Dormant Beauty (2012) - full transcript

A mosaic of several intertwined stories questioning the meaning of life, love and hope, set during the last six days in the life of Eluana Englaro, a young woman who spent 17 years in a vegetative state.

February 3, 2009 morning

Look at me !

Eluana, wake up.

- Senator, would you like coffee ?
- Later.

Wake up !

Eluana Englaro is in Udine, protests
for her departure from Lecco.

Economic crisis: Berlusconi announces
the plan, automobile sector plunges.

Hilary with Obama,
Clinton is Secretary of State.

Eluana, wake up !

They want to kill you !

They'll kill you I Wake up, Eluana I


Red Cross, you must save people,
not kill them !

You're abettors !

Murderers !

Mr. Englaro, change your mind !

The images you see here are dedicated

to Eluana Englaro's last journey.

You've seen the departure from Lecco

towards Udine,

it's the last journey of the woman

who's been in coma for 17 years.

One of the fiercest arguments is:

if Eluana will suffer and how much.

Eluana will not suffer,

because she died 17 years ago.

Christ, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.

Let us pray.


forbid that our sister Eluana
is excluded from life.

Only God can choose, never man.

Let us sing Salve Regina together,

asking God to illuminate
the minds and hearts

of those who must make
serious decisions in these days.

Thief !

February 3, night

Eluana has been taken
from the clinic

where you nuns
cared for her for 15 years.

"Leave her alive with us,
because we feel she's alive",

you've been asking these years.

We'd always hoped
and will continue to hope

that Eluana may continue living,

because Eluana is alive.

No one has the right to end a life.

Eluana breathes with her own lungs.

It's absurd to intervene,
taking the life of a person.

February 7, evening

It's hard to be in another's shoes.

I put myself in a father's shoes:

if a child of mine were alive,
looking healthy,

with active functions,
like a menstrual cycle,

able to wake up

and go from sleep

to waking,

with a brain
that still gives electric signals,

frankly, I don't feel I could say:

it's not possible
that this might change.

The statistics in these days

say that about 50%

of the cases of vegetative state

return to normality.

After the clash

between the Head of State
and the Prime Minister...

Senator Beffardi.

I'll put him on.

- Who is it?
- I didn't ask, Dad.

- Mr. Senator.
- Thank you.

- Hello ?
- Hi, Luigi.

- You're not in Rome yet ?
- No.

I've looked for you for 4 days,
why are you hiding ?

I'm not hiding.

- What are you waiting for ?
- What can I do in Rome ?

What ? Vote !

Tomorrow we're all in Rome:
it's the president's order,

you can't miss it !

Alright, bye.

- Are you leaving ?
- Yes.

Going to Udine ?


Why stand in the doorway ?

- Are you going to Rome ?
- Yes, I think so.

How will you vote ?

I don't know.

You don't know ?
It's a question of life or death.

I don't want to argue,

you won't convince me
and I won't convince you.

There's fog, it's late,
couldn't you leave tomorrow ?

- They're waiting for me.
- I'll take you to the door.

- Do you need money ?
- Bye.

If the Head of State,

taking this responsibility

regarding a life,

should insist in his decision

not to sign
the presentation to Parliament

of this Bill,

we would ask Parliament

to meet immediately

and approve in brief...

February 8, morning

May I have a glass of water ?

Should we get water for Eluana
here or at "La Quiete" ?

Let's get it here.

We thought we'd get the water here.

- Let's get one each.
- I'll give you water!

- Are you crazy ?
- Get out !

I'm so sorry.

He's my brother, excuse him.

Don't do that again.

You promised, now we're going home.

Maria, your phone.

- Maria ?
- Dad ?

- Can you hear me ?
- Yes.

I'm on my way to Rome,
I have to talk to you.


What's the matter ?

Where are you ?

Where are we ?

Dad, I'll call you back.

What did he write ?

A number.

What happened ?

May you be freed from your sins.

Be strong.


Mom, you taught me

that I'm a warrior,

now it's your turn.

Everything's alright, understand ?

Understand, Mom ?


That's it.


- 4 to 1 she won't last the night.
- What ?

5 to 1 if she makes it to tomorrow ?

- Who ?
- Eluana, it's a great chance.

- Don't be a pain.
- You'll be sorry.

- Think about it.
- Hi, Pallido.

My dear Professor.

5 to 1 for today,
4 to 1 for tomorrow.

Will you buy me breakfast ?

2 to 1 if she dies tonight, not more.

Who was that ?

If you bet for tomorrow
I'm wide open: 6 to 1 odds.

She'd like a CAT scan for her mother,
she was insistent.

She'd like ? Is it orange juice ?

Could you finish up ?

Ma'am, we know one another well,

how often have I hospitalized
your mother ? It's useless.

- I knew you wanted to kill her.
- It's funny ?

- You want to kill my mother.
- Why not speak with respect ?

- Not to hospitalize her...
- They'll kill her.

On whose orders, the Director's ?

- Who are you ?
- A doctor or a stationmaster ?

- A traffic cop.
- What am I answering you for ?

He's not here !

- Stop !
- He's not here !

Call security.

We called,
they gave us a saint's name !

San Giorgio !

- San Giovanni !
- San Pietro !

What hospital is this ?
San Vittore ?

San Gimignano ?

We got the wrong saint !
He's at the morgue !

You've got the wrong hospital.

Stop, calm down !

Is he dead or alive ?

- He's alive !
- Giorgio, I'll handle this.

Let's take him to area 3.

He's not here !

- What's wrong ?
- She was breaking things.

- She tried to steal methadone.
- Let go, can't you see she's ill ?

Call a surgeon fast !


It's me, the water girl.

The rest stop, remember ?

Your brother threw water.


I'm looking at you.

I can't see you, where are you ?

Right in front of you.


In front...


Now I see you.

How's your brother ?
Has he calmed down ?

He has, for the moment.

- I have to go.
- I still have your hankie.


Get up, clown.

What did they pay you ?

You're not Jesus Christ,
Eluana is Jesus Christ,

she's been on the cross for 17 years,
and it's your fault.

Free her, let her go to Heaven,
since that's what you believe !

Why don't you want to free her ?

Freedom !

Maria, come with us.

- Where's that girl from today ?
- In 115.

The Head of State:
"No one has a monopoly on pain".

- What exam are you preparing ?
- Neurosurgery.

Go, I'll stay here.

February 8, evening

Freedom of choice !

Freedom !

- What are you doing ?
- I don't know.

- Coming to party headquarters ?
- No.

Come with me.

- I'll just stroll.
- Where to ?

I'll meet up with you later.

You need some fun.

- Want company ?
- Are you crazy ?

- You're corrupt !
- I'm not corrupt.

- You were once a Socialist.
- I still am !

Beffardi, you switched sides too !

Let them talk,
they don't count a thing.

You're corrupt !

Don't touch the Constitution !

Don't touch the Constitution !

- Good evening, Senator.
- Good evening.


Beffardi !

I can't lose her too, Emma.

Understand that ?

I have to talk to Maria.

I promised to keep the secret,
but it's not the secret of Fatima.

I mustn't lose Maria,

it would be unjust suffering,


doesn't disgust me, but...

I don't care right now.

Uliano !

Talking to yourself?
What were you doing, praying ?

We travelled together this morning,
you didn't even see me.

I didn't see you

because I was trying
to talk to my daughter,

- I call but she doesn't answer.
- I'll call her.

She's not answering on purpose.

She can't accept
my freedom of conscience,

she can't accept
that I can choose freely.

- Then the party...
- So vote against.

- I don't know.
- You don't know ? You won't vote ?

You're getting involved too ?

Are you like my daughter ?

Let's get back to normality.

- I didn't see you this morning ?
- No, you didn't. - Incredible.





- It's Roberto.
- I know.

What's your name ?


Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with You...

Sorry, I can hear...

- Are you reciting the Rosary ?
- Yes.

Where are you ?

At police headquarters.

My brother was arrested

for verbally assaulting
and resisting a police officer.

And now ?

- We're waiting for the judge.
- When will he get there ?

I have to go.

- Berti Giuseppe ?
- Yes.

- Ragoni Pierfrancesco ?
- Yes.

- Albergati Filippo ?
- Yes.

- Ambrosino Andrea ?
- Yes.

Uliano, come with me.

- How's it going ?
- Very well.

The young lady too...
let's mix it up.

Federico, thank you.

Thank you.

Back to this.

- Professor, I... don't feel well.
- Me neither.

- Beccari Domenico.
- Yes.

- Beffardi Uliano.
- Yes.

- Boscolo Martino.
- Yes.

Borsari Stefano.






Good evening.

May I help you ?

I'm looking for a boy,
he was stopped.

- Is he Italian ?
- Yes.

What's his name ?

- I don't know.
- You don't know ?

He's a slender boy
with very big eyes,

he wears bangs.

May I have a document ?

He's on the third floor,
take the elevator.

Are you sorry I came ?

No, not at all.



How's your brother ?

He's calmed down,
they told me to wait here.

- Do you have a lawyer ?
- He's coming with my mother.

Where is he ?

In a room, here.

Where are you going ?

- I won.
- I don't believe it.

Three, seven, eighteen...

- Seventy-two, I beat you !
- Just the usual luck.

Let's play again,
I'll give you a re-match.

Want to bet I'll slam you ?

I saw him, he's playing cards
and laughing.

- Did he see you ?
- No.

Your brother's strange.


I can never leave him by himself.

And your mother ?

- My mother is another problem.
- Never say that.

- How's your brother ?
- Fine.

- Really ?
- Yes. Thank you, counselor.

- Really ?
- I told you he is.

I'll go with you to the judge...

- I'm leaving.
- No, wait for me here.

Come in.

What is it ?

Professor, I'm a nobody.

Don't go overboard, you're
a representative of the Republic,

there must be a reason.

Sooner or later we all have to die.

Life is a death sentence,
there's no time to waste.

How do you feel ?


I feel like a nothing.

Do you have panic attacks,
feel like you're suffocating ?

Do you grab your throat ?
Do you feel you're falling ?

I get a sudden urge to cry.

I'd advise this. Xanadu.

What am I saying ?


Take one capsule every morning

after breakfast.

I'll write it down for you.

- Where are you from ?
- Codroipo.

Codroipo is a town
with lots of barracks.

No, there used to be...
My father...

Give this to the physician on duty,

he'll give you a prescription

and start tomorrow right away.

Sir, thank you for your sensitivity

and for helping us,
it's Sunday today.

- Don't mention it.
- Goodbye.

You've hooked up with the nun ?

Mom, Roberta's converted.

- Who is she ?
- A friend.

Good evening.

Are you coming with us ?

No, I still have to pay the hotel,
see you at home.

Go with Mom.

Yes, that's better,
leave tomorrow morning.

Let's go.

This one will trap you, use a condom.

- That's enough !
- Goodbye.

Come on !

Excuse me, could I have 79 ?

Thank you.

And the young lady ?

I need a document, it's required.

A signature here and here.

- Your brother ?
- He's already left.

That's fine, good night.

- Want a wake up ?
- No, thank you.

February 8, night

Need to talk to me ?

Sit down.

If I don't vote with the majority,

to be consistent with my ideas,
which are yours too,

what could happen to me ?

Just relax,

there's not enough time.

If the law passes in the Senate,

it has to go to the House,

and Napolitano, probably,

can make modifications, suggestions.

At that point Eluana
will already be dead,

why should you make yourself look bad
in the president's eyes ?

I'll leave you on the list.

If I think one way,
why should I vote another ?

Why ? I'll explain it.

You chose to be in a certain party
that got you elected,

don't forget it's thanks
to this party and its president

that we were acquitted.

We were innocent.

Later !
But first they put us in jail,

the papers and the TV spit on us
without a shred of evidence

and our comrades
didn't lift a finger.

Do you want to walk away
now that we should stand united ?

No, for me it's out of the question !


I'm resigning.

You don't believe me.

It's idiocy,


I say this for your political career,
for your image.

You've busted my ass
with this image crap.

What's it mean ?
It's a totally empty word.

Party discipline's broken my balls.

I don't want to obey
anyone anymore, clear ?

- You're talking nonsense.
- I'm talking nonsense.

I'm talking nonsense.

What ?

Help me.

What did you say ?

Darling, help me,

I'm tired.

Please, my love.

You're not sleeping ?

Sometimes I sleep with my brother,

during the night he starts talking,


I have to wake him gently
or he gets violent.

Why is he always so angry ?

If it were only anger...

He has mood swings,
now he's manic, it goes in cycles.

Are you afraid he'll come back ?

I'm not afraid.

Sorry, I expressed that poorly,

I meant: are you afraid for him ?

I want to be with you always.


I'm crazy about you,

I never want to leave you.

Don't worry, I'm leaving.

I'm going now.

Understand ? I'm leaving.

What are you doing ?

- Are you on duty ?
- No.

Go home, why stay here ?

I don't want to.

- Why stay here ?
- I'm waiting for her to wake up.


You want to save her, huh ?

I'll make a prediction:

she'll live another 10 years
breaking everyone's balls.

- Isn't anyone coming for her ?
- Not yet.


even if they stop doing drugs,
stay addicts,

get that in your head.

Tomorrow morning
we're releasing 115, clear ?

Alright, Professor.

Good night.

February 9, morning

What are you doing ?

I made a big mess,
my girlfriends are furious.

- You're leaving ?
- Yes.

- It's not because of my brother ?
- No, I have to go.

Remember your document.

- I'll see you before you go.
- I'm not going, I'm staying tonight.

Turn your mobile on.

- May Jesus Christ be praised.
- Forever praise His name.

How did you find her ?

Let us pray and hope.

- Sugar ?

- Milk ?

- You're not having any ?
- No, thank you.

Will Federico visit Rosa ?

Yes, with his father.

He's a very sensitive boy,


and he has temperament,
that's the most important thing.

He wants to be an actor too.

His father told me, it's a curse.

I don't see the harm in it.

Many actors, actually, most of them,

are good Catholics.

- You're crying.
- I hate tears.

And hate is a mortal sin.

I'm desperate,

and that's a sin too,

even more serious.

I wish I were a saint.

I can't hope that Rosa
wakes up if I don't have this...


I don't have faith.

I don't believe strongly enough.

I act, I'm always acting, still.

Drink, your coffee's getting cold.

Don't get angry, but...

you'd make a splendid
Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows.

That's the proof !

I was able to convince you,
to trick you by being a fanatic,

and now you propose a role
as the Our Lady.

I just want Rose to wake up.

- We can release her.
- Alright.

What are you doing ?

- The young lady can go home.
- She's still sedated.

It's the professor's release order,
I just follow them.

Until she can walk out of here,
she's not moving,

I'll take the responsibility.


- Could you change the bedding ?
- Yes.

- No luggage ?
- No, we're leaving this evening.

Cold, huh ?


May I take your coat ?

The mistress will be right down.

Thank you.

Who's playing 7

I don't know.

What are you doing ?

- Mom.
- Hello.

Rosa's waiting for you,

she has a good color today, let's go.

- Aren't you cold ?
- No.

- Who's playing ?
- Bruno, a conservatory friend.


Rosa, look who's here.


look who's here
for your birthday party.

Thank you, Bruno.

Goodbye, madam.

- This is for Rosa.
- Thank you.

They're beautiful.

Put them on her.

This is for you.

Stay with your sister a while,
talk to her, it's important.

And be spontaneous.

All it takes is one word to wake her.

The Word.

There's no time to waste.

- Right now ?
- Why wait ?

Okay, I'll try,

but I have to be alone.

- No one.
- Of course.

Then will you listen to the poem

I prepared for the Academy exam ?

"The Tears of the Madonna"
by Jacopone da Todi.


Now go talk to her.

Wait for me downstairs.


Where are you ?

Come into my dreams, little sister.

Please !

And tell me
if Mom should give up her whole life.

Mom's a great actress !

Her giving up has left me alone.

Dad's a good actor,
but he's nothing compared to Mom,

and I'd imagined, it's the truth,

to start the Academy,
after high school, or even before,

and starting with her,
getting the basics with her.

Sometimes one word from her,
one look,

tells me more about a character
than all the professors' chatter.

You should ask God directly
to work a miracle and wake you up

or to convince Mom to leave you
alone, to die... Order him !

Once I pretended
you'd begged me in a dream

to convince her to return to theater
for her public, that adores her,

and remind her about the parable of
the talents: wasting is a mortal sin.

She cried,

she believed me.

Then she did things her way as usual.

Aren't you coming ?

No, I'm staying here,

I'll keep Rosa company.

I won't even ask you,
I'll be back in an hour.

Rosa doesn't need anything.


If Rosa has no chance of waking up,

why don't you put Mom
in a psychiatric clinic ?

- Meantime separate them.
- What ? They'd lock me away.

Mom's committing suicide !

Isn't it a crime
to let her kill herself ?

and shake your head.

If I don't talk,
it's not out of fear,

but because it's a problem
we've discussed

with your mother thousands of times

in the past,

each remaining with their own ideas.

- Far away, inflexible.
- Say you have another woman.

What's that got to do with this ?
You always change the subject.

You're not in love,
that's your tragedy.

Love, absolute passion, you don't
know the first thing about it.

You're scared of everything.

So am I,
but at least I get pissed off.

You're just scared

and you'd like someone else
to solve the problem.

- Too easy.
- No, I don't think that at all.

As soon as you get here,
you can't wait to leave.

Don't come,

think Mom doesn't realize ?

You're no great actor.

Why offend me so flippantly ?

I'm still in love with your mother,

but she doesn't know
what to do with my love.

There's no place for me.

It's hard being a husband to a saint,

even if I were a great actor.

Which you aren't.

Fuck off.

Today is Rosa's birthday,

that's why

I propose we listen to this story
from the Gospel

that will be read by Maria,

which represents hope for us.

Read from here.

"While He was still speaking,

someone came from the house
of the synagogue leader


your daughter is dead,
don't bother the Teacher anymore.

Jesus said to the synagogue leader:

don't be afraid, just believe...

"Why are you wailing ?

The child is not dead,

but asleep...

She is not dead...

- "And He took her hand and said..."
- She's sleeping.

"Talité kum, which is translated:

my child, get up-

At once she stood up

and began to walk...

Federico ?

What are you doing ?

How's this done ?

Get back.

No one would have found out.

- And so ?
- Mom would be free.

What the fuck are you saying ?

Are you crazy ?

You must respect
your mother's wishes,

you might not share them,
but respect them or go away !

- Where ?
- Home !

Stay home,
no one makes you come here.

You can't impose on others
what you think is right, clear ?

This is pure violence !

Your mother wouldn't know
how to live any differently !

Freedom, which is so important to you
and me, means nothing to her now.

Let go.

Let gQ 1

Federico ?

He was just here.

I saw him.

He's very fond of Rosa,

he'd do anything to wake her up.
- I know.

Change her position.

You have hands of gold.

Don't do that anymore.

Don't do that anymore.

Good evening.

Jesus, doctor of our bodies...

Would you please leave ?

Excuse me.

- She still hasn't awakened ?
- No.



- You're a psychiatrist ?
- Yes.

One that gives medicines.

The mentally ill

are so deadly boring,

in the literal sense,
you have to defend yourself.

Do you mean the mentally ill
that are in Parliament ?

Yes !

The people they should represent

insult them, call them
thieves and parasites.

Actually, they're just unhappy,

desperate souls,

and not all of them steal.

They have to hide, but where ?

They have no place, no refuge,

they behave like wanted men,

or they wander around downtown.

I'm not a wanted man,

but sometimes I too
wander around downtown,

I quicken my step if I meet someone
I don't want...

I pretend to rush
to an important appointment,

I phone without talking to anyone.

Isn't it unreasonable ?

If you're completely useless,

not you of course,

go home,
get back into your profession.

TV doesn't call them,
that's the tragedy.

Television is a buffer treatment,

it's not a cure,

but it's a nice relief,

it makes you feel important,

even if you don't count
a fucking thing.

In front of the TV cameras

you feel you're part of the group,

you're a character actor,
not a walk-on, it's very different.

You're not in the clique,
I never see you on TV.

I've never wanted that,

it's not my way,

it's not my personality.

And if they never get called

or stop getting called,

they can fall into terrible,
dangerous depression.

Is there a treatment
for this depression ?

Are you in trouble too ?


At least, I don't think so.

You asked me...

I'm resigning,
it makes no sense to stay.

you're in your first term of office,

you lose your retirement.

I don't care,
I don't agree with anything.

This law is shameful, it's absurd.

There's no governing
without the Vatican.

Even the Pope, the one before,

it's history,

said: let me return
to my Father's house.

It's a line, to be interpreted.

What's there to interpret ? Nothing.

I'm not voting this law.

- You're going against the president.
- Yes.

Then don't come,


go sick, no one will realize.

No, I'll vote against the law

and I'll make a statement.

Oh sure... meantime
I'd advise a light medicine,

a balancer.

Your attention please.

I'll read the calendar.

On the agenda today

is Bill proposal 1369

on the provision
for feeding and hydration.

Oh Mamma, why come ye here ?

Mortal wound ye inflict,

for crushed I am

by your anguished weeping.

Son, clear is my reason,

son, father and husband !

Son, who wounded ye ?

Close the door please.

I can't betray my conscience.

When a government

is capable of inventing falsehoods
on all channels...

Are you ready ?

Yes, I'm ready.

...this should terrify us.

Federico's ready.

Only in Italy

those who claim to be liberal
might not see,

and this, beyond
the tribulations of a family...

Go, please.

Son, who wounded ye ?
Son, who stripped ye ?

I told you he's waiting for you.

Don't be too hard on him,
he's nervous about tomorrow's exam.

I wish they'd fail him.

I wish theater no longer existed.

Listen to him, he's your son,
he has Tears of the Madonna for you !

Wasted energy. 50 minutes you cannot

remove citizens' freedoms,

all of them !

Go, I'll be right there.

It's citizens' freedoms
that are in the balance here,

this should terrify all of you.

I can't betray my conscience,

so I'll vote against this Bill,

and then I'll resign

as senator.

I also experienced

a drama similar to Beppe Englaro's,

I lost my wife
whom I loved immensely.

When her suffering became unbearable,
I consented

and contributed
to shortening her agony.

My wife was dying

and I, who am not a believer,

actually, maybe because I'm not,

would have done anything to keep her
alive one week more, one day.

Aweek, a day more.

Instead, my wife,
who was a fervent believer,

begged God to give her death
as soon as possible.

Isn't that a paradox ?

She asked me to help her

put an end to her suffering
and I accepted.

For some, this is an act of courage,

for others, a vile, miserable act,
if not criminal.

For me it was just
an act of love for my wife,

an act of love for my wife,

an act of love for her freedom.

I don't believe in the theology of...

of pain, of suffering.

I find that suffering
doesn't ennoble man,

it humiliates him,

it breaks him.

What happened to me,
happens in many Italian families,

in this lies

the exceptionality of Beppe Englaro's
drama, his greatness,

yes, his greatness,

to have wanted,
in this cynical, depressed Italy

to act respecting the law.

Even though


friends, may have advised him

to resolve things in the family,

in spite of this loving dissuasion,

he refused to choose illegality.

You put yourself down to talk,
what are you thinking ?

you might not be a candidate again.

This again ?

Don't say I didn't warn you.
Stay here and turn out the light.

- Should I disappear ?
- You've been warned.

- What are you doing, singing ?
- Yes.

Every time I call,
you're either singing or praying.

It's a sign.

Should I come to you ?
I'll come right away if you want.

No, don't worry,
but call me when you're done,

you won't be there
the whole night I hope. - No.

I find offensive and shameful
the Prime Minister's words:

"Eluana could have a baby".

What are you doing here ?

Are you afraid ?

Of you ?

Mom ?

...when he quotes Pope Wojtyla,
who, in replying to doctors

who offered to keep treating him,

said: "Let me return
to my Father's house".

Yeah, great !

I said: Mom ?

I can't stand her,
I'd like to kill her,

she talks a lot,
but never does a fucking thing.

I want a straight jacket.

You ran away.

You're my guardian.

Even maids get a day off.

We had a deal.

Then it's serious.

Stop !

Is it Mom ?

Are you in love with the nun ?

You should be happy,

Catholics assist
even the hopelessly ill like you.

You're all I need.

Leave me alone.

Where will you go without me ?

Our law guarantees the option

of refusing all treatment,

even simple support,

like blood transfusions,
and IV feeding.

To abolish this right
would be a very serious act.

I'll begin.

Woman of Paradise,

captured is thy son,

blessed Jesus Christ.

How can it be so,

no madness did he,

Christ, my hope,

captured is he ?

Oh, Madonna, he is betrayed,

sold by Judah,
thirty coins were his,

it was great earning.

Oh Pilate, give my son no torture,

show ye I can
that unjust is his accusing.

Crucifige, crucifige !

- I don't remember...
- Madam !

The mistress !

A news report has come,

there's a news report saying

that Eluana is dead.

Silence, please !

Murderers !

You're disgraceful !

I wouldn't say
this is the best way...

Uliano !

You're so lucky,

you should always
listen to me and thank me !

Dad, let's go home.


May we have one minute of silence,
thank you.

Come on in, move !

Miss, good evening.

Let me return your document.


There's no one upstairs,
the gentleman has left.

What, left ?

15 minutes ago, with his brother.

Didn't he leave anything,

a message ?


Excuse me.

It's all too complicated.

I have to leave. Don't look for me.

The room's paid for,
if you'd like to go up...

If you'd like to rest, you can go up.

May I sit down a moment ?

In these days

everyone has taken political stands,

and these political stands

carry responsibilities.

Eluana didn't die,

Eluana was killed.

As far as we're concerned,

we state:
we won't stand for it !

It's murder !

It's murder !

Doctor, please !

Is she dead ?

What did I tell you yesterday ?
You should have bet.

Want to bet
on the anesthetist's arrest ?

Don't you see it's murder ?

- Eluana was already dead.
- You're crowing victory ?

- Go to bed.
- Good night, ma'am.


What are you reading ?

The life of Saint Teresa.

- I'll stay.
- Alright.

Take down
all the mirrors in the house.

Even from the bathrooms ?

- At a later time.
- Alright.

Who's the asshole
who put me back into the world ?


Who authorized you ?

Are you my father ?

Is your name Pallido ?


Is that a name ?

What ugly shoes you've got.

- Are you a psychiatrist ?
- No.

Then get out,

I have the right to a psychiatrist.

I'm staying here, I'm not moving.


You clamp your jaws,

poor wretch.

You can't teach me the lesson,
show me your arms.

You're dead like me,
the world's full of them.

It shows by how you talk,

bY Your anger.

You wouldn't talk like this.

Hound you out,

give me the satisfaction.

I'll find out anyway.

As soon as I get out,
I'll kill myself.

You're not getting out of here.

Who are you, il Duce ?
You make me laugh.

You don't make me laugh nor cry.

An addict
who can't put together a sentence

deserves more compassion than you,

you think you're superior,
but to whom ?

You have no dignity.

- Can't cut the bullshit?
- I'm responding to yours.

Is dignity a perfume ?

You know the name of the clinic
where you're free to kill yourself ?


Calm down.

I give the orders here.

Why do you want to force me
to live in this shitty world ?

Are you mute ?

I'm a doctor,
if you're sick I have to treat you,

keep you from killing yourself.

Want to spend your life here ?
Don't you have a home ?

Sure, I do,

but no one's waiting for me,
I can stay here all week.

- Why didn't you have me arrested ?
- Because you were sick.

Addicts in jail come to a bad end.

- How do you know ?
- I know.

So, I did understand.

I'm just too intelligent.

And you look at me.

Why look at me ?

What do you see in my eyes,
in my gaze ?


Those who look you in the eye
make me laugh.

The courage to look you in the eye !

I don't give a shit about living.

Nothing !

I just want to end it.

Don't I have that freedom ?

You're free to kill yourself
and me not to let you.

I'd feel like a coward
if I didn't do my utmost.

Not only because
it's my professional duty,

but for simple humanity,

I can't think of another word.

If you see someone jumping
out the window, you stop him,

you don't ask if it's right or wrong,
you just do it.

- Let me smoke, got a cigarette ?
- No.

C'mon ! Do you smoke ?

Not in here, and going out
is out of the question.

I can't do what I want,

there's always some asshole
wanting to save me.

Save me, how absurd, how trivial...

You want to cure me ?

There is no cure,
I've come off drugs 20 times,

I don't feel anything anymore,

I don't feel a fucking thing !

Why don't you see that ?

I have to spell it out ?

I'm a goner, I'm dead !

What the fuck are you doing ?

See, it's not true
you don't feel anything.

- I could report you.
- Do it.

Your head's okay
and your body too, as you see.

Want a screw ?

It's easy now.

Too easy, I'm not interested.

Think I suck ?

No, not at all.

I know I suck.

But you suck too,

and this shitty light,

and your drab white coat,

and your squalid name.




Out, damned spot.

Will these hands...

ne'er be clean...

February 10, morning


Dad ?


You finally answer.

- I've looked for you for 2 days.
- Sorry.

I'm sorry for Eluana.

I'm sorry for you, for Eluana,
understand ?

- Where are you ?
- In Udine, at the station.

I'm taking a train home.

Where are you ?

At the station in Udine.

- I'll come and get you.
- No, Dad.

- I'll take a train, see you at home.
- Okay, bye.

What are you doing here ?

I have to talk to you.

Let's sit down.

I have to talk to you.

Remember when Mom
received last rites

and you led me out the door
and closed it?

At a certain point I couldn't resist,

I cracked the door open
and peeked in

and I was so angry with you

that I imagined
you were suffocating her.



today, I don't know when,

it doesn't matter, but...

I understood... I saw

that you were really hugging her.

Love changes
our way of seeing things,

it's not true it's blind, not at all.

You've fallen in love.


But what did you want to tell me ?


I'm resigning as senator.

I haven't yet, but I will,


as soon as I entered the chamber

to make my statement against the law

and say I was resigning,

the news of Eluana's death came.

Could I be any unluckier ?

I'd prepared a speech,

maybe it wasn't politically...

Can I read it?

...but sincere.

No need to read it now,
read it at home.

Charlotte Lantery