Doslo doba da se ljubav proba (1980) - full transcript

Mary's problem was solved another state without health consequences. Now Mary is strictly controlled by the parents but still finishing high school. Bob and Mary continue their love, but there is a conflict in their families, Zika and Dara, Coils parents for the wedding ending romantic relationships of their children, and Milan and Helen, Mary's mother and father to break the connection.


Good morning.. May I speak with Maria please ?

I am the School board secretary of the youth

Yes,we should make a deal about an Action of collecting the waste paper





Foolish years 2 : The time has come to feel the taste of love


Good day

I am professor Orlic,Maria's class teacher

No,actually,I'm calling about radiography which suddenly's
been scheduled for today at 9:00 am




It didn' t work again


Good afternoon,a librarian from the city library is on the phone

The pupil Maria Djordjevic didn't bring back some books

So she should to bring them back because we have an inventory soon


It would be perfect if she is able to come immediately



I imagine him-holding a sword,wearing the harem pants,with his bloodshot eyes and a single earring

And in the list of tenants is an inscription-
Proffesion:guardian of the harem

Shut up,please..

Why should I?

Because you should to!.


Good afternoon.May I speak with Maria please?

Who are you ?

I am mother of Vesna,her schoolmate

Vesna wasn´t at school for two days so I wanted to ask if they've studied something new and if they have some homework

Ah,yes. But why Vesna didn't call her ?

She sounds hoarse

She can't speak because of it

Oh,poor child


Listen me
You,mother of some unknown student

Tell to them-to the librarian,to the collector of the waste paper and that one who called about radiography

Here is no any Maria

Don't call us anymore

Because here is no one to answer you but me.

Is this clear to you ?

So,her papa has won in the first round

Never mind

But match isn't finished yet,right?


38.250 dinars

Here..Take it,please..

Don't you have any bill of smaller value?-But that's small enough..

All costs 38.250 dinars.
And I can put it all into the one little bag

Thanks much..-Your welcome.
-Take this..

-Goodbye and all the best to you

Oh,good afternoon,my neighbour
-Oh,I'm glad..

-And I am afraid now if I forgot to buy something

However,there will be scolding...


Well.. I wanna ask you..
How's Boba ?

Boba is fine..Flying guy..You know..Wild years..He should be at the school now..


And h...Hey,neighbour.

How did it end up ?

I don't know...
what are you talking about?

I mean..The situation about little Maria?


Who is Maria?
I don't understand

Well..OK..Never mind.
I was just asking..

Hey,neighbour..Explain me that..
Maybe I forgot..

You know..Lidia,my daughter..
-Oh,of course I know her..

Boba and Lidia are friends since they met at the primary school..-Yes..

Look..She told me something recently..

It's not nice,you know..
I have one daughter..

And if something like that would happen to my daughter.
-Excuse me..What happened to her ?

It didn't happen to her,thanks to God..It happened to Boba's Maria..

You know..I mean..
It happened to both, Boba and Maria..

I don't understand anything..Can you explain me better,please?

They are still kids..So,we should care more about them..And warn them about some things..

For example..Look..
You are parent too..

How would you feel if your kid gets pregnant?

My son gets pregnant ?

No,no,not your Boba..If you would have
a little daughter..


Dara,come here !

What's wrong,Zika? House is not in the flame.
-Keep these stuffs

And,you know,Dara..F*** his sun..
I'll beat him like a cat..

To beat who ? and your "Mother's beloved" son.

How did he dare to do it to me ?

Calm down,Zika,my dear..
Are you insane?

Am I insane?..yeah..
What about you and your son,you are not insane ?..

I should be disgraced now in front of the whole world...

People approach me on the street

"You know,my neighbour.It's not nice..

Imagine that you have an underage daughter
and she gets pregnant..and than, do an illegal abortion"

Why are you staring at me so ?
I've just been stopped by Lidia's father.

What? Lidia ?Huh..
-Not Lidia..Maria..

Maria ? Which Maria ?

His Maria..Magdalene..And what will her parents talk about us now ?

What did we teach our kid ?

Huh,we? The girls should be taught of
how to protect herself.

Not boys..Come on,Zika.

Why than your father didn't tell me that? He just grabbed my throat and brought me in front of the registrar.

You've educated your son "pretty good"
while I worked hard inside of the German sewers..

Zika..That's about our son Boba ?

Hey.. look there..
Maria with her mum again..

Like the dog on a leash..
What a life..

I think that my parents would do the same
if I did something similar

Maria..Wait a moment..

How many subjects do you have today? - 6

I will come for you..

Mum, please.
I can go home alone.

No way.You remember what your father said.

-->Maria's child