost? - Don't mention the ghost.

Come on. Hit it. - Catch it.

Hit it.

Don't be naughty. Or I'll call the ghost.

Bathe it properly. - I'm bathing it properly.

Oh my God. Looks like I'll have to be on the tree all night.

The villagers have got me scared by talking about the ghost.

What are you doing? Careful. Careful.

Are you also possessed? Where are you running off to?


Wow. Come.

There is no difference between your head and tail.

Get under the ground quickly.

You'll be in big trouble if our mongoose sees you.

Come on. Go. Go.

Mr. Mongoose. Come out.

Come out now. Come out.

Come. Come on.

Come. Come out. Come on.

This way.

Come on.

You run before me. I run after you.

You run before me. I run after you.

My dear. My dear. My dear.

My dear. My dear. My dear.

Where did it go?

You've only faced snakes till now.

Try catching a scorpion.

Scared? Get it. Come on.

Why are you circling?

Now you guys fight. And I'll watch the fight.

Come on start.


Come out. Come on.

Are you deaf?

I'm telling you. Are you going to eat fish in the water only?

Look. I'll keep this fish here.

I dare you to come eat it.

So you won't come? Alright. It's lying here. I'll come again.

Uncle Bhiku. Uncle Bhiku - What is it?

What do you want?

Need a couple of fishes. - Yes. Come here.

Be careful. Come slowly.

You catch fish at the lake every day.

I need extra fish today.

Why? Do you have guests?

You may think so.

Has the ghost come to your house as guest?

Do wish to invite it to have fish?

Am I also invited? - No. Not at all.

Okay. So you ate the fish.

Come. Come. Come.

I dare you to have it before me.

I see. So it's you who eats my fish.

Hey crocodile, why didn't you tell me earlier?

Hello my friend chameleon.

Where is it?

My friend. Where are you running off to?

Please listen to me. Don't be afraid of me.

I've caught you to see how you change colours.

Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come.

Where must have he gone?

Come. Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come.

Where has he gone? Why hasn't he still not come?

Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come. Come.

Hey...Hey...The fish is right here.

Don't throw tantrums.

Here. Here. I've got it for you. Come on. Take it.

Mr. crocodile, all is well with you?

Here. I've got fish for you.

Come. Here. Up. Up. Open your mouth.

Open your mouth. Come up.

Here. Here. Here. Here. Take it.

Now eat it.

Yummy, isn't it?

Don't you want more fish?

Here. Take it. Come up. Take it. Here.

Take it. Come up. Jump. Jump.

Come on. Jump. Here.

If you learn to jump properly..

..I'll start a circus wherein crocodiles work.

I'll do what no one in the world has done.

Here. Here. Jump. Come up.

Here. Here. Take it.

I'm the king here.

While I'm here no one can do you any harm.

Here. Here. Here. Take it.

Come up. Here. Take it. Jump. Here. Here.

Here. Take it. Jump.

You like fish a lot, don't you?

Here. Here. Take it.

Open your mouth. Don't you want more?

Here. Here. Come on.

Your mouth is so big.

Here. Here. Take it.

Don't you want more? Here. Here. Come on. Take it.

Now chew on it.

I'll get fish for you every day.

Come. Let's find snakes.

Go that way. - I'll go this way only.

Search. He can't get away.

He told me they're right here. - It is. Under this.

We might find eggs. - Under the rock.

Check down there. I'll check here.

They must be here. - Hold on they're here.

Let me look here. They must be here.

They must be here for sure. - They aren't.

They're not here. - You talk rubbish.

Do you see them? - Let's search on the other end.

Basanta. What are you guys doing?

Saima, come here. I feel the eggs must be behind this.

Where? - You guys come here.

Come here. Come fast. - Let's go. He's calling us.

The eggs must be behind this. - Where is it?

Where is it? - You guys be alert.

I'll remove this. - Okay. Okay. Careful. Careful.

Do you see them? Slowly.


It's a snake. - Help. Help.

Stop staring at my face. Save me from this snake.

Help. Someone. Help.


You come.

You help me. - I'm afraid.

You help me. - No. No.

You guys are such cowards.

Ramu. Ramu, help. See. A snake. - Don't be afraid. Trust me.

Careful, Ramu. Careful.


You see how brave Ramu is. You guys are cowards.

Careful, Ramu. Careful.

Careful, Ramu.

Pick me up at least now.

I'm badly hurt.

The snake didn't bite you. Why are you screaming and shouting?

Won't it hurt if a boulder falls on my leg?

Here. Here. Come.



Come. Here.


Here. Give me 50 paisa. And Here's a sweet song for you.

Here. Give it. Give. Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Give me 50 paisa. Here's a sweet song.

Truth is dead. Lie has triumphed.

Chandrapal. Chandrapal.

Come, my king. I'll drink.

And I'll sing a sweet song for you.

Moron. You claim others poetries to be yours and throw your weight around.

So what? The voice is mine.

Have you come to listen to my song?

You're ridiculous. I had been to the sea the other day.

Never mind it.

Let's have a drink. - You always cut me off.

Hear me out.

I ventured into the sea the other day when the storm was its peak.

But why? But why did you go there in the storm?

Just generally. - I ask why.

I swear. I saw a really terrifying creature there.

Why did you see it if it was terrifying?

Why didn't you close your eyes?

Don't cry, my dear. Go to sleep. Otherwise the ghost will be here.

My mother would put me to bed every day singing this.

So you mean to say the terrifying creature you saw the other day..

..was indeed very large?

I swear. It was 40 feet long.

Did you measure it? - What nonsense. How could I measure it?

So why do you say it was 40 feet long? Deduct a few feet.

It must be 25 feet for sure.

Deduct some more feet. - Okay. 15 feet.

What's the final measurement?

Come on. You're bargaining like a merchant.

Of course. You're exaggerating its length. Do you think I'm a fool?

Don't waste time in chit chatting? Sing songs of love..

..and unite people.

Hear me out. - What hear me out?

All I want is for people to listen to my song.

Are you going to hear me out?

Do you have time to listen to my song?

Okay, you sing. I'll listen.

Movie song or a song from a play? - Movie song.

Of unison or separation? - Unison.

Amitabh's or Dharmendra's? - Amitabh's.

Love song or sad song? - Sad song.

Mohammad Rafi's or Kishore Kumar's? - Mohammad Rafi's.

Lyrics by Shailendra or by Majrooh. - Lyrics by your daddy.

I shouldn't have said I will listen.

I deserve a beating with a sandal.

Your sandal or mine? - To hell with you.

"Give me the strength so that I can quit drinking."

"I teach everyone to live by sharing my experiences."

Are you sleeping?

You're like a statue of stone.

Extremely beautiful.

I like you.

Aren't you sleeping? You are awake.

Your legs do lots of things.

You walk on them. You dig pits with them. You swim with them.

What? Your nails are so big.

Where are your ears?

Oh. So here they are.

I wondering where your ears disappeared.

You're a female.

Still your back is stone like.

You catch fish with these teeth. Eat your babies.

Your teeth are so big.

Okay. Enough of the talking.

I'm feeling sleepy. You also go to sleep.


What's the matter? - Where is Ramu?

Why? Ramu must be at school.

All the kids go to school by that route.

Then why does your son go this way?

With a fishing rod. Think. Don't mind what I said.

Ramu's mother. Haven't seen Ramu in school for a while now.

Is he unwell?

He goes to school every day. He is absolutely fine.

I haven't seen him.

He used to come to eat. Now he doesn't.

He must be getting food somewhere else.

If there is not man in the house it's the mother's duty to reform the kids.

Send him to school every day.

Where are you coming from? - From the school.

You lie, you scum.

You roam around under the pretext of school.

I raised you with much difficulty. - Don't beat me.

And you're ruining my efforts.

You roam around in the name of school.

Mother, why are you beating him? - The villagers ask.

Leave him. - Why didn't he go to school?

What has he done? Leave him.

What do I tell the villagers?

Come on. Leave me. - Shameless. Rascal.

He gets fish for us. He gets vegetables for us.

He gathers wood for us. Why are you beating him?

Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying?

Why would we have to people's taunts had his father been alive?

Right. Are they going to provide for us? How would they know about our pain?

We earn a living by selling the fish Ramu catches.

But honor also matters. - I know.

And I also know the people of this world

If the man is alive they would wish for his death.

And if he is dead they'll worship. - Stop preaching.

Ramu, don't mind mother's beating.

Fed up of people's complaints mother beat you up.

It's okay. A mother beat her son. So what?

I'll never hurt mother.

"The chameleon saves his life by changing colors every second."

"He is a fraud who changes color every second."

"The chameleon saves his life by changing colors every second."

"If you stick to a color your life can be worthwhile."

My crocodile came this way.

Why did it come to this spot?

Oh. I understood why he has dug a pit.

Swami had told me the other day..

..that crocodiles dig a pit in the ground for their eggs.

I'll come tonight and see how he lays the eggs.

Come. Come. Take. Here. Here.

Come. Come. Come.

Here. Here.

Come up. Come up. Higher. Higher.

Here. Here. Higher. A little higher.

Higher. Here. Take it. Very good.

Hey...where are you going?

You got what you wanted and off you went.

You had fish and off you went.

Okay. Okay. Go. I'll come in the evening.

Ramu, I beat you badly, isn't it? - No, mother.

I beat you bad. Is it hurting? - Not at all.

You had food?

Ramu, always listen to mother hereafter. Got it?

My son, go to school every day from tomorrow.

Okay. Okay. Won't you guys go to sleep?

It's really late. Let's sleep.

Where are you off to? - I'll go just to the backyard.

Don't go anywhere else. Come back soon. - Alright?

Come. Come. Come.

Come. Come.

Ramu. Ramu.


Get up.

What? What happened?

Did you see my crocodile?

What did you say? Frog?

How did I come here?

Hey...What did you say? - The old man can't hear.

Get up. Go freshen up quickly.

Come with me. - Where?

Forgot? We have to lay the roof.

I'm not coming to lay the roof. - You're strange.

You said you would come on Wednesday.

Now you're going back on your word.

I won't come today. Go. I'll come next tuesday.

What did you say?

He doesn't hear anything else. He hear only want he wants to hear.

What are you saying? - I'm coming. You go.

Okay. Come soon.

I have wretched luck.

Come on. - Coming.

Give me these leaves.

Hurry up. - Hold on.

Pick up the broom. Here. Hold the ladder. Come on. Properly.

Pick up those leaves. - Hold on.

Hurry up. - Here.

Why are you giving all at once? Pass one at a time.

Alright? - Hurry up.

Come on. Get some more. Stop staring.

You're still here. Go. - Okay.

Get it quickly. - Right away.

Here. Here. - Here.

Raise it higher. - Here.


Don't just stand there. Go get some more leaves.


Got some more? - Yes.

Tie it properly. - Okay

You'll get jobs regularly if you work hard.

Come on. Properly.

Carefully. Carefully. Place it.

The job's done. Off I go.

Alright. Go straight home. - Yes.

He is so impatient.

I wonder what would've been of the eggs.

I'll go check.

Where are you running off to?

I'm in great deal of hurry. I'll come back and tell.

'Where is he running off to like that? I smell a rat.'

Radha. - Coming, mother.

Oh no. The crocodile's eggs are lying broken.

It broke all the eggs so mercilessly.

Killed a mother's children.

What rascal has done this?

Oh no.

Do you know only to lay eggs?

Don't you know to protect them?

Radha, take good care of the house.

I'll come back as soon as the work's done.

But how long do I be here alone? Come soon.

I'm going to the village nearby. I'll be back soon.

Take your time. Leave the house to me and...

No. You come back soon.

Yes. I'll try. And Ramu, don't trouble your sister.

Give this to me.

Here's the glass. - Here's your shirt.

I don't want shirt or anything.

"I want to go to the village where there is no school."

"I want to study at the place where you get education from experience."

"I want to go to the village where there is no school."

"I want to study at the place where you get education from experience."

"I want to go to the village where there is no school."

"I want to study at the place where you get education from experience."

Where are they going? Let me see.

So? Did I make you wait for too long?

Here I am.

Here. Here. Open your mouth.

Here. Here. Here.

Here. Come on. Take it.

Here. Here. Up. Get it. Get it.

Come on. Here. Here. - Oh my God.

Here. Here. Very good.

Here. Here. Up. Get it. Get it.

Here. Come on.

I see. He is raising this terrifying crocodile.

Let me to go inform father right away. This is going to be fun.

Father. Father. Father. - What is it?

Why do you like you've seen a ghost?

Ramu is completely crazy. He went to the lake in the jungle.

Did you also go there? - No. I had to go.

I was on my way back home. Radha was following Ramu.

I also went to the lake to find out the secret.

That day we saw a crocodile at Shankar's house.

I saw one exactly like it. A really big crocodile.

Near the lake? - Really.

Ramu was feeding it fish.

It must be the ghostly creature that came out of the sea.

That day I told everyone they made fun of me.

Okay. Don't go near the lake. - Okay.

I'll tell the villagers and make some arrangements.

Come with me. - Okay.

Well done. You came and told me on time.

It's better if we kill that crocodile.

You saved the village like Lord Krishna. The villagers will praise you.

Well done. See you.

Don't be afraid, Basanta. I'll save you.

'That day Ramu came to my aide as my saviour.'

'Had he not saved me then I would be...'

"No. Today I'll definitely repay this favour of Ramu's.'

Why has Gajanan called us?

He has nothing to do. He calls us unnecessarily.

It's nothing important. - Come.

He has gathered the entire village. - You guys also come.

It must be something urgent. That's why he has called us.

Come on. I'll tell you. - What is it? Where are we going?

Come on, people.

Come on, let's go.

I don't know what happened.

I don't know.

Sit. Sit. - Sit down, everyone.

Sit. Sit. - Tell. What is it?

Come. Tell. - He can talk only if you keep quiet, right?

Sit. Sit. - Let the ones standing also sit.

Let everyone settle down.

Hurry up. Sit. Come on. - What are they doing?

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Brother, the other day I told that a ghostly creature come out of the sea.. guys made fun of me. Do you know what it was?

It was a crocodile. - Crocodile.

Oh my God. - Quiet. Quiet. Listen carefully.

Now do you know where it is?

In the lake in the nearby jungle.

He'll take our kids at the first opportunity. Got it?

Oh God. We can't let that happen.

If we don't act he'll eat us too.

I suggest let's go there tomorrow morning and kill it.

Do you guys say?

Yes. We should kill it. Kill it. Kill it.

He is in that lake far away. Let it be there.

How is he going to harm us?

In the rivers of north India, numerous crocs live.

They don't kill humans.

You keep quiet. Come. I'll throw you into the lake.

Then let's see if it kills you or hugs you.

Kill that croc immediately.

Otherwise the croc will kill all of us.

He is right. - What is he talking about?

Has he gone crazy?

Not just the croc's teeth. Its mouth is also big.

A swing of the tail is enough to kill a man. Got it?

You fool. A crocodile never attacks with its tail.

A foreigner told us about crocs on TV the other day.

It lives in water.

He won't come to our houses to bite us.

How would that foreigner know about our village's croc?

Heard that kid?

To hell with him.

There is a huge difference between reading books and watching TV.

I guess this boy doesn't know that.

It's better if we kill this crocodile.

All I know is that crocs eat frogs, rats, goose etc.

And eats fish. It doesn't harm humans.

What you say is correct.

In Kerela, there is this lake in a temple in my mother's village.

There are numerous crocs in it.

We used to bathe in it every day. They never bit us.

All those crocs are God's crocs.

This is a wild croc.

If you go near it, it will eat you in a flash.

Radha. Radha. I've made a huge mistake.

That's nothing new.

No. What I just did is a really big mistake.

You followed Ramu this morning, isn't it? - Yes.

How do you know? - I followed you.

Is it?

So what did you see? Tell me.

I saw Ramu feeding a croc at the lake in the jungle.

Yes, Basanta. He is really brave.

The croc too plays with him lovingly.

They share strange love.

Whatever I saw, I told the entire thing to my father.

You fool. That's disastrous. Your father won't keep quiet.

That's true. He told everyone.

The villagers have gathered under the banyan tree.

You idiot. The villagers will go and kill that croc. Understand?

Ramu loves that croc a lot.

And this mistake of yours will break his heart.

Indeed. I accept.

We'll have to save that croc anyhow.

Let's do this. If we hide it somewhere it will be safe.

We'll have to do something.

First let's go inform Ramu. Come on.

Yes. Let's go.

Ramu. - Ramu.

Where has he gone?

Sister, let's go that way. - Yes.



Ramu. - Ramu.

What happened? Why are you running towards me like that?


Ramu, all the villagers have set out to kill your friend..

..with sticks, knives and machetes.

Oh no. How did they find out?

Who told them about the croc at the lake?

What happened is Basanta followed you today.

And he got scared when he saw you feeding the croc.

He ran back and told his grumpy father everything.

You sinner. You're worse than your father.

Never mind. Save the taunts.

What do we do now? Say.

I am at my wits end.

Ramu, there is a way.

Why don't we go hide that croc somewhere else?

Great. Is he a tiny rat to hide it?

You went and told your father everything. And now you're advising us.

You fool. Even a monkey would be wiser than you.

We'll have to do something before the villagers get there.

Think fast.

What should I do? Relocate him to the sea.

But we don't have time. The villagers will be here any minute.

You guys don't know. How dare Ramu. He is raising a croc.

He is raising our death.

But a human is more dangerous than a croc.

Don't talk much.

My son followed Ramu to that spot.

If the croc had seen my son, he would've eaten him.

My son almost met with calamity today.

But will your children be that lucky in the future?


You're right, Gajanan.

Sakubai, take care of your grandson.

You also warn your son.

Why should we let our children die? Why not kill the croc?

Yes. We should kill it. We should kill it.

It is dangerous. We should kill it. Or it will kill us.

It is dangerous. We should kill it.

We'll kill it after offering prayers to the Goddess.

We'll kill it after offering prayers to the Goddess first thing in the morning.

Listen. Listen. Relax. Calm down. Stop fighting.

Listen. We'll have to kill it.

No. We will not kill it.

Brother, listen. We will have to kill it. Come.

Let's go. Get up.

Come on. We'll kill it. We'll kill it.

We'll kill it. We'll kill it. We'll kill it. We'll kill it.

Come on, let's go.

I have an idea.

Let's take it to the other side of the lake anyhow.

This is child's play?

There is dense jungle in the middle. How are we going to take it?

There is a way.

If we break that bank he'll run away on his own.

But just two people will not be able to break the bank.

But it's the three of us.

Three of us? Are you including yourself too?

Will you be able to do this?

These things are not meant for women. It's such a huge bank.

They'll get here by the time we break it.

Why can't I do it? God has given me two hands and two legs.

Whatever. Don't underestimate women.

Come on. Let's stop talking and get working.

Okay. You two leave. I'll get the spade, axe and rope.

Come on, Basanta.

You know the route, right?

Yes. I took this route the other day.

What the heck. This doesn't seem to be that route. What's wrong?

What's wrong? Why did you stop?

I don't understand. - Tell me. What's the matter?

What's wrong with me?

You said you know the route.

Yes I did. But I...

What do I do?

You've got me in a fix.

Idiot. Let's sit there till Ramu comes.

Come on. - Okay. Let's go.

Now what do we do?

Why are these guys sitting here?

Basanta, hold this. - Darn it.

You're here.

I have got all the tools. - I'll carry the rope and spade.

Okay. - I'll carry the spade.

Ramu, I can breathe now that you're here. - Hurry up. They must be on the way.


Come on. Let's go. - Come on.

You're the root cause of all the problem. Come fast.


Ramu, will be able to even see the croc in this darkness?

Leave that to me.

Sister, hold my hand. - Yes.

My God. It's pitch dark.

Be careful. I know the way.

As I come here every day.

Come on. Do your job. Don't brag.

Where is the croc?

Where is it? - I would find it here every day.

Where has it disappeared?

Look, there it is.

Yes. Let's get to work. Fast. Come on.

Hurry up or those people might show up.

O Mother, save our kids from that croc.

O Goddess, you're our saviour.

O Goddess, please protect us.

'I see. So these people are going to kill Ramu's croc.'

'I'll have to stop them anyhow.'

'This looks like a good idea.'

'They'll pass by this way.'

"Let me lay these thorns here."

'Let me tie a rope securely in their way.'

'They'll trip over the rope in the dark and break their legs.'

'They think they can kill Ramu's croc.'

Push it this way. This way.

Pick up the pace. - I am.

Ramu, what must have been here previously?

The wall of a house.

You see. I've dug such a deep pit. - I saw. Okay?

What happened? What happened? - A skull. Ramu, remove it. Remove it.

Don't be afraid, my warrior. - Don't pick it up.

Never mind. - Ramu!

How can the dead harm anyone? - Throw it away, Ramu.


That's enough. Let's get the croc out.

I'm scared.

Come. Come. Come.

Here. Here. Come. Come on.

Come. Come. Here. Here.

Come. Come. Come.

Here. Here. Come. Come on.

Slide the noose carefully. - Yes.

Tie it securely.

Come on. Hurry up. - Hold the rope.

Pull fast. Pull fast. Careful.

He is opening his mouth. - Pull fast.

Pull fast.

Hold it tightly, Basanta.

Hold the rope tightly.

Pull. Harder.

Pull. Harder. Harder.

My hands are hurting a lot.


Make sure it doesn't go onto the other side.


Pull. - Pull.

Pull harder.

Ramu, he's going to the other side.

No matter what. Keep pulling. This way.

Come on, people.

What is this?

Thorns. Watch out. There are thorns here.

Remove the thorn. Come on.

Remove the thorn. Come on. Careful.

My arms are burning badly.

Looks like the villagers are coming.

Ramu. Hurry up. The villagers are here. - Yes, sister.

Pull fast.

Oh God. See. He's going on his own.

That's great. He'll get to the sea quickly.

Let's do this. Let's kill it.

Sister, he's going towards the sea.

Yes. I'm glad we got here on time.

Let's pull it all the way to the sea quickly.

Sister, look, the villagers are here.

Hurry up. Come fast. Very good.

Hurry up.

There it is. Get it.

My croc. Go. Go, my friend. Don't worry. I guess we met only to part.

Don't worry about me. Go, friend. Go. Go.

Kill it. Kill it.

The villagers are here. What's going to happen now?

Don't worry. I'll take it deep into the sea.

Ramu. - Where are you going? Ramu.

Kill it. Kill it.

Go, my friend. Hurry up. Otherwise the villagers will kill you.

Go, my friend. Hurry up.

Ramu. Ramu. - Go, my friend.


Stop. Don't throw. Ramu might get hurt.

Ramu. - Ramu.

Go, my friend. - Hats off to Ramu. Look at Ramu.

Ramu. - Look at Ramu go.

Ramu. - He is the bravest.

Ramu, careful. Ramu, come out. - Come out.

This is no mean feat.

Ramu is alive. Yes. Ramu and his sister both.

Ramu. Ramu, are you alright?

Are you alright? - Yes. I'm fine.

Is he Basanta, the son of our brave warrior?

Sister, I feel like seeing the croc one last time.

No. Now let's go home, Ramu. - Well done, kid. Well done.

God bless.

But how come the croc spared you? He didn't kill him.

Well done. God bless you.

He is awesome. - You did an amazing thing, Ramu.

My brother is so brave.

He is our son. Brave son.


My croc's egg.