Doraemon: Nobita and the Wind Wizard (2003) - full transcript

A boy befriends a wind-child and goes on an adventure to a land of wind wizards.

This is the place. Our tribe's holy ground.

It's the god's resting place.

Let's go!

That's it!


Open it!

Oh no. It escaped?

After the typhoon had passed...

the sky was as clear as if nothing had happened.

A clear sky...

How's that? How's that?

Oh my.

Oh? What is that?

It must have been a soccer ball that was blown here from yesterday's typhoon.

All right!

Let's go!



It's not a soccer ball?

My remote control car!

Wh-what is this?

All right!

Come here, come here.

Got you!

You will be my pet.

I wonder where Suneo-chan went?


Oh my, where did you go?

What are you doing?!




This looks so good.

Thank you very much.

It's so cold and sweet, so good!




My... my ice cream!


My ice cream?


You threw this on my head. What are you going to do now?

Isn't wearing an ice cream hat pretty cool?

You fool!

Are you looking for a beating!?

Wait up!

Now's my chance...

It's not my fault!


It's useless to run.

Nobita, prepare for a beating.


Oh no...

Better run!


Are you all right?

That thing is so strong.

I'm really happy that you saved me, but I...

What are you doing?

Just what are you?

You must be something that Doraemon brought out.

My ice cream...

Along with Gian were all your doing, right?

Proving yourself, eh?

Stop following me!

I said, stop following me!


What are you doing?

What... are... you... doing?


I didn't bring anything out.


If you picked up some pet again,

you'll be scolded by Mama.

It followed me on its own.

What is this?

I've never seen it before.

Let me analyze it.

My books...

I can't believe it.

His power is like a mini typhoon.

A typhoon's child?

Stop it!

I said, "Stop it!"


Fuuko? Is it a girl?

Because it's a typhoon's child,

So let's call her Fuuko.

(Literally, "Child of the Wind")

If it's a girl, then this will be troublesome.

I get it. Let's assume that it's a girl.

But if Mama finds out, you'll be scolded for sure.

I can't just ignore her like that.


I see... looks like it can hide in other things.

Fuuko is so smart.


Did you take the water pot?


Don't just take it like that.


Nobita-kun, Mama took it.

What should I do, Doraemon?

Don't let her escape!

Mama! That's...

Is something wrong?



Don't bring any pets home!

I wonder where it ran off to...

What should we do? Doraemon.

What should we do?

I guess we need to put her into something...

Oh yeah, I have that.

Free-Size Toy Camera.

With this, we can give Fuuko-chan a body.

What should we give her?


How about this? It looks pretty cute.

I really like this manga.

No problem.

I only have to take a picture with this camera,

then a toy of the image will come out.

It's done!

Now, Fuuko-chan.

Try getting in there.

It'll fit her no matter what size she is.

You're upside down.

Fuuko, how is it?

Looks like she's happy.

Now we don't have to worry about being found out by Mama.

I should introduce Fuuko to Shizuka-chan.

Even if I said no, you'll still bring her, right?

But before we go, I think we should clean up...

That's right...

Fuuko wants to clean up?

Is it all right?

That's amazing!

So amazing!

Well then, let's go to Shizuka-chan's house.

Here, use this Take Copter.

Let's go together, Fuuko.

This is called a Take Copter. A 22nd Century invention.

It's a bit hard telling her this, since she can't understand it anyways.

I must find it.

Oh yeah, Fuuko, you must be good.

When you're at Shizuka-chan's house, don't go flying around wildly.

Be good.


All right. Let's go.

She's like Nobita-kun's little sister.

She's called Fuuko, eh?

Because she's like a typhoon's child.

Typhoon's child?

I did a lot of analysis on her,

but science doesn't say anything.

Who cares? Fuuko is Fuuko.

She's pretty smart, too.


Oh yeah, she can be friends with my dolls.

Of course. Right? Fuuko.

Mama gave this to me.

It's Koala-chan.


How cute. Let me see.

It's really well made.

Soft and fluffy.



What are you doing!?

Didn't I tell you already?

I'm not going to forgive you!

Geez, so naughty.

Sorry, Shizuka-chan.

That surprised me.
Ah, Fuuko-chan left.

That's fine.

She can go wherever she wants.

We don't know where she's going, Nobita-kun.

She'll probably go back home. That's right.

Where's her home?

How would I know that?




I didn't tell you to run away!





Do you know where Fuuko is?

Fuuko? Don't tell me it was that thing from before...

No... That's not it. It's only a doll's name.


Where did she go?


Where did she go? Fuuko...


What's he doing?


What the...

It was only the wind.


Where did you go? Letting me worry like that...

Don't run away anymore.

Well then, let's go back.

The doll!

Fuuko, you look a little smaller.

I see, you must be hungry.

Me too.

That's my wind pet!


Someone's calling me.

Did I hear wrong? Oh well, let's go back.

That wind thing... I found it first.

I must get it back.

Shizuka-chan! I found Fuuko.

Sorry for letting you worry.

Now I'm going to find her something to eat. See you tomorrow!

Nobi-chan, Dora-chan.

It's time to eat!

Did you get it?

It's inside the encyclopedia of the universe.

The food of typhoons is warm air.

Warm air...

If it's that, I have something good.

A Regular Hair Dryer.

A regular hair dryer!

Why is it something like that...

What's wrong with that?

Was that good?

Looks like she's full.

Nobi-chan, Dora-chan!

What should we do?

Act like a real doll.

What are you guys doing?

So this is the Fuuko-chan you guys were looking for.


This is pretty cute.

It looks like it's alive.

It's made pretty well.

What's wrong with you guys?

Hurry up and come eat dinner.

Yes, yes.

That's great.

Fuuko, you're great,

thank goodness!

What are you guys talking about?

I think it just winked at me.

No, it didn't.

It was an illusion.

Well then, please wait here.

Doraemon, a typhoon's child has to sleep, right?

She seems so peaceful right now.

Oh yeah, we can bring her to play at the empty field tomorrow.

That's right, but it'll be better if there's a desert or some large grassy plains.

That'd be great.

Let's go with Shizuka-chan.

I understand.

Good night, Nobita-kun.

Good night.

Good night, Fuuko.

Oh yeah, I should ask Gian for help.

Anywhere Door!

Well, let's go.

Anywhere will be fine.

Somewhere open, with lots of space.

Is that true?

So what hit me was the fool that hid in Nobita's doll.

That's right.

All right. I'll beat it up for sure.

Don't beat it, we have to capture it.

What happens after we capture it?

Let him be a pet, since it's so strong.

Suneo. I'm against violence, you know.

How's that possible...

It's really open.


I'm so glad for Fuuko-chan.

Hey, let's go together.

Obaa-san, sorry for the bother.

Is Nobita-kun here?

Yeah, along with Shizuka-chan.

Excuse us.

Excuse us.

I'm going to drown! I'm drowning! Drowning!

Thank you.


We're saved.

Where's Shizuka-chan?

It's a racoon!

Shizuka-chan, I'm a cat, you know!

There's a raccoon there.


There are a lot of them.

You're right, how cute!


They're like balloons!


Don't run too far!

Look! It's a windmill!

There are houses on the cliffs.

Look, it's the sheep-shaped cloud from before.

They're actually real sheeps.

Racoons that are like balloons, along with sheeps in the sky.

Oh, that's the wind hole's entrance.

Just where is this place?

They're probably out, Doraemon and the others.

Let's go too.

Suneo, we have to tread carefully.


Watch out!

It's not this, no, no, no!

Upwards Airflow Mat!

Thank goodness.

Are you all right?


Who are you?

What are you saying?

How did it become like this?



Ah, where is this place?

I don't know.


Are you all right?

They ran away, eh?



At a time like this we should use:

Translation Konjac!

I see.

I am Doraemon.

Thank you very much for saving my little sister Sun.

Those guys are real barbarians.

I'm Temjin.

This is Domjin, Yamjin, and Kunjin.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Nobita.

I'm Shizuka, nice to meet you.

I'm Suneo.

I'm Goda Takeshi, but you can call me Gian.

It seems like you guys were blown out here from that wind hole.

Temjin, where is this place?

This is the Wind Village.

The people who live here, since the very beginning,

have learned how to control

And use the wind's power as a way of life.


Welcome home.



It's so warm.


We borrow the wind's power to live.

Bringing the water up,

using it to irrigate the plants,

along with fishing to feed us.

All of this is done due to the power of the wind.

This huge windmill is called "The Old One".

Wow, such a big snail.

That's a giant snail.

How pretty...

There're a lot of interesting animals here.

These are pretty cute.


That's a strange snake.

There are normal turtles too.

It flew away!

Those are floating rabbits and bears.


I've never seen any of these animals before.

These could have evolved with the village.

So Earth still had places that we don't understand.

But it's amazing that they can use the wind to provide for them this well.

That's amazing!

Oh, Temjin.

Who were those people who chased Sun?

Are they also people from the village?

They're from the Storm Village.

They're different from us.


Let's go play with the wind targets!

Let's play, everyone.

What is it?

Even though I don't know what it is,

but it sounds like fun.

Gian, did you forget what we came here for?

I forgot.


On this cliff there are targets.

You blow wind into it.

Here, look at me first.

I'm going!

That's amazing!

Let me try too!

Nobita you can't do it. It's useless.

I'm actually pretty good at these things, you know!

This game is pretty hard even for us.

If you hit a target, I'd say you have passed.

Nobita, why don't you give it a try?

Go, Nobita-san!

I'm going!

All right!

Shoot it!




How's that possible?

You're actually pretty good!

No wonder you're Nobita-san.

Is this really your first time playing?

This is all thanks to Temjin.

Nah, it was Nobita who was quite good.

This wind top, I'll give it to you.

Thank you.

Well then, it's my turn next.

Let me go first!

So, Fuuko was blown here when she was still in an egg, right?

I found her first.

Just where did she come from?

Dora Big Kite!

The view is great!

Doraemon really has so many amazing gadgets.

Fuuko! Here.


That toy...

G-gian! Gian!

That toy is...

Looks like I still can't do it.

Fuuko-chan, compared to Nobita,

My house has more desserts and manga.

So, come to my house.

Come visit us again.

Of course.




Fuuko, we're going back now.

Looks like she hasn't played enough.

But if you're left here I'll get worried.

Nobita-san is like Fuuko-chan's papa.

Convenience Purse!

With this we can get the Anywhere Door.

If we keep this door here then it'll be okay.

I see...

Fuuko, if something happens,

come home quickly, okay?

I'm staying here.

If Fuuko's staying here, I'm staying also.

You're still saying those things? Time to go back.

That was pretty interesting.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

What is this?

What was that?

I knew I shouldn't have called Gian.

I'm so mad!

Next time I must make it my pet.

What's that sound?

Don't tell me that it's waiting for me?



Oh, it's just a wolf.

What!? A wolf?

You'll do.

For what?

Your body.

I see... so she's called Fuuko, one of the things that flew away into the air.

I must bring it back.

Oh man, telling me to make deliveries again.

Mama keeps changing people, how annoying!

Watch out!

Aren't you Suneo?


Why do you have that expression on you?

Wait up!

Let go of me, you stupid gorilla.


I said, "Let go, you stupid gorilla."


Even though I said I despise violence earlier today...

What's going on?

Who can it be?

Dora-chan, can you go see who it is?


Sorry, sorry.

I think I left something here from before.

Eh? That must have been toublesome.

Sorry, but can you go get it yourself?


Well then.

Who was it?

Suneo-kun. He said he forgot something.

Let's eat!

We of the Storm village...

have waited for this day for so long.

Please wear this pendant.


The great Uranda-sama has finally awakened!

The Storm Village will now start a new era.

What? Suneo-kun didn't go home?

Yesterday, Suneo seemed a little weird.

Now he's gone.

It was all because of me.

Didn't he say he forgot something?

I didn't make sure that he had gone home.

Dora-chan, let's go quickly.


Okay, let's go!


Fuuko, did you see Suneo?

Really? He should have come here...


The Storm villagers!

We brothers, along with Uranda-sama.





Nobita, hurry up and hand Fuuko over.

He said Fuuko!?

You're still talking about that!?

Shut up, you stupid gorilla.

Suneo... you idiot!

Go! Bring Fuuko back!

There has to be something, something...!

Such a violent fellow.

How should we dispose of him?

Don't mind him.

Stop right there, Suneo!


Suneo, wake up!

I'm really awake.

Typhoon Straw!

Here, Nobita-kun.


Oh no.

Wind God's Fan!

I fan... fan...

Eh? Did I get it wrong? This is a Festival Fan. Oh well.

What the hell are those fools doing?

How troublesome!

Ol' Dragon! Hear my call!

What is this?

I don't know.

I can't see anything.

What's going on?

Nobita-kun! Shizuka-chan!

Nobita-san! Where are you?

Fuuko! Fuuko!


I finally caught you.

Is everyone all right?

Rats! No! I hate them!

This pathetic cat.

Once I take away your pocket you won't be able to do anything.


The mist is gone...




Dora-chan... he...

Doraemon, are you all right?

Rats! Rats!


Eh? Where's your pocket?

It got stolen!

What should I do?

If I don't have my pocket I'm only a second hand robot!

Calm down.

As long as we can go back home,

can't we get your backup pocket?


The Anywhere Door...

Now how are we going to go back?

Looks like someone destroyed it.

Oh yeah, Fuuko, Fuuko!


What happened?

Fuuko is missing.

Now that you mention it, where's Takeshi-san?

Both of them got taken away by the Storm villagers.

By the Storm Village?

Temjin, do you know where their village is?

It's on the other side of the valley.

I'll take you there.

Let's go.!


If you go now you'll get caught.

And you can't go dressed like that.

Anyway, wait until after the sun has gone down.




Uranda-sama, everything is ready.

The only thing left is to get the Wind Jewel.

Then we can use the spell to revive the Mafuuga.

Soon the Storm Village will be the strongest.

Storm, it looks like it'll get interesting soon.

We'll go tomorrow.

All right.

The Dora Big Kite is still here, thank goodness.

But isn't it too noticeable charging in with this?

We got in safely.

Where are Gian and Fuuko?

Perhaps she's trapped in the caves.

Because Uranda-sama is here,

the day when the Storm Village rules the world is almost here.

Isn't that amazing?

Who is it?

Oh no.

Let's run!

If I still had my pocket...

Shizuka, are you all right?


Nobita-kun! Nobita-kun!

Someone fell into the trap!

Oh no. Hurry!


Not right now. Let's hurry!

It's me.



I don't know what's going on with Suneo.

He's with the Storm villagers.

Found them!

Everyone, the exit's that way. Hurry!

What about Nobita-san?

Leave him to me.

Let's meet up at "The Old One" windmill, okay?


Be careful!

Did anyone come by here?

I think they went that way.

Okay. Let's go!





Fuuko! Are you all right?

Ah, I have this wind top.

Perhaps I can open his cage with this.

All right...


Fuuko! I was so worried...

Someone's coming!

For Uranda-sama! Cheers!

Fuuko. Bring his key here.

Good work.

That was great.

Let's go.

Let's drink! Let's sing!


The exit's over there.

Doraemon along with the others are at "The Old One" windmill.

Be careful.

How about you, Gian?

After I see Suneo I'll go immediately.




Which way is it?

What's going on?

A waterfall!

We can get out.

Let's go see.

An underground waterfall, eh?

I think we're lost.

Thank you, Fuuko.

It feels like it's getting colder.

Wind! There's wind!

Perhaps the exit is over there.



What's wrong?

Oh yeah, Fuuko's really afraid of the cold.

In any case, let's hurry.

We finally made it out, but...


Fuuko! Stay strong!

Which way should I go...


I must go on.

We made it out.

We're saved.

We made it out safely.

But is everyone all right?

I don't know why Suneo-kun is with the Storm Village.

What happened?

What should I do?

Sorry... I already tried my best.

Fuuko! Be strong!

You can't fall asleep.

Nobita-kun! You can't sleep here!


Why didn't you come and save me?

Because... My pocket got stolen.

That's all right. I'll find a way out myself.

That's amazing.

You really are a dependable friend.

But, at least do something about Fuuko.

That's why Mama hated raising pets.

It's so tiring having to keep taking care of them.

I know!

Young one, I'm going to tell you something right now.

A few thousand years ago, the Wind Village and the Storm Village became enemies.

The Storm Village's shaman, Uranda, used a forbidden spell,

And called forth the Mafuuga with immense power.

Mafuuga used his powers to do many evil things.

In the end, the Wind Village's leader, Moajin, declared war on the Storm Village.

He used his Sealing Sword and sealed the Mafuuga into three jewels.

The village buried two of the jewels along with Uranda in a coffin.

The last jewel was sealed along with the sword, letting them rest eternally.

But the Storm Village was discontent with that result,

and awoke two of the jewels.

Then don't tell me one of them was... Fuuko...


We're saved! Thank goodness!

You guys saved us, right? Thank you.

But that dream from before...

I said that.

Don't be scared.

I'm a Yak.

I can communicate with you spiritually.

So what happened to the last jewel? Where is it now?

It's already in the Storm Village's hands.

Then what will happen to Fuuko?

It's fine for now.

That's great...


You cannot let her get close to the jewel inside the Sealing Sword.

Young one, you're the only one who can protect Fuuko.


You cannot let her get close to that jewel, all right?


You should rest here tonight.


Thank you very much! Take care!

Say good-bye to Yak-san for me, okay?

Fuuko, let's go.

Everyone's waiting for us.

What an arrogant child.

Go and capture Fuuko for me.



Good work.

Well then, let's go to the southern island.

Suneo! Return Fuuko to me!


Isn't that the story of Noah's flood?

Isn't that just a biblical story...

But there was evidence of a huge flood.

We have to think of something.

If we don't do anything,

then Noah's flood will happen when Mafuuga's jewel is revived.


Let's go get Fuuko back!

Along with Suneo!

We're also worried about Takeshi-san...

Even if you say that,

we don't even know where the southern island is.

Three cheers for Uranda-sama!

Is it the Dragon Head Island?

You know about it, leader?

Over there lies the jewel and the Sealing Sword.

Fuuko is there also!

Temjin, gather everyone.

Kanjin, get the Wind ship ready.


In order to prevent the revival of Mafuuga,

it is time to bring back the Wind ship!

What does the Wind ship look like?

It's big!

So this is the Wind ship...

Take off!

It's an island!

Ah, the wind...!

What's going on?

I can't believe it, we can't control the wind here.

Oh yeah, did we enter a doldrums area?

Note: Doldroms is the ocean belt near the equator, characterized by none or light variable winds.

Look, that's the Dragon Poem Island.

The time we have waited for Mafuuga's resurrection has gone on for too long!

Listen up, don't let Fuuko escape.

I'll go follow Suneo-kun.

You guys think of a plan to save Fuuko.

I understand.

Even though I don't have any gadgets,

Earth's fate still lies in our hands.

Be careful!

Be careful, Doraemon.


Thank you.

Fuuko, wait for me.

That hat!

Isn't that Doraemon's 4-D pocket?


Temjin, can you think of a plan to get that hat back?

That's easy.

But what should we do after that?

It's the sealed jewel!

It'll be bad if he pulls that sword out.


The day of Mafuuga's resurrection is finally here.

Stop it! Suneo!

What are you doing?

Return to your old self, Suneo!

Return to your old self!

That's impossible, you stupid gorilla.

Mind your own business.


Suneo! Stop!

That's not Suneo-kun!

Suneo, hear me sing!

Return to your old self!

I am Gian!

It's so bad...

I'm the king among kids!

I'm the invincible man!




Hey, wait! My hat!


It's time.





That was only a feint!


There has to be something, something!


I found it! What is this?


What is this?

It's the monster box.

Such cowardly fools.

Be quiet!

I have received Mafuuga's jewel.

Now's the time for Mafuuga's resurrection!


Awaken, Mafuuga!


Breaking news.

The weather satellite has suddenly discovered a huge typhoon.

How scary.

This typhoon is a very strong one.

It's very likely that this typhoon will cause massive damage.


Wake up! Suneo!


Suneo, you back to normal?

Thank goodness.

What are you two doing?

What is this place?

We'll explain it to you later.

Suneo-kun, bring me that sword.

What do you want with the sword?

Cut the rope! Hurry!

What? Are you commanding me?

You should say, "Please cut the rope."

If you keep stalling the Storm Village will destroy us all!

Storm Village?

I don't really understand... It was probably a dream or something.

Suneo! Please... cut the rope.

I understand.


from now on the Storm Village will be undefeatable!

Thank you, Uranda.

But, your role ends here.


That's a Spirit Cage!

And that UFO is a time machine!

So you came, you blue racoon.

No! I'm a cat robot!

Who are you?

Let me tell you.

My name is Doctor Storm!

A 22nd century archaeologist.

Why did you come here from the 22nd century?

I discovered this pendant.

"Mafuuga will be resurrected on this day," says the pendant.

If you came from the 22nd century,

how could there be such a prophecy?

That's correct. The prophecy hasn't been fulfilled yet.

That's why I'll be the one to fulfill it today!

What did you say?

The Earth will be thrown in chaos!

I'll give this dirty and inhospitable world a real cleansing!

And then I'll create a brand new century!

Mafuuga! You can go on your rampage now.

So this is Mafuuga.


A giant wave's coming!

Kunjin! Tell everyone to bring this boat up!

Uranda-sama! Save us!

You guys are useless now.


Is everyone all right?

Just who did this?

Wasn't it you?

Doraemon! Fuuko is...

I understand. I'll think of something.

Doraemon, your pocket.

You finally found it? Thank you.

All right, now I'm not a second hand robot anymore.

Doraemon, think of something!

I understand. Leave it to me.

This, this... and this...

The giant wave is coming again!

Everyone, go help them!

Air Cannon!

Will that really work?

Leave it to me.

Big Light!

Nobita-kun, turn me big with this.



Here I go!

Mafuuga, I'll be your opponent!

Come here!


Got him!

A success!

Amazing, that's my Doraemon.

How's that? Pretty smooth, eh?


It's useless no matter what you do!


Yamjin used the Sealing Sword and sealed Mafuuga into three jewels.

Oh yeah, that sword!

Shizuka-chan, hold on to this.

Temjin, bring me to where Mafuuga is.

Hurry up and bring me to him!

Okay. I understand.



Be careful!

Nobita, he's coming!



Come back!

We did it, Nobita!

They did it!



Amazing, Nobita!



There's no hope!



Where's Fuuko?

Over there!


Idiot, how could someone like you defeat Mafuuga?

Doraemon, are you all right?

Fuuko-chan wants to dispel Mafuuga by going in its opposite direction.

What do you mean?

Uh... what I mean... um...

Don't tell me...

Don't tell me... Fuuko will...


Stop it! Fuuko!


Go! Fuuko!


Don't lose to Mafuuga!

Fuuko-chan! Go!



Let's all assist Fuuko with our power!

Combine all of our winds' power!

Fuuko! You're doing great!


Impossible... I can't believe it!




What are you doing?


There's a waterfall! We can get out!




Let him be alone for now.




Damn, how can this happen?

Storm is...

Doraemon, lend me the Air Cannon.

Give him a good lesson.

Temjin, help me.


Storm... Taste this!

Amazing, Gian!

Piece of cake!

Breaking news update.

The typhoon from before suddenly disappeared.

The weather service is still researching this case.



You came, eh? Come on in.

Storm is a 22nd century criminal.

Good work, everyone.

Wind ship, lift off!

I'm not Uranda.

My name is Suneo.

Uranda is a good name, isn't it?

Come back soon!

Take care.

Thank you.

Fuuko disappeared.

But I'm not sad.

Because Fuuko will always be by my side.

Hey, everyone!

Nobita, you're slow.

I just saw Fuuko.

Are you sure you weren't daydreaming again?

It's always like this.

This time it's real!

But it might have been a dream.

I said it wasn't a dream!

Nobita-kun drools when he naps!