Dorm (2006) - full transcript

In Thailand, the young Ton Chatree is sent to a boarding school by his father to study harder and have less entertainment with television. Once in the school, Ton feels outcast and misses his family and friends. He becomes scared with the ghost stories his new schoolmates tell about a boy that died in the swimming pool and a young pregnant woman that committed suicide. He becomes a close friend of the also lonely boy Vichien, and later Ton realizes that Vichien is the boy that drowned in the swimming pool, and his death repeats every night. Ton tries to find a way to help his friend to rest in piece.

I'd like to warn those who just
turn on this audio commentary,

if you haven't seen "Dorm",
please adjust the sound to normal.

We'll be talking about the film so
it might kill the mood when watching.

P'Da and Ajarn watched "Dorm"
at the theater, right?

That's right.

When I see "Dorm" in big screen
I feel that...

the picture that we see here
is done with coloring

while the version that we see
in the theater isn't like this.

Really? How could that be?

So the version that I saw in
Bangkok Film wasn't quite done huh?

The second half that you saw was
totally different from this one.

Not that it wasn't done
but the process of doing

the file video and film is different.
That was the best for film.

When it becomes video, we could do
much more with the colors.

Does it mean that its picture
is darker in the theater?

The shade of light depends on
the projector of different theaters.

Like the end of the film
where lots of people said,

"Where does Tor disappear to
while riding in the car with Ton?"

Actually he's there, but if the theater
is too dark, you can't see him.

The opening scene is at Ton's house.

- Where did you film it?
- I really like this shot.

Just a glimpse between them, we know
that there's more to be said

in the next shot by the maid.

It makes us think about lots
of things that aren't so good.

Look at their facial expressions.

I think this is all about
the experience of the director.

When I directed "Dorm", I had
to learn how much was enough.

At first I was afraid that it was
too long or too short

regarding giving hints to the viewers.

I think too little is better so that
the viewers can think themselves.

In the maid shot, when I watch it
in the theater,

I suspect something,
but I don't know what it is.

I know later when I watch it
the second time what the film hints.

As I asked earlier, where did you
film that scene?

In the suburb of Bangkok, I can't
remember where, but it's quite far.

The atmosphere is like the old
buildings around Suan-Luang.

- The house scene, I mean.
- That was around Suan-Luang.

I remember the gold building.

It's the atmosphere of growing up
in the row houses, right?

My house is just around that area.

It's just that the boarding school
is in Sri-racha district,

so we film it in Sri-racha.

Actually we spent lots of time
figuring out the school's name.

I'm not good at giving names to
anything so I let the crew do it.

Where does the name "Saichol Wittaya"
come from?

Nothing actually. One of the crew
suddenly wrote this name,

and I felt that it was appropriate

since the film had to do with water.

I tried to tweak it to fit the story.

Ajarn Daeng told me that
he used to be in boarding school.

It was by the sea,
not at Assumption Sri-racha

but at Bang Saen.
I was two years younger than Ton.

- So little!
- Yes, around 10 years old.

Did you have a teacher
like Kru Pranee?

- Sure.
- There's always one in each school.

After a while, this type of teacher
will be the one we're closest to.

We're scared of her at first sight.
This type of teacher is so scary.

Once we get to know her,
we'll understand.

I used to have a teacher
exactly like Kru Pranee.

Later on she became someone
I was closest to.

That's because she cares about
the living situation of the kids.

However, at my school, the dorm's
teachers were all male.

But they were still somewhat creepy
like this.

When I first wrote the script,
I planned to make it all boys school,

but I wanted P'Mam. The dorm's
teacher then had to be female.

I still wondered if the viewers would mind
a female teacher in the boys' dorm.

I think it'd be worse if it's
a male teacher in all girls school.

Oh, you'll definitely get criticized!

What I don't like is the hairstyle
of Ton's father.

One thing that I learned from this
scene is that men shouldn't wear wigs.

So he wore a wig. Why?
His hairstyle didn't fit the period?

Actually P'Heart's hair is ok.
But at that time, men his age

- didn't use hair clippers.
- I see.

P'Heart's hair was done
with hair clippers.

Men always have problems wearing wigs
because their hair is too short

to really make a wig blend in
with their own hair.

I'm not making an excuse. I admit
wholly and won't do it again.

It looks like a man who has been
through hair weaving.

P'Heart says that in next film,
please don't make him wear a wig.

When my parents dropped me at school,
I didn't stand and watch.

I ran around the car.

I refused to go into the school.

I refused to go into the school.

I ran around the car till
the teacher caught me.

Ajarn Daeng and I used to be
in a boarding school.

The first day's experience
was really terrible.

But after a while,
when I got used to the school,

and I saw little ones who were sent
there crying, I felt so bad for them.

But I told myself that after a while,
they wouldn't want to go home.

It's the feeling that you have
to leave home.

You have to live with strangers and
don't know what will happen, right?

Being a dorm's student was like a big
adjustment to me.

Moving up the grade, moving to a new
school or meeting new people,

aren't so bad if we're a non-boarding
kid because we can relax at home.

The change of social life
is still bearable.

However, being at a boarding school,
we'll have to deal with things

twenty-four seven. We need to make
adjustment no matter what.

Is there any difference in the way
kids at boarding school

and non-boarders think or behave
when they grow up?

I feel I was more mature because
you had to help yourself.

Oh, I like this scene... the omelet.

The juxtaposition of two similar scenes.

From school to home.
That's a perfect beat.

Changing from one place to another
by using food as a link.

I spent lots of time with this scene
figuring how...

I didn't want it to be too clear
like in "Fan Chan."

I tried to make things more
ambiguous in this film.

Nack did a great job in this scene.

I don't know once I say this,
it'll cause the viewers

who like Nack's acting to change
their mind or not.

Actually the tears that you see were
the effect of the onions.

I really admire him because it's
quite difficult to make a boy cry.

It's just that he could create
an emotional scene with his tears.

It's hard enough to cry, but he can
also build up an emotion.

I remember that
this was the last take.

When I said, "Cut", my assistant said
to all girls not to cry with him.

- Nack really gave it all.
- I think his paying attention

to details improves his acting
a great deal.

In the last scene, it's not just the
crying but also the way he eats.

It's really emotional.

That's Dr. Nui.

This idiot is Sarote.

That ass is Pok.

I'm Toei.

Anyone wonders where Toei comes
from and why he disappears?

Actually he's not in the Gang of Four.
His character is meddling with all.

Irrelevantly a bit, I was once a judge
for short movies

in the year that Bioscope organized.
There was a movie about dogs.

- This boy was in it? Which one?
- The leading actor.

Toei? I forgot already.
It could be that he grew up a lot.

He came to do the casting
so I picked him.

The lighting in this scene
is very good.

The lighting comes from below and
we know that it's from a torchlight.

Boarding school kids always use
torchlights when chatting at night.

Everyone has a torchlight.

The lighting then seems eerie.

When I talked to my cameraman, P'Ying,

she said I caused her trouble again.
To balance the light from a torchlight

and the light that was from above
was hard.

The lighting in this scene
is just perfect.

The blue color that's surrounding
the kids is a set-up, right?

Right. If you are at the set,
you'll see that this low lighting scene

requires a huge light
outside the building

and then uses the x-acto knife
to cut it off.

It's like cutting a piece
of black cloth.

When I was a student, we didn't sit
down and tell ghost stories like this.

At that time there was a radio show
called "True or Fake."

They asked the listeners to send
in ghost stories

and they would make it
into a play on the radio.

The show was on around 10:00 pm.
We'd all be listening to it.

My school was new, only two years old.
No incident had happened yet.

We then had to listen
to this radio show.

Kids this age do enjoy listening
and telling ghost stories.

It's like the activity
when gathering together.

At least these four might not have
that good intention at first,

but it made Ton
get to know them better.

Sometimes we get to know people
through this kind of stuff.

This is a very smooth introduction
of a character.

It shows each person's personality.

I'm not that imaginative. All those
stories are things I've heard

from other people.
I didn't make them up.

How much of your own experience
is in this film?

All detailed experiences are mine.

Like the scene when dad dropped Ton
off and Ton went upstairs to watch.

It didn't happen when I was
in a boarding school,

but when I became a Buddhist monk.

My gang usually went to every
members' ordination ceremonies

ahead of time like on the eve, and
next morning I had to shave my head.

My friend would see me off and bid
farewell. We normally became monks

in the rural.
After that they went partying

while I forlornly watched.

I felt they would be having fun
while I had to behave properly.

- Here comes the horrific teacher.
- She just popped out and disappeared.


I really love P'Mam.
She's a very high-spirited actress.

I've worked with lots of actors.
At first I was a bit uncomfortable

because some actors were hard to
deal with. P'Mam wasn't like that.

She gave it 100%.
At first we didn't "know" her.

But when we promoted "Dorm", both PR
and P'Jina (producer) came to me

and said "Yong, make more movies
for P'Mam!"

Maybe there's a magic genie.

I heard that P'Mam always came to
the set with lots of goodies.

- She took care of everyone well.
- She even stopped by the mall

to get papaya pok pok for the crew.

In the crying scene, do you have
to build up emotion for her?

P'Mam asked for a moment alone.
She didn't need anything to help.

She really felt it from the inside.

I remember when she was in the film
called "Boonchu" in her younger years.

There was a scene where she
misunderstood Boonchu

for dating another girl.
She was on the bus and suddenly cried.

It was so cute. Everyone says that
Jintara can make people cry with her.

That's right.

The latest film of P'Mam that made
me almost cried was "Satang."

- When she was with P'Tua.
- The dancing scene.

That was P'Tua's scene.
But there was another scene

where she was sitting at
a wooden house and having a talk.

My heart went right to her.

From reading the behind the scene
before the film is shown,

they says Yong always has temper
when directing kids.

Why did you deal with kids so much?

Actually I love kids and
I think they can feel that

even though I yell at them.

You just need to understand them
in order to work well with them.

We don't need to act kindly to them
all the time. For example, Nack.

We don't need to act kindly to them
all the time. For example, Nack.

After he was in "Fan Chan" and
got to work with other teams,

I was asked if I still wanted Nack
in this movie.

They said he became quarrelsome
and demanding.

When I saw him, he was still the same.
It had to do more with spoiling.

If we give everything that the kid
wants, he'll sure be spoiled.

In the set of "Dorm", we filmed
until very late three days in a row.

Nack came to me and told me that
he couldn't do it anymore.

I understood him. To film from 6 pm.
To 6 am. Three days in a row,

was hard for a kid with certain bedtime.
I changed the filming time for him.

I also told Nack that 60-70 members
had to wait for him

so he had to do his best alright?
It was more like this.

It's like trading time for good work.

We spent so much time on this
not-even-a-one-minute scene.

- I spent a day on it.
- Why?

Actually they say we'd better not
deal with kids and animals.

But in "Dorm", we have both kids
and animals!

It's also a technical scene since
we can't make the dogs sit in a row.

We had to shoot four dogs per shot,
and then put the shots together.

This is the scariest scene.

People are afraid of ghost
because they haven't seen it before.

We just feel that everything around us
tells us that it's there.

If you can clearly see it, you might
become friends with it.

The problem is that we can't see it,
and thus makes it scary.

- Our imagination runs wild.
- Our eyes start seeing things.

Waking up late at night and thinking
someone is standing there

while it's just a shirt hanging.

I think that's the beginning of
the myths, and when they're passed on,

more horrific details start to add up.

That's the reason why Asian ghost
stories are scarier than

those of the Westerns which clearly
show their ghosts.

Being cold when taking a morning
bath is from real experience.

But something like seeing a ghost
never happened to me.

Even the reason why Ton is sent to a
boarding school is from my experience.

I was teased that I went to boarding
school because of that reason.

If my dad had done things like that,
I wouldn't have put it in the film.

Certain points have to be exaggerated
to affect the viewers.

Your films always have little detail
like the next shot.

We see Vichien's moldy shorts.

This is from my experience.
My swim trunks were also moldy.

I have to teach it to kids in this

We used swim trunks during my time
but later on we just wore underwear

and washed it at the same time.

- Did you take a bath together?
- Yes. Long pool like that.

I see all the ghost stories
made you wet your pants.

This is the scene where friends
ridicule Ton.

When they introduced Ton,

the Southern boy said his real name
with Southern accent.

What makes it funny is that
it's not planned.

Not intended for it to be clear
but the viewers got the point.

Not intended for it to be clear
but the viewers got the point.

If you fix it...

can I try playing it?

It's difficult to make funny scenes
blend in with the storyline.

The ridiculed scene stands out
the most since it looks real.

Like Ajarn Daeng mentioned the
Southern accent, it was a character.

When the viewers laughed
at a character, it was bearable.

But this one is intended to be a
funny scene. Was it difficult?

I have to say very difficult since
we don't know what's enough

and also people have different views
of what they consider funny.

- If it doesn't work...
- The entire scene will also suffer.

If it's not so balanced but it
works, that's still ok.

I suspected something about
the father when watching.

Other things were clearer when
I watched it the second time.

The father appeared cruel and always
forced Ton to do things.

Also the beginning of the film
showed the discontentment of the son

about his father. We felt that his
father had certain complexity.

Later we knew it was because
of what his dad did

but I still wondered why
he had to be so cruel.

When I watched it the second time,
I felt it was just like all parents

who always banned things and kids'
memories aren't always accurate.

They only remembered the bad things.

Chatree isn't here right now.

Would you like to leave a message?

This scene is the first to tell the
viewers of Chatree's last name.

I can see now that Yong really isn't
good at names.

Let me explain. I wrote
the script with Wanrudee,

P'Keng's assistant and P'Kawao.

P'Kawao was the one
who put our ideas into words

and he was the one who wrote
this last name.

Everyone knows that this movie comes
partly from my experiences

and now we need to tweak my last name
in it too?

P'Keng said to keep it just for kicks.

P'Keng also had last name
"Jiramalikul" in "Fan Chan", right?

These shots are intended. I'm not
sure if the viewers get it or not.

I'd like them to see the ambiance
and the orange light in the bathroom.

Boarding schools are really like this
especially the ones in rural areas.

Just like every family in rural
areas, they turn in very early.

Everything is dark and
the sound of cicadas is all over.

Have they met each other yet?

Just the shadow while he was
hanging the sheet.

- While he was playing game.
- That's right.

You've better memory than I do. I've
been with it too long I got blurred.

I like this scene because there's no
sound effect.

There's no music
and that makes it scary.

In some scenes where you want
to build up the viewers' emotion

and you add the music to help,
I think that's just too much.

The silence here...

...and the creaky sound of the door
are more than enough.

I agree with you. We can't tell much
when filming but

when watching the entire film,
the music in some part is too much.

It gives away hints.

Just a few ghost tales and he peed his pants.

What a sucker!

The lighting of this scene
is difficult

since we have to do the entire

The wide area isn't so difficult.

Though there's light in the bathroom,
if we set no light to the building,

- it'll be totally dark.
- You won't see the shadow of it.

The film isn't like our eyes.
It can't take on light as much.

The light in this scene is from
under the door.

The room is dark and there's light
shining through. It's beautiful.

- Very beautiful.
- P'Ying must be glad to hear.

Did you have to fix the tone color
of each scene, i.e., blue or green?

We talked about picture and the film
a lot before filming.

We have to choose the type of film
with certain ISO and the brand

to fit the movie's color that we want.

There's also a procedure for
the film that's shown in cinema

and the previews in video.

We can telescene things in the video

but for the cinema film,
everything has to be right in it.

If we want it to be green, it's got
to be so from filming to developing.

We used skip beat procedure
to skip the developing process.

I think this movie is difficult
to film.

It's a colored movie but you have
to play with light and shadow

which is the style of black
and white movies.

You're very good at setting
the light and filming it.

It's not just that. Sometimes we have
to dye white shirts into yellow

since white color would burn under
the process of skip beat.

I learned it the hard way.

When you play with few colors,
and try to make it like black and white,

you have to study about colors a lot.

For example, when you see
a particular color,

it won't be like that when you
change it to black and white.

It'll turn to be another color.

Why do you want it in the tone
of green and blue?

It's my own preference and it makes
the ambiance seem cold.

It's perfect for ghost stories.

This is one thing that I'll never do,
taking a bath alone.

He's brave, huh!

You're real curious about Miss Pranee, aren't you?

Once you wake up, you'll go
to dining room right away, right?

When I watched the film, I thought
he was really disciplined.

- He got up and took a bath.
- I'd just touch my eyes with water.

Another thing that I like is
the introduction of Vichien.

He appears like a normal kid

but the way he pops in and out
makes us feel good about ghost.

We know that he's a ghost,
and he's also a friendly one.

I don't know if you used to...

Spielberg said that his imaginary
friend was Peter Pan.

My friends had imaginary friends
like Superman.

Mine was an invisible man.

Kids at a certain age want to have

imaginary friends with power.

Some might want to have a ghost
as a friend like this.

- Do you?
- I had one too.

I'm not sure if it's an imaginary
friend, but when I was young,

I loved the series called
"See Yord Kumarn" very much.

I felt I wanted to be like them.

I'd do certain things if I have
a friend like this.

Could there be one more magic
thing so I could join them?

I even introduced Peter,
my imaginary friend to my friends.

- You believed it for real?
- No. I knew he didn't exist.

- But I wanted others to believe too.
- It wasn't a joke, right?


I think that's a good point
in being a kid.

Like the time when I saw the kids
playing with dirt in "Fan Chan."

They did it for a long time. They
enjoy even a simple thing like that.

We, the adult, already lost that kind
of feeling.

Hurry up!


This is the scene that tortured
both me and the geese.

We filmed it for a day. It was quite
an experience.

We know that geese are fierce
but only in their territory.

When we relocated them to our site,
they seemed so tame.

Half a day had gone before we figured
out that we had to take its gosling.

Hold on, please.


The unbearable hairstyle of P'Da.

I'll see you later, okay.


I'm afraid of people who did
hair weaving.

He's more scary than a ghost.

I've never seen any man who
looks good wearing a wig in a movie.

Both the wig and the mustache.

Regarding mustache, I once saw
a make-up artist

who could do fake stubbles.

I asked him how he did it.

He cut hair and stuck it
one by one.

It really looked like real stubbles.
He was good.

It wouldn't look like fake ones
either both color and shape.

Is Nack this quiet in real life?

Not at all! I once saw Nack

running down from the 17th floor
while the adults used the elevator.

We've seen him in "Fan Chan" and then

it felt like Jiab had grown up
into Ton.

Actually Nack is a funny boy.

Nack walked down from 17th floor.
Thank God he didn't walk up!

He used the elevator instead.

He's cute. Everybody loves him,
especially P'Ying.

They teased each other a lot.

It's interesting that a serious
character works for him.

He has sad eyes.

Actually we planned to buy the rights
for the movie "Pee Gud..."

but it was so expensive that we had
to remake it ourselves.

This is a remake?
I thought it was the original.

The storyline is close to
the original but we twist it a bit

to make it fit our film's storyline.

The original could also be edited
this way.

It's good that you did this.
So that you won't have problems

when importing this movie abroad.

I feel sorry for my buddy.
He couldn't show his film abroad

because "The Little Prince" scene.

He could only go to festivals or
countries that were willing

to pay for the rights of that movie
which is very expensive.

At first I didn't know that it was
a remake until I saw this guy.

He looked like a man
of our current time.

Our budget was quite low, so I had
to get help from people I knew,

like my younger friends at the
university who could act.

We employed the department's actors
since we had little time to film.

If you make a movie, you'd probably
ask friends from Architectural Dept.

I really thought that this scene
was real.

The wording on that paper charm
means billion.

But the wind blew it away, so our
chance for a billion was gone.


Help me, please!

I really like this shot.

I like the entire thing because
the beats are perfect,

both pictures and music.

Open the door!

Was the director's cut exactly as in
the script

or did you just improvise while editing?

It happened during editing.

It only said in the script that this
boy was watching this movie.

Nothing like this.
It happened when I saw the location.

We could see so much when filming

but we could more when editing.

I did the cut for about ten versions.

It took that many to get the consensus
from everybody.

The actions like holding one's breathe

and lifting the legs up

are from the script, right?

Right. It was also a fluke.
We were trying to reveal the ghost.

How to do it. Actually these two things
were in the script, but not together.

- Somehow they could be merged.
- Same gimmick in Pee Gud, right?


Where'd you go?

This scene took place at
Assumption Sri-racha school.

I also watched movies there as a kid.

Every Saturday at boarding school,
we'd get to watch movies.

In my time, we had to watch
soundtrack movies with no subtitles.

Khun Bandid and Khun Yingsak
also watched soundtrack movies.

Mostly Hollywood films.

Mostly Hollywood films.

Do you think the viewers already know
that he's a ghost,

or they know it from this scene?

When I showed it at GTH,
100% of the viewers didn't know.

But when it was in cinema,

lots of viewers told me
that they knew before.

It's normal when you watch a horror
flick, you tend to find the ghost.

This boy looks the weirdest
beside Miss Pranee.

I thought about it as I wrote the
script because I love horror flicks.

That was why I tried to reveal it
as soon as I can.

It wasn't the main storyline either.

Maybe he's looking for a friend.

Dr. Nui, how can you believe him?

That point is interesting.
I believe that some viewers expect it

to be a horror flick. When you reveal
the ghost, they'll wonder what's next.

After this the genre of the movie
really changed.

I'm not sure if I expect too much
or not. I just want to say that

there're lots of this type of movie
with no ghosts popping out

to freak viewers all the time.
Maybe something like "Dorm."

It's like when I showed the trailer
for pre-selling in USA.

Lots of people said that it was
similar to "Devil's Black Bone."

A Spanish movie that isn't a ghost
story yet there are ghosts.

I think it has to do with the
experience in watching movies.

The Americans might be exposed to
a wider range of movies,

so they understand different
storylines better than we do.

I was told that this shot had
nothing to do with the movie.

I agreed since it had nothing to do
with Vichien and Ton

but I insisted that we included it
in the film.

I was trying to say that Miss Pranee
had something to do with the boys.

I asked them to keep it.

A few minutes ago we revealed the ghost.

Here's what's next. We now know that
it's not a ghost story anymore.

There're shots where Ton and Vichien
each appear alone.

It's like another storyline. And when
we see Miss Pranee alone,

we understand that something crucial
is about to happen.

When I showed it on the blank face
round without Q&A,

Kong (Lidia) told me how daring
I was in changing the film's genre

in the middle of the movie.

I didn't think that it would be this
clear while filming.

It was just something we had to try.

This scene is a bit routine for
any horror movie.

All of a sudden, there was a hand
and later appeared to be a dream.

It could wake up the viewers.

This is an additional scene.
We added more ghost scenes

to please the markets.

When he knew that his friend was
a ghost and became friends again,

I wondered if the viewers
would think it was too lame or not.

I also wondered if I should explain
the story more or not.

That ghost scene was about what
Vichien asked Ton in the theater

whether Ton was afraid of him. Once
Ton knew that his friend was a ghost

he started to think what a ghost
could do to him and started dreaming.

When he woke up, his friend is still
a friend.

Yes, sir.

Which movie has the boy who plays
Vichien done before?

Michael did lots of commercials and
TV series since he was little.

Lots of commercials. He's really
popular in that field.

Just like Get in "Fan Chan."

Has anyone wondered why students
don't wear uniforms in class?

None at all.

In boarding school, there is time
for homework, after dinner, etc.

- After a bath and dinner, right?
- Yes.

It's interesting that nobody's
curious about it.

They're more curious about things
that I never thought about.

For example, the door lock
was outside.

In the script, I planned to have
kids play tricks on Ton

by tying a rope to the door. My
assistant suggested locking it.

What toilet has the lock on the

My crew said it was like that
in his school.

I then went to see the toilets
at Assumption school,

they were exactly like in the movie.

I think the purpose is to keep things
out of the toilets.

For the janitors to lock the toilets
during breaks,

thus helps create pranks among kids.

Here... I fixed it.

You wanted to borrow it, right?

I think this conversation is a bit
too mature for kids.

- Which scene?
- This one coming up.

When Vichien said how he and Ton
were alike.

It's too mature but it's an important
point in the story.

"I'm nobody."

I made him say it behind Ton.

Try playing it.

This is a very sad scene.

I don't know how.

We know that he's afraid and
he only has Vichien as a friend.

It's just so sad that he has no one
but a ghost as a friend.

When you cut back to Ton's house,
we know that Ton's not there now.

But it makes me feel that Ton already
knew that he was never there.

Shit, he's gone off the deep end.

Actually that scene wasn't
right there in the script.

My editor tried putting it there
and I felt it worked.

It gave me a chill.

Like he knew he didn't exist even
before he came to boarding school.

Ton felt like a nobody
not because of his friends

but his family.

Um... right now...

can you still see the ghost?

After this is what my friends called
"Nui's Ghost Busting."

If you see it again...

you can tell me about it.

I like ghosts.

- Nui had more roles than others.
- It would lead to scenes after this.

About the motorcycle. P'Kiang said
I skipped back and forth too much.

What does he want me to do!

I'm surprised with this scene. P'Kawao
wrote that Nui sat on the coffin.

I didn't think much when I told him
to sit on the coffin. I didn't think

that it might be funny or anything

to sit on a coffin.

People thought it was bad luck
but I wasn't thinking at that time.

When it's in film, P'Keng said that
it really worked.

When it's in film, P'Keng said that
it really worked.

I don't know why but it worked.
It looked different.

He replied slowly in the style of his
character that "I like it!"

Are you making fun of me?

Nui's character was set to explain

I was scared that I might give too many hints.

However, it had to be clear. I had
to choose whether to add a character.

So I chose to have a character who
was a weirdo from the beginning on.

You should put Vichien and the dogs
in the same frame.

- Did you film them separately?
- Yes.

I like Michael in this scene.
He acted elegantly at first

then he changed to being a kid.

I have to confess that I wasn't sure
how it was going to turn out

because in the script, P'Keng said
he wanted to see this scene.

No director could have done it alike.

In the script, Vichien wanted to try
something. He stuck out his leg

and all dogs howled. When he put his
leg back, the dogs stopped howling.

Before filming, I told Michael
to have confidence.

It was like telling myself
to be confident too.

Is something wrong with the food?

Nack's eyes were really sparkling in
this scene because of Taew.

That was the real feeling.

The food is great.

The dogs' scene did change the mood
of the film too

because the mood of what came next
totally changed from previous scenes.

Khun Visut said that this is
"Fan Chan" part 2.

The high school level at Assumption
Sri-racha was coed during my time.

There were always cheerleaders for
every competition.

So I added it in the script.

At certain age, boys tend to like
older girls, but not that old.

When they're turning into teenagers.
Could it be that they feel the girls

- their age are too innocent?
- Something like that.

They prefer older girls.

An illustrated guide to becoming a man.

In this scene, I told Nack to use
his thumb to circle it.

Nack's brother was there. I asked
him if his parents would mind.

- What did he say?
- He said not to worry.

Maybe he does that often at home.

Hey... what was he called in for?

My crew thought up the name
"Obsession" for the magazine.

People do think that
boarding school kids

might be obsessed with sex,

especially about homosexual because
they're put together.

There're some but there are much more
things to do at boarding school.

Your friends would ask you to go
play things or do some adventures.

Totally lots of things to do.
We're not obsessed with sex at all.

- There're some but nothing serious.
- Just like non-boarding kids.

I think we should be more concerned
with non-boarding kids.

They're alone after school and
have access to hypermedia easier.

If anyone has a nude magazine,
everyone in the school gets to share.

That was why Vichien called it
his priceless cache.

Climbing out to see things is one of
the activities for dorm's kids.

It's a really normal thing.

The story behind this scene was
that there's a girls' school called

St. Paul's Convent right next
to my school.

All girls are cute.

This song by P'Nui is from my own

I'm a big fan of the band Micro.

There was a song "Yar Dee Kwa" in
the last part of "Fan Chan."

This scene doesn't really have any
point to it.

It doesn't state clearly which
period this movie is from.

But lots of things are chronologically
done according to the director's age.

Like the comic book about "Tsubasa."

Also going to Sri-racha via

The eyes of these 2 boys
were really sparkling.

At first we were filming another
school's scene but the light dimmed

we had to film this shot instead.

They were actually done
at the same school.

Want to take a picture?

- She was giving hope to Ton.
- People asked why P'Namtan had to...

How should I put it
without making it ugly...

Let's say giving hope to him.
I think it's just the point of view

of a boy which came from
my experience at that age.

- For them, it was just friendship.
- They didn't think anything nasty.

- He felt P'Namtan was happy.
- My mom said when I was young

Because sometimes I would show
girls' pictures to my mom

and they were all older than I was.

Boys are really like this.

Hey, can I ask you something?


I like this beat too. It took him
a while before he could ask...

- I wonder what he would say.
- Writing script for this phrase

was difficult because I hadn't seen
the entire movie.

I usually send the script to my
friends for comments.

One of my friends said if he knew
that his friend was a ghost,

he'd have asked since day one
how his friend died.

I agreed at that time, but the beat

and the pacing of the movie
had to be around here.

I had to do everything to make it
believable to the viewers.

It was towards the end,
we had to make them believe us.

Sometimes the mood
of the movie leads us on.

One of the hardest parts
for me was that

Michael had something
to do every 6:00 pm.

These scenes had to be done at dusk.

"The magic hour" when the light
is really beautiful.

That timing is so short that we could
only film a few shots per day.

That's why we see the lighting
change so much in the film.

If there were no clouds,
we had to film during the day

and then turn it into that magic hour
during post production.

However, we fixed that problem
so everything went smoothly.

Another thing about film and video,

That timing is really the magic hour.

When we see it with bare eyes,
we think it's dark.

But it's really clear in film.

Pen, follow me downstairs.

This is the shot
where dad came down with P'Pen.

This is the viewer's discretion part
for all younger viewers.

- This isn't a good thing.
- Which isn't good?

- To hide under the table?
- To do what the father was doing.

It should have been done in private.

When I came out of the theater
and talked to my friends,

lots of people didn't think
that it would be revealed like this.

The father seems to have a complex,
and the son seems to hate him.

Some people think that the son
might have been molested.

At the beginning scene
where Ton looked at the maid,

I thought he had a relationship
with her!

Wow, this family...

What kind of a family is this?!

I could understand that the father
did things shamefully.

Though his son was
about 10-11 years old,

parents still think of them as kids.

That was why he didn't think that
his son was old enough to understand.

Where have you been?

I like Jintara in this scene very much.

She stormed angrily at Ton,
and it looked so real.

When the camera captured others,
they all looked frightened.

They were all startled and wondered
what Jintara was doing.

Other kids never thought that P'Mam
would really hit Ton.

They were all startled.

They only thought that Miss Pranee
would only rebuke Ton.

It looked so real,
especially if we thought about...

Everyone probably had
a teacher like this.

I don't know why!

Actually this teacher really cared
about kids

but sometimes she couldn't
keep her cool.

Also the way people show affection.

Nack is becoming pubescent.

His nipples are getting bigger.
P'Da is laughing so hard.

In some scenes, we could see
his mustache too.

It can be seen in some shots.

Yeah? Well, where did you disappear to?

You said no one cares about you.

How about yourself?

You wrote about this sentence,
right P'Da?

- You read it too?
- Yup.

P'Da wrote a column about Vichien
and Ton in Kor Khon Magazine.

I got lots of calls on the first
day the magazine was on sale.

They said P'Da wrote a review
for your movie.

Were you worried about putting
that sentence in the film...

- Quite so.
- If it was too much for kids to say?

I was worried.
On the day that we filmed it,

Jack and Ball came to help at the set.

I then asked Jack
to act out that scene for me.

I wanted the kids to concentrate
so I didn't want them to rehearse it.

I asked Jack to act out that scene
in different moods.

So I knew which mood
would make it believable.

Should he say it nicely,
or should he say it angrily?

I decided that
the burst out yelling was better

because what he said was too mature
for kids his age.

I was lucky to have an award-winning
star to help me.

It's a good idea to use anger since
they were mad at each other earlier.

When you were in school, did you use
"Sima Lotion" (for fungus)?

Nope. I wore underwear
ever since I was little.

I was used to wearing it.

At my school, when we were cheering
a sports competition and it rained,

- we still had to remain there.
- Right. It'd be kind of damp.

We would feel the dampness all day.

"Sima Lotion" then became
an essential cure in the dorm.

My friends did use it,
but I was used to wearing underwear

and the humid feeling a long time ago.

Do you have any sima lotion?

Did you have many choices on how
to resolve the story?

When I was watching it, I thought
about it in many different ways.

I think it was the same as any viewer
on how the film would resolve.

- Whose father are you talking about?
- Vichien's complex

must have started because of this
type of father, but actually it wasn't.

Our script is more complicated
than this.

Our script is more complicated
than this.

When we wrote the script, we had to
brief things as clearly as possible.

When we hadn't seen the entire
picture, we tried to explain a lot.

Regarding the father, there are lots
of explanations...

About Miss Pranee's way
of protecting Vichien,

yet disaster still happened.

Also Miss Pranee in the current day
cutting newspaper clips.

After we edited out those scenes,
the movie was still comprehensible.

- You had already filmed them.
- We couldn't tell from the script.

Many times I had to add or delete
the scenes,

I felt like a failure
for not realizing it from script.

My friend came to me and said
"Believe me,

they all did it this way
for any good movies."

You deleted more scenes
than you used.

It's like buying a box set of
"In The Mood For Love" by Wong,

his deleted scenes
are much longer than yours.

I read that after Wong finished
filming and tore down the set,

he watched his movie and was unhappy
enough to rebuild the set for filming.

Movies are something that you need
to see in the whole.

When we saw the sweater scene,

we weren't sure if the viewers
would understand or not.

I learned a lot from making this movie

that when it's a mystery,
you'll have to conceal certain facts.

Sometimes viewers don't get
our hints and get confused.

The other time, we gave out too much
information that it lacked its charm.

You need experience
to know how to balance things.

I feel that I couldn't get all the
information from the first view.

You then know the purposes of each
complex when you re-watch the film.

A few minutes ago,
that was at Assumption Sri-racha.

But the entrance of the school
was shot at Rajburi.

Here we were at Korat.

Filming business is like this.
This one is especially difficult

because it skips back and forth.

Every actor has to remember
his previous scenes.

Hopefully not from last week!

Everyone has to work really hard
for this movie.

Michael does a great job here.
It looks like he's drowning.

He was in real water but
we erased the water.

It took me 4 days to film this shot.

The background is in Korat,
and Michael is at Thammasart's pool.

You filmed Michael in a real pool
using green screen.

That's why it's so realistic.
I was wondering if you used the sling.

But his acting looks better than
acting with a sling.

The previous scene was great.
This one is seen more often

in drowning scene. I rarely get
to see the other one though.

How did you come up with that picture?
The idea.

It started from the point that
he had to drown himself

in a pool that had many
drowning incidents before.

I got the idea from when
my friend drowned, a seer told us

that his soul was still at the pool.
We needed to pray for him.

I borrowed that story to use
with the character of Vichien.

Unfortunately that the pool in Korat
was abandoned and had no water.

P'Ying and I got the idea of this
picture after seeing the location.

After we saw the location,
we realized how we wanted it to be.

The fact about places
where there occurs repeated deaths

is just like that motorcycle scene.

Or the turntable.

People say that you should make
a ringtone out of that record.

- We do have it.
- Really? It'd be so scary

as to when you'd answer the phone.

- People really use it?
- Yes. It was GSM promotion.

There's also Nui's voice saying,
"Why don't you answer the phone?"

Nowadays there are many interesting
ringtones available.

Two years ago there was a ringtone
saying "Kirei ne."

With the Thai meaning (you're ugly),
not the Japanese one (you're cute).

They used Film Rattapoom's voice.

They could make ringtones
out of any current hits.

I don't know if the viewers
think like me or not here.

In earlier scenes, you'll see the
camera focuses on this spot.

Giving the illusion that there's
something spooky in the bathroom.

Giving the illusion that there's
something spooky in the bathroom.

Now that everything is resolved,

we have to resolve
the bathroom scene too.

I really like this scene.
I really like Jack.

I see the improvement in Jack also.

He's different from other child stars.

Just like P'Mam who gets better
in every take

with various styles of acting that
we can choose from.

However, for most child stars, they
tend to get worse with every take.

- They won't look natural anymore.
- The best take is the second one.

Jack is really professional.

Very talented.

He's much more funny
than you see in the movie.

We didn't kill the rabbit.
We only knocked its socks off.

It was completely out!
Do you have to take this class?

When I was in tenth grade at St. Gabriel
school, I had to dissect a rabbit.

Other schools might do the frogs
but my school does the rabbits.

That's because the organs of a rabbit
are bigger and easier to see.

- What did you have to dissect, Ajarn?
- I did a frog.

- How come I didn't get to do it?
- Did you take Biology?

Oh, it's in the high-school courses.
I was in Social Arts Dept.

This rabbit really looked dead.

What the!

I was startled while filming
that shot too.

I didn't expect it
to jump up like that.

Though the rabbit is unconscious,
There are certain ligaments in the legs

that when a vet touches them, it'll
cause the reflex action of jumping.

Here is the place
where I think there's too much music.

It gives away the scene.

Normally with this kind of ambiance,
I like it to be quiet, cold and eerie.

You'll get to the depth of the
viewers' feelings.

Vichien! Don't jump!

This not-even-a-minute scene
took me four days to complete.

These two boys weren't acting together
in this shot.

The drowning shot of Michael was
the same as we saw a while ago?

We filmed it on the same day
but in separate shots.

Here Nack had to act with a green ball.

He had to do a dramatic scene
with an object.

Where did you get the idea that

his soul had to leave his body
in a specific way to help Vichien,

and how it was linked
to the lab at school?

This was P'Keng's idea
that this movie

should be based on kids' ideas.

Our movie was based on kids' ideas
since the beginning.

For example, the Chinese movie
"Pee Gud...".

Leaving the body to save his ghost
friend is definitely not an adult idea.

It has to be in a specific way to show
that he really loves his friend.

That's the way he learns
to be more mature.

What about the Ether?

I did research with my friend,
a pharmacist,

that the only way to make two souls
meet is through being unconscious.

We then think about the lab at school
and the experiment with a rabbit.

I did research on the effect of Ether.


Help me!

Hey! Tira is drowning!

This is the abandoned pool
where we filled it up with water.

We spent hundreds thousand baht
for the water alone.

Everything cost money.

The production itself was so costly
that people asked why.

We didn't use CG or anything fancy.
Just this type of filming.

I got the color reference
from a Japanese movie called "Eureka."

The entire movie is in this color.
Very pretty. I like it.

If we use this tone for the entire
film, no one will come watch it.

Our viewers prefer colors.

Help me!

Go ahead and save him.

But he could be faking it.

I feel sorry for the character
in this scene.

In a group of friends, there's
always one who gets mistreated.

He's quite left out.

This is a good way out for the movie.

The kid didn't kill himself.
If it was so, you might be criticized.

This is a very good way
to solve the problem.

Hey, I'm leaving now.

Before Vichien told how he died,

Before Vichien told how he died,

Nack asked why he killed himself.
He said he didn't.

He died in a more stupid way
than that.

I think it's funny. It's like
telling the viewers that

don't expect the ending to be
as scary as you might think.

It fits the theme well that he wants
to be noticed by his friends

- but don't really get it.
- I wish others think like you!

I intended for it to be this way
but didn't give away that much.


This teacher is so cruel.
Her mood really swings.

I used to ask P'Mam if she knew
Frank Sinatra's song "My Way."

It's doesn't have anything to do
with the storyline but...

We all want to do good things
but in our own different ways.

Miss Pranee's personality is like this.

She only needs some understanding.

Just like Ton's father. He loves
his son, but he does bad things.

He wants his kid to understand
and return his love.

There's one scene of Miss Pranee's
that I like very much.

It's her office
when Ton sees the picture.

There's a picture of Vichien
sitting next to Miss Pranee.

It's like Ton was mesmerized.

And then comes a turntable which
gives a hint about being hypnotized.

I like the feeling that Ton was pulled
into that picture.

But how come you have to drown...

over and over like this?

To die repeatedly.

I don't know.

Not the kind of question
that people ask.

I don't know myself.

But it's really cold at the bottom.

The dialogue between the two

is like that of any normal kids.

Once in a while, they say things
too mature for their age,

but we don't really notice that.

Like being invisible.

I just realize the jacket scene
from my second viewing.

I wonder if it has anything to do
with Vichien being cold.

You got it right.

This film is good that the script
is very detailed

which is difficult to do.
You need to balance it well.

- So intentionally.
- Just an unimportant minute detail.

The driver flew off his bike and died instantly.

After that...

I'd hear the same motorbike...

skid around the corner almost every night.

I really like Nui's voice.

- He's scarier than ghosts.
- Perfect for telling ghost stories.

When I wrote the script,
I didn't plan for Nui to be this way

till I got to meet him.

I said he was really believable.

I was lucky in that scene that I got
good location and great art team.

If Nui didn't say it in a correct way,
it would have failed miserably.

There's got to be people who're afraid
yet want to watch it.

It seems so much like a routine that
he brought noodles with him.

We moved the heck out of there.


How do we help the spirits get reborn...

so they stop re-enacting their own deaths?

Ghosts and humans occupy separate worlds.

It doesn't seem like they could
understand each other.

One is so serious, another is
somewhat out of this world.

- Does the real Nui talk this way?
- Not at all.

- He has perfect look for his role.
- Also talks this way from scene 1.

Mile is somewhat quiet
but not lifeless like this.

He talks like
that's his normal speech.

Could be that we filmed it at 4:00 am,
and he was sleepy.

Is this the one you like?

The sound effects and all were perfect.

I had to bring it out earlier
for fear of forgetting it.

Vichien should be Miss Pranee's pet,

- Right.
- Vichien...

I like the picture, sound
and the content of this scene.


swear that you won't do it.

The more I see it, the more I want
to work with P'Ying in my next film.

P'Ying said no more ghost stories.
She did "Shutter"

then "Dorm" and after this
will be "Alone."

She wants something cheery
for a change.

Shit, the other day you said he wasn't strange.

I know.

You see that it's pretty dim
in this scene.

However, we have soft lighting
in front of the actors.

The light was so close to their faces
that Mile fainted.

The light was too bright.

We couldn't tell from watching that
you needed to prepare so many things.

The view is even nicer from up there.

Water tank. Boarding kids
have to climb up the water tank.

Every school has it too.

That's because the water supply
isn't good in the rural parts.

We need to reserve water in a tank,

and everyone has to climb
up the tank.

Chatree has disappeared.

We filmed this shot for many days
during many different times of day.

We filmed this shot for many days
during many different times of day.

Running from one end to another.

Playing during dinner again?

I thought that you filmed this movie
at only one school.

I don't feel the change of locations.

Is there a...

...what do they call it...
Railway's Warehouse?

- Not at all.
- One shot looks like a warehouse.

Railway's warehouse like the one
that's around Jatujak.

There's one shot where you filmed it
inside the building.

I think filming movies
in provinces is fun.

It makes the staff closer
to each other too.

So I always try to get out
to different provinces.

My producers won't be so pleased
to hear that.

Like boarding kids. Live, sleep
and party together.

What are you talking about?

Splitting spirits from what?

He told me himself...

that he wanted to help his
friend that drowned in the pool.

I suggested he could if
he split his spirit from his body.

We changed the cutting
of this scene so many times.

In any chasing scene, if you move
even a bit, things change.

Khun Visutr helped me in this scene.

It's necessary to have helpers
during editing, right?

The director himself might be confused
with all the beats.

Director or anyone who works
on a film too long will get blurred.

So much so that you lose touch
with it. You need others to help edit.

It's not really a theory,

but it's better not to do your own
editing if you direct it

because you won't get any
fresh perspective.

We'd only think one way. With outside
help, we'll get more ideas.

There are directors who don't want
to film on location.

Just let others do it from the script,
and they'll do the editing.

That's the kind of director who
doesn't want to wake up early.

When Peter Jackson was filming
"Lord of the Ring",

sometimes he wasn't at the set.
He'd be at the hotel,

and the set would send the pictures
to him via satellite.

- Was that because of too many units?
- Yes.

What do we do now?

I tried to add kids' way of thinking
like "What's next?"

- They had no idea.
- I think it's also funny

because of they way they broke
into the pool and argued a bit.

Hey... let me out!

Normally Nack doesn't like
to make ugly faces.

He asked me to let him off that scene.

I begged him for only one take
if he concentrated well.

He had never done
that kind of scene before.

Was there any feedback from anyone
who didn't like the last part?

That instead of a horror film,
it turned out to be about friendship.

Only a few.

Maybe they didn't like it so much
they didn't want to tell me.

I think they didn't say anything
because they like "Fan Chan" a lot.

Only a few people would regard this
movie as a horror film.

They might think that it's
a horror film

but the feeling they get isn't so.
It's more about friends.

I've got to leave now.

Last one was "Fan Chan". This one
could be "Fan Chan" (My Friend).

I've been with it for so long that
I didn't think much about it.

For people who came to see
a horror film,

they didn't seem to be too disappointed
that it wasn't so.

But there were some who did mind.

Everyone understands the feeling
of friendship.

So no one said we tricked him
to watch it.

During the preview
for our focus group,

they said that this movie was not
really a ghost story.

The narration flipped back and forth.

They think the target group would be
working people and Univ. Students.

But it turned out to be lots of kids
and teenagers.

I asked them why they liked it.
They said it was their kind of movie.

Good answer.

Ok. Next time I'll make more movies
for your generation.

Nack looked filthy in that previous
shot with nose dripping and all.

About the music,

I really like this scene.
Just the sound of a piano.

It looks so free and relaxing.

My inspirations!

All those still life pictures.

I never knew our school was this big.

This shot was taken on a prop tank,
but it was really sunny that day.

The kids were hot but they had to look
relaxed like it was breezy.

Ball, Ed and Ping were helping me
at the set on that day.

They started doing strip-tease
dancing to cheer up the kids.

That was why the kids were tongue
in cheek while talking.

It wasn't the last scene
of filming, right?

The last ones would be
the underwater scenes.

Feel free to consult me, okay?

But don't consult me, okay?

Let me be the first one to consult you then.

Why the heck do you speak with a lisp?

The ladder is actually at the front,
but it's too far to see.

I've never been up the tank.
The kids didn't know the way down.

That's the real cloud.

We can see the difference between
the film and video.

Since the range of film isn't
wide enough, you only see white color.

DJ Koi was cheering Nack to run faster
in this scene.

That was why his eyes were sparkling.

Be patient, Toh. Let him pack his things first.

- The little one is cute.
- He's got another project already.

Have you been eating enough food?

You've gotten darker.

And lost weight as well.

When we do any period film, the
fashion is always out of place.

Like the mother, her hairstyle
doesn't really blend in that well.

It looks like we do it intentionally.

Doesn't look normal.

Almost the last shot.
I like it very much.

- Which one?
- The last shot.

I like the picture in that scene.


I like this school now.

Dad's face is so dark.
Must have driven long under the sun.

I told my crew that no make-up
for actors.

I can't stand men wearing make-up.

Another thing I like is that there's
not too much talking in this film.

Simply "I like this school"
explains it all.

Vichien didn't kill himself.

His drowning was really an accident.

We filmed this shot at 4:00 am.
P'Mam could still concentrate well.

- What about Nack?
- The same.

P'Mam had to act all day
while Nack only had this shot.

For breaking your record player that day.

With the lighting, I couldn't tell
that it was 4:00 am.

Could Nack remember anything from
the movie when he was one?

Not at all.

P'Mam told us that Nack spoke
his first word at the set.

He said "Tion, tion". He got it from
the word "Action."

I asked P'Mam to change her acting
for each take.

She can sure change.

For the first few takes,
she looked quite tensed.

Miss Pranee might have been like that.
However, the actress in this scene

should look relaxed. When I told her,
she could do it instantly.

It was a Friday afternoon much like any other.

But something had changed inside of me.

When you have to deal with kids
or non-professional actors,

a person like Mam can help
control the beat.

This is my favorite scene.

We only see two people, but the viewers
will add Vichien to it themselves.

I didn't know...

what adventures the next term had in store.

I could feel it in the script.

But when it's in the film,
I feel so much more.

Try figure adding Vichien
in the picture,

it'd be great.

You have to let the viewers
use their imagination.

Like the main leaders are floating
in the sky after death.

The end.

It's not something that I can do
by myself.

It's not something that I can do
by myself.

This list of people are those
who helped me in making "Dorm":

P'Mam, Nack, Michael, etc.

I'll probably use the same crew
for my next project.

In filming, you have to work with
60 people or so.

We know each other so well that
I don't want to adjust anymore.

Don't forget your
director of photography.

P'Ying, right?

She did a very good job especially
with the lighting

from very bright to very dim.
She's excellent.

You can see that directing pictures
improves the mood of the film.

P'Ying, Niramol,
is great with quiet movie.

Here's P' Soviet for production design.

That's our logo.

Our end credit is very long.
Thai people don't recognize it much

since we don't have the tradition
of reading the end credit.

I realized that our end credit was so
long when I was at Festivals abroad.

They won't turn on the light
till the end credit ends.

I feel sorry for the viewers
when watching GTH's movies.

Where do you plan to distribute it?

We'll definitely go to Pusan.

Unfortunately a person who
selects Asian movies in Cannes

couldn't help us much even though
he liked this film a lot.

If you want to go to Cannes, you
can't attend other festival before.

Unless they're really interested
in your movie which is rare.

And our movie was shown
in Singapore already.

We made 15 million Singaporean dollars
which is about 70-80 million baht.

Next country will be Hong Kong.
The same time as we'll release DVD.

Too bad that we could only show it
one time at Bangkok Film.

They wanted foreigners and presses
to watch it but...

That show helped me a great deal.
Lots of people wanted to buy it.

Their purpose of coming here
was to watch Thai films.

That's why we had to do blank face.

The song "Yark Bok Krai Sak Khon"
was actually in the storyline.

In the scene after Ton went to see
Dad and Miss Pranee and walked away.

This song supposed to appear at that
moment but P'Keng and others

said that it was too distinctive.

The picture was clear enough without
the need of the song.

At first I took it off the project

but we needed a promotional song
so we used it.

Khun Visutr then put it
at the end credit.

Do you release soundtrack that
includes these old songs?

We only had the score
in the DVD box set.

Ms. Sawalee's song "Duangjai"
wasn't what I intended to use.

I planned to use the song "Krai Nor."

- I ended up using this song instead.
- Good choice.

We planned to use "Krai Nor"
in only one scene.

It'll be really funny to put "Krai Nor"
at the end credit.

Think about Ton wearing the sweater
his dad sent him while that song

was in the background.
It'd be really funny.

It would be really funny.

See? The end credit is mega long.

I think it's important because
you can't make a film alone.

Without these people and places,
there wouldn't be "Dorm."

In some films,
they use University students too.

That's it. I'm really happy
that Ajarn Daeng,

Kiattisak Suwannapokin
and P'Tida Plitpolkarnpim

join us in the commentary of "Dorm."
Thank you very much.

Thank you.