Doraemon: Nobita to tetsujin heidan (1986) - full transcript

Nobita with Doraemon and others fight a robot army to save earth for alien invasion.

That is incredible

What that ... just a toy

But where they will have acquired it

Capable that was created

I would like to know who created it

Suneo's cousin, sure

They are surprised, right?

I thought I was a real robot

Wow, really?


You're surprised nobita too, right

It's not a big deal

-As it is not the big deal

You're jealous, right

Do not!

Come on you're jealous

I already said it, I'm not jealous

Suneo, attack it

Attack it

A toy like that, it's a piece of cake

I can make a toy much larger than that

Are you serious

Is lying

Even Doraemon could not make such a robot

Wait and see

I will build the biggest robot you have ever seen

We will make them fight

That little robot is not the big deal

I'm jealous ... I'm jealous

Doraemon ... please

For you there is no ice cream

Is not that


Get a robot the size of a skyscraper?

Please doraemon you can do it

I want to leave giant and suneo open-mouthed

Where will you put it when you have it, huh?

There is no place here

How much do you think such a robot would cost?

Are cheap!

What do you mean by: They are cheap!

A! ... yes .. I had enough

What have you got enough

You are a stingy!

Oh yes sir

I will go to a cool place

Okay, so we are not


Do not take it seriously


Come on


Doraemon and the army of iron men



Is this the north pole?

How cold?

I said I'll go cold… but I didn't imagine this

Doraemon! Where are you?

I don't want the robot anymore!

How far could it have gone?

There you are!

You have come angry to this place

What ... what ... this?

It has 3 small spoilers

What is this thing?

What is this?

Why would such a thing have fallen from the sky?

How cold?

I wonder what I will do now

What is this thing?

I can't move this just


Give me a hand!


I am falling! I am falling! I am falling! I am falling!

I'm going against

The door to wherever it is!

What is happening up there?


Study quietly, all right!

Have goodness

Yes mom!

What kind of machine is this?

Oh, again!

He fell in the Garden! I fall in the garden!

This piece is different from the previous one

I see

I get it!

This looks like the parts of a robot!


he complained so much!

But in the end he ended up helping me!

I see!

This device calls the parties

I will build it right now!


What was that noise?

An earthquake i guess

Do not worry!

Dorae ...!

Mmmm: He hasn't returned yet

Where have you gone to?

I want him to be here

I wonder if he's still so crazy


Where have you gone ?, Doraemon

Wait a second

I got lost, I chased by a polar bear

a snowstorm came and

That? ... What is that?

Did you come here!



Perhaps you bought it from the store of the future without consulting me; HEY!

It's not like that!

You haven't got this for me!

I never saw something like that!

Look outside to see!

so who gave me this?

I do not know!

It is another piece!


Mom will find them!

easy lifting gloves

For now let's move it to your room

Is incredible!

Shouldn't we return this to the owner?


Which owner?

Santa Claus? The polar bear?

let's deliver it to the police station

Saying that? we found it at the north pole

I don't want, it's mine

God gave me for me!

It's very big! Where will we put it?

In him Garden is fine!

Mom is going to get mad

You can't dry your clothes! or something

Already!; Let's use the reducing liner!

I don't want to, I want it to be huge!

The neighbors would get mad at us

Seeing this thing walk there!

You think negatively


Do you remember the world of mirrors? We used it before!

the world that is the same as ours, but without people

I have it, but

The entrance to the world of mirrors is very small!

It's okay!

It was my mistake to want a giant robot!

Oil that reverses heaven and earth!

What? ... What is that?

If we put oil on something that is reflective like a mirror!

We can go to the world of mirrors


We can build it right now!

What a thrill!


we need a reflective surface that can be fitted

I have one!

Rolling Fish Pond

We open it and ...

Doraemon, you are trustworthy!

Take a splash of oil and ...

let's get in!

It is a mirror now!

Let's take a look inside!

looks good!

Well, let's take it!

Nobita, help me! Yes


Right now

Well, slowly, slowly

Well well


it's the opposite here

Wait a second!

we have to face the reverse

And through the window we go!

We won't bother anyone here!

it's so quiet

There really is no one here

In other words this world is for us alone!

How far do they continue?


This world is the same as ours!


But who sent it?

hey another part can come

One moment, if the feet arrived then what could come would be

His head clear

This is very confusing

What is that sound ?, We have heard it every so often

I heard that small earthquakes are in order now

that we could be near the source

What is a mountain of garbage ?!

Don't worry, we'll clean it right now!

Leave this to us!

Do not worry about this!

Look how many parts!

If true

Well, get to work!

This is the last!

Good! Come on

you can't come

More parts could be on the way!

I must keep this! That way no more pieces will come!

Make sure you place the parts correctly

Let's go little by little!

It's okay like that

Yes, that's okay!


They keep coming straight

Good! Good! Good! Good!


What strong arms I have

I wonder how many tons we have loaded!

I have never seen this alloy!

I think it's computer controlled, but

Can't you move it?

Oh rays! Thats a problem!

Well, I'll order one in the 22nd century

I hope they are still for sale!

But i don't have enough money

Come back soon

What is this ?, It is something dangerous .. it sure is a nobita toy

I always tell him! Pick up your stuff! Boy!

Yes now! We have finished it!

Thank you! Doraemon!

although it was a bit expensive

Is incredible!

This is the cabin!

Wow, it has opened!

Come on come in

I can pilot it

What should I do?

This really works!

What do I press ?, I don't know

Press any button!

That would be an irresponsible act!

This is not like TV

I push one of them forward


Get active!

I did it!

It is moving!

Nice job!

I can fly it

I love this huge robot

It is a thing never seen before!

oh! is she shed

What do we do now ?, Doraemon

It has no effect in the real world if it breaks anyway!

but, to change the direction in which it

Turn left, now!

I did it!

Have you seen ?, I did it

I am a genius

I'm sorry

I was the one who controlled it with this

Mind controller

This is a micro computer controlled by the brain

Have this and you can move this robot only with your wishes


No problem

You can fly it whenever you want


I'm going to show you my skills as a pilot!

Oh, it's not here!

He will have gone to his house!


So? Isn't it great?

Your cousin is a genius

What, it's just a toy!

You have finished

I built a huge robot!

Did you build? Stop lying!

Nobita !, if you are lying I give you your daily beating

It's not a lie!

They will even have a battle

Sure, I won't have problems

I bet you can't break a candy


Then they will have a battle tonight at 23HS.

Sure, count on that.

Tonight at 23HS.

Sure, count on that.

If you lie we hit you

I have it!!!!

Sure. Count on that

What, your robot?

Right now I was going to the pool

I have a better place to go

In this world of mirrors there is no one, apart from us

Even if a catastrophe such as traffic or air accidents occurs here

Nobita !, how you drive this robot!

Leave it to me!


Let's go swimming!

Yes, yes, sure!

This robot is huge ...

... Did you buy it ... Doraemon !!

Well ... um

No ... we found it

What? ... They found him

Yes, at the north pole

The North Pole


Yes, at the north pole

Can I use it for a moment?

Well, it's nobody's

Can not be


Ah, this place looks good

Look at that beautiful lake

Actually, it's like a mirror!

Let's go swimming here



I have forgotten my lifeguard

That way I can't swim!

Oh, you know that well


How? What? I can't swim

Nobita! Wait ... Please stop!





it's like a giant otter

Hey, what's your name? ... Otter

What? ... Otter ????

That name sounds very weak

I want a safe name

Something like Antonio or Daaakuuu


What do you think? Zanda Claus!

If it sounds great!

Well, we will call him Zanda Claus

We will call it that because it was born in the North Pole

What is happening this time?

Is it the ball yesterday?

My God! What will this be?

You are bothering the neighbors!

Oh! Doraemon!

he has nothing but useless gadgets

Did you see that?

I am a professional athlete, I am incredible

I feel like an Olympic athlete!

I'm impressed!

Why don't we get dizzy every time we make those movements!

Why nothing happens to us?

The gravity stabilizer keeps us level

regardless of the robot's position ...

Gravity Stabilizer!

It's a bit strange with the technology of the earth!

So, where does this robot come from?

I don't know, I think of another planet

From a planet with a very developed technology to ours

Well, let's not talk about something so complicated

Anyway, would Shizuka like to pilot it?


That would be a wonderful thing.

It is easy!

Take this...

and just thinking ... of running or stopping ... he will

So you just have to think

Huh ?; What is that?


oh wow

Look how many buttons, what do they do?

I have no idea.

Let's see

What what? What have I done?

I did not know that this would happen

It was not your fault!

It is nobody's fault!

This robot is an incredible weapon of destruction!

This is an incredible weapon of war, it is very destructive!

What? What will we do now?

This is the world of mirrors ...

In the real world nothing has happened!

But if this robot would be in the real world ... The catastrophe would have been terrible

Enough now!


New version 2011

We must give up this, it's the best

I get it!

I have a bad feeling about this


And the world of mirrors

It's our secret!

Don't talk about this to anyone

I promise!

It's a shame, but

I promise

I wonder what kind of robot he is going to bring

I wonder how big the robot you are building will be.

I do not know. I do not believe in him

Also, where will you put it in such a small house?

In the yard, I guess!

Come on Gigante, Your mom would get mad at him.

I bet you won't be better than this

Nobita's robot is no match for mine

Man it's late

What time is it?

It's 22Hs.

No ... Wait ... it's 10:30 p.m.

He has tricked us!

He is here

It's a girl.

I have a question to ask them

Have they ...

... seen a huge robot in this area?

Like, do you know anything about my robot ?!

this girl

I did not know that my robot was famous

No, it's a toy.

It's huge...

My robot is bigger than its houses

There is no such thing

Nothing happens if you don't know

It's very rare

She was a little cute, though ...

We must not be here for these hours ... It is very dangerous for us


A criminal is loose

sorry for your parents!

You're right!


Mom, you forget me !!!!

A child who is late home is not my son!

I'm sure it's this area

The brain should be calling the parts ...

... To the uninhabited North Pole, but ...

I can not find anything

There have been signals sent by the brain

I will investigate immediately!

... But I lost the signal!

I would like to continue researching this area


Say goodbye!

Bye teacher!

Yes bye!

Nobi!, You stay!


How why?

You don't do your homework!

But the robot!

Don't talk more about Toys!

Learn to be responsible!

Yes sir...

Yes, I guess I would think it's a toy

But the teacher

But ZandaClaus ...

I'm also busy doing my homework!

I thought so

In building something big, but ...

Could I help you?

I guess I was wrong!

Are you looking for something !?

Hey ...!

What is your classroom?


A transfer student!

How strange?


Yes sir!

You didn't learn the lesson!

Yes, yes sir!

Now go home and do your homework!



Do not forget your homework!

Yes Yes Yes!


Quiet in the hall!

Yes Yes Yes!

Could I help you with something?

It is impossible to be in such a small house.

... I'm sorry for having such a small house

She was a little cute

Who could it be?

I'm bored

I finally have my own giant robot and




Sure it's suneo

Give me back my backpack


Why so far?

You've come!

To the!

We will not let this moment pass!

Bring your robot here!

Come on, fight with Micros!

E-Wait a second!

What are they saying? What robot?

Stop lying!

You boast how big it was like a building!

Ah, that

Is a lie


Like it's a lie!

Suneo!, Teach him a lesson!

Let me go!

Micros! Now!

Nobita is to blame

No yoooo!

I did nothing!

Nobita! Stop!

We will not show mercy with you


It's the girl of that time!

Let's go!

Who me?

Hey wait!

We have pending issues with him!

It is none of your business!



To them!

Watch out!


I can not control it

They have already left

Suneo is very bad at controlling that thing

Now, let's hurry up

Fast; Where?

To your house

Hey, you will come to my house

Ok let's go

My house is not a clean place, but my name is Nobita Nobi

My name is lilulu


Perhaps you are a foreigner, you understand our language very well

Yes, why are we going to my house

... was ... love at first sight ... in any way

Great! A foreign girlfriend


They are my friends



And this is my house!

I'm back!

Wait here, I will ask my mom what is there!


How you don't know what a mom is

Mom, just kidding!


Who was that girl? I've never seen her!

Don't we have something better?

She is a foreigner

It's the only thing there is!


Take care of your mouth!

Thanks for waiting! Ah!

What happens?

Where is my robot?

Your robot

What are you talking about?

Maybe you ...

You were saying you had a very huge robot

Ah, that ...

It was a lie as you think I'm going to build something like that.


Where could it be?

Why? Is it yours?

Wait, it's your robot!

Why do you have that horrible thing?

Oh no

You know something about this!

That is my robot!

QQ-What do you do with something like that?

It's not horrible, you know

Well follow me

I promised not to use it anymore ...

... But ... I'm going to have to use a spare pocket since there's no Doraemon here

Do not look at me!

What is that?

It is the rolling fish pond

It's a secret

Come on!

What's going on?

We are in the world of mirrors

There is no one here except us

Now, put this on your head

It's okay!

What country will she be from?


Where are you from?

Ap !; Look it's over there

Is the!

I finally found it


What strange name?

Actually I put: Zandaclaus

But his name is Judo

Hey, Lilulu, I ask you a question

Move, Judo

He can't move without someone piloting him


He can move alone, when you put it together, did you skip the brain?


It has the shape of a bowling ball

Judo can move by itself, at will

That ball

I threw it without knowing what it was

What have you thrown away?

I'm sorry!


You can control it using this.


It is true!

Come on, Judo

It really works!

So you can forgive me for bringing here

Sure! I forgive you!

But with one condition

Let's keep this between us


Well, first of all, I want you to lend me the rolling fish pond

In second

Don't talk about this to anyone ... Okay

Thank you!

Promise it!

I promise!


Thank you! Nobita!

I'm Lilulu, from Earth

I have found Judo

But the whereabouts of his brain is a mystery!

I will continue with the mission, but until we have found it!

I will control it manually to start with this

I also have a great advantage

an uninhabited world bigger than the arctic

If so, I will proceed ...

As humans don't know anything about this!

I ask the army of robots to help me finish the base


What's up? There's something wrong with that robot!

Ah what?

Why do you ask me about that robot?

No nothing happens

I’m Micross!

And I follow your orders!


How did you do that?

Well, I can control it with my mind

Can not be!


Micross, how much is 1 + 1?


Wow! It's great!

Who is stronger ?, Me or suneo

Your Giant, you are the strongest in the world

It's true, boy!

it's good ... to ... congratulate too

What have you said?

I can ask you a favor

Could you forgive Nobita?


was not the type that lives in the past


You arrive at a good time!

Watch this!; My micross

Hey! It's mine

It's really quite smart

Oh I see!

Find out between a baby deer and an adult, which one is bigger?


Nice job!


You were wrong, it's Deer


He is Mosquito's father

The deer is the son of. a deer

In that case the Deer is bigger!

Don't say stupid things!

It will go short!

I'll fix it later!


Hey! Micross!

I was trying to make you forgive!

Don't help me! I can alone!

Nobita! You!

... Are you hiding something from me?

No no no!

Nobita !; hurry up and eat the soup it's going to cool

What happens?

What! You have no appetite

I know! Let's go fishing!

When do we go?

I don't know, I've never gone fishing

What lake will we go to start?

Don't talk to me about lakes!

Doraemon!, You should see your face in a mirror!

Don't talk to me about mirrors !!!!

Thanks for dinner!

No ... Nobita!

What will happen to this boy?



Must be!

Who would that girl be?

What are you trying to do with ZandaClaus in the world of mirrors?

If Doraemon finds out, he will be attacked

I can't tell you anything! I promised Lilulu!

What, what is that?

A shooting star!


What is that?

Key behind the hill

Almost here!

Is this not the fish pond?

Something has been introduced in the world of mirrors!


This is the shooting star!

What is that?

What will he be doing?


What is that!

Ah! Doraemon!

Silence! We are surrounded by robots!

I followed you because you were acting so strange!


I told you not to talk about this to anyone!


That mysterious girl! Lilulu?

I feel it is from another planet

She is definitely planning something!

Well, let's follow him!

We will see what he plans!

a part of the city has been destroyed ...

and now it looks like something from a science fiction movie

What will these robots be doing?

What are they doing?

Oh! It's Zandaclaus!

And there is Lilulu too!

It seems he is saying something!

What will he be saying?

Wait, I have something

Spy phone!

You just watch!


With care of Zandaclaus!

Now we can hear what Lilulu is saying!

That can wait until tomorrow

So concentrate to make the base!

That is Lilulu's voice!

The mechatropia army has made preparations for departure

the only thing left is to finish this base

This base is essential to attack the Earth!


This will serve to capture humans

Capture humans?

Shut up! She can hear you too!

Nobita! You are here!

I was thinking of going to see you!

Be part of this plan!

I need to expand the entrance to the world of mirrors!

Of all humans, I will give you the most special treatment!

Show yourself! Nobita!

Doraemon! Let's go!

I will not let you escape!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

There is the Exit!


Help Doraemon!

Judo! Come on!

Nobita!, You are well!

They are already here!

Let's get out of here! Hurry!

Hurry! Hurry!

I will not let you escape!

Judo! Open the entrance!

Oh no, don't do it!

Oh no! It's too late!

D ... Doraemon!

Let's get out of here! This will go into exploration!


I'm here!


Are you okay Doraemon?

Nobita! Get me out of here!

Why did that explosion happen?

It was a Destruction of Dimensions

tried to rip the different dimensions

And this happened!

Causing this explosion!

That is, the entrance to the world of mirrors was blocked!


So those annoying robots can't chase us


Which means that...

The earth is safe!

It is already dawning!

And we haven't slept at all!

The earthquake last night was crazy!

I learned that a meteor hit the back of the mountain

There is a big hole there now!



Nobi!, Wake up!


Don't sleep in class!

Well, we saved the earth last night!


Get out of class!


This is bothering the neighbors!

This is the brain of Zandaclaus that Nobita has spoken to me so much about!

Wait! Ayy!

Ah! Doraemon!

This is yours? Do something about it!

Yes mom!

Have the goodness!

It seems you're trying to say something ...!

I already have it!

Cake Translator!

Hey you!

Where is my body, return it to me!

I will not do it!

I'm not going to let the robots control the earth!

No matter what humans say, it's too late!


I just received a message from the robot army!

The army of robots has ceased to reach the base on earth based on its conclusion!

With so many deformations in space, we will reach the earth in an instant!

Deformation: Means Loop

What? You are surprised!

What the hell is Doraemon laughing at!

The army of steel is coming!

So is!

Let's run away!



The army of Robots is coming here!

And they plan to conquer Earth!

We must act right now!

I've always worried about this

You cannot say what is real and make believe because!

You are watching a lot of Television!

No, is not that!

Mom! Listen to us this is serious!

It's already silly!



It's true what I say, it's not a joke

Don't believe me, now what do I do!

The army of ...

...Prime Minister!

And ... Ammm ..

Child support center

What I say is the truth!

They are already on their way to the earth!

I'm from Japan and my name is Doraemon!

I do not get it!

Prime Minister this is not a joke, please do something for the earth!

Listen to me a second please! Listen to me please!

No one believes us!

No one will do anything to save Earth!

That is not true!

Gigante and Suneo would believe us!

They are quite gullible to start!

But if we tell them!

Good! They could help us in some way!

Suneo hasn't come home yet!

It is a very important thing!

Where is it?

Suneo did this for me!

From Suneo, sure!

Good! I have a riddle!

Could you tell me that it is stronger?

Well, I ...

See if they would fight an adult monkey and a small monkey, who would win?

It is clear, the adult monkey


You won't fool me this time!

Little monkey!


......... Do not fight !!!!

Thanks for your cooperation!


What are we going to do?

We are lost!

This is bad!

They are our true friends! They believe us!

I'm going to defeat the bad robots, leave this to me

Thanks for your thoughts, but ...

We need a strong ally!

How is this?

And if we become friends with the Brain!

And so do ours!

Suneo you are the best Genie of Japan!

Yes, I think it will work!

Alright, let's do it!

So you are the humans!

Come and kill me if you can!

This is.

Are these your dumb friends?

How fools?

Shut up! Calm down!

Doraemon! Come on!


What are you doing to me?

I've never seen anything like this!

What if you change it to something you've seen before?

Good idea! Let's try it!

Stay still!

Here! Take it!

At last!

Zandaclaus is in the world of mirrors, and now what do we do?

Let's make a new entry!

You have to look for a flat surface, like a mirror!

How was the river?

It doesn't work, the water moves a lot

Well, there is a place!


Shizuka's Bathtub!

I thought so.

As always Nobita!

We should not tell / About this!

Do not!

We shouldn't involve Shizuka in this, it would be dangerous!

We're just going to go!

Wuaw! It became a mirror!

Good! Let's get in!

This is incredible!

Everything is turned but it is still the same as our world!


Nobita! You've had this fun world just for you! Hey!


Come on, we have to get to the mountain again!

'Very good! Follow me!

Very good!

We must be careful

There are robots patrolling!

That my - fear!

Micross! Don't worry, don't make noise!

But I have mi-mi-m-iedo!

Oh no, it's coming here!

It is gone!

But why?

I see! He thought Micross was one of his own!

Let's be careful!


I wonder if the water will already be very hot.

Perfect! Time to bathe!

The world of mirrors?

It's here!

It's huge!

It seems that it has been like this after the break of the dimesiones!

Let's install the brain right now!

How terrible, they didn't even ask me!

Where will Nobita and the others be?



They are steps / ...

Someone help me!!

What somebody !!!

What somebody!


Ah! Micross, it's you!

Wait! I'm scared!

How can you talk like that?

Where are everybody?

They've gone behind the mountain! I'm very scared, let's go back Shizuka!

And you call yourself Robot!

But ... it's ... it's scary / very scary

It is moving!

Will it really be on our side?

Do not worry.

He is watching us!

Q / Qu - Wh-What?

We're safe!

Let's go up!


We have a powerful ally!

Avenge here Robots! We will give you your deserved!

Why don't we destroy some robots before the steel army arrives?

Sounds good! Let's do it!

What is that sound?

This place is scary! Let's go!


Master Suneo!

What happened exactly?


Where have they gone?


Wait for me Shizuka!


Hurry! Let's help her!


Who will it be?

It's a girl!

She is hurt! We must help her immediately!

Is a robot!

Micross !!!

You've seen!

There is not a single robot!

What an annoyance!

I see! The robots are touring the city in search of another!

Portal to the world of mirrors!

Come here! Hurry!

What is that?

Lilulu, answer me

Lilulu, answer me


The army has left Mechatopia

We plan to arrive tomorrow night


What? Tomorrow night?

Tomorrow is too soon! It's ridiculous!

Why can't you come another day? You're so thoughtless!

Enough! Do not be dominated by panic!

We knew the army was coming!


/ Do you have a good idea?

Do not...

Oh! Oh!


Answer back!


What is the problem?

There was an accident?

Did you forget that you must lead the Steel army to the ground safely?


Answer to me!

Shut up! Lilulu is not here!


Not sure where Lilulu is, but

We can't leave her in this room!

/ an to be sure what to do

when they first arrive on Earth

That's when we are going to attack!

We must not allow Lilulu to communicate with them!

But before that, the robots

The robots will come back!

Do not leave them at the base!

So they finally appear!

We are lucky that they are not built for battle, but /

/ there are so many that keep coming!

The air cannon has no energy!

I do not know!



Help to!


Good! We have a superaliate!

I forgot!


Alright, let's bring the robots here!

Come on!

V-Come on!

Let me go!

Why are you doing this?

I can't let humans know that I am a robot

Micross !!!

Because you!!

I did it!

I have saved Shizuka!

The Justice robot, Micross, is the strongest!

Micross ...


Help me take her home


Are you going to repair it?


She is a bad robot!

I don't think she is bad!

I would probably be broken!

I wonder if I can repair it!

Micross ...!

How should I treat wounds in a Robot?

I do not know!

Maybe they!

Where are you Nobita?

Ah here!





I'm so glad to see you, Nobita!

I was so scared

NN / o I knew you were here!

Found them !, Nobita, quickly!

Don't bother man, I'm in the best part!

I'll be back! Stay here!

It seems it was a pass.

They are no match for me!

Where is Doraemon?

I was here not long ago ...

Drawing the metal detector Chalk, and ...

/... A loud noise will sound when a robot crosses the line

The whole area and the mountain is completely covered!

Hey! Doraemon!


Shizuka is here?

You should have said it before!

Is Lilulu a robot?

Do you

Yes, and she is very hurt!

Let's break it now!

That is very cruel!

But she wants to destroy the Earth!

But, breaking it is .... /

Very good! Let's fix it!

She might be able to tell us /

/ Something about the steel army


Mecha kit!

It takes time, but it is the same as human medicine, It can /

renew broken parts simply by applying it!

In the affected area!

Okay then, please leave the room

Robot or not she is a girl!

We will prepare dinner!

Micross, you too!

Me ... Also ... I'm a ... Girl?


I must clean your body, it's dirty!

She looks exactly like a human being!

So nobody would know that it is a spy!

First, apply gently on the broken area.

Apply gently and wrap with poly bandage.

The credits do not subtitle them

This world was made when we made the world of mirrors

So we can do what we want!

Instant Soup !, Instant Curry!

Fried rice !, Dorayaki !, Hamburgesa! Instant coffee!

I've always wanted to eat a whole ham!

This is good meat, this is going to make good steak!

Everything is free!

He says I should apply the medicine every two hours!

This is going to be a sleepless night!


...It's you?

You are aware! How happy I am!

Doraemon medicine is taking effect in a short time!

Why? Did you help me?

If I didn't, you could have died!

To die?

Do you mean break me?

What's more

What if I break you?

In any case, my mission ...!

Do not move!

Your wounds will not heal if you move too much!

You have to rest a little more.



Micross, what's up?

They said: Time to Eat!

Eat? What would they have done?

Everyone is excited, it's like camping!

Wauw, it looks good

Come quickly, it's a barbecue party!

Is it ok to start a fire here?

We can do anything!

Bon Appetite!


Suneo, the meat is wonderful!

It is very good for Suneo!

In fact, he took lessons from a famous ..

Rays! He's not made to eat food!

What a bore! I'm going to a patrol

What an annoying robot!

Sure! Like you!

By the way, how is Lilulu?

It seems that she is improving

You better be careful.

She is a spy of the robots that want to take over the Earth, you know?

I'll be fine, you can't even move yet.

The Army of Steel ...

I wonder where they are.

It is the metal detector of Robots! There is one very close!

Let's go guys!

By accident I have stepped on the detector line

Well, don't go there!

You are annoying and useless!

That you can't stand still?

Well, we have to practice for tomorrow.

Now we know that we can trust ZandaClaus!

Anyway! Rest!


We have finally arrived!


Do you have a good plan?

This incredible strategy is about to emerge, and ...


I wonder if the Robot army ...

I don't know! Probably!


He has fallen asleep!

I have to do something...

Lilulu is what bothers me.


The wounds begin to heal, just a little more!

You will regret saving me.


Why are you a robot?

I don't care at all.

Humans will soon be enslaved by Mechatopia.


That's terrible!

Terrible? What is terrible?

Robots are the rulers of the universe!

That is the destiny that God has for us!

That's ridiculous!

Robots have been created / by humans!

In Mechatopia there is no single human.

Then how?

Long ago

Long before humans existed on Earth.

There were many humans around the Galaxy.


God abandoned them.

They were selfish.

Greedy ...

Eager to kill each other ...

God took us to an uninhabited planet

And He created Am and Em and He said:

Robots! They create a society worthy of being called Heaven!

Am and Em created their descendant robots!

Over time, the robots that govern and those that are governed appeared.

Aristocrat robots and the rich began using slave robots.

However, a robot revolution for equality finally banned slavery.

As a commitment, it was decided to use human beings.

Do you understand now?

Robots are the children of God.

The universe exists for robots!

It looks a lot like human history.

God would be very disappointed

What are you saying?

Do you suppose that robots copy human history?

Take this!

You must not get up!

Take this!

I do not know you!

It would have been better if you broke up!

I wanted

/ Be your friend ...

I can't leave her

I already have it! It is our only chance!

I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

Reaction to!

I think I have an idea to save Earth!

Really? Emergency meeting!

We will use the Oil of entry to this world in front of the lake we visited /

/ and we will make a great entrance!

From there, we will attract the army of robots to the world of mirrors!

That? / N Are we going to cheat?

Are they going to fight with themselves?

I will think about that later.

In any case, it doesn't matter if this world falls apart.

They will fight against nothing!

I see! But how will you do it?

We will sound the alarm that ZandaClaus has / to pick up these parts.

Will it really work?

There is a problem

We will be in trouble if they find out that they are in the world of mirrors.


What is lilulu doing?

It's getting better and better!

Pills to Sleep the Robots!

Give this to Lilulu and she will sleep for 24 Hours!

It is understood!

We are going to separate.

Nobita and I will go to the lake.

Suneo and Gigante, Take care of the robots in this area!


Your wounds have healed completely!

No more medicine is necessary!

You can use whatever you like.

This will fit you well.

I do not understand humans ...

Why help an enemy?

I do things that don't always make sense / is to be human.

If you take this medicine and sleep a little, you will be fully recovered.

Here you have.

She is already asleep! What effective medicine?

Oil is spreading all over the lake!

Micross, over here!


How is that?

Are you alright, Suneo?

Look! It looks like a cockroach!

The instant glue gun from Doraemon is amazing!

Being like this!

Come on!

Hopefully they bite the hook ...

We will have to wait until tonight.

I don't see any more robots!

Probably not many left.

Where is Shizuka?

I think he went to buy food for dinner tonight.

They will not come ...

I wonder if this signal is working.

Look at the surface of the lake!

Eh what?

Stop Emitting !, ZandaClaus!

Flashlight Reducer!

Let's hide!

Why have you reduced it in size?

They are too many!


First we will destroy the most important cities ...

... and sow panic in humans!

Destroy them all.

Gi-gi-giant !, Ya, Ya, Ya are here!

L-Lo-Robots are all over the sky

Wow, they are here!


Doraemon, he did it!

Come back to the House, Shizuka!

They will find you!

But but!

Hurry, we have to get in!

We are back!

The plan to attract is a success!

The army is heading to the city!

As expected.

That's why we set traps all over Tokyo.

Human beings are retaliating!

Destroy that building!

Capture the humans!

Hey! There is nobody here!

What's going on? They were fighting against us, where did they go?

This is too mysterious.

We cannot stop until they are afraid.

Keep attacking!

Who is fighting the army?

Alright, here's the secret.

This is an improved version of the echo mountain.

It can echo sounds, lights and explosions.

I've put a lot of this in all of Tokyo!

I see! So they are fighting against themselves!

Stupid robots!


This! ...

Hey, Lilulu got away!

This was terrible! And now what do we do!

She knows everything about the world of mirrors!

We have to find it before them!

It has already dawned!

Let's spread to look for her!

We have ...

-... Destroyed the city that was most important for this country!

They even counterattacked.

Where are they,

they shot us from the rooftops of these buildings

But nevertheless,

How weird ...

There is not a single human!

Where did they go?

A city of this size should have more than one million inhabitants.

It is impossible to hide.

There are many other countries beyond the ocean.

Are we going to expand our operation?

We have no other choice

2/3 Parts of the steel army, go to other Countries!

Look in every corner of the earth!


Can we trust the search stick?

Its effectiveness is 70%!

It's better than nothing!



That was close.

Is this really true?

Let's do it again.


See, it's not like that.

Nobita that means you just have to go this way.

Thats weird!

Come on!

Why will he be here?


Anyone there?


Where are you going?

You know, right?

To the headquarters of the robot army.

You can not!

Come with me!


I will fulfill my mission.


D-I'll shoot if you leave!

I will really do it!

Well, shoot me!

No I can not.

You are a coward!

Please react, Nobita!

You're good?


So she was close, after all!

She went there.

The base is finished!

I could not make contact due to an accident.

I get it!

So, this case can be dismissed.

But nevertheless.

Why is there no human in this big city?

It's here!

Lilulu! What's going on?

Explain me!

Where are we going to look for slaves?

I will not answer you!


What are you saying?

Slave humans ...'s a mistake!

What are you saying?

Humans are just crap!

They are not garbage!

They have feelings, even more complicated than us!

Shut up!

Your thought circuit must be broken!

God has chosen us as the rulers of the universe!

He wanted us, instead of human beings to make an ideal heaven!

You're wrong!

I don't think there is a sky just for robots!

But heaven is for all who live in the universe!

Don't you think we are betraying the desires of our God?

Stop taking humans as slaves and go to your world!


Take it to the base and lock it up!

Fly faster!

Run away Lilulu!

¡Terricolas !!

Don't overexert yourself, you're not even fully cured yet!

Can we really trust her?

It is true!

Lilulu almost risked her life to keep the secret!

She is our ally!

Yes, now!

He does not trust me.

I ... I think the slavery mission is wrong.

But I can't betray my homeland, Mechatopia ...

I can not!

I don't even know that my heart is telling me!


Come? She said she can't betray her allies!

We can't trust her!

If you can trust!

You do it, huh?


Please lock me up somewhere!

Reports, sir.

/ Three cities were attacked at the same time.

However, according to the respective commanders,

there was no single human.


Those humans!

What's going on?!

This is the opposite of the maps we have seen in Mechatopia!

I see...

This is a cleverly designed false world!

We enter a lake when we arrive.

On the other side is the Royal Land!

Call back all the soldiers!

Let's reform and continue the slavery mission!

Flashlight Reducer!

I'm sorry, but not for long.

I'm sorry, but please wait in the cage.

Shizuka ...

Forgive me for worrying like that.

Do - Dorae-mpn! The robot army is going somewhere!

I wonder where they are going

The lake!

I imagined it!

Lilulu was with us all the time!

Then who ...

/...Has been,

/ Then the real world is going to be destroyed!

We have to stop them!

Good! Let's go to the lake!

Are we going to fight them?

Shizuka, Micross, stay here.

Micross, we depend on you!

Yes sir!

If necessary, use the replacement pocket items.

Come on guys! Hurry up!


Well, they're not here yet!


The mountain of echo is not going to be enough this time!

We have to fight!

Air cannon, Shock gun, Fan blanket, Reductive flashlight ...

Choose whichever you prefer.


The hoop to go through

We will hide from them to fight.

We will put eco mountains as much as possible.

We have to increase our firepower as much as we can!

They are here, hide yourself!

I'm scared mom!

They will know what is good when they arrive!

I must protect the earth!


An ambush by the army!

Take this!

They hide in the forest and move forward!

They don't have a chance!

They must be in a fierce battle for now .. \

I hope the boys come back safe ...

In the end, I'm just a cowardly robot!

Ahh, I am a useless robot!

It's not your fault!

How has it become?

Did God make a mistake in creating Am and Em?

It's true! Your god created those imperfect robots!

They should go to the past and complain about it!

Well thought!

Well ... Complain about God ...

Ah! I have said stupid things again!

Is not that!

It's a great idea!


Your wonderful idea can save the earth!

My idea?


Do not think about it!

Lilulu will you help me?

What I can do?

Let's visit your god!

How will we do it?

With the Doraemon replacement pocket,


Go does nothing to them!

Oh no! I ran out of energy!

Very good! What are you doing!




Well, OK! Keep it up!

Yahoo! Suneo, did you see that?



Rays, it has been modified!

Don't think this is over!


Follow me Lilulu.

Now we will use the door anywhere!

We will enter through this mirror,

Ah hello!

Ah yes! Welcome!

Hurry up, come on!

Sorry ma'am

Sorry, we are in a hurry!

Madam you always look young!

Wow, what a gentlemanly robot.


See you later!

Ah! Wait! Where is Nobita?

What's going on?

How long ago was Mechatopia created?

30 thousand years from now.

30 thousand years ago ?!

Well, 30 thousand years ago!

Can we go to Mechatopia with this machine?

There will be several loops!

Leave it to me! Here we go!




\ N Did they leave?

I don `t believe.

They are waiting for the robots that are in the other countries to return.

ZandaClaus will be watched.

We will rest until they arrive.

This is Mechatopia from 30 thousand years ago ...

In our time, this place is covered with skyscrapers.

all the streets / are full of robots ...

It's like looking at an unpopulated world right now!

But your god has to be somewhere.

The scientist who gave up human beings and has decided to make a robot paradise.

I see!

The person who made Mechatopia can stop the army of robots!

/ I am a good robot!

Calm down, Suneo!

Calm down? The steel army will attack again!

And that?!

I know the results ...

N \ I understand

It's like when you take an exam and know that you are going to fail ..

Don't waste any more time!

Think positively! We can think of a perfect plan!

They are already here!

I see ... I didn't even imagine the possibility.

My Am and Em are good, but ...

... Your descendants, I see ...

It is already decided!

I will modify Am and Em's brain!

What I am asking for is not for Am and Em, but the army of robots on Earth.


The descendants away from Am and Em are part of the army of robots.

I have to change its method of evolution.

I understand. Thank you!

I will give you an affectionate heart to feel sympathy for others.

I hope I can finish earlier / because I won't resist anymore ...


Those gift everyone.

I congratulate you for making this fight more enjoyable!

But the game is over.

Attack them all!


This will change drastically to Mechatopia as we know it 30 thousand years from now.

It will look like heaven that I really imagine ...

So .. the horrible army of robots ...

History will change those terrible things will disappear!


I'm happy!

Earth will be saved!

But, Lilulu!

Lilulu, you too ...


Wake up Doctor!

I'm not well...

My body is already dead ...


Tell me what to do! I will finish it!


Leave it to me.


Lilulu, you are ...

Shizuka, I'm going to make a real heaven!

I will be the angel of Mechatopia!

Ray! I have run out of energy! Here it goes!

I will crush them!

I will crush you! I will crush you!

There is nothing here, I will piss you if you approach!

Help Mom!


Doraemon! It's the end of the earth! We're lost!

Stop crying!, What was done was done!

The robot army is disappearing!


Shizuka ...

It seems to work ...

...I'm happy.


When reborn ...

I want to be an angel robot ...

Lilulu, you have become ...

You have become an angel!

I am happy!

A robot that cries ...

Is it weird, isn't it ?!

We are ...

Friends forever...


Liluluu !!!

Me too ... I felt like ... to ... cry!

We have saved the earth!

I'm not sure what happened, but that's great!

Good, the sun came out!

I am in the mood to celebrate!



What ... happened to Lilulu?

Nobi, you stay!

You have been dreaming lately. 'Pay attention in class!

Mechatopia ...

I wonder what it will be like now.

Able will be a wonderful sky!

I wonder if Lilulu will be reborn.

I would like her to come to earth again.

On vacation or something.



It's Lilulu!

Very good! Nobi!

You can go home now!

Yes sir!


Hey! Guys!

Are you serious?


Where is Lilulu?

Your eyes deceived you!

Yes, maybe it was a spaceship.

Really! Above the cloud / N over there!

She is an angel!

Exactly! Lilulu is an angel!