Dorogoy tsenoy (1957) - full transcript


It happened in the Ukraine
in the 1830s.

The peasants lived in
utter misery...

under the yoke of
the squires.

The People's soul
suffered under slavery.

The song of liberty
was heard inside the hearts...

taking them to lands
without chains.

Their fantasy was flying
above the steppes...

of Bessarabia, where there
were no squires at all...

where the human soul
had not withered.

At that time,love blossomed
between two poor people

Ostap and Solomia.

What we love- we love it even
when we're dead. MAXIM GORKY

Solomia wasn't marrying

Her father had chosen Stepan
for her husband.

The guests had fun, even if
two people were dying of love...

in front of them.

That's what the
Squire wanted.

What must I do?

You have to go,

Stepan snitched on
you. He told the Squire

that you preached liberty
to his peasants.

And Solomia?
We're in love.

It's not her fault.
It was the Squire's will.

I'm not afraid of him.
I preached liberty, yes.

They put the peasants
under the yoke.

Where is the Truth?

We fought for the Truth
with our swords.

So many people dead...
Your father, your brothers...

Only your uncle Panas
escaped in a free land.

Go away! Maybe you'll
be lucky.

Find Joachim, the one-eyed
miller. Go!

Ostap, is that you?
- Solomia!

What will become of us?

I can't let all this
go up in smoke. I'll leave.

I'll cross Danube and
find good people.

And I will stay with my
hateful husband.

No! Go away, Ostap.
Don't think about me.

The Squire is angry.
He'll send you to the Army.

I'm not afraid of him.
But I can't stand being a slave.

I will go to a land
where people are free.

I'll come with you.

Set up traps for the fugitives.

Search everywhere. Behind
the reeds and the haystacks.

For every fugitive, dead or alive,
there will be a reward.

For a man 3 rubles,
For a woman 1,5 ruble.

Whoever gives them shelter
will be punished.

He will be flogged
and then rot in jail.



Where are you going?
And why? -With you!

After you've gone,
my life became unbearable.

I decided to give it all
up and leave.

I feel good with you.

I'm dressed like this
because they're coming after us.

And what shall I do
with you?

I'll stay with you.
I'll take care of you.

I will wash you
and clean you.

The road seems endless when
you're alone.

You planned everything, uh?

What is it, Ostap?

If anyone sees your hair,
we're lost.

- What can I do, Ostap?
- I don't know.

Cut it!

Isn't it a pity?
- No!

Cut it!

Dear God!

And what shall we call
you, laddie? Simeon?

Why not?
Simeon would be alright...

It's time to go.

Ivan Katigoroshek!

What are you doing here?
I am a runaway.

We are relatives.
Distant relatives.

Your helper seems a nice boy,

Yesterday he had braids,

How do you know?

I'm a magician.
I know everything.

If you're a magician,
how come you left your house?

I don't want my soul
to die!

I want to be a man,
not an animal. I go to a free land.

We, too, are going to
find Joachim, the one-eyed man.

Heard of him...

Why don't we go find
Grandpa Offsei?

He gathers paesants so that
we all cross the river together.

Across the river, I found
a worse kind of slavery.

It's bad there, but I go again
because I'm looking for freedom.

Midnight is near.
We'll get across.

Quiet, so the guardian
doesn't hear us.

Why did you bring us here
like sheep? You'll destroy us.

Put out the fire!
Be quiet!

Wait! Someone's here...

- Someone's crying.
- You're wrong!

We'll get to the
crossing now.

Let's go!

Prepare the sheaves! We'll cross
the swamp now!

- Ivan!
- I'm here.

Let's go!

Quiet! Quiet!

- Solomia!

I can't go on!
- Don't talk.

What is it?
- I can't...

Don't talk, Solomia!

- Leave me her. Go!
- Don't talk nonsense!

We'll get to the mill!
- Run for you life, please!

- Listen...
- It's your heartbeat.

Joachim! Did you see any fugitives?

We arrested some,
but many got away.

Did you see them?
- No.

Hello, old

I'm Ostap Mandrika.
Michael's grandson.

My grandpa told me
to find you.

Help us get across,
like uncle Panas!

Miller Joachim! Get out!

- Give me a rope.
- Let's go inside.

He's strong like a bull.
He cut Andrei's throat.

Give me the rope, now.

All this dust...
Here's your rope.

Scared? Me, too!
What a timing, lad...

Wipe your faces!
You're like actors.

Thanks, uncle Joachim!

We've got time for thanks.

When it gets dark,
we'll go to the cave.

Here's the rope.
You will make a raft.

The fog's thick.

You should do it now
that the guard is asleep.

What's that?

The reeds are burning
on the other bank.

You're lucky.
The wind blows against.

- Thank you, uncle Joachim!
- No time. You've got to go.

Let me see if there are
any Cossacks.

Who's there?

Get lost, you Squire,
you and your laws.

Ostap, are you alright?

Let's go! He'll kill you!

Never mind. I f I missed you,
go your own way!

Wait! I can't go on.

We must go away from
this place.

Where is the wound?

It's nothing.
- Water!

Where are you, Solomia?
- Here, near you!

My death is near...

What are you talking about?
You'll live!

He'll live...

Do you feel better?
- Yes. I just breathe hard.

I'm hot.

Shall you walk?
- I don't know. Get me up.

You're up! Let's go...

- Be patient...

Here's water.

Do you want food?
- No. Only water.

You've got to find people,
or else we're lost.

I'll crawl until the bank. Go!

Radu, did you get the
damn horse? There's a fire.

What's with that


- What d'you want?
- Help me, my good people!

- What's the matter, dear?
- Help me!

Ostap is down. I beg you!

It's not our problem, dear. Go!

Help me!
My man's hurt!

My man's hurt! Save us...

Don't go! I beg you!
Don't leave us!

Take us with you!
I'll make it up to you!

Take it! Take it all!

- Where am I?
- In a good people's house.

Once upon a time
2 people lived

...and they were in love.

They're here!

Where did they
get all this?

Listen, donkey!
For him, everybody is a horse!

When someone beats a horse,
he can kill a friend, too.

Why did you kiss him?

I saw you.

You only see horses
in the dark.

He must live.
He's young and beautiful.

He's nice. But he gets
angry when I look at someone else.

Your man lets you look
at others?

- No, he doesn't.
- He's right. That is the right thing to do.

Why does your flute cry?
Do you miss your home?

Go see if Solomia
is coming.

She's coming!

Hi, Ostap!
It's a beautiful day, today!

Who brought you candies?
You expected it, uh?

You're late, why?
- Many grapes, today.

I bought some new

Let's go to the bank.

I want to stare at the water.
- You're too weak still.

I have to get used to it.
I'm 3 weeks in bed.

One month. It's been hard.

God bless the old woman
for taking care of you.

Must be nice in our meadows, now.

If only I could see them...

I wonder if my grandpa's
still alive.

Why did you stop,
brothers? Sing!

One dies better with
a song of his country.

Whoever of you comes back at home,

please, tell my father, Michael Mandrika,

that his son Panas
is dead.

Tell him that I ran away
to find my luck...

but with no success.

Uncle Panas,
is that you?

Ostap! What are you doing

I came to find my luck.

The poor man has
no luck.

I never forget what
my Grandpa sang:

"There"s no justice in the world... "

"only the squire's unjust law".

"the freedom-seeking soul
will fight"

We must leave. The gypsies
are horse thieves.

Maybe worse. Buy warm clothes

One because it's good.
One because it's warm.

Solomia! Is it you
or your shadow?

Ivan! My God,
how glad I am!

Did you think I was dead?
Death is afraid of me!

And Ostap? Is he alive?

How happy I am!

Ouch! Now I know
I'm not dreaming!

I yelled "Ostap! Solomia!"
Gunshots, noise!

Then we came to the free land.
But where is the freedom?

Without you two,
everything was black.

Let me go! I'm not a thief!
I'm from the other side of the river!

Let him! He's not guilty!
He's not one of us!

I can't believe
we're together.

Let's go to Toulcha.
They say it has a lot of land.

We'll make a home.
I'll be with you!

I don't want to lose you
anymore! What a joyous day!

Ostap! Mariutsa! Radu!
What happened?

What happened?
Where"s Ostap?

They took him!

They hid Dad and Granpa.
Mama cried...

Don't cry. Let's go tell
someone that you lost them.

Have mercy on us! He was sick.
It was not his fault.

We were lost, the Gypsies found us.
Have mercy.

And where was he hurt?

A soldier shot him at the crossing.

We'll send him across the river
so they can take care of him.

Have mercy! He didn't
steal or kill...

When will they take
him across?

When the wind blows
and takes the snow away.

Then, they'll take him.

Don't cry, Solomia!
You brak my heart.

My God! Where shall
I go?

He's innocent, they'll let
him go!

Why did we came in
this land?

Wish we were dead
in the reeds.

Or die slaves,
back home.

Don't be sorry,
someone will help us.

We have to sleep somewhere.
Let's go at Shafka's.

You need to bribe here.

Money. Hand in hand.
Or else, they'll take him.

And I tell you, he won't live.
- Where will we find the money?

The wind will change soon.
Here's all I have.

Tomorrow, I'll go to Tulcha.

Mariutsa! Where's your family?

Old Gitsas died.
Mama, too.

My husband's in jail.
He'll go away.

Come. I'll tell
your fortune.

Don't mourn, love.

Your husband loves you.
And you love him, too.

Happiness waits for you.
A long road...

It's not enough.
When the wind blows...

I won't take your money
in vain.

The day after tomorrow,
they'll send him back.

At dawn, go to
the bank to see him.

Set him free. It's not
his fault.

We need more... and more...
and more...

This is not enough.

They kissed each other,
they fell in love...

they got engaged,
they got married.

Why? Because there was love.

Solomia. I found some
more money.

No use. They'll send him back.
The day after tomorrow.

"But then the mean,
inhuman ennemy came... "

"Conquered the land
and teared down their house... "

"he ordered that all men
be arrested and all women sent away.. "

"... after they took from them
their most precious possession... "

"But what did she carry in
her shoulders?"

- Food.
- Their fortune.

You will never guess.

She carried a bag in her
shoulders with her old man inside.

The load was not heavy,
even if she was old.

Because there is love.

We'll get Ostap.
Right from their hands.

The day after tomorrow.
You and me.

And the guards?
- We'll get guns.

We will wait with
a boat on the river.

And we will attack.

What is stronger than love?


Without love, Death is terrible.
With love, not.

Is it loaded?
- Yes.

Here they are.

God, forgive me!

"Ostap, we're here to save
you. "

"It's me and Ivan. "

"Kill the guard
next to you".

"And I'll kill the
other one. "

A long time passed
since they brang me here.

Do you go there, too?
- Yes, grandpa Ostap.

There, I looked for my luck,
for the Truth.

The price of freedom
was very high.

Half of me is at
the bottom of Dunabe.

But she's here.
She feels my pain.

As if it was yesterday.
As if we never parted.

I saw that life in
a strange land is bitter.

Life in your country may be

But in your country
you must find your luck.

Don't wait for it
to come to you.

I always remember my
grandpa's song:

"A Soul that wants to be free
must fight for the Truth. "

What we love- we love it even
when we're dead. MAXIM GORKY