Doraemon: Nobita's Three Visionary Swordsmen (1994) - full transcript

Nobita comes into his dream with Doraemon's tools. He is a hero there.

You see no small Cardiff
Terror yo

Simply red as blood

And imagined terrible
I have a bad feeling

Go back

Should never have been playing some kind of adventure

I am opposed to

How can so easily give it up

What did you say

Do not be too arrogant smelly Nobita

The three of us can do what
You said

Things are not to do
How do you know can not do it

Should think about it now
What we do

I did not expect Nobita
Also say such a liking if

Hear the good

In this unfathomable fog the bottom ...

There is a dark castle

Shizuka is there
Waiting for us to rescue her.


How the A Dream

Something close to us

A lot of light
Gradually close the fog beneath

Is a will-o'-the-wisp

My God

Should not be the devil underlying Torch

God Fear

Relying on several of our
Is not Legion opponent

We had nowhere else to turn.

Mom ...

Mom ...

You need not be afraid
I will not hurt you

Gold cap


I was standing
One gold cap of justice

I is the gold cap
Partners Doremon of Lion King

Mysterious hero gold cap

Why here

People need help
I'll be there

It's true


Even gold cap
Also no match for the big Legion

Justice win

Let's go duo! Lion King


Gold cap

Refueling ah


Really worthy of a gold cap


Wipe out the bad guys


Gold cap you really save me

I'll save you out

Gold cap


Good giant monster

Gold cap I've been waiting for you

Help ah

Always gestures with three legs
Really is not fun

Today finally fill the

We have to compete with it than a

And so on ... This is not right


We have no time

How to say

If you do not hurry up
School late

How could you

Now before a showdown
Rescued Shizuka

Then let Panhu they see
My true colors

Let them know my bad
How can the end ah

Hello ... gold cap ...

You see Panhu they come

So good

Anyway, this is in my dreams

It two or three times to get rid of it

First this monster smaller say

How can this too cunning!

Hateful monster satisfied life Come

Are you okay gold cap

How this is too treacherous

Talk less

I have no time

Justice win

You would like to ask what the problem quickly!

Ask a question?

How to do
To like you so much

No, no

For example,
Asked my true identity in the end Who

But that's no secret.

Ask can be considered an act of courtesy

So you what kind of person it

This is the secret

Check it out

Simply asked it white

But it
Today you special treatment

I'll let you see my true identity


In fact, I just ...

How Nabuxialai!

Just wearing too tight


Bad mother call you

How to do

Nobita not quick to get up

Nobita not get up to die!

A Dream

A Dream

A Dream Nobita and the Dream Three Musketeers

This kind of thing is nice can be done better

Count could not finish this dream of the kind of dream

All my dreams come true

Incredible treasure bag

I miss the freedom of flying in the sky

Then use the bamboo dragonfly

AN ... my favorite Doremon A Dream

AN ... my favorite Doremon A Dream


You have to sleep when

Do not hurry up

Late again today

I get up in me

Go and grooming

Driving to school breakfast eating


I go to school


Like this every morning

The dreams often with us
Go to a different world

Happy dreams

Terrible dream

Sad dream

People want to go to sleep ...

Dreaming nice

The dream of yesterday is really great

Originally really want to see the end to say

Is wonderful at first light

Really is a pity

What a pity

Teacher nothing

Always late for class homework always forget to write

So diligent student go corridors left standing

Was scolded

Or the dream world is better

Why such a strict social reality
Really good pain!


Although you do not know anything

But last night really is too thrilling

Fortunately I in time to save you.

Nobita how do you

Why do you keep staring at people laugh ah

Because last night ...

Nobita really strange

Ah Shizuka


Anyway you sooner or later will know
I am the true face of ...


The Daxiong really a coward

You are the

Last night you
Also scared blue in the face tremble.

Listen to what you're talking daydream

Is true

If enough time if

Is sure to make you my admiration

A Dream

A Dream ...

Nobita how do you

Hurry up with the continuation of a dream
Props out


At least in my dreams
You have to let them know you powerful

Yes ah

Too boring

No matter what you escape to dream

After you wake up
You will only be more tragic.

Too unpromising

But ...

Time here think these did
It would be better to write the homework!

Doremon ...

You want in this social reality
More to work hard

I was not to put it too severely


You listen to me ...


Strange people which went

Will runaway

Anyway, after dark
Hungry will naturally go home

What Nobita not come back ah

Will we Nobita
Not disturb your family

Really did not go

I know a thank you

This child is really outrageous

I went out to look and see

I did not expect this
He will really bloom runaways

Now the home of a friend did not go

It seems on the left that place

Hey Nobita

If you are in here
Answer soon please


Or can not find people

This really is not a joke

This is my responsibility

I blame him so cold

He is the total can not touch a good thing
Unfortunately teenager.

I really regret it at least I let him
Flies happy in his dream

Maybe in a dream world
To let him build self-confidence

I should have done this
Irreparable things

I was a fool ... fool ...

Things are not so bad!

I do not care

Say that you are willing to forgive me for myself

Course, ah, we are good friends Well

Thank you

Nobita I ask you

You where to go


Originally wanted to climb the tree
Pure dream to be free from human interference

Results fall down fainted

You really nerve-racking yeah

You just said is really

What do I have to say

Did not you say let me dream this

You have to hear!

Crystal clear

Nobita you hear no

I say
Are you in the end there is no listening

I have heard

Mother said on all my fault

I should not have let my mother worried
I will be a good reflection

The future, I will pay attention to the

I'm full

Good night

Let's go A Dream


You promised me

Come out driving dreaming of props


Take it Well

A full set of arbitrary dream machine


How to do it

As long as the cassette is put

You can do all sorts of dreams

You pick one from the inside

Each one looks very interesting look

A Dream

Can be a superhero flying in the sky
Sounds good yeah

How about this

Egg rolls Superman

That should be more suitable
Older than my small children.


I think it suits you, ah

This seems to be a lot of fun!


Jurassic Planet

In front of it notice
We can release look

This is by the genius director
Film directed by Steven three primary

Jurassic Planet

So excited.

Teenagers spacecraft
Hit asteroid

The photons engine stops

The body has been unable to control


Why less than the role of the face

Distribution of roles
Can decide for themselves by watching the people

Just press with a role assigned button

Meditate in the heart of the role of face

Wow Allyes

Spacecraft all the way heading nameless planet

And so on in front of them is a ...

Terrible world of dinosaurs

Do not cry

The three of us to unite
Together to break through the difficulties to live

They are constantly facing a life-and-death crisis

No respite
Adventure adventure

There are also more stimulating wonderful picture

Teenagers there is a tomorrow you

You are the protagonist

Come and challenge the story climaxes

Seems to be full of fun yeah

Ah Excellent yeah

But this girls yeah

Instructions read
Characters played only three people

I hope
Plot to save Shizuka yeah

You really winded yeah

Must be the job

Then this
Atlantis, the last day of

Atlantis, the legendary continent

Sank to the bottom

The teenager played the male lead rescue the princess

After the establishment of the new kingdom ...

I just want this dream

You do not look at the trailer this


You do not see the trailer
Immediately into the story ah

I'll save the princess

Really exciting.

First installed on the antenna!

To replace the antenna?

Yes ah

This is to the radio wave reception dream


So good night

Role to how to allocate ah

I am the actor

Princess is Shizuka

Others let you decide

To start myself

Really exaggerated so fast asleep!

Nobita into the dream

So that

I was a shepherd

Shizuka lived in that palace

Soon fate will the two of us

Over the next plot development'm really looking forward to!

Nobita first wait

How is it A Dream

This machine is ready to
Dialogue with the dream

I told you dawn!

Ah dawn.

A Dream

I fast forward
I want to see the last of the wonderful ending

And true take you Mozhe

Wow ... the earthquake ...

Princess ...

Save me father

Princess perk point

Princess you propped points ah

Nuobiwusi you save me this

Even if the sacrifice of life
I also desperate to protect your

But I have to die

Water ice I'm freezing

Hold on princess

Very good

The water is getting warmer

The water is very warm?

Get out

Hurry up!


Dream about water things
Will be so


Wow, how do you

The instantly dry cleaning hairdryer

Because of considerations to have
This happens

So there are the accessories attached

Already did

The rest of the stuff bother you organize

I really love to trouble

I go to school

Want sweet dreams
It is not that simple ah

But today, finally will not be late


I forgot to write down homework

This time around always forget to write down homework

Should not just stand up in class today.

Another point of time
Now while it finished!

This ...

How to write ah

I have a question nor write
This look finished.

You seem very vexing look

Who are you

Homework will not write this

I help Hello

This is with the fruits of wisdom

You eat fast!

Eat fast


I think the whole brain seems flexible up

I will write a

No matter what the problem
I can easily write out

Really incredible yeah


Too simple

What turned out to be a dream ah

I had any brains
Things which will be so simple to solve


The first class began

Students homework wrote.

Wrote ...

Nobita you wrote!

I ...

You do not forget to write!

I wrote

You do not want to cheat me.

You are not only written
But also all written on the

Even difficult
Also to write the correct answer

Students after class
Can look Nobita write

He really write very Well

The fruit of wisdom really is not a dream.

Impossible that obviously is a dream ah


To my house today.
Good with their homework

Of course, good

How the

This question is very simple for you, do not you


I think homework
Still rely on their own efforts

My brain seems without Emmanuel


He ran to where to go

Are you looking for me

Come on you

Give me some wisdom fruit

What kind of thing

You will get
A more powerful force than the kind of thing

A more powerful force than that?

But it

This must be the dream Three Musketeers
The world will it be possible to get the

Fantasy Three Musketeers?



I will be in that world is waiting for you to

I dream

It hurts

This is not a dream ah

You think of how it

This is a carefully specially cassette

Do not buy will regret it!


Forget or do not

No extra money
Buy this special commodity

I'm back


That is what


Flyers ah

Sell ??a special cassette

Is like asking what the Dream Three Musketeers of ...

Dream Three Musketeers

Fast I want to buy it

But not cheap.

We have provided
12 interest-free installments

Come on!

Very slow how not sent

Tonight will not come!

Do you really booked.

Really ah

I also barely scrape together his early down payment.


Anyway, will have to wait

Simply take a look at
Others to do the dream to pass the time.

Others to do the dream

Yes ah

The first look Panhu do good dream

Received dream airwaves

The image how also does not appear

Worldwide public attention
The universe superstars Panhu concert

Grand debut

My dear fans
Hello, everybody

Quickly turn off the ...

Turn off ...

I superstar Panhu ...

He was almost scared to death

Terrifying song

Look husband's dream

I probably could have guessed that what he did dream

Look really do Hawaiian Dream

I was the world's first
The entire state of Hawaii to the package down

Hey servant

Quick to take cold over
I'm thirsty!



You want cold drinks to the

See this dream is really a fire in my belly

Shizuka's dream began to watch


To strange not receive dream waves

She is not not sleep ah

Switch to the perspective screen to see

She was still a student yeah

How much worse ah

When you sleep

People still study hard Shizuka

You have far to fall Shizuka behind

Do not say that again

I did not love that you

You should take cheer up fishes ah

Hello ... Hello

Will the Century 22 department store
Distribution centers do

I ordered something how still has not reached


Immediately dispatches sent over

To keep you waiting

Ah sent

Fast open it

Dream Three Musketeers

Wow Dream cassette yeah

Finally sent
We'll look at it

Very, very good That's right

Forget everything

Enjoy revel in the dream world.

Cassette put

Nobita first wait
With use manual

Do not read the instructions!

This fantastic cassette
Because they have a strong force

Sometimes affect social reality

That's good ah

If I'm in a dream is a superhero

Waiting for me to wake up
Perhaps I will become more powerful.

Is this

Antenna installed

You carefully listen Ay
This cassette is dream cassette

It can create a second real life
More realistic ...

I am the actor

Others let you to arrange

Good night

There is also the use of Notes yeah ...

Had fallen asleep!

That time what trouble
Do not come to me.

A dark

Light up

Very good
Finally began risky

There are no wrong ah

Not here I often
Pi Fazhan school corridor.

How this dream


Instructions read

In order to let you have the real feeling

The protagonist from the most familiar scenes

I do not
This is not fun

Pi Fazhan the people in noisy what noisy ah

The teacher and her mother came

Mom ... feel so ashamed!

It is also too realistic!

I just do not like this

A Dream

I do not want to do this kind of dream
A Dream


They are stationary

You have been away from the space-time


I am from the Kingdom of sub-meter Luhrmann to pick you up

Quick jump into the whirlpool of light

Jump from here to go ah

Fast courage to

Well, anyway, this is in a dream

Nuobiniya ...

I'm here

You are Shizuka

Your name wrong

I wizard West Lu can

Come with me to Nuobiniya


You is Nuobiniya,

You are from many men
Been singled out silver swordsman

Nuobiniya we ask you to help us
Save yami Luhrmann Kingdom

I was so much juvenile
I am sorry.

No, you are useless

The more useless in the real world

The better they can become powerful in the world of dreams

You must be able to become a hero

So lovely to see you grow

Say is actually very toxic!

About this manual to write!

In order to increase the realism

The protagonist character with ability
With in reality no different from

Well you do not need
Always ran out instructions!



As we got through the Boundary

I want to cast down!

We enter the dream of gravity circle
How do

You asked me how to do

You want to fast way, ah

Great moon just rose up

You Wizard
Too irresponsible

Next, there are more difficulties
Waiting for you to overcome it

Then you can
Become a true hero

Ah but where's the smoke.

Town fire

This must be a demon spirit of the Great
Ott Roma Legion do good

Yami Luhrmann Kingdom for more than half of the land
Ott Roma to the occupation of the

You have to refuel Oh Nuobiniya

You only told me to refuel

My connection down to what to do
Do not know it

In fact
This thing's a long story ...

We seem to be the demon spirit Legion found

I am in the end how to do ah

Wow, that is what ah


Wait for me!

I do not fly
Wait for me ah

Human really is in trouble it

Well he escaped

I'm drowning!

I will swim yeah

Then how to say this is my dream

Ability should

West where dew can you ah

Really what silver swordsman ah



This in the end is what dreams

Like someone


Small Cardiff

You're not a small husband

Who is the small Cardiff

I'm the best in the world in the name of swordsman
Sri Lanka within Mies Viscount

You what

I am a great ...

I is not silver swordsman Nuobiniya

You have neither silver sword nor armor
Surprising claiming silver swordsman

You also impudence!

I am also in order to get these things

Travel long distances to be here

You know where

I know what ah


I'll tell you!

Upstream of the river there is a very huge
White clouds shrouded the tree called Euler Barth?l?my

Silver sword with armor on its top

Are you in the end there is no listening

Feed your hungry is not

Well your mouth

Do not give you eat

Damn this guy
Who want to eat your stuff

If you are willing to give you to eat when my servant

I am willing to do what I am willing to

Just happened to escape my servant
You really is time to

Really dreary dream

Really did not dream of a dream


Hey A Dream

Have you not looking at the screen ah

Ah what to do

I want to let Shizuka speech
Wizard with the princess two roles


If Nenggen Princess ...

Not Nenggen Shizuka marriage if

I think I will bring a fighting spirit

I want you to myself


Really wishful thinking

Whether it is in a dream
Or reality can be sound asleep

Also this for me this
Think not sleep Well

Just make sure
Shizuka into a princess

I do not

Father how can I give
Down with demon spirits when the reward.

Princess you listen to me.

If it does not do so

Our country will perish!

Say the object of marriage is heroic silver swordsman

Swordsman strange inside ah

If the father forced me

I will runaway

Seems like quite the same expected

Nobita know he must turn discouraging

Or to keep him in the Well

Just get a silver sword with armor
Is invincible swordsman

And not only that

Holding a silver sword elimination of the Fire Dragon

Just topped with Dragon's Blood
Can become immortal

Then you can talk
Aoduoluomu demon spirit of the Great confrontation

Save the Kingdom of sub-meter Grumman

The yami Luhrmann king promised to make princess to marry
Beat Aoduoluomu hero

This way
I submeter is Luhrmann future king

Think of such a beautiful vision
I like excitement Oh psychological

That does not, there is no opportunity I played.

Do not worry

I will find a guard to let you do

Dear princess

I'll be right

Bungler not walking a little faster

My dear Princess

How the

Front like what

You go to see

I do not

You will not go ah

Do you dare to go against the master's command

Ah original Winnie in a trap

What a pity

Hey what are you doing

How dare you let go of this uncle of prey


My not Panhu I

The but I Wanfumodi silver swordsman Gutuo of the Secretary for

Another shameless people

Silver sword with armor belongs to me
Do not tell me grab

And who are you

So cocky

And not Kuaigun back

You rude guy

How dare insult Sneh Mies Viscount

I will not forgive you


To fight it

Look at my powerful

The swordsmanship is really sucks

Take that ...

I lost

You finally know this uncle's powerful

I really did not know

Gutuo Secretary for adults is the world's first strongman

Please take me when your men

In addition, I servant
Also gives you the freedom to send no problem

He will really flattering

Yuba Laterina tree not far in front of

Luggage Nuobiniya I moved Well

A Dream save me,

This is wonderful dream

Although it is said that a dream can not be everything goes wrong ah

Too real
Really entertaining ah

Set the alarm time

I have to sleep

Nobita to take thrive ah

This is Euler Barth?l?my tree

Freshman tree ah

The top of the tree in shiny yeah

Really yeah

YinJian there with the armor must

This tree looks full climb Well

Look at my powerful

I go first

How dare you climb in front of me
Brats back

Control you

Pre-emptive ah

You remember me


I can also


How to do this
I most not climb

So how marriage with Princess.

Do not see this dream Well

Hateful his hands and feet is really flexible

First rest

This tree is really high.

It seems today is not

Fortunately, I have a well prepared

What is it

Hey Nuobiniya ...

Go to the bladder filled with water
Tied to a rope

Additional tie some food
It fast


Will not want to take a nap

Ah? That is what

The lakebed how will shiny ah

Ah just the moon

Air vent out will fall


As long as it is then inflated, then
Maybe you ...

Nuobiniya What are you doing ah

Hey Nuobiniya
Do not be lazy

Not quick to come back to me

I think he had already run away.

Members I take one step ahead

That is what ah

Oh, sorry
I'm leading you

Here is the top of the tree the

YinJian where

Welcome the yami Luhrmann Warriors

This is your silver sword with armor

Cool, I'm not dreaming.

I was dreaming Yes ah

But I want to go on it

Do not worry.
Way back in the box


You have a truly
Silver swordsman Nuobiniya

Wow so fast!

Nothing to say
Give me back

And driving YinJian pay with armor

Hateful Nuobiniya

Too cocky!

How can such a barbaric

This is to rely on my own ability to get yeah

Less rebuff

Not quick to pay out

Hold on ...

This guy will not fight back it

I did not expect you to have courage against us

I'll let you know
What is the fate against me

We are not his opponent

You will not be so overbearing it

Please take me as your apprentice

Right right right
I also beg you

Do not say

We are all good friends do not you

We Three Musketeers to unite
Confrontation with the demon spirit of the Great only right thing

Nuobiniya ...

Let us swear it beautiful sunset


Original A Dream
First alarm time is set

I'm in there adventure

He was so leisurely sleep

Already dawn!

I have been a silver swordsman
So I can marry Shizuka

That would be great

I go to school myself

Really want to hurry to continue to do that dream!


Princess ah

Good morning

To see Shizuka somewhat embarrassed yeah

Nobita weird

We Three Musketeers attendance

Why call so affectionate ah

And is Well cocky Nobita
Away you

Ignore him we go

What is the attitude thing

Just in a dream
I respectfully said


You want other people to do the same with you dream

Yes ah

I mean
Everyone to my dreams

As long as the antenna is secretly put something

Good night

Good night

There are lovely Shizuka


I want to sleep
Other trouble you

Good night

The Three Musketeers Where

We are going to wipe out the Fire Dragon

Strange how half a person, there is no
Where the device is


The duo pull A Dream

They also stay in their dreams

You how to

Light in the next to see more boring

That dream machine who help us to control which

Do not worry

I put the remote control to bring


If they can strengthen radio waves

Even if they do not want to come, must come

Whoops Hey Yeah

Hey Nobita

How do you here.

This is in my dreams

I'm busy concert tour.

Next, I would like to go to the United States to the United Kingdom with Chinese yeah

I rent a spacecraft
The whole family to be together go to space travel.


We Dream Three Musketeers

Now we're going to defeat the Fire Dragon

Topped its blood into immortality behind

Going to and the demon spirit Legion confrontation, ah

How you can Shanzizuozhu the

Do not force people to tell you to do, like a dream

A Dream

Radio waves too weak

Sounds ...

Seems to really have a thing!


You are Jiatuo Division I with Sneh Mies

When you have a fight with me yesterday
Last lost to me.

How could I fight to lose you
Smelly Nobita

You less nonsense

They have not understand

May need a little time
They will adapt over

We eliminated that fire dragon where


Where is it

Asked me useless

I also just added

You are not silver swordsman

Not quick to think of ways to

I do not know ah

Good large only bear

You wait
Do not run!

What ah

You just said to go to the eradication of the Fire Dragon

Encountered only bear so scared

You're really killing people

You're right Oh

And Nuobiniya also slipped

My legs felt weak


Can not hurt him

This man saved my

Ah bird Cubs yesterday


I do not know that you're my son savior

I am sorry


Really do not know how to apologize to you

It does not matter!

True grace yeah
Worthy silver swordsman

Although it can not be reconciled

But he is also full of powerful

Papa Bear, we are going to destroy the Fire Dragon

Do you know where the fire dragon in

What the eradication of the fire dragon

This horrible must not

If you go absolutely can not survive

I also know that it is dangerous

However, our non-must-

In order to Shizuka ...
Not in order to save the Kingdom of sub-meter Grumman

If you say so

Okay, I'll take you to a good

Thank you

But I can only send you to Longxue near


Really want to go ah

Yes ah

This is our ...

That what strange sound.

Was a bird!

Good weird bird.

How I feel
The bird seems to have seen where

Father to bring them to the Dragon Valley

You have to obediently at home waiting for!

I know

Dad you have to be careful!

Careful on the road

Do not worry

Your father immediately returned

You to be good to stay at home!

Today, there are still many refugees fled to the castle

His Majesty the King
This is the ancient established Farm City captain of the guard

What happened

His Majesty the King


Under've tried to resist

But still no match for the a demon spirit Legion spell

Ancient established Farm City has fallen

There are a total of 88 city in the Kingdom of sub-meter Luhrmann

Today, there are 44 cities in the occupied

88 minus 44 is left ...
This ...

Even such a simple subtraction are not
I went promenade left standing

Silver swordsman how not appeared.

His Majesty the King princess she ...

Princess how the

The Princess leaving this note


I decided to run away from home.

Please forgive her daughter's wayward

Please take care



How you guard the guards

We always stay here, ah

Princess seems to escape from here

The disobedient really wild girl

Even scoured the country
Should get it back the princess


You have not seen the Princess Jingya

No, I did

See her immediately notify us

Father I'm sorry

I will not go back to the palace.

Starting today, I was a swordsman

Anybody here

I want to go in search of a

For help!

I will not ride!

This fish is delicious

Bear has always been fishing master ah

People to eat more!

How do you do-it dream
You come with fish

No, thank you
I like

What are you eating ah

Dorayaki ah

Why you have Dorayaki that

Responsive package

No matter what have become


Good Li!

Original Do you dream of a magician

Something dazzling with anything


You mean to destroy the dream I do.

Ah wow to be the meteor away

Chase back quickly


Hey I did not get on the go

Tonight constellation mobile

The swordsman Block is moving Qinglong Block approximation

Silver legendary swordsman!

To let small Bingbao the Great His Majesty

Even if there are thousands of thousands of swordsman to

Also no match
The demon spirits Legion spells ah

You do not need to worry about

I have been a fool

When the formation of the universe will have it fixed number

With immortal swordsman
Is also given the number one

Even the swordsman burned his pieces

He can still
Again and again I confront

That is enough to make me uneasy the

Great, His Majesty

Small back

So late


Prophecy swordsman from the real world
Came to the world of our dreams


Your duty is to stop the swordsman appears

I sent you to do.

You moron

Great, His Majesty is not told

The swordsman emergence of change can not be given the number of

So I will intentionally
Become human to go to the real world

That youth attracted here

Even if he can become a silver swordsman

But you can not have immortality
Great, His Majesty is not a coup ah

Also say

Aoduoluomu the Great will be able to
Forever rule the universe's dream

Dragon Valley not to!

We've been walking for three days
Tired, oh

Before we have come so far

Really whiny

Bamboo dragonfly

I go through!

Oh, good treacherous

Treating himself

I have to that magic weapon

Take it

With this
Suddenly to Long Valley

And so we find the fire dragon

Use this crack shot
Hand throwing style missile

Can easily defeat the Fire Dragon

Great Oh

You guys do not get too much

So what fun

Nobita early ah

The dream is also full of interesting!

He was angry!

Small Cardiff Panhu
Class how can doze it

I am really tired to death

I walked a good long way.

You go to the middle of the night to travel ah


Is dreaming

What dream do tired

Two people gave me to go left standing in the hallway

The two of them
Really do the same dream with me

Do not know how kind Shizuka

She should be in her princess castle, when




Princess on horseback

Yes ah

I dreamed I was riding in a mad rush on horseback

Ran a full three days and nights

After the whole person fell off.


How do you go horseback

I do not want to repeat that this dream.

Really Hao Fan! Goodbye

How it seems strange dream
Become so confusing!

To blame for A Dream!

A Dream bad

What happened ah

Why come Dorayaki
Are with shells ah with bamboo dragonfly

Such a good dream
You should take oversight fishes ah

How can chaos.

're Sorry

From the morning, I had been in self-examination

So I decided to

I should treasure bags to stay in the side

Then press the hidden key

Hidden key?

Originally, I do not intend to use this

A press of the key

The dream and the reality will be transposed

Dream will become a reality of the world

Real world
Will become a dream

So that it will never come back

Mom and Dad do not ...

In this regard
I do not say

Just press a hidden button on the remote control

Everything will be restitution

The original is so ah

Then wait until I defeat the demon spirit of the Great
Back again after marriage with Shizuka good


Then go on a honeymoon
Seems good.

Really can not stand you

Whatever you!

Tomorrow is Sunday yeah

Well simply dreamed of ending

I'm full

On his mother

A full day tomorrow
I have to stay in the room, studying

You do not bother me!

This really is a rare ah

Good night

Good night

Good night



Now I'm going to the real world
Exchange with dreams come Oh

Far in front of the Long Valley

No wonder the feeling gloomy

Papa Bear Thank you very much

You quickly go back
Winnie the waiting How about you

You really did not do

The fire dragon's mouth will spit fire

Heard the fire spray to be turned into stone yeah

And has even one survivor nor

This is the mission of our silver swordsman
We must reach

We dream Three Musketeers is invincible.

I magician duo you dream

That being the case

Ask you to take care of yourself ah

Thank you, Papa Bear

On my behalf Cubs say hello






Let's go

What is that sound

Do you hear that sound
The flow of magma

Hot magma in this land under

Know really a lot of it

That, of course
I was a magician Well

To defeat that fire dragon
As long as the cut off its beard line

Once it is gone beard would have no force


So it's that simple ah


This is an intermittent fountain

That is what?

A certain time to the words
The Spa will eruptions time

I thought it was the Fire Dragon Caesar's urine

Hey Nuobiniya it

He may be sprayed where it

Hey Nuobiniya

Hush a bit more quietly

Fire dragon hear words how to do

A bit more quietly

We split up to find a look


I went over there to find it


Where are you ah

Come on you do not suddenly
Ran out scared me

Ah stone

Kazakhstan stone ...


Must the hostility that fire dragon

Wow ah



Not asked you not to loud barking.

Fire Dragon ...

Fiery dragon

Is the Fire Dragon

Do not panic

Just cut off its beard

This is not simple

It hurts!


Propped point

Finally found you

You it does not matter!


What is the sound ah


Ah fast hiding

Is the Fire Dragon

It found

Take heart ah

Almost like mad


You must fight on ah

Propped point

Riding away on horseback all day.

I am now in the end where

I really have to walk

Here people do

Very hungry

Dry throat Hao

I may die here

I really die

Father daughter Sorry you

The stars fall

What's that

What a beautiful bag!

Do not know there is anything to eat

Bread yeah

Do not know if there

Must God have mercy on my weak woman

I want to eat

Is a broom yeah

Put me down


Very good

What happened

Connected to the bottom of the pool
Dragon Valley at the entrance to it

Gutuo Secretary them.

Do not know

I hope the two of them without incident

Really sad ah

Fire Dragon is too much

Could not close it

You are not a magician

How no way ah

There is no magic broom, then
What approach did not have to think, ah

Something to fly over here

Is broom yeah

Above also carrying a person.

Hey Come
I'm here

Good clever good clever

You to find me
Must go a good long way.

It is not a puppy

Are you OK

Who are you

I was ...

I am wandering swordsman
My name is Carew

Are you also a swordsman

You also want to wipe out the fire dragon.

I silver swordsman called Nuobiniya

You is silver swordsman

Fortunately, I ran away from home

Companions as possible

Say magic With broom can be applied

We now go back to get rid of the fire dragon

We go

Broom ah

Driving us into the invisible man.

Fast enough friends stopped

We seem statue!



We pretend statue near the fire dragon!

This trick works.

Dragon around not many statue

When bird dragon see us
We stop

When it do not pay attention to
Again slowly moving close to it

Like playing a three, blockhead

But the magic really is in trouble

Just narrowly missed being fire dragon to catch it

Your fencing how to

I am confident

Because I swordsmanship class teacher learned

I secretly without telling my father learned

How the

Fire Dragon it


Points on both sides close to it as far as possible

Wait until Doremon dream signal

With its beard cut off


??? Division

Sneh Mies




Down with the fire dragon

You really did it.

Can not tell you so much

I silver swordsman inherently powerful ah

Kill it!

Come on this is our aim here

Had to do it anyway


Wait until the time is over beard grow back

That time we suffer ah

A little faster

I can not do such a thing

What are you doing!

You how to fight with the demon spirit of the Great

How to save the Kingdom of sub-meter Luhrmann

These are human beings too selfish.

Many people have been turned to stone

I can not do

Dragon live alone in this remote place

No one, kill it right

You're too good

Beard grow out

Do not be afraid

I will not hurt you

Prior to this, many people have coveted for my blood.

And I in order to save your life
Only then they turned to stone

But this is not my intention

I first encountered
Like you swordsman


Bother you

We're leaving

I hope after you can be a quiet life

Ah wait a minute

I can not let you no harvest on the back

Please come with me

I I sweat in the hot springs

Although it can not become immortal

But at least have time
Death and resurrection of opportunities

You have to cherish

Say this is the Longquan myself

You got to remember
Best body soak into the water

Thank you

Then go soak it

I have to soak

You do not go on the bubble.

I do not have a

Why not soak it

This allows you to have first chance for new life yeah

I said, do not, do not

It is strange

Really comfortable.

Really comfortable!

Really comfortable

Wow, yay oh

Whole person reborn feeling yeah


My companion turned to stone

I do not know there is no way
Let them recover

Heard that topped this dragon water
Will be able to recover

Very good

Several days did not bathe

It was so wonderful



Bird fire dragon how to

Bird fire dragon
With us it is a country of

Really ah
In addition, we have more than a comrade-in-arms!

His fencing powerful

Unclear it

Hey Carew

We want to start

I'll be right there

You now want to go now

Confrontation with the demon spirit Legion

We want to the city as soon as possible

Valley south of the river

Along the river go
Andrew City will come to mankind

Although the river is quite turbulent

But that is the fastest way

Fire Dragon Thank you

Then the warriors

Good luck

And a showdown demon spirit of the Great moment
Finally arrived

I can not wait

Go river

Yes ah

But how to get it



Really worthy of a silver swordsman stakes Oh

We pay close attention to ah

Do not fall ah

Be careful what
Must be careful

River really very urgent

The Nobita not get up


Do not eat breakfast, then quickly
The mother how collate ah

Here is where ah

Like where seen yeah


This dream thing we often do

Do not have time to do this dream

Do not wake up

Ah I fell asleep ah

You really leisurely ah

We have been coming to town

I just have a dream

Dream of a people called her mother
Xiong Baba called me up

I had this dream yeah

I was, ah

Although the mother ferocious
However, do the best to eat rice

Speaking of rice
My stomach suddenly hungry up

Hungry here to eat!
Take it

Responsive package

Original thee here

??? Division
This is your


Carew to you

Sneh Mies

Started running


East Gebrselassie eaten as if in a dream

How much to eat there are that many

Ah rain

Andrew City

The city destroyed

Really miserable

We are one step too late

Hateful if we again a little earlier to it

Look at it first castle

I want to get in from the water gate should go

Not half a person

Not all be eliminated

Monster appeared

Wait a minute, I was not what monsters

You look at my silver swordsman

You say you are silver swordsman

Strange how prophecy
Nothing like ah

The captain Nuobiniya certainly very powerful

He let the fire dragon surrender

We just ...

They are in order to save the yami Luhrmann Kingdom
Dream Three Musketeers

I magician duo! Dream

Strange how there is no trace of the enemy

Thanks to the rain

Those guys seem to fear of water

I heard that they soil refined Legion

No matter how kill thorn how
No response

Led them waving six poisoned sword
History of monsters sent Total General

They attacked three times our defense down

But the soldiers suffered heavy casualties

Wait until the rain stops them again attack

That is our last battle

What is a good magic weapon
To help them succeed

What good magic weapon

I came to take a look at
Is there a good magic weapon

Quick, good magic weapon
Come out


This is not a tape recorder

I used to dream of when this kind of thing

Do you take this kind of thing
What is the use

Anyway, it came out

Is there any way


I would like to ask
The warehouse following this big

Great ah

What is a good way to

Do you think this approach is how to

Cited first enemy to the basement
Then type KA

This method works do

Ah works!

This is the only way

Good idea!

Carew you're a genius yeah

Is ah

The rain stopped

Capture of Andhra the Lucheng moment to

Members offensive



Gates did not even shut

No soldiers to guard

Fled or hiding

Simply quiet the outrageous

People into the city to my search

Can not leave any to live on


Feed the monsters here

Wait sound

Ability together on

Kind of you to!
Come Come

Feed the monsters here

Them in the warehouse

Found no

Hiding place
Give me out

Here here

To my search ah

In it

We are fooled

Is water

We will be melted away

Fear out

Basement door locked up

A lot of water!

I responsive package
Called out the river

This monster into a mud

Now you know
Silver swordsman sword power

Hateful brats

Do not run


What annihilated

Silver swordsman appeared

He witchcraft flood
All our men destroyed

I managed to retrieve life

For me to shut up

I can not forgive you.



Silver swordsman brought here

You how to take up this responsibility

But the Great His Majesty

Great, His Majesty

This thing leave it to me!

I definitely will human killing Pianjiabuliu
You worry

It would give you Jia Boshi

His Majesty the King

Lu, Andhra news returns

Sure is bad news!

This way we have
There are 45 cities in the fall of the

Not the

This is a victory Herald

What victory


Because the magician with Fantasy Three Musketeers appear

The demon spirit Legion whole army is defeated
This is an unprecedented victory

God silver swordsman finally appeared

That Where are they now

It has been reported that another group of demon spirits Legion
Positive intention to offensive Xia Beiluo City

Swordsman have to drive past the rescue

The enemy is too many

If there is no more powerful props
I am afraid unable to deal with

More powerful prop is

I had a dream to have seen

Like a fat robot
His pocket is very powerful!

I have also read that dream!

Is a robot looks like a raccoon

Is not fat
Nor raccoon

Robot looks like a cat

This is not the fight this time

Quick to come up to you

I'll try

Powerful pocket fast out ...

Grumble Poof spirit ...

Yeah With

Very good

Is this

I remember like on this bag ...

Like this right ah


Is such

Nasty ghosts and goblins

Bring it on

Trebuchet launch

Weightless network



Too much

The water refinement Legion offensive

Bow and arrow shooting

Bows not role

Do you dream fast to find ways.

Super Hanbo launch fan

The iron fine legion offensive

Mini Thundercloud

This is what will happen

Wait till you see good

Yeah success


As it stands

I'll come with you two compete.

Ah this elephant monster

If silver swordsman guts

The two of us come to a showdown!

To my bamboo dragonfly


We'll go with you

Let me go

No matter what happens

I still have the first resurrection opportunity

I'm gone

See my silver powerful swordsman

Take That

Wow a success

Long live
Successful success

I know that the secret pocket

Nuobiniya really powerful

Ah really

Good nasty wind!

You are too much
I really was surprised

Was a master of magic
More powerful ah


That is because the the demon spirit Legion too weak

Adversary too weak fundamental hit devitalized

From this situation

Aoduoluomu the Great
Should be two or three can be solved

Then I can with the princess ...

Let's toast

Toast! Members

How the how suddenly become so dark

Everyone is how the

Come back

Silver swordsman

Come with me

This is your pleasure

Demon spirit of the Great personally come to you

Demon spirit of the Great

Would you like to challenge is

Very interesting

So you're
The oldest of those ghosts and goblins

Prepare yourself

See my YinJian powerful


I defeated the demon spirit of the Great



Look carefully
You stab people not


Turned into dust!

It was wonderful

But he still has a resurrection opportunity

Oh ... interesting

This way
You're just ordinary people only

Once dead, then
It can no longer be revived

In this before it



You come

You can not come

Not over ah

Silver swordsman

I'll let you take a look at
Your companion last dates of death.


Do not kill them

Against my
The final result is such

Stop it!


You still do what

Even A Dream sleep in such a way

TV also did not shut

How strange this off ah

Not here ah

(End of the game)

You two finally get going

Better hurry down to dinner

Hear no


That is dreaming

Like it

That what specially cassette
Is not fun!

This machine, or do not use fishes

I see it returned to the manufacturer it

I go and Shizuka they removed the antenna


Hey Hello

I have a dream machine

I would like to ask you to take it back

What did you say

Also two or three days

I made a very strange dream
The results overslept

My mother was also scolded smelly head.

I also do a strange dream
Bringing me exhausted

It really is here

This is the antenna

I am sorry

You will do the dream
Is the antenna of the relationship

When did you
We get this thing

Do not worry right

Hey Nobita


Nobita I told you to put an antenna like a mole removed


Like moles antenna

That is what

A Dream Get up

How the

You just press anything.

I did not touch it

You really do not have responsibility

Even half-way to run away

You own is not gone halfway

My role is just to take you into the
Swordsman's dreams just ah

Dream is not the end.

This Which regarded as the end of ah

Beginning you are willing to enter the dream

You look at the later case

You wake up what did not

While those in a dream
The yami Luhrmann people's fate

What will become of it

Dream face serious consequences

This is our responsibility.

Kuaiqu Jiu them

To remember loaded antenna


It fast

Next we want to go where

Now we have to sneak into the castle of the demon spirit of the Great

Wipe them

As long as the Great Death
The magic also follow disappear

This way the dream world
Will return to the original peaceful life

Hey wait a minute

I how treasure bags to forget the
Oh, great bad

Do not joke

If this time if the dead
I have no way to resurrection

Silver swordsman will not care about such things.

Hurry come up with the perseverance to refueling

I think I'd go back to the good

Things become so

Can no longer turn back

But no treasure bag
How to fight ah

Unfortunately you can not go back

We leave quickly


The hour is late

Go to sleep!


Every time to do those weird dreams

I hope tonight Zuogehaomeng


How is this weird dream

The have to go where ah


Is it I got it wrong.

Someone's coming

Kai Bing Dadi has increased
The soil fine Undine iron fine fighting

We have already made the total preparation of attack
Can attack at any time

But one thing I really care about

Why silver swordsman will suddenly disappear.

You do not worry

That's pocket in our hands
Nothing to fear

I am not afraid

Just ...

Someone broke into the

What happened

Go see


How is it

In the end what happened

You refueling ah

Here is where

Feeling good ghastly!

Demon spirit of the Great

You are silver swordsman companion

You are the enemies of our kingdom

I will not forgive you


You is quiet Asian princess

Prepare yourself

You are right time

Turned their own came to die


This person will appear here
Say silver swordsman is


You retire


Today I want to personally pack silver swordsman

Fortunately, great previously a dip in the springs of the Dragon


Which one is the real Caesar

Eyes closed

Along YinJian boot
Forging ahead on it

Defy my fate is so

Satisfied life Come


Zoom flashlight


Wow a success

Ah castle is falling out

We hurry up

Very good
Finally defeated the demon spirit of the Great

Just like a dream

This way

The yami Luhrmann Kingdom can restore
Past peaceful world

Carew others do

Do not know ...

Just staying with us it

Father really sorry
All my fault you are concerned about


Is father is not good

I should not have forced you married

If it is the words of the man

This is something I can accept

Oh, you say


Silver swordsman

We princess with the king of your past

What Princess

Is about wedding!

I feel so nervous!


My dream is to get back machine

Very grateful to you for your patronage

Everyone in the rest

The next time a lot of patrons
The Company's products


If longer like a little more time

Good morning

Good Morning Nuobiniya


Good Morning Nobita

Ah early as

Shizuka yesterday I dream about you

Nobita, I dream of you yeah


What dreams

Do not tell you

But you dream cool!

You tell me what kind of a dream!


Tell Me

Adults always like barely child

Often made unreasonable demands

People around the world say what keep friendly

Become an international perspective

Although wanted to play with them

10:00 of the United States is already at

Beijing is 8:00 dawn

There was no way to play this game together

The world is not only a country

The time of each country is not the same

Wrong time

The world is like playing rock paper scissors

It is interesting to ah

Each country different

So who wins does not matter

Adults always like barely child

Often made unreasonable demands

As long as the effort to study hard

Will be able to become a genius

But not everyone is so ah

Edison Mandarin test zero

Einstein not only hanging horizontal bar sucks.

Also repeaters it

As long as there is enough like the first

After class full of energy is the best

Kids like rock paper scissors

School was interesting ah

That is, we are not the same

So who wins does not matter