Doraemon: Nobita no makai dai bôken (1984) - full transcript

Nobita requests of Doraemon the Moshimo-box and wishes for the world to become a place where the use of magic is possible. Witchcraft replaces science and technology and everyone makes use of it on their daily lives.

Let's go Nobita

Not yet...

The Princess is in that castle and I must go to rescue her.

You're right, but ...


Even if you are, you think you can emerge victorious from there!

Never mind, I will enter and win the battle!


Wow, really in dreams you say heroic things

Don't remind me that this is a dream, how good it was!

It doesn't matter if it's a dream, I have someone to save!

Take care!

Don't worry, this is also a dream!

What annoying it is!

It really is a lost case.

How tired!



What are you doing here?

My brother told me:


... with this you can use magic.


Just put it on and you'll see!



Oops, it works!

All right.

Now to the castle!

Flying blanket, take me to the castle!

Take care!

Where is it!

I found her!


The King of the dark kingdom will come!

Quiet, I'm here!

What are you doing here ?!

But they look like Giant and Suneo!

What do you say if they are the demons of the kingdom!

As you dare to desecrate this place, you will be punished!

We'll see that!

Blanket, turn it into trash!

You thought it would be easy to escape from us the great demons!

Well, what do you want me to do with you!

Your threats don't scare me, well, take this!


What do you think you are threatening me ?!


Oh, what a fear!

Wow, that was amazing! How did you do it?

You were surprised, well I did it with the help of this hat

... That Dorami lent me.

Thanks to this hat I could against that demon

Besides, not only that, but I can also do anything

Shizuka, you don't have something to tell me!

for having gone to rescue those beasts.

Or maybe if you could give me a thank you sign, anything doesn't matter!

Nobita, Thank you, you're really amazing.

Thanks Shizuka, you make me blush!




Nobita, wake up now!

I sent you to clean the patio and I find you sleeping!

Finish fast to clean and then you go shopping.


What a good dream!

But if it came true, what it would be like.

I'm excited to know.

Become a flying broom!

Doraemon: Adventure in the Underworld

Subtitled in Spanish by: IDEALESEC

Or not!

Without the hat it will not work.

I broke through, and don't touch this!

Ah yes ... Doraemon!


Hey ... hey ... wait just a little while. I want to ask you something.

Just in case you won't have a magic hat to lend me!

Go don't be like that!

I do not have that.

What a waste!

Ah ... a lamp!

Come on genius, it appears!

... appears, appears, appears

Please, genius appears.

Leave that, well I'll come back!


I bet you've already dreamed as usual!

What's wrong with Nobita?

How heavy this is! What happened to you?

I don't know suddenly this fell on me.


But who has done this!

And what is worse, who has thrown it here.

How amazing the person who sculpted!

Don't tell me you plan to take this home!

I can't think of another place!

But if you wear it, Mom will scold us.

Take that dish out of the house immediately, you understood!

Well, if I put it in the yard, I don't think he's mad at it.

But look...!

If they have done it just like you with those short legs!

Wow, they made you the same!

Do not bother me!

But who will have done it!

Dora ... Dora .... Doraemon!

That the statue has sweated, you don't think you made it wrong.

Seriously, the sweaty statue.

As a man, it must have been your imagination!

Now that you mention it.

Hey, Nobita, Nobita!

Come play baseball immediately!

Come on, throw it away!

If you fail, you will see them with me!


It is useless!

In this one if it fails we have it won!

Listen if you fail you will see them with me!

If only at this moment I could use magic!

I will give the best blow that they have seen.

Strike, Punch!

What did I tell you if you failed!

Leave him alone, Giant.

We're done, listen Nobita ...

... What governs this world is physics and not magic.

So forget that magic exists!

Yes, what Doraemon says is true!

But yes...


Just by saying words, being able to do things!

What a mind this child's!

Although it was nice that there was magic, you must understand that there is not in the world.

We all know that.

If you're right!

There really is no magic.

I feel so bad for him.

So everything they tell about magic is nothing more than just lies.


The people of the past were all liars.

I will ask Dekisugi if he knows anything about magic.

Do you want to know if magic really exists?

It may sound ridiculous what I ask but please don't laugh at me.

I'm not going to laugh about it!

Are you serious.

For some people, knowing about magic is fundamental.

Here it is.

In the past people believed in magic.

They believed that the world could be run by just saying a few words ...

... But as time progressed, they realized that the world rules ...

... it's physics since if it had been magic this world would be ...

... a great curse, I don't want to imagine it.

Although there are some people who do strange things such as ...

... the ancient Babylonians.

They could guess the future just by looking at the stars.

and thanks to them we know what we call astrophysics today.

There were also others who were engaged in other practices

Like for example alchemy.

Although that was rejected a short time later.

However, they continued until they discovered black magic.

but, as they saw that there is no magic, they went to work.

And that's how it all happened.

Thus the man clarified at once that magic does not exist!

But, why doesn't magic exist?

It does not exist because magic is something demonic.

And if someone knew or practiced black magic, he would be making a serious offense to GOD.

In the 15th century, when ...

... someone use black magic.

He was sentenced to death immediately.

That's why most left the silly idea that magic existed and ...

... was dedicated to physics.

That's why, as I repeat, most of you gave up on the belief of magic.

So as I told you that before he who used black magic was sentenced to death.

So magic does not exist ?.

Do not.

What a pity...

... I would have liked magic to exist and not physics.

Even if only for once I want magic to exist

If it was more convenient for magic to govern this world and not physics.


It's the broom of the house!

Why did it fall from the sky?

And this ... but it is the same as me!

But why do things like that fall from the sky?

Looks like you've seen something ...

... and has been petrified.,

But?!, What have they seen ?.

But who would do such a thing to us!

I dont know...

... I think someone has cursed us and we've stayed like this.

What things you say.

We are here and we move.

So how are you going to say those things.

You're right.

The sky is cloudy.

A- if I hear on TV that a storm is coming through this sector.



Doraemon, a strange sound comes from below.

It must be your father who is snoring.

Those are not snoring!




Man, don't panic, it must be dad who must be talking asleep.

Look how annoying you are.

How strange, as the door is open.

It seems that the storm is approaching.


What happens?

C-How have you come here!

What do they wake up at midnight?

I have clearly told them not to bring crap to the house

Mom but without coming alone!

Oh, these children with their pranks!

Well, I don't want to see them inside the house!

and go to sleep that tomorrow has to get up early.

Look, the shape is not the same as the previous one!

Oh, you with your stuff! Maybe you should be flexible.

But they are hard as a stone! How strange!

Well here they will be fine!

Oh no, it finally started raining!

I already have it!

and we use the cabin of the one that would pass.

We could turn this ordinary world into a magical one with just one call.

Sounds like fun!

Well, what are we waiting for, but first put on your glasses!

And now...!

Let's get ready! ... I'm ready ... I'm ready!

Well, let's just have fun using some magic ...

... and then we return and return everything to normal.

If I already understood, I already understood!

What if the world existed - magic.

Yes now!

We can use magic!

Well, first we will try to blow these pillows.

What an emotion I feel to know that we can use magic!

Well, let's start!

Fly through the sky!

Wow, nothing weird happened.

Capable is why we didn't get him excited, come on, let's go again!

Well, almolhada flies through the sky!

Does not fly!

It won't be that we have pronounced the spell wrong.

Wow, this does not work!

Thats weird!

Ah! I want dorayakis to appear!

Boring books become Tsuba comics!

Mice disappear from this world!

May I be smarter!

How always your gadgets are useless!

How many times have I told you, there is no magic!

Become a raccoon

You in earthworm!

You in caterpillar!

You in a hippo!

You cockroach!

You in gorilla!

It has no case!

Magic does not exist!

Go to sleep!

What a strange night!

Ah! And the statues?

They are not! Where they went!

Where did they go!

¡Nobita !!!

Nobita, Nobita, come, come!

Let me sleep!

That yesterday I slept almost nothing!

Is incredible!

Don't tell me this is ...

Yes it is!

... the magical world.!

And the food is ready!

Is incredible!

I told you!

Well what are you wasting time!

If you don't eat fast you will be late to go to school!

Mom, that doesn't matter!

We have a flying blanket!

What are you talking about? In our family we do not need those things and see if you hurry that you will be late!

Hey, we don't have!

Not because they are very expensive!

and also dad doesn't have a driver's license yet.


I'm leaving!

I hope you have some interesting this world!

It's too much!

That you can't float objects, if even a kindergarten does it!

Why don't you, come on, try again!

Stare at the chalk!

and think that it will fly that is all nothing from the other world.

Fly, fly, fly!

It does not move!

See who wants to do the same!

I i i!

A- Suneo!

That is very easy!

It is to be expected of you!


Nobita is stupid!

Nobita, you will stay after class!

Imagine being able to control ...

what you crave only with a crystal ball.

Or that just by telling you something, what you want appears!

Well, we present you the fabulous Crystal Ball!

The witch of the millennium brings us medicine ...

... miraculous that is created with mysterious potions ...

and also with other things ...

and that will give you this wonderful medicine ...

... well, nothing more and nothing less than eternal life.

The longevity pill now on sale!

Already arrived!

The amazing flying blankets ...

... faster, more comfortable and safer!

and what is better more economical so who would not want to have one.


How exciting it would be to take a walk on those carpets.

But we don't buy because Dad hasn't got the license yet.

It's so late, where will Nobita not come!

I bet that-!

I can imagine him being punished for falling asleep in class.

I will see it.

What a traffic!

What a hurry that man would have!

Ah, I already imagined it ...!

Able to be on the mountain wasting time as usual!

I knew you were here.

Doraemon, I feel very disappointed.

And because?

Because I thought that in this world it would be easier to do things using magic ...

Well, I was wrong.

We have never practiced magic is ...

... for that reason we can't use it.

Where have you been!

Your teacher has told me that you cannot use magic.

How can you not use it if we show it to you a thousand times.

But of course, when I'm talking you never pay attention! Are you hearing me!

Also in this world is the same as in the original.

Doraemon, I'm tired of this, let's go back.

Are you sure?

Hey, Nobita!


Do you want to go for a ride with the broom !, Nobita.


I guess it must be the same as cycling.

A- True, Nobita cannot ride a bicycle.

A- Forget it, forgive us for inviting you.


Those 2 have me up to my head!


We will return to our world later, but for now I want to take revenge on those 2!

I want to learn to use magic!

Wow, you have made a good decision.

And you're just an elementary school boy who doesn't even know how to take care of himself.

I think there must be books in the library that teach us how to use magic!

Let's see them!

But if these books are the same as those in the original world.

I think you're right!

I already found it!

Learn to do magic!

Here is another and it seems to be the second volume.

So if we read this we can master the magic well!

Step 1: How to make an object float through the air

Step 2: How to control the fire your way.

Step 3: How to control the water.

Step 4: How to make everyone obey you.

Here is all about how to use magic.

Since you don't learn to float things like that, you're too much.

Well, Doraemon, practice is said.

Well, for that we will use this stone as practice.

Well, who says you have to be relaxed to do this.


Concentrate and relax.

Inhale and exhale and imagine that the stone flies through the air.

Without distracting you!

And then you say: Fly, Fly, Fly.

Come on, fly!

Come on: Fly, fly fly

But it doesn't even resolve.

I think you must be very tense, you must relax.

Ah Mine flies higher!

Not mine!

They are playing balls.

Well, we don't waste time like them.

Madam, is Nobita at home?

If I think it's in the Patio!

Thank you so much Mrs.

Cheer up! Flying

Fly, I told you!

How good!

How good

You saw that, it has flown!

Ah! Good! Good!

Well enough is enough!

Nobita you are too much!

Forgive me!

I know I'm a little silly for having done such a thing, please forgive me.

With that simple apology is not enough!

What is that?

An earthquake!

And this one is stronger than yesterday.

It seems to have happened, I think this is a devil's thing.

Full moon !, oh sorry ...

... Devil thing?

You don't know what's going on! You must be kidding!

Ay- Shizuka you know how Nobita is, she easily forgets things!

I don't think so, at school I have also been a little distracted!

Thank you so much Shizuka for being so good to me!

It doesn't matter, I'll show you how much I broom!

He's acting a little weird, don't you think!

I already brought her.

Don't tell me we'll fly with that broom!

Well, not so much like that!


What a harm!

Well, for now, ride with me on the broom!

Well, here we go!


What a thrill!

That magic is a bit strange!

Well, this is not magic.

It is a simple gorrocoptero created by physics.

Well, in the magical world, what is called physics ...

They are nothing more than simple superstitions!

Superstitions ?!

A- The hill!

Look but if everything looks like our world!

His world?

Suneo and Gigante are here.

Suneo I have seen something strange among the trees.

Looks like he's a monkey!

Capture it for all to see.

Looks like they're hunting something!

How well it has stopped, we already have it!

Ayyy- This burns, burns, burns, burns, burns!

They have been hurt!

Quick let's take them to a hospital.

Well, all right!


Nobita, help me that weigh I just can't!

Come on - Fly!

Look at that place looks like a house.

Well, let's go there!

What a big house!

Hopefully the teacher can help us!

What did you come intruder!

We are not intruders, nor bad we just come to warn what happened on the mountain!

Well being like this, come in!

How dark it is here!

Is there no one?

I scared them, I apologize!

Because lately there is a lot of evil presence I have had to take these measures.

If I scare you, I'm sorry!

Our friends were injured, could you please help us!

I see.

Hey Myoko!

Father, how can I help you?


Good afternoon Good afternoon!

Please help these guys!



Don't worry, you take them there to cure them.

As you will see, my daughter has great healing power with her magic.

While they wait for no tea!

I am thinking.

That as I have seen on TV that the full moon gives great beneficial power against the curses ...

Do you want to know if that is true?

Yes it is not much trouble.


About the approaching planet approaching ...

If that's how you underestimate it, it's true.

And if that planet reached Earth, it would be terrible for us.

You also believe the same!

If things would be as you imagine them !.

Just thinking about it gives me-!

I do not know how to explain it!.

But some people think I'm crazy.

But take this into account ...

... that when all humanity is near, it will be lost!

Oh, sorry, I think I exceeded!

Although think about what will happen sooner or later ...

... it makes me nervous, but what do I get if I know that they will also happen ...

natural disasters and so little by little the world will disappear.

Father, they have already healed!


Hey, where are everyone!

Nice place!

The only thing we remember is that we were chasing a monkey and ...

The important thing is that they are already well!

If he's right, I don't know how but we're fine!


Well, no matter how important it is that they are already well and we should not worry.

Myoko, what do you think if you take them for a walk.


TO-! You can drive a flying blanket!

Well, it's not that I'm so professional in this ...

... But someday I will become it.

Well, we go out!

See you later and ...

...Thank you...

...Take care!.

See you soon!

Take care!

Linda how beautiful Myoko is!


Quiet Shizuka!

Oh that's bad!

We are back!

Doraemon, now if we return to our world.

Are you sure?

In spite of everything I became friends with an adorable girl.

And even if he could not learn to use magic ...

... knowing her makes me happy!

Well, let's go back to our world in order to have a good time here.

Okay, we will use the cabin of the one who would pass!

What! You have thrown it away!

Can not be!

As the dump has passed, I have recycled it ...

... and that goes for them to learn to be ordered.

But you know where the dump is!

No idea!.

Well I'm going to look for it!

If it was so important because they left it there.

Is that...

... mom without that thing we can not return to our world !.

Your world, what do you mean by that!

Every time it seems that strange things happen.

I hope Doraemon comes soon to return to our world!

Lately I'm getting tired of so much weird thing happening here!

Doraemon, you've found the cabin of the one that would pass!

Let's go!

Let's go back to our world.

I do not find.


You see, I found it but it shattered in the dump!

And like this we will not be able to return to our world!

Man, don't say that!

Please do something, we must return, don't be irresponsible!

so do something irresponsible, irresponsible, irresponsible

As irresponsible for your whims we are in these!

And you still dare to make me relax!

Of course, now if you become the victim!

You are irresponsible!


This is all your fault!


What's wrong with them ?!

Stop making noise!

Go down to eat that dinner is ready!

They have returned to fight!

Doraemon is irresponsible!

Nobita is useless!

Everything was good!

You sleep!

You too.

An earthquake and this time is stronger!

That talking only about the earthquake!

Although to tell the truth, it is strange that all this happens.

- It will have something to do with all this with the coming of the planet.

Perhaps this will have to do with the coming of the planet planet!

Although I also believe ...

... that thanks to the full moon we have the protection for hexes.

Well, it is what I know.

Although I also believe that the moon provides us with protection from the curses.!

Well, that's what I think.

Hey stop repeating what I say!

Nobita, let's leave this, we have to go to the hill in a hurry!

It's okay, I'll go with you to the hill!

Good for helping me!



No matter how badly we treat ourselves - we will always be the best friends.

So is!

It gets closer every time!

and sweeps everything in its path.

That is the wrong planet that goes to Earth!

Hey, Myoko!

Dad, you've finally found something.

That's how I found very important clues!

Or that there is a way to defeat the king of demons.


Although it is a bit risky ...

... since the magic we possess is not so powerful as to defeat it easily.

But there is hope, everything is written on these scrolls.

That is why this will be of great help.

You can understand what it says!

This is a scroll written in that language, but as I have ...

... I have been investigating I can understand what it says.

The way to defeat the great malfunction is by sticking some darts directly into ... the heart, is the only thing I can understand.

Although I think I was wrong in the translation, I will have to study a little more.

But if so, I can help you!

A presence!

Nobita, Nobita stops snoring that you bustle!

Did you say something?

If you are not the one who makes a noise who is.

Look Nobita, A cat.

A cat, where?

Oh yes, really.

It seems he will talk to us.

But not even in the magical world do cats speak.

Well, let us in and be careful that Mom doesn't see it.

Hurry and without making much noise!

What a cheeky cat!

I hope you understand my mom doesn't let us have cats, she hates them.

Poor thing, but still we can't abandon her to her fate.

Nobita, we can't throw it away.

Doraemon will not be lost!

How are you so sure you won't get lost!

Nothing will happen to him, he will also return from where he came!

Look, it seems he wants to leave!


Oh! Myoko is you!

But why were you turned into a cat?

You see, they have cursed me.

and the only thing that is capable of breaking the spell is only the moon.

or also defeat the king of demons.

How! Defeat him?

and don't tell me he also attacked your father.

That's right! My father did his best to defend me but they still attacked him!

That is why I ask you to please help me!

The moon has disappeared!

But she told us to help her please!

It seems that he told us something, but as it is, we cannot understand him.

Well let's go right now to the cloud that covers the moon!

And let's hurry up!

What a wind!

Let's go into the clouds, so watch out!

Please, Nobita, Doraemon.

Help me defeat the king of demons.

Defeating the king of demons that easy, we would have to go through thousands before that!

Something like that is not easy to do!

I know exactly how strong the demons are.

But- go alone we don't know.

We have no choice and we are the chosen ones!

Chosen ?!

A- see predictive eye tell me what I have to do to defeat the king of demons.

Tell me please.

In order to know what to do when there with those demons.

Check this out!

Shizuka and the others will be able to defeat him!

Are we going to the wrong planet?

But going like this is very risky.

Yes, going to that place like that is very dangerous!

I know that!

But in the prediction we are able to defeat them.


That's right! Only we are able to defeat them!

That is what Myoko has taught us in prediction!

But, because it is turned into a cat.

I would like to believe, but my parents should be very worried!

Let me think about it, I'll help you when the typhoon passes!

If my mother will be worried about me too!

and mine too.

Dont be like that!

I think only 3 of us can defeat him!

Hey Myoko!

How will we defeat them alone

But if the prediction came out that together we can beat it, you don't always have to believe in the predictions because they sometimes fail

It has not been animated!

That bad!

You think Myoko has gone alone!

What- you said something, I couldn't hear you!


Holy Heaven because there will be so many typhoons!

We are back!

Not only here but worldwide reports of typhoons and tornadoes!

Because of that several disasters have happened worldwide.

Below our weather report

Nobita will not do homework.

I have no homework as there are so many typhoons the school has been closed!

Woa, that's good.

So, we play something.

What's wrong?

Have you ever heard a cat talk?

Capable that is the wind.


How do you think Myoko is?

As he doesn't know where the planet is wrong!

Poor dear!

If only we had the cabin that would pass!

This was not happening.

Doraemon, let's go to the planet as soon as possible.

Is the only way?

You can think of another one!


Mom, Dad, don't worry if I'm not at home!

I promise I'll be back soon!

Do you know where the mansion is where Myoko lives?

Of course I know, it's down the hill behind your school.

Be careful since you could fall because of this window that runs.

It seems that we are close.

Doraemon- wait a little ...

... the wind is very strong, I can't anymore.

Well, let's go down

Myoko, Myoko!

Look all the trees have foreigners!

Don't you think this was the work of demons. '

I do not know.

Wh-What's the matter ?!


How good!

Yes .. But ... They don't notice something weird ...

Someone talk around!

Myoko, I would know you would come.

What is that?

A long past.

But what is going on?

Too bad! As it is day, I can't understand you!

How I would like to know at least what he tells us!

A- Yes I have something that could help: The pasta translator!

Wuoa, good!

Please do this!

You see, I tried my best to save the chronicles but a demon attacked me ...

And the only thing I could do is hide ...

So they attacked you!

Yes though, I could also protect myself by creating this star that you see here ...

... It is actually a magical shield that protects us from demons.

Mm-! As we were here, the devil could not see us.

Yes, but that demon, the king is much stronger and things like that before him ...

... we would not be welcome before him.

You mean the king is very powerful?

This is the king of demons is more powerful than we can imagine

That is why if we want to defeat him, we must be careful because it could be very dangerous.

So I ask you to be careful!



With what you have brought to your friends, Myoko!

I will finish you!

At last you appear it will be an honor to be defeated by you!

Ay, ay, ay, ay!

Fire, I invoke you!

Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn!

Odious! How dare you do this to me!

You will pay it dearly! Water column!

Do-Doraemon, Doraemon!

Now your end came!

Fan blanket!

How good!

How good!



Shizuka, you are fine!

How good that everything has gone e-!

Thank you, what an incredible magic you use!

A- This is not magic, it is only a small device that bounces electromagnetic waves is everything.

Well, it's not the big deal!




I want you to know that we have all decided to help you defeat the king of demons!

You've heard!

You see now we are more than we are willing to help you!


We 4 can!

We are also a team ...

Thank you!

Before they leave, we are 6!



We have thought well ...

... and we will not allow them to go alone to that planet.

That's right, we are also a team!

For that reason we decided to accompany them!

And we are also the chosen ones!

Well said, this is how a group should be!

Well come on!

Father, these guys are good people!

That may be useful!

Magic Hat!

What magic can you use with that hat?



It's just a simple ornament!

Well, get on the flying blanket.

But where did you have it!

I put it safe in a tree!

It seems small, but it has a large space inside.

Well, come on!


It is super fast.

We arrived in a space ticket.

How strange - In space you can't breathe!

What are you saying?.

It's that in space, you can't breathe!

Nobita, listen to this world ...

... and ours are quite different.

The moon has appeared!

I hope you stay just the way you are.

That's impossible.

Because without the moon I will become a cat again.

Oops! Rabbits that live on the moon?

This world has meaningless things!

Oops, look that's Saturn!

It is said that the ring that covers it is full of pebbles!

It must be a superstition of yours.

Too bad, the moon is no longer visible!

No matter.

What makes me happy is that I will go to rescue my father and thus be able to lift this spell.

Well, said but I'm hungry!

Come Saturn's ring, you can eat.

Is it really possible?

Wow, this is too weird!

+ As I said this makes no sense.

Well, let's eat everything we want and regain strength.

Is this the direction of the planet averno ?.

This is it, but we are still far away.

Well, it's time to go in.

Inside the blanket.

Can you really get in?

The entrance is a bit narrow, but the interior is very wide.

Wuoa, what space you have inside.

Wow, it's really big inside!

Welcome guys!

According to the chronicles, this is where the devil should be and not only that ...

... if not also how to defeat him.

Everything is written on these scrolls ...

Here it says we have to go ...

... by the antardida and cross some shouts with flames ...

Well, - is what I understand.

Enter the antardida and cross the cracks?

Yes! It is the only option we have!

If we manage to pass that, in a short period of time, let's be inside.

A span of time?

Look the flames are dark!

On this planet the flames are like that!

At last we reach the wrong planet!

I didn't imagine it that way!

Is that the entrance to the planet?

I think- I don't know!

That must be the entrance.

Well, we're done!

Gravity is very strong!

What heat! What heat! What heat!

It seems that we have entered.

The blanket burns!

Hopefully we can cross it, we are running out of time.

There is only waiting to see what happens!

It seems we had a good time.

We burn, we burn!

Well, there is no time to lose, you have to get out of here!

Let's hide quickly!

Why would we have to hide?

You say we hide from demons!

Yes, they won't be long in coming, that's why I told them to hide!

How have you seen the blanket on fire, come to investigate immediately!

Yes, as you fear it!

It is completely calcined, it must be from the terricolas.

That is what they find when they dare to enter our planet!

They are fools if they think they can defeat our king, look how they ended up!

That is what they get!

Or maybe they have managed to escape and are alive there!

Even if that were the case with the tremendous cold it does here, they would die immediately frozen.

If frozen to the bone!

They are right.

Well, let's go back.

They are finally gone.

Well, we can go to another place here, the cold is irrelevant.

I wish it were easy but!

I'll do something for now!


That good!.

Why did you turn it off?

As there is nothing to burn.

I can't keep my power for a long time with this cold!

So they must resist the cold soon we will leave the antardida.


I can not stand!.

Nobita, wake up, wake up!

I can not!.

Don't fall asleep, don't give up Nobita - I don't want to die here!

Hopefully the snow of the antardida was warm.

Nobita, don't give up!

Come on, wake up, wake up, don't give up.

Hot snow a-yes I remember.

The cream of the opposite effect!

With just getting a little we are already warm.

It doesn't seem that way.

What a warm weather huh!

I would say too much!

It must be because you got too much.

Well, we have passed the Antardida.

Now we have to pass the ocean and so we will get to where the king of demons is.

Although passing it will not be easy ...

... since unknown creatures are found on an island ...

And other dangers you can imagine.

But that's why there's no problem, let's fly the island and that's it.

Wow, what a good idea you came up with.

I wish it were as simple as you say!


Why do these creatures sing ...

... and whoever hears the melody ...

... against his will towards the island.

Ok then...

Ear protector!

Ear protector?

Yes, you wear it and you don't hear anything!

Hey, hey, listen to me!

That? That?

Giant is a fool.

Wow, you said something!

They hear me, they hear me.

I hope there are no problems!

Suddenly everything fogged up!

This looks like fog!

Guys, wait it's over here, don't let yourself be dominated by melody!

Guys, please wait, wait!


The island!.

What a beautiful song.

How beautiful?

This is beautiful, listen to my songs!

Let's get out of here immediately!

You've laid that monster, Giant!

It was to be expected from Gigante!

What a way to flatter.

Well, we can hurry.

That looks like a castle.

This is the place of demons!

If we do not want to be caught we must go down!

Here even the gardens are horrible!

Of the demons such a landscape was to be expected.

But to get to the king ...

... we must go through here whether we want to or not.

Of course I suppose they will be hungry!

The blanket of plenty!

Wow, how good to eat!


I had never eaten some cupcakes that rich.

Why are you so worried?

Because once we are here, possibly ...

... There is no way out of this place.

Well let me tell you that with the gorrocoptero we can get out of here without more or more.

Do you know where the king of demons is?

From here we must go north-northeast.

Well I'm full, come on !.

Let's go to that place!

North-northeast at the end Where is it?

I have a compass!

North-northeast, through that tree from there to fly.

Let's go then.

Doraemon Look.

There are animals here too.

They can be the devil's coyotes.

Those animals are good predators.

Check it out.

Even the demons march with these animals!


Wow, the tree is farther than we thought ... We will have to fly more than planned.

My-look, that tree is moving!

Alas if it is really moving!

It seems they want to mate!

Go there is no time to lose seeing these things!

The compass!.


It is also starting to fail.

Do you think we can reach our goal?

Doraemon, you have an idea where we fly!

I do not know.

You mean you don't know where to go.

Not even a sorcerer to know where to go.

Of course, a nice way to answer.

Do not fight!.

They think the demons are hovering at night.

Now is not the time to think such things.

Look at those bones!

E-That means we've been going around in a circle!

You are absolutely right.


What a fear that I have, perhaps we will die here.

Doraemon, do something to save us!

If there were any way either using a reflector I would.


Guide reflector!

Look for the north-northeast direction.


Now we will return to that grove!

... Although Claro I guess the trees will no longer be there, so ...

... we must go before dawn.


I wasn't supposed to have grasslands, it seems I was wrong.

This forest is scary!

Here it says that in this forest.

... is full of many beasts and fierce demons.

Full of beasts and demons?

Look, look!

It seems that something is coming here.

Come here to the star, quickly!

It has been done.

It may not be able to walk, although better for us.

Doraemon, you have the stone cap.

Yes, here it is!

Stone cap!

Putting this seriously we will disappear!

You see, just put it on, they'll ignore you completely ...

... as if you were a simple stone in the ground.

Although we cannot see each other, please do not separate.


I'll put a smoke missile ...

To put on the helmets, to which the missile is shot, we will also do the same.

And being very careful!

Where they all went!

Doraemon, where are you, -Here.

Hurry put on your helmet and follow the missile.

What a strange thing.

Although apparently ...

Ayyy, I'm staying.

Nobita Pervert! -I'm sorry.

It was not my intention.

Thats weird!.

The drummer's battery is over, it's over!

D-I must leave the forest as fast as I can.

I think I have achieved it!

Guys, they're all here.

Este- Where is Gigante ?.


You see, the hoods are unloaded ...

And if we continue flying, the battery will run out.

But the king's castle is near us.


Is that the devil's castle?

Finally we arrived!.

Well, the first thing we should do is infiltrate the castle without swimming see us.

Everything should go as planned.

Come on!.


We have finally reached the devil's castle!

The only way to defeat the demon king is-

- nailing one of these silver darts directly in the heart.

We only have 6 darts, so I will give 2 to each one, but be very careful.

Listen to the moment it appears we must hit it together at once!

Let's go!.

Move man, walk.

Ay- Don't push!

Should we really go in there?

Because you say so, you also think we have another option.

How? Some intruders in the kingdom!

and already investigated throughout the kingdom.


From end to end and we haven't found anything!

We also investigate the object that fell on our planet and I think they died, so it is unlikely that they are here.

Inept! They are still alive and are heading towards this castle!

Find them immediately, don't let them escape!

Yes! Yes, sir! Whatever you say.

Watch the whole castle!

Move heaven and earth if necessary!

Find those intruders and capture them!

What a great castle!

How the devil lives!

Go up, go down stairs, get tired!

King of the demons!

If you are looking for the king of demons, go here.

Thank you so much.

Who - who was that?

Wow, they have the courage to dare to come here!

Terricolas, they are really admirable!

Stop so much destruction on earth!

If not, pay attention to the consequences!

I'm serious, I'll shoot this dart in your heart!

Sounds interesting! Well, do it!

He did nothing to him!

Fools! That didn't even tickle me!

Fuck! If everyone hit them in the heart, why didn't it work!

Why didn't he do anything to her? How strange!

If taking a risk is the only option!

I prefer to do it and thus save the land from your evils!


Terricolas, I appreciate your visit!

Listen, catch them right away!





Nobita we are here.

How much joy!

They are safe and sound!

My ass hit.

The important thing is that we are all fine!

Although we can't stay here for a long time!


The other demons will soon come here !.

We must leave here!

Put on the stone caps and run away in a hurry.

Let's flee in a hurry ?.

See you at the entrance of the castle!

Even while we will flee as far and ...

... this time we will act at night, of course with the hats on and carefully this time.

Well, go ahead!

Where are everybody!.

Hurry to run to the forest!

Over here!

As I imagined, they have become invisible.

But I can smell its aroma ...

And I know they are not far away!

Here is your smell!

They must be very close to here!

There is one!

Ay- Ay! It burns me. It burns me!

It seems they have taken someone.

Can not be!.

But as well ...

... we are not supposed to be invisible.

Why is this happening?!

What a harm!

I look!.

The Stone Cap is broken!


Myoko, the others are with you!

No, the only one I've seen is you.

That demon knows we're here because it's smell.

There it comes!

That bad!.

Hurry, put this on and run away as far as possible, then we'll see each other!

But, Myoko ...!

I still have the weapon to defeat the king of demons.

It's the last one, so please

-I hope everything goes well, since it is the last chance we have.

I am sure that with Doraemon's help, we will defeat him.

What are you thinking to do?

For the moment face the demons.

So run away as far as possible!


What-what will happen if you get caught!

Tell me one thing, your magic is enough now!

If we both get caught, how do you think we can beat him huh!

So tell me-!

Who will protect the land from the demonic invasion?

Thank you very much, for everything you have done for me, really!




-I promise that I will come to help you.

Meeting you was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me ...

... I hope we meet again very soon, friend.!



To her!.


Myoko, Myoko, Forgive me!

I promise I will help you again!

I promise!.

Everything is strange ...

... If we hadn't taken so long ...

... Neither Shizuka, neither Suneo nor Gigante would be in this one.

It's all my fault!

How would I know that asking for a magical world in the cabin that would happen would be a world like this!

Already done, done is not even going back we can solve it!

It may be possible!

How, if the cabin that would pass is damaged ?.

The time Machine.

Right, let's go back to the day we use the cabin ...

... and avoid ourselves from using it !.

Conveyor bag!

With that you will remove the desk from my room!

Come come.

I've found the 2 missing!

Medusa, go for them!

Don't let them get away with it!

Your wishes are orders!.

We have returned safe and sound!

How the world will be without magic!

There is no magic and no devil!

A world of peace

It's great to see the world like that!

Now that I think, what we did!

I remember!.

We went to throw an old carpet to the dump, remember!

Well, come on.

The devil has followed us!

Why- Why- Why ?.

Run fast!

Don't run down the hall!

How strange it is as if a ghost passed through here!

Do you think that broom will fly?

We have another opportunity!

There it goes!.

How good!.

It's not time to rejoice ...

... that follows us!

How much garbage!

A lamp!.

Nobita please help me!

Who would do this kind of thing!

And also that they throw it in the trash, that you are insolent!

Too bad, I can't move and I'm on top of a tree!

Oh, I don't even want to imagine what will happen!

What a harm!

Why did he fall from heaven?

Oh and that!

Although strange, it looks like me.

Hopefully the moon rises to avoid ourselves.

The spell has been reversed!

How good!

Let's take advantage of the moonlight to avoid ourselves!

Let's hurry up Doraemon, let's avoid ourselves ...

... of using the cabin that would pass !.


We are going to wake up ourselves.

Oh no, the moon has been hidden!

What are these things doing here ?!

Let's leave them here until tomorrow!

The rain is very strong, a typhoon is coming.

As we are we cannot do anything, we must do something.

How do we stop ourselves ?!

Myoko, I'm glad you're well!

Father, I'm glad you're well too!

Good, Myoko, the spell has risen!

And it's good that your father is safe and sound!

However, we are in the masmorra of hell.

What will become of us ?!

We still have hope!

Doraemon and Nobita will come, I'm sure.

Don't be so happy!

Medusa, is already in charge of turning them into stone.

What do you say beast?

What they heard

Tomorrow finally the demons will conquer the earth.

But to do so we must inactivate the protection of the moon ...

... And when that happens, with an unprotected planet, it will be easy ...

...To conquer her.

Thanks to you this was possible!

They have finally woken up!



How did you know we needed help?

Like the alarm, it sounded every time.

I wanted to come to investigate and it was really about you ...

... that they were turned into stone.

And I used the handkerchief of time and returned them to their original state.

But why were they like that?

We were like that on a whim of Nobita!

I didn't imagine that would have happened.

He used the cabin he would pass through and created a magical world ...

... with demons and everything.

And we don't know what to do.

Find out before.

They can use the cabin of the passenger again ...

and return everything as it was before.

I would but ...

... I broke down.


Dorami, you are great!

You always get us out of trouble.

Now I will return to earth as I was before.

How good!.

Live live!


Doraemon Adventure in the Underworld (End) Wait a moment!

It's good that we return the world to the way it was before!

But what will happen to all the friends we met in the magical world ...

We will leave you abandoned to your fate in the magical world.

Poor of them, arrested there.

You think just like me!

It is that it is ...

A parallel world

What does that mean?.

Is that that and that is this.

They are two unrelated worlds.

Even so!

We must help them!

Let's use the time machine!

We will return to the planet as hell!

I will go with you too!

That with that hat you can't do magic! -Remember that it is an ornament!

For nothing else!

A- If Myoko gave me the scroll!

Although with the flashlight you could see what it says.

Unfortunately I can't understand anything it says.

Good! The pasta translator!

How good!.

How could I forget that one.

To defeat the king of demons you must hit one of these darts straight to the heart.

That's a lie, we did it and nothing happened!

Oops, wait a moment!

Further down he says that the king's heart is not in his body ...

... is found in another part of the universe.

I get it!.

And to be able to locate it, the heart is like a planet that emits red rays.

Well, let's go there!

Let me see if there are no demons nearby!

Is that hell?


Now. How will we save others!

Now that you say it, we must do something!

I just thought of something!.

For now, see how the situation is!

Well, spy satellite!

It seems you have found them.

They are probably prisoners in that underground prison.

I also believe it.


Can we use magic?

No way!.

They are tied with those chains and cannot do anything.

If you are going to eat us, I warn you that my meat is not very tasty!

I love my mom!

Tonight we'll eat well!

Look how good they look!

The girl is definitely good for steaming.

We will make them fried!

You have no right to give orders!

My hat has 2 stars, and whatever I say is done!

It's okay, steamed!

What was that?

What, fireworks!

What will be happening ?.

They are fine?

Doraemon, like ...

... you entered without ...

... they will realize.

Dorami, is outside distracting them with fireworks.

Let's take this opportunity to escape, quickly, quickly.

Nobita, I was sure you would rescue us!

You are suspicious, who you are!

You have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Seven stars!

Oh, you forgive!

What happened?.

This hat is very useful.

This blanket was not burned.

Yes it was, but we use the recovered bag and then ...

... we return it in time and you see it now!

What a magic for more incredible!

It is not magic but science.

In fact, this is not important.

Please blanket, fly ... fast as possible!.

We have also covered the blanket with the cream of the opposite effect, so nothing will happen.

What, they let them escape ?!

To follow them! Fools!.

From here you can not leave without more or more !.

You will see!

Planet with red rays.

Where could it be?.

The universe is too big.

Planet with red rays! Where will it be?


This is for the constellation sector Alpha !.

Dad, are you sure?


Myoko, drive!


At full speed, to that planet!

They really believe they will reach my heart!

Something follows us!

The legions of evil.

The main entrance to the constellation Alpha, is very narrow we can get it !.


Do you think they can get there?

Stars quickly ...

... take over the earth.

Okay, I'll see what it is!

Are you sure!.



Do not do it again!.

Stars to them!

More are coming here!

Well, I also help!

Come here!.

We are close to our goal!

So is!.


Don't do it!

Giant, with everything!

Well, there it goes!

Flashlight !.

Everything went well!

I thank you!

Now, Earth is safe!

No! The Heart of the Devil moves and goes straight to the wrong planet!

Will explode!.

Are you from another world?

And your world is more beautiful than this!

That I tell you!

The earth is as it is beautiful!

and you are very brave to protect her that way.

But if we did almost nothing!

You have to go back!.

I would like to stay a little longer in the magical world!

But I feel very good to meet someone like you Myoko!

What a good experience!

I also have good experiences!

Goodbye !, I hope that a not too distant future will see each other again!

Finally in the original world!


Myoko, do you think she ...

In the parallel world talves! -

Although I haven't noticed the difference yet!

Nobita, remember that magic does not exist!

I know!

Will you really know?

No matter!

It is the best.



I don't think something like that happens.

Fly fly!.


It must be the wind.


You've seen!.

I have used magic!

How are you going to say those things!

It's not a lie!.

How good we are!

Fly fly!.

I know!.

What do you think if we play baseball?