Doses of Horror (2018) - full transcript

At an asylum, patients were subjected to watching horror films for psychiatric study. They all went mad and now those films have been unearthed.

¶ music ¶

¶ dark music ¶

¶ dark music ¶

May I see your clearance?

Now may I see the file please?

Will Mr. Paul Heller please
call reception

How dare you go through my

It's just part of the job

but you were the last person to
see him alive

and had dinner with him on
the night he was murdered

Why do you say "murdered"?


Well, we had dinner that night.

Uh, whenever we work late,
we always have dinner.

Uh, Gretchen knew about it.

- Gretchen?
- WOMAN: His wife.

How convenient.

All right.

You might as well know.

We went to dinner
at the Flamingo Bar and Grill.

And by about 10 o'clock,

we were playing kneesies under
the table, and having dessert.

Like the good old days.

And then we went to the motel.

And then it happened.

What happened?

We balled, and we balled,
and we balled.

Till he dropped dead.


NEIL: Let's go to lunch.

[Motorcycle revving]

[Music playing]

[Heavy breathing]

[Bees buzzing]

[Dramatic music playing]

[Birds chirping]

[projector noise]

There, seems to be
working all right.

Now, tell me again
what it is you're looking for.

I don't know, it's just
something Peters said.

"They're dropping like flies".

It's just a long shot.

Let's go.

outnumber in species

all the rest
of the animal kingdom.

Insects represent
the highest grade of evolution

among invertebrate animals,

not only in terms of their
complexity of structure,

but also in their
psychic development.

[Fire crackling]



You mind if I smoke?

I'm allergic
to cigarette smoke.

Oh, well, it's just a bad--

Sure you wouldn't
like some dessert?

No, I don't think so.
See, I've got to watch my, uh--

SUSAN: Just a taste?

Well, uh-- Hmm, just a--



- It's good.
- Another taste?

HERB: Mmm.

The visual organs of insects

consist of compound eyes.

The entire image an
insect sees, consequently,

is a mosaic made up
of as many units

as there are facets
to the cornea.

Multiple vision occurs

the entire insect world.

[Ominous music playing]


The complete metamorphosis

of the insect to its adult
state occurs within the pupa.

Finally, the worker bees tear
open the milky white pupa,

allowing the queen to emerge.

Here, the queen has been
marked with a red spot.

The survival of a hive
depends upon a fertile queen.

Many queens are developed
until one can be made fertile.

During her lifetime, the queen
will lay up to 20 million eggs.

[Romantic music playing]




[Zipper unzipping]

[Herb sighs]

Examples of the female

killing the male during mating

are numerous
in the insect world.

Here, the black widow awaits
the arrival of her mate,

and if the male,
upon sexual contact,

is not extremely nimble,
his fate is sealed.

The female praying mantis
not only

kills the male upon mating, but
even proceeds to devour him.

Similarly, the queen bee
mates in mid-flight.

[Music playing]


- [Meaning]





[film projector]

¶ music ¶

WOMAN: Calm down,
it'll be all right.

[Muffled screaming]

WOMAN: Take it easy.
Calm down.

Come on.

[Muffled screaming continues]

[Music playing]

[Machine whirring]

[Softly moaning]

[Machine whirring and beeping]

[Ominous music playing]

[Machine whirring]

[Machine winding down]

[Machine beeping]


[Buzzing gets louder]

[Drums playing]

[Throwing switch]

[Music playing]

[Softly moans]

[Machine whirring]

[Machine humming and beeping]

[Electrical humming]

[Ominous music playing]

¶ music ¶

Don't move for a couple ten
years or so

the suckers upstairs blew up
from the radiation

I mean we got it made here

Sounds like a plan to me

I like it

What do you say?

We'll see what happens

You got some bug in your butt
about this place?

That's right

So do I

You two want to go back out and
fry in the rain?

I just think we should keep our
options open, that's all

Hey, we will check it out

we will just check it out

Well, I'll tell you one thing

this soldier is optioning
herself into a hot shower

for a couple hundred light years

I better go stand guard duty

[pants unzip]

What are you doing?

Standing guard

no you're not

90% of household accidents
happen in the bath

I'm standing guard

no you're not!

I'm not


you're going to come, and
soap my backside

What's the matter, can't you
handle it?

I can handle anything

well then look alive soldier


[computer noises]

[computer noises]

You're a big help...

¶ romantic music ¶


slowly... slow


¶ music ¶

[bus engine]

I guess that is Tolnia

Doesn't appear very large,
does it?

It's a welcome sight, Tolnia

Our tired and mistreated bodies
will be grateful

[engine stops]

There's no one

They retire so early in this

You've never lived in a small
villiage, have you?

We're in the center of town

Here we should find the hotel,
the city hall

the fountain in the plaza

never fails

Why do we stop and look

There's a sign out there that

Bar, beds, food.

¶ music ¶

Bar, bed, food.

Do we need anything more?

What do we do with the body?

¶ music ¶

This isn't bad

Notice anything strange?

Strange? Such as?

Where is everyone?

In the villiage there were no

but in a bar you can always
find someone

Welll, it's not a villiage of

someone at least has had a
drink here recently

I'm of the same opinion of

if they're ghosts at least they
know how to take care of themselves

Rum. Cognac. Gin.

And local drinks

That's quite a selection

Anybody here?

There's no one

Don't worry

[door close]

It's a bit chilly...

Do you live here?

No, I've been here about an hour

I took a walk around the village
but didn't see a living soul

Could be they're in church

The whole town? That's

And why?

Because I thought the same thing

But in this whole villiage
there's not a single church

They'll come, meanwhile let's
have a drink, what do you say?


Are you tourists?

Well, something like that

I travel a lot

I have an American car made
in 70

I had the bright idea to take a

off the main highway to
gain time

That's the reason I'm in Tolnia

And I'm not sorry

I forgot to tell you there are
some beds upstairs

Maybe there's no one in this

but they certainly have
everything ready for visitors

Who's complaining? No one!

Are we going to bed without
eating anything?

It won't be the first time
you've done it

[clothes rustle]

¶ sexy music ¶

[door closes]

Ah, not another movement

Motionless as a tomb

You would allow her to enter

would that be opportunity

I think she moves


which is preferable

if she enters, she'll wish to
speak to my wife

My wife, my wife...

What wife?

I have no wife

An unsupportable idea

better to have in this moment an
erormous eclipse

of the sun, moon and the stars

and this terrified world open
and swallow us all

Thank you

You've made me happy

Thank you Ceasar...

Countess, you...

No Ceasar

You don't have to tell me

¶ sexy music ¶




[creepy buzzing]


¶ sexy music ¶

[door close]

¶ music ¶

¶ eerie music ¶

¶ eerie music ¶

¶ exciting music ¶

Coffee will be ready in about
5 minutes

I've got to get back to the
clinic right away

Will you be joining us for
dinner later on, won't you?

Of course

I'll see you out

Okay, if you'll excuse me

it was nice meeting you

nice meeting you too doctor

¶ music ¶

and, ugh...

don't make any plans for
after dinner

you were pretty tough on
Gale tonight

as a matter of fact, I think you
handled the matter very badly

I thought it was a rather
pleasant dinner

I'm not talking about dinner and
you know it

¶ eerie music ¶

I know

fifty thousand dollars, my sweet

fifty thousand dollars...

as soon as the will is probated

and daddy's business affairs are
in perfect order

ten days to two weeks

I'll get the money back to you

I swear it

don't swear

please don't swear

I don't want the money

¶ music ¶

I have you

make no mistake about it

I do have you

You are a bitch

Come here bitch!

¶ music ¶

¶ music ¶

Here are Victoria's keys

You're welcome to stay the night
if you like

Oh, no thank you, I haven't been
in my apartment in days

spiders must be having a ball

good night Gale

good night Ms. Turner

thank you

[door close]

[door locks]

¶ eerie music ¶


¶ weird music ¶

¶ music ¶

Initiates are you prepared to
enter the Tri Delta sorority?

Yes, I hope so

Then let us begin








Oh, please






Oh baby


Wow, what channel is this?

It's not TV jerk

We've got to get a better view

I don't want to leave here


We'll go around the back, come


Wait for the commercial!

It's not TV!

[spanking noises]

¶ music ¶

[more spanking]

[more spanking]

[more spanking]

[door crash]

He's drunk on a can of beer










I think it's time for whip cream

Whipped cream?

That ought to cool them off

[screams and laughs]

Okay, up to the shower and
clean up

and then we'll have the last
part of the initiation


bye girls


come here

I think I'll be deciding the final
part of the initiation, you understand?

This robe is murder

I feel like I've been initiated

Will you just look at my hair,

god, so what's with the scare
tactics Babs

you sounded pretty evil
back there

I'll say, didn't you get enough
jollies with your paddle?

I mean, they took more than we
ever got

Honey, I haven't begun



You really should consider
prison work babe

Brutal Babs, the wicked warden


¶ 80's music ¶


What do you think Babs
has planned for us?

I don't know, I didn't like the
sound of her voice

she gives me the creeps

I don't mind the whip cream, but I'm
not going to let her whack me around

We have to do what she wants

Or we won't get in to the

I'm not putting up with any more
torture from Babs

No sorority is worth that

Look, we'll stick around and see
what she has planned

it might not be so bad

¶ music ¶


¶ music ¶

[shower sounds]



¶ music ¶

This is your room Mr. Bacall

[door opens]

And this is yours Mr. Mason

[door opens]

[light click]

I can't stand stuffy rooms

Don't you ever air it out?

It's impossible Sir

Why's it impossible?

The window is sealed shut

Sealed shut?

Yes Sir

After the accident that
inexplicably caused the life of

Rudolf VonFurburg in 1738


That's enough of your grusome
stories, get out, scoot!

[door slams]

I'll never be able to sleep all
alone in this castle

Shall we share a room?

I have just the room for you



[boiling sounds]


I showed them all to thier rooms

Fine, serve dinner at 8 o'clock

[liquid noises]

¶ music ¶

¶ music ¶

If I don't help you it will be
too late for dinner

Give me another few minutes

I'm exhausted

¶ music ¶

¶ music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

Here I'll undo it for you

¶ sexy music ¶

[bath sounds]

[bath sounds]

Let me help you

or you'll be there forever

if I don't help you you'll
be too late for dinner

You've got such lovely skin

¶ sexy music ¶

I know your tastes Howard

you haven't taken your eyes off
of her since we started out

enough of that Nancy

that girl doesn't mean a thing to me, you
understand, you can stop being jealous

The moment we got here you
couldn't wait to flirt with her

My money is all that interests

That was the only reason you
proposed to me, wasn't it?

I have a good mind to divorce

Come now darling, how could I
ever live without you

Sometimes Howard I wonder

¶ sexy music ¶





¶ sexy music ¶

[moans and breaths]

[moans and breaths]

¶ sexy music ¶


[window opens]





¶ eerie music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

Don't let me disturb you

Tell me, how is it you're always
in the drawing room at this hour

It's very late

I must have dosed off

I think I'll go to bed now

Am I to assume my company
doesn't please you?


why are you so nervous?

I'm not used to being with
someone so beautiful

Do you really think I'm




Do you have a cigarette?

And you?

I never smoke








¶ sexy music ¶



[speaking Latin]

¶ scary music ¶


¶ scary music ¶

No use running away Alvin

You will die like the others

The others?

Yes, I killed them all

I killed them in a state of
mortal sin

They will be damned as victims
of depravity

Why did they have to die?

I'm a succubus


¶ eerie music ¶



¶ music ¶

¶ dramatic music ¶

Hey, do you think the reason they wouldn't
let us in to Tori's is because of my hair?

No baby, it's not because of
your hair

Your hair looks great, fuck them

Let's go home and fuck

This cunt doesn't turn you on

everytime you see another woman
you want to fuck her

you want me?

I want you

You crazy

Leave me alone bitch

What's your problem?

You, you're my fucking problem

I know I would have got into
Tori's if it wasn't for you

Fuck you, you see what you did,
she's gone, alright...


You're fucking crazy!

Come to me baby

I've been waiting for you baby

You want me

And you'll do anything

to have me

¶ music ¶

You want me so bad

you give devil your soul

won't you baby?

¶ evil music ¶

[magic sounds]

¶ evil music ¶

[goo sounds]

Snake, where are you?

I'm sorry, okay?

Snake, where the fuck are you?

I don't even have car fare
back to Queens

[magic sounds]


So, what's wrong with sex?

It's the most natural thing that
people can do

The orientals think that the soul
and sexuality are very connected

That's right

That's why I try to make the
connection with souls when I can

you're turning this all around


What did I do?

Nothing, I just don't like to be
touched there is all

My lips are soft

Look, I have this thing about my
neck since, well, forever

Ten shrinks, and...

thousands of bucks later I'm
still no closer to an answer

What the fuck happened to Snake?

Kat Lerox

It's alright

How do you know my name?

Let go of me

You don't want me too

It feels good

It excites you

No, what happened to Snake?

You've been turned on by other
girls your whole life

You used to sleep with Nancy

and you wanted to kiss her

Snake never turned you on

He didn't even know where
to touch you

You want me to touch you

right now

¶ music ¶

¶ evil music ¶

¶ evil music ¶

[growing sounds]

[growing sounds]



[monster growls]

Come children

¶ music ¶


¶ music ¶



[car crash sounds]


[flames burning]

[flames burning]



Anna, Anna!



help me


Help me





yes, darling, closer...

no, no


Look at me Michael

It's me


Your sweet Anna



I've come back

We can start all over again

I love you so much, I always

oh no

oh no, this can't be happening

it isn't possible

oh my god have mercy on me,
god help me!


It's not possible

It is possible darling

Don't be afraid

let yourself go

you're still a man

don't be ashamed of it

love me

take me

we can stay together forever now


no, stop it, stop it!

Get away from me, get away!

Why are you rejecting me?

Why don't you want me?

You used to be inside me

It wasn't a sin then

Come on, do it again

I'm ready for you

come on, take me

quiet Satan!

Those are not Anna's words

it is not she who speaks

My Anna was pure

You think you're a saint now

You're not

You're a man

And what a man

Don't you remember?

all we come together united

our bodies moving as one

It is not Anna who speaks

You are the devil and you shall
not have my soul!

Think of how it was Michael

Think of me

Love me

Love me Michael

Help me

Oh please, help me Michael


[cries] Oh, Michael!

¶ music ¶

You almost gave in, didn't you?

You've got just as much
remorse as the rest of us

Only you thought you could get
rid of it by joining the church

No priest, no, no

The only way to get rid of it

is by accepting love

and death

and sin priest

and I can take you where it's
all happening

adultery and incest


and love mister priest, love

and death!

We've suffered so much

but it's over now my love

I've come for you

it's all ending

¶ music ¶

¶ music ¶

[coffin opening]

¶ sexy music ¶

¶ dance music ¶


Lights, lights, put on the

You're an angel Suzy!

[laughs and cheers]

Priceless Suzy! Every thing I
have is yours

Oh forget it, she's gone


And what might your offering be
for a little drink?

Or don't you want me to drink
with you?

What we doing?

Forgive me

What will you have to drink?

Ah, now that's better

Champange, thanks

bring some champange

very good sir

the very best

yes miss


sorry, I thought it was a wig

no darling, it's all mine


How much you offering then?

A thousand pounds enough?

Do you mean it?

A thousand pounds...

and what do I have to do to earn
that much money my lord?

spend the weekend with me




¶ dancing music ¶


¶ dancing music ¶

Come here to me

Remmeber, you must do whatever
I ask

Whatever I ask...

But of course my lord, I'll do
whatever you want


put these on





uh huh






Go on

Go on

¶ music ¶

¶ music ¶



¶ eerie music ¶

Don't move

Stay where you are mister

throw you hands on the deck
there, I told you not to move!

I mean it

one more step and I'm going to
blast you, now freeze where you are

don't move I said


don't move!

[gun shots]


¶ eerie music ¶

let's stop for a while I want
to take some shots

how about it?

come on, it looks fantastic down


[waves crashing]





¶ eerie music ¶


¶ eerie music ¶

[weird noises]

¶ eerie music ¶

[crunch noises]


¶ eerie music ¶


¶ eerie music ¶


[strange noise]


[heavy breathing]







¶ music ¶



There must be something else

besides vodka mixed with blood

you'd think after all these

the mark of civilization would
have come across one other product

that mixes with vod...


Do you want to get rich?

Find something that will keep
its own flavor

without effecting the flavor of
the blood

though I look old

yet I'm strong and lusty

for in my youth, I never did

hot and rebellious liquers in
my blood

Shakespeare was a vampire





¶ sexy music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

¶ sexy music ¶

It's almost perfect

that's enough for me honey

just a little bit closer

you know, the perfect thing
would be

have breakfast in bed and watch
the sun come up

perfect would be if the sun never
came up and I could stay here forever

you're going to stay right here,
just like this

well you know, I'm going to have
to get back to base sooner or later

later honey, much later

whose turn is it?

one of you must know where
my clothes are

you're not going anywhere

I'd just like to know
where they are

we like you just the way you are

whose turn is it?

whoever gets there first

well it must be getting
very late

we better hurry then honey

¶ music ¶