Doremi & You (2019) - full transcript

Four friends: Putri, Anisa, Imung, and Markus, try to change the money from the extracurricular choir that they accidentally omitted, by participating in the Doremi and You singing ...

♫ Live in this breath ♫

♫ Listen to the wind that blows ♫

♫ It whispers “good morning, world” ♫


Just wait there.

Markus is putting on his shoes.

Is that a new costume?

No, this is my old costume

I don’t wear it often so it’s dirty.

Markus, come on.

Let’s go.

We’re heading out.

Dad, I’m heading out.

Be careful, Kiddos!



Come on.

♫ Narrating the morning warmth ♫

♫ With the embrace of beautiful sun ♫

♫ Greet it with joy ♫

♫ Smile widely ♫

♫ Write it in your heart ♫

♫ Call it on your sky ♫

♫ Today will definitely be ♫

♫ The most beautiful day of your life ♫

♫ Together, we’re going to start a new day ♫

♫ The spirit of coloring the world
today will be beautiful ♫

♫ Don’t stop conquer your doubt ♫

♫ Our voices will echo ♫

♫ Today is going to be beautiful ♫

♫ Flap your wings and fire up ♫

♫ Fly your dreams high ♫

♫ Don't give up trying until you get there ♫

♫ Write it in your heart ♫

♫ Call it on your sky ♫

♫ Today will definitely be ♫

♫ The most beautiful day of your life ♫

♫ Together, we’re going to start a new day ♫

♫ The spirit of coloring the world ♫

♫ Today will be beautiful ♫

♫ Don’t stop ♫

♫ Conquer your doubt ♫

♫ Our voices will echo ♫

♫ Today it will be beautiful ♫

♫ These are the times ♫

♫ We’ll remember forever ♫

♫ Together, we’re going to start a new day ♫

♫ The spirit of coloring the world ♫

♫ Today will be beautiful ♫

♫ Together, we’re going to start a new day ♫

♫ The spirit of coloring the world ♫

♫ Today will be beautiful ♫

♫ Don’t stop ♫

♫ Conquer your doubt ♫

♫ Our voices will echo ♫

♫ Today is going to be beautiful ♫

Wow, good.

Keep up the good work,

maintain the harmony. Okay?

Don’t mess it up after the final exams.

Really? We’re not going to have
any practice before the final exams?

For two weeks,

from now on until we finish the final exams,

our school will put a halt
in all extracurricular activities.


Don't be upset,

after you finish the final exams,

we’re going to have more practice

for the farewell night. Okay?


I’ll leave you guys here,

good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Just a minute.

I want to show you guys,

the jacket design for the art performance.

Give me a second.

With Markus, okay?

Markus, please come here.


You want to order a jacket too?



Well, guys.

Just vote for the design, okay?


Do you guys agree?

Of course.

For those who haven't paid yet,
please pay it.

Today is the last day.

If we have paid it,

when will we get the jacket then?

You can get it after the final exams.


Where is my book?

Since yesterday you said you forgot it.

What’s with the nagging?
Just a minute.

What book?



How could you bring
the jacket money everywhere?

Why don't you just put it in the school locker?

Why didn’t you say that earlier?



You really need someone to tell you that?

You're the treasurer.

This is your responsibility.


Let’s go back to school then.

Just go by yourself.

How could I?

Only Mr. Imam has the locker keys.

At this time,

I think he’s home already.

It's really cool.

New phone.


It’s a birthday gift from my mother.

Let me see.

It’s cool.


What about taking photos?


What about there?

That looks like a good spot.

Let’s take some photos there.

Come on.

Come on!

Let's arrange the composition.

Who’s gonna take it?

Let me do it.

No, we have to be in the frame together.

Do you bring a selfie stick?


Just put it anywhere.

Just use this.

Where should we put it?

Here. /


Is it working?

Of course.

Just do the pose right there,

I’ll be there in a second.

Okay, ready, huh?




Three. /
Can yo do it?


Come on! /
You're so slow.






Show us!


It doesn’t look good,

can we take a wider angle?

Move the bike further.

Come on, move it.

Move it.

Go on.

Well, this one is good, huh?


Great, let's go!


Come on.

Hurry up.

The bike!

Watch out, the bike!

My phone!

The money!

Markus, take it!

What money?


It’s because you didn’t stand the bike properly.

Yes, but you were the one who told me to move it.

You told me to take it with wide angle!

Please stop.

♫ If you didn’t ask us
to take photos in the first place. ♫

♫ This wouldn’t happen ♫

♫ I wouldn’t suggest that ♫

♫ if you didn’t show the photos in your phone ♫

Stop it, Putri.

♫ You should have put the money in ♫

♫ the locker instead of carrying it everywhere ♫

♫ It’s because you told me that's too late ♫

♫ this is your fault ♫


♫ Nobody needs to take the fall
We need a solution ♫

♫ We don’t need to blame each other ♫

I can’t let you keep working here.

I can't do that.

You’ll be dragged in this misery.

If I leave,

what am I going to do?

How can I earn money to live?

I'm telling you.

To be honest,

in the past two or three months.

Business has been slow.

Our income is declining significantly.

At most...

we only got one or two order
for party clowns.

106.1 Geronimo, the real sound of Jogja.

You guys are still with me, Ella Arlika

in the relax session tonight.

Anyway, any of you know what we're gonna do

on June 4th?

So, do you want to know?

We have this music and vocal competition
for middle and high school students in Yogyakarta,

Doremi & You.

Are you curious about the requirements?


what is the date?

The date?

Is it different from the date today?


Did you hear it?

Did you hear it?

The date mentioned in Doremi & You on the radio?

I don’t know.

Doremi & You?


This is our chance to get money,

we can use it to pay the jackets.

The prize for Doremi & You is ten million.

Come on.

The winner of Doremi & You will get a prize

of ten million plus other prizes from sponsors.

The event is on

4th of June,

we have less than a month.

We have to practice soon.


The four of us.

I can’t do that.

You guys are choir members,
you can join the event.

I'm from theater club.

But I can help you with the preparation.


Who’s going to coach us?

Mr. Hardi, of course!

I told you already,

♫ We put a halt in ♫

♫ Extracurricular activities for two weeks ♫

♫ But, sir, it’s not for extracurricular ♫

♫ That’s more reason for me to ban it ♫

♫ Stop it, okay? ♫

♫ You need to focus on the final exams ♫

♫ It’s really important ♫

♫ If you want to join Doremi & You ♫

♫ You can practice after the final exams ♫

♫ But we don’t have much time ♫

♫ If you don't have time ♫

♫ Forget it ♫

We can forget the final exams for real?


But for the next semester,

go back to elementary school.

Our choice is

to pick the second option.

What second option?

The coach.




Really, Putri?

What's wrong with Reno?

♫ Do we have another choice? /
Why? ♫

♫ We don’t want him as the coach ♫


♫ He is cold ♫

♫ He likes to act cool ♫

♫ He’s not communicative ♫

♫ He always feels like he’s the right one ♫

♫ Do we really have to? ♫

♫ Have to? ♫

♫ Choose him ♫

♫ Is there anyone else who can help us? ♫

♫ But then... ♫

♫ We don't want him ♫

♫ Wait a minute. /
We disagree. ♫

You can do it alone.

♫ He thinks he’s the greatest ♫

♫ Reno is cold indeed ♫

♫ See? You know it as well ♫

♫ But, he’s strict ♫

♫ He is not communicative ♫

♫ But he can talk through music ♫

♫ Nope ♫

♫ Don't worry ♫

♫ Reno is not that mean ♫

♫ But if you think he’s like that ♫

♫ It’s your business ♫

♫ Relax ♫

♫ I’ll take responsibility ♫

Keep your words, Putri.

Take care of it.

♫ Okay ♫


Are you sure

you can win?

I'm not 100 percent sure,

but... /
If you’re not sure,

you shouldn't join.

But there’s no harm in trying, right?

But no matter how good I coach you,

it’s still pointless
if you don't have enthusiasm for winning.

Exactly, we want to win.


you agree to train us, right?


It’s better for me to tell you the harsh truth

and not give you any false hope.

Can you practice without a coach?

Yeah! Why not?

No problem,

the thing is,

I need help

so that my uncle won’t find out

that I join this competition.

If he finds out,

he won’t allow me

and will scold me for sure.


We can do the practice in my house.

So when we finish, we can go home.


I’ll take care of the recording
and the minus one,



What is the song?

Do you have the module?



What song is that? It's bad.

Not that it's bad,
you just don't like it.

I don't like it because it's bad.

Shut it!

It's a good song,
it was very popular back then.

You shut it!

Popular doesn’t mean it’s good.

Enough. /
But this is good.

Imung, Markus,

if you guys won’t settle,
just choose another song,

we don’t need argument here.

But this one...

Just choose any song then.

Just listen to my song first.


I swear it’s good.

None of your songs sounds good.

Wait a second.


What's the fuss?

It's maghrib, come on.

It’s maghrib already, aunty?

Yes, then...

I gotta head out, Imung, Markus.

Take care. /


Thanks, aunty.

Okay, take care. /
It's my time to go home.

I'm off, Putri.

Okay, take care.


Where were you from, Putri?

It’s pretty late.

I was in Imung's house.

I called Putri’s house.

Her mother said you weren't there,

Where were you?

I was in Imung's house.

What did you do playing around in Imung’s house?

We didn’t play around.

So? /
We were studying together,


and Markus were there too.

You have to remember, Anisa.

You’re able study here because

you get a scholarship from the foundation.

So if your grades are lower than the last semester,

it’s over for you.

The foundation can discontinue the scholarship,

do you want that?

You get it, right?

What’s with the mumbling?

I get it, Uncle.

Go inside.



This is the midi controller,

if you agree to purchase it,
you’ll get ten percent discount from me.

Ten percent.

Ten percent?


If I knew the price is this expensive,

I wouldn't buy it even with fifty percent discount.

What’s the fuss?

Just ask the money from your father.

I told you already,

my father won’t pay it for me.

It’s impossible.

♫ Your father ♫

♫ Is a great musician ♫

♫ I’ve known him since he was a boy until he's a man ♫

♫ So it's impossible,
if he doesn’t support his kid to play music ♫

♫ My father said ♫

♫ It’s not ♫

♫ A musical instrument ♫

But a machine.

♫ This won't do! ♫

A real musician
won’t use this kind of machine.

He’s different.

He refuses

to buy anything with electronic touch.

He’s quite stubborn.

I'll buy this

without money from him.


That's just how my dad is.

Before we start the practice,

we need to choose a leader.

Yes, for me,

since we’re all in this together,

it’s okay if...

all of us become
the members as well as the leaders.

We can’t do that.

Of course we can.


Every practice needs a leader,

or else it’ll be messed up.

That can happen to a choir group
with a lot of members, Putri.

There are only four of us.


there are four people in my house.

My father,

my mother

Citra, and I,

but we still still have a leader,

my father

is the leader of the household.

Don’t compare our vocal group with your household.

Do you want to settle down now, Putri?

That’s sweet. /
What the...


if I think about it,

Putri has a point.

Yes, we need someone

to evaluate our performance.

It’s like a food taster.

Food taster?

That’s good.

To evaluate our performance,

we only need

to listen to it together.

That's easy, I want to do it.

It's not like that,

at least we need at least
one person to give the cue.



one, go!

That kind of thing.

I know who should do it.

Imung doesn't sing,

what about choosing him as our leader?

Now that's what I mean.

Let’s start,

three, two, one, go!

♫ Though you’re gone and won’t come back ♫

♫ But your city has your smile… ♫


Doesn’t it sound bad?

Yes, it sounds really weird.


since you’re the leader,

do you think

we need to improve something?

How would I know?

My job is to give cue,

one, two, three, go! Right?

Am I right?

No, huh?

We’re gonna start again from the beginning,

don’t do anything

to the the second and third voice.




Just a moment.


It’s my job to give the cue.


Do it again,

three, two, one, go!

♫ Though you’re gone ♫

♫ And won’t come back ♫

♫ But this city ♫

♫ Has your smile forever ♫

Are you practicing for Doremi & You competition?


Just like this?

What do you mean?

The voices clashed against each other.

It ruins the main melody.

There are three of you,

you should divide the voices into harmony.

If you’re only going to show different voices,

do it in kindergarten competition,

you’ll win easily.

If cursing was allowed,

I would have cursed him.

Let him be!

Don’t be emotional!

Look at yourself!

You're being emotional!

What the...

I don’t like him either.

His words are mean.


just because he said mean things,

it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

You have soft spot for him.

You’re right, Putri,


to divide the voices into three,

we need someone who can do arrangements.

I can't do it.

Neither do I.

You talk to Reno.

So he can make arrangements for us.

Can you stop being so salty for once?


Do you understand?

How could I?

I got a headache from reading this.

I found something.

It is said that this book is good

for beginners who want to learn
about music arrangements.

Where did you see it?

Here, look at this.

Come here.

Let me see.

Harmonious Music

by Marlina Sitanggang?

Just a moment.

Prapanca Library has the book.




What’s wrong with the motorbike?

I’m running out of gasoline.

Can we help you to get the gasoline?

What about this?

I’ll borrow your bike

to get

the gasoline over there.

You can use my bike.

Is it okay?

It's okay.

I think I’ll use Imung’s bike.



if you use my bike,

you can put the bottle here.

Well, you’re right.

Wait a minute.

One liter, sir.


one liter.

The price is up.

How much?

Ten thousand.



Be careful.

One liter.


You want...

me to fill the bike with gas?

My motorbike broke down,

I borrowed this bike.

I see.

One liter.

Pay first.

How much, sir?

Ten thousand.


okay, Mom,

I'm on the way home,

but I stopped by for a while.

No, I’m with Markus, Imung,
and Anisa,

please wait.

Okay. /
Just a moment, aunty.


Do you have soy sauce?


It’s sweet.

You look so serious

Isn't it difficult

to read such a book?

It’s really theoretical.

What’s wrong

with reading this kind of book?

It’s like...

you want to build a house

without preparing the foundation,

even without any walls and pillars,


you insist on putting the roof.


Thanks for the bike.

You’re welcome.

Wait, I have something.

I have a book

for you guys,

it's easy to read, here.

What is that?

Breaking Down Harmony

by Eswe Sri Wahyudi.

Breaking Down Harmony


Eswe Sri Wahyudi.

This is good.

I found it.



One more bowl of soto.

It’s sold out.

This early?

There was a group coming here earlier.

Okay then.



I’m off.

I want to return the bottle.


Okay, then. /


Who is that, Putri?

I don't know, Mom,

there’s none named Tania in my phone book.

Why is she calling me?

How come?

I don’t know.


Can I borrow your phone?


Did I accidentally take Reno’s phone?



You didn’t see the picture
in the bathroom right?



Our phone cases are
commonly used by people,

it’s easily mistaken.

You’re right.

Can I sit?


You want to drink something?

Are you paying?

Just a minute.

I’m just kidding.

Calm down.

You’re leaving now?

I want to buy a drink.

You guys actually have beautiful voices.

But unfortunately

if the three of you
sing together

the voices clashed just like that.

It's a shame.

I think...

your voice is the best

among the others.

Are you hungry?

I haven’t eaten actually.

Let's eat.

Come on.

Two please.

With full toppings?

You want the eggs?

No, thanks,

I'm already special.

Just skip the eggs, sir.

These are your drinks,



You mix your porridge?

I don’t understand.

Why some people do not mix their porridge,

it’ll taste weird.

The taste doesn't go together.


what’s right for us

is not always right for everyone, Putri.

People who don’t like it mixed

like the original texture

of the porridge,

the soybeans are still crunchy,

it’s all about the taste.

Just like music,

mixed porridge is like this music.

The one that’s not mixed

is like this music,

we call it mashup.

We can identify the sounds

they’re probably different,
but the combination is interesting.

If you ask which one is good,

both of them are good.

But we can’t deny

some people like the first one,

and some people like the second one.

It’s all about the taste,

just like chicken porridge.

I like it mixed,

but I also understand

why some people don’t mix their porridge.

♫ I wait for the starry night ♫

♫ I look forward to the morning ♫

♫ It's nice to run to the beach ♫

♫ Climbing up the mountain ♫

♫ I understand the constellations ♫

♫ I don't believe in astrology ♫

♫ It's nice to dive in the ocean ♫

♫ Jumping from a height ♫

♫ We are always different ♫

♫ Not the same ♫

♫ No problem ♫

♫ But you will see ♫

♫ A thousand reasons of why we’re different ♫

♫ Millions of reasons to understand each other ♫

♫ The most beautiful gift from God ♫

♫ Goes along side-by-side ♫

♫ Harmony is created ♫

♫ Making everything more beautiful ♫

♫ More beautiful ♫

♫ We are always different ♫

♫ Not the same ♫

♫ No problem ♫

♫ But you will see ♫

♫ A thousand reasons of why we’re different ♫

♫ Millions of reasons to understand each other ♫

♫ The most beautiful gift from God ♫

♫ Goes along side-by-side ♫

♫ Harmony is created ♫

♫ Making everything more beautiful ♫

♫ Nothing is the same ♫

♫ No need to be forced ♫

♫ As long as we understand each other ♫

♫ A thousand reasons of why we’re different ♫

♫ The reasons of why we’re different ♫

♫ Millions of reasons ♫

♫ Reasons to understand each other ♫

♫ The most beautiful gift from God ♫

♫ Goes along side-by-side ♫

♫ Harmony is created ♫

♫ Millions of reasons to understand each other ♫

♫ God's most beautiful gift ♫

♫ Goes along side-by-side ♫

♫ Harmony is created ♫

♫ Make everything more beautiful ♫

♫ Harmony is created ♫

♫ Making everything more beautiful ♫

If you agree,
come to my house tomorrow afternoon,

Not in school.

What is it?

You said you need arrangements?

I’ll make it for you,

just bring your friends to practice.

Are you serious?

Except you who are not serious.

So starting from tomorrow afternoon,
we will practice at his house after school.

But his house is far, Putri.

What do we do, Imung?


We’ll need your driver

and your car

to take us there for the practice.

Listen, Imung.

As long as it's not used
to transport the sound system,

you guys can use it.




Come in.

Just put the helmet there,

come on.

♫ Though you’re gone ♫

♫ And won’t come back ♫

I want...

Putri and Annisa to sing together.

♫ Though you’re gone ♫

♫ And won’t come back ♫



♫ Though ♫

♫ You’re gone ♫

♫ And won’t come back ♫

♫ Though ♫

♫ You’re gone ♫

♫ And won’t come back ♫

Now it is your turn.

I don’t sing.

I haven't finished talking, Imung.

Now it's your turn to get
the drink in the corner.

You need to train your respiratory,

you guys keep running out of breath,

do lot of breathing exercises.

One, two, three.

One more time.

♫ Though you’re gone and won’t come back ♫

♫ But your city has ♫

♫ Your smile forever ♫

♫ Let me be ♫

♫ Home again ♫

♫ When my heart is lonely ♫

♫ And withered ♫

We’re here!

Bye, Imung.

Bye, Markus.

Good night.

Be careful riding the bike.

Where have you been?

Sorry, uncle.

It’s almost your final exams.

what about your future?

I don’t want to be blamed.

I don’t want to hear any excuse.


Let’s eat together with your father.

I’m still full, mom.


Yesterday, Tedy the music store owner

talked to me.

He kept asking about the midi controller.


He’s a dealer.


Don’t bother talking about it.

If you don’t want to buy it, just say so.

It’s not like that.

This is about you,

your talent is far above

those musicians who rely
on that electronic device.

So I think

you don’t need to buy that machine.


Honestly I still want to buy it because I need it.

But I promise.

I won't ask for any money from you.

I hope...

when I buy it with my own money,

don't talk about it anymore.


Excuse me, mom. Dad.

I wish I didn’t have to leave.


I have to listen to my uncle.

I’m sorry, Putri.

It's alright.

My uncle said.

I can’t go home late at night.

I gotta go.

What is it?

I’m sorry.

But I have to tell you,

Anisa can’t join the practice any longer.


From the beginning,

her uncle has been reluctant
about our practice before the final exams.

She was doing it secretly

and he found out.


I don't want to interfere.

Let alone be involved in this matter.

I can only help you as the coach.

I mean...

can we go on without Anisa?

If that’s your question,
everything is possible.

We can do it with two, three, or one of you.

Or we can forget joining the competition.

Since we started it with the three of you,

with only two people left,

we’ll need a new arrangement
or even change the song.

We don’t have much time,
do you understand?

This should be your responsibility

to maintain the integrity of your team.

Find a solution for Anisa’s problem.

It's up to you.

If you want a duet or do it alone.


I can't or even want to help anymore.


I want to ask you something,
but please answer it honestly.

What is it?

You don’t have anything going on
with Reno, right?

I’ve explained it to you,
why are you still wondering about that?

What's this?


Why do you think Putri has something going on with him? /
Stop it already.

Imung, Markus, please focus on Anisa.

Don’t talk about Reno for now.

After all, it doesn't have anything to do with us.

Of course it has something to do with us,
if you like him.

Maybe he doesn't want to coach us
not because he doesn't want to.

But he wants to keep a distance
because you're too aggressive or...

Stop it.


We’re joining a singing competition,
not story writing competition.


Besides, I just want to ask,
what do we do now that Anisa is gone?

What about this?

We're going to see Reno.

Let’s go see and talk to him nicely.

Probably he's going to say
something nice this time.

Okay, sir.

Thank you, sir

Please close it.

Good afternoon, aunty.



Do you have practice this afternoon?


There's just something
we want to discuss with Reno.

He said

he wanted to go to the recording studio.

Just go there.

Where is the studio?

Okay, sir.

Watch our things, thank you.

Are you looking for someone?


He’s getting ready for the recording.

Do you have an appointment?


You can wait here.

Or wait inside.

It would be better if we wait here.

I don’t want to bother him.

Alright, go ahead.


Hi, Tania.


Has Reno been here long?

No, he's just getting ready.

Okay, I’ll go in first.

I’m sorry for coming late.

Tania, it’s alright, how are you?


So you’re joining Doremi & You?


Let’s do a duet.


No. /
Come on.


You asked me to come here for

the recording,

not to perform together, right?

But it will be nice to do a duet.


I'm sure

as a solo singer you will be the best.


Okay then, just close the door.

People can hear us.


Okay, thanks.

Putri! Putri!

I just want to go home, Imung.

So we're not seeing him?

Do not even talk about it.

Now we know why he’s
so reluctant to be our coach.

It’s because he wants to join Doremi & You.

So let's go home.

But what do we now?

We’ll go on, don’t think about it.

Without Anisa too?

We can do a duet, Markus.



Markus, help me.

This is my dream.

I'm sorry, Putri.

Why did the situation change?

What do you mean?

We joined Doremi & You for the prize.

So we can use it to pay the jackets.

If you say that it’s your dream,

what about the jacket money?


It’s like the proverb.

Killing two birds

with one stone.

Two birds?

We can’t even see any birds right now.

Why are you so pessimistic?


The choir members for this year
are your responsibility.

Not mine.

You should be the most excited about this.

I am excited,
I really want to get the money.

But joining Doremi & You is only one of the choices,

and only if it’s possible.

If Reno is competing,

we’re going to lose our chance anyway.

Let’s just find another way.

Do you have other ways?

We have to find it anyway.


You can’t even think?

Let her be.

She’s just upset
because she saw Reno with other girl.


I want to tell you something, but...

don't get angry.


I was given a task

as a treasurer to collect money
for our choir jackets.

The jackets are for our performance.

We have collected 4 million.

I’ve handed a million to the vendor.


I lost the money.

How should I say it?

This isn't right.


the money is lost.



I’m confused about how to return the money.

Hey! Explain it to you?

Listen to me first.

Do you even understand
that you’re ruining the event?

He took the money.


What happened?

Someone invited me to his office anniversary.

He told me to bring three clowns.

He promised to pay it after the event.

Before we even finished,

the treasurer took the money.

The catering hasn't got their money,

so hasn't the organ player.
I haven't got paid as well.

It’s over for me now.

This is two.

And this is three.

What is this?



How many?


How come?

Anything is possible.

I’m going to the toilet.

We will continue.

♫ In my far steps ♫

♫ I am alone ♫

♫ Drenched in pain ♫

What about our agreement?

You can only open the phone

after you study.

But I’m not texting.

But you’re using the phone anyway.

Can you study

if you’re down like that?

I'm not feeling down.

I'm just upset.

So it's worse.

Why are you upset?

Here’s the thing…


You still see it from the same angle.

It’s two.




Don't just focus

on what you saw before.

See a different side.

See what? There’s nothing here.

We’ll do it again.

How many is this?






You’re right.

Do you want to try again?

How many is this?


You found the secret.

How come?

Of course it's possible.

I said the clue earlier.

Look at the different side.

You want to do it again?

How many is this?


Right, again?




You're great.

You clammed up. What's wrong?

♫ Have you tried to see ♫

♫ From a different perspective? ♫

♫ Maybe you will understand ♫

♫ Maybe... ♫

♫ Have you ever felt ♫

♫ Like the world is not on your side? ♫

♫ As if everything feels wrong and disappoints you ♫

♫ Try to think again ♫

♫ All the confusion and the agitation ♫

♫ Have you tried to see ♫

♫ From a different perspective ♫

♫ Maybe you will understand ♫

♫ Maybe... ♫

♫ Just for once ♫

♫ Try to understand ♫

♫ And see through their eyes ♫

♫ The universe spins ♫

♫ And not just for you ♫

♫ Think twice ♫

♫ All this fret and this anger ♫

♫ Have you tried to see ♫

♫ From a different perspective ♫

♫ Maybe you will understand ♫

♫ Maybe... Just maybe... ♫

♫ Have you tried to see ♫

♫ From a different perspective ♫

♫ Maybe you will understand ♫

♫ Maybe... just maybe... ♫

♫ Humans have this beautiful gift called ♫

♫ A heart ♫

♫ We call it empathy ♫

♫ Try to understand ♫

♫ See it through your heart ♫

♫ And you’ll see the beauty of diversity ♫

♫ West and east ♫

♫ Fast and slow ♫

♫ What’s side by side with black? ♫

♫ It’s white ♫

Hello, Imung.

Hi, Putri.

What's up, Imung?

I want to talk about Markus.


What about him?


The time is up.

Submit your sheets.

Thank God.

Finally after a week of intense studying,

the final exams is over.

So it's true.

Markus hurried home?

Surely he wants to go to that place again.

We’re going there?

Can we talk for a while?


Where should we talk?


Let’s just talk here.

You went to the studio last Thursday?


Why did you go home?

Why do you think I went home?

I don't know, that’s why I ask.

Do you really mean it
or you just pretend to care?

I mean it, I'm confused.

You didn’t reply my texts or answer my calls.

What's wrong?

I wanted to ask you

if it's true

that you don't want to coach us anymore.

But I figured it’s better not to ask you.

I don’t want confuse you

about which side to choose.


I was shocked.

How could you,

hide something from me and my friends,

making us look like a bunch of fools?

I didn’t think that far.

I have no intention to hurt you
and your friends.

So that's how you play?

Seeing how it turned out,

I can’t imagine of you had wanted
to hurt us in the first place.


Don't talk about it ever again.

Don’t even try to call me

or text me

until we meet in Doremi & You

as fellow participants.


What are you doing here?


I’m sorry

for what I did in recording studio parking lot.

I shouldn’t have said that.

I'm also sorry.

It turned out it’s not easy
to collect three million rupiah.


you have to remember.

This is our responsibility.

Not only yours.

What do I do now?

I’m afraid to go to school.

Everyone will ask me about the jackets.

Some even threatened me,

if I don’t hand them the jackets,

they’ll take the money back.

We still have to compete in Doremi & You.

The final exams is over.

My uncle agreed to let me join it.


Should we use

the song from Reno?

I want us

to perform as a group
without anything to do with Reno.

Let’s choose our own song.

But we don’t have time.

That's why we're gonna do it tonight.

Try to play the song.


Come here!

Come forward!

I will explain it.


the main concept is

we’re going to combine those songs.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Welcome to Doremi & You.

A competition hosted in Jogjakarta

to find hidden musical talents
of the youth in Jogjakarta

especially in musical scope.

Before we start this event,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude
to our main sponsor,


that is currently supporting our event.

The contestants will compete to win a prize

of ten million rupiah.

What’s wrong with Imung?

It’s the D-day and he’s acting crazy.

He’s late too.


call him again.

He’s not answering.

Do you have his mother's phone number?

It's time for me to introduce the juries.

The first one is

Mr. George Sutriawan, a music producer.

The second one is Deryl Zubeen.

A musician.

And the third one is

Michael B Suprapto.

Artist, cultural observer, and art critic.

Big applause for our juries.

Attention please.

All participants are expected to hand the flash drive

with the minus one file

to the crew in the operator room
as soon as possible.

Imung, where is the flash drive.


Give it to the crew, hurry up!

This way?

Left or right?


Let's welcome.

Hanabi Cholid.

Good afternoon, all.

Awesome! Amazing!

You are all amazing!

Next, number seventeen.

Reno Prakasa.

♫ Please forgive myself who will never ♫

♫ Be able to try to let you go ♫

♫ It’s too hard for me ♫

♫ Now I see it ♫

♫ Nobody understands ♫

♫ But I’m alone ♫

♫ No one is by my side ♫

♫ I can't imagine ♫

♫ You’re gone without any reason ♫

♫ I hope you still think about me ♫

♫ God give her back to me ♫

♫ I can’t ♫

♫ She... ♫

♫ Am I destined ♫

♫ To be alone? ♫

♫ My love is gone ♫

The competition is now more exciting.


Number twenty five.

Putri and Friends!

Why the music stopped?

It’s the file.



I gave you the wrong file.

Can I borrow it?

This is the time we've been waiting for.

This is the most thrilling moment.

But the melody clashed against each other.

That is precisely

the aesthetic statement from Putri’s group.

A beautiful collision between
various elements of Nusantara’s melodies.

I think Reno’s performance is very touching.

It’s conventional,

there’s nothing new.

Conventional, but well-arranged in the form.

Don't talk about form.

This art is about spirit.

And Putri’s group showed us that spirit.

Stop it already.

Let's vote.

Good evening.

Okay. Let's get to the point.

The board of jury in Doremi & You

has decided.

The winner is...

Reno Prakasa!



You go home, I want to stay here a minute.

Markus, we are all disappointed,
not just you.

You guys are just disappointed,
but I'm also scared.

Why are you scared?

Everyone will ask about the jackets tomorrow.

I haven’t paid it, so I can’t take it, right?

I had high hope to win this competition

so I can pay it.



This is my fault.

I gave the wrong file to the crew.

The song stopped in the middle.

So it got messed up.

If you are angry with me,

just go out.

You can hit me.

That’s totally unnecessary, Imung.

But this is my fault.

We don't blame you, okay?

You don’t need to do that.

I know this is my fault.


If there’s someone to blame.

I’m the one.

It’s my fault to carry the money around
and lost it in the stream.

Stop it.

Don’t talk about that again.

But I’m confused.

I don’t know how to repay the money.

Three million is a lot.

I can't ask my father.

It's impossible to ask from anyone.

Stop it.

It's not just your responsibility.

This is our responsibility.

Stop it, okay?

Let’s find the solution together.

This is the money.


What now?


Don't ask me where I got it.

But please...

accept this.


Excuse me, sir.

You want to take the jackets?

Yes, sir.

They’re in the box.

I’ll check it.




Here’s the money, please count it first.

But it’s fully paid.

What do you mean paid?

Who paid for it, sir?

Is it true

you paid for our jackets?

If so, why?

Why did you use your money for it?

It’s not my money.

It's Doremi & You's money.

For me...

you are the winner.