Dos Fridas (2018) - full transcript

"Dos Fridas" is inspired by the relationship between Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her Costa Rican nurse Judith Ferreto - Judith cared for Frida during the final years of her life. In her...

All the nurses they bring for me, snore!

Tell me about your experience, Judith.

Is that your name?

I studied at the Hospital in Costa Rica

and at the Hospital in New York City.

I know soviet rehabilitation techniques

The girls told me about you...

but I would like to know

how much do you charge?

I also play the guitar and sing corridos.

Are you a communist?

I am a Scorpio.

If I could, I would not charge you.

What I want most is to help you.

I have to consult my husband.

The column is broken in three places,

the clavicle and the ribs are fractured.

The left shoulder is dislocated

the pelvis is broken in three places.

Death haunts my bedside.

It's empty laughter enfolds me,

high-pitched buzzing pierces

through the third eye, she wants to enter.

She balances fleshless hips,

rattling bones,

deep jaw.



How are you?

Remind me your name.

I remember your face,

but not your name.

We have never met...

-I am... - Don't tell me.

You survived a terrible accident.

A car drove over the sidewalk...

I remember you very well.

Those rings...

did they belong to Frida Kahlo?

Don't cry.

Did you know what was going on with her?

She committed suicide

Mi niña was always fooling me,

deceiving me...

Frida needed a nurse with character

who could take charge.

And the pain, was it real?

The pain she suffered

was pain in the centre of pain.

The column is the continuation of the brain.

Pain is not mirrored there.

It's the spasm, the pain in the nerve

It was her nerves that hurt.

What made you leave?

"Death came in and Uvieta...

sat Death so she could see the grapevine,

which was brimming with delicious grapes.

"Careful! You might be tempted to taste it!"

Death saw the grapevine, she said:

"How beautiful, Uvieta!"

And old Uvieta,

who was pretending to pack his bag,


"Why don't you go up there, comadrita

and eat as much as you can?"

Death climbed the grapevine.

When Uvieta saw Death up there,

he burst into laughter at once and shouted

"You bit off more than you could chew!

'Stay there until I say otherwise.'"

- Shall I stop reading? - No!

"Death wanted to come down,

but it couldn't.

And there it stood

and years went by and nobody died.

People couldn’t fit on Earth,

everywhere the elders roamed like dumbs.’’

Give me the dress you prepared

because you did it with love,

and in this house, there is no love.

You know

that love

is the only reason to live.

It is a downpour that comes

Sending great droplets

Coming from behind

Look, Citlali.

Your grandmother Capulina.

Good morning, Judith.

I dreamt that you abandoned me.

And who are you?

What are you doing here?


And your kids? Who is staying with them?

-1 don't have kids.

You are married, aren't you?

Married? No.

I still want to do many things.


Do what you want, but don't end up alone.

Is it wrong to be alone?

You can’t guess, who was here last night.

No, who?

Well, Diego Rivera,

the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin

and my dear friend Carmen Lyra.

Why did they come?

They brought me this Virgin of Guadalupe.

What did you do?


we partied!

I'm glad you are happy, Judy.

Does it hurt?

This changing weather, what a bore.

Call the Doctor, ask him for vitamins.

Sort the house out, fill it with flowers.

From Mexico,

I miss the food and its hours.

Here in Costa Rica, we live earlier.

Don't end up alone...

There is nothing wrong with that.



Itinga the Mad,

erroneously called Judith Ferreto,

nurse by profession,

artist at heart.


To the Russian astronaut.


To the best muralist in Mexico and

the most handsome Latin American leader!

Cheers to all of you!

And for my dear Carmen Lyra...

Cheers, my dear.




And through a crevice

Your blood escaped

Of all colours

Your blood

And it became a river

Of all colours

The river

And on the river, a boat

And on that boat you floated away

An unfamiliar path

Unknown destination

For what should we know?

For what?

No one stains my white uniform!

To leave the closet open, brings good luck.

If Adelita were to leave with another

I would follow her by land and by sea

By sea in a warship

By land in a military train

Popular among the troops was Adelita

The woman, that the sergeant idolized

And besides being brave... She was pretty

Even the Colonel respected her

And it was heard

That the one

Who loved her so much said:

If Adelita were to leave with another

I would follow her by land and by sea

By sea in a warship

By land in a military train

If Adelita wanted to be my girlfriend

If Adelita were my wife

I would buy her a silk dress

To take her to the barracks and dance

And after the cruel battle had ended

And the troops returned to the camp

The voice of a weeping woman

And praying were heard throughout the camp

The ability of a nurse is to detect

when a sensitive being is in her care and

use sensitivity for sake of the patient.

We must dig deep into the patient's mind

where sometimes can be something

that makes their recovery harder.

Clothe them well,

Take care of them,

always be attentive to their needs

The nurse take small yet important steps

The doctor can't, he doesn't have the time

Gradually and meticulously,

we need to figure out

all the signals they send us.

There are mechanisms to stop feeling.

Defenses, when one no longer can cope.

We are a laboratory

and she didn't know about halfway jobs.

You wanted to heal,

to cheer, to protect...

but who protected you?


Here you are.

Come here, beautiful.

Did you give Citlali some water? - Yes.

"Hegel remarks somewhere

that all facts and major figures of great

importance to the history of the world

occur, as it were, twice.

He forgot to add,

the first time as a tragedy,

the second as a farce."

It's a downpour that comes...

Death haunts my bedside

The empty laughter

embraces me,

high-pitched buzzing

pierces through the third eye.

It wants to enter.

Don't forget me.

I break apart.

I disappear.

I don't exist.

What was Frida's voice like?

Like yours.

But firmer.

I knew by her voice how she was feeling.

If a person relies on another to live

When I was young I had a boyfriend

whom I loved dearly.


I had some loves...

And were you happy with them?


Do you know what love is?

What do you know about my life, you fool?

Why did you leave Frida alone?

Diego told me once:

"Judy made la niña feel alive.

And when she wasn't here,

la niña went away..."

I had to leave.

I was ill

and my mother was dying in Costa Rica.

I had to leave...

Judith Ferreto.

Or... Judith Frida?

What I miss most is her tenderness.

The tenderness of mi niña Frida

and my mother's.

Was your mother very strict?

Don't forget me.

Where are you hiding, you devil?






Where are you hiding, you devil?

It is hot.

It is hot.

Is this the English Hospital?

May I speak to Frida Kahlo?

She is a patient there.

This is Judy.

Oh Judy, my Judy!

Where are you?

I phoned at your house and nobody answered

I don't know if I can visit you.

Oh Judy, my Judy!

If you look after me, later the surgery

I will let them cut off leg.

You will take care of me, won't you?

My surgery depends on it.

I won’t accept if you don’t take care of me

My precious little girl...

It is not true that I am right.

Yes, you are.

I was thinking about it a lot.

He always looks at you.

He looks at me?

Promise you won't leave me the night I die

I promise.

When will the Veiled Lady arrive?

The Catrina.

The Chicharrona.

The Inevitable Justice

Doña Huesos

The Timely.

The Time of Time.

The Time of Truth.

The Siriquisiaca.

Mrs Skeleton.

The Liberator...

If Adelita were my wife

I would buy her a silk dress

To take her to the barracks and dance

Do you want me to help you get ready?

Which dress do you want to wear?

The one you prepared with love...

Go slowly, my dear.

I don't want to stop you.

I’d like you to see, how to balance

your duties so you can make the most of it.

Do I know you?



Touch me.

Touch me

and when you find a soft spot,

inject me!

Inject me!

Go to Hell!

Old cunt!

Don't fuck me around!

Fuck you!


Go away!

Creepy crawly Death,

you greedy corpse!

You hungry gut!

Go away!

I am a little deer


in the mountains

And as

I am not as calm

I do not swim during the day

At night little by little

Into your arms my love

You and I

we will cross a place

where the wind cuts as obsidian razors.

Lord Saint Jerome

Sent by God

To free the souls

That have sinned

Lord Saint Jerome Sent by God

To free the souls, that have sinned

God's soul of God we ask

Give us ease for all eternity

Lord Saint Jerome

Pray to Saint Peter

To open the gates and enter to Heaven

Would you open the door to Karl Marx?

This is your house!

Will you open?

Who is it?

Leon Trotsky.

Would you let Julio Antonio Mella in?

you were killed too young.


Who is it?

It's Angelina Beloff.

Will you open? It's Jacqueline Lamba.

Will you open?

Who is calling me?

Yuri Gagarin.

Will you open the door?

I am Antonin Artaud.

I will not open.

Your feet are not on the ground!

Who is shooting at?

It's Adelita.

Diego Rivera.

It's Sigmund Freud. -And Yolanda Oreamuno?

To Carmen Lyra?

Open up!

André Breton.

Come in, Mr. Breton.

It's Tina Modotti.

My dear boy.

Would you like some fruit, Chi?

The clock is three minutes to midnight.

That symbolic clock that measures time...

To the end of time.

To the end of time?

We always need a clock

to remember the time.

Time of Time, Time of Truth, The key Hour

If it is true when we die,

life returns as violent recovery of memory


Do you remember me? We both got to Mexico

you were my nurse.

Carmen Lyra!

When I saw those kids going to school,

clinging timidly to the walls,

they didn’t dare to cross open spaces,

as if organs of offset had been torn out,

I knew we had to do something else,

something more than bathing them

or giving them a cup of oatmeal or milk.


How can we return?

What are you hiding?

What are you saying?

What are you not saying?

The guitar, the sickle and the bandolier

The hat, the sickle and the hammer.

The guitar, the corn and the bandolier

The sickle, the corn and the hammer

Not only did I lose my child,

I also lost my creative potential.

I don't know how to paint, I don't want it

Don't you love me anymore, Diego?

You are so pale,

you look translucent...

I can see your heart.

I never stopped at street to look a child

as the child itself.

I always saw them as strokes on paper.

I must capture the purity of his chin,

the roundness of his little head.

His nose, almost always flat.

The guitar, the bandolier, the hat...

Now everything has changed

and I look with sadness

at the kids crossing the street to school

and they are not drawings,

they are kids of flesh and blood.

The secret is hold the form in its light

Is the precise moment in which light

becomes the form.

The Earth is blue like an orange

it's not a mistake words don't lie.

Words don't lie.

- From the heights of the cosmos

the sky looks dark and the Earth is clear

I can see islands, coasts and mountains.

I love the Earth of convulsive beauty

Its mountains

its flora

its mix of races...

Your eyes of wood,

of linen,

or of water.

Your ballerina walk.

To walk and to walk,

to walk all day long.

Horses are a man's privilege.

I care of wounded under a shrapnel shower

Nothing is better than a healing wound.

We are the Soldaderas, the Adelita,

the Cockroach, the Generala, Maria Pistols

I would follow her by land and by sea

If by sea in a warship

If by land in a military train

Nothing scares me,

neither broken hands, nor blood nor bones

And if they kill me again

let them kill me right away!

Without us, there is no revolution!

If there is no way, we will make it.

All we do is walk. After we die, we walk.



- Cheers.

- Cheers!

The Girl’s Aunt.

The Undesired.


in the midst of certain anguishes,

at the heart of some dreams,

did not know death

as a destructive and marvelous sensation

that can't be compared to anything...

The Pale Death.

The Boss.

I was lucky enough to have loved Frida,

poetry made flesh

I couldn't love her as much as I would

because of my weakness for women.

What do you desire and don't want to say?

A Caliph's tooth?

A jewel from Queen Victoria's crown?

A giant's autograph?

For the need to transform the world.

For the need to dream.

To change life!

To act!

To walk in the paths of hallucination.

- Cheers.

So comrades come rally

And the last fight let us face

The Internationale

Unites the human race

So comrades come rally

And the last fight let us face

The Internationale

Unites the human race

Your heart,

burns, exalts,

or two deep-welling tears

that fall,

wrung from your eyes,

from the exaltation of the song...

The eyes devour all...

I play to the raging sea

that crashes against the cliff.

To blind my eyes, to burn my heart,

so my soul gets lost in the depths of Hell

Let the dead bury their dead!

Let them cry for them.

Life is a dream, a frenzy.

Have you drunk the poison, love?

Trembling, she approaches...

It is Death.

Flutters in her chest.

Stabbed by pain,


her eyes are shut forever.

The Shadow.

The Faithful Girlfriend.

Remind me your name.

I remember your face, but not your name.

Inspired by true events