Deep in the Wood (2015) - full transcript

Winter 2010. Dolomites. Tommaso Conci, a 4 year old child, disappears during a festival where people disguised as devils, the Krampus, terrorize the village with whips and chains. Five years later, a child was found nameless and without documents. DNA matches: he is Tommi. Manuel, the father, can finally embrace his son. The mother, Linda, however, can not adapt to the new situation. A suspect digs inside her: what if that child is not really her son?

Every December 5th there's a Krampus
festival in the Alpine valley.

Townsfolk parade around all night
dressed as devils.

Legend has it that the devil himself
hides amongst them

and comes to take away bad children.

During the years, children
have actually disappeared.

And none of them
have ever returned.

Dad, dad!

I'm scared, let's go!

Dad, let's go home.


- I'm scared!
- Shut the fuck up!

Did you find him?


A 4-year-old boy,
Tommaso Conci,

mysteriously vanished
in Croce di Fassa

during the December 5th
Krampus festivities.


Please, give him back.

Search teams have been out
since dawn, but no trace yet.

Tommi was wearing a dark jacket
and yellow boots.

The local legend claims

that devils come to town
and punish bad children.

He's not the first child
to vanish in the valley.

There's been a new development
in Tommi's case,

the boy's father has been arrested.

Manuel Conci was taken
into custody by the authorities.

The official charge is murder
and concealment of the body.

You know him well,
do you think he's guilty?

- We're all upright citizens.
- Tommi's babysitter.

Did you notice any signs
of trouble in the family ?

Any signs of violence
against Tommi?

This is an x-ray
of little Tommi's broken arm

from three months ago.

When a father drinks a lot

and has trouble at work,
he often takes it out on the kids.

- Did Manuel drink a lot?
- Everyone drinks on Krampus.

- He wasn't from here.
- If he did it,

I say they should lock him up
for life.

Linda, can you tell us
how you're feeling?

Manuel would never hurt Tommi.

You're certain
your husband's not guilty?

The preliminary hearing judge ordered
that Tommi's father be released?

Yes, since no body was found,
the search will continue.

The boy's mother, Linda Conci,

is now hospitalized
for attempted suicide.

The case was never solved

and still today
many think the father's guilty,

but it remains a mystery
since no body has been found.


What is it?

Call an ambulance.

It's as if this kid doesn't exist.

We went to the funfair
where the gypsies are,

and all that we found was trash.

- Why would they leave him behind?
- We don't know

The police sketch seemed similar
so we called you in,

it's best if you take a look.

- What's your name?
- The kid hasn't said a word.

Tell me if these
remind you of anything.

Recognize anyone?

Is any of this familiar?

What do you think?

Is it him?

We haven't reached
the boy's father yet.

- Commissioner, the family.
- Thanks.

- Can I see him?
- Not yet.

- This is Dr. Tozzi.
- Clara.

Nice to meet you. My father.

Tommi's still very confused,
try to comfort him.

If he doesn't remember you,
don't pressure him.

We don't know what he's been through.

- How do we knowit's him?
- Through DNA.

The test was 100% accurate.

We've found Tommi.

Tex... shut up!

Tommi, light bothers mom.

It's fine.

Why don't you start a fire?

Want to do it?

You're a pro.

Like it?

That was your favorite dish,


They said not to pressure him.

What's your name?

- His name's Tommi.
- Maybe he went by another name.

Tommi is fine.

Get that fucking dog out of here.

Come on.

This is where I slept.

Don't worry,
I'll get rid of all my stuff

and mom will make up your bed.

We bought a pair every year.

He can wear my pajamas tonight.

Tomorrowyou and I
will do some shopping.

Let's take this off...

It's okay.

- What got into you?
- He hurt me.

He didn't do it on purpose.

- Where'll you sleep?
- Dunno.

On the couch.

You can sleep here if you want.

I can't believe it.

After years of dreaming about this,
it now seems unreal.

I know

May I?


He's so quiet.

He was a chatterbox as a kid.

Wonder what they did to him.

- Why can't he remember anything?
- I don't want to know

Has he told you where he's been,
what happened?

He doesn't remember a thing.

- Move it with our drinks.
- Go to another bar, grumpy.

If only there was another bar...

Pour two more grappas.

Dimitri, what the hell are you doing?

Wake up!

Squeeze it.

- He's flipping out.
- They say he remembers nothing.

- It can't be him!
- Don't fucking shout, Flavio!

We have to watch out for your brother.

We need to stay calm.



He doesn't smell like him.

Or have his eyes.


Tex doesn't even recognize him.

You said the police
have no doubts, right?

Then stop it.




three missing kids

Three missing kids in 50 years,

Zip up your jacket.

See you in town.

Mom runs every morning.

So it's true, Tommi.

You're back.

- Hi, Tommi.
- Do you remember Else?

I was your babysitter.

It's too soon, give him time.


- Two cokes and two slices of cake.
- Okay.

Welcome back.

Try this on.

Looks good.

Come give me a hand.

I don't knowhowthey found out.

You should go home right away.

In a bit.

- Where's Tommi?
- In town with Manuel.

Warn him and go home.

Want a ride?

No need.

What's wrong?

Hi, Tommi.

What do you want?

Marica Nardi, remember?

I'm a reporter,
we met five years ago.

Tommi, how are you?

Is there anything you want to say
to those who accused you?

I've asserted my innocence
for five years.

- But you never wrote that.
- You okay, Manuel?

Tommi, are you happy to be back home?

Tommi, don't!

Get out!


You're not Tommi, who are you?

- Stop it!
- You knowhe's not well.

- Then leave him at home.
- He's not Tommi, he's not your son.

- He's the devil.
- Shut up!

He looked straight at me
with certainty.

Dimitri is crazy.

- Pay no attention to him.
- Dad...

do you recognize him?

Everything is fine.

Don't worry.

The devil came to town
to take away the bad kids.

- But St. Nicholas sent him away.
- To where?

To hell.

There's a big festival every year,
people dress like devils...

It's for fun but Dimitri thinks
it's real because he's a bit crazy.

He tends to yell and say odd things...
but don't be afraid.

Do you believe in the devil?

- No.
- How can you be so sure?

Because the devil doesn't exist.

But I dressed like a devil too,
for fun.

What about me?

- You came with me.
- Did I dress like the devil?

No, you were too young.

You were afraid.

You should go outside.

Don't bring him in here.

What the fuck is with all of you?

He wasn't raised by us,
I can't treat him like a grandson.

I'm the one who decides
for my son, okay?

He needs affection.

You give it to him.

I sawManuel at the party,
but not you.

We fought.

5 years earlier.

What for this time?


No, no, no...

not here, no.

I want to leave him
but I feel guilty about Tommi.

Having a father like that
isn't good for him.

I know, he's not himself
when he drinks.

Come stay with me, with Tommi.

I'm making a serious offer.

Go ahead,

I took sleeping pills
and will be out in 10 minutes.

Will you talk to him?


I spoke to Flavio.

He apologized for his brother.


Sorry, I'm...
I'm just a bit tense.

So is Tommi.

He can tell you don't want him around.


He needs you.


I can't bring myself to do it.

- I no longer knowhow
- Don't worry.

One day at a time.

Let's have a party
at Flavio's pub,

we'll invite the town's kids
so he can make friends.

That'd be good.

Will you help me?

Let's go in, it's cold.

Be right there.


I knewit, he's come back for me.

- He's come back for me...
- You need to stay calm.

- There must be an explanation.
- He's come back for me...

I don't want to watch!
Let go of me!

Look at what you've done.

- Does he remember anything?
- Not yet.

Manuel, we have to tell her.

You heard what they said,
give it time.


He killed our dog last night.

- It's probably normal.
- What?

What happened exactly?

Well, the old dog
kept barking at him...

We don't really know what happened,
he was alone.

I'd like to talk to Tommi alone.

It was barking.

- What were you thinking?
- It hated me.

- He didn't do it on purpose.
- Manuel...

- He used a knife.
- Yes.

So what?

He's changed after living
a different life... so?

Want to abandon your son
because you don't like him?

We'll have the party anyway,
I'll handle it.

Coming to the pub?

I need to stop by home,
dad will drive me.

- Will you take Tommi?
- No, I'd rather you take him.

She's his mom,
she doesn't even recognize him.

- They did all those tests...
- I don't care what they did.

I'm telling you what I see.

My Tommi would never have killed Tex.

You don't know what he's been through.

Do you?

You all act like experts
but don't know shit.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

Aren't you listening to me?

Christ, Salvo, you're a priest,

don't treat me like a madman
for believing in the devil.

Want me to say you're right?
Very well, you're right.

That boy's the devil
who came from hell to piss you off,

don't fill Linda's head
with this nonsense too.

- It's her I'm worried about.
- Well you're not helping her.

I'll bring him here
so you can see for yourself.

No, you need to spend time
with Tommi.

- Like when he was younger...
- Dad, are you ready?

Yes, we can go, Linda.


- The party's at the pub, right?
- Yes.

Maybe I'll stop by and say hello.

You loved it when you were small.

When you get on it, you'll remember.

Give it to me.

Who are we waiting for?

The latecomers.

- Are you sure Dimitri won't come?
- Yes.

Don't worry.


what are you doing?

One candle would suffice.

I want to light them all.

There's a party at your brother's pub,
shall we go?


I called 100 people,
why hasn't anyone come?

Because nobody likes you.

I don't want to see him.

You argued with your brother?




He scares me.

A child scares you?

He's not a child.

He seems to be having fun.

Nobody is having fun here.

My son is alive, got that?

I'm not a killer!

You're pissed off that I'm innocent?

That I'm not Croce di Fassa's devil?

- Calm down.
- Fuck off, I'm perfectly calm.

- Don't touch me.
- I'm perfectly calm.

I'm perfectly calm!

- Go inside.
- No, let go!

Let go, asshole!

Let go!

Let's go.

Let's go!

Are you sure it's him?

- Are you sure it's Tommi?
- Yes.

Of course.

It's Tommi.

You're still shaken up, Linda.

And Manuel isn't helping you,
admit it.

Why did you stay with him?

I'm all he had.

It's like you enjoy hurting yourself.

That's not true.

Your call is being transferred
to voicemail.

Your call is being...

Why are you fucking him again?

It's none of your business.

You're ruining everything.

There's been nothing left to ruin
for 5 years.

So you're with me
because you pity me?

Because you're not a killer.

The headaches, the crying fits...

always numbing yourself
with tranquilizers...

you even tried to kill yourself, Linda.

- I stayed with you, not vice versa.
- Nobody asked you to.

I did it for you,
because we are a family.

What family?
We're no longer a family.

You lost him,
you ruined everything.

- But we've fucking found him!
- That's not him!




Was he at home?

- Was he at home?
- No.

He wasn't at home.

Let's keep looking for him.

Look at the state you're in...

How did you lose him?


Wake up, mom!

- Go away.
- Why don't you want me?

Get out of here!

- Stop trailing me.
- You're hurting me!

Go away, go!

Fuck you!

What's wrong, are you ill?

- I didn't sleep at all.
- Nightmares?

It was him.

- Linda?
- She had errands in the city.

- She doesn't want to come.
- That's not true, Tommi.

She hates me.

She loves you.

She hurt me.


Where were you, Manuel?

I got home late last night.

- Linda would never hurt him.
- Yes, she would.

So would grandpa.

Can you give us a minute?

- Hi, Dimitri, what's up?
- Where's the Commissioner?

- He's busy.
- I need to see him.

Not now, he's busy.
Let's wait out there for him.


- Commissioner.
- He's busy now

Dimitri! Let him go.

- I have to speak to him!
- Let's go!


- Come stay here.
- No, let's go away.

Far away...

- Where to?
- Anywhere.

I could ask to be transferred.

- Do it now
- Yes...

At least have the nerve
to say it to my face.


That... you don't want to.

That's not true.

You think I'm crazy.

You're not crazy.

But you don't believe me.

I almost swallowed that glass!

Linda, he's just a kid.

You're an asshole.

I'm trying to help you, you know

I'm not crazy.

Linda, this isn't you.

Put them down.

I'm not crazy.

What the hell?

Yes, it's Hannes.

Send an ambulance, immediately!

Yes, to my house.

We have to put a stop to this.

- We're closed, Manuel.
- I need to piss.

Manuel, leave him alone!

Open the door!
Open this fucking door!

Dimitri, open the door!

Why were you at the police station?

Don't say anything, Dimitri!

- Looking for Hannes?
- Open the fucking door!

- What did you want to tell him?
- Open up!

What did you want to tell him?

Take it easy.
Dimitri, look at me.

Look at me, take it easy.

What did you want with Hannes?

- What?
- I want to go to jail.

Dimitri, look at me.

What did you want with Hannes?

- I'll call the cops!
- Go ahead.

- That's not Tommi.
- What?

He's not your son.


Tell me, why? Tell me!

The night of the party,
we were in the cabin.



Tommi, come back!


- Tommi!
- Mom!



And then...

Tommi wasn't moving anymore.

But he was alive, he must've been.

He was dead.

Manuel, it's not his fault!

It was an accident.

Someone must've found him then.

He fainted,
the gypsies took him!

Manuel, listen up.

Dimitri hadn't come back.

Where's Tommi?

I didn't mean to.

- I didn't mean to.
- Dimitri...

- Didn't mean to what?
- Dimitri, look at me.

Dimitri, look at me.

- I didn't mean to.
- Dimitri, what the fuck did you do?

It took us over an hour to find him.

We have to call the cops.


It wasn't me, it wasn't me...

Dimitri, we'll take him to the bunker.

Nobody will find him there.

What bunker?

There's a bunker in the forest,

near the spring.

Manuel, I'm sorry.

Everyone thought you'd done it,

but we didn't have the guts
to say anything.

That dickhead isn't picking up.

- Have her institutionalized.
- No.


- Maybe she needs help.
- She's not the problem.

Wait here for me.

- He's driving her crazy.
- You've gone crazy.

Shut up, or I will make you shut up!


let's go home.

Who are you?

You're not my son.

My son was killed!

Did you really not know?

He was hidden in a hole
for five years!

Your son is alive.

What I still don't get is how
you faked the test results?


Let go of me!


I sent the lab two identical strands
of hair from the boy.

I couldn't risk it not being him.

You just picked any kid.

I did it for Linda.


Go on, tell her! Tell her!

Tell her!

I'd put him to sleep.

Then I gave him to you.

- Where did you take him?
- Be quiet, Linda.

Don't say anything.





- Mom, wake up!
- Leave me alone.

Wake up, mom!

Stop it, I'm tired...

Let me sleep.

- Wake up, mom.
- No, let me sleep.

Wake up, mom!

- Come on...
- Mom, wake up!

- Mom!
- Go to your room.

- Mom, wake up, mom!
- Go to your room.

- Wake up, mom.
- Hush.


- Hush, hush...
- Mom...

Quiet down...

Go to sleep, go to sleep,

Good boy, sleep.

Go to sleep.




Linda, are you awake?

Look at howlovely he is
when he's asleep.

Will you put him to bed?


my head hurts.

You just need to sleep.

Sleep... I'll take care of everything.



Was he at home?

- Was he at home?
- No.

He wasn't at home.

Let's keep looking for him.

Look at the state you're in,
how did you lose him?

I thought he went home.

He was with me,
I left him alone for a second.

- He was with me.
- Let's split up to look for him.

I'll go up there,
on the other side of the road.

It's all your fault.

How will I tell Linda?

Leave Linda alone!
You know she's not well.


Sweet Lord!

He vanished into thin air.

It made no sense to me.

The devil must've taken him away.

The kids from the pub took him.

They thought they'd killed him,

so they buried him.

But it was you.

How could you?

- I remember nothing.
- How could you, Linda?

Nothing... I don't know


Put it down!


- You killed my son.
- Help!

Where's the boy?

- Linda, where's the boy?
- Shut up!



Grab on to the rope.

I'll pull you up!

I'll pull you up!

Come on!

Come on!


A year has gone by, and you...

how are you doing?


If you want to take on this responsibility,
be honest with me.

I'll ask you again,

how are you doing?

I should've killed all three of them.

Tell me why
I should sign this for you?

Because all we have left is each other.