Dorohedoro: Ma no omake (2020) - full transcript

Caiman, Nikaido and members of the En family offer glimpses into their macabre world in these six OVA shorts.



I hope he likes my gift.

Hey, Fujita!

Miss Noi.

Still going through the left door?

Yeah, still on the left.

-Well, good luck.


Lucky her, using the door on the right.

Of course.

Oh, Shin Senpai.

I am not your senpai.

You brought a gift?

Yeah, anything to improve my chances.

What did you bring?

We're not supposed to say.

Oh yeah, that's right.

I really want to make it this year.
Do you have any advice for me?

Let me think...

First off, you have to be fearless.

And your gift should be handmade.

Of course, that goes without saying.

It took me three months to make.

Better not be anything fresh.

It's dried, don't worry.

Well, good luck to you.


I hope someday I become one of the elite

and will be allowed to enter
the door on the right.

The next five, come in.

Here goes...

-Oh, Senpai!

Some cake?

Yeah, chocolate.

Get undressed and change into these.

Line up by number!

We have prepared the pots for you.

Please put your masks into the pots.

Hurry it up.

Choose whatever ingredient you wish.

I like these.

I heard these gems work really well.

All right, 666 degrees.

If he likes me,
this liquid will be transformed into...

You go first, Senpai.

Okay then.

Please, enter the tent.

I can't see.

Stay still!

He's here!

Please, for you!

An assortment of mummified fairies.

Please, give me a real mask!

If he likes my bribe,
he'll make me a real mask, lousy as I am.

If not...

Bribes don't mean a thing

if you're
a particularly inferior Sorcerer.

If he gives you a flower,
it means the mask is an excellent one.



You look great in your new mask.

And you look like an idiot.

But why are Devils
so great at making masks?

Because Devils have always been
the masters of all the arts.

Or whatever.

I wonder how Fujita did.


This is Hole,
a strange city visited by Sorcerers.

There lived a young girl named Nikaido.


All right, I sold them all today.

Let's see, how much did I make today?
One, two, three...

This is all I have left after
buying tomorrow's ingredients.

At this rate,
I'll never be able to open my own shop.

Maybe I should find another job.


I'm hungry, but I don't have any money.

A tea parlor?

Oh, Chinese sweets and tea.


Please, have a seat.

Oh no, I...

What a nice place.

May I take your order?

I guess I can afford something small.

I'll have the sweets and tea set.

Just one customer, huh.

He doesn't get a lot of business.

I see this is your first time here,
so let me pour your tea for you.

I have selected some leaves
that I believe you might like.

Here you are.


So you sell gyoza?

Yes, just a small batch
that I sell on the streets.

It's not often that
I get a customer like you.

Like me?

Coming in.

No customers as usual, eh?

Not closing down just yet, Syueron?


They're sorcery victims.

Take your shop and get out of this town!

What do you want, little girlie?

Out of my way!

You heard him, get lost!

You little...!

And don't you ever come back.

He does business with Sorcerers, you jerk!

You're siding with them?

What they said is true.

It seems like my tea
suits the Sorcerers' taste.

I chose to open my shop in this area,
which many Sorcerers frequent,

because most of my customers
are Sorcerers.

They come to my shop at night
after they finish practicing.

So it's pretty much empty during the day.

You must despise me too, now.

Mr. Syueron.

I see your shop could do with
a security guard.

How about I work for you?

And so, Nikaido became
Syueron-Kan's bodyguard.

You must be tired.

I love having sesame dumplings and tea
after a good day of work.

Thanks to you,
I can run my shop without any worries.

And what a nice place this is.

I'm hoping to run an eatery someday, too.

When you open your eatery,

you can count on me
for the sweets and tea.


That customer is here again.

You mean Mr. Moroku?

He comes here every day.

Is he a Sorcerer too?

I think so.

A pretty important one, too.

All the other Sorcerers bow to him.

About two months passed.

What happened?

Some sorcery victims wrecked it
early this morning.

Miss Nikaido, I am going to close my shop.

Mr. Syueron...

Thank you for everything.

Mr. Moroku offered me a job on his estate,
and I decided to take it.

The shop is a mess,
but it can be cleaned up.

It's not the best location,
but you can have it.


Thanks. Take care!

You too.

Let's go, Mr. Moroku.

He's a Devil!

So, I have a shop now,
but I've lost my side business.

It's going to be a while
before I can actually open it.


Ouch! Oof.

Mr. Shin, have you seen Ebisu anywhere?




Why so early?

I found a bloody skull
while I was out running.

You cracked your skull.

Hungry? Have some fried chicken.

It's mine, though.

-Is it good?
-It's greasy.


Yeah, Senpai and me.

En has a photographer
to take pictures of the family.

This was when Senpai had just arrived.

And this was
when we became official Partners.

So young then.

Hey, I'm not that old yet.

I want my picture taken, too.

Ask En. I'm sure he'll take one for you.

With Fujita.

Cat got your tongue?

I'm going.

All right. Time to get to work.


Ebisu, you creep. Come in.

What, you want my breakfast?


Here, you can have my mushroom bread.

Would you like some soup, too?

Do you like it, you little pleb?

It's dry.


That was when I was 12.

I'd already built
the foundations of the organization.

These are pictures
of prominent family members.

Even Kikurage has a picture?

Lucky them.

You're not a family member. Too bad.

Stingy poop!

Don't forget who's feeding you.


Miss Ebisu, why don't you try
asking the photographer yourself?

See that tree?

The family photographer
often comes here to eat its fruit.

Is the photographer here?

No, he's not here right now.

What are you doing? I was looking for you.

Come on, hurry.

A Devil!

The photographer said
he'll take our picture,

so I was gathering everyone up.

See? Now you're a family member.

A picture of all the underlings.


Here's your Ohba Gyoza and beer.


I'm the Gyoza Fairy.

I've taken up residence
here at the Hungry Bug.

I'm made of gyoza.

About the size of a can of beer.

Humans can't see me.

It's my duty to make sure
people enjoy gyoza to the fullest.

Gyoza, za, za!

I use my powers to make beer cooler.

I add chili oil
for customers who forget to.

But I'm merciless towards anybody
who neglects gyoza.

Stop talking and eat your gyoza,
you're letting them get cold!

Of course, gyoza are good cold, too.
Great for bento lunches.

But when they're served hot, eat them hot!

Take that!

What's wrong, Thirteen?

A toothpick! It just suddenly...

Gyoza, za, za!

Hey Nikaido. Ohba Gyoza and beer.

-Him again.

A man with a strange face

who comes every day
and eats gyoza till closing time.

He loves gyoza
from the bottom of his heart.

With my fairy powers,
I can see how dear gyoza are to him.



Nikaido, five more servings!

Too much!

Ouch! Huh? What?

Gyoza should be eaten in moderation.

There. Dang, that hurt.

That scaly guy stayed till closing time,
even after I stabbed him.

Seems like the owner
is making her own dinner now.

She's out of gyoza wrappers
thanks to that scaly guy.

What is she going to make
with the filling?

She's chopping some lotus roots.

Now she's putting it in the filling.

What could she be making?

But nothing can be better than gyoza.

Gyoza, za, za!

Are they... hamburger patties?

Hey, don't watch TV
while you're cooking! Focus!

Wow, grated white radish and ohba,
topped with soy sauce gravy!

A gyoza-hamburger patty on rice!

I've got to hand it to you.


The crisp texture of the lotus roots
must be great.

Turn the TV off!


I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.

It's morning.

Thanks for being my futon every night.

What the...? My stomach is all baggy.

I see, it's the humidity.

It's raining today.

I knew it. The sleepyhead is still in bed.

Hmm. She looks ill.

I guess the shop
stays closed on rainy days.

I'm bored.
Guess I'll clean the grease off the fans.



Seems like Miss Nikaido's shop
is closed today, Mr. Moroku.

I guess it was a fool's errand
asking you to bring me here.

But, I'm satisfied knowing that
Miss Nikaido fixed up my old shop

into such a fine eatery.

Let's go home.

Is something the matter?

Did you see something strange?

I didn't see anything.

The fans are clean!
The owner is going to be so happy.

Gyoza, za, za!

Oops, I overdid it.
My filling is spilling.


What happened to my toothbrush?



What is it, Mr. En?

Rejoice. It's happening tonight.

We're having a ball.

What, another ball?

What, aren't you pleased?
Here's your attire.

Be there,
or I'll turn you into a mushroom.

Yay, a ball!

I've never been to a ball before.

It's been ten years since the last one.
I've been to a few.

You ask a person you find attractive
to dance with you.

A dance to give praise to the Devils.

Wow, sounds like fun.

Ebisu, I'm going to find someone
more curvaceous than you.

Yeah, well, same here!

Let's look at the clothes Mr. En got us.

Yes, let's!

This brings back memories.

Ten years ago...

I'll hire you.

Starting today,
you're going to work for me as a cleaner.

Boss, it's almost time for the ball.


Shin, you're coming too.

The ball is to give praise to the Devils.

As a member of my family,
it's your duty to participate.

What's with this costume?

This is a ball, right?

That's right. Here, take this.

Why do we need spears at a ball?
Who are we thrashing?

Put your mask on your spear.

That's some shabby mask.

I made it myself.

From a sack and some rope
I picked out of the trash.

Your mask is offensive to the Devils.

Use this.

The dance has begun.

Looks like some heretical gathering.

If you find a woman you like,
ask her to dance.

Don't ask her name, though.
That would be uncouth.

You better hurry,
or the Devils will pierce your butt.

I'm off. Enjoy the night.

What? Hey!


What am I supposed to do?

Ask a girl to dance? How? Who?

Forget it, I'm dancing by myself!

Find a girl or I'll stab your butt!

You nearly pierced me a new butthole!

No, no. You mustn't dance by yourself.
Don't be so crude.

It's no wonder you angered the Devil.

If you can't find a partner,
how about her?

She's an acquaintance of mine,
and she's all alone.

Why is she alone?
Is she a sacrifice or something?

This is her first ball, too.
She's just nervous.

Here, have a cup of courage.

En, I've been looking all over for you!

Stay away from me!


That girl, ten years ago...

I don't know her name,
and I hardly even remember her face.

I wonder if she's here today.

But jeez, do we have to wear this?

Mr. Shin.

Hey, Fujita.

You look great. I feel so pathetic.

The feeling is mutual.

Seems like the ball
wasn't what Ebisu imagined.

She's sulking.

Yeah, I can imagine.

I see you've come.

There are many Devils here today,
so put your best foot forward.

Hey, where's Miss Noi?

Huh, I haven't seen her.

There's a trick to
asking a partner to dance.

Who knows what it is?

-Me! Show your tits.

Watch and learn.

Yes, sir!

Oh beautiful dame, may I have this dance?

Why, Mr. En. I'd be honored.

How is that supposed to work for me?

Don't be jealous.

I'll dance, I will!

You'll do for now. Come on.

No way!

He's going to impale me!

Get away, you pile of skin and bones!

I need a drink.


May I have this dance?

When did you get here?

Want some meat?

Noi... Ten years ago, were you...?

Senpai, we need to dance now.

How lovely,
Shin is dancing with Noi again.

Serves you right, Fujita!


Back when I'd just met Nikaido...

Welcome, Caiman.

Hey Nikaido. I brought some food.
Could you make me something?

Ohba and ginger, huh?
Let's make gyoza then.

First, we make the wrappers.

Take a heap of flour, make a little hole,
and pour water into the hole.

It's like playing with sand.

Gradually add water
until it isn't powdery anymore.

And knead.

-Let the dough settle for a while.

Stretch the dough out.

Tear it into pieces the size of wrappers.

Flatten out the dough.

And there you go.

For the filling, we'll use shiitake,
garlic, green onions, and ground pork.

We'll also add
the ohba and ginger you brought.

Next, some of
the Hungry Bug's secret sauce.

Then a bit of sake, salt, and soy sauce.

And mix it all together.

Put an ohba leaf on the wrapper
and fold it round the filling.

Finally, we put the gyoza
on a sizzling hot plate.

Once they've browned,
we add some water and steam them.

All right.

There you go!


Come on, Caiman.

Where are we going?

The rooftop, huh.

I love the night breeze.



Yummy! Ohba Gyoza are the best.

Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani