Dos estaciones (2022) - full transcript

Fifty-year-old María García is the owner of Dos Estaciones, a once-majestic tequila factory struggling to stay afloat and the final hold-over from generations of Mexican-owned tequila plants in the highlands of Jalisco; the rest have folded to foreign corporations. Once one of the wealthiest people in town, María knows her current financial situation is untenable. When a persistent plague and an unexpected flood cause irreversible damage, Maria is forced to do everything she can to save her community's main source of economy and pride.

Is the fire too low?

Okay, that's better.

-Everything is here.
-It's more than enough for everyone.

I work on the land
right over there.

And there is a really bad plague.
Have you seen it here?

Yeah, there's some here. That's why
we're harvesting this now.

But it's also the right
age at five years.

It's almost ripe, too.
So it's old enough to harvest.

-Good morning, Juan.
-Good morning.


You're welcome.


-It doesn't want to start, ma'am?
-No, Juan. Can you take care of it?

If it starts, give the keys to Rosa,

Of course.


Good morning!

Good morning!

Place the sticker upward Juanita,
otherwise you will be here all night.

Sounds good.

-Good morning Cirilo.
-Good morning señora María.

-Beto, how many have you done?
-One palette ma'am.

-Is there sufficient fuel?
-Yes, we have enough.

-We're ready to start it up.
-Great, we should let everyone know.

-Did they fix the pump?
-Yes, it's ready too.

-And you saw it working?
-Yes I did.

-Here comes Pepe.

-Good morning Cirilo!
-Good morning!

-What's up?
-How's it going?

-All good.
-How's it going here?

-Excuse me, I'm going.
-Go ahead.

Cirilo, will you leave the gate open,
I'll be coming back this week.

I wanted to tell you María that
the Fusarium plague is coming back.

-And so, I want to come by more often.
-Thank you.

It's ready! Move the car forward a little,
so I can close the doors.

Go around and get the
paperwork from Cirilo!

-You're welcome.


-Thank you.



-How's it going ma'am?
-How's Sofi doing?

She's recuperating ma'am.
Thank you.

That's good.

Look. I'll make up your
salary as soon as I can.

It's okay. Don't worry about
it ma'am, I understand.

Say hello to all the family.

Of course, ma'am.
I'll see you later.


Bring me warm tortillas
and take these.

I'll bring them right away.

-Good afternoon ma'am.
-Good afternoon Juan.

I'm starting my shift.

-Excuse me.

Go ahead.

Sorry ma'am, could I borrow
the plow that's in storage?

I'd like to try
growing some corn.

In storage...oh, yeah take it.

-Thank you, ma'am.

Let me know
if it's too tight.

Same as always?


Take a spoon
or a fork, Gael.

Fabián, can you pass me a fork
for Gael... Give it to Gael.

No Gael, don't play
with your food.

Ah, María is here.

Hot dog!

Good afternoon.

Hi ma'am. It's great that
you could make it.

Hi Rosa, here is the gift.

-Thank you, Rosa.
-You can put that on the table.

There's a seat for you here.

-Do you want something to drink?
-Yeah, you know...

-Yes, please.

One tequila for Señora María, please.

-Are you hungry? Can I bring you food?
-The tequila first, please.

-Thank you.
-Of course.


Are there any more plates?

They're gone.

Who didn't get a piece of cake?


Do you want some also?

I'll serve you.

Wait! Wait!

Ok, ok, ok!

Everyone sing to her!

Go! Go! Do not lose the target because
if you lose it, you'll lose your way!

-Can I sit?
-Of course.

-How's the party going for you?
-Too many children, no?


Is it tequila?

-Do you want some?


No! Pour it in
one like mine.

Yes, ma'am.

-It doesn't taste the same.
-I bet.

Thank you.

Alright, cheers!

Wow, it's really tasty.
I can taste the barrel.

-You know?
-Of course.

I worked for more than
ten years in a tequila factory.

There were layoffs
and I got the bad news.

And I moved here;
I haven't been here for too long.

What did you do?

So many things...

Where do I begin?

Well, look...

I oversaw the warehouse, I did inventory,
I helped my boss manage employees.

I handled payroll. You see,
a little bit of everything.

I helped my boss with
tequila inventories.

I handled merchandise
entering and leaving the factory.

Many things...

I also oversaw government regulations.
You must know that's a challenge.

Sometimes I even managed
the janitors...

And even fed the horse!
Why not? A little bit of everything.

You must've charged a lot
of money for all of that.

Only what was fair.


You know.

Do you also cook?

Not really.

I'm joking.

I almost fell for it.

I'm actually looking for someone
with your profile.


Señora María!

Oh, I see...

-Wait a second.
-Of course.

You tell me...

I can't promise you anything,
but come by the factory tomorrow.

Really? Just tell me
what time and I will be there.

-Come in the afternoon.
-Alright. I won't be late.

Señora María,
will you take a photo with us?

-It was nice to meet you.
-But it's a family photo Rosa.

You are part of the family.

Cousin, get over here!

-Me too?

Yamis, come!

-Do I leave my hat on?
-However you like!

Come here,
next to María.

Hey, Mauricio you're blocking me.

Get a little bit

Gael, look at
the camera, honey.

One, two...
Hey, smile a little bit!


And here are
my ovens.

Two on this side.

-Can I go in?
-Yeah, just be careful.

The four of them
are made of clay.

They're quite spacious.

They're big... The agave pines arrive
there and then go to the grinding belt.

Five mills and
the chopping machine.

And here are the tanks for
juices and nectar.

We produce our own yeast.

Oh, yeah?

My yeast is preserved in the National
Polytechnic Institute... My mother yeast.

-No way! Really?

Wow, that must cost you
a good chunk of money.

It's worth it.

Then, from the twenty-liter tank
it goes to the three hundred one...

and then flows down to
these of three thousand.


And here's where it's
mixed together...

...of juices, nectar and yeast.

-That's what they call mosto. You know?
-Yes, I know.

Our fermentation begins here.

Look, here's where they should
put the final product.

And here all the materials.
Like it should be.

And there put the empty boxes
and caps. Because it looks a mess.

-Look at where the boxes and caps are.

That's why I need someone
with your profile.

To help me.

Those details really matter.

They really do.

But you know there's
a serious agave crisis right now.


But this factory is projected to expand,
we're going to do really well.

It's just that right now
I can't pay you a full salary.

-But I could give you housing and food.

Well, if it's not too much to ask for,
I'd be grateful.

Not at all, we'll help each other!



Oh, yes. They're here.

These are the bank
statements for the year.


Check them.

And know what?

You're going to come with me
on Saturday when I pay the workers.

So, they can meet you.


Eventually you
can do it on your own.

Look. This is my list
of agave farmers.

The ones with the asterisks...
It's urgent for you to call them.


Because it's urgent to
buy agave from them.

-Yeah, I will.

This one especially,
I have dealt with him for months.

And I don't know why he won't answer
my calls now. Insist.

This one, right?

-Yeah, that one.

You said this is urgent right?


-The agave.

I have a relative that
does that for a living.

What's his name?

His name is Eduardo Fuentes
but they call him Lalo.

I don't know him.

He's been doing it for years.
And he really...

He gets really good quality agaves
at respectable prices.

You see how people are stealing
agave now.

And the foreign factories
are buying everything up.

If you want, I'll give you his contact.

I'm interested, but you
speak with him first.

You know him better.

Okay, I'll try to reach
him tomorrow.

Talk to me before you agree
on anything.

Price, anything... you let me know.


Yeah, that sounds good.
Tomorrow I'll keep you posted.

You can count on it.

Are you on a diet?


You're very skinny.

I've always been this way.

It's a compliment.


Fucking Americans.

Ma'am, I'd like to introduce you to Lalo.
Can you come for a second?

Let's go.


-Tell me ma'am
-This is Lalo.

-How are you?
-Nice to meet you.

-Cirilo is my right-hand man.
-Good to know.

What'd you think of the
size and sugar levels?

It's quite good.

Sugar levels are at 25,
which is very good.

The second truck will
arrive shortly.

-It's from the same plot I assume?
-Yes, of course.

-Very good.
-Same land, yeah.

I'm taking you to a place
where hot water comes from the ground.


It boils so much that people
put their chickens and hens there.

-No! Dead so they can de-feather them.

So that's why the town is named
this way.


Oh, they're setting up fireworks.

My village is bigger and they
don't have fireworks castles like this.

-What's the name of your village?
-La Palma.

Smile! For memory's sake...

You don't like my new truck?

I'm messing with you.

I borrowed it.


I thought you were being serious.

And now I'm only going to blend
this section with your layers.

So we don't see layers and your bangs
connect organically with your hair.

Because if we don't connect it you'll
feel this separation too violently.

This section looks great.
You having straight hair helps a lot.

I do have very straight hair.

-Look at this...
-Wow, even my face looks different.

You're so fast...

What do you think?
You like it?

-I love it.
-It's a very comfortable length.


Brush yourself off because
you have a bit too much blush.

-You see?

-It's pretty, no?
-Yeah, I do like it.

I like it a lot.

You're going to put your
hair up in a half ponytail?


And some flowing locks below...
or straight. How do you like it best?

The flowing locks...

I like them.

-The ends?
-The ends curled a little.


Excuse me.

In the past we used coins.

-Could you help me?

Of course.
You have to put the card in there.

-Like this?

I think you need to take it out
and put it back in.

So you've never played
with a card before?

No, it's my first time.

Let's try again,
it didn't recognize it.

There you go.

Now all you have to do is
choose the game you want to play.

You can pick one of these
or look for other games.

Use the arrows.

-That one was nice.

-I won.

-No, that sign right there tells you.

What's your name?


-And you?

Very nice.

Look, they are almost in a row.

Ah, that's good.

Hey mom.

-No luck over there?
-Nope, I'm going to try this one again.

How long ago
did your dad pass?

It's been eight years.

Since he died...
It's been a long time.

Although it still feels like
it was yesterday.

-Yeah, it's not easy.
-No, no it's not.

More so when it happens suddenly.

When you expect it,
and there's no visible sickness.

Not that it makes it easy
to know ahead of time.

But everything happened
that way, so sudden.

That's life.

I painted different landscapes
of the town and of my village.

-You didn't tell me you painted.
-Oh, I hadn't told you?

Yeah, I like to paint.

I actually did it when I was young
but then stopped.

But I've always loved painting.
Especially nature.

-Of course.
-Landscape painting.

It's very beautiful.

I also use colors when I do makeup...
because I'm a make-up artist.

It's such an art to utilize color
combinations, shades and tones.

It's beautiful.

-They call that hill the Sleeping Lady.

Yeah, if you look closely
you can see her shape.

Like if someone had carved her features.

Of course.

-Her nose, her lips.
-Yes exactly!

Have you been dying
hair for a long time?

Yeah, many years.

-I see.
-It's been a while.

Have you done
anything to your hair?

Only once...
about a year ago.

What'd you do?

I had it bleached...
I think that's what they call it.

Like partial highlights from the roots?

No, more like California style.
From the chin down.

Oh, gotcha. That's cool.

Well your hair is pretty thin,
so I think it was damaged a little bit.

-Is your hair long?
-Not really.

That's why I haven't touched it since.
I'm letting it grow out.

Still, it'd be nice if
you tried something.

-Because you can't really see...
-Look, I'll show you.

You can't see the color.


-Oh, this is nice.
-It's nearly out, right?

Yes, in fact, you can
see it only on the tips.

It's almost gone.

Well, you should really do something
to it; it could look really nice.

Again, it's almost gone...

So maybe we could use a color
that will make your face shine.

Like a caramel tone.
That would look really cool.

As long as it makes you
feel comfortable, of course.

-Tatín, I'm ready!
-Yes, I'm coming.

Let me see
when I can go to your salon.

Yes! Of course.

How's it going with the salon?

It's going really well.

I have lots of clients right now.

It's going great.

Actually, I wanted to tell you
that I'm going to remodel it.

To make it prettier and more spacious.

Why are you telling me this?
I already told you that it's yours.

Thank you.

In fact, my mom and I are very grateful
for all the help you've given us.

With what money
are you going to remodel?

Well, I'm going to use my savings
and I'm looking at a loan.

Go to Rafa.

For what?

So that she can see
how we can help you.

No, I'm going to do it myself.

It comes from the well
I mentioned earlier.

-The one we just passed?

We used to play there
when I was a kid.

When I was little I used to walk
all the way from here to there.

All the way down there?

-Do you see that strip of big trees?

-There is a river beneath them.

-I used to bathe there.

It must be beautiful at this time of year.


It's not what it used
to be though...

-I can imagine.
-People can be quite dirty, suddenly.

-What are those tiny balls, by the way?

Oh, it's coffee?!
I didn't know how it looked.

It's very rare that they grow
in these temperatures.

But, I'm telling you,
this land is really fertile.

Pepe, helped me with it.
You met Pepe, right?


Pepe helped me by bringing somebody...
an agricultural engineer.

We did an experiment and it worked.
All because these trees provide shade.

Were you the one who built everything
and planted all the trees?

My father started it.

But I've expanded it. That wasn't even
a shadow of what I've built.

The pesticide didn't work, right?

No María, it's not showing results.

I tried two insecticides and nothing.

They're sick and I'm worried because...

It looks like it's the same plague that
hit the Ramirez's last year.

That was all lies.

Lies? It almost wiped out
their entire field, María.

I'm sure it was jimadores
who stole that agave.


I was revising the accounts and I saw
that you have a lot of debts. Look...

I organized them from
biggest debts to smallest.

I think that with the tequila
that we have in stock...

...we could cover the small debts.

-What do you think?
-Yes, it's fine.

Also, I noticed you had some very good
offers to sell the factory.

Do you want me
to evaluate them further?


You could pay the larger
debts in full if you sold.

I said no.

Take care of this.

I want to thank you for all these years

that you gave me a job
and for all your help.

It pains me because I feel a part
of the family... of your company.

But I have to go, ma'am.

It's a done deal?

Yes, ma'am.

I would've liked for you
to tell me earlier.

It's because everything
happened so fast, ma'am.

When do you start?

Next week.


Oh, sorry.

-Sorry for what?
-I was just looking for a mug.

-Are you going out or what?
-No, I just came in.

The cups are there.

Do you know how to dance?

More or less.

Let's see.

I'll lead.

Yeah, you know.

Just a little.

Where did you learn?

Just looking.



The factory can't
operate at this time.

You can all go rest.

Rafa will call you when
we're ready to begin working again.

So, you'll let us know?

-Okay, thank you.

Do you know what you're
going to do?


That was "Recordar es vivir"
from the quartet Legado Norteño.

Dedicated to Soledad Ríos Mata
from Las Margaritas village.

from her husband
Liborio Sierra.

In other news,

this morning we inform you that the
roads of El Nacimiento and El Sabino

are currently closed due to a fire at
the Coleman Spirits Company fields.

It's estimated that
the fire started last night...

...and due to the strong winds,
it spread rapidly...

...until it completely surrounded
the hills of Ranch La Providencia,

owned by the foreign company.

Authorities have been notified
of the incident

and are working to resolve the issue.

Please do not go near the impacted
area so that firefighters can...

-Hi Beto, good morning.
-Good morning.

Can you give me one
kilo of steak, please?

Of course.

-Whole or chopped?
-Chopped, please.

The old road to Agua Caliente has been
opened to reroute traffic...

Pass me that.

boxiSo far no injuries have been
reported,/i/boxbr/boxialthough around a quarter of
El/i/boxbr/boxiNacimiento has been

The total affected area has not been
confirmed but it's estimated

lime, corn and beans.

We bring you this
information first hand...

thanks to the
Atotonilco Fire Department,

and their quick response
to the scene.

In the name of the people of this
municipality and its surroundings...

We thank our heroic firefighters,

and hospitals in the region...

for assisting our
affected population...

Good Morning Vero,
is there any chicken left?

No, I'm already out.

Ah, what a shame.

I think people came by earlier
because of the fire, I guess.

Oh yes, I was with a customer
that couldn't stop coughing.

I know!
The smell is still in the air.

Yeah, I know... I guess I'll have to
come earlier next time.


Thanks Vero.

-See you later, bye!

After our news report, we end
today's program with a request

This was Radio Taretan
from Radiofónica Las Antenas,

I am Fermín Parra and we had
the great Chulis Vargas at the dials!