Doraemon: The Records of Nobita, Spaceblazer (1981) - full transcript

The twist of hyperspace had been brought about by an accident when Nobita's room connected to Roppuru's spaceship door. Nobita who made friends with Roppuru helps him to cultivate the wild planet where he is settled. On the planet that has far less gravity than the Earth, Nobita is like Superman. He confronts the company that hunts down resources of the planet with his toy guns.

We cannot escape anymore.
We need to commit warp.

It's dangerous.

They will get rid of us if we don't.

Warp stand by.

No matter what, we will be together.

Energy Charge OK, warp!

Fled to the stars abroad, that's foolish.

It's not possible to do speed of light warp
in their current state.

Nobita-kun, wake up.

Why are you day dreaming about?

This is strange.

That's why I asked you what happened.

I must be dreaming.

It's like I was watching a science fiction.

But I can see it very clearly.

Giant was looking for you.
You need to see him immediately

Giant? What for?

You see, we're supposed to
play baseball.

But they took our field and
we can only watch them.

This is really a mess.

You think so?


Anyone would think so.

Is it OK for us to just watch?

No! Even if the others
are middle schoolers.

We should maintain our rights
in protecting this place.

Very true indeed.

Indeed it is in our fancy
determination that...

you should be Giant's team

... to talk to those middle school students
to negotiate.

EH!? How could I?

Nobita! Listen!
You are responsible to get back our yard.

Otherwise, you won't be able
to join our team anymore

Get it?

Wait a moment.

I hate to do this task.

We have to give back the yard to you!?

Yes. We ask you to use
the baseball yard at your school.

We are not in the baseball club.

No, cant do.

Then what about...

Not possible!

Ah! So that's it! Your skill is so bad
that they won't let you participate.

You actually blatantly dare to talk
about our lack of skills.

I'm so sorry!!!

We're gonna catch you!

Help!! Help!!

Where did he go?

Let's spread out!

You lots look over there


Ugh.. Chammy.

I see..

The time and space warp
threw us out of our seat.

Something went wrong!

What's wrong?

This is...

The ship's system stops working.

It's been shut down.

Surely enough time and space warp in
this state is impossible after all.

Why didn't you listen to me?

This is not the time to argue such things.

We need to quickly repair the faults

and maintaining the status.

This place seems like a warehouse.

What is this place?

Is everything alright?

That warehouse door..

... lead to a place I haven't been to.

What did actually happen?
Can we even repair the faults?

Can we really go back?
Can we?

Shut up!

Please don't mention it
any further, Chammy.

I really do not know what can we do.

I can't really think straight.

Hey Nobita!

Why are you so slow?

Is this your hiding place?

I have to negotiate with
them over the yard.

Have you determined whether the yard
would be returned to us?

You should stand on your ground
and tell them straight away.

Those people really like baseball
so they refused.

I also like baseball,
so what?

Did them lot buy you out?

- Not at all.
- Shut up!

Help!! Help!!

- Wait! Don't run away
- Let me hit you!

Hey Nobita!



Why are those two chasing you?

They really went too far.

What happened?

Only Shizuka-chan would understand me.

Giant's team lost the yard from
middle school students

and placed the responsibility on me.

He's here!

Sure enough he's here.

Hey Nobita, you can't escape now!

Takeshi-kun, Suneo-kun You placed
too much responsibility on Nobita.

That's right!
That's right!

Defending him again, are you?

Well, this would be everyone's problem.

We should talk this out first,
don't you think?

You said about talk things out first, huh?

But there is no other open yard available.

Hey, you have some ideas, right?

Ah, of course!
Let's ask Doraemon.

Nobita-kun, please ask Doraemon for us, OK?


Are you kidding me?

How is it possible for me to make
an open yard like that?

I know you would say so.
But I have to try.

Nothing is impossible for Doraemon!

If you don't do something
I'm gonna be miserable.

Everyone will hate me!

Although you beg me that much,
It's not possible.

Even if I found such space,

It needs to be able to play baseball.

Japan is really too small.

If we can go to other planets
maybe there are vacant yards.

What to do?

Do not worry.

Are you going to sleep?

I'm gonna think of something.

I'm counting on you, Doraemon.

Wow! I'm really saved!

I already promised,
but how could I make it happen?

Only this much food left.

Since we came out for space traveling,

we should have prepared at least food
for a month.

In the evening, we should try
to hold back.

And we may have extra food
to chew.

I wonder how's everyone in Koya Koya.

I'll go to the warehouse to take a look.

I may be able to find food.

Be careful. The air is so awful over there.

I don't care.

Don't look at my size.
I'm actually stronger than humans.

Wah!! It's an earthquake!

What? An earthquake?

What's with the ruckus, Nobita?

Are you alright?

There was nothing at all.

No!! There really was something.

Maybe you're dreaming.

It's really late at night
and you're causing ruckus.

Really, there was an earthquake.
You gotta believe me.


Why don't you hurry back to sleep?

Papa... Mama...
How could you do that to me?

Can't they even believe their own son?

It can't be help. Having a nightmare
is really normal for your age.

Am I really having a nightmare?

Do... Do.... Do... Doraemon!!!

What now?

There.... is.... something.... there....

What is it this time?

Something jumped out from below the tatami.

Nothing at all over there.

Ah!! Over there!


It's not a dream after all.

Ouch! It hurts!

What is that thing?

Is that some sort of an animal?

Do not let it escape!

Is it really fine?




Finally, we caught you!

It looks very exhausted.

It's no good.
I can't breathe, the air is so bad.

Ah... My dream is actually real.

What are you talking about?

Can I ask you a question?

Is there any person with you?

Are you saying you know Roppu-kun?

Yes, I know him.

You can rest assured now.

I'm just looking for food and
open the door from the spacecraft.

I stumbled upon this place.

But we do not see any spacecraft.

But I'm saying the truth!

Why don't you take us
to your spacecraft?

There is really a door
leading to the spacecraft.

I don't understand at all.

Is this spacecraft related
to my dream somehow?

I see.
It went telepathically into your dream.

Come on in.


Are you alright?

I'm fine.

Please be careful.

Through the hole, the gravity
is different.

Well if you say so.

This thing really connects.

It really is.

The air over here feels so good.

It really is.
The air on Earth is really polluted.

Come on in.

Who are those person and mechanical robot?

You must be Roppu-kun.

I'm Nobita,
please to know you.

I'm Doraemon.

I'm a famous robot from Earth.


I've never heard a place called Earth.

It's the third planet in the solar system.

I know it, this is the spacecraft
in my dream.

What did you say?
That's really far away from Koya Koya.

Does that door really lead to Earth?

Koya Koya star?
I don't get it.

But if you say so, the stars are
really too far away to be connected.

Do you understand,

Not at all.

Well I guess..

Probably the time warp caused it..

the track seems to distort time and space.

I'm sure it's been very wrong.

Sorry for asking you this.

What is warp?

Sci-fi film talks about it all the time.

I often hear about it.

I just don't understand.

It's actually easy to understand.

The distance between stars to stars,

takes about hundreds of
thousands of light years.

Therefore, warp is needed to make the
distance short by jumping through space.

But it uses a tremendous
energy when charging.

Without proper machinery, it's easy to fail
making the warp.

But why is it the
spacecraft failed to jump,

and make a connection to Earth?

Try to imagine these seat belt
as the universe.

Spacecraft and Earth
are like this.

If you join and twisted them like this,
the situation occurs.

That's no good,
he won't understand any of this.

Actually, we should just make
Everywhere Door as the example.

When the door is broken,
the door will be left open.

Can you understand it?

Is that all?
I'm beginning to understand all of it.

You do not need to worry,
Doraemon will help you fix everything.

I think this machine head shaft is broken.

The machines over here are superb.

I really do not understand
any structure of these machines.

But wouldn't you think the machines were
fine before the failures?

Please don't say such nonsense.
You are really awful...

I see.
Time Cloth!

Of course.
It will restore everything.

Let's try.

Time Cloth!

Now then..

The cloth will restore
it to the way it was.

Thank you.
We need to wait for it to work.

Come over here!

It's Chammy!

What happened?

Let's have a look.


The star!

It's fixed!

Yeah. we're going through the space now.

That planet in front of us is our
home planet.


That must be Koya Koya.

I know it. Doraemon's Time cloth
will work great.

So with this repaired spacecraft,

they can finally return to Koya Koya.

Wait a minute! That means
the hole in the tatami will disappear.

This is bad!

Thank goodness.
They still connect.

We're almost done for.

But that spacecraft is currently moving.
Why is this place still connected?

Even I do not understand this.

The distorted space maybe
what connects them.

But I do not know how long
it will stay like this.

Maybe... It was ....... scattered...

Earth's air isn't really
suitable for your kind.

You'd better shut the door.

Thank you for your help.
I won't forget you all.



Chammy, we will meet again
in dreams.

Nobita-kun, you must visit our star, OK?

- I'll go someday, OK?
- Don't be back on your world, OK?


I will wait for you.

- Goodbye.
- Bye Bye.

Who would have thought a
spacecraft in their voyage,

would linked up with a
tatami in this room?

What a wonderful thing!

Where does exactly Nobita go to?

I also want to ask him how did the yard
problem end up.

That guy really disappears.

I'm not taking the risk.

I'll take a break in here
then go back later.

Could the spacecraft from yesterday
get back safely?

It's those middle school students.

If they were to see me,
I would be finished. I'd better go.

- Finally I'm saved.
- No, you don't!

Hey Nobita, what's the current progress
on Doraemon's help?

That is....

You asked, didn't you?

Are you really determined to help us?

- Doraemon?
- He's not here.

You must be lying.

Is that so!?

I believe he's trying to find the place
right now.

- Really?
- Yes.

We'll wait right here.

Can Doraemon do it?

With Doraemon, nothing is impossible.

Do not exaggerate my ability.
I can't do everything.

Over there!

You are home after all.

Actually I do not want to come out.

I'm not hiding.
I'm just having a peace of mind.

Doraemon, can you do it for us?
I can rely on you, right?

I think so.

Thank goodness.

Leave it on me.

Don't make us wait any
longer, come tell us!

Where is our yard?

Such thing is impossible,
I think this thing can do for now.

Mini Player!

Tap your finger on the player's nose.

- He will become your body.
- Let me try.

This is me!

They can also play baseball.

Oh my...

But the doll will play
baseball just like us.

its personality will reflect to the
real person.

That's not even close!

Those are dolls.
We asked for grand stadium.

Here's what you want.

- Mini Stadium
- Wow.. It looks so cool.

We can even play this inside
the house.

I don't understand this.

What I want is to play in an open yard!
Can't you understand?

I understand.

It's a real problem.

In any case, I would take
this first to play on.

- What the?
- These guys are really hard to please.

What should we do now?

Goodbye, Nobita-kun.

You must visit us.

Has they gotten home safely yet?

Probably so.

You think so?

I was really surprised to see
the tatami suddenly opened.

Yeah, this should be the place.

What's wrong?

The door is still here.

That means...

The spacecraft is still connected.

Where are they?

Roppu-kun and the other must've been gone.

- What is this place?
- Seems like a parking area to me.

They landed somewhere.

We should try to see outside.

Is it really alright?

Is someone here?

- What is this place?
- So strange.

What would this switch do?

W--w-w-w-w-hat happened?

I don't feel well.

It's an elevator.

They have blue and red moons.
They create a mixture of purple sky.

Although it's beautiful
It feels weird having two moons.

So this is Roppu's star?

It must be Koya Koya star.

But there doesn't seem to be a town,
let alone a house.

What's wrong, Doraemon?

- If this Koya Koya Star is really empty,
- Ah, right.

Then there is so much space...

to play baseball anywhere.

We finally found it.

What's that?

- What are those things?
- Frogs?,lk

Whoa!! Disgusting!

- Go away. We are earthlings.
- We are not your friend.

- They all fled
-I wonder what happened.

- How could there be so much water here?
- It's a tsunami!

- Run!
- Where to?

Don't stop running!

I can run faster than usual.

Check it out, I can run so fast.
I feel lighter.


This is so fast
If this is a competition, I'd win for sure.

It hurts.

It's because you are talking
too much.

Come, get up.

The water won't reach this place now.

We're saved.

Oh right, I forget about Bamboo Copter.

This star has water all over the place.

We could've been washed far away.

I wonder where Roppu-kun
and the others are.

Having said that, where should we go now?

We should use this for now,
Emergency Raft.

Get over here.

I'm coming.

Hey Doraemon, what should we do now?

We don't even have any destination.

I will have a test tomorrow.

If we do not get hurried back to Earth,
I'll get 0 mark for sure.

You probably should try harder.

- At any rate, I'll go to sleep.
- OK.

Papa and Mama must be worried.

Yay, it's spring!
Spring has come!

Spring has finally come.

The air outside is very good.

Look, it brings good soil.

Yes, we can make a great harvest this year.

Some strange things appeared.

What is it, Chammy?

What is this?
I've never seen anything like this.

I've never seen it either.

- Be careful Chammy!
- I will.

What's wrong, Chammy?

- It's Nobita-kun
- Hey, Chammy!

Hey, Roppu-kun.

If it isn't Nobita and
Doraemon from Earth.


- This is great.
- We miss you so much.

May I ask who are those two people there?

They are my mother and
my little sister.

Pleased to meet you.

I heard that you have helped
Roppu from out of danger

Are you both really
from far away?

Not really, we just came
from below the tatami.

But we got washed away by the flood.

Then the basement where
you two came from is...

There's really a big hole in the garage.

We can't go anywhere without the ship.

We can't even plow the soil.

Our family hides the ship in the garage
in order to avoid the spring floods.

In that time the ship should
be safe from the flood.

I'm sorry we're causing such trouble.

This is not your fault.
You both arrived on bad time.

The flood will flow from
the east of our position,

If it's washed away,

we might find it
somewhere in the west.

Please be careful, Roppu.

- Nobita-kun too.
- Yeah.

It's gonna be alright.

Nobita-kun is an embarrassment, huh?

What do you know, huh?

Well, we can use Bamboo
Copter on our search.

There is only mud now
because of the winter,

but some vegetation will grow out tomorrow.

Then the area will become greener.


That's Kamuro-San, our neighbor.

You have a neighbor in here?

It's rather far away, isn't it?

He's plowing the land.

These people really are hard workers.

Good afternoon, Kamuro-San.

Hello Roppu.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year too.

By the way Kamuro-San and Bubu, have you
by any chance see my family's ship?

- I do not see it.
- Same here.

Is that so? The ship was
washed away by the flood.

It'll be buried by the mud
now, you won't find it.

Stop it, Bubu.

You need to find it quickly
before trouble arise.

We're also gonna
help you find it.

Please do.
Good bye.

There are only few houses in this area.

It's because we are pioneers.

We are actually born in
Tokai Tokai Star system.

That place has many tall buildings.
But we moved to Koya Koya.

This is strange. It's
mountain area from here and

out. The ship shouldn't
been washed out this far.

It really is strange.

Look at that!

This is not good, hide quickly!

What is it?

It's really a big spacecraft.

Those Galtide Mining
space cargo chased us

before. If they catch
us, we'll be done for.

That one?

They often come down from the mountain
and make troubles.

They often use violence.

How could the authority allow such things?

It's because Galtide Industry is a big
corporation in Tokai Tokai.

So the authority won't move a muscle
without any concrete evidence.

What's worse is, the whole star system
is owned by Galtide Corporation.

They want to get rid all of the residents

in this star system and
taking control of them.

These guys are really awful.

But what are those Galtide doing here?

Chammy, can you get those things?

This is what those Galtide want.

What a beautiful crystal.

If you slowly move the crystal like this...

it will release some energy like this.

The crystal size will
affect the energy output.

You can also move freely
by adjusting the angle.

This crystal takes important part
in our civilization.

I would like to try that out.

- Nobita-kun
- He flew so far away.

Is he gonna be alright?

He's really troublesome.

Where did he exactly fly to?

- Hey, I'm over here.
- He's over there!

This Galtide crystal brings us good luck.

- Nobita-kun, you did a great job.
- He's just being lucky.

I did not expect it would be in this place.

Let's check the inside.

All things are working fine.

Nothing broke.

- With this we can get back to Earth.
- Thank goodness.

- The red moon is coming out.
- Tonight would be the crimson night.

Tomorrow it would be blue night.

So they take turn?

It will be later.

Purple night is the night
of the great flood.

It brings tide from the east and
transports fertile soil to the area.

Can I bring my friends with me
next time I visit this place?

Of course. The land is so wide
that you can play anywhere.

With this, we can fulfill
our promise to Giant.


Roppu and Creme, you should take a rest
and get ready for school tomorrow.

- I forgot - I also need to get
ready for the test tomorrow.

I need to get back quickly.

It would be lonely without you.


- Goodbye
- Come back soon.

- We will come back tomorrow.
- Bye Bye.

You must come back.


- Thank goodness.
- The place is still connected.

Thank goodness.

By the way, we have gone
for two whole days.

I even skipped school.

Mama would be very furious now.

This is bad.

I'm home.

Mama didn't say anything at all.

She must be very angry.

Is that so?

We were missing for such a long time.
You better apologize immediately.

You're saying that you didn't
come home for two whole days?

- I am sorry.
- Please forgive us.

What are you talking about?

Takeshi was looking for you two hours
ago when you went missing.

Only for two hours?

Stop talking weird, you two.

Go back to your study!

This is great!

Isn't it great that
we had only gone for two hours?

Earth and Koya Koya have different time.

One day over there is equivalent
to 1 hours on Earth.

So we can have fun everyday.

That star is really great.
I love being there.

Hurray for Koya Koya.

I'm home.

Welcome back.

Where are you going?

I'm going to tell Giant
about this whole thing.

Nobita-kun really looks happy.



- What are you doing?
- Please wait.

I have found the yard we're looking for.

Did you really find it?

You're really my best friend.

Thank you.

From now on, we're best friend.

We're getting along, aren't we Nobita?

We should also tell Suneo and Shizuka.

Yeah, of course.
They must be pleased with the news.

How long are you gonna make us wait?

W-w-wait a second.

Giant, you should also teach him a lesson.

You good for nothing!

Giant, why the heck did you beat me?

You kicked my best friend.
I won't forgive you.

Eh? Since when?

Shizuka-chan should also join us.

I'm thankful for the invitation.

I'm home.

They come to play.

Everyone, please come.


Sorry for intruding.

Good afternoon.

Sorry for intruding.

Is this really the entrance?

Is this really connected?

It's fine

I'm gonna go first.

Me, second.

I forgot to tell you to be careful
about the gravity.

Is this really OK?

I'm sorry.

You be careful, now.

It's great.

So pretty.

After only one day the view
change so much.

This star is like something from a dream.

My best friend found a really great place.

We can have many places to choose.

This place turns awesome
in a few days time.

That's Roppu-kun.

Yo, Nobita-kun.

Are those the friends
you've been talking about?

Yush.. They are.

We're in your care.


There is a wide field
on the side of the forest.

We can't go with you because
we need to go to school.

I am the great Giant!

I feel like our walks become lighter.

It feels like my back has grow some wings.

The air feels so good.



What's that?

What's wrong?

What is this creature?
I want to stretch its neck.

Let's also make the feet longer.

Don't be afraid.
These animals are tame.

Excuse me.

This looks like a Balloon Panda.

Well It can suck so much air.

Is that egg bird?

Let's capture them and make an omelet.

Don't disturb them.

Shut up!
What can this creature even do?

What is it trying to do?

As I said, don't do it.

Stop it.

Let them be.

Shoulda tear them like this.

Pull em apart!

There's no end to this.

What the!?

It's actually an amazing creature.

Good afternoon Mr. Elephant.

It only has two feet.

Do you want me to ride you?

Riding you, huh?

I'll ride on you.

Let's go!

Everything that is good.

I wish I could get them

That sort of dream, this sort of dream

I have many of them but,

all of them, all of them, all of them.
He grants my dreams.

He grants my dreams with
a mysterious pocket

I want to fly freely in the sky

(Here! Bamboo-copter!)

ah ah ah I love you very much


ah ah ah I love you very much.

We're here.

It's so wide.

It feels like an endless plains.

We can design this place to make
a suitable baseball field.

Sounds good to me.

The stadium will be named Nobita.

in honor of Nobita for
finding this place.

Play ball.

I will start throwing this.

Come at me.

Nobita won't hit this ball with
my throwing speed.

Slow ball!

You're throwing it too high,
I won't be able to hit it.

Really!? There goes the new ball.

If this goes on, we won't have any ball.

I'm sorry.

This is really my fault.

This time I'll throw it
right at the center.

What!? Amazing.
Shizuka-chan, quick. Jump!

Shizuka-chan, are you alright?

What were you doing?

Nobita got a home run.

Why does the ball fly like that?

I only made a short jump
but I ended up flying high.

Oh yeah we forgot.

This star has low gravity.

This is because this place has lighter
gravity than Earth.

This place is so weird.

How can we play baseball
in a place like this?

Do you know those balls that
we lost are new?

It's all your fault by bringing us
into this place.

No... There must be a mistake.

Something is coming toward us.

Those are bad guys.

What a large spacecraft.

Is this yours?

This ball went through our spacecraft
and making a big hole.

Can it be?

How could that ball make a big hole?

I've never seen your face before.

Are you new immigrants?
Where do you come from?

We come from Earth.

We're sorry for the ball.

Earth? Where is that?

You're not welcome in this planet.

You need to return to your planet.

This should teach them a lesson.

They won't ever come back.

Nobita, how dare you taking us
into this planet?

This is going out too far.

I won't consider you
as a friend any longer.

Let's go Shizuka-chan.
We're going back to Earth.

We managed to find a yard,
please come back.

Shizuka-chan too?

- It fell apart.
- Everything doesn't seem to work out.

You're being attacked and
threatened to leave this place?

This is frustrating.

If I meet them, I will
bite or scratch them.

Don't talk nonsense, Chammy!

It's good enough that no one’s hurt.

It is. They can do so many
horrible things.

These people really are going too far.

The situation over here is awful.
Even the authority are unreliable.

What should we do?

My father tried to report the violence
they did to the police

But he died crashing into an asteroid.

They might be the culprit.

This shock gun is a memento of my father.

Although it won't do lethal damage,

but you can make your opponent
unconscious for a while.

This thing is only
reliable to self-defense.


I aimed for the other branch.

Brother can't really hurt people.


Everyone can move to Earth.

I will find you home to live in.

Thank you for your kindness.

But I can't give up on Koya Koya.

This is for my late father.

This vacant lot...

Ah Nobita, we got back our yard. Those
middle school student played too roughly.

They broke the nearby window,
so they were chased out.

That's great then.

But it doesn't have
anything to do with you.

Yeah.. Not to the useless guy like you.
I won't let you join us.

How cruel.

Well, I'm busy anyway.

I just remember that...

... in addition on being an expert in cat's
cradle, Nobita is also good in shooting.

I will use my talent to
help Roppu and the other.

But, plastic bullets won't do any good.
Are you aware of that?

At least I can scare them away.

It's better than doing nothing.

Are you going to Koya Koya?

I am going alone. But eh..

... I don't want to bump into those
two terrible guys.


Where's this?

- We didn't come out from the cockpit.
- Strange.

I don't think Koya Koya has been developed
to this extent.

It's impossible to progress this fast.

I know.

We must be in Tokai Tokai Star.

Roppu must have business in this place.

I see.

Good afternoon.

Hey Roppu, we meet again.

Tokai Tokai is really big.

That's because Tokai Tokai is
the capital of the system.

Come, let's go back to Koya Koya.

That building in front of us is
the city hall.

At your right is the central headquarters.

And to your right is the
museum of the universe.

What's that big building then?

It's Galtide's main office.

That place?

They are having such large establishment
from doing illegal activity.

So many people have suffered
because of them.

Anti-gravity engine shut down.

We're ready to get to warp.

Energy Charging, OK.

Radar Set. OK

I have a strange feeling.

The environment outside the window
becomes weird.

We will return to orbit soon.

Warp complete.

We succeeded without any failures.

Even though this spacecraft is really old.

No matter what the old one
will behave strangely one day.

I am not a used product.

I'm sorry.

I can't see any planets.

Of course. This space is
very very far away from the Milky Way.

We are currently turning
up anti-gravity engine

while we wait the energy to charge
for the next warp.

Now I understand what the warp use for.

It is used to travel the universe.

- We got hit from behind.
- They are after us.

It's them.

What a big spacecraft.

Good, We can hide on the asteroid.

Is everyone OK?

Seems OK.

I thought I was going to die.

We need to get out fast.

But we don't have any ready spacesuit.

Doraemon, can you do something?

Maybe this will work.

Space Wear!

If you eat this, your
body will produce oxygen.

It's as if you're having a
protective layer of spacesuit.

This is not good. Those bad guys
will be coming for us soon.

Oh no. They are coming.

It's you again.

We told you to obediently leave Koya Koya.

We will never leave!

We have developed that star.

We have no other way.

Since you do not listen to us,
we will...

- I have to find a way....
- What are you doing?

....make you understand.
- You'll be sorry.

I can't believe it, the plastic bullets
take effect.

How dare you..


Run quickly!

We're gonna run out of breath.

Let me show you how powerful...

Let me go.

- Do not struggle.
- Save me Dora-chan.

Are they gone?

I do not know

Amazing strength.

I see.
Why don't I think about this before?

We become superman on this planet.

We won't let you get away.

We thought you were only children.

This time we will really hit you.

Doraemon, run!

Why don't you go,
you won't lose!

No.. No... No... No...

No no no...

- It works!
- Nobita-kun

I feel like I'm becoming stronger.

Let's go.

Nobita-kun, get them.

Great work.

You're great Nobita-kun.

- We finally beat those guys.
- Dora-chan you were great.

I'm not dreaming, right?
I can't believe my own strength.

It's not possible for me to be strong.

I must be dreaming.
It can only happen in a dream.

Nobita is really skeptical on himself.

Dream Confirmation Hand!

It hurts..

You see, it's not a dream.

Please stop it.

- I will remember this.
- We will report this to the higher up.

It really is amazing to see Nobita
being so strong.

He suddenly subdued those
guys with his pistols.

I just happen to be good.

Nobita-kun is really strong.

Dora-chan's punch is also very effective.

It's not that great.
I just gave them a little touch.

It's real!

Since you both are so strong,

We are able to chase out those Galtide
people and make peace in this place.

You both really are a great help.

Everyone, we will honor Nobita and Doraemon
as our comrade.

We agree.

This is our thanks.

Thank you.

You really are stupid.

They are only a child and a robot.

How could you both report such
a ridiculous claim into the head office?

You two stupid people will have to tell me.

But boss, the child's strength is
not that of an ordinary person could have.

I also heard they come from Earth
they also refer them self as Superman.

What superman?

We need to find a way to get rid of them.

We are now superman.

Both Tokai Tokai and Koya
Koya have small gravity...

probably caused by this Galtide mineral.

which make this scientifically possible.

As long as we're there,
we both can become super strong.

So even someone like Nobita
can become a superman.

So I can become a superman in Koya Koya,
while I will remain weak on Earth.

It can be explained that way.

Hey Nobita!

Can you pass that ball over here?

Throw that ball fast, will you?

We don't have time.

You can't even throw ball properly.
Seems like you won't be joining us.

Why don't try again next time?


Please stop.



This should teach you a lesson
to get out of this planet.

- Over there..
- What?

Those people came.

Kill them!

Cape of Evasion!

They will get it.

That we are powerful.

Nobita, why don't you go study.

I will punish you if you get another zero.

Yes. Ma'am.

I won't forgive you if you fail
on your test.

Your butt is fully exposed, Nobita.

It's awful.

Awful... awful...

Let's do it, Doraemon.

Are we going now?


I just heard them here,
I wonder where they went.

Really that child..

This field will get burned.

Ah they are burning those crops.

We need to stop them.

We are waiting for you.

Those hoodlums.

It's not working.

Plastic won't work.
We need a larger one.

Where is that thing..
Let's see..

Not this...

Not this.

Not this either.. Not good.

Nope.. nope..

Ah finally..

Big Light!

One, Two, Three!


This time we will succeed.

Attack from both sides.

- One, Two, Three.
- Light!

- Get them.
- You won't escape.

We dodge them.

Careful, Nobita-kun.

Small Light!

I'm saved.

Let's see who's the boss now.

You won't be able to escape.

This is easy.

That was dangerous.

What? You failed again?

If this continue, they
will try to oppose us.

They are really superman.

We can't beat them.

I see.

What to do?

Do not worry. I already asked the corporate
to send us someone skilled.

Our company Galtide,
when we first came into

this star system could quickly conquered
the mining site as scheduled.

Only Koya Koya is left for the taking.

Giramin will get rid of those Superman.

Those super children are really in the way.

Those superman from Earth
must've been using

a passage between
Earth and Koya Koya.

Goss, Metz.
You need to find that passage.


Do not let yourself be found out.


Giramin will deal with those people.

Winter is coming.

These red and blue snow
will melt into purple snow.

They are so pretty.

I didn't notice that
a year has gone by since we first came.

Time really flies so fast.

Mom is already making preparation
for winter.

On this year's winter, Nobita has taught
me cat's cradle and it makes me happy.

By the way, Creme-chan.

We may not be able to
meet for a while. When

great flood comes,
we may be separated.

It will be lonely.

We will definitely meet again.

We will.

Now, Bubu-kun. Those Earth people
must have a way in and out of this place

If you're willing to tell me, I
will make Kamuro's place safe.

Your father may also be appointed as
Galtide's head office in mining industry.

But if you don't tell us.
This gun will have its way on you.

Saying it won't hurt.
So tell us, Bubu-kun.

I understand.

All of you, please take care.

Nobita-kun and Doraemon too.

Take care.

When spring comes, please be back.

- Goodbye.
- We will definitely come back. Bye bye.

Creme, let's head back.

Head Boss' strategy is really great.
His intelligent surpass the likes of us.

With explosive blocking the entrance
those Earth people are done for.

I really admire you.

I'm not that cunning. The computer have
been set so it'll burst when they come.

You're right.

You're not going out.

You're always going out everyday.
This time I forbid you to go out.

Dora-chan, you're supposed
to monitor Nobita's study.

You're also forbidden to go out.

Aye. Mama.

Oh yeah.

It's an earthquake.

The immigrants of Koya Koya,

This planet will be done for because of
the volcano eruption in a few days.

You need to leave this place
unless you want to die.

Those Galtide people must be lying.

When my father discovered this place,

He made a detailed observation
about the stability on this planet.

That's why he let the
immigrant to come. It

would be strange if there
is a sudden volcano.

I remember my husband once said,

Since those Galtide found the mine,

they place explosive
devices on this planet.

They probably want to
destroy this planet.

If the superman are here
at a time like this.

I'm scared.

Chammy, listen! Mom just told
us about the explosive devices,

lays somewhere deep in
the underground mine.

To protect our planet,
I will destroy that device.

Don't tell mom and Creme about this.


It's too dangerous, Roppu!


I'm sorry for troubling
you to monitor Nobita,

I believe Shizuka-chan will
make a better study partner.

I understand, Aunty.

I need to go to supermarket in a bit.

Well Nobita-kun, you need to study
more seriously,

Don't go spouting up something
from a dream.

It really is not a dream.

I'm not lying, we really become
a superman there.

Isn't it right, Doraemon?

Yes, not only us.
Any Terran can become superman there.

We did it!

Superman is no more.

Nobi-chan, Dora-chan.

- Chammy!
- What's wrong?

What? Roppu went into the mine alone?

That's very dangerous of him to go alone.

That's not very good.

Please help him.

Shizuka-chan, as you have heard.
Despite what mama said, we need to go.

I can't stand idle when friends need me.

Are you gonna be fine?

Of course we are, we're
gonna save our friend.

Thank you.

This is not good, the connection
seems to strand away.

Will it spread further?

Most likely.

This connection has been strange
in the first place.

Will we be fine when we cross over?

It should be.

Shizuka, I leave my mother in your care.

No problem.


The place is seriously damaged.

- No one seem really here.
- Let's go.

"I can't stand idle when friends need me."

Eh, Shizuka-chan?

I'll be back.


Is there a way for me to get close to them?

Will you please help Nobita?

Unless he asks for our forgiveness.

He needs to eat spaghetti with his nose or
eating peanuts with his eyes closed first.

How could you say such
things to your friend?

- Nobita-kun.
- Roppu-kun.


Therefor, would you please?

Is Nobita really going to
such a dangerous place?

That idiot!
Let's go Suneo!

Giramin, look at this panel.

The device will make explosion
in the center of the planet.

When the red light turns white
this star will turn to dust.

I can see Koya Koya crumbles
before my very eyes.


Just now we saw a cart moving
near the cliff.

You stupid, when the cars fall
the detector will detect them.

Yes, sir!

We can't get close with
this many surveillance.

We must find a way or
the planet will be done for.

Doraemon, cant you think of a way?

I don't know what to do.

It can't be help, perhaps this can do.

Gyro Capsule!

Hurry up.

Doraemon is really useful.

This is awesome.

This capsule can change
appearance at any time.

Let's start.

Even when we're rolling
the place will maintain our position.

We can also change our direction.

- A falling rock?
- Seems natural.

What to do now?

Where did Nobita and co go to?

Who is there?

You must be the Earth people.

Friends of superman.


Did you mean Nobita-kun?

Why would you sneak up upon us?

It's all my fault.

I told them about the door.

Those things are in the past.

Please tell us where did Nobita go.

Are they safe?

Then I'll take you to find him.

You stupid idiot,
why don't you report this earlier?

But rockfall commonly occurs.

Take a good look, that stone is
moving according to their will.

Someone must have been hiding there.

Shoot it immediately!

They force me to use this.

Air Gun




Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!


Get them all, Doraemon!

Let's go.

How are you all still alive?
Giramin, kill them quick.

Brats, I will get rid of you now.

We're gonna take on your challenge.

Don't regret it.

I feel like I'm talking too much.

Nobita-kun, let me help.

There are two of us now.

I can take the two of you both.

This is bad, Nobita is in danger.
I need to get this right away.

Weather Training Machine!

I'm gonna use this to chase them away.

Sudden rain!?

How is it possible?

Take this chance quickly to get away!

As I thought it was Doraemon's doing.

Hurry up!

You will not escape.

Roppu-kun, aim lower!

Hurry up, get to the higher ground!

This is bad.

Are you trying to fool us?

- Crap!
- Run!

Leave this to me!

I'll use this Cape of Evasion.
Come at me!


- Doraemon!
- Hey!

Giant, Suneo, and Shizuka-chan!


Who are those people?

They are new superman.

There are several of them.

Ram them with this bull ship!

Quickly, get them!

Leave it to me!

Take this!

Take this again!

Me too!

Nice ball!

Engine failure!
We're falling.


We did it!

Don't think you win just yet.

The explosive devices will soon activate
and crush this planet.

Oh no!

- It can't be
- No way.

What should we do?

We're finished.

This is not good.

We need to go down.

"Thirty seconds until the explosion."

We need to get inside quickly.

Doraemon, think of something!

Wait a bit..

Time Cloth
This is no good.

Not that.
We need the Pass Loop.

Pass Loop!

Let's proceed.

Roppu-kun, you wait over here.

"Twenty seconds until the explosion."

- Where is the stop button?
- I don't know.

"Fifteen seconds."

Hurry up!

Time Cloth!

Ah I see.

The explosion will come soon.
You won't be able to stop it.

- Run away!
- It's no good.

"10.... 9.... 8"

"7.... 6..... 5....."

"4.... 3.... 2... 1....."


How strange, the time has already run out.

I know it,
We're saved!

We're really saved!

What really happened there?

That day, Doraemon used Time Cloth

on my warp machine so I thought
it might be useful.

So you put "Time Cloth" on the explosive
device to prevent the explosion?

You really are awesome, Roppu-kun.
You're this planet's hero now.

It's not possible without Doraemon.

Thank you Dora-chan
You really helped Roppu.

Well I'm used to it since
Nobita-kun is stupid.

How can this be?
My evil plan had failed.

- Boss, this is bad.
- The Space Patrol has come.


Roland, you are arrested from your doing
in setting up the explosive devices.

We're also force search
Galtide Corporation as well.

The CEO has been arrested
following this incident.

And the company's permit
shall be revoked.

I'm only obeying commands.

I'm not a bad person.

To commemorate this incident,
this day will be regarded as holiday.

We would also present this bronze
statue to the boy who saved us all.

This snow flower is for you.

Thank you.

I will take care of it.

Nobita, stop dillydallying or
we won't be able to get back.

Thank you Shizuka-chan.
It won't be possible without you.

Nothing at all.

Don't come back to those polluted planet!

Chammy, don't be unreasonable.

Everyone needs to get back quickly.

It's getting further!

We really need to go.


Please don't forget about us!

How could I?
You are all my friends.



Bye bye.

What's everybody doing here?

They seem like they just woke up
from a dream.

That tatami seems odd.

There's ..... nothing here.


Let me take a look.


- Quick Quick quick!
- Quick catch the tatami!

I'm so scared stiff.

It's really nothing at all.

Why don't you all go to sleep?

In the far far away planet, it's a place
where even a telescope won't reach.

It's really hard to believe, eh?

It is.

Roppu and Creme-chan, they may be
wondering about us at this moment.

Chammy too.