Digimon Adventure Tri. 6 (2018) - full transcript

Plot unknown.

- The one born
from the vast darkness

is a burning flame.

A rising moon which wipes away
the memory

of daylight, the searing
embrace of a dark power,

dancing madly in a crazed storm.

However, in time, even
this storm shall pass.

In its wake, joy and prosperity
will vanquish despair,

and the darkness
will fade into the light.

- If King Drasil
gets his way,

I think we all know
what's going to happen.

The human world
is going to be swallowed

by the digital world.

- Hold on tight.

- Tai?

Where are you, big brother?

The two of us,
we've always been together.

Sometimes you got bored.

Sometimes I got angry.

Lots of times we had fun.

But you were always right there.

You awake?

Of course not.

Hello, world to Tai Kamiya,
wake up.

Let's go, rise and shine.

- Kari, Kari?

- What is it, T.K.?

- You all right?

- Mm-hmm.

- Just thinking about Tai.

Where'd he go?

- Look at that, guys.

It just keeps getting closer.

- I can see our school.

- Can they see us?

- Distortions everywhere.

- What do you
make of this, Izzy?

- The line separating the
human and the digital world

is starting to disappear.

- Couldn't that be a good thing

We wouldn't need a portal
to go to your world anymore.

- I can go see Joe anytime.

- It's not that simple.

If this keeps up, there won't be

a human world
for any of us to visit.

- I guess Homeostasis
isn't going to stop

King Drasil from reshaping
both worlds.

- There's no way
I'm going

to let that happen.

- But what can we do?

We can't even control
Meicoomon anymore,

now that she's combined
with Ophanimon

and her Dark Mode.

She's grown more powerful
than ever.

Homeostasis wants only
stability and harmony.

That's it's only purpose.

- That's what they always say.

- So how are we gonna
save Meicoomon.

- Is that pink lava
a portal, Izzy?

- Not only that,
it connects directly

to the human world.

And it's within
walking distance.

What do you say, Matt?

Should we go home?

- Yes.

- Walking distance
is far.

- Yeah,
only because we don't

have legs.

- But dancing
looks like fun.

- Not as fun as flying.

When Tai through me in the air,

ah, that was so much fun.

- I remember that.

I wanna fly.

Throw me, Mimi.

- When Tai comes back,

he'll make us all fly.

- Maybe we should
talk about another topic.

How about food, food's good.

- Ah food
would be good.

That would make this walking
distance much shorter.

What have you got?

- I've got nothing.

- Well why do
you wanna talk about it?

That's not nice.

- It's okay, you know?

- Hmm?

- I know you don't
want to leave.

Let the rest of us handle things

back in the human world
for awhile.

You wanna stay and look for Tai,
don't ya?

- Well, yeah.

I'd like to stay here,
but I can't.

Our world needs to be saved too.

- Hmm, it still doesn't
seem real, does it?

What happened to everyone.

First Meicoomon.

Then Gatomon.

And poor Mr. Nishijima was
just trying to help Tai.

It's like a bad dream.

- I keep thinking Tai's
gonna come around

the corner any minute.

And really tick me off.

- Yeah, I wish.

Just between us,
can I ask you something?

- Sure.

As long as it's got
nothing to do with ghosts.

But maybe we should get
going before everybody

starts won--

- What happens if Tai's
really gone?

I mean,
it kinda looks like he's gone.

I know that doesn't
sound remotely possible,

but the last time we saw him,
he fell into

a big crack.

And when it closed back up,
he was gone.

And I'm worried about Kari.

She lost her brother
and her Digi partner

got turned into a giant
flying feathered monster.

All right, I'm done.

And now you tell me
there's no point

in getting all emotional
and we just

have to buckle up
and keep going.

- Exactly.

- That's good advice.

- Sora!

- Over here, Biyomon.

- What did you do?

- Hey, hey, everything's okay.

- You've been crying.

Was he singing
one of his songs to you?

They're awful
and they don't even rhyme.

- How would you know?

- You sing in your sleep.

- Oh Tai,
I'm leaving now.

Come find me again,
in your world.

- Thank you all
for coming.

As you know,
recent Digimon attacks

have resulted in power outages
and caused

digital devices to fail.

Reports of hostile Digimon
wreaking havoc

on critical infrastructure
continues to pour in

from every corner of the world

with no end in sight.

These incidents are proof
that our world

is being systematically
invaded by the digital world

and we must act at once.

We had hoped the military forces
would not

have to enter the cities,
but it's clear that

we are now past that point.

Meiko, call me as soon as
you get back.

Where is my daughter?

- Your efforts
are in vain.

The situation is beyond
the power of humans

to control.

- What do
you mean by that?

What's going on?

- The attempt by Homeostasis
to eliminate

the Libra has failed.

During the battle,
the Libra combined

with Ophanimon Falldown
Mode, this was not expected.

The result was the creation of
the Digimon

known as Ordinemon.

The worlds harmony
is now utterly lost.

- And Meiko, did the
children get out safely?

- No one was sacrificed.

Homeostasis does not wish that.

We must act
before events spin further

out of control.

The time has come to
execute the fallback option,

our plan of last resort.

- What does that mean?

- If we do not stop Ordinemon,

the human world as you know it

is finished and nothing
will remain of mankind.

It's possible that the
fallback option itself

will destroy your world.

But if we do nothing,
then we remove

any doubt about
what will happen.

Let us hope
it's not already too late.

- Well, we're here.

- What's been going on?

All citizens

are ordered to clear
the streets and public

areas until further notice.

A state of emergency
has been declared.

Repeat, all citizens are
to clear city streets

and public areas
and to remain indoors

until further notice.

- At least that
thing that Meicoomon

turned into hasn't shown
up in the city yet.

- There's nothing about it
on the news?

- There would be,
if it was here.

- That's for sure.

- So now what?

We saw it disappear
into a distortion.

- Yeah, we did,
what do you think, Izzy?

- Unfortunately,
as much as we don't

want it in this world,
we have to assume

it'll come here.

It's a very powerful Digimon.

- This is all...

My fault.

- Huh?

- Tai is gone.

- Kari, no, no.

Don't talk like that.

- What if he is?

Then what?

Where's my brother?

Please come back, Tai, please.

- Mimi, when you cry,
I cry, too.

- Come back, Tai.

- She fainted.

- Don't let her fall.

- Her forehead's so hot.

She has a fever.

- But she was okay when
we got here.

- It's all the stress.

It got to her.

- I guess you can say that
every bad thing

that's happened is my fault.

Ever since Meicoomon went crazy,

it seems like nothing's
gone right for us.

- That's not true.

Remember that time we had cake?

- Yeah, chocolate.

- Lots of things have gone right

for us since then, Meiko.

But the future
is what's important now.

Not the past.

I think she'll be fine
if we just

get her off her feet.

Come on,
lie down for a bit, Kari.

- Tai or no Tai,
we'll be okay.

- I hope you're
right about that, Matt.

- Uh, Joe.

- What's up?

- Koromon's acting weird.

- Maybe he swallowed
a bug.

- Bugs don't taste that bad.

- Oh, you poor thing.

You don't sound good at all,

What's wrong?

- Maybe he's just super hungry

after all those battles.

- You know what they say
about feeding

a Digimon with an empty stomach.

A gold banana
is quite restorative

and tastes better
when someone else

makes it for you.

- I love that saying.

Let's order in.

- We have to eat two digi bars.

- Pepperoni for me,

- Good to see some things
are still

the same as ever.

- Of all the things
that have happened

to us, Tai,
this one might be the worst.

I don't remember when
the odds were ever

this tough before.

Why did you have to
disappear on us now, Tai?

How can I do this
when I'm all alone?

- Why would you ever think

that you're alone, Matt?

I'm with you.

- Gabumon?

- Tentomon was right, I
ate and I grew,.

So listen,
it seems like you're having

some trouble
dealing with stuff now that

Tai's not here.

- You heard that?

- But as they say,
your Digimon partner

has all the answers.

- They really say that?

- Nah, I just made it up.

But it sounds like a real answer

so it must be true,.

Everything's going
to be okay, Matt.

You're gonna be a great leader

and you're not alone.

You'll never be alone as long as

you have me around.

You know you can count on me.

I'll stay by your side no matter

how bad things get.

- Thanks, Gabumon.

- Even if that Ordinemon
blows up

the whole city,
or if you mess up

and get us all deleted.

- Huh?

- Or if you get confused
and we get lost

and go through
a distortion, only,

it's the wrong one
and we all end up

floating around
in space forever.

- That's not gonna happen.

- And when
you get married,

I'll watch your kids.

And when you get old,
I'll go for walks

with you,
I'll do anything for you.

I'll even save the world.

- Thank you, Gabumon.

Thank you for everything.

- Tai is still
in your heart, Matt.

- I know that.

I think about him all the time.

I think I understand
what he was trying

to tell me now.

I just didn't want to hear it
back then.

What's going on in your head?

This isn't like you.

The old you
would've taken action.

- I don't know what to do.

It's not like when we were kids.

These days it feels like
I see more but,

I understand less.

Is fighting the answer?

It might seem right
at the time...

But maybe it's not.

I still believe we're
the only ones

who can fix this.

I'm just worried, what
if we make it worse?

- Oh spare me, look.

- What?

- Quit trying to run away
from it.

I finally realized how
much I depended on him.

It's terrifying to lose
something irreplaceable.

I know that now.

Now that Tai's gone.

- You have to stop
thinking that way, Matt.

You're just making it harder
on yourself.

You know you're
the only one who can

step up and take over for Tai.

And you know
that's what he would want.

So, do it for him.

it's all right, don't cry.

- You're making me cry.


What are you doing?

- Hmm?

- Uh nothing really.

We were just out for a walk
and you know.

- A walk, huh?

And your walk just
happened to bring you all

right to that window
at the same time?

- Well, it
is a very nice window.

- Maybe it's time for
a digi-spanking.


- Matt?
- Hmm?

- Something's

- Distortion.

- That's right,
you have Tai's goggles.

Put them on.

- Here it goes.

No way.

Meicoomon's just reappeared!

- Everyone evacuate the area
at once.

Everybody out!

Everybody out!

- The police cannot
patrol down here, stay here.

- Chopper
later to group.

Follow me and fly low.
- Roger that.

I can't believe

those fools have created
this monster.

It's fantastic.

They're doing my job for me.

All I have to do now is
stand back and watch.

Do it, Ordinemon, destroy it.

Destroy it all!

Burn this rotten,
useless world sown.

Destroy these humans
and everything

they've created.

And in from its flames

and ashes,
a new world shall arise.

A new world ruled by
King Drasil, hee-hee-hee.

- Citizens are reminded
to stay indoors

and to monitor this channel
for further news bulletins.

- Has anybody heard
from Tai yet?

- Not yet, nothing.

- Same here,
I can't contact Meiko.

- Things seem bad, but
we have to trust our kids

and know they'll find
a way out of it.

- Mm hmm, that's the only thing
we can do.

They're all survivors.

I have faith in them.

- Dance, my horrible monster.

Just keep on dancing.

Destroy everything, Ordinemon!

- Stay on
my six, we're going in.

- Right behind ya,

- Keep moving!

Keep moving!

Don't panic, people.

- Is that really

- How are we supposed
to stop that?

- I was going to volunteer
to go talk to her,

but now that I see her,
maybe not.

- Swallowing Ophanimon
has made her

a little more intense.

The situation has gotten
quite dangerous.

- Oh Mei, now what?

- Let's go, Gabumon.

- Roger that.

- Gomamon, Tentomon,
Biyomon, Palmon, Gabumon

digivolve to...

- Garurumon!

- Togemon!

- Birdramon!

- Kabuterimon!

- Ikkakumon!

- Digivolve to...

- WereGarurumon!

- MegaKabuterimon!

- Lilimon!

- Garudamon!

- Zudomon, let's go.

- What do you want?

- I see you still prefer to wear

that disguise, edging your bets

just in case your little
plan falls through.

- Yeah, this war
is as good as over.

What are you doing here anyway?

Come to eat some popcorn
and watch

the whole human world's
last pathetic performance?

- It's too early
to predict what will happen.

- You guys
won't like the ending.

- Homeostasis wishes
for harmony and stability

in the world.

- Now this
is getting bold.

I think you need
a new catchphrase.

I mean, come on, you're
destroying everything anyway,

just like we would.

- Harmony and stability
are the opposites

of what you seek.

You seek only destruction
and pain and fear.

- You crack me up.

You hide behind philosophy
but you have

no loyalty.

It's not a half bad strategy.

Oh no, our owner's being

- Ordinemon
stopped its rampaging

when it's partners appeared.

Perhaps it still has some shadow

of a conscience left.

- So she's taking a quick break.

She'll be back
to destroying in a minute.

Just admit it, Homeostasis
has tried and failed.

No one can save this world now.

All hail its final destruction

and the rise of King Drasil.

- After her, everyone.

- No effect.

- We're gonna need
to crank it up

to the next level, you guys.

Let's go!

- MegaKabuterimon
digivolve to...

- Lilimon digivolve to...

- Zudomon digivolve to...

- Garudamon digivolve to...

- WereGarurumon digivolve to...

- MetalGarurumon.

- HerculesKabuterimon.

- Phoenixmon.

- Rosemon.

- Vikemon, arctic blizzard.

- Garuru Tomahawk.

- Star-Light Explosion.

- Forbidden Temptation.

- Giga Blaster.

- Still nothing.

- Incredible.

Now what?

- Our best shot
didn't even make a dent.

- What if we can't stop this?

- Oh Meicoomon,
what happened to you?

- I can't just stand here
and do nothing.

- It's too dangerous.

- You do not lack for
courage, digidestined.

- Who are you?

- A messenger sent
by Homeostasis.

Fear not, I am here as a friend.

- Mm hmm.

- Hackmon
and it's mega form makes it...


- Huh?

- That was you.

- Yes.

- you're not
our friend.

You're the reason Tai
isn't with us anymore.

- Take it easy.

- King Drasil had predicted
that the Libra

would destroy the real world.

If he was correct, then
the key to destroying

both the real world
and the digital world

must surely be what the
Libra has now become.

- Ordinemon.

- It is now far
stronger than all of you.

But it cannot even control
its own enormous power.

And it has no plan of direction.

It wanders aimlessly,
destroying without purpose.

In response,
Homeostasis has implemented

its plan of last resort.

We cannot allow
King Drasil to continue.

- What is this plan
of last resort?

- It involves rebooting
the real world.

- Is that even possible?
- A reboot?

We already did that.

- The reboot
you initiated

was only of the digital world.

The programming code
of that world

and the real world
are vastly different.

But the distortions
transferred data

between the two
and have caused damage

to the real worlds code.

The very structure
of its basic code

has been rewritten.

According to my calculations,
it will take

only 94 seconds
to rewrite all code

and then the real world
will transform back

into the Quantum Sea.

- The Quantum Sea?

- We must prevent that
from happening,

for the survival of your world.

- So the first reboot
wasn't enough?

- Does that mean
our Digimon will lose

their memories again?

- No, this time
we can avoid that

by using the backup
memory we made for them

after the last reboot.

The trouble is, a total
reboots gonna reset

every single computer and
electronic device, too.

It's digital Armageddon.

- Issues relating
to the everyday tools

of human beings are unimportant.

We are talking about the
question of whether or not

humans in the real world
will survive at all.

The reboot is the last hope
for humanity.

- We have to save it
by destroying it?

Will it even be our world

- Oh, Kari,
I wish there was something

I could do to help you.

So this guy thinks
our planets hard drive

needs to be wiped clean?

Isn't that a little extreme?

- What would Tai do?

Would he believe him?

- Well I'm sure of this,
what Tai would be

focused on
would be saving people.

And he'd work
as hard as he could

to minimize any damage.

He'd find a way.

- Sounds great,
what do you think, Izzy?

- I think it's crazy.

Think about the electrical grid

and power plants
and the gas lines

and the water supply
and transportation

and even medical services.

Rebooting the real world
would mean

shutting down
every one of those things

all at the same time.

And Hackmon says
all that's unimportant.

There's gotta be
another solution.

And I'm gonna find it
before this reboot happens.

- He has a point.

- Just the same,
the reboot will begin

when Homeostasis decrees,
but I do agree.

Ordinemon should not be allowed
to further

damage this world.

Could you lure it away
toward the ocean?

- But, but how?

- Sorry, Meiko,
but Hackmon is right.

or whatever she's called

is destroying everything
and we have to stop her.

Look, you have the best
shot as her partner.

Try to lead her
away from the city.

- Well, wish me luck.

All right then.

- Gather around you guys.

We brought you some food,
so dig in.

- There's nothing like
food to cheer you up.

- Tummy so happy.

- Yeah.

- Oh, my eyes were bigger
than my thorax.

- Why do you eat so much,

- Because eating is the
funnest thing there is.

Plus I've got to be strong
for when Tai

comes back.

- I hope you're right.

- I'm always right about food.

I wish I was as illogically
positive as you are.

I'm so afraid
we'll never see Gatomon

and Meicoomon again.

How do you do it?

Do you know some sort
of secret to happiness?

- Mm hmm, my secret is eating.

- Oh, another dead end.

I have to keep looking.

If I could just figure out
how to prevent

the reboot from happening.

I've gotta find something.


- Hey, Izzy,
can I come and join you?

- Sure Tentomon,
come on out.

- You sure took off in a hurry.

Is stopping Hackmon's plan
that important?

- I feel like if I don't,

it's gonna mean the
end of the human world.

Then again, maybe not.

You guys got rebooted
and you're fine.

- Wait, I got rebootified?

Are you sure?

That sounds like
the kind of thing

that would definitely
leave a bruise.

- It's true, you just forgot.

That's the problem
with rebooting.

Your memory can get wiped out.

That's why I don't wanna
do it again.

- Who's there?

Is that you, Tai?

- Mr. Nishijima, where are you?

I hear you
but I can't see anything.

- Over here.

- Over where?

- You're all right.

I'm so glad.

- But, you're hurt.

- Yes,
I wasn't as quick

as you, obviously,.

- Don't try to stand.

- Where are we?

- Well, we're still in
the digital world,

but I don't know where.

I knew it.

This isn't random.

Someone brought us here.

But why?

Impossible, it's them.

It's Davis and Ken
and it's all of them.

Are they alive?

- I think so.

It looks like they're
in suspended animation.

In fact, there's something
else you need to know.

I couldn't tell you before.

- Huh?

- Davis, Ken, Yolei and
Cody, the four of them

went missing a long time
ago and I always wondered

what happened to them.

But then that intel was
classified top secret.

Even their names
were made confidential.

And all related information
was kept under seal.

- Who gave the order to do that?

- It was Director Himekawa.

I didn't know it at the time
but she was

cooperating with King Drasil.

So when these four
learned about him

and what he was planning,
she made them disappear.

In our last battle together,
Himekawa's partner,

Tapirmon was sacrificed.

That loss
broke something in Hime.

I think that's why
she wanted to reboot

the digital world.

She thought
it would bring Tapirmon back.

Nothing else
really mattered to her.

- Did it work?

- I don't know.

I don't even know
if Hime is still alive.

Having a partner Digimon
can save a person

or if things go wrong,
it can drive them mad.

If only I'd seen where
Himekawa was heading,

maybe things wouldn't
have turned out this way.

Sometimes your best friends
somehow become your enemies.

That's when
the decisions get tough.

That's when we do things
we never thought

we would be capable of.

- Please kill her.

Just do it.

- Beware
when fighting monsters,

that you do not become
a monster yourself.

If you gaze long enough
into the abyss,

the abyss
will gaze back into you.

Sounds like that
was written about you.

- Wait,
what are you doing?

- Just a
little program modification.

- He's turned
off their life support.

- Yes,
they don't have long now.

But you can save them
by transporting them

to the real world, if you hurry.

Because in a few minutes,
this whole place

is gonna blow, kaboom!

We've even prepared
extra slots for you.

Wasn't that merciful
of King Drasil?

But wait, what's this?

I only see one.

How can we make such a
fatal error,?

I guess only one
of you gets to go.

I've been waiting for
this day for a long time.

A chance to finally
show you how pathetic

and powerless
you humans really are.

By yourselves
you can't do anything.

Without Digimon,
you're worthless.

How does it feel
to realize that?

On your own,
you're nothing but clowns.

The digidestined are a joke.

You really should be
ashamed of yourselves,

you wannabes,.

- Are you trying to stop it?

- Yes, I've gotta kill
the program.

There has to be a way to
override the sequence.

Mr. Nishijima,
see if you can find

the root directory on
that computer.

- Right.

Hey, Tai, I think I
found a way to override

the transport and stop the
self destruct sequence.

Go look at the controls
inside the last cryo chamber.

The empty one.

- Okay.

- Step
all the way inside.

Transport system activated.

- Hey, Mr. Nishijima.

Something went wrong.

I'm trapped.

- I'm sorry,

But if only one of us
can go back

to the human world,
it has to be you.

It has to be.

- Open the door.

Let me out of here.

We still have time
to figure it out.

Come on.

- There's
nothing here to figure out, Tai.

But you need to figure
out what's happening

back home and make things right.

You kids are the only ones
who can do it.

You just have to do
the very thing

that you guys taught me to do.

To never give up.

To believe that
no matter how bad

things get, there's always hope.

I think I understand that now.

Always hope.

I have to stay, you have to go.

- I can't.

- Yes,
you can, Tai.

You have to help your friends.

You kids are the future.

Your generation will
write the next chapter.

Maybe for our entire world.

Maybe for
the digital world, too.

So, dream big.

I believe in you.

- Jet calling Delta.

You have friendly inbound
on the bridge,

300 yards out to the east, over.

- Roger that,
chopper two.

We have visual, over.

you are clear on approach.

Checkpoint, Delta, out.

- Mei Mei,
this is really brave of you.

- Thanks for stepping up.

- Well, I'm the right choice.

- Plus we're here to help you.

- You can count on it.

- You say that
but I'm a little scared

we'll get swallowed up
like Gatomon did.

- Mm hmm,
there's gotta be something

we can do.

I want Gatomon
and Meicoomon back.

- Oh no,
look at the lights.

The city's entire
electrical grid

is on its last legs.

It can't take much more of this.

Well, at least
it'll be morning soon.

- But we don't have
very much time.

Meiko, go ask Hackmon
what he wants you to do.

- Should I go try
to talk to her?

- No, that is not necessary.

All you have to do
to lead her away

from the city is to walk away.

Ordinemon will go
wherever you go.

- What makes you
think that's still true?

The Meicoomon I knew is gone.

How do you know
that creature up there

even recognizes me
after all these changes?

- Homeostasis
believes the bonds

between Digimon and their
partners are unbreakable.

They can survive
any transformation.

- Assuming Homeostasis
really is on our side.

I have my doubts.

- Homeostasis strives only
for harmony and stability.

It does not take sides.

- Yeah, but what's that
really mean?

Cause in that big battle,
you certainly took sides.

You digivolved into
Jesmon and tried

to destroy Meicoomon.

I'm sorry, I guess
I don't have any right

to question what you're
doing when it was my fault

for creating this whole
problem in the first place.

- No need to apologize.

You are an innocent
victim in this situation.

We involved you
for our own reasons.

Personally, the reboot
is not the course

of action I would choose.

- Poor Mei.

- Oh, check it out, guys.

She's on the move again.

- Maybe Meiko can save her.

- Almost doesn't matter.

- What do you mean?

- Even if she stops, our world

is still in trouble.

is obviously determined

to go through with the reboot.

- Yeah, and they think
it's okay.

They know the results
will be catastrophic,

but they don't seem to care.

- It's not their home.

King Drasil, Homeostasis
, neither of them cares

about saving our world.

We're on our own.

- If Ordinemon doesn't
change back,

then what's going to happen
to Meicoomon and Gatomon?

- But she's gotta change back.

- I know I'll be fine.

- It's Izzy.

What's up?

- Matt, you're not
going to believe this.

Davis and Ken Yolei
and Cody just came back

from the digital world.

- Are you kidding me?
- Huh?

- I don't have
all the details yet,

so I don't know who found them

or how they got out of there,

but they're here.

They're in a hospital
and apparently

they're all right.

Can you believe it?

They've been in the digital
world the whole time.

- That's crazy.

Okay, keep us posted.

- You're awake.

Here, have some water.

- Thank You.

- How are you feeling?

- Huh?

Like I might as well
disappear again.

- Don't say that!

I'll always bring you back.

I wanna help you but
you have to talk to me.

Don't let the sadness win.

Trust me, Kari, it's okay.

I'll always be here for you.


- You're touching,
I didn't see anything,

I swear,
I wasn't even in the same room.

Ah, what's that?

- Gatomon is
still in there somewhere.

I have to go.

I have to do something.

- Meicoomon, come here.

- Ah yes,

Bring down all
your friends to join

our lovely party.

Together we will destroy
this world completely.

Let the humans weep
and wail as they watch

everything they have built
burn to ashes.

All hail King Drasil.

- Meicoomon, Gatomon,
are you still in there?

Have all the memories of
your partners been erased?

- Meicoomon!

- Please remember!

- I'm sure our friends
are still there somewhere,

deep inside.

- Yeah.

- But if it comes
right down to it,

we may have to fight them.

- Yeah, I know.

- Are you with me?

- But I can't digivolve.

I need time.

- That's okay,
because there's still

a lot of things you can do.

There are some things
we Digimon can do

that no one else can.

- You're right, and
it's time we went into action.

- Hmm.

- Matt will make
the right decision.

We just have to make sure that
when he does, we're ready.

- Hmm.

- Meicoomon and Gatomon
are still our friends,

this is not gonna be easy.

- Should we strike,
sir, or give it more time?

- Time's up, send the men.

Strike Force Delta here,

what are your orders?

Target acquired, all
gunships, fire when ready.

I've got a clean shot,
here goes nothing.

- Chopper force,
do not close engage target.

Artillery units,
you are clear to fire.

Choppers, minimum distance,
300 yards.

Stand off and fire rockets.

- Stop it!

- Why are they shooting at her?

- How are we ever
gonna rescue her now?

All that firepower, and it
didn't even slow her down.

- This is
Chopper three,

something's happening over here.

- Gabumon, let's go.

- You got it.

- Gomamon.

- I'm on it.

- Palmon.

- I'm good.

- Biyomon, you ready?

- Let's do this.

- Digivolve to...

- Togemon!

- Birdramon!

- Garurumon!

- Ikkakumon!

- Weregarurumon!

Digivolve to...

- Chopper force,


- It's time, you good?

- Yeah.

- Patamon, digivolve to...


Angemon, digivolve to...


- There's so many of them.

- How is MagnaAngemon
supposed to

fight all of that?

- I guess he's not, does
that answer your question?

- You again.

- If only you could
see your faces.

I'm glad to run into you,
because I wanted to thank you.

So nice of you to make
my job easier.

In fact, I have Kari to
thank for all of this.

You're the one
who was so determined

to stop Homeostasis from
destroying Meicoomon

that you kept your
brother, Tai, from acting,

and that solved
my biggest problem.

- Lay off!

- So, now you see how
not being able

to control your
emotions can lead

to serious problems.

You freed me up to
destroy your entire world,

and that's exactly
what I'm going to do.

Wait for it.


He's here!

- MagnaAngemon, no!

- Oh man, is that all you got?

I was hoping you could play
at a much higher level.

- Please, no!

- Meiko.

- It's showing me
Meiko's memories, but why?

- Gatomon.

- It'll be all right.

- I'm so sorry.

- I'm just here to give
you a message, Kari.

- What message, Gatomon?

Gatomon, what's happened to you?

- This isn't about me.

- Don't leave.

- The bad things that
have happened have been

too much for Meicoomon.

She's a gentle soul, and
she suffered so much,

more than any of us.

She needs your help to end this.

She doesn't want
to be scared anymore.

Listen to me, okay?

All the light you will
need is inside Meicoomon.

- Gatomon.

- Good, you're awake.

- Did I miss anything?

- Just some more
end of the world

as we know it stuff.

- I saw Gatomon in
some place filled with data,

and she gave me a message.

- What did she say?

- All the light you will
need is inside Meicoomon.

I don't remember anything else.

What do you think she was
trying to tell me, T.K.?

- Coming from Kari, it's
probably some kind of prophecy.

It sounds like one.

Any idea what it means.

- Nope.

- She definitely has some
strange powers.

All the light you will need.

Hold on a sec.

I just got an alarm and
some kind of countdown

on my screen,
I think the reboots

about to start.

- Can't you just hit
the snooze button?

- Time to bug out, Tentomon.

- Hey, that's my line.

- I've got you, WereGarurumon.

- Get her, Togemon.

- Go!

- Get in there!

Go, Ikkakumon.

- Firing needle spray!

Take that, you
overgrown mermaid.

- Multi fire

I've got you, Togemon.

- This is a disaster,
nothing we do

has any effect on her.

- I've got you, Togemon.

- No, you have to
stop this, Meicoomon, please.

There's gotta be something
we can do.

- Hang on, my friend.

- Everything about this
is wrong.

If Tai were here,
what would he do?

- It's beyond
your control.

The reboot has begun.

All suffering will soon end.

Homeostasis will make certain
of that.

- Shut up!

Stop telling us
how great this reboot is.

Homeostasis has done
nothing to help

us since this whole
thing started.

We're gonna save the world
our way, without you.

All right, Izzy,
what do you got?

- I'm glad you guys
made it.

Meiko, let me borrow your
digi device for a sec.

- Okay.

- Just as I thought.

I've been trying to figure out
the meaning

of Kari's message.

All the light you will
need is inside Meicoomon.

- And what did you come up with?

- Well, remember
after the reboot

of the digital world,
how Meicoomon

was the only one of our Digimon

who didn't lose her memory?

It really puzzled me.

I knew what the reboot could do,

so I had tried to back
up all our Digimon's

memories just in case.

I noticed some
of Meicoomon's code

was mixed into Tentomon's.

At the time,
I just figured a digital

glitch has caused it
during battle,

but later, I found some
of her data

in all of the Digimon.

I just ran a complete diagnostic

on Meiko's digi device,
cross referencing

every network and system
and digital channel

that I'm aware of.

Take a look at this.

This shows Meicoomon's carrying

a massive amount of memory data

from herself and from
all of our Digimon.

- All?

Did you just say all?

- So, their memories
can get downloaded

again somehow?

Are Patamon's memories
in there too?

- All there.

- You know, I miss Meicoomon.

I like her a lot.

- Could it be?

- Hi.

- It might explain
why meicoomon was able

to grow so powerful so quickly.

She had all our Digimon's data.

- Must have been
crowded in there.

- I found something
else in here too.

I'm positive this folder
must be special.

It's the only one that's
password protected.

For the sake of argument,
let's assume

that fear is what causes
Meicoomon to change.

Remember when we first met her?

She was child-like
and bonded to Meiko.

I believe the code containing

her gentle spirit
and good memories

was corrupted
and replaced by frightening

dark data instead.

If Meicoomon's original data
is in that

folder, I can use it
to restore the memories

she had before fear
made her violent,

her memories of Meiko.

- Well, get to it.

I don't want to experience
the mother

of all reboots.

- That's the best choice
we've got.

Nothing else has worked.

Let's give it a try, Izzy.

- But we don't know
the password.

We don't even know
whose password

it is in the first place.

- Actually we do.

It's Meicoomon's password.

We need you
to think hard, Meiko.

What password would
Meicoomon use?

- I have no idea.

- Did she has a favorite saying?

Did you have any special
nicknames for her?

- Nicknames.

- Why don't we try your name?
- M-E-I-K-O.

Okay, that's not it.

Try again.


Nope, it's not any of the
variations of Meiko's name.

- Think of some word
that meant a lot to her.

- Come on, Meiko, we're
running out of time.

- Just think back to when
you first met.

Maybe there was something
you said

that she would have remembered.

Do you recall anything
like that?

- This is
chopper nine.

The creatures are everywhere,

they're coming right at us.

- What was the password?

- I had forgotten,
but it was the first

word I had taught Meicoomon,

and the first thing
I said to her.

Because she had just
agreed to be my partner.

Thank you.

We're so lucky
we met all of you.

What do you say to our
new friends, Meicoomon?


- Dandan.

- Huh?

Say what?

- That's thank you in
Meicoomon speak.

- You tried to pull one
over on us.

- It's not
Meicoomon speak.

It's your dialect.

- You guys, it's working.

All the data's being

- Model five report,

what's going on down there?

All units, hold your fire.

I repeat, hold your fire.

- What is all this?

Is that Tai?

I remember.

I remember it all now.


My partner.

- It's all coming back.

Matt and I went through
so much together,

and it was so hard
to say goodbye.

So hard.

- Being with you
always made me so happy, Joe,

even though you didn't
always understand why.

- Oh, T.K.,
even when I was infected,

you stayed with me
the whole time.

I remember now.

- Sora, look at us, we were
great friends, weren't we?

Now I know why you were
being so kind to me.

Can you ever forgive me
for being so mean?

- It's amazing.

We spent so much
time together, Izzy.

And you worked so hard
to get us here.

I hope our stories are
safe inside your big brain.

- I can't believe how lovely
all these memories are, Mimi.

We're perfect together.

We're going to be
partners forever.

- Look, it's

- There's Vikemon.

- And Rosemon.

- Is that Pheonixmon?

- There goes Seraphimon.

- I see

They all digivolved to
mega level and are flying

to Ordinemon.

- Kari, I see you.

I'm coming back to you.


- It's Gatomon.

- What on Earth
is happening,

what is this?

This was not expected.

The awakening of old
memories within the Libra

has also given it new powers.

- She has all her memories
again, right?

So, why isn't she turning
back into Meicoomon?

- Maybe it's gonna take
a little more time

for her to change.

- It's not her size
that's slowing it down,

it's the size of all the
data that's being restored.

Years of memories
created before the reboot

are being recovered
and coming back

to our Digimon, as well
as to her, to Ordinemon.

Gatomon and Meicoomon's data
will probably

be the last piles
to be recovered.

- This is truly the power
of the Digidestined.

It's unbelievable.

- Hackmon,
stop the reboot.

The data isn't completely
restored yet.

We just need a couple
more minutes.

If we're successful, the
reboot won't be necessary.

- Kari, help,
it's pulling me back in.

- Gatomon.

- No way.

- Ordinemon is
trying to restore harmony

and stability.

- Less than two
minutes until the reboot.

Are we gonna make it?

- I hope so.

Ordinemon is heading
for that portal.

If she goes through it,
we'll never

see Gatomon or Meicoomon again.

- Don't go, don't leave me.

- Something stopped her.

- Jesmon.

- Gatomon!

I'm coming, hang on.

I'm right here.

You're safe now.

- Of course I am,
I've got nine lives.

- I guess Homeostasis
came through,

with only 11 seconds to
go, the reboot countdown

finally stopped.

- Then we made it.

- What a relief, I was sweating.

- So we're back to normal again?

- No, we're not done.

- She's,
she's still Ordinemon.

Why didn't she turn back
into Meicoomon?

- It should have
happened already.

- All the data's there.

there must be something blocking

the memories from integrating
into her fractal code.

What's this?

Losing all those memories
freed up a lot of space.

- What's so bad about that?

- Someone is uploading
new files to Ordinemon.

It's King Drasil.

- That's right.

Say goodbye to your world
and gaze upon the glory

of King Drasil's paradise.

- What did she
ever to do deserve this?

Stop, stop making her suffer.

Meicoomon, no!

- Run, Meiko.

- I gotta help her.

- Hey, Agumon.

- I'm so happy to see you again.

I've missed you.

- You're late.

- Yeah, sorry.

But I'm here now.

Let's end this.

- Yeah, you got it, tai.

Agumon, digivolve to...


Greymon, digivolve to...


Metalgreymon, digivolve to...


WarGreymon, digivolve to...


- Tai, don't attack
Meicoomon, she's one of us.

- Oh, Kari.

- Don't do it.

Everyone has both good
and evil inside.

I just know the good part
of Meicoomon

is still alive.

You've got to find a way
to make her

remember who she is.

Save her.

- I hope you never change.

You might hate me
for doing this,

but this is how it has to end.

- We're no longer
the Digidestined kids.

Our destiny is ours
to decide now.

No matter how painful, we
have to save our own future.

- Tai, if you destroy Meicoomon,
I'll never forgive you.

But you're still my
brother, and if you think

this is the only way, then
I'll battle alongside you.

- In that case,
I'll join the fight too.

- Gatomon, digivolve to...


Angewoman, digivolve to...


- Fire tornado!

- What does it mean?

Please be merciful.

- Look, Omnimon's
gathering the power

of all our Digimon.

- Whoa.

- Check it out.

- Look at that.

- Pro...

- Digious.

- It's almost over.

- Yeah.

- Yeah!

- Oh, Meicoomon,
I can't save you.

- Meiko.

I'm here.

- You're alive.

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, I understand.

- Dandan.

Don't cry, Meiko,
it's all right.

- Dandan, Meicoomon.

- Oh well,
it was fun while it lasted.

Such beautiful destruction.

But there's always
tomorrow, right?

You can find a little
child inside everyone.

A little child is ready to play.

Oh well, Daemon could be next,

or even Diaboromon.

- Matt.

- Kari.
- Well look whose back.

- Tentomon.

- I think I'm hungry.

- No more fighting,
right, T.K.?

- Let's all go home.

- Hi, Meiko.

I can't believe
it's been three months

since you left
and went back to Totori.

The city was really a mess,
as you know.

All the damage is taking
a long time to fix.

But life is slowly getting
back to normal around here.

We heard Homeostasis finally
shut down King Drasil.

The other Digidestined kids
who came

back from the digital world
are fine,

but the people around here
still don't

trust Digimon very much.

Izzy's working
on a system that will

let us go between
the human world

and the digital world without

using any type of digi devices.

Amazing, huh?

I hope we can all go
to the digital world

together someday.

That would be great.

Until then,
please take care of yourself.

- Tai's going to cram school?

- Yeah, Kari told me
about it the other day.

He changed his college plans.
- Really?

- He said it was
because of something

that Mr. Nishijima told him,

how we have to create
our own futures.

- Well, that's one hell
of a homework assignment.

- What future do I want?


- If we really
get to choose, then I'll

head out to space.

- Sora, I like
your new hairstyle.

- Really?


- Huh, is it different?

- Brother, you are hopeless.

- hey, they all came together.


- Well, you gonna call
or what?

And don't say anything stupid.

- Tai, is that you?

- Uh, yeah.

- How have you been?

- Fine, everybody's fine.

- It's been a long time
since we talked.

- Yeah.

- It's good
to hear from you.

- Good to be heard.

Did the box come?

- Yes, it got here today.

That was so nice of you.

I certainly wasn't
expecting you guys to each

send me a Christmas present.


- You're welcome.

- What's with
the silence?

- Come on, get to the point.

- I knew we should have
given him notes.

- Tai.

- Okay, okay.

Listen, Meiko, I know we all
went through a lot together.

I think about it all the time.

No matter what--

- Keep going.

- What I'm trying to
say is, no matter what, uh...

- Oh come on.

No matter what happens,
we'll be friends forever.

You think she heard me?

- Oh, Agumon, I'd
know that voice anywhere.

- Maybe in the future
we should

let Agumon handle
the phone calls,

because he kind of wrapped
up the way everybody

here feels about you, Meiko.

- Aww.

- So heart wrenching.

- Thanks, dandan.

- Look, it's snowing.

- So pretty.

- Can I talk to Mei Mei,

- No, me first.

- Hey, what about me?

- Hand over that phone.

- No way.

- Good luck.

- I never
get to talk, not a word

this whole episode.

- Gomamon.

- You guys.